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October 26, 2016


Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze

henry, no mention at reddit/r/The_Donald nor at zerohedge.

You are riding the infospace wave, buddy, the bleeding edge, hanging ten. Soon those two sites will be coming here to get updated from you !




Or try this addy: http://archive.org/details/28882EmailsFromHillaryClintonsPrivateServer

Beyond that is a choice of zip or torrent

Jim Eagle

Well, on my way home on the Jitney Ambassador, I found out from Mrs. JiB that Lady the Beagle got out and decided that there wasn't a deer in Southampton she didn't want to make friends with.

So for an hour on the bus I traked her GPS all the way down Wickapogue Road to a big estate area full of deer. By the time I got there she was all over the place. No way to get her. She is in her element. She is a beagle after all.

Saving grace is that she hasn't eaten yet and even though she is 2 miles away, beagles will always find there way home for food. Expect her around after midnight.

Go Indians.

Captain Hate

Wasn't the canoe first used by Aboriginal Americans? How can that be a symbol of white privilege?


OK, what I see from people who looked into it is that these are not new, may be redacted files from the FOIA judicial watch. So a possible false alarm, but at least without known malware in it. May take time to pin down what it really is, but lots of people diving into it.

buccaneer morgan

the strange just gets stranger,


Another Bob

I'm trying to pass the word to the Reddit crowd. Surprisingly deaf at the moment.

Another Bob

Of course, they may be busy going through it.

Jim Eagle

Cubbies Redux of last night. Schwarber should not be there. Hear that? He should not be there. Everyone who knows anything about baseball know that. What does Joe Madden know. Nothing.

Same kind of group think and opinion running down Trump. Think about it.

Highland Pepe, aka Robin


More evidence of RG's prognostication.


Democrats operatives are scum

James O'Keefe
James O'Keefe – ‏@JamesOKeefeIII

Breaking on @oreillyfactor tonight: Scott Foval reveals who was really behind the @MittRomney 47% video. #Veritas @PVeritas_Action


Another Bob, Reddit guys definitely follow the feeds I lurk on. So yeah, they know about it. Latest is there may be more than just that file... I may check & see if that group agrees on what there is in the morning. They can be (and usually are) chaotic.

Jim Eagle


heavy file. downloading for 15 minutes. I am going to check it out cursoryily (is that a word?) first to make sure it is okey dokey.

I think Tito has given up already. Tied series. The way it should be for a 7 gamer.




Jim Eagle

Its going to be YUUUUGe.

First email I read is from McRino slobbering all over Hillary remarks in 2012.

We are in for a beauty folks.


Jack, a big PDF apparently. Lots of agreement it is the redacted FOIA dump sent to Judicial Watch. Should be free of malware (for values of free... some worries the FBI snuck a tracker in it).

Jim Eagle

2nd email is from Sid (Vicious) abou Gaddafi and some Brits opinions.

So, yes, I will say these are the bleach emails and guess what the stuff worked. They are nice and white and crispy clean.

Texas Liberty Gal

JIB - Schwarber should not be there. Hear that?

Schwarber, who is the designate hitter - drives in 2 runs. Seems Madden may know more then you think - just saying.

Cubs 5 Cleveland 0

Captain Hate

Is the sound going off sporadically on the game broadcast for any of you? Not that I mind not hearing Buck but Smoltz is outstanding.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here's some explanation from Reddit on what was done.

I am not sure if what henry and jack are looking at is the same thing sent to Wikileaks. He might have had both the 33,000 and the FOIA that was redacted.


Looks like I might be up late tonight!

Now have to go get granddaughter at work.

Captain Hate

Seems Madden may know more then you think - just saying.

You entirely missed his point.

Highland Pepe, aka Robin

Here's something interesting from the CTH comments:

AUGUSTA — Maine students picked Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton for president during Wednesday’s mock election, with Trump receiving 10,785 votes, or 42.3 percent, to Clinton’s 10,077, or 39.5 percent. Students from 155 schools voted in the 2016 Maine Student Mock Elections, indicating their preferences for not just president but also for the U.S. House of Representatives and Maine’s six upcoming referendum questions.

Clinton: 10,077
Trump: 10,785
Johnson: 2,678
Stein: 1,260

Has referendum numbers too. This looks like a landslide.

