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October 11, 2016



Barbara, as for Flight 800, and the reasons that CLINTON and his crime family did not want to be opaque.
My earlier DIATRIBES vis a vis THE FULL COMMIE, and/or FASCISTS is in play.
NO FEAR OF CONSEQUENCES, allows SOCIOPATHS to act in THEIR OWN "assumed" self interest.
E.G. After forcibly RAPING Juanita Broderick, The Rapist Bill Clinton said. ..."You should put some ICE on that".
I'm an Alpha Dude Barbara. I'm also a GOD fearing, caring, decent person. "You should put some ICE on that" is SOCIOPATHIC or even PSYCHOPATHIC. And the SOCIOPATH gets WORSE upon successfully escaping responsibility.
Bill THE RAPIST, and RODHAM the SOCIOPATH, have ZERO EMPATHY for those they have HARMED. They continue to SERVE themselves UNTIL someone or something INTERVENES.


Wonderful! Gus, Jr. sounds like a great young man. I put so much faith in the kids. Some people don't see it or get it, but most kids are smart and savvy. They have good hearts as well.

We owe it to your son and our kids to do the very best we can to make sure that they have a future as free and full of possibilities as we did. We talk about how lucky we were to grow up when we did, even though there was so much sorrow in the late 1960s and early 1970s. But we made it through with a strong will to leave something much better behind for the next generation.

Sometimes young people get a bad rap because they may not be as vocal as we are, but they don't miss much - if anything. Just ask Gus, Jr. I'll bet he sees a lot.

Now the kids are having their first kidlets, and it's so exciting. The boys are now MEN; they've been to WAR and done GREAT THINGS. And just like with my parents, as time progresses we will be looking to these grown up, accomplished children who are children no more, for their points of view. I'm happy to be able to say that they still want to know what WE think!!!

That's the way that I felt about my parents. They were always there to talk to, to seek advice from. They had so much of a rich life experience to share with us and I treasure every moment of it. After my Mother died in 1991, too young to go, I made sure that I maintained a close relationship with my Dad, because I knew how quickly life could change. We were able to enjoy Dad for another 16 years. What a blessing for us all! That tie between Father and son and Father and daughter is very special. It enabled me to cope with a very difficult loss and still carry on.

Age may creep up on me and mine, but we're still in fine fighting form. Our parents fought for us; we survived and now it's our job to fight for the next generation. They deserve a better world than the one that the cloth-headed bureaucrats want to foist on them. And it's up to us to see that they get what they need to carry on and do even better than what we accomplished.

Gosh, I'm getting maudlin. Better hit the hay as Mom used to say. God Bless the Children! And Protect Them from All Evil! God bless you Gus and Gus, Jr. and keep you safe under the hollow of is wing. May He also protect your younger brother who is in the Secret Service.

God bless us all during these treacherous times.

Good night to all! See you all on the battlefield tomorrow.

the generalisticly deplorable rich

wow. I missed bar closing at JOM late night™ ... we do it in the dark.

what a day.


I've never seen such a reprehensible person, let alone politician like Hillary Clinton.

Having seen from the Wikileaks documents the totality of the corruption between the Media, the Administration, and her Team Clinton henchmen, it strikes me that it is understandable why Hillary screamed in exasperation "Why aren't I 50 points ahead?"

With that amount of cheating on her behalf it truly is shocking she isn't 50 points ahead. It can only be because so many people see through the scam and honestly do recognize what a repulsive, reprehensible human she is. Somewhere deep down I wonder if she knows it herself?

What a sick soul our elites are intent on foisting upon us.

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable

Chris Wallace debate final question is Fitness for the Presidency.
This has never been a topic before.
Voters in the primaries chose these two candidates.
Are the voters unfit?

Posted by: maryrose | October 12, 2016 at 09:52 PM

The voters did NOT chose HRC. Sanders won the popular vote for the D nomination. I'll argue that the PROCESS--allowing superdelgates to vote--chose HRC, IIRC.

Janet 1

The NYT prints an attack.
Now the 2nd tier MFMers are gonna pick it up & amplify it. Especially the TV 2nd tier gossips.

