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October 26, 2016


Frau Rutger Gefahrfeld

"Hillary’s Plan To Heal Divided Country After Election: Hold A “Big National Dance” To Bring Us Together…."

Why am I hearing the Dance of the Knights from Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet"?

Montagues and Capulets - Do-si-do to your enemy; your right hand on your shiv...


Michael  (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

lyle - Forgot to add:

Congrats to you and derwill on your JOM meetup and lunch.


Here's my favorite Romanian National Dance:



Stewart Mandell gets a quasi-political question:

Stewart: Not a question, just a simple exercise. Rank these items from most likely to least likely: Big 12 left out of CFP; ACC left out of CFP; A two-loss conference champ in the CFP; A non-conference champ in the CFP; 4 undefeated teams in CFP; 0 undefeated teams in CFP; LSU coach Tom Herman; Notre Dame coach Les Miles; President Donald Trump.

-- Dave Hiett, Cincinnati, Ohio

If it’s OK I’m going to skip down to the three least likely.

3) Notre Dame coach Les Miles

2) President Donald Trump


Doesn't disappoint his libtard employer.


daddy, I thought exactly the same thing, probably at about the same point in the video that you did.


For me It was when the young Veritas lady, playing the role of the Foreign Investors niece, is given a job in the outfit Creamer runs, and she is escorted by Creamer into the facility and he introduces her to all the corrupt individuals she will be working with in future. If that was me my heart would have been pounding at that moment like a sledgehammer and I'd have been sweating bullets. It is the stuff Hollywood Spy dramas are made of, only this time it was real.

Every chick in Hollywood would have been dying to play such a heart pounding dramatic role, yet because it is on the wrong political side of the equation it is completely ignored.


Thanks, Michael. Oddly enough, derwill and I spent an inordinate amount of time discussing what a great guy you are. ;)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Nigel Farage was just on Hannity adn said everything happening here is just like Brexit, including the polls. He reminded Hannity that he had warned last August that they would mount a campaign to demoralize.

Also said that when he was in Mississippi in August, many, many peole came up to him and told him this would be their first time voting, ever.

Do not lose heart!!

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable.

I'm sharing this comment from an Althouse commenter (who are often more intelligent than their bubble dwelling hostess), as it is worthy of a wide audience.

BrianE said...
I'm voting for Donald Trump because it has become apparent that the rule of law no longer applies to the elite political class in Washington DC. Hillary Clinton has made a mockery of the law and her campaign continues that mockery right now. It is also apparent the legal system has become so corrupt, that only the voters can restore a sense of law to our political class, by refusing to allow Hillary and the corruption around her to the highest office in the land.

Donald Trump is a flawed man, but whatever his flaws are, they do not rise to the corruption we already see from Hillary Clinton.

A few days ago, Donald Trump released a Contract with the American Voter-- a series of "action" pledges he is making, reminiscent of the Republican Contract with America. These policy initiatives will begin the process of restoring integrity to the political system and economic sanity to the United States, but this has largely been ignored by the media.
I was excited when I read the pledges, but the one that stood out, that re-affirmed why I am supporting Trump says: "...Additionally, on the first day, I will take the following five actions to restore security and the constitutional rule of law:
FIRST, cancel every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by President Obama
SECOND, begin the process of selecting a replacement for Justice Scalia from one of the 20 judges on my list, who will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States..."
When I saw his pledge to select a Supreme Court nominee from "on of the 20 judges on my list", it gave me confidence he will keep his word. Nominating judges "who will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States" as opposed to judges who rule by the whim of the prevailing societal wind, is one of many critical policy initiatives on his list, but it is central to social conservatives like myself.

It's been a non-stop barrage of negative imagrey surrounding the Trump campaign. The barrage, led by the MSM, working in concert with the Clinton campaign, released an ugly audio tape where Donald makes very crude jokes/innuendo about the power the rich enjoy.
This was followed up by hordes of women accusing him of the very things he joked about. I don't need to repeat them, you've heard and seen them, in high definition no less-- it was almost overwhelming, as if it had all been scripted in a "B" movie plot.

