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October 24, 2016




Buford Gooch

First don't mean nuthin!

Buford Gooch

Barbara, I typed that before your comment appeared.

Matt - deplore me if you must

The level of corruption that is now being unearthed is incredible. Pitchforks, tar and feathers are in order. As is some serious jail time.

For one of the richest men in Washington this is utterly inexcusable.


I wasn't even sure that I was first. :) Never happened before.

I just was looking for where we were this morning and found a new thread.


I agree, Matt.

I have a friend I've known for years who believes that Trump is "intrinsically evil". She says that she would rather "vote for the evil" she knows (Hillary Clinton) and believes that the Congress will keep her in check. There is no way of persuading her otherwise.

The media has really done a job of dumbing down a portion of the electorate. However, these are people who would have voted Democrat no matter who the Republicans chose. They are dug in to their belief system and do not want to be disturbed by any facts.

Nonetheless, for every person I come across like my friend, there are dozens of others who understand what this election is all about. These include people who supported other candidates during the primary season and have come to see Trump as the person who can restore America and make it great again. I have great hope today.

the generalisticly deplorable rich

wow so not only did they fund her run for the VA State Senate they recruited her to run.

not a smidgen of corruption. barely a pinch of sleaze ...

David M

And yet it doesn't matter at all. In fact, it's possible that it will just add to the impression that these are just manufactured scandals, and contain no actual wrongdoing. Similar to how Benghazi, Solyndra, etc have no traction with voters who aren't already right-leaning.

Captain Hate

She says that she would rather "vote for the evil" she knows (Hillary Clinton) and believes that the Congress will keep her in check.

Like they kept Zippy in check? Like Corker shredded the Constitution to make the Iran deal easier to pass?

Matt - deplore me if you must

Like the weekly slandering of Trump scandals, you mean?

Michael  (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

(brought over from the last thread - sorry)

Take heart, America . . .

Hillary has five whole events scheduled this week.
More than any other week of the general.
Remember, if she's really winning by 12 she wins 50 states and none of this labor or expense is remotely necessary.
Posted by: Porchlight | October 24, 2016 at 12:21 PM

Porchlight - Thanks. Such a great observation.

Does everybody know why she has more events scheduled this week - 'More than any other week of the general'?

Because she feels more threatened, and fears losing,
More than any other week of the general.

Wikileaks, Project Veritas, and the 'anti-incumbent party' tide are starting to be felt. Bigly.


Here's James O'Keefe's new video.



Like they kept Zippy in check? Like Corker shredded the Constitution to make the Iran deal easier to pass?

You are so right, Captain. Some people refuse to be persuaded.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Bringing this over from the end of the last thread, since Barbara posted the video link:


Although the video pretty much proves illegality (as if anyone will do anything), the important things to take away from it are the following:

1. With all of the issues in this election, and all the trouble in the world, Hillary was obsessed with duck costumes.

2. Everyone at the DNC is scared of the Mouse (Disney).

3. Does anyone remember these ducks? I sure don't. EPIC FAIL. I wonder how much money they burned through with this stunt.

4. Also, the idea of 20-20 phones ringing with a duck call being heard at a rally is simply ridiculous. Those rallies are loud and no one would even hear them! FAIL!

Jack is Back!

Been up since 0400 dark with stomach virus (flu) and the nasty symptoms that entails. Hope it's only 24 hr kind because I have my major Ortho appt with the no. 1 guy at HSS on Wednesday in NYC. Ugh!


That Duck costume idea is so banal. This is the level of 'intellect' that the liberal media thinks should run the country. Pathetic.


I would push this bit from the first O'Keefe video

"Shirley Teter, the woman who accused a Donald Trump supporter of punching her outside a Trump rally in North Carolina is changing her story after Project Veritas Action released videos that caught Democrat operatives on camera claiming she was a trained "birddogging" activist."


Democrats hiring activists to 'set up' Americans. Mr. Campbell, who is 73 yrs. old, was being prosecuted. Thank heaven for James O'Keefe.


And yet it doesn't matter at all. In fact, it's possible that it will just add to the impression that these are just manufactured scandals, and contain no actual wrongdoing.