That 2nd tier crew really need to be put in the dock & forced to explain how they know if the NYT attack is true. Have they checked or verified anything? Are they just gossip mongers for the NYT?

Make them answer..."news" anchors, morning show blabbers, etc. . Ask THEM if they ever feel like they are being used.

Duke lacrosse lies, UVA rape hoax, Katrina cannibalism, .... all lies.

The NYT & WaPo are like queen mean girls in middle school. They use their 2nd tier crew to slander & harass the new kid.
You aren't one of us. You aren't cool. We will destroy you.


Thank you for the clarification.


Totally agree.
Voters won't fall for this scam.

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable

maryrose, your point is certainly accurate about the Rs though--Trump is the duly elected nominee of the party, and Trump was chosen by the voters.

The Ds rejected who the De picked for them, and voted for Sanders, but the De had it set up that The People alone don't determine the outcome.
(As we saw from yesterday's Wikileaks, the Ds acknowledge that their voters are stupid and uninformed, and actively have worked to keep them that way. Problem now is w keeping them "compliant.")

Look for the GOPe to institute "superdelegates" at the next rules committee meeting. God forbid "The People" ever chose a candidate again!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good morning!

Richard Grenell ‏@RichardGrenell 10h10 hours ago

When this is all over, many in the media will be ruined. Their advocacy outed. Send me your suggestions for the worst reporters this cycle.
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Miss Marple the Deplorable

Scott Adams ‏@ScottAdamsSays 8h8 hours ago

This is a good time to remind everyone that I endorse Gary Johnson because he only touches himself. Bonus: Doesn't know where Aleppo is.
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Miss Marple the Deplorable

Trump attorney's letter to the New York Times:


Texas Liberty Gal

MM - Good morning. Very good news from your Reddit site about lawsuit & Trump's abiiity to sue. Could you give the link for that Reddit thread. I haven't figured out how to navigate that site yet. TIA

Gus-you are such a good man-I feel blessed to know you.

Guess we all need to "gird our loins for this day!!!!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

NPR Verified account

#Breaking: Musician Bob Dylan has been awarded the 2016 #NobelPrize for literature.

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable

Boy, is Ann Althouse going to be excited about that!

And what a great "Look squirrel" for her demographic, hmm?
Just in case not covering the Wikileaks isn't enough...

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable

MM--the MSM is already dead.

However, what happens as for as information transmission/gathering in the face of the handover of the internet that Ted Cruz was trying to keep from happening (but failed).

After this weekend, it is abundantly clear to me why he wasn't able to get GOPe support.

They need us uniformed and compliant, just as the Ds want their voters.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Here's the link. It's a huge thread and they draw parallels to the Hulk Hogan case in monetary damages.


I have left it sorted as "best" so the most popular comments are at the top. It's not in chronological order but it this leaves a lot of nonsense at the bottom.

When you get fainthearted, this site is a good one. Those kids don't wring their hands, they get pumped up for the battle!

Joe Thursday

The voters did NOT chose HRC. Sanders won the popular vote for the D nomination.

No, Hillary got four million more primary votes than Bernie.



Miss Marple the Deplorable


Victim has same phone number as Clinton Foundation.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Wikileaks reveals CLinton strategy for needy Latinos


Bonus: Someone calls Bill Richardson a d***.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I'm sure Huma Abedin had nothing to do with this.

Texas Liberty Gal

MM - Holy cow! Victim has same # as Clinton Foundation! Unbelievable



((Queen Deplorable))
((Queen Deplorable)) – ‏@KillAnderson

"He was like an octopus" "His hands were all over the place". This is from a Velvet underground song. https://youtu.be/-qkM7Tp3IvY?t=4m39s … pic.twitter.com/UQ64nw6gbf

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Of course they did.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


1. WHY are tensions mounting?
2. WHY aren't we hearing about this as the top story?
3. WHAT interest does the US government have that is so important that they are not attempting to defuse this?
4. WHY are they accusing the Russians of everything but the kitchen sink?