Highland Pepe, aka Robin

Oh man, love this:

Named Two – 2 Year Old Thorougbred Colts today with the Jockey Club. One is named Trumpified and the other is Trumpzilla. Hope they take after the Donald – and WIN BIGLY!

Also from CTH comments.

Jim Eagle

Don't have time to share but lots of 9-11-2012 Libyan stuff from Sid and others. What a fucking treasonous witch. I hope the families use these to sue her for the fortune she and Bubba obtained through fraud and strong arm. Read them and weep for your country. She is truly a traitor and crook.

The hell with jailing her. i would hang her and then shoot her and then set her on fire. Bill is beside her by the way in this scenario.

Read them if your stomach can take it.

Yoga my ass.

Jim Eagle


Sorry but you missed my directed and pointed sarcasm. Geez.

Frau Rutger Gefahrfeld

Happy birthday, Piranha from Park Ridge. Have another drink on the house.

Danke schön, Kim Dotcom.

Jim Eagle


have no idea but there is some serious and special stuff in there. If not the bleached stuff, it is new from what I can see.


Is the sound going off sporadically on the game broadcast for any of you?

Yes Jack. The sound keeps cutting out from time to time.

Jim Eagle

Not me daddy.

But for a guy who can't pitch in the cold Arrieta is proven that supposition wrong. Wonder what the polls predicted?


The hell with jailing her. i would hang her and then shoot her and then set her on fire. Bill is beside her by the way in this scenario.

I say we let her go…



This afternoon I checked Kim.com's twitter feed anxiously awaiting his birthday gift to Hillary. When I saw this tweet I figured he was full of baloney. But now...I think he just might be the real deal.

Happy Birthday Hillary


Fox news general election 4-way poll Oct 18 Clinton +6. Today +3.

I spent several days driving around the Arrowhead of MN some 25 years ago. Beautiful. I stopped and swam in some gorgeous lakes. Good down home folks up in them woods. Definite Trump country.


I believe we are experiencing a form of persecution, Janet (re: up thread). Most all the lefties are Godless or God hating. Those on the right are perceived by the left to be Christians or people of "moral certitude". Therein lies the rub - the ages old battle of good vs evil. The lefties love their hedonistic, lawless ways and don't want their enemies to take away their idols. And they want to force the rest of us to 'worship' their idols as well. So now we're in a rebellion election.

With Trump, we can at least begin to legitimately IDENTIFY, CONFRONT and DESTROY the corrupt forces that have nearly brought down the country. It doesn't take a perfect saint to be an effective gladiator!


5 to 1 Cubbies. 1 Whoot!

Jim Eagle

Jesus, how many WS has Mike Napoli been in? He is like that shadow that keeps appearing behind our hero.

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable.

KimDotCom is who and why does he hate HRC?

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable.

Never mind the who--got that from wikipedia. Why does he hate her?
(We all have our own reasons)


Kim Dotcom is the owner of Megaupload.com, a file sharing site. He got raided for having stolen IP and whatnot passing through his file system. (Free storage and distribution does facilitate some bad stuff). He has always blamed HRC for it.

Jack, everything I see says these are the FOIA emails, in redacted form. That is completely legal stuff FBI decided merited no charges against anyone. Not the deleted stash.


Obama Obama

Richard Grenell
Richard Grenell – Verified account ‏@RichardGrenell

Good God! This UN resolution condemns the United States & you abstained?!?! https://twitter.com/ambassadorpower/status/791318592885231616

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Leviathan state corrupts and eventually owns everything in its gravitational field.
That is why the GOPe makes common cause with the left against their supposed constituents.
Unless the state is cut out root and branch it will only grow larger and more coercive.

The problem is, not even Trump is proposing cutting it in any significant way.
To continue to vote Republican and expecting a different result is what is popularly called the definition of insanity.
Other than Passenger Pigeons like McClintock, Trump will be the last Rep I'll be voting for.
I would vote libertarian but they can't seem to get that their modern (im)morality makes the Leviathan state inevitable.
From now on I'm supporting whatever constitutional minded party seems closest to what the Founders envisioned.
It's true you can't change anything if you don't first win, but when the only people who do win entrench the Orwellian state who cares?