David M,

To a certain degree, it's like a tree falling in a forest of falling trees. It's overwhelming. That plus the media is not doing its job of reporting. They have been willingly compromised, so the message gets out, but perhaps in a less explosive way than it would if reported properly.

Nonetheless, the message is getting out via the Internet and radio. And it is resonating across the country.


"O’Keefe’s undercover video showed Democracy Partners consultant Scott Foval — who has since been fired — claiming that Teter was a “trained” political activist."

"69-year-old Shirley Teter of Asheville now says it is possible that 73-year-old Richard L. Campbell merely touched her accidentally, as his attorney had claimed all along."

"As a result of Teter’s initial accusation, police in Asheville issued a warrant for Campbell’s arrest, and his name was dragged through the mud nationwide — for the simple act of attending a political rally."


Miss Marple the Deplorable


EXACTLY. Low intellect foot soldiers and a candidate obsessed with getting people in duck suits to the rallies.



Wrote on the last thread about the new video #3 -

I don't think - 'Look! We caught the Dems breaking the law!' is gonna make the MFM engage.

The MFM doesn't care if Hillary or the Dems break the law.

Who's gonna do anything about it? Nobody, that's who.

Those laws are for Republicans.

clarice b. for Brainiac


clarice b. for Brainiac


Texas Liberty Gal

I have to say I'm somewhat disappointed with video #3-was hoping for more I guess.


Creamer's comment that the key point was to get that visual should be recognized. That's what all the illegal coordination is about. To cartoonify the opposition candidate and to do that with a familiar american symbol and not offend disney's trademark in the process.

I also think someone should edit creamer saying those "the next president of the united states" words over and over. There really was an assumption this was never to be close and that the Corrupt Harridan would glide into the white house with her pantsuit collection.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


As far as the lawbreaking, add it to the list, which is already very long with NO CONSEQUENCES.

However, Barbara brings up a good point: This is a juvenile stunt which makes them all look like idiots, and on top of that, Hillary herself is demanding the ducks. (And I can just hear her cussing up a storm and yelling about getting those ducks!)

So this video makes them look juvenile, moronic, and crazy. Look at how much time and money they spent on duck costumes! Seriously, this is high-level strategy? Imagine how well they will do with ISIS!


The ducks might work better with ISIS.

buccaneer morgan

commisar doc brown, does the full rubashev, (darkness at noon reference,)


Thank you, Michael!

Bill Mitchell is of the same mind as I am on the 12 point poll. Recommend his twitter feed:


Regarding the +12 poll, he points out:

-Obama had crowds of 70,000 in 2008 and had all the signs of impending victory (she has none but polls, also sky high disapproval)
-Obama had 7 million more votes in 2008 than Hillary had in 2016
-Dem primary turnout down massively, Reps up massively

Yet she's going to almost double Obama's 2008 win?


O'Keefe's #3 video is great...it catches the Dems breaking the law. The problem is that it doesn't matter anymore.

We've caught Hillary doing worse at the State Dept.. We caught a business SELLING BABY EYES for crying out loud & the guy that caught them was brought up on charges.

If you feel like vomiting look at this video of CNN covering the O'Keefe videos - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQ1qT-XtNk0

THey just beat up on O'Keefe.


Make AMerica Great AGain!!! Pray, vote Trump, pray, pray, pray!!!!


Yes, Janet. Prayer is needed.

It seems on at least some level that the filth media has blown their wad and most people are tuning out.

Honestly, if people were taking their histrionics seriously, Trump would be at 5%.

Media and polls are all they have. That's a lot. But it's not everything.


The ducks might work better with ISIS.

Porky Pig costumes would be better.


Buckeye, that or the Vagina costumes...


Potential breakthrough in fighting virulent forms of Breast Cancer:
Breakthrough on 'incurable' breast cancer: Scientists find a way to make deadly tumours vulnerable to chemotherapy

As Instapundit says, "Faster, Please."


