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October 26, 2016


Jim Eagle

New warnings about terror attacks in Turkey.

Could be nothing more than trying to ramp up Thanksgiving sales.


Congrats and well done sbw!

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

Heh. Check out the look on the little girl's face in this article. Even she isn't believing a word coming out of the witch's mouth.


the generalisticly deplorable rich

great piece sbw.


I thought I saw something somewhere that indicated the Axiom polls are funded by a Democrat operation -- did I read that wrong?

Whatever the case, that entire industry IMHO decided to commit malpractice this election cycle. If there was an ounce of truth within them, they would have acknowledged the historic nature of the Obama two terms on polling (crazy high black turnout in crazy high percentages) for Democrats. To take 2012 as the base model, which all of them seem to have done, would clearly be MALPRACTICE if this were a profession.

Who can honestly deny this?

If polling was a profession, at a minimum they would have a range of poll results presented with a 2000 model or a 2004 model (either of those could be presented as a neutral model) or a 2012 model, which would clearly favor the Democrats.

No less than 2 of those 3 models should be included in every poll we're getting this cycle (and, it should be noted, even then none of them would capture the probable monster vote for Trump!).

What I'm getting at is this: are the polling "experts" operating as a public service or do they merely exist as a business service? That business, of course, being service to the UniParty. Clearly, they operate more as a business service.

Because this is a change election, with a large percentage of Americans believing the country is on the wrong track, by giving us a standard 2012 model they are essentially presenting results representative of what would be the monster vote for Hillary -- but offering it as the neutral model -- and she's losing many of those!




Urbana is a nice little town in farm belt Ahia.

Lots of churches and grain elevators, dates back to 1805, 2 years after Ahia became a state.

Not at all surprised Jim Jordan is from there, he is an example of the best of the pioneer farmer stock that built the state (yes we did build that!).


"They want to change things the old fashioned way"

If the cover says "Hazardous voltage warning. Do not remove this cover. No user serviceable parts inside" the kind of person who decides to work on it the old fashioned way and gets electrocuted is known as a fool.

That is the proper reading of the 1st clause in the 2nd amendment.


"SCOOP: CLINTON TO UNVEIL ANTI-BULLYING PROPOSAL: Hillary Clinton is expected to outline a proposal today that's aimed at combating bullying in schools, as her campaign releases a new ad calling Donald Trump a bully, according to a source consulted on the plans.

- "Better Than Bullying" - that's the name of the new policy, which calls for at least $500 million in federal funding that would go to states that agree to develop anti-bullying plans."

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

More evidence of a possible realignment:




"WILL HILLARY PICK AN AGGRESSIVE 'REGULATORY CZAR'? "Progressives are waging a behind-the-scenes campaign to install their preferred 'regulatory czar' in a Hillary Clinton administration, floating people who would forcefully use the president's executive powers to advance a liberal agenda," POLITICO's Ben Weyl reports about the top post at the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, which is responsible for overseeing federal agencies' regulatory prerogatives, including those at the Education Department. "The effort underscores the heightened interest in a typically obscure post that will be especially important if Republicans hold onto Congress and Clinton must enact her domestic policies through the federal agencies she controls."


rse, but "stop bullying"!!!! Oh a progressive gets to do it, never mind.


What a great example AP provided you, sbw. Kudos for your irrefutable piece. If you do a follow-up, maybe you could note AP's image manipulation: Hillary Clinton v. Donald Trump. Outlets that write their own reports often get their pics from AP Images.

Fresh Air, deplorably

Are there any LONG emails from her? Do any ideas originate with her?

Not a one. The most lengthy writing I've seen by her is a sentence followed by a question. No paragraphs of thought, arguments or anything that could be considered cogent or thoughtful, really.

Most common e-mail: "Pls print." (Entire text.)

clarice b. for Brainiac


Long--but summary--Allen's campaigning for Hillary because they have stuff on him as they did on Petraeus.

the generalisticly deplorable rich


Axiom was founded by some GOP hangers-on.


Fresh Air, deplorably


From Free Republic: "WIKILEAKS: Hillary Clinton Needed Someone to 'Sober Her Up' At 4:30 in the Afternoon."



I got in a few dust-ups with bullies in school.

I learned a few life lessons. When to stand up, when to retreat and when to call in reinforcements.

The bullies are never going away. Best to learn how to deal with them.