It is only Hillarys unmatched evil that makes voting for Trump worthwhile. I suspect he has pretty good intentions but we need radical change to survive and the only way we'll get it is when enough people abandon the uniparty crooks that they lose power. Either that or an insurrection and I consider that a lot more likely than radical peaceful political change.

Trumps greatest value has been exposing the two equally grotesque hydras at the top of the GOP food chain; the GOPe apolitical grifters and the conservative clique of posers who are seemingly only interested in GT parties, seminars, clever columns and talking about limited government, never actually, you know, limiting government.
To hell with the lot of them.

Continuing my Jimmy Cliff theme I'd rather be free man in my grave than living as a puppet or a slave.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Kim Dot Com ran a big web site called megaUpload, for storing files. Hollywood started bitching to Hillary about how it was a web site for pirated movies and such. (There is a law that protects file storage sites from being prosecuted for something a user stores which is illegally copiied, unbeknownst to the site).

Nevertheless, Hillary signed an extradition order and the New Zealand police raided his mansion and threw him in jail for several months. Very heavy handed with choppers and guns and dogs. His kids were there. And it was his birthday.

He has been plotting revenge for 2 years. He has emails up which indicated he had managed to acquire the 33,000 emails. Apparently he has made them available OR has sent Wikileaks the emails and has separately released the unredacted testimony which Judicial Watch was trying to get.

Hope this helps. He's originally German but changed his name for publicity. He also weighs 400 pounds and works in a specially made bed.

Which makes that "400 pound hacker" comment Trump made at the debate even more amazing. I didn't know anything about this until 2 days ago. Found it out on the Reddit site.


Anonymous – ‏@YourAnonNews

Don't forget hrod17@clintonemail.com, @kimdotcom! https://twitter.com/KimDotcom/status/791364506425315328

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Trump has said he will do two things, at least:

1. A shrinking of the federal work force by attrition. No replacements when people retire.

2. Every new regulation has to have 2 older regulations removed.

Also, he wants term limits for Congress, no lobbying by anyone in executive or Congress for 5 years after they leave.

There's a bunch of other stuff, but I can't remember it. You can probably find it on his web site.

Jim Eagle


Whatever but there are some devastating stuff in there .

Captain Hate

Hollywood started bitching to Hillary about how it was a web site for pirated movies and such.

They should be glad anybody wants to watch their horrible crap. Assuming anybody was storing illegal copies of their garbage, it was surely in violation of terms of the site and there were less police state tactics which could have been used. No wonder that cocksucker Speilberg is giving Zippy the full Riefenstahl.


If I understand you correctly Jack, you also are a fan of the Rumanian National Dance:)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Those are good things but I would keel over dead were the government one dollar smaller after 8 years of Trump and I can conceive of no other republican who would do so.
When a slight and very temporary slowing of the rate of growth of government thirty years ago is their great claim to fame while our society and culture have been transformed into a veritable circus sideshow of freaks and geeks it's time to look elsewhere.

Texas Liberty Gal

JIB - Well sometimes things do go right over my head-evidently this is one of them! #oops

Jim Eagle


My dance retinue features only that dance, No others. Can't wait to see it performed here at the Kennedy featuring Bill and Hillary.ion

Overcoats optional.


Well sometimes things do go right over my head-

I wish a few more Cleveland fly balls did, TLG:)

Cubbies are tuff.

LaughandPlay, Inc. 'Makers of fine popcorn'

Is there really a difference in the sexist male Egan _walikg dead_ deaths 'suck my nuts' and cartmans 'suck my balls?' 🙏

Why worry about gas when you have millions of eco friendly drones? Cheaper, easier,globaler,deniabler (suicide drones). EMPs work fine too.💤

Jim Eagle

Great game. Can't see the Indians coming back in last 2 le linnings. Going to bed and contemplating my Ortho's advice and having my little lady beagle on her own out there in the deer, deer world.

She'll be back because she is hungry. If not. Then she is lost and with all her Id they'll call. I hope.

Frau Rutger Gefahrfeld

Kim Dotcom's special bed is filled with horse hair according to the "Wired" article linked here. When I first went to Germany all household mattresses were filled with horse hair except the Youth Hostel beds. The ones in Innsbruck, Austria were filled with hay. No hot water in the showers, either! Brr! said this California gal.


