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October 04, 2016


And they may like.

Forget Assange; either Russia or China can expose Clinton if they like.


Putin is being Putin... that is looking out for Russia. Kerry and Obama are causing problems for the US.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Smart diplomacy!!


In Soviet Russia, election nudges you.



Austin Bay @ Insty links the above and then goes for your cathartic belly laugh of the day:

Over time, media denied that there were any Republican alternatives. So, if you’re in the “fix it” crowd, demand Democrats take responsibility for the following: (1) the flawed legislation; (2) the “Gruber experts” that lied about the flawed legislation — lied to Congress and the media; (3) the completely pig-headed Democrat political maneuvers that jammed the idiocy through Congress; and (4) the program’s flawed implementation (which continues). Democrats should also apologize, profusely, for the vicious propaganda attacks they and their proxies made on critics of ObamaCare. Turns out the critics cared more about quality medical insurance for the American people than Obama and Congressional Democrats.

Wiping tears from my eyes...

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Result of smart diplomacy!

Shut my mouf wif ur poll.

Nice term 'Silenced Majority'. Is it a Palin original or did she get it elsewhere.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Hit reset button again!

Halflives Matter.

Plutonium, heh. Millenials learn that 'The Cold War' isn't about ice build up in the freezer.

Jim Eagle

I left a long post over on the other thread about an incident on this date in 1966 Vietnam War I recommend to all to read. Famous photo attached.

What a national security team we have. They are the Washington Generals and Putin is the Globetrotters.

Frau ich huste nicht mit Frau Clinton

Isn't Ms. Rodham-Clinton an easier target to hit with a drone than Mr. Assange?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Swift Boatload.

Heh, Kerry has put on his magic hat and can't control the brooms.


Mike Pence just earned my vote, as if he hadn’t earned it earlier:

Pence on the media -- “This sh*t is really is fun to watch.”

Pure Mel Brooks. You have to laugh at it to destroy it.


I say bullshit ti this article

Paul Ryan, So Handsome, So Sad - BuzzFeed News



yeah. Ryan will save the globalists from Trump. right.


Idiot Kerry says not abandoning peace in Syria.
We have threatened to bomb them and have broken off negotiations but other than that...

 Skeptical Voter

Ol Horseface and his sidekick Obozo the Clown are cordially invited to my Friday night poker game. I'll clean them out like grain going through a goose.


You guys are talking Putin/Zero. I'm sticking with this:


Only because Zero-care is going to be a bigger campaign issue than the [redacted] MFM will allow.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I have never heard Mike Pence utter a cuss word.

So, I says to myself, why in the world did he say that?

Well, by doing so, NBC got to bleep his comment and put it out there thinking it would lose him some evangelical votes.

BUT, the more the clip is played, the more people hear about media bias!

Very Trumpian strategy, if you ask me!


I should note, however, Clenis is attempting to make the case for __________. You'll never guess...


You are correct
Rate increases for Obamacare come right before election and this time Obama can't postpone them like he did in 2012.


Just battlespace prep for single payer in the Coming Clintoon Crime Administration, maryrose.


I am a twitter newbie.

Would the hashtag have to be #MediaSh*t or can you spell it out?


depends on how dumb the SJW censors are

Matt - deplore me if you must

Funny how the signature program of the current administration, a complete disaster which even Bill Clinton is calling it, is basically a non-issue so far in this election.

Obamacare was originally Hillary Clinton's idea. Here's a quote from February:

“It was called Hillarycare before it was called Obamacare,” the Democratic presidential candidate said in Vinton, Iowa, on Thursday, referring to her plan's derisive nickname. “I don't want to start over again, I don't want to rip up this accomplishment and begin this contentious debate all over again.”

So she will stick with the albatross that is hurting more Americans more than any other federal program in history.


Apparently it would ahve to be #MediaSh_t to parse correctly, independent of censors.


watch it disappear in real time if anyone else uses it.

Matt - deplore me if you must

Donald Trump's full statement today:

"When you talk about the mental health problems when people come back from war and combat and they see things that maybe a lot of folks in this room have seen many times over, and you're strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can't handle it, and they see horror stories, they see events that you couldn't see in a movie, nobody would believe it. Now we need a mental health help and medical and it's one of the things that I think is least addressed and it's one of the things I hear — like your question — one of the things I hear most about when I go around and talk to the veterans.

So we're going to have a very, very robust, very very robust level of performance having to do with mental health. We are losing so many great people that can be taken care of if they have proper care.