Dave (in MA)




Why don't you write about the John Shaw investigation of Nadhmi Auchi (Iraq reconstruction) that ended up being burried by Patrick Fitzgerald in Chicago?

the generalisticly deplorable rich

It's 4:30 somewhere Dave.


3:30, who's counting.

She's definitely driving me to drink.

buccaneer morgan

that article drives me to drink, could it be more hackneyed rhetorical

J. Fred Muggs

Why don't you stop asking such inane, irrelevant questions that are best left to us Simians to ask than dumb as dirt humans such as yourself, TBT.


Tee hee. Trump links the Michael Moore video and you have to love the messaging here.




Haha, these idiots who have discovered Bill Mitchell's Twitter account are stepping on their own cigars pretty regularly.



Muggs the monkey. Can't argue with that.


Yesterday I felt great because I was busy all day and didn't read a thing until 11:00 pm. Today I have a real sense of doom and I'm going to play the role of Cecil. I don't think there is a hidden Trump vote and I'm done with Republicans, Democrats, the Clinton Crime Family and all of the MSM. The other side is getting all of their LIVs, SJWs, and other food groups out to vote and we don't have enough to counter them. Shame on us and shame on them because we are all in trouble and HRC, Huma, Cheryl, Syd and John Podesta are only going to make it much worse. Sorry - if I'm wrong, I will happily check back in and eat crow. Bye and I'll see you in four years. Good luck Iggy - I hope things work out for you and your family.

the generalisticly deplorable rich

I suppose noon would be to early to pour a tall one!

the generalisticly deplorable rich

sorry you think that way MAM. we'll find out soon enough.


My rule is not BEFORE noon. It is 6 minutes after Rich.

Old Lurker

MAM, I refuse to open the Ledge Diving Boards until the day after the election.


Don't get in that lifeboat yet MAM, Indy's are breaking for Trump!

jimmyk on iPhone

"They want to change things the old fashioned way -- through the states. Does that make them peddlers of darkness? Or just someone with a different view?"

Considering that, as many here have pointed out, the 2nd Amendment is the one that helps ensure all the others are adhered to (to the extent they are), then my vote is "peddlers of darkness."


I can't even imagine what it's like living in prog strongholds like MAM in MA. Thankfully, there are still parts of America fairly prog-free for those willing to move.

the generalisticly deplorable rich

>>>My rule is not BEFORE noon. It is 6 minutes after Rich.

Posted by: Buckeye | October 27, 2016 at 12:06 PM<<<

it is starting to rain here to. blow off the day, go have a 3 beer lunch ... would be nice.

jimmyk on iPhone

More "layers of editors" at the NYT:



MAM, every day is a today -- not the future, not yesterday.

After the election, regardless of the outcome, I plan on being balanced, principled, and persistent.



Means nothing if you're not intelligent as well.

Pagar,a bacon, country Ham and Sausage supporter

""Progressives are waging a behind-the-scenes campaign to install their preferred 'regulatory czar' in a Hillary Clinton administration,"

IMO, the regulatory czars we have in the Obama regime have done far more damage than Madoff ever did and he was sentenced to a hundred and fifty years in prison.
IMO, Hillary Clinton will appoint worse ones than Obama has.


Would, not will, Pagar. :)


Glad to see AT published your piece sbw.

Won't be surprised if they want more.


Rush is ranting on the AP now.
Wonder if he saw sbw's column.


MAM...something to think about



MAM-early voted this morning in north atlanta suburbs (sandy springs library to be exact) and the line was not bad about 10 am. Poll workers said I sure picked the right time as wait was only about 5 minutes. (I was aiming for the after the a little late to work crowd and before the early lunch).

That they had "never seen early voting volume like this election".

Texas Liberty Gal

MAM - Buck up! Please. I am feeling more & more confident Trump is going to win. I love tht tweet from him - To all Americans, I see you & I hear you. I am your voice. Vote to #DrainTheSwamp w/ me on 11/8.


I am in no ways a'feared.


Just for my own piece of mind, I intend to avoid buying from companies headquartered in MA and other states that inflict Hillary Clinton on us. The only MA company on that list I'll miss is Rockport (shoes). We own 2 Smith and Wesson revolvers already, but, hopefully, no more from them unless they leave MA.


Porch and MissM you've been my light in this storm and I thank you for your inspiration.

While you're in the lifeboat MAM, look for that shining light on shore and don't forget the ditchbag!

