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October 27, 2016


the generalisticly deplorable rich


Dave (in MA)

She can go to Berlin and claim to be a jelly donut.

the generalisticly deplorable rich


check out the montage on Drudge's page. lol. hic.

and won't Melina need to wear a hijab if she goes the 13th holiest site in Islam, Berlin.

Jim Eagle

Will she be fully clothed when she gives them?

buccaneer morgan

the piece referred in the last thread,


you could cannibalize green's piece and write a whole new perspective, ala snapper from the sjw obsessed comic series,

trump is not focusing on suppression, but agitation in the classic alinsky style, but green doesn't want to admit there is a basis for those claims,

buccaneer morgan

it does resemble if anything joe mccguinness's take on the 68 election, crediting ailes with bad faith, re nixon's promises,

buccaneer morgan

I used the dead sea analogy on another blog,


buccaneer morgan

the man has lost it, and can't find it with a flashlight,


buccaneer morgan

pass the rizzotto, it's just fabulous,


Thomas Collins

Melania Trump vs. Bill Clinton for first spouse? I'll vote for Melania.

jimmyk on iPhone

The irony with Posner is that he was always considered DOA as a SCOTUS nominee, sure to be Borked. In the end we dodged a bullet.

Why don't any jurists get more conservative with age?



Why don't any jurists get more conservative with age?

Why is it only conservative justices turn liberal? It's never the other way around.

buccaneer morgan

because of the environment, they operate in, the law schools feed prog chum into the waters, and fewer sane clerks emerge, like say pete thiel was.

buccaneer morgan

expounding further, is this thing on, if all you here, is trump is evil, uncooth, ignorant, not in one place but a hundred, it takes a strong will not to react pavlovian to that stimuli,


they are still on the last thread narciso.

buccaneer morgan

I know, but I don't want to wake the mynock,


My secret sources tell me the first speech will be Hillary's 1995 human rights speech in China
From Trump at the Al Smith Dinner:

You know, the president told me to stop whining, but I really have to say, the media is even more biased this year than ever before — ever. You want the proof? Michelle Obama gives a speech and everyone loves it — it’s fantastic. They think she’s absolutely great. My wife, Melania, gives the exact same speech —
— and people get on her case.
And I don’t get it. I don’t know why.
And it wasn’t her fault. Stand up, Melania. Come on. She took a lot of abuse.
Oh, I’m in trouble when I go home tonight. I’m — she didn’t know about that one. Am I okay? Is it okay?
Cardinal, please speak to her.



Via a story posted at Insty, amazing to hear Mika on Morning Joe point out MSM hypocrisy.

Discussing the Wikileaks revelations of Doug Band bragging about ripping off customers to personally funnel 66 Million into Bill Clinton's back pocket, Mika makes the point that when Trump legally does anything remotely similar it is immediately termed by the media as "Sleazy", yet when the Clintons do something twice as scummy it is euphemized into words like "ethically challenged," later narrowed down to the more impersonal definition, "having an ethical and moral deficit."

You Need To Watch MSNBC Go After ‘Sleazy’ ‘Clinton, Inc.’ And Their Cronies

Have to say I also like when Morning Joe quizzes Nicole Wallace about this corruption.:

Joe: Nicole, what did you think? How bad is this?

Nicole Wallace: (laughs) Well, it's not good.

Joe: Is that what they would say if like the Bush's did this?"

Nicole Wallace: Listen, the Bush's would never do this.

Joe: I know they wouldn't.


Insty links this short read:


Can't say I disagree with anything in it other than the insouciant belief that Hilligula wins this thing easily.


Great AT piece, SBW. I even made a comment there on your behalf against some of the know-it-alls there.

buccaneer morgan

good gravy, is that what a berkeley education gets you, 'well it's not good'


Rush in Hour 1 (Tape delay) is an effort to explain the corruption evident in the Wikileaks releases illuminating the Clinton corruption in relation to the Teneo racket.