You know when you hear the 22 suicides a day, it's a big part of your question, but when you hear the 22 suicides a day, that should never be. That should never be, So we're going to be addressing that very strongly.

And the whole mental health issue is going to be a very important issue when I take over, and the VA is going to be fixed in so many ways, but that's gonna be one of the ways we're gonna help. And that's in many respects going to be the number one thing we have to do because I think it's really been left behind. Ok? Thank you very much."

I hope the mainstream media burn in hell.

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze

I left a long post over on the other thread about an incident on this date in 1966 Vietnam War I recommend to all to read. Famous photo attached.

What a national security team we have. They are the Washington Generals and Putin is the Globetrotters.

Posted by: Jack is Back! | October 04, 2016 at 02:03 PM

Welp, I've gone back three threads and I cannot find it your post JiB. Please retrans or provide the DTG.



Speaking of Rooskies:


Here's the last paragraph:

Think it all over, and I’m sure you’ll agree with the Washington Post that we’d do far better with Hillary Clinton. We might be audited by an IRS headed by Lois Lerner, FBI Director Sidney Blumenthal might be listening in to our phone calls, we might be at war with Russia and we might have abandoned our Republic in favor of monarchical rule, but it will be ruled by people with the high moral tone of the Clintons.

But that Trump fella is a vulgar, sexist poltroon with no impulse control, right?


From the same author:



I can't tell you how many bleeding heart libs of my acquaintance have talked about PTSD and how veterans don't get enough help, and there are so many suicides etc...so what exactly the hell is their problem now except that it's Trump saying this and there's a Dem in the WH?

Never mind.


But Porchlight, at least they have let you know how much they "care".

James D.

Thanks for posting that link, lyle.

Goldberg (and most of the writers at NR) have just lost their minds. And I think they're going to find that they've got a much more exclusive audience, too.


Another look squirrel moment Porch.
I ignore it all.
It will not move the numbers.
The vets know what Trump meant.

James D.

The vets in that room know what he meant.

The vets who only see the dishonest newspaper headline or edited 10 second snippet followed by two minutes of slanderous commentary on the network news, don't. Unfortunately.

I second Matt's comment about the media burning in hell, except that's far too kind.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Sure they did. And you could tell by how he talked about it that he was very concerned.

The thing about PTSD is that you can be the bravest, strongest guy in the world, but if you see or live through something really awful( "events you wouldn't see in a movie, nobody would believe it") you can't predict how it will affect you, nor when it might resurface in your mind.

Trump even gets attacked on his compassion. The press is evil.

Beasts of England

Not only were his words not a problem, but the manner in which he diverted them was very sincere. I haven't seen that side of him. That they twisted this is extremely shameful. One of the morning shows used the headline 'Trump Vet Fury'. Well, there was fury all right. But not from the vets in attendance, but from me at the tv. [redacted]


Now that Hillary appears to be losing Ohio, I see the MFM is dissing Ohio as "no longer a battleground state".

Too old, too white and too uneducated.

Maybe, but 20 electoral votes nonetheless.

Can these dipshits add and subtract??

Implicitly biased deplorable jim

Hell, SJWs get PTSD due to someone using the wrong pronoun. WTF do they know about it?


I never liked Jonah Goldberg. He rode his
Mommies coat tails to fame.
"Scandal Boy' is a perfect name for him

Scandal Boy' Makes His Bid For Prime Time Jonah Goldberg Has Gone From Being Son Of Lucianne To A Pundit On His Own. - philly-archives



I used to like Goldberg's writing and I think his Liberal Fascism is an excellent book. Alas.


Clearly the stupid Brexit "leavers" were wrong:


Sterling’s Brexit slide is deepening a divide between winners and losers among British companies, with big multinationals and exporters largely benefiting, and importers—and many consumers—suffering from higher costs.

Stupid British. That whole "sovereignty" thingie is soo over-rated, huh?


Oh, and you're NOT going to believe this:


It's worth the get-around. Perhaps one of the other nasty #neverTrumpers, Bret Stephens, is having second thoughts? Or shall we call it a "focusing of the mind"? ;)

Jim Eagle


It won't post. Probably too long or something. Just sent to your gmail account. Let me know if you get it.


lyle-I agree about Liberal Fascism, but Jonah's follow-up book was weak.


Didn't read it, rse, and now I certainly won't. Thanks for the heads-up.

Beasts of England

Jonah's a fence-sitter. He did great work with Fascism, but I fear it was more of a market opportunity for him versus sincere belief.