So,Hillary is in NH at St.Anselm,campaigning
with Fauxchontas and Sen. Ayotte's challenger Gov.Hassan. I don't know why the Benedictine monks let those hags on campus.
Mike Pence was in NH over the week-end and urged everyone to vote for Ayotte. Of course,Ayotte was nowhere to be found,certainly not campaigning with Pence.
But all the Democrats have no problem being seen with their corrupt candidate. UGH!

buccaneer morgan

wonderful, daddy, ayotte forgot the first rule of fight club, and holes,


Trump said in a recent rally:

"If they can do this to someone like me with unlimited resources just think what they can do to you."

He needs to say this over and over and over and over.


Thanks for some good news daddy.

Nice change of pace.

clarice b. for Brainiac


buccaneer morgan

his attempted ambush 25 years ago was a game changer,



Ha,I spelled Fauxcahontas wrong. I'll stick to calling her fake Indian.

buccaneer morgan

I dubbed her red squaw ironically,


clarice b. for Brainiac

FWIW:Jack Posobiec ‏@JackPosobiec 2h2 hours ago Los Angeles, CA
She is shifting ad money and staff to PA. She has already pulled out of OH and NC.
0 replies 180 retweets 237 likes
Reply Retweet 180
Like 237
Jack Posobiec ‏@JackPosobiec 2h2 hours ago Los Angeles, CA
Both the DNC and DSCC see no path to victory in Florida. Trump and Rubio will both win by a solid margin.
0 replies 176 retweets 267 likes

Captain Hate

Maybe Ayotte was in Arizona helping McRINO; after all, with Kasich spending so much time assisting THE MAVERICK, she might get busted down to Shemp status.

buccaneer morgan

acme's best handiwork:



I thought this story interesting: It explains how Air India saved fuel and time by deciding to fly Eastbound instead of Westbound around the world, taking advantage of strong Jet Stream tailwinds generated by the Earths rotation. Air India's Delhi to San Francisco flight becomes the world's longest non-stop journey (after switching route to cross Pacific instead of Atlantic ocean)

It increased their distance to destination almost 900 miles, but reduced their time to get to destination by 2 hours. A nice illustration of the power of headwinds and tailwinds. Our company BTW monitors Jet Stream winds like a hawk and plans any significant legs to take full advantage of the winds depending upon direction. That is why frequently when we are going from an Asian location like Seoul to Anchorage, we overfly Japan and simply cross the Pacific just south of the Aleutians---to take advantage of that Jet Stream push. Yet if we are doing the Anchorage to Seoul leg we often are routed up north over Russian Siberia, in order to be be above punishing Jet Stream winds blowing in our face.

Catch-up begins. Good Morning!

Captain Hate

acme's best handiwork:

Comments are outstanding.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Dr. Jill Stein Verified account

Hillary's laughter at the lynching of an African ruler was frankly disturbing. She left Libya in bloody chaos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlz3-OzcExI


I am so glad to see this out there. Coming from Jill Stein it will have more impact.


team McMuffin will end up with egg on their faces.

Duck Dynasty lives

The ducks might work better with ISIS.

If oBOzo is going to release any more Gitmo prisoners, how about we make them wear some goat and sheep costumes, and set them loose on ISIS?

James D

henry, I was just looking at one of those interactive electoral maps, and I came up with a really upsetting scenario - 266 electoral votes each for Trump and Hillary, with Utah left undecided.

God help us all if it comes to that...


James D, that is the plan (with a rumored sneak Romney in as a sub for McMuffin because all the dems now say he is perfect compared to Trump).

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

How'd we miss the ducks? They had signs, they had costumes, they had a slogan, they had ring tones! They got it reported on by the MSM. Yet it might as well have never happened.

It was Hillary's idea and it was an epic fail. Yes, it was lame to begin with, but I think the bigger reason why it failed was because they failed to get it trending on social media. I'm telling you all--Trump is waging his campaign on social media and Hillary mostly isn't. Which is how Trump with only two or three days notice can get 10 to 20 thousand people to attend his rallies, and on a good day Hillary gets 500 to a thousand.

I think social media is 2016's ground game, and the MSM/GOPe/Dems are missing it.


Y'all are 'originals'..

Shedding tears for a serial child rapist

Daffy Quadaffi is precious and praise-worthy like Assange...for the next few moments.

If you don't like that weather, stick around.