But just as many presumed the innocence of Bill Clinton when sexual accusations were hurled at him, the American voter decided it did not disqualify him from the presidency.
But if Donald Trump is found guilty of sexual crimes while President, I expect the Congress to do their duty and impeach him. That's how the system works.

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze

Here's a live stream of the 4pm (obviously delayed) event in Charlotte NC which is soon to begin...



Miss Marple the Deplorable


Trump speech in Charlotte, North Carolina. Not a rally, a speech.

I think it's about the inner cities. We will see.


But if Donald Trump is found guilty of sexual crimes while President, I expect the Congress to do their duty and impeach him. That's how the system works.

Edited for clarity.

Captain Hate

The Contract With America is the last smart thing the GOP did and then the GOPe fucked it up by reneging on term limits, proving what self serving liars they are.

I talked with somebody earlier who knows some state reps and apparently the mailman's son has almost completely lost it, doing a lot of incoherent yelling in closed door meetings when he doesn't get his way. The next two years should be pretty interesting; I have no idea what that goof plans to do beyond that.



Click for the pic. Priceless.


Co-workers are bitching about college conservatives having another affirmative action bake sale.


I guess the Young Conservatives got shouted down and hounded off the mall, but I guess it's still free speech or something. Brave kids.

I'm listening to Ride of the Valkyries.

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze

A very serious, sober, and mature TRUMP.




#Honk4TRUMP, Sandy! I would honk if I was in the car.

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze

Alternate feed.




Trump sounds tired today. God bless him.
He's been working so hard.

Boy....I do not have words for how much I hate the MFM.



Climate change deniers will be prosecuted. All hands!!!...🏊🚣🏄


I have One America News on in the background which recommend as a decent alternative to FOX etc. Currently they are doing a Wikileaks story about Bill Clinton's monetary corruption at the Foundation, and Chelsea's awareness and concern about that.

Here's a bit of that as an example---In this particular segment we learn that John Corzine of MF Global was funneling money to Bill Clinton via shadowy outfits that all somehow wound up going broke, but amazingly Bill Clinton always got paid. For instance, here's a bit of the transcript:

OAN Newsreader: The latest batch of Wikileaks E-Mails are adding proof to the corruption surrounding Hillary Clinton's Campaign and her families Foundation. In December 2011 Chelsea Clinton's Chief of Staff (somebody Lurie) sent an e-mail to Hillary's Campaign Chairman John Podesta, to address the claim that Bill Clinton received $50,000 a month from the Brokerage Firm MFGlobal Holdings. In 2011 Bill Clinton was hired on to the advisory Board for the consulting Firm Teneo Holding (sp), who's services were then hired by MFGlobal. During that same year MFGlobal paid $125,000 to Teneo, in the short month before Teneo filed for bankruptcy. The former CEO of MFGlobal, Jon Corzine, was accused of being involved in faulty Business practice, including dipping into Customer Funds. And in a Wikileaks E-mail sent out, Chelsea Clinton's Chief of Staff addresses concerns over a claim made by former MFGlobal employees, that Corzine was funneling company funds to Bill Clinton through Teneo, to enhance his connections with the Clinton Family. The E-Mail also points out the conflict of interest with those behind Teneo Holdings. Teneo was created by Ireland native and Clinton Foundation Doner Declan Kelly, but before Teneo Kelly worked for the State Department. He was appointed by Hillary in September 2009 to serve as the US Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland, a position that did not previously exist beforehand. During his tenure he hired a 5 person Team to push US Companies to invest and send business over to Ireland, and those same employees eventually followed him to Teneo...Hillary's husband Bill also traveled with Kelly to ireland on several different occasions to do business, but the purpose of his business remains unclear...Teneo went on to hire Huma Abedin and since Abedin was a Government Employee at the time she had to get approval from the State Department upon becoming a paid employee for the Clinton Foundation and Teneo Holdings. etc...