Hmm... which document folder from the Clinton Foundation hack will prove most interesting: "Pay to Play" or "Intern Sandbox"?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Trump rally, Prescott, Arizona , live link:


Jan Brewer now speaking.


Of all the NR(ers) I've met in person, Goldberg exuded the biggest "don't you know who I am?" vibe. Rich Lowry, the least. Sadly, the great M. Steyn was not present at the fund-raising gig in VA back in '04.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Arpaio on now going after George Soros.


Nice term 'Silenced Majority'. Is it a Palin original or did she get it elsewhere.


I'm certain there is an earlier mention, but I haven't scoured the archives.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

BlueOx has alluded tot he fact that there has just been a document dump from a hack by Guccifer.

According to the people on Reddit, the very large folder indicates that banks and others who got TARP funds gave a certain percentage of that money to the Clinton Foundation.

I have not seen the files (too big for me to download).

However, this bears watching, needless to say.

clarice b. for Brainiac

I saw that Tarp bit--not huge donations shown despite big Tarp payments. Thinnish gruel.

Jim Eagle

Why do we have a commission on Presidential debates? Are they paid? Is this another example of DC cronyism?

Did we have this around Lincoln's time?


I hope someone on Trump's campaign goes after the über-hack AG from the Empire state. He's trying his best to out-hack Client 9. A tall challenge for sure.


More PTSD talk. It's constantly stereotyped to military, first responders mostly government employees. This has led to piggybacks like, for example, other assaults like 'sexual (it's all really violence).' This has led to lobbying like, for example, DSM 5 and efforts to 'unmedical science' PTSD, so the diagnostics are wider and 'how do you feel.' Of course no one one is thinking vulnerable brain formation damage (yes, womb too, although not a doctor). Most PTSD goes undiagnosed like, for example, the homeless or other vulnerables. If there were medical, scientific, screening for PTSD the cost would be too high and this is confused by lobbyists trying to widen the diagnosis and life benefits. Unfortunately government employees, like the military and first responders must be used first because they do have benefits other than social security, etc. Most PTSD sufferers are SOL. Find lawyers and doctors that will take your case....


The Nobel🔕 prize sounds like that spy code cell padding viruses thing.💻

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Since it's a charity, ANY amount diverted from teh TARP donations and then sent to the Clinton Campaign is illegal.

I haven't seen the figures. Skimming a little bit from those TARP disbursals is just one of the many money-making things they did. Like I said, I don't know the figures and can only go on the comments.

I am waiting to see what else they find in those files. They are pretty big files.


Hey, take a look at global economic growth. Hey, looking good, right?

Right click to see the pathetic tailoff.


buccaneer morgan

this fellow has our dry sense of humor,


Jim Eagle


If Trump prevails and May accelerrates Brexit, the Japanese continue to flounder and China finally reveals how thin they are and Russia throws more muscle around, then yes, the new world order is Kaput.

Even Soros and Buffett and Gates can't save it. Bye, bye Davos.


So this big Guccifer doc dump has a lot more to it than just the donations from TARP banks.

I wonder if this is the Assange leak and they did it this way so the media's eyes would no longer be on the ball.

It seems real enough so that Twitter and Facebook accounts are going dark as I type.


Obama can rid of the detainees in Guantanamo real easy:

Put them in rubber life rafts and let Hurricane Matthew do his dance.


Dave (in MA)

Did anyone else subject himself/herself to Madam Secretary this week?

All of the US naval bases are in danger of being destroyed by rising sea levels cause by global warming and Madam S. has to convince Pres. Carradine of the importance of "raising" them.

clarice b. for Brainiac

MM, the reports are a bit misleading --guccifer did hack both the DNC and the Clinton Foundation--and the political contribution list seems to be from the DNC hack.

buccaneer morgan

oh crikey, I avoided that temptation, timeless seems like relatively harmless fun, the notion that there would have been that many high profile passengers on the flight out,

ah we're just settling on the price now,


remember him,


JiB, I sure hope that comes to pass.


Testing. I cannot seem to post the Guccifer2 link.

buccaneer morgan

jeff's fave,


one thing I noticed about the cnn poll, 86% saw paying tax as their civic duty, are they cereal,


Okay, try this:


Click the title to go to Guccifer2's site.

Dave (in MA)
remember him
Kangaroo all the way.
buccaneer morgan

maloney, was the one who was in full renault mode over wellsfargo


Beasts of England

Pay for play? That's just silly...

Implicitly biased deplorable jim

I was unfortunate enough to catch that at someone else's house. What complete insanity.