Rush also makes another interesting point in Hour 1. The E-Mails show the Clinton Team prepared Talking Points to combat the questions they expected the MSM to ask them, demanding to know what is the difference, if any between what Bill Cosby did compared to what Bill Clinton did. Rush's point is that Team Hillary is amazed that no Press members ever asked those questions of Hillary, thus illustrating once again the incestuous relationship between Hillary and the lapdog Media (i.e.) The dog that did not bark. The question the Press did not ask.

Frau Rutger Gefahrfeld

In the end we dodged a bullet."
With Posner and also the legend-in-his-own-mind Erwin Chemerinsky who still smarts that he did not even make the long list. Ouch!

Erwin's dump today in the newspaper predictably attacked Citizens United--evil corporations!!!-- and never mentioned the power of corrupt unions.


How fun to click on Narciso's American Thinker link above and see our very on SBW headlining The Dog That Didn't Bark!

Excellent job, SBW! Whoot, Whoot! Whoot!



Yeah, that'll do it.


Very impressive article!
When do you get to hold the lovely Grace?
Meals for the new family is also a blessing.


Erwin's dump today in the newspaper predictably attacked Citizens United--evil corporations!!!-- and never mentioned the power of corrupt unions.

The anti-Citizens United people justifiably think that with a Hillary SCOTUS the law will be overturned for corporations but with an exemption for unions. And why not? Anything goes.


This is quite good, from sbw's AT piece:

Dozens of times, the AP has planted Improvised Editing Devices – IEDs – to explode into misleading narratives for local news editors to publish and readers to read.




Bob Owens, who has sounded like a #NeverTrumper until recently, seems to be coming around:

Bob Owens ‏@bob_owens 8m

If Clinton is elected, she'll be unaccountable (clearly, she already is).

Trump will be checked by Congress.

Vote wisely.

Old Lurker

Ain't just Law Schools, Narc.

Can you imagine applying to a top MBA program by explaining that you want to learn how best to run your family's coal mining business?


that started with all the group work crap from MIT, OL. The "systems" approach, plus stakeholders beyond owners. Early 90s.

Old Lurker

Or to Med School by explaining that you want to open a chain of clinics to provide services to the masses while amassing a fortune for yourself?

Old Lurker

Or to an Ed College explaining you want to run the best charter school ever?

Jim Eagle

I was pleased to see that there is David Koch wing at Hospital for Specialized Surgery during my visit yesterday. Its where the most evil of the knee replacements are done.

Old Lurker

So Jack...a new knee is in your future from what you posted yesterday?



Rush making me angry today. He keeps wasting valuable radio time telling us how hard it is for regular Americans to understand the Teneo money laundering scheme for Bill Clinton. Rush spends more time telling his audience how hard it is to understand this money laundering than he spends trying to explain this money laundering. In fact he doesn't (as of Hour 2) even try to explain the money laundering scheme. He just keeps talking about how it's too hard to explain to his audience.

Why our "great Communicator" cannot just shut the hell up and tell us the facts of the crime drives me nuts. I don't say this often but today I find myself hollering at the radio and telling Rush to get his head out of his rectum and give the public a little bit of credit. I hate it when he wastes valuable radio time that needs to be better utilized to educate his audience.


Maybe he is talking to Muggs the monkey

Jim Eagle


Because of the prior infection calamity, he wants to wait for the one year anniversary which will be sometime between January and March when we do the surgery. Very interesting discussion with him on how they handle surgeries with previous history of septic arthritis. Big difference if there is latent bad bacteria either if on the bone or in the bone. And then how they approach it. Quite illuminating.

When I told Frederick (the budding biochemist or biomedical engineer) he told me he wish he had been there with me to hear about it. So, as an alternative he has been watching YouTubes of replacement surgery.

Wouldn't be surprised he is coming up with the new generation of joint applications.


Can't happen too soon JiB! Those infected joints are brutal. My dad and an uncle both had replacement joints get infected. Long term pain and immobility while the infetion got put out - and a straight pipe instead of a knee during it.