The only consistency is the 'loyal' fickleness.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

henry, James D.,

Well, should they do that we will have open revolt, and I am not kidding.

I can envision an army of pitchforks, torches and probably other things marching on DC.

You would have the inner cities making common cause with Appalachia over that. Honest to God, if they think they can do that they are living in the biggest damn bubble in history.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Ghadaffi was no angel, but he was doing the US no harm and had turned over his nuclear weapons program.

Did him no good when Hillary decided to overturn Libya to get street cred on military stuff for the election (see Sidney Blumenthal's emails.) It also has come out that Libya made several overtures to avoid invasion, but Hillary, because of a personal grudge against Ghadaffi, nixed it.

Then she laughed about his murder.

If Hillary can do this to a leader of a nation, what will she do to YOU if you get crossways in her radar?

And what Third World dictator will ever trust the word of the US government again? I bet in his last minutes Ghadaffi wished he had kept his nukes. And I bet a whole lot of countries (North Korea, Iran, etc.) took exactly that lesson from it.

James D

I'm going to break my personal rule here:

Ben, f-off and die. No one wants you here. Nothing you say is of any value to anyone. Your life is worthless, and anyone who is unfortunate enough to know you in real life would be better off if you got up from your computer right now, walked out into traffic, and got run over by a bus.

buccaneer morgan

that last came from our friend marko, who is in the vecinity of eggman, coo coo katchoo,

Tom R

She is shifting ad money and staff to PA. She has already pulled out of OH and NC.

Jack Posobiec ‏@JackPosobiec 2h2 hours ago Los Angeles, CA
Both the DNC and DSCC see no path to victory in Florida. Trump and Rubio will both win by a solid margin.

How reliable is this Posobiec guy and how would he know that the Hillary campaign has pulled out of those states?


James D, that is the plan

Hey, all. I can assure you this IS the plan now that I can come up for air. Last two weeks have had me buried at work (I'd know this would be happening for some months) and everything culminated in a dinner party last Friday with my largest client and wife from out of town, his former business partner and wife, and the president of our local university and wife.

BYU was in town the night before for a football game and the guests in the Presidents suite at the stadium were all from a SLC-based RE development firm that is now hyper-active in Boise. Everyone present from the firm are Utah grads (and BYU haters, of course) and they were apparently gloating about how this #neverTrump flanking procedure will be enough to deny him the electoral votes for the win. Ergo, McMuffin is really a MacGuffin. (Never thought I would write a sentence like that!)

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

One of my favorite parts of this election is how we now know how badly the feather passers like our poor Ben got played by Soros and Mrs. Goldman Sachs, I say one thing in private and another in public.

Pubic Mrs. Goldman Sachs--Big banks are bad. Private Mrs. Goldman Sachs--Never mind what I say in public. Those feather passers are just easily manipulated, idealistic fools.

Awww. Down twinkles.

buccaneer morgan

he actually thought there was a difference, lol,


derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

Oops that was a funny, but icky, typo.

clarice b. for Brainiac

Don't know--he implies he has a national network reporting these things..Here's the list of Citizens for Trump officers:
Tim Selaty Sr., Executive Operations Director, Grassroots Organizer
Michelle Selaty, Website Administrator, Senior Editor
George G. Lombardi, International Liaison, Press Correspondent
Kathleen Flaherty, National Operations Director, Volunteer Coordinator
Jan Morgan, National Spokesperson
Wayne Dupree, National Spokesperson
Kate Beecham, Research Director
Jack Posobiec, Security & Special Projects Director
Brent Daniel, Creative & Graphic Design Contributor
Don Smith, Public Relations Liaison, Broadcast Media Director
Robbin Smith, Fb Page Administrator
Cathy Finley, Florida State Operations Director
Paula Prudente, South Florida Field Director
Tricia Cunningham, Pennsylvania State Operations Director
Ralph King, Ohio State Field Director & Event Coordinator

Old Lurker

Useful Idiots, all of them, Derwill.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


They are just nuts for a couple of reasons:

1. No one will consider McMuffin a legitimate president (nor Romney, if they subbed him in) and much chaos and violence would ensue.