Good news

Paul Sperry
Paul Sperry – ‏@paulsperry_

WHITEWASH: FBI never served Hillary w warrant to search her Chappaqua NY home or her Whitehaven DC home for emails

Jim Eagle

lyle and derwil,

Thanks for adopting my moniker for the strong Idaho individual: Buckaroo. My buddy Jim Schwager would be proud. I think he retired back home in Moutain Home. Family were ranchers.


Chelsea's awareness and concern about that.

The Omen has a scruple or two? Must have come from Web...


Jack, entre nous, derwill and Jim might have a deeper kinship than you know.

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze

MAGA--Make America Great Again

BTW -- Build The Wall

DTS -- Drain The Swamp

JJJ -- Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Am I missing any ?

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable.

He's in a small space---a converted church that is used as theater. Seats 700.


"Wherever you go there you are'

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension ...


Hillary goes on Univision, claims Mexican food is her favorite food, says 2 year old granddaughter is "learning Spanish."


What a candidate! So sincere.

Dave (in MA)


Jim Eagle

Taken close to an hour to go from 69th and Lex to the LIE out of the City. Now we are going full throttle (<5mph) on the longest parking lot in the world. And here I thought I was being clever and catching an earlier Jitney. But they are showing the latest Star Trek movie, so that can't be all bad or can it?

So, if derwil is a service brat and her dad retired in Idaho, can I assume he was Air Force stationed at Mountain Home? Lyle is a service brat also. I am one and I wonder who else here are all service brats living that great life on base with our own gym, Bx, movie houses, swimming pools, bowling alleys, ball diamonds, etc.

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze

Comment of the Day:


"Honestly--? Hillary has less energy than JEB !"


anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable.

"The rebuilding we did at the Old Post Office (in DC) is what I want to do for our country."

"There is nothing we cannot accomplish.."
There is no dream outside our reach."

"All I see is untapped potential...perhaps the greatest is in the African American communities."

"We have to chose to believe, not in our politicians, not in these people who got us here, but in our selves."

"Let's open a new chapter of success..especially for our African American communities."

"I am humbled to be the nominee of the party of Abraham Lincoln."

We will make America great again, for ALL Americans."

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze

"Trump Tower Live"

This is the Ops Center (?) of the campaign...

Dave (in MA)
Does anybody believe that if Curb Dive wins the election, legally or otherwise, that O'Keefe won't be disappeared?

Posted by: Captain Hate | October 26, 2016 at 02:54 PM

Cankles' Cream of Polonium soup.


Click for the pic. Priceless.

Posted by: lyle | October 26, 2016 at 04:52 PM

FTA: How does Mrs. Obama's painting inspire you?

As added incentive for my dogs actually hitting the poop pad...



I wonder who else here are all service brats


Highland Pepe, aka Robin

No service brat here. My dad was a CPA in a liberal town, and is still one of the most cynical people I know. Coincidence? I think not.


Re retired military fwiw, SC is the #2 state in number of people moving in rather than out. Iirc TX is #1. SC has lots of military bases and ranks #1 in most military retirees per capita. Veterans 100% disabled from a service injury pay no property taxes.

common man

Did anyone just hear what Eric said on the Five? I missed the first part but he was analyzing the most recent CNN poll which showed Hillary up 5%. He said that the initial sample was 30% D 26% R 44% I but was reweighted to 37% D. The Indies were reduced.

That is a huge reweighting, a staggering gap between R & D that has not existed since 1960 or so, plus it way understates the Independents as well.

Anybody looked at this poll and can confirm?


Aww. One of the guys on The_Donald got a present handmade by his MIL:


Porch, that figurine is way better than the ugly Moochelle painting. In my humble artist opinion.

common man

On the other hand, new Fox News poll just released. Wicked Witch plus three. Race tightening they say.

Within the margin of error. And down from +6 and before that +7.

I will comb through the poll if I can find it in full.


I was hoping you'd think so, caro!

Deplorable Momto2

So today as Trump was speaking of his new hotel and how it was transformed from a dilapidated mess into this beautiful structure, it seems HiLiary had something to say.

She was claiming he used inferior "imported" materials and perhaps even illegal workers to "cut costs"! (not verified but reported none the less )

So let's compare the D.C. Trump International Hotel to something she has built....oh wait!