Trump rallygoers lined up in the cold rain at 5am this morning.


Three OH rallies today. Good scheduling with the Series.

Beasts of England

An outstanding and beautifully written piece, sbw! Cheers!!


daddy, I was listening live and finally just shut it off for same reason.

I like Rush, but he sure believes his s&%t doesn't stink.


Maybe Rush doesn't explain it because he doesn't understand how it works.


Good news for Trump

Jack Posobiec🇺🇸 on Twitter: "Trump polling at 32% in Democrat stronghold Philadelphia https://t.co/6JVzTz2I8H"


Again good news

Jack Posobiec🇺🇸
Jack Posobiec🇺🇸 – ‏@JackPosobiec

Wow. Trump polling at 29% with African Americans and 30% with Hispanics in PA
Embedded image

Old Lurker

That makes sense, Jack. You could not find a better place to get that advice and that surgery when the time comes.

Jim Eagle


Yeah, sometimes they stop it midway, wrap it up and wait 6 days for pathology. Then if clean bring you back in for the finish. Or, if really bad during the op, they put in a spacer. Pack you back up and say see you in 6 months. That is the stiff leg and absolute misery for that length of time.

I hope and pray that I am fully free of the bacteria when I go in.

Captain Hate

Why our "great Communicator" cannot just shut the hell up and tell us the facts of the crime drives me nuts. I don't say this often but today I find myself hollering at the radio and telling Rush to get his head out of his rectum and give the public a little bit of credit. I hate it when he wastes valuable radio time that needs to be better utilized to educate his audience.

I was hoping he'd stopped doing that time wasting crap. In the last year when I've listened to him he's avoided it so I'm sorry that it's back in play.

Old Lurker

I was listening to Rush too. He started by reminding us how easy it was for average people to "get" the house bank rubber check scandal. Then he bemoaned how hard it is to understand the CCF machine.

I almost wrecked my car thinking how damn simple it is to explain: Clintons say they left the WH broke. Except of a few years of pay as SoS, neither Clinton has had a job or founded a company since leaving the WH. Clintons brag that they are now worth several hundred million. What does the man in the street think they sold?

Good grief.

Captain Hate

OL sums it up so concisely. Top Men would be so disappointed. We need scads of high priced consultants to put it in terms nobody can comprehend.


Buckeye, Good to hear it ain't just me.

I suppose the Cliff Notes version of this thing would go something like this, and everyone please make corrections to the narrative I'm proposing---I'd like to have it all laid out easily in bullet points by the end of the day.

1) Hillary as Sec State creates a new State Department Position, Economic Advisor to Northern Ireland, and she hires an Irish guy named Declan somebody.

2) Declan hires 5 guys to work in his new State Department job.

3) Hillary and Bill and Declan make connections with big money donators, encouraging them to give money to the Clinton Foundation to the tune of millions.

4) Declan and his 5 buddies create a company called Teneo these donators wind up donating to since Declans and the Clintons tell them to.

5) Teneo hires Bill Clinton as a figurehead employee of this new company and Teneo somehow winds up giving him 66 million and brag about it in E-mails.

6) Then they ask to hire Huma Abedin, and the State Department gives Huma permission to be a member of Teneo, along with other Team Clinton members.

7) Teneo goes broke after funneling millions to Bill Clinton, much of that money given to it from MFGlobal during the time Jon Corzine's lost 1.5 Billion for the shareholders of that company.

8) The Clintons got rich, the companies went broke, the shareholders got screwed, nothing happened whatever to Corzine or Decaln, and even dimwit Chelsea was sharp enough to recognize the stench of the entire racket.

Is that about it? What did I get wrong?

Implicitly biased deplorable pissed off jim

I've noticed the same about Owens. Iowahawk continues to remain obtuse.

From the prior thread

"They want to change things the old fashioned way -- through the states. Does that make them peddlers of darkness? Or just someone with a different view?"