2. The Mormon Church has spent almost a century trying to be accepted as mainstream. This would destroy that effort and send them back to the days when they were run out of Nauvoo at gunpoint. I am not kidding about this, and I think if you conducted a survey in Appalachia it would uphold my opinion.


But how many Mormons in UT share the inanity that has afflicted Glenn Beck since the primaries?


Rush---Hour 2, on an angry GOP rant

Close to verbatim: "The Republican Party does not know how to win and does not know what to do with a victory when they do win and get into power."

He is enormously pissed, like we are, at Republicans helping to demoralize our side rather than unifying and fighting against the real enemy. Any of us here at JOM could be doing his rant.


If the GOPe can't formulate and articulate a long-term strategy, or even a short-term one, to ensure electoral victories, why the hell would we expect them to be able to develop such strategies to manage the economy, national defense, or any other national objective?


Hannity going clickbait. Supposedly Hillariy's procurer will be unveiled this evening.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Live stream, St. Augustine, Florida rally:


Rudy up now!

clarice b. for Brainiac

Did fing articles in Tampa Trubne and Politco in late Sept which state (confirming AG's view) that HC is worried about turnout operation and black support in Fla)


He is enormously pissed, like we are, at Republicans helping to demoralize our side rather than unifying and fighting against the real enemy.

I'll just leave this here:


CNN's Jeff Zeleny shares his reporting on her quiet, private outreach to Senate Republicans as Clinton allows herself to look ahead at the prospect of trying to govern.

"I'm told she's been talking to Republican senators, old allies and new, saying that she is willing to work with them and govern. On the campaign trail she clings very closely to President Obama. She needs him to win the election," Zeleny says. "But she also is signaling she will be a different kind of president. She will work with (Republicans). She wants to have an open-door policy."

GOPe: Please rub our bellies.

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

What's the point of the McMuffin will block both Trump and Hillary plan with Utah's six electoral votes if the polls! the polls! the polls! are showing Trump losing by double digits?

If it weren't for illogic they'd have no logic at all.


EXACTLY derwill.

The McMuffin gambit is completely unnecessary if the polls that THESE VERY PEOPLE are pushing are actually accurate.


I think I despair most about America's having lost its seriousness of purpose and its competence.

We don't seem to know WTF to do anymore, or even why we're doing it, and we fail at it.

Captain Hate

You'd have to be as dumb as McRINO, Grahamnesty and Ayotte to fall for that.


Thanks, everyone, for your prayers.

Frontal lobe controls self control, emotion, what keeps us from cursing, screaming, shouting, saying inappropriate things, etc. He had to be restrained with big strap around his midriff, anchoring him to bed, puffy boxing gloves, and eventually, those gloved hands and arms strapped to bed because he'd try and yank out IV's. In Neuro ICU, patients have to have two IV's, and, for some reason, these IV's were changed every few hours. He tried to yank out his catheter, and IV's, slug every nurse, even strapped down, a male aide would have to come in and hold down his arm in order to get the IV's done. (He is very strong.) When he was strapped down, he tried to bite the nurses (who were angels from beginning to end.) This went one for a night, a day, a night, another day. He was then transferred to adult ICU, he'd been put on two anti-seizure drugs, which sort of calmed him down. He never let up. He harangued us, "Let me go, untie these," and when we wouldn't, or when we'd play like we were trying and just couldn't, he'd become furious and have tirades. In the middle of one night, he said, 'Jo, where's my knife, give me my knife.' I never had such a feeling come over me -- absolute horror, I guess, until he told me to get his Swiss Army knife, and cut the straps tying him down. Then I thought, my God, he is really, really thinking and conniving, he really thinks he can get out. During the second day of this, my daughter was alone with him for awhile, and she looked over, and he'd worked three fingers out of those boxing gloves (made out of pillow like material.) She ran for the nurses. I hate it she had to go through those few hours while my son and I went to a hotel and slept and showered. She doesn't cry, and when we were alone, she said,'he's going to have to be handcuffed or confined for the rest of his life,' and she cried and cried. She was terrified, for him, as well as of him. I still can't get over how wonderful that staff was. They treated him like something precious, even the people he hit. The young men who had to be called to hold his arm down for the IV's, were gentle, and it took all of their strength to hold him. I've never seen anything like the way he lunged up and tried to bite one of the nurses, who was finding a vein. (they have these lights that they shine on a person's arm, and all of the veins in the arm are illuminated -- it's weird. When they flushed his IV's, I saw the stuff shoot into his vein one time.) He remained angry with me because I wouldn't help him, told me to get away from his bed.

