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October 13, 2016



I say get it TM!


Reposted so it doesn't get lost in the thread handoff:

Hillary had to answer under oath FOIA questions wrt to Pagliano's role(she doesn't recall) and erasing emails ( doesn't know how it was done and doesn't recall any details about it)

Here you go Maryrose:

The Ticker: BREAKING NEWS: Clinton Sworn Answers:

Charles Payne: Breaking News on Hillary. FOX New's Shannon Bream with details from Washington. Shannon

Shannon Bream (who was gorgeous at 14 Years of age):Well Charles we've gotten now her sworn answers. This was part of a case with Judicial Watch, the group that has been digging in to a lot of the Clinton matters over the last few years. Her Campaign says they are nothing but a Right Wing Group that's on a Witch Hunt, but listen,they convinced a Federal Judge not long ago that she should have to answer questions under Oath. These are the only sworn answers we know from her with regards to her E-Mail server. The answers just coming in.

For example one of the things that she was asked about and that came up so much in previous conversations, testimony on the Hill, "Were you ever advised, cautioned or warned about hacking or attempted hacking of your Clinton E-Mail .com E-mail account, or the server that was hosting it, and if so what did you do in response to the advice, caution or warning?"

She objected to many of the questions, including that one, but she does go on to say this with the objections in mind:

"She does not recall being advised, cautioned or warned during her tenure as Secretary of State about hacking or attempted hacking of her account."

And that's interesting because you may recall also that during her time as Sec State she sent something out to State Department personnel saying "You need to be very careful with the way that you're handling information. There are potential problem areas, things like hacking," so just as Judicial Watch pushes her on that saying "Listen If you're giving warnings out to the rest of State department, how can you say that you didn't know that there was a potential for hacking?" But that's what she said.

She was also asked several times about the handling of her E-Mails after she left the State Department. "Did you believe you could alter the story, disclose, or use E-Mail that you sent regarding Official State department Business as you saw fit?"

She said "No", but then when asked specifically about the deletion of E-mail, how it was handled, she...said, after first objecting to the question, she decided once her work related and potentially work related E-Mails had been provided to the State Department, (and again that was a decision that she and her Lawyers made during the process), she had no reason to keep her personal E-Mails which did not relate to State Department Business, so she believed that her personal E-Mails were not kept, and she does not have personal knowledge of the details of that process. She was asked specifically in these questions:

"Do you know about the person who handled your E-mails?

Do you know about the software that was used for possibly deleting your e-mails?

Did you direct anyone to do that?

Here she says " She doesn't know about the process, and doesn't know exactly how it was handled.

All under Oath Charles.

Hillary objected to 18 of the 25 questions.

Thomas Collins

In the article it is stated that the robot can be trained to avoid trees, hedges, flowers and the like, and to avoid leaving the yard. That means it can probably be trained to go to a detested neighbor at 3am with a robot radio attached to blare loud music. Ah, progress!


Just like Qatar, I can think of about another 150 Million Americans who would like to donate some silver to Bill Clinton for his next Birthday.


Spread some human hair around your flower beds to keep the deer away. Perhaps you know a hairdresser or salon where you could probably get enough.


What a great idea!


Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice

Dana and Greg and Mika and Morning Joe


My 2 dogs were barking like crazy an hour ago at a momma and baby moose just out the back window, wandering down the street and driving them banana's. Took some video and pics but sorry I can't post it.


You crack me up!
How is your daughter's year at Dartmouth going?

buccaneer morgan

there's an irony here,

buccaneer morgan

we had a roomba for a while, then we seemed to lose interest,

Thomas Collins

Wonder how they'll react to a snow shoveling robot, daddy.

Dave (in MA)

Don't leave your cats out overnight, the coyotes might get 'em.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Cincinnati rally, live stream

Thomas Collins

Now here's a robot like device I'll bet many are willing to test for free!


She's doing OK, Maryrose.

Big news on Campus last week was some moron leaving an illegal hibachi grill lit on a rooftop of a dorm at midnight as he got rushed off to do hazing initiation by a local Frat-house, so the roof caught on fire and 300 people had to evacuate, and the 4 Alarm Fire did enormous damage, so now at least 70 kids are homeless and have lost most of their belongings.

She's awful angry about that, but would be angrier if it was her dorm. I think early next year she may spend a month in Ireland on some archeology dig, so I may have to finagle a way to visit the old country.