Race tightening. What a shock.

It felt like the last 3-4 days was the peak for the insane demoralization "it's over" phase. Now we are entering the "race tightening" stretch. Like clockwork.

"But the FOX NEWS DESK has moved all these states to the LEFT, Mr. Speaker!" Talking to him like he's a moron.
Suck it, MeAgain.


My mom was a military brat, but not I.


Momto2, I can't quite understand Clinton's argument. Why would Trump the businessman want to pursue as President policies that would make his construction materials more expensive for him to purchase?

If he's such a cheap bastard as she says, he should want to keep going down Hillary's road so CHYNA could continue to dump their cheap stuff, right?

Hmm. Maybe because he thinks it's better for the country, even if it increases his overhead?

common man

The poll identification for likely voters in the Fox poll is 44% 37% 19% R D I.

I am pretty sure Gallup says there are more indys than either Ds or Rs, and the gap advantage of Ds is 3%.

Make of that what you will.

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze


is that what you read common man ?


Captain Hate

Like a mad dog in a meat market:

Is It True, As Newt Gingrich Charged, That MeAgain Kelly Doesn't Talk About Policy?

Why, as a matter of fact, it is true.

Note that Kelly does address scandals at the periphery of policy questions. When it was revealed (to those who hadn't been paying prior attention) that Obamacare would not, in fact, permit you to keep your plan, she did cover that.

But note that is a scandal -- a political lie -- about a policy issue, and not the policy issue itself.

MeAgain Kelly does talk about lies, hypocrisies, contradictions, etc.

But not actually about policy.

That doesn't make her much different from any other hack -- including myself -- minding the 24 hour news cycle and trying to keep up "churn" and post one post an hour (or thereabouts) while -- how do I put this softly? -- doing as little work as possible to accomplish this.

The news cycle, on both sides, through television to print to the internet to talk radio, fixates on scandal -- who lied, who contradicted himself, who said pussy -- as a substitute for talking about policy questions, because:

1. Policy stuff is harder to discuss. Even if you're an expert, it takes longer to write a post about policy than to dash off a hot, emotional piece about someone's misbehavior. And yes, for example, Obama's lie about Obamacare was misbehavior. We could have been talking about Obamacare's deception on this point for years; it was right there in the fine print. Instead we didn't talk about Obamacare until we had some identifiable personal sin -- the lie -- to talk about.

2. Policy stuff takes longer to put together. You can spit out ten scandal/sin posts in the time it takes you to just conceive or edit one policy post.

3. Policy pieces simply do not attract enough attention or interest. Policy reports aren't boring, necessarily, but they do not offer the promise of a scandal story: the possibility of bringing that son-of-a-bitch down, finally, with one more damaging personal story, and one that doesn't really take all that much effort to produce -- or to digest.

By the way, this is almost entirely Fools Gold. Scandals do not bring people down. Hillary supporters will support Hillary not because she's free of scandal, or that they believe her incessant self-serving lies, but because they draw a check from the government and they want to keep that check coming.

Likewise, surprised-to-find-ourselves Trump Supporters are not going to be dissuaded about supporting him over alleged sexual advances because of the Supreme Court, you idiots.

I'm not giving up the Supreme Court for a generation because Trump might have brushed up against a woman's ass or made a clumsy pass.

His sins should be paid for by having it taken out of his own hide -- not mine, nor the hide of my countymen.

Thus, everyone seems to think This next scandal will do the trick and then has paroxysms of surprise, astonishment, and outrage when it doesn't.

So really, while a scandal-centric view of things keeps people interested, it does not in fact tend to sway many votes.

I know the #NeverTrump claque likes to talk about "principle" and "policy" in the abstract -- they just like saying the words principle and policy.

They definitely don't like talking about these things in detail -- they don't explain, for example, how exactly conservative principles are advanced by leaving the DoJ's Office of Civil Rights in extremist leftist hands to continue imposing more and more onerous speech codes on colleges (essentially federalizing them as quasi-law enforcement officials to persecute students in kangaroo courts), nor how leaving the HUD in leftist hands to "federalize the suburbs" somehow advances devolving power to the states.