Is there a good link a regular guy can click on to read these without torrent or flash mega-downloads? Is Reddit the place to go?

Stephanie Deplorable Beeotch




MissM's 1st link at 9:32 is the reddit post about Kim.com


Thanks, Rocco, and thanks Miss M. Loved the background on fat Kim.

buccaneer morgan

the real life version of kevin smith's character in 'live free and die hard' anymore news from caltech, daddy.

Frau Rutger Gefahrfeld

NeNe for President! A better woman and a better grandmother than the creepy Clinton hag who wants to ride our country over the cliff.

NeNe is a leader who will sew her own drapes for the Oval Office.

buccaneer morgan

sometimes being bilingual is a curse,


it was quite nearly spew worthy,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

So is Hill's granddaughter known as The Omen II?

buccaneer morgan

no delia, that was the bad seed from the 4th?? omen film, that was made for tv,


Sorry to ask again but I cannot seem to find the dumped e-mails Jack is looking at over at the Reddit site. I can read dozens of comments about Kim.com but no E-Mails. Can anyone provide a very simple link where I can seat looking thru them? Thanks in advance, folks.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I understand your cynicism about shrinking the government.

I spent a lot of time this past spring and summer learning about Trump and what he thinks. Read his books, watched interviews on YouTube, watched every speech and rally.

Here is what I am absolutely positive about:

1. When he says "under budget and ahead of schedule" he MEANS it. The Post Office redo in DC wasslated to be done in 2018. It opened today, way ahead of schedule and under budget.

2. He hates wasting money. REALLY hates it.

3. He hates stupidity and laziness. He will forgive mistakes, but not intentional sloth and refusal to adapt.

4. He likes to get people to live up to their potential. If you didn't see the hotel opening, the general manager of the new hotel started as a bellhop.

Now, these aren't "I am closing the Education Department on Day One" statements, but it does show someone who is willing to try new things and cut quite a bit.

I have hope, if we can get him elected. He wants to fix the country, pure and simple. He has big ideas and wants Americans to dream big dreams and accomplish them.

Maybe we are too far gone, but damn, I sure do want him to get a chance to try!

Stephanie Deplorable Beeotch

[NeNe is a leader who will sew her own drapes for the Oval Office.]

LOL. Working on new 'window treatments' for the kitchen now. We repainted it and are working our way around the house. Painting the hallway, living room, dining room and 1/2 bath next. Then we start on the rooms upstairs.

Stephanie Deplorable Beeotch

Y'all will love this..



If only we had such a dance here!! We could call it the IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF OKIE DOKIE HOKEY POKEY.

MUCH MUCH LESS got me threatened by ASSHOLIO OF SPADES, long ago!! He was going to call the SECRET SERVICE and have me put on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!!!

GOOD TIMES. I'm sure Capn Hate remembers.

buccaneer morgan

is it live or memorex,



Nothing new on Caltech, Narciso.

Same story published 5 or 6 places, each simply mentioning that the armed car-jacking homeless transient 21 year old with the Muslim name was taken to the Hospital for health care before being arraigned. No mug-shots, no article comments, no updates, and nothing from Z.

buccaneer morgan

I thought the abc poll took the cake, and ate it too,


buccaneer morgan

as buckley used to say, they got their jobs through the new york times,


Implicitly biased deplorable pissed off jim

I've tried posting a link for the emails, but my posts get eaten. Try the link in the 2nd comment on this page.

buccaneer morgan

none of the major papers seem interested in it either,

buccaneer morgan

just the agita of overwrought feeples,

Texas Liberty Gal

FYI - Trump & Melania sat down with ABC - will air tomorrow am



I'll never catch up tonight, but:

Saw my first Trump sign in Austin tonight, and Sandy, I honked!

Saw my first live TV Trump ad during the game.

Indies swinging hard to Trump in new Fox poll, 41-28. Two weeks ago it was 35-35.

Jack, saying a prayer for your pup's safe return.

Go Kim Dotcom!

buccaneer morgan

this seems ill considered,


you know if conrad black still owned the paper, they would make fewer stupid judgement calls,

buccaneer morgan

another route to the same path,


buccaneer morgan

I would dare say, this notion is even more perverse,


if man, is virus, the gaia hypothesis, then he cannot be allowed to continue, hence sterility,

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Time for bed.