Since they threw our clan out back in the 17 and 1800's none of us have ever been back, but I have the last name and the beer gut to pass for a local.


maryrose, I can't guarantee it will work, sometimes wild animals get so used to living near us, they become habituated. But given the deer's keen sense of smell and fear of man, it's probably the best bet.




Cincy rally is YUGE. 21k, 7k outside.


Back in 2008, in the weeks leading up to the Obama-McCain presidential election, two young men visited me [Archbishop Chaput] in Denver. They were from Catholics United, a group describing itself as committed to social justice issues. They voiced great concern at the manipulative skill of Catholic agents for the Republican Party. And they hoped my brother bishops and I would resist identifying the Church with single-issue and partisan (read: abortion) politics.

It was an interesting experience. Both men were obvious flacks for the Obama campaign and the Democratic Party — creatures of a political machine, not men of the Church; less concerned with Catholic teaching than with its influence. And presumably (for them) bishops were dumb enough to be used as tools, or at least prevented from helping the other side. Yet these two young men not only equaled but surpassed their Republican cousins in the talents of servile partisan hustling. Thanks to their work, and activists like them, American Catholics helped to elect an administration that has been the most stubbornly unfriendly to religious believers, institutions, concerns and liberty in generations.

I never saw either young man again. The cultural damage done by the current White House has – apparently — made courting America’s bishops unnecessary.


TM, a bow and something like that hibachi (not on your roof) is a good way to process deer.

Janet 1

Pagar mentioned this story in the last thread.

Scroll down to - DHS #2 Mayorkas Resigns Under Cloud of Ethical Violations

"While he was the USCIS Director, he used his position to fast-track visas for several companies, including GreenTech Automotive, a company run by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, and now-Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe."

Janet 1

another link -

"The Daily Caller News Foundation exclusively reported Monday that both the DHS and OGE had declined to fully pursue an ethics investigation against Mayorkas. A DHS inspector general report from 2015 revealed he improperly involved himself in the visa application process in order to fast-track visas for a company run by the presidential nominee’s brother, Anthony Rodham, and now-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe."....
"This company, GreenTech automotive, was mostly financed by EB-5 investor visas, but to date, it has not sold any electric cars at all and only produced a total of 25. In addition, GreenTech is under investigation for securities fraud."

Janet 1

and one more related -

DHS Shuts Down Investor Visa Center Run By Hillary Clinton’s Brother

All done quietly.

FTA - "The center shared the same address as Gulf Coast Funds Management, which Rodham used to funnel EB-5 investment to GreenTech Automotive. Rodham used his political clout to email then-director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to fast-track EB-5 visas for GreenTech, a company run by now-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Rodham. McAuliffe resigned shortly before he became the governor in 2013. The EB-5 program offers green cards to foreign investors who pour a certain amount of money into job-creating companies in the United States.

Although designed to produce electric cars, GreenTech has only manufactured 25 of them and not sold a single unit, even though the company has taken huge investment from China and promised to produce 30,000 cars every year since 2014 and after. The car made by GreenTech, named MyCar, can’t travel faster than 25 miles an hour."


Wonder how they'll react to a snow shoveling robot, daddy.

If these are any indication TC,

I think it could get real nasty for the snow plow!


Read something about Beck and Kristol getting big cash from the Clinton Foundation in the latest wikileak dump.

Janet 1

Resign, reassigned or retire...None of these crooks are ever prosecuted. No consequences.



We use deer b gone. It smells awful but
it works. I've lost many trees before we
started using it. Human hair did not




I gotta get out more often, thank you lurkersusie


Yeltsin for Prezidunce.


But I think Dwyane Elizondo Mountain Dew Hebert Camacho would be better


From The_Donald:

21,000 in attendance; 7,000 in overflow; 120,100 watching on FB; 31,300 watching on RSBN live stream; thousands more on other streams and TV


Forget that Beck and Kristol thing, it isn't wikileaks it's from a nut case named Hal Turner.

Jim Eagle

I love lMoose especially moose burgers with lots of garlic. My dad shot his first moose when we lived in Newfoundland. 30-06 in the head.

I still have the rifle.