All of this stuff on Trump and tapes and groping etc. seems to be masking something much more serious going on. And the American media is ignoring it.


Fake Trump "victim" quotes Velvet Underground. Well I thought I'd seen it all, but apparently not.


If Clinton wins, it will be because the MFM pulled her across the finish line, not because she won the hearts and minds of the voters.

This isn't going to stop because Trump files a lawsuit.

It will stop when the people storm the Bastille.

I'm not worried about things getting violent, I'm expecting it. Whether it happens in my lifetime or not, don't know.

clarice b. for Brainiac

Ananymous claimed to have a video of BJC raping a 13 y,o, on pedo island. Brother this campaign will have people engaged--it beats the Kardashians''(I am suspicious of the anonymous claim BTW)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Trump takes 2-point lead.



Bet my bottom dollar the MFM is ignoring the Rooskies pot stirring on instructions from the WH.

Doesn't do Zero's legacy any good to shine light on what an abject failure his foreign policy has been.


Trump retakes the lead in Rasmussen. This is the first poll where all three days are post-debate.

Mon Clinton +7
Tue Clinton +5
Wed Clinton +4
Thurs Trump +2


Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump

The phoney story in the failing @nytimes is a TOTAL FABRICATION. Written by same people as last discredited story on woman. WATCH!


Today is also the first anniversary of Trump retweeting the Trump Pepe which is what exploded his candidacy among the kids. Maybe the single most important thing he's done all campaign. I'm serious.


Fake victim not only quotes VU, also quotes an entirely different allegation against another guy from 2014.





Miss Marple the Deplorable


I saw that, too, and agree. On the smallest of things, history sometimes turns.

We few, we happy few deplorables, Beester

Clarice 8:43 am
Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter writes Pedro island claim false and from a fake site per westernized autists at Reddit.

We few, we happy few deplorables, Beester


clarice b. for Brainiac

Thanks. It looked utterly fake to me,too.

Beasts of England

And the colored girls sing, doop de doop, doop, doop tee de doop...


Heh, Beasts.

clarice b. for Brainiac


J. Fred Muggs

I am not the sound engineer that Trump smeared on The Apprentice. But I know "f**king monkey". He is a distant cousin.



Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump

Why didn't the writer of the twelve year old article in People Magazine mention the "incident" in her story. Because it did not happen!


For some of the people giving far, far too much dap to the polls this cycle (yes, I love ya, but I *am* looking at you Sue and MAM, among others) the L.A. Times is showing an absurd drop in black support for Trump to 3.9%

Yeah. Right. Okay. Sure.

Doubters would do much better to think about the attempted weekend coup against Trump and it's abysmal failure. That speaks volumes; the base ain't having it. As I told a friend this spring: the base is giving a real-time test, and the political establishment is failing that test bigtime. So, they've hired Donald Trump in preparation for the final delivery of this phrase: You're fired!

In this sprint to the finish, DJT is becoming something of a cross between Ulysses S. Grant and the namesake of my hometown, Andrew Jackson. And he has some rough and ready troops behind him that don't give a flying fuck about some bullshit poll (language intentionally used to emphasize and re-emphasize don't give a fuck about no bullshit poll because now is *not* the time for niceties).

clarice b. for Brainiac


JAMES O’KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN—- In a new video released this morning by Project Veritas Action, investigative journalist James O’Keefe exposes– Hillary Clinton’s PLAN TO BAN ALL GUNS through an executive order.

And the Russ Feingold campaign admits he is lying to voters about his position on handguns!


We few, we happy few deplorables, Beester

🐝😘 RG

Beasts of England

Of course Cankles wants to ban guns through an EO. I didn't need O'Keefe to tell me that, but it's nice to have it verified.

Jim Eagle


You "Scholars and Writers for Trump" have competition.


And Adler admits he has joined the S&W Against Trump.

Thomas Collins

Re the polls: If Campaign Clinton thinks it has the thing locked up, it certainly isn't acting that way. A campaign in October in a locked up race usually involves the candidate who is ahead adopting a Morning in America type theme. It's actually Campaign Clinton that appears desperate. I am using desperate not in the sense that I think Clinton is behind, but in the sense that Campaign Clinton doesn't want October to be about the issues, who is more likeable, or Clinton's actions as Secretary of State.