Our system decided he was ready to come home when he could walk 125 or 150 steps, that's the PT he got in the hospital. He saw PT one time. The hospitalist doctor came in on Saturday after the accident happened on Wed. morning early, and said, 'Good news, you probably get to go home today, you've had your PT.' My son almost flipped out and the neurosurgeon made sure we got to stay until Monday.

My husband refused to go to Rehab for a week. I knew he would have had to be tied down to take him, so I brought him home. I was so scared on that drive, I kept thinking 'what if I have to slam on my brakes, what if we have an accident?' Funny thing, the man at the hospital who had responsibility of wheelchair transfer to my SUV, couldn't get my husband in the car. He couldn't bend enough, and he kept knocking his head on the car. I stood there and shivered inside.

Another funny thing, we've had visitors, neighbors, etc., and he's been witty and calm and sweet even, glad to see people, but yesterday evening when my sister and daughter were here, the conversation somehow got on to his hospital stay, and he made some comment about if he could get his hands on those people, he'd knock them silly, and he made a huge fist. I said, "You remember?" He said, 'Yes, I remember.' I said, "You remember it all?" and he said, "Hell, yes, I remember it all, and nobody's doing that to me, or I'll knock their block off." I thought he'd never remember any of it. I was stunned.

Today we go to primary care doctor for first time. Need to call neurosurgeon because his office hasn't called and they were supposed to call for an appt.

Anonamom, he'd been working real hard on a project at church, hadn't been eating right, had felt bad. Worked all day, took our grandson to football practice, came home 8.30 at night, went straight to bed without eating. The next morning he hadn't eaten. I got up, and ten minutes later asked him a question, and he got out of chair, turned real fast to show me something, evidently blacked out, fell straight back, as a 6' pole or log would, just straight back. There was a big bang when he hit the floor. I called 911 within 30 seconds. They never found out why he blacked out. No sign of stroke, aneurysm.

Sorry, sorry this is so long. Thank you for all of your prayers. They really do help. :)

Appalled (Alt-Moderate)

Since the Trump is such a socially unacceptable candidate, in the view of media culture, the polling is going to undercount the Trump vote. It's closer than the polls let on.

I offer no predictions other than that.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is why we need Trump. He's able to explain complex issues in understandable terms, bluntly say when something isn't working, call bad people out for their bad actions, and set goals.

He's also capable of forming teams and keeping people feeling like they are involved. After all, look at his campaign. Right now I am watching a live stream from a network started by independent Trump supporters who got sick of the networks not providing coverage.


Keep drinking that kool-aid MM

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze

I may have posted this link earlier, or perhaps someone here posted it--I do not know. However, if you want to read something very very good, my strongest recommendation is for Publius Decius Mus'
Seven Degrees of Jonah Goldberg
October 22, 2016
Decius is author of the widely lauded "Flight 93 Election" analysis. This piece is one of several replies Decius has made to criticisms of Flt 93.

His response to the smug, self-important jonah goldberg is simply excellent.

The top rated comment:

... let me shorten this up for those who like to use the big fancy words. Maybe they will understand this. They won't like it, but maybe they'll understand it. We played by your rules. We followed your marching orders like the good soldiers we are, ever since 1988. You gave us "No new taxes", "Compassionate Conservatism", Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. We gave you Newt and the republican revolution of 1994, 2010, and 2014. What did that bring us? Not much. In 2016, Donald J. Trump, who is not who I voted for, nor whom I wanted in this position, whipped sixteen other republicans. Fair and square. Every single one that you (the establishment) wanted dropped out early. Jeb, Perry, Christie, et al,. Cruz hung in until the bitter end, another one the GOPe couldn't stand, yet you all have the temerity, and gall to tell us to shut up and let you take care of this "problem". Screw you. At this point, I don't care if the (your) whole apparatus burns to the ground. We heard from Boehner when we only had the House that they were ½ of ⅓ of the gov't. and "what can they do". Ryan is up there getting ready for a large obamacare induced chiropractor bill from getting whipsawed every other day. Mr. Sam must be laughing his ass off at you rank amateurs. I am not an "alt-right" wacko, nut-job. I have a college degree, live and work in a major metropolitan area, wear a suit and tie to work every day. with others just like me, who while we didn't go the the fancy-pants east coast schools like y'all did, are being asked to "trust you" one more time. You guys are the ones who've screwed this whole thing up by begging us for our help and sticking the shiv in our backs. Bite me.