Based on the ESPN documentary on Steve Bartman, the Chi Cubs fan who tried to catch a foul ball that Moses Alou could't have caught in 20 tries I will be rooting for any team beside Chicago. What a bunch of illiterate, easily jerked up fans. Bunch of idiots.

deplorable new lurker

I, also, am through with Fox. MM, you were so smart to stop cable. We are getting Fox Business this week, and I will watch. BUT, sorry about Trish, daddy. The Five has become totally unwatchable--Dana-- aka through me-- "Goody Two-Shoes" is totally anti-Trump and also for Hillary--Greg follows whatever Dana says. Only ones I like are Kimberley and Eric. I absolutely need to stop watching television except for Netflix and Down Below on Bravo. This whole election is absolutely driving me crazy. What to do???


Remind me again, was it Joe Biden or was it President Obama who in 2014 declared Yemen a Foreign Policy "success story?"

US military strikes Yemen after missile attacks on Navy ship

"Your baby, Yemen, is a beautiful success story, Mrs Biden, really beautiful!"

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

I've had better luck against the deer with a product called Liquid Fence.

Also a big black 90 pound lab chasing them out the yard works pretty good too.

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Thanks for those links Janet.


Iraq and Yemen were successes according
to Jo and Bo


I wish I had the kind of yard that deer wanted to be in.

Janet 1

No it was Yemen & Somalia.

"This strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us, while supporting partners on the front lines, is one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years.”"

Janet 1

When you think of always think of Yemen & Somalia, right? Right?

Deplorable Momto2

derwill ~ I was just about to post about Liquid Fence (and a Black & Tan Coonhound). Mine only has 3 legs but has almost caught a deer on several occasions. The deer are awful here. They have walked up on my front walkway and eaten pansies out of my planters!


QUIZ TIME: Which one at age 10 would you prefer to date at age 20?

1) "Yemen, is a success" Psaki:

2) "Ukraine is a success" Harf:

3) "Trump objectifies Women" Hillary:

4) "People Mags pretty baby" Shields:

And' here's tonight's Judges:

Answers after the dog walk Moose hunt!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Deporable new lurker,

It was a big step for me but I am glad I did it. I lose no opportunity to tell Megyn Kelly that she is responsible for me cutting cable! (Twitter is great for snark like that!)

Fox Business is ok, but I cannot help but think they are controlled opposition that is letting Dobbs and Varney have time so that we keep cable and don't cut it since Fox will get revenue as long as we are signed up.

My blood pressure is much lower, by the way!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


You really should contact one of the Trump boys with that stuff! You cut right to the chase on the hypocrisy!


She using Hulk Hogan's lawyer


derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

Momto2, I have a wrap-around verandah and I've had them climb right on up and eat the flowers out of planters and pots. One night I heard something banging around out there and I thought it was a raccoon. I opened the door and about tripped over a three-point buck. He looked at me like he was thinking, "Excuuuuuse me, I'm busy eating here."

This is before I discovered Liquid Fence, which does seem to work pretty good.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


GREAT! I want to see these people bankrupt and eating out of trash cans!!



My 90 pound Labradoodle jumped a large buck late one night last week.

It was an overcast night and I didn't see it initially. Poogan pulled the leash out of my hand and gave chase. Almost caught the deer but it sailed over a 6 foot fence (like it was nothing) and made it's way to the ravine across the street.

My dog spent the rest of that night in a dejected funk.


daddy, I have not watched TV !n so long that I don't know whose pics you posted. an anyone enlighten me? Thanx in advance!


I obviously don't type so good, either!


Joey Bosa making Trevor Siemian's life hell tonight.

daddy on iPhone

Ironic how People magazine that glorified 12 year olds on their covers as Sex objects is now hammering trump for saying he'd like to date a cute girl when she becomes of legal age. How young was Jodie foster in her sexpot underage roles with Robert DeNero when she caused The assassin to go try to kill Reagan for her?

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

Psaki and Harf were State Department spokeswomen known for saying stuff so stupid women throughout the globe cringed in embarrassment.

I don't know who the actress is with Hillary, but Hillary seems to be sexually assaulting the woman with her eyes.

Brooke Shields, once a child actress, now in her 40s I would guess, is now hawking furniture for Lazy Boy.

The bottom two people are Woody Allen and his wife, who used to be his adopted daughter, and whom he married once she turned 18 or 19.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Psaki and Harf were the original State Department spokeswomen who were excruciatingly embarrassing, dim bulbs, and only got their jobs because they were dem women.

The nest picture is an actress I don't know who was appearing with Hillary and that picture is of Hillary looking at her cleavage. That's been a staple on internet anti-Hilary sites for a couple of years.