What they like talking about -- and what they do talk about, to the exclusion of all other things -- is Trump's latest stupid quote or the latest hot allegations about him.

I've attempted to get the NeverTrump wing to actually discuss these issues of policy they claim to be all about. All my efforts on this front have been ignored.

The best I get is some fat spastic on Twitter spitting curses on me. No one from National Review, for example, bothered to so much rouse himself to deny any of the points I made about the tangible, real policy (and principles) consequences of a Hillary presidency.

Instead they did what the leftwing media does-- which is to just ignore and embargo an opponent's points you don't have a glib answer for.

Instead, they worried themselves about the size of Alicia Machado's dumper.

"Intellectuals," it seems, like to talk about the same personal, groin-level shit everyone else does.

So yes, Newt Gingrich is completely right to say MeAgain Kelly isn't very interested in policy. She's interested in hot scandals in which policy is tangentially related.

This latter part makes her reportage seem "substantive," as it concerns, indirectly and at some considerable attenuation, policy; but in fact it's the same sort of scandal-mongering crap that almost everyone is chasing.

She won't talk about Bill Clinton's sex scandals or Hillary's involvement with them -- that seems tawdry, cheap, and "Hannityesque" to her -- but she will sure the hell talk about Trump's.

Because the Media Class which fills her with her attitudes and biases tells her that's the right way to look at things.

So she's wrong to deny that she's primarily "fascinated by sex" (which I take more broadly to mean "interested only in political scandal").

She wants to think of herself as a Policy Expert and Wonk (most faux intellectuals do), but doesn't have the chops for it, or the time for it, or the trust in her audience that they'd tune in for it.

Has MeAgain Kelly ever had a white-paper type report on an issue, apart from the scandal-fodder indirectly related to issues? That is, apart from breathlessly reporting on the new revelations (usually kind of old by 9pm) churned out during the day about Gruber's videotaped confessions or Obama's revealed disingenuousness on keeping your doctor (which was always obvious from a policy point of view, and could have been reported years before it actually came to pass)?


Not that I remember.

I'll give John Oliver this one begrudging compliment: He covers stories people aren't covering, and he covers them when they're merely lukewarm, not when they're "Hot" due to fresh revelations of a personal scandal making them seem sexy.

I don't see Kelly doing that. Or many people in the business of politics or political reporting, to be honest.

It should be noted that she's not particularly different from any 24-hour-news-cycle scandal slave at MSNBC or Fox or the blogosphere on that count, however. She's no worse.

But she's also no better, and her breathless How Dare You Sir is revealing about her ego and conception of herself.

She's chases the Donald Trump Ass Stories for the same reason Egg McMuffin's sugardaddy Rick Wilson peddled the Ted Cruz Affairs stories -- because people with political axes to grind traffic in scandals.

As she herself might say: Your defensiveness on this point speaks volumes, Sir.

Now having said all that, I notice this Glenn Reynolds piece: How talking about Donald Trump's crudeness permits us to ignore questions about the debt, government corruption, and war.

He had previously noted the US is currently fighting five wars -- mostly unsuccessfully and halfheartedly, but instead of talking about silly things like that, we're talking about great big important things like whether Trump called Alicia Machado a Big Fat Fattie.

This makes our jobs easier. This makes MeAgain Kelly's job easier.

It probably also helps her ratings, because viewers are, per the ratings, just as lazy as newsreaders.

But it doesn't make her a wonk, nor an intellectual, or even One Fascinated by the Protection of Women, or however she styles herself these days.

I'm sure MeAgain Kelly fancies herself as a very, very different sort of operator than Sean Hannity.

But what is the difference, really? Hannity talks about Hillary's personal (and therefore interesting) scandals. Kelly talks about Hillary's scandals -- and even more about Trump's.

Neither is talking about policy or principle.