On Re-play I see Lou Dobbs had on general Jack Keane to talk about Russian aggression:

Lou: A quick update. The UK set to deploy 800 of it's troops, tanks, drones, headed to the border with Russia in the largest deployment since the Cold War. The Brit forces are part of a NATO Plan to eventually position 4,000 troops in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania amid growing Russian provocations. Joining me now General Jack Keane...This deployment, all of the saber rattling on the part of the Russians, all of the talk of Nuclear War emanating suddenly from various quarters of the world. How concerned are you, and How are we positioned to be rational and at the same time be responsive to any threat?

Gen Keane: Great question. Couple of concerns. On the one hand Putin is a master of Psychological Warfare. He has huge problems at home domestically, you know that, you've identified all the economic problems. He loves to maintain a "Crisis Atmosphere" at home. That's why he did 4 days of Civil Defense Training with 40 Million People in Russia. Absolutely unheard of since the days of the Cold War. The other thing that's occupying him also, is that he is dealing with the weakest European and American Leadership we've had since the Cold War.

Lou: Isn't that stunning to think of? The Leadership in Europe is pathetic, and the Leadership in this country is so weak and feeble and unaccomplished after 2 terms in office.

Gen Keane: If we had the strong Leadership in office that we used to have, and I mean Democrat and Republican, exercising American Leadership in a Global way in the world, if we had that kind of Leadership we would have at least a degree of deterrent. We don't. Deterrence requires real capabilities, Lou, and then the intent to use them. Now we have some capabilities, but they are not in Europe. And we don't have any intent and that's what Putin knows, and thats what makes this dangerous. He could take advantage of this weak Leadership.

Lou: This fleet of Russian ships transiting the Med on its way to Syria to engage. .. These pictures of the Russian fleet moving south past Portugal...The purpose and the likely result of deploying this kind of firepower into that fight.

Gen Keane: Two things happening. 1 is to demonstrate his power. He's got 1 Aircraft Carrier and we're going to see it. His Military power is not comparable to the US, but what he has it's very good and he uses it in a very specialized manner. He's going to, I believe, take down Aleppo with additional strike aircraft. they are going to destroy this once and for all, They have been at this for a year now. and they have not been able to take the major City that the Syrian Opposition Force has. And now they are determined to do it.

Lou: Speaking of a Major City, we had that in Mosul there was light resistance effectively, over a week ago when the Iraqi's began their assault. Now, the beginning of this week, we hear it is heavy resistance on the part of the Islamic State in the outlying areas, and suburbs of Mosul. What are we to make of this?

Gen Keane: That was predicted. We're getting closer to Mosul and ISIS is very aggressive. They come out with suicide bombers , mortars, small arms fire, then they attack 3 towns that were offset from the actual battlefield to divert forces. They are aggressive. We still don't know if they are going to fight to the last man inside the City itself. That we will find out once this thing gets started. What they had been doing in Fallujah and Ramadi is fight initially hard, and then pull most of their forces out. We'll see if that happens.

Lou:I look back and think to myself how hard we fought in Fallujah and Ramadi to free them. Extraordinary. The History is still being written. Thank you General.

buccaneer morgan

more reasons why applebaum engages in category error,


it occurred to me, that islamic state, are not like stormtroopers, but more like tusken raiders, they come out the desert to pillage, they are unconfortable staying in cities, except to train, so they will pull out of mosul, but they will be back, just as they outstayed the counterinsurgency of petraeus,


Trump & Melania sat down with ABC - will air tomorrow am

With Snufflapagus. The only good I can see coming from this is if Donald picks him up by the scruff of his neck with one hand and then gives him a wedgie with the other.

buccaneer morgan

douthat is a knave, film at 11



Narciso's 11:35: “Bob Dole would be up 16 against HRC.” — Frank Luntz

Luntz reminds me here of that old sports story from 50 years ago where some Newspaper came out with some Headline reading something like: "Slippery Rock College Is The Best College Football Team in America!"

How so? asked the reader.

Well Slippery Rock beat Bowling Green, and Bowling Green beat Harvard, and Harvard beat Colgate, and Colgate beat Southeast Mississippi State, and Southeast Mississippi State beat Dook, and Dook beat Clemson who beat Alabama who beat Oklahoma who beat Nebraska who beat whoever won the Cotton Bowl and won the National ranking, so Slippery Rock's the best damn College Football in America, way better than 'Bama, Oklahoma, or Nebraska!