Next picture is Brooke Shields, who came to fame as a beautiful child model and then an actress. Her first movie was Blue lagoon, which portrayed two children marooned on a desert island who eventually grew up and had sex.

The last picture is of Woody Allen and Sun Yi, his adopted daughter with whom he had a secual relationship and is now living with him.

buccaneer morgan

cristina aguilera, she's the talented fmr mickey mouser as opposed to britney,

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

Heh, Miss Marple. Why was I thinking they'd married? He never married Mia Farrow, either.

Andy Krause

Slosh an Irish Spring soap bar around in a bucket of water. Get a paint brush and brush the trees, bushes etc. with the soap water. Pour some on the ground around the base. Deer and woodchucks will be appalled and repelled. Works on women too.


FWIW, reports from the Cincy DJT rally (as heard on local radio):

1. unbelievable crowd, all jazzed, and at least half were women (the crowd size and enthusiasm comment was repeated by several callers, mostly amazed that something this big just happened here for a political speech.)

2. repeated comments to the effect that this is a movement that the media is ignoring.

3. at least 30 protesters outside! and everyone just laughed them off.

4. DJT was on fire with substance, and the crowd was with him, believes him, and doesn't give a hoot about the "news".

5. County R chairman was there and reports that 64% of the reported early voting ballots have been declared R so far. (We don't register by party, but request a party ballot when we vote.)

These people are so pumped up, you would think the Bengals finally won a playoff game. ;)


Clinton foundation in Columbia
Such horrendous people, the Clinton's, all of them



James Woods
James Woods – Verified account ‏@RealJamesWoods

One candidate supports "open borders," higher taxes, eroding the Second Amendment, and a 550% increase in importing Syrians refugees. #facts
9:28 AM - 13 Oct 2016


Paul Ryan needs to read this

John Hinderaker
John Hinderaker – ‏@jhinderaker

It isn't about Trump: we are seeing the liberal media's permanent smear campaign against Republicans: … @powerlineUS

buccaneer morgan

well that's not new, the templates are stupid or evil,

I guess this is just defining deviancy down,

Deplorable Momto2

"For those who control the levers of power in Washington and for the global special interests, they partner with these people that don't have your good in mind. Our campaign represents a true existential threat like they haven't seen before. This is not simply another four-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we, the people, reclaim control over our government."
Donald J. Trump, October 13, 2016

daddy on iPhone

Prager on dog walk says 21 Prager university video courses have been banned from Youtube for adult content. Story is in the Washington Times.

buccaneer morgan

well prager does happen to crack safe spaces, more than a sledgehammer,

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I have hit my limit n scandfsl stuff.




Keep calm
All is well

buccaneer morgan

Anna Wood, the hawt defense atty in the summer soap is in that new series falling water, an adaptation of inception,


Wow, JeanD!


Can't argue with that quote, Momto2. Sounds like the Farage at work. :)


Let these modern day traitorous Tories have it...Revolutionary style!

Rothbard also notes, as many historians of the loyalists have noted, that the American revolution was a civil war of sorts between the patriots and the loyalists, both of whom were native to the colonies. The revolution was not simply some matter of expelling a foreign power, but of subjugating a local population that was seen as allied with an enemy:

Also, as in any people’s war, the American Revolution did inevitably rend society in two. The Revolution was not a peaceful emanation of an American “consensus”; on the contrary, as we have seen, it was a civil war resulting in permanent expulsion of 100,000 Tories from the United States. Tories were hunted, persecuted, their property confiscated, and themselves sometimes killed; what could be more radical than that? Thus, the French Revolution was, as in so many other things, foreshadowed by the American. The inner contradiction of the goal of liberty and the struggle against the Tories during the Revolution showed that revolutions will be tempted to betray their own principles in the heat of battle.

I know Rockwell's not a favorite out here, forgive me, but I couldn't find the original citation in his 4 volume set, Conceived in Liberty.


New Lurker and Miss Marple,

You are so right about Fox! I really can't watch any of it any more. Fox Business News is okay, but for how long? Fox fired Greta Van Susteren without even a by your leave. Just kicked her out after years of excellent work and reporting.

I wonder how much longer Sean Hannity will last. They will bide their time until after the election, then he'll be gone. Fox Business News will become more and more leftist over the months to come.