They are definitely paddlers of darkness. The 2nd A is not to be fucked with. The unarmed will not disarm the armed. How's that going to work?


daddy, apparently there was insider trading involved on each deal on the side. The insider bit was knowing which way US Gov would jump on things (Haiti Mobile Bank, Iran Satellites, etc.), kind of like her son in law with his insider knowledge of the Greek govt bankrupcy (oops, he crashed his own hedge fund instead) but with competent hedge fund guys taking advantage of the insider info.


OL at 02:49 did better than me:)


For example, Smith & Wesson and gun control pushes. But times hundreds of deals, unknown numbers of insiders getting rich off of the scams.


jim@2:59, a consideration for Iowahawk is that as best as I can tell he is always #NeverAnyone--he never votes or supports any candidate as far as I can tell. I just wish her were less negative on Trump, and in fact I haven't noticed as much of that from him lately, while he has certainly snarked about Wikileaks stuff and 404Care.


*he* were less negative...


Well daddy, you and OL both did a better job then Rush.

Your's is the summary done by the prosecution.

OL's is the summary for "regular guy" standing outside the courtroom.


than Rush

Matt - deplore me if you must

Hillary is so incompetent that the inside information she gave her son in law bankrupted his hedge fund.


I think most of you have heard the audio of Michael Moore describing the feelings of Trump supporters and the big F You they're going to deliver in November.

A Trump fan on The_Donald turned it into a very moving video. I *highly* recommend it.

It will give you hope!


Old Lurker

And those regular guys vote.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good afternoon!


sbw, Congratulations on your excellent article. More people need to be aware of the situation with the AP. Maybe American Thinker would like a monthly column called "AP Watchdog" or something like that. You could capture the worst of their editorializing. Bonus points for xomplete factual errors, like putting cities in the wrong state or mis-explaining science.


You are most welcome! I find that a cheerful outlook helps me. I personally feel that not only are Trump supporters subject to the concerted demoralization efforts from the media and certain conservatives, but that there is a spiritual component to this struggle, exemplified by the anti-Catholic and anti-evangelical sentiments expressed in the Podesta emails. A Rosary a day keeps the Devil away!!

daddy, the explanation of the CClinton relationship with Teneo seems correct to me. I heard Rush as well, and I don't appreciate him thinking we cannot understand money laundering and fraud. Maybe HE doesn't understand it.

Now to go see what's going on at Reddit, as they were busy going through Podesta 20 when I left this morning.


I think Jon Corzine's life expectancy shortened after this leak.

Captain Hate

Somehow Corzine doesn't look like a prime weight lifting accident type so he should avoid Fort Marcy Park.


has corzine's statute of limitations passed?


What a bunch of crooks

Alana Goodman ✔@alanagoodman
EXCLUSIVE: Clinton headlined fundraiser for McAuliffe group before it gave $500K to wife of FBI boss http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3876506/Hillary-Clinton-headlined-fundraiser-campaign-group-gave-500-000-wife-FBI-boss-investigated-emails-s-closely-linked-bid-power.html#ixzz4OIXM76xL
11:03 AM - 27 Oct 2016
Photo published for Clinton fundraised for PAC, it gave $s to email probe FBI boss's wife
Clinton fundraised for PAC, it gave $s to email probe FBI boss's wife
DailyMail.com reveals just how closely linked Clinton is to a PAC which gave massive donation to a Virginia politician who is married to the FBI's deputy director, who led the probe into her secret...

It gets better

campaign manager Robby Mook used to work for the McAuliffe’s super PAC:

Virginia election records show that Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook, a former McAuliffe aide, was also on the Common Good VA payroll before he joined her presidential campaign


crooks all the way down

Captain Hate

The ewok elaborates on Scott Adams:

Interestingly -- or perhaps inevitably -- two whiny NeverTrumpers have penned recent columns about, basically, this same idea, that they are supporting Hillary due to bullying from Trump's more deranged followers. (Followers? Some are followers. Some are trolls. Some are trolls paid, most likely, by a foreign government to reduce Americans' faith in participatory government.)