So Bob Dole got shellacked in the 1996 Election, but in that 1996 Republican Primary he beat John McCain, but John McCain came back and beat Lindsay Graham in the 2008 Primary, but Lindsay Graham got more Primary votes in South Carolina than Marco Rubio in 2016, but Marco Rubio got more votes in Tallahassee in 2016 than John Kasich, and John Kasich beat Donald Trump in the Ohio Republican Primary in July, ergo Bob Dole would be up 16 points over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Election.

Go back to the buffet table, Frank.

Stephanie Deplorable Beeotch

For Daddy....



"Grandma Stephanie!" Thank you for that daunting Pub Crawl London link!

Looks like a gas, but my problem is not "the intake of beer," but rather "the outgo of beer," and as I age gracefully I find that I rent my pints for shorter durations than I used to:)

What this means in London Town proper, is that since I always have to grab a metro back to Kings Cross Station for the hour ride home to Cambridge, I find 'tis wiser and more enjoyable now to do my serious imbibing after I get back to that small medieval hamlet, since I know the locations of all the good "unwatering" holes almost if not better than I know the locations of the "watering" holes. Besides, since our hotel is only 100 yards from the joint where Newton, Darwin, and probably Milton, imbibed, and where WW2 Bombers won the War, it's tough to not stop there for a pint of DNA in homage.

I think the guy I'm going there next week with is a non-imbiber, so I may have to be Pub crawling Cambridge solely with my iPad and JOM for immoral support.

Hey to beautiful Miss Grace. Hope her intake and output is doing as well as mine:)


Speaking of movies upthread, Daddy, I suggest in the H3O movie, the actress Tamara Turie of reptilian shape-shifter fame in her role in The Devil's Advocate (see at 45:50 to 47:10)

can play Huma.


H3O = Hillary Huma Holder and Obama


And again, BRAVO to fearless James O'Keefe and the incredibly intrepid team.

Fresh Air, deplorably

I downloaded the 28,000 e-mails at Archive.com and have been going through them. While the obsequiousness of Hillary's courtiers is astonishing, even for such wormish people as these, the content is relatively banal. What else could we expect of e-mails turned over to the Benghazi Committee? There are numerous e-mails that simply contain fawning press clippings or editorials or news articles. The exotic cables from far-flung outposts containing Important Information are mostly non-existent.

What is clear from reading them is that Hillary Clinton was not running the State Department; Cheryl Mills, Jacob Sullivan and Huma Abedin were, with an assist from Sid Blumenthal and our buddy John Podesta. The only leadership I can glean from Hillary in pretty much anything is telling people to print articles out for her.

Alas, I don't think this cache of mails, which has been heavily redacted, is terribly useful. It's clear the committee did not receive the shameful, conniving discussions by the Clinton Cabal that led to the risible fingering of an obscure filmmaker for the Benghazi attack. Perhaps Wikileaks will produce them, but they aren't here.



Is that language, German?

Never saw the movie but she could make a Huma.

Fresh Air,

Thanks for your efforts going thru those E-Mails. Your take makes a lot of sense, especially this part:

"What is clear from reading them is that Hillary Clinton was not running the State Department; Cheryl Mills, Jacob Sullivan and Huma Abedin were, with an assist from Sid Blumenthal and our buddy John Podesta. The only leadership I can glean from Hillary in pretty much anything is telling people to print articles out for her."


From the Fernandez link-

capable of permeating the managerial society and gradually directing it in a prudential, reflective, virtuous manner respectful of both freedom and tradition.”

So the 'conservative intellectuals' also wanted to steer people and societies just like the lib's but under banners with different slogans?

And we wonder why there is a Uniparty that agrees on our need to be steered and their right to profit from the steering process.

And they wonder why there is an uprising. There is also an inherent nastiness to the phrase 'Trumpism'. "There is now excrement on my bespoke shoes and I am not sure all the brushing and polish in the world will ever make them the same again. Even if it can, the sordid memories when I now wear them of what the masses put us through."

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable.