And frankly -- neither are 90% of the Anti-Trump Republicans, who likewise style themselves as intellectuals and Thinkers of Deep and Ponderous Things, and yet whose daily offerings are... nothing but one Trump scandal after another Trump scandal.

I could do a lot better myself. I know that. I include myself in this criticism.

But I don't have any illusions about my own let's-make-this-easy-for-yourself-Ace laziness.

I don't feel like allowing my other scandal-obsessed, policy-ignorant "intellectual" brethren retain their illusions on this point, either.

And yes, my next post will be a Scandal post, about Project Veritas' investigation into Democratic corruption.

I've tried to get a dialogue started with the NeverTrumpers about the consequences of a Hillary presidency -- and they outright refused to answer, choosing instead to focus exclusively on Trump's scandals, and implicitly argue (by their silence) that there are no bad consequences of a Hillary's presidency.

So I've learned my lesson: The intellectuals of the right like to pretend they're about policy choices, but when you present them the opportunity to debate such things, they talk instead about Trump saying pussy.

I suppose that makes a kind of sense.

There are certainly downsides to a Trump victory -- and NeverTrump is happy to talk about them (and overjoyed to the point of sexual pleasure to talk about Trump scandals).

But there are also significant and real downsides to a Hillary victory -- including major setbacks in the areas NeverTrump claim are of paramount concern to them, policy and principle.

Trump will taint the GOP for a generation, NeverTrump says.

But they never want to talk about losing the court for a generation -- or longer. Or what substantive policy setbacks that will in turn cause.

So I guess I'd just like to know from the people who claim to care only want to talk about policy and principle:

What is stopping you from doing so, exactly? What is stopping you from answering people who ask you for answers on the policy and principle front, apart from your own cowardice and laziness about addressing questions you don't have glib, scandal-heavy answers to?

You intellectuals seem to like talking about being intellectuals. But you don't seem much to like actually doing the actual work associated with true intellectual status.

Don't worry -- I'm sure they'll be another Trump scandal coming soon that will permit you to avoid such work for another couple of news cycles.

common man

actually its 44 D 37 R 17 I 1 refused

Difference I guess is rounding. +7 D gap becomes +3. What would a +3 D with more Indys look like? HMMMMMM

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Trump rally, Kinston, North Carolina, live stream:


ETA 7:00 PM

Stream is already live.


44D makes more sense, common man. Hmmm indeed.

common man

Bret Baier has on a panel that includes a black Trump supporter. She says you cant tell folks in the black community that you are voting Trump, but she pegs his support at 16% to 25%. She sounds a lot like RG.


The black gal just on Fox was awesome!

Like I was in an AME church...Tell It Sista!

Matt - deplore me if you must

For some reason, Mighty Quinn has been rattling around in my brain for the past day or so.

I had Dylan's original version on in the truck on the way home from class the other night.

Maybe we need Quinn the Eskimo to sort things out after the election.


She needs help stepping onto the curb.

Jack Posobiec
Jack Posobiec – ‏@JackPosobiec

VIDEO: Aide Dashes To Help Hillary Climb One Step... http://www.theamericanmirror.com/video-hillary-needs-help-going-one-step/

Captain Hate

There are lots of blacks whose lives have gotten worse under Zippy who don't need a Tomato Can to dance around that fact because they've already been written off. The dumbest thing Mutt Rombley did four years ago was make that stupid 47% statement and it was just as dumb defending him for making it.


Newt opens on Lou Dobbs show. I missed the first few minutes but was glad to just hear Newt unashamedly call Comey "Corrupt."


Venison burger at Arby's. Might have to check that out.


Newt: First of all his wife has every right to run for office. There's no question tho' that McCabe should have then recused himself from anything involving the Clinton's. The obvious appearance of corruption. Again, if you are in Law Enforcement, you have to worry about the Reality of Corruption and the Appearance of Corruption. We are watching the decay of one of the great American Law Enforcement Agencies and it is because of this whole pattern, this cancer, of corruption, which has been spreading in the Obama Administration and would now be accelerated by the 2 Clintons if they got to the White House.