Oh Joan, how frightening for you all. No wonder you're in a state. So if I'm understanding you, he is improving greatly? I so hope so.


Decius is great, Sandy!

Appalled, thanks for saying that. If it's apparent to you, it makes me feel slightly less crazy.

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

Oh my gosh, Joan, by heart goes out to you.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Oh, Joan, what a horrible ordeal!!!

I am not surprised he remembers it, though. When my mother was in the ICU recovering from brain surgery for a tumor (and we thought she was unconscious) she remembered all sorts of things that had happened including the dirty jokes the nurses told!!

I am sure he has a long way to go. The resistance to PT also reminds me of my mom, who used to do all sorts of things to try and get out of it.

Prayers for all of you!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

ALmost 17,000 on the RSBN feed alone.


Scott Adams is seriously pissed off. He didn't take kindly to being shadowbanned by Twitter and Periscope. Full-on Trump support now, instead of tongue-in-cheek like before.

Scott Adams ‏@ScottAdamsSays

Remind me how you do a scientific poll when 10% of Trump voters are literally hiding. (Big surprise coming, bullies.) #Trump


Joan, my thoughts and prayers to you all. Hope things turn out for the best.


Don't know what to say, Joan, but Godspeed for your husband and you. Prayers and the best of luck.


Trump and crowd are super high energy in St. Augustine. Love it.


Bravo, James D!

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze



Hate to beg, but I will.

Please, post to your social media (fb, twitter), send to your friends.
If you see a Trump sine HONK.

This act--HONK--is tremendously helpful to the movement. It lets Trump supporters participate, to identify, without having to worry about left damage or attack. It lets Trump supporters know they are not alone. It builds morale and esprit de corps. It is a act of joy, exuberance, and defiance of the elite.

On Wednesday, we begin
Let these horns build toward a wonderful crescendo of jubilation on the evening of 8 Nov, from sea to shining sea.

You are needed and wanted: needed to spread the word, and wanted to help Make America Great Again. #MAGA

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze


If you see a Trump sign HONK.

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

This is an interesting article on Minnesota's 8th district where the Republican candidate is leading the incumbent Dem in the Survey USA poll. And Trump is leading Hillary in that poll by a whopping 12 points!

The takeaway--this very district has voted for the Democrat presidential candidate in the last 4 presidential elections. Yet Trump is winning it by 12 points. At least according to Survey USA.




So sorry. I hope and pray for a speedy recovery.

buccaneer morgan

so sorry to hear that joan.



My heart goes out to you.

My friend's husband reacted the same way when he was hospitalized for a heart attack. He's a tall man too at 6' 4". He was restrained after he tried to rip out the lines because he thought they were feeding tubes. He absolutely forbade that.

After his wife convinced him that they were not feeding tubes, he relaxed. I also think that he couldn't stand the thought of being restrained.
So, his reaction was understandable.



Priests Urge Pro-life Voters to Turn out on Election Day - One America News Network


Matt - deplore me if you must

The Telegraph just printed a hit job on Trump.

Apparently they sent undercover reporters to the Great America PAC, which supports Trump disguised as Chinese donors who were promised to be favorably received if Trump were elected.

I am sick and tired of the entire media establishment.

Whether it is the anti-Brexiteers or the way the European media have aligned themselves against the working class or here in this country I think the privileged are all in to maintain that privilege.

Their use of dirty tricks is unparalleled and the hypocrisy is a massive stench that will remain for a long time.

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