I don't disagree with them on the point that the bullying is nasty -- and I oppose, as I said, Social Justice Warrioring coming from the right (or "alt-right") as well as the left. These whiners shouldn't have had to through that, and it's a bad thing they did.

However, it also seems to me that this bullying is coming on Twitter from, let us say, economically and socially fringe people with little power in the world.

It's not coming from where Team Hillary's bullying is coming from -- from the actual power centers of politics and media, the actual locus of genuine political power and control.

Does that make the behavior less egregious, or the whiners' pain less real? No it does not. Threats and racist nastiness and insults directed at one's family are painful and unacceptable no matter which septic tanks they rise up from.

But there is a big difference between bullying from some fringey Twitter losers and bullying coming from CNN and the media. Witness what they did to Ken Bone, for example.

Fringe people saying awful things is a scourge, obviously, but that's been with us since the dawn of time.

But when people in actual power begin picking a target, freezing it, isolating it, and attacking it with the full force of ten million megaphones -- that's an actual threat to the social freedom of every citizen in America.

We've all learned to not upset the Right People, haven't we? No matter how brave one might thing one is in the face of Social Justice Outrage Scalp-Hunting, we have all either consciously or subconsciously adapted our behaviors and limited our own free speech to avoid the bloody fury of the Maenads.

Right now the media has a new target for bullying: Taylor Swift. Seems the pop princess hasn't joined the other pop princesses in endorsing Hillary, Esquire is now a jihad to socially bully her into taking a stand against Trump.

Doesn't anyone have a sense of perspective? Who actually has more capacity to do harm and gin up hatred and bullying -- Esquire magazine (and you know another 30 media outlets will begin pushing this same line, because they're lazy, unimaginitive, slavisly imitative, and viciously partisan) or @OdinsTears69 on Twitter?

Incidentally, the NeverTrump crowd never fails to insult me by subtweet (a tweet with an intended target/recipient, but in which the target's @-handle is not used; a way to talk about them behind their backs, but publicly) for daring to be a Republican actually interested in stopping a Democrat from winning the White House.

In fact, there are several groups actively seeking purges of We Deplorables from the party -- and the whiners who whine about bullying on National Review never discuss that at all. Infinite pixels for the outrages of the "Trumpkins," none at all for the misbehavior of their ideological kinsmen.

As usual, one tends to overlook the misbehavior of one's fellow pro-Hillary partisans, while focusing laser-like on the misbehavior of one's pro-Trump enemies.

So yes, bullying is rampant online, but I have very little patience for those who permit it from their allies and only rouse themselves to condemn it in from their enemies.

That's not a very "consistent conservative" or "principled" position, NeverTrumpers, now is it?

I also don't respect moral foppery which declares I Will Vote For Hillary Because Some of Trump's More Febrile Supporters Insulted Me Nastily Online, while utterly failing to condemn Hillary and her allies -- her very powerful allies -- for their own social bullying efforts.

By the way, you guys making your purge lists: You needn't bother. I've purged myself. I don't wish to be in any party you're in, and I will actively work against your interests in the future. Forever.

Right wing Social Justice Warrioring is still Social Justice Warrioring, you Millennial idiots, and you much-older-and-should-certainly-know-better morons.


I thought Zippy had already pardoned Corzine...


I am told by a lurking unit that corzine's statute expires Monday.


Me: Rush, would you please open up the window and let some light in for us?