James D

Even if it weren't close, Hillary would be running the same campaign.

She doesn't have anything else to talk about.

She's not likable.

She had no positive accomplishments as SoS, or as a Senator.

Her positions on most issues are unpopular at best, even among her core supporters.

What else CAN she talk about except that Trump is the devil?


the L.A. Times is showing an absurd drop in black support for Trump to 3.9%

Appalled's NYT link from last night had a partial explanation. The claim was that given the small numbers of blacks in the LAT sample, one black Trump supporter was exerting a huge influence on the bottom line, and that now he's no longer in the sample. While the NYT's spin was that the earlier results were overestimating Trump's black support, one could as easily argue that the new results are underestimating it. I think the more robust takeaway is that the sampling error for small subgroups like blacks, Jews, etc. is large.


I wouldn't live in a state that elected a senator who wanted to ban, and perhaps confiscate, handguns and ration bullets. I'd try to avoid even passing through and having to spend money on gas and food.



I think it's because she wanted something besides the emails out there because they are so damaging to her. And there are more to come. Only about 5% have been released.

Jim Eagle

Hypocrite McRino dials his slam on Trump to 11. This is from his 2008 Presidential bid where he cusses out a NY Times female reporter.

Trigger warning, offensive, sexist language:



RG - I take no offense at your calling me out on my "debbie downer" take on polls, and reading your posts always make me feel better :-) The hatred and venom directed at Trump steels my resolve to vote for him. I'm hoping that this latest batch of allegations creates a backlash against the Clinton Cartel. The Wikileaks alone should be sufficient in revealing the true Hillary, but of course, there is very little coverage from the media that is too busy digging up dirt on Donald.

Beasts of England

Another 2,000 Podesta emails released. Woot!!



I don't know you. I'm guessing you are pretty new to JOM. I will remind, once again, those of you around in 08 and 12, Rick Ballard and GMax diced and sliced every poll to death and in the end, it didn't matter if they underpolled, overpolled, forgot to poll...the polls were right. Bush beat Kerry. Polls said he would. Obama beat McCain. Polls said he would. Obama beat Romney. Polls said he would. If Trump doesn't make a comeback, and at least some of the polls are showing he is, pre latest revelations from NYTs and others, Hillary Clinton is going to win. So love me, hate, me, my opinion and your opinion about the polls won't matter one iota at the end of this election cycle.

Janet 1

The O'Keefe Feingold video shows how the Dems have to lie to get elected. It is the same with Kaine here in Virginia. Same with Mark Warner. Same with Obama & Hillary supporting marriage...

The Dems lie. Their core supporters know it....but the MFM amplify the lie so voters don't think THEIR Dem candidate is too bad.

Ol' Warner here in Virginia is advertised as a conservative Dem...but he votes like Harry Reid or Chuck Schumer. Every once in awhile the Dems let him vote against their party line when they know they have enough to win without his vote. It is a show.

I honestly always had more respect for the far left Dems because at least they are honest about their crazy beliefs.


A couple of weeks ago, VDH wrote an article saying we are on the verge of WW3.



I wish republicans were as loyal to candidates as democrats are. We can kick them in the ass later, but for now, get them elected.



I think we are too. Only this time, it may be Armageddon.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I didn't see that article, but I find all of this Russia talk disturbing because it seems manufactured to create a crisis where one isn't really necessary.

From Russia's point of view, they have to take all of these blustering statements from the US seriously. Hence build-up.

I am also disturbed by the administration's repeated attempts to tag Russia with interfering in the election. It seems contrived to me and ramped up out of nowhere, with no real evidence except that they say so.

Also bothersome is how little the press is covering all of this here in the US.

clarice b. for Brainiac


Ac ity of vipers.


"I think we are too. Only this time, it may be Armageddon."