The science is settled:

Universe has two trillion more galaxies than previously thought

What's a couple trillion galaxies among friends?

buccaneer morgan

that seems improbable by at least 10 3 power,

buccaneer morgan

it's about 15 trillion lightyears to the center point, assume the same distance from the other side,



Are you sure it has "sides"?


I lost count at 17 trillion.

Barrage Farage.

I got a hint from another blog that one of these Podesta emails shows that the White House put political pressure on Justice John Roberts in the Obamacare case. Can anyone confirm that?

Also, can a President be impeached after he leaves office? I know, I know, but there has got to be some retribution once his high crimes and misdemeanors are exposed.

A poster at the Bish's writes that Hillary has created a hybrid of Tammany Hall and Peronism, not just involving a city or a country, but the whole world.

buccaneer morgan

assuming that the earth is at the end of a disc like a galaxy, we would need the heart of gold to find the endpoint, I was using a similar guesstimate to calculate plank lenght,

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

Zero Hedge has a story on it, with a screen shot of the email.

Hopefully this link work . . .


the White House put political pressure on Justice John Roberts in the Obamacare case

What leverage would the WH have on Roberts?

Dave (in MA)

If I had a dollar for every galaxy, I could pay off Obama's debt.


Wikileaks Bombshell: John Podesta Owned 75,000 Shares in Putin-Connected Energy Company

buccaneer morgan

it's mostly a french/russian joint venture, part of the alcatel total skydragon wrangling outfit,


If the Nats lose, I have a feeling this 3rd base coach might be looking for another job:

Maybe he can land a job with the State department if Hillary wins?

buccaneer morgan

what was that line 'you had one job'

the generalisticly deplorable rich

getting caught up ...

>>>Prager on dog walk says 21 Prager university video courses have been banned from Youtube for adult content. Story is in the Washington Times.

Posted by: daddy on iPhone | October 13, 2016 at 10:26 PM <<<

I can get to them without going through an "adult content" screen so it looks to have been corrected. One reason to make them such is that someone would need to login thereby giving up a username and end up on someone's list. The list can then be given to the IRS or whatever dem fascist group to pester and harass the viewer.

And everyone missed out: I made a delicious plate of food this evening-morning-and wished everyone was here. A strip steak, steamed broccoli and carrots, and pasta salad. Polishing it off with some Sam Adams and White Pony ...

the generalisticly deplorable rich

... that's a deftones album by the way.

the generalisticly deplorable rich

think everyone is tuckered out for the night. now I'm talking to myself.

the generalisticly deplorable rich


the nats lost so he can start tomorrow.

buccaneer morgan

I was about to check out as well, third day with power, the first uninterrupted,


I'm still here, rich, or I should say I'm back, after seeing the Nats lose by one run. Ouch. Feel a little bad for the 3rd base coach, but the catcher had time to eat a sandwich while he was waiting for the runner.


I'm calling it a night too. Gotta make room for GUS and the late shift.


Here's the Washington Times story censoring Prager University: YouTube muzzles PragerU’s conservative content, group ‘no option but to go public’

Here are some of the 21censored Courses:

Why Don’t Feminists Fight for Muslim Women?
Who’s More Pro-Choice: Europe or America?
What ISIS Wants
Are 1 in 5 Women Raped at College?
Is America Racist?
Israel: The World’s Most Moral Army
Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology
The Most Important Question About Abortion
Why Do People Become Islamic Extremists?
Pakistan: Can Sharia and Freedom Coexist?

Dennis was all over this on his show today. He said one course was on the history of the Korean War, and he kept asking the question "What legitimate rationale can there be to censor a tape on the Korean War?


Would also like to mention that Dennis Prager has some interesting new bumper music. One tune he plays part of periodically is a gorgeous sounding hammered dulcimer version of an old 80's rock tune by Tears For Fears: Everybody Wants To Rule The World.

Via google I found the country guy playing it on a homemade YouTube video, and if you watch to the end you get to meet his pet raccoon.

Hope you enjoy: Ted Yoder covers Tears for Fears (Everybody wants to rule the world)

the generalisticly deplorable rich


the norks or Chinese don't like it.

the generalisticly deplorable rich’s%20Most%20Moral%20Army&aff=1409465098&subid=safe-search&oq=Israel:%20The%20World’s%20Most%20Moral%20Army&

came up as the first hit here.

and the top link at yahoo.

it was a shitdick h1 at the near bankrupt yahoo helping to make a list, found out, and the flags have now been removed. so much for their scheme to make a naughty list.

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