They had a Pay for Play folder in the DNC hack.

It's supposed to be pay to play dirt on Republicans.

Implicitly biased deplorable jim

Did they figure that "bribes" was too obvious for a folder name?

Beasts of England

Oh, fudge. Hopefully it's just the Chamber of Commerce, Porch. ;)

Jim Eagle

We do need a restart as a world, a society and a country. Its all a trapeze act now with people in a corn maze wathcing it.


Whoever is handling his Twitter account
is doing a fantastic job

Deplorable VP
Deplorable VP – ‏@MikePenceVP

Hillary is more protective of her Goldman Sachs speech transcripts, then she was with natural security secrets. #Crooked #VPdebate


I know it sounds ridiculous, but there you have it. :)

This is at the top of r/all (front page of Reddit) which is actually a BFD for any article damaging to a Democrat.

People are freaking and deleting social media accounts. I think it might be real, folks.

Shovel pass from Assange? Media's eyes off the ball after this morning's fakeout?

Assange and Guccifer2 appear to have coordinated in the past.

Dave (in MA)

David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog 7h 7 hours ago
So how did Julian Assange Live at Al Capone's Vault go?

Jim Eagle

Flight attendants endorse Hillary. So much for friendly skies.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


How do you know social media accounts ar being deleted? Is there a thread on this?


Old Lurker

Welcome to my world at 5:44, Jack.

Nothing is real.

BTW, I got an email from an old friend who is a managing partner at a Swiss Bank I will not name. He sent me the link to a story I saw on Bloomberg last week about the new non-bank-owned vaults for storing gold etc. which are now the rage under mountains in Switzerland since even the Swiss banks have their hands tied by global reporting requirements. I had to laugh that my friend and his son are both afraid to use his own bank for hiding his gold coins and 1 carat diamonds. Ask your FIL how if feels in Belgian banks these day... :-)

Jim Eagle

Look I am a reluctant Trump supporter but tonight we might be watching a debate where the people watching are wondering why those two guys aren't the POTUS candidates?


Just the megathread on Reddit, MM.

It's an 820 MB file on Guccifer2's torrent that was released less than 3 hours ago. Anyone who is saying it is "nothing new" simply cannot know that.


The stuff Guccifer2 put on his website is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole dump is in the file.


Fine, JiB - they can then vote for their candidate based on the VP's. Pence will make mincemeat of Kaine....so, more votes for our side. :)

Jim Eagle


My FIL has divested and turned everything over to his spawn so he pass quietly into the heavens. He knew ahead of all this that the future was screwed.

Jim Eagle

Whenever I watch a John Kerry presser or interview I have to remember I am not watching SNL.


Pelosi seems to be implicated - lol.

[–]DeathbyFriedChickenUSA 17 points 35 minutes ago
Looks like they Found Nancy Pelosi's website credentials in there. The password reset for her account went to GoatHill.com... a pizza place. WTF

[–]DeathbyFriedChickenUSA 3 points 27 minutes ago
Now they're saying :
https://i.sli.mg/sAmRD0.png Nancy Pelosi's GOAT HILL PIZZA (where her email account is) is a front company, used to funnel money into the Dems!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Pence isn't the nominee because first of all, he didn't run.

Trump stepped out there, at great personal sacrifice and danger. If he loses, Hillary will go after him full bore, and you know it. He will probably have to go live overseas.

Why more attention isn't paid to this, I don't know. He has put his businesses, his family, his personal reputation, and his life at risk. The guy has to wear a bullet proof vest whenever he is in public.

As far as Kaine, without this deal he made with Hillary where he let Debbie Wasserman Schultz take the job as head of the DNC (where she rigged the primaries against Bernie) and he was guaranteed the VP slot, it is to laugh. Kaine should not even be the VP nominee, let alone candidate for president.

I think Pence will beat Kaine handily.

National Debt.

Oh, boy, if there's TARP to CF that's gonna hit hard.

Jim Eagle


You are missing my point but that's okay. You are a constant and for that I love you.

buccaneer morgan

I remember the Horde was really excited over pence, who had that initial kerfluffle, but he struck me as very statesmanlike in the primary, then again the ewok was stalking rubio's garbage once upon a time,

if you don't staple something to a presscritter's skull, they won't notice it, it takes a bit of research (actual work) to find this out,


I figured the idea that they had a "Pay to Play" folder was just a joke. Then I followed the link to Zero Hedge and saw that it was for real.

You couldn't make this sh*t up if you tried.


So, how does that write in work now?😋📝☑

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