I agree Sue. And if Hillary is elected, it will be blamed on her, assuming there is anyone left. Of course it will be Obama's fault. And his legacy.

common man

where did you get the "victim" had the same phone number as the Foundation. Link given goes nowhere or the post was taken down.

clarice b. for Brainiac

As jummyk has confirmed, it is dangerous to their careers for academics to come out for Trump--we had many prominent scholars who said they were with us but feared to publicly join us.


If I didn't live in a red state, I'd move to one asap. Many boomers are either about to retire or already have. I'd be very surprised if a sizable number of non-lib boomers in high tax blue hells stay, rather than relocate. Last I looked many are moving to TX, FL, and, surprising to me, SC.

common man

NO you cant not dismiss polls out of hand. But remember that even 528 only holds pollsters accountable for the last poll before the actual election. Pollsters are quite free to monkey with their poll results until then without much scrutiny.

Who pays for most polling done? Well that would be the MSM and Universities. Keep that fact in mind.

And if the pollster would disclose their crosstabs, there is likely a reason for that too.

common man

would NOT disclose


Beasts of England

And Ballard was wrong about every primary poll and prediction this year. Trump has awakened the sleeping giant, but keep believing the 2012 turnout paradigm if you want...

See y'all in a couple weeks.


"No, Hillary got four million more primary votes than Bernie."

How do we really know this? How do we really know that in 2012, allegedly, millions of GOP voters just couldn't bring themselves to vote for a Mormon and stayed home from the polls?

All we have are the reports of government officials, namely the various state Secretaries of State and county Supervisors of Elections, and an assortment of supposedly "non-partisan" and "independent" watchdog advocacy groups.

But I've become so cynical that I don't trust any of them. The "Establishment" basically controls the entire electoral process, and they control what is reported regarding the number of votes cast and for whom.

As Stalin said: "Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything."

The system is rigged, and I no longer think we have "free" and "fair" elections.

It's all dog and pony.


And Ballard was wrong about every primary poll and prediction this year.

He was also wrong about the 08 and 12 polls. I think you made my point.


IMO it is valid to point out how inaccurate polls were in the primary.

Why is it so important to avoid disappointment later by sowing pessimism now? It's fine that you won't be disappointed if Clinton wins, but my unhappiness will not be a result of too much optimism now.

It will be because the country will be in the hands of corrupticrat government.

common man

Yup in 2012 I was convinced that the electorate was much closer to an even split between R and D. I bought the argument that the polls were skewed. Just subtract out a bunch of Ds and add in Rs and voila.

Turns out that the polls were correct. Zero won.

As of today, I would say that there is a probability based on a plethora of polling that Trump is behind. There is a glimmer of hope today from RAS that that will change. RAS has been shown to have a slight House effect bias toward Rs.

The media will do everything in their power to prevent Trump from gaining the WH and the undecideds at this point are quite susceptible to their manipulation.

Beasts of England

Totally wrong, Sue, but I'm sick and fucking tired of people who wallow in negativity, and who can't differentiate between polls and turnout. Romney had no momentum, no turnout, and no enthusiasm. Totally different voter interest now versus 2008/12 - that's where Ballard has been wrong; so blow that snark out of your ass...



Why is it so important to avoid disappointment later by sowing pessimism now?

Apparently facing reality is sowing seeds of pessimism.


"It will be because the country will be in the hands of corrupticrat government."

And some of us are sure that is true already.


Common man, you're GMax? Hi.



clarice b. for Brainiac



Perhaps the Establishment "manufactures" enough votes so that the election "results" are somewhat in-line with the pre-election polls ... you know, to make things seem "realistic" to keep the sham going.


Perhaps. But doesn't that still mean the polls will be right?


LOL - yeah, the polls will be right. And the Establishment still gets the candidates elected that were intended to win all along.


"facing reality"

Since the primary polls were not accurate the "reality" you seem to believe in is less than certain.

Nobody is in denial that the polls are what they are. That's the only reality at this point. Calling a prediction "reality" seems more like sowing pessimism.

clarice b. for Brainiac

I studied poli sci when it did not pretend you could predict outcomes by number crunching. I'm stuck there. I cannot discount the large number of what we used to call Reagan Dems returning to the party or the huge turnouts and enthusiasm for Trump.