Byron York has written a piece that covers a good number of people who I know---who aren't NeverTrumpers, some even long-time R voters, but also aren't Flight 93 people (which I believe most of us are) either.


I post this because I want to encourage continued, frequent prayer.

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable.

rse, all of us can see who Paul Ryan is---exactly one of our "betters." Hasn't had a job in the real world since high school; total bureaucrat. Used to be at least a decent number of the Rs had been makers before they became pols.

The issue is that they are clueless about the real world. They don't just live in a bubble now--most of them were RAISED in a bubble! Much of the policy maker class is kids my kids' age or slightly older ---kids who never even took a bus ride alone before college, let alone did anything like get their fanny our of bed in the dark and milk a cow! Or fix a meal for their family. Few even babysit, let alone hold a job while in high school. Money comes out of ATMs and there wasn't a second of their lives they couldn't spend in front of a screen--and many of them did.

Peggy wrote a decent column on them a while back---they've seen the movie, but haven't read the book.

Clueless, clueless, clueless.

I've seen this during my decades medicine, as the government's regulation became increasingly greater, and "academics" (who have never taken care of patients three consecutive days in a row) became bureaucrats who tell me how to do my job--which is the practice of medicine--something that is an art still, despite science, and "evidence based medicine." (That's fine for herd yield. I take care of individuals.)

Let's hope Michael Moore got it right, and this is going to be the F You election it needs to be to get enough votes out to slow the Uniparty machine for now, and a chance to restore Rule of Law.


What is clear from reading them is that Hillary Clinton was not running the State Department; Cheryl Mills, Jacob Sullivan and Huma Abedin were, with an assist from Sid Blumenthal and our buddy John Podesta. The only leadership I can glean from Hillary in pretty much anything is telling people to print articles out for her.

YES! From the get-go that is what stands out about all Hillary emails.
get me tea
find out TV listings
you send them a note

Her "crew" writes her answers & hones her responses that she will read.

Are there any LONG emails from her? Do any ideas originate with her?


on FB -

This. Is perfectly correct. By Privus Sapo

"The Populists abandoned Bush and the Intellectuals not because of a disagreement over going to war in Iraq but because the party of Bush and the intellectuals lost, and they did not lose because of a lack of support from the Populist GOP base but because they allowed the Left, the Deep State and the Institutions within the Castle to undermine them. Trump derided the GOP as "Losers" because they had been given every tool needed, both under President Bush after 9-11 and then after the voters rejected the Democrats in 2010 and 2014, and every time they failed to use the power granted to them. The Populists base rose up in the form of the Tea Party, the polite mature respectable Frank Capra's American Tea Party, and the GOP leadership and many of the Intellectuals smirked while the Democrats crucified them.

The sources of strength for the Left are known, in the agencies, in the Trust Fund supported NGOs and Grievance Studies departments of colleges, and in the Media and global technology industries that have moved offshore. If the GOP had used the power granted to them to identify and defang their enemies, as the Democrats have for 8 years done to the GOP and especially to the Populists, then the Populists would have rallied to them. At every opportunity the GOP bleated that they couldn't shut down the government and rolled over. Why? What did it get them?

There is a saying in Chicago, "Don't back no losers." "


Everyone knows 'Battlestar Galactica' was destroy all humans by cyclon made perfect in creation by lucifer. An existential plague. 😩

Wonder Women say Brad Pitt must pay with all his ownership, power and friends. Like trump, starr, ford, etc. FBI agrees, ultra secret government restricted reporting actions (his wife is a spy) to be followed by UN ICC.😤

Wonder Women say TV series must be written like 'Murdoch Mysteries' and all staff, production, etc must be hired like 'Dr.Who' TV shows....😠

'Send in the drones!' Heard by spilly hilly chamber maid during a feverish rant.😷


at Instapundit - WHY ARE DEMOCRATS SO VIOLENT? Homes across street from Sen. Pat Toomey’s residence vandalized with anti-GOP messages.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good morning!


As far as York's column, there is nothing to be done with people who are "afraid" of Donald Trump. I have a friend like that.

There's not much that can be done, or COULD have been done. The media was going to frame him the way they did, regardless. It's funny that my two sisters, who are in the same demographic as the peole in that article, are voting for Trump and LIKE him. So I am just praying there are more like them than the people in the article.

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