Good grief, the Dems just asked for DoJ election monitors for WI because of voter ID. They gotta help Creamer and Foval steal the state somehow.


We believe in Russia says Hillary

Arthur Schwartz
Arthur Schwartz – ‏@ArthurSchwartz

#BREAKING: From @RichardGrenell / @FoxNews: @HillaryClinton on video saying "our goal is to help strengthen Russia." http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2016/10/26/grenell-as-secretary-state-hillary-proclaimed-our-goal-is-to-help-strengthen-russia.html


Lou: This corruption. Trump talks about a rigged Election and System. Is it your sense, we are seeing problems in Virginia, we're seeing problems among other places, in Texas. is it your sense that we're going to have enough oversight of this Election to assure the American people of the integrity of our Electoral System?

Newt: I don't know. The reports from Texas are bizarre. I've seen at least a dozen reports today of machines malfunctioning, of people voting straight Republican and as they start to leave the machine shifts back to straight Democrat...there are some things going on out there that are weird. You have to also be aware that in places like Kansas City and St Louis and Philadelphia there are long traditions of stealing Votes on a grand scale. There are people who vote 20-40 years after they die...It is all corruption. I think it is fair to say that there is a real problem in America of Vote Theft. A good friend of mine in North Carolina is convinced that the only way Trump can lose North Carolina will be by Vote Theft in the big cities. I think we have to take this very seriously.


1 zip Cubbies at the start of the 2nd. Boo:(

buccaneer morgan

I remembered the film with denzel and mimi rogers, this was before she was mrs. tom cruise,


Thanks for posting Ace's excellent comments, Captain.


After watching the Asheville, NC police chief force Trump rally attendees to exit through a gauntlet of jeering, hostile protesters while police looked on from afar, I can easily imagine vote fraud there and in Raleigh/Durham, which BOzo has repeatedly visited to get his ego stroked.

Texas Liberty Gal

Daddy - 1 zip Cubbies at the start of the 2nd. Boo. Yea Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Texas Liberty Gal

I notice Trump is using a teleprompter at Kingston, NC rally

Another Bob

daddy | October 26, 2016 at 04:21 PM

daddy, harsh.

One of my best friends was from Timisoara and was arrested multiple times for long hair. His father was about to be arrested by the Securitate for making some bureaucrats look bad, but managed to beat them to the border, leading to a story that would make a decent novel.

I'm sure he'd agree with you.



It's nice to see Hillary finally for once accomplish what she said she was going to do:

Hillary: (March 2010) “One of the fears that I hear from Russians is that somehow the United States wants Russia to be weak. That could not be farther from the truth. Our goal is to help strengthen Russia. We see Russia with the strong culture, with the incredible intellectual capital that Russia has, as a leader in the 21st century. And we sometimes feel like we believe more in your future than sometimes Russians do,” Hillary Clinton says.

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze

Harsh... ? Maybe.

A useful antidote ? Definitely.




Interesting if true,

THIS IS HUGE: TRUMP UP BY 12 in MN Working Class District! And Dems Going Independent


Another Bob

Yes, it is.

Damn shame that occurs to us.


I don't have cable...but just clicking around tonight...it is solid Trump bashing on my television - ABC, NBC, CBS & PBS - local & national.

No WikiLeaks or O'Keefe. No vandalism stories.

A businessman runs for POTUS & they must destroy him. It is just too sickening to watch.
Who - outside of approved professional politicians - would ever run for POTUS after seeing what the MFM is doing to Trump?

I really hate them all.

Pagar,a bacon, country Ham and Sausage supporter

thanks for the link lurkersusie.

by selling them our uranium!


I have not watched regular television news for years.
I only watch cable and only the stations that don't lie.
Fox now lies.
Fox Business is better.
When the lies begin I switch the channel.
I know the liars on sight at this point Hint:
They talk really fast and interrupt.


TRUMP UP BY 12 in MN Working Class District!

Let us hope so.