Given the Dems EV advantage a Republican can win only by getting so far not seen turnout in rural and suburban areas. Yesterday in Ocala thousands walked a mile to get to his rally..That's what I cannot discount.


Nobody is in denial that the polls are what they are.

Apparently we are reading different posts here.



But didn't the polls reflect the Reagan win? I haven't looked, but I sure seem to remember knowing that going into election night, Reagan was predicted to win.

clarice b. for Brainiac

Tom Lipscomb:GOOD NEWS!
THE NY Times has it and so will the Southern District

clarice b. for Brainiac

I'm old with failing memory, but I don't think a Reagan win was predicted until very very late in the game.


Fun fact .... I lived in Ocala for 3 years, and graduated from high school there.

Lived close to Silver Springs, and could hear the train whistle at Six Gun Territory, until it closed, anyway. LOL

common man

But doesn't that still mean the polls will be right?

Oh heavens no. Brexit makes that abundantly clear.

I have made the point several times that polling these days suffers from a pitifully low response rate. Usually less than 10% of numbers called actually complete the survey. Some screen their calls and dont pick up. Some cuss them out and hang up. That makes it less science and way more art. And the MOE to be more likely fiction.

If anything the polls should motivate people to do more than they have ever done. Volunteer to drive folks to their polling place would be a very fine idea. There is that much at stake.

clarice b. for Brainiac

Did polls predict a reagan win? My memory is not that bad:http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/03/337295/

Appalled (Alt-Moderate)


The thing I fear -- and I mean fear -- is that the polls will be right, and you all, who have withdrawn into a place where all you believe is that Trump must be ahead will think the election was somehow stolen.

Social cohesion in this country is already under a lot of strain. I blame most of that on our current President, and an elite who doesn't think Patriotism is in its best interest. But making casual assumptions about an election being stolen, or indulging in whatever conspiracy theory pops up, because reality did not agree with your preconceptions, is also very dangerous.

I have seen comments about a revolution a coming. I have a feeling not too any of us would benefit from such a thing, and I would be careful about hastening its arrival.


Oh heavens no. Brexit makes that abundantly clear.

I was talking about a specific thing that was said.

If I'm remembering right, the Brexit polls had it neck and neck with staying slightly ahead of exiting. Is that not right?


"Apparently we are reading different posts here"

Don't know what you mean by that. Most published polls favor Clinton. Unless you see some posts here that deny that your comment makes no sense to me.


Appalled, you should be afraid that Clinton will win (by whatever means). The ensuing lawlessness will be based entirely on her actions. EG, gun confiscation mentioned by Feingold.



And Breyer's recent interview. If Clinton wins, we will lose the 2nd amendment.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I fail to see why watching polls is productive one way or the other. We have no voice in the campaign strategy, and they base their strategy on their own internal polling, not the public polls.

Why are there even these public polls? Of what value, except to write stories which give the impression that one candidate is losing the battle for minds?

To this day I remember that the 2000 Zogby poll changed the days it took its sample to be different from all of the other major polls, a week or so before the elction.

It was also the only poll that showed a drop in W's support, because it picked up the time period of the DUI without any overlap, unlike the others.

You will never, ever convince me that the Zogby poll (his brother worked for Gore) wasn't designed to provide documentation of a supposed lack of support for that DUI. And it was done to justify the Florida attempt to steal the election.

The only problem for the dems was that the turnout was so high and W's support was so deep that they failed to manufacture enough votes to overcome it.

To my mind there is both panic in dem ranks due to loss of support from democrats, who have moved to Trump, and fears of a huge turnout from voters who are either first-time voters or who haven't voted in years.

So, rather than pay attention to these polls as evidence of loss of support, I rather think they show that they are going to try to steal the election. They have been giving us clues for the last month, including their accusations that Russia might hack the voting machines.

It's all going to depend on turnout. That is the other reason for the poll numbers: to depress turnout.

So, I am ignoring and am not going to get in a snit one way or the other.

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