Rush: I don't know. I might try to open up the window and let some light in. It would be valuable to open up the window and let some light in, especially now right before the election when we definitely need some light let in, but I don't know if people know how hard it would be for me to actually get up and walk over there and have to unstrap that little thing that holds the window shut and then all the effort that would have to go into putting pressure on the handle and thinking about how high I need to raise the window and how much pressure I'd have to exert to get the window to pop loose and then the MSM would probably say something like "Rush Limbaugh doesn't want to raise the Window all the way," and then tomorrow with my formerly nicotine stained fingers I'd have to read out loud those MSM stories that will say "Rush Limbaugh doesn't want to raise the window all the way" to all you people in flyover country who want the window raised, and then Mister Snerdley would have to handle calls from people all week asking questions about "Why doesn't Rush Limbaugh want to raise the window all the way?" and then I'd have to explain it 3 times for the benefit of listeners in Rio Linda and goodness time flies here at the EIB Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies so after another obscene profit making break I'll get to your calls in the next hour and you people really have no idea how difficult it is to get up and walk across a room to raise a window but I'll explain how difficult it is to get up and walk across a room and raise a window when we get back in 21 hours of Lifelock Commercials.

Old Lurker

Perfect, Daddy. Just perfect.

Old Lurker

Party at Corzine's house Monday night...


LOL, guess the optics were just too awful in West Palm to risk it again. Kaine event in Sarasota canceled.


Captain Hate

LoLy and Comey will be guests of honor.

Old Lurker

Don't waste your time on this:


But in it Fox goes to a Romney guy to opine on Trump's business.

I hope that wooden house James has is big enough for all those I want to sleep in it on torch night.


Implicitly biased deplorable pissed off jim

Jimmyk I can't argue with that.

I had Rush's voice in my head as I was reading. Excellent as usual.

We certainly have some witty and creative people here.


Well done on the AT article.


Since I can't stand watching Hillary I am watching the original Sabrina on channel 705. I did not recall that Mr Drysdale's Secretary, Miss jane Hathaway from the Beverly Hillbilly's, was a fellow servant of Audrey Hepburn in that Bogart flick. Sabrina

Great character actress. Love her on Perry Mason reruns.

Is Hillary and Moochelle gone yet?

Implicitly biased deplorable pissed off jim

I think we are going to need several Jack Daniels style rack houses for James' cleansing fire.

Old Lurker

You know, I've been thinking that James' DIAF is much more appropriate than my Femall since Femall might reward some of these clowns with the only sex they can get, and they might like that. I don't want there to be any chance that any of them would like anything at all about what I would like to do to them.

Just sayin.

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

According to Posobiec (from Axiom)

Trump polling at 32% in Democrat stronghold Philadelphia pic.twitter.com/6JVzTz2I8H

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

To put that is perspective, this is how Romney did in Philly in 2012:

Philadelphia Election 2012
98.6% Reporting
B. Obama (i) Dem 85.2% 557,024
M. Romney GOP 14.1% 91,840
G. Johnson Lib 0.4% 2,721
J. Stein Grn 0.3% 2,013

Captain Hate

I saw the first Trump-Pence lawn sign on my block yesterday. It's at a house owned by a black family.


What jumps out at me derwill, is that I had completely forgotten that Johnson and Stein ran in 2012.

Both are obviously forgettable.



The only needed counternarrative to the "she's winning in a landslide!" is that no she's not, not in Ohio, which Dems aren't even talking about her winning anymore.

And if you're not winning Ohio, how can you be up by 12 points nationally? 12 points = 50 state win.


I love this Black woman on FBN this minute who used to be a head official in the Bernie Campaign who is now enthusiastically pushing for The Donald. Man, does she hate Hillary. Brunell Donald-Kyei. (Trump Campaign Diversity Outreach vice-chair.)

Brunell: ...Let me tell you something, the people who supported Bernie Sanders, we supported him because we felt that he was not part of the corruption, that he was the political outsider of the democratic party. it was our way of still trying to be loyal to the Democratic party. I do not believe not one Bernie Sanders supporter is going to vote for Hillary. Not over our dead bodies...I am actually part of the "National Diversity Coalition for Trump," and what I will tell you is I'm so excited to vote. I have not been this excited to vote since I voted for Barrack Obama the first time. That's how excited I am to Vote for Donald Trump.

Sing it Brunell.

Captain Hate

Looks like the donks have their own internal fissures busting things apart.


Actual reporting by US News?


I'm so confused.