I know little about Minnesota, but knowing that they had no problem electing wrestler Jessie Ventura Governor and then electing comedian Al Sharpton to the Senate, I think they must have a ton of folks up there who take great delight in that adolescent act of voting for the perceived odd ball candidate---like a cat for Mayor, or a boy for Home Coming Queen. Lets hope that sort of juvenile attitude we all recognize is strong enough to overwhelm the Media's mandate to vote the way their Lib masters want them to vote. Plus how many Somali Taxi Drivers screaming "Alahu-Akbar" do you really need to refuse to drive you home from a Twins Game if they smell the few beers on your breathe you've been chuggin'?

Captain Hate

You're welcome, Barbara; I thought it was a well constructed argument. I've taken him to task on a lot of things previously but he's really upped his game.

common man

That frozen district, is the northern tier of Minnesota, known as the Iron Range. It has had exactly one Republican rep in about a thousand years. But those folks know that their jobs are in jeopardy and will apparently vote for Trump by the boatloads. It actually should not be surprising, but the number of folks who have been to northern Minnesota to visit for even a day, is minuscule.


2 zip Cubbies: Boo:( Boo:(

common man

Anyone here with any pull with Michael Moore? Can you please get him to take off the Spartans gimme cap? He is absolutely killing the brand. Give the fat bastard a gross of MEESHIGAN hats for God's sake...


It is hard to watch someone work as hard as Trump...laying it all on the line...& then see MFM losers sit there & tear him apart.

Lazy blob, criminal, sneaky Hillary Clinton is either given a pass or she's fawned over, for what?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I just don't understand how they can look in the mirror.

It's why I cancelled cable. I just couldn't stand it anymore.

I won't ever go back.

I saw today that a guy called his wife from Washington State, where he was visiting on business. CNN was on in the bar trashing Trump and everyone in the bar got mad and started booki9ng and made them change the channel.

So it's not just us.

Nigel Farage was on Hannity's radio show and said this is exactly what they did to him on Brexit.

Didn't work.

I hope he is right. I kind of think it he is.

I did notice on Hannity the new concern troll on the radio, "Sean, why should I bother to vote if they are going to rig it?"

NO ONE should not vote. We can only win with massive turnout. They might be able to steal some of the inner city precincts, but if we overwhelm them with numbers outside of those areas, we win.


common man

Republicans need to come home, Indys need to continue to trend toward him and the undecideds need to break for him 60/40.

If all that happens, I think the odds are decent that we will be address Donald as Mr. President.

Wikileaks and Obamacare cost increases are eroding the built in advantage Hill got from the media. Neither is something that she can do anything about.


Kim Dotcom actually did it.28882 emails in a zip file. The server is down, but they are out there. No count of yoga emails yet.

common man

The server is down? My antenna goes up. Clinton allies no doubt...

buccaneer morgan

now mind you she's as daft as soopermexician or mauve state.



High demand... Lots of people waiting all day, it's a huge download.

Texas Liberty Gal

This has got to be the best political commercial of this election season!!!


common man

Yeah Trump pretty much owns Dana Bash. Almost feel sorry for Dana. Just for a second. OK very over that. She is prog prig, and deserved it being shoved down her piehole...

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable.

henry, elaborate please


Site is up again. Available as a zip,or torrent at archive.org


El Chapo said to be depressed in prison, complaining of 'psychological torture'...

Well what did he expect letting Sean Penn interview him?

Common man,

Where are you following the latest on this Kim guy?

common man

I got nothin'. Henry is your man...


Excuse me CM. Should have directed that question to Henry.

Yo, Hank! Wassup?


common man

OK on almost 29K emails, I am going to set the over/under at 5 yoga emails. Who wants under?

I bet five of them are of the nature, "The hell with Yoga, bring me a double gin on the rocks, and make it snappy."


Our Chicago Lurking friend sent me the link. It is 28882 emails from Hillary's private sever as promised by Kim Dotcom, but as a giant file on the Archive.com site. Two ways to download. A zip file or a torrent file. There is a more precise link, but it is too many characters to retype, and I can't cut & paste until tomorrow morning.

I have seen no summary or highlights of what is in there. It is supposedly the "bleached" emails.

buccaneer morgan

the news just gets more and more absurd,


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