Texas Liberty Gal

Wow! You should watch this video clip of a Daily Mail reporter-Katie Hopkins-calling CNN out. Its beautiful to behold



You're so welcome, Rocco! I see good news everywhere. The hardest thing is keeping track of it all!

Especially rally crowd pics. Wishing now I'd kept a special folder!


I'll pray (the Rosary) you never need our fine medical facilities!


sbw, I loved your American Thinker piece. I posted it for the kids on The_Donald. :)


Was that directed at me, Rocco? I don't view hospitals as "companies" whose products appear on my shelves. Land O' Lakes is headquartered in Minnesota, which put Al Franken in the Senate to vote on Scalia's replacement. I realize my little boycott is meaningless to a state where 3M is based or any other, but choosing another brand of butter will be satisfying to me.


Yuengling endorses Trump, who doesn't drink.

Take that, Hillary, ya drunk.


[Eric] Trump made a point of saying that Dick Yuengling, like Donald Trump, isn't afraid of hard work. Often, he'll run a forklift on the loading dock or pitch in at other parts of the brewery.

Yuengling showed up for Trump's visit in his aging Toyota Camry, which Forbes says he drives to work early every morning after picking up a newspaper directly from the distributor.

George F. Halcovage Jr., Schuylkill County commissioner chairman, said Schuylkill's Republican leadership has endorsed Donald Trump.

"Donald Trump is going to win Schuylkill County and Pennsylvania," predicted Halcovage, the state GOP liaison to the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania.

Republican county commissioners are in the majority in 56 of the state's 67 counties, Halcovage noted.

Donald "Bud" Runkle, Yuengling's information technology manager, left the event carrying Trump-Pence signs.

He supports Trump because of his stance on stopping the erosion of good-paying industrial jobs, like those at Yuengling.

"Donald Trump supports hard-working men and women like those in our region," Runkle said. "He hits home with all of us, as he does with me."


Thanks, all, for reading and pointing to the blog entry at American Thinker.

As you all know, I did first try to work quietly with AP.


http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-27/democrats-sue-rnc-over-trumps-rigged-election-comments-alleging-minority-voter-intim is confirmation the consent decree has affected rnc actions at the polls.

How can minorities be intimidated when all the poll workers I saw today were minorities?

The little old lady in at least her mid-80s had everyone looking after her and she whipped out that id as a point of pride. I think only those in favor of vote fraud have a problem with id.

buccaneer morgan

because they are operating in a state of 'false consciousness, rse,


My grandpa worked for Land O' Lakes for 40 years, as a traveling dairy equipment salesman. No boycott here, I'm afraid.

Plus my family lives in MN, can't boycott that state.

Anyway, DebinNC, MN-8 is going for Trump by 12 per that under-the-radar (no longer) poll. And my dad sent me a photo of a pop-up "shop" selling Trump gear outside his local liquor store. Maybe the state's not so hopeless after all.


Trump is winning in all metrics that Hillary/the MSM can't control.

They are hammering polls because it's literally all she has.

Think about that.


Good to know, Porch. My prog boycott threat is now kaput. I'm sure 3M is relieved.

Implicitly biased deplorable pissed off jim

Trying to catch up.
No way in hell is Hillary a ham sammich!!! Ham sammiches are good.


How can you live without Scotch tape, DebinNC? We go through rolls and rolls of it. :)

I don't disagree with boycotts generally. But there are so many blue states, it would be tough. And even great red states like Indiana produce a Birch Bayh or two.


The Yuengling story sounds like my recent experiences with my "regular guy" railroad contacts in Pennsylvania.

Outside of Philly and urban Pittsburgh, pretty much all Trump country.

Philly is pretty damn big though....

Highland Pepe, aka Robin

That Bloomberg article about the Trump operation was fascinating. Thank you whoever posted. I found it well worth wading through the bias to the nub of the story - Trump has built an operational machine that could impact politics for years to come. That was no accident. And once again, he has proven to hire good people and keep them loyal.

Highland Pepe, aka Robin

Today's big radio news (top of the hour during Rush) is that Twitter is laying off bunches of folks having lost a large operating share over the last year.

How could that have happened?


They are hammering polls because it's literally all she has.

I suspect the main thing is to drive fundraising. Hers especially is all predicated on her winning and delivering the goods to her cronies. But they also want to discourage donations to Trump as throwing away money on a losing cause. I've gone out of my way to give to Trump recently and I hope everyone who can afford to will do so as well.


Good thinking, jimmyk. I hope others will follow your example. I've given several times and probably will again.


New thread..

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