A snipet from Judge Napolitano, What happened to the FBI

A few determined agents were frustrated by Clinton’s professed lack of memory during her interview and her oblique reference to a recent head injury she had suffered as the probable cause of that. They sought to obtain her medical records to verify the gravity of her injury and to determine whether she had been truthful with them. They prepared the paperwork to obtain the records, only to have their request denied by Director Comey himself on July 4.


Then some agents did the unthinkable; they reached out to colleagues in the intelligence community and asked them to obtain Clinton’s medical records so they could show them to Comey. We know that the National Security Agency can access anything that is stored digitally, including medical records. These communications took place late on July 4.

When Comey learned of these efforts, he headed them off the next morning with his now infamous news conference, in which he announced that Clinton would not be indicted because the FBI had determined that her behavior, though extremely careless, was not reckless, which is the legal standard in espionage cases. He then proceeded to recount the evidence against her. He did this, no doubt, to head off the agents who had sought the Clinton medical records, whom he suspected would leak evidence against her.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

In case there is any doubt about how the democrats feel about the evangelicals, here is an email discussing how to go after Mike Huckabee. It is email #33985 in the Podesta files, and everything after this paragraph is NOT me, but the email (bolding is mine):

" Any re-focusing on Huck should be on extremism. If I read the GQR memo right, that's what moves folks. We need to know more about what he said and did as a pastor, and perhaps more likely, what he did as the head of the Southern Baptists in Arkansas. Did they pass nutty resolutiions on issues? Did they oppose the teaching of, say, gravity and photosynthesis as well as evolution?

Let's do a deep dive on "Teaching Kids to Kill", the book he wrote after a school shooting in AR. And he also wrote a book about fatherhood, or his father...some Daddy book.

I suspect we have just begun to scratch the surface of his bat-shit crazy positions."


Just the headline of this Wikileaks says it all:

From:[email protected]

To: [email protected]

Date: 2014-06-11 00:58

Subject: John -- don't let Lindsay Graham get lost in Eric Cantor's earthquake...


An observation on the difference between the old days and today.

OLD Days: The FBI would take perps and stoolies who ratted out their former Criminal buddies and farm them out incognito across the hinterlands with new identities.

TODAY: It's the Head of the FBI who now goes incognito so nobody can grill him about being a perp and a stooge in helping his criminal buddies stay out of jail.


OK, Hillary is gonna win going away, Yana yada, whatev.
Nonetheless. This is pretty cool. Didn't we read that H/K were cancelling ad buys and pulling out campaign workers from FL?


Comments are comedy gold.
Patrick Farmer
Maybe both people couldn't make it?

He cancelled cause 2 is company, 3's a crowd and 1 is such a lonely number.

Rick Saphire
I don't think this is funny. Imagine how upset his supporter was when he found out it was canceled.


Comey should be impeached if that story proves accurate. Incredible.


Trump's event in Maine tomorrow is at the Open Door Bible Baptist Church in Lisbon. The gym at the church's academy holds 1,000 people and there are no tickets remaining. Lisbon is a town near Lewiston. The pastor said that Trump's visit is a "gift from God."
I'm starting to think that there is certainly something inspired about Trump's candidacy.
I wonder if Trump himself ever thought just a year ago that he'd be holding a campaign event at a church in rural Maine.


Comey should be impeached if that story proves accurate.

Hah, Skoot, you're such a kidder.


I wonder if Trump himself ever thought just a year ago that he'd be holding a campaign event at a church in rural Maine.

No offense to Maine and its wonderful residents, but I hope Trump has worked out that this is the best use of his time. As opposed to PA, OH, VA, FL, etc.


I've lost track of how many Trump signs I've seen in Florida. Amazing.

Old Lurker

What a nice bedtime tale from Judge Nap.

And yet. And yet since having their legs cut off on July 4 by the boss who thereby revealed to them his political motivations, not one of them has done the honorable thing previously required of people of character in such circumstances.

Therefore I must conclude that there are no agents of high character working for the FBI or other agencies with access to the real facts.


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