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October 10, 2016


Matt - deplore me if you must






The Gipper Lives

The Clintons have always brazened-it-out, counting on timid Republicans and the Leg-Humping Media to cover for them. That ended last night.

They were shocked to be called criminals to their faces.

The only thing we're really deciding is whether we'll fight back now with Trump, or whether we'll finish destroying this country, slitting her throat and burying her in a shallow grave down by the borderless river.

We've had corrupt Political Machines before. And we've had Organized Crime Families.

But we've never had them all wrapped up into one before, and unconstrained. The Clintons were at least somewhat held in check in the '90's, but all that is gone and they've had years to perfect their grifter criminality.

Electing Hillary would be putting a mobster in office, an Al Capone with nukes and a foreign policy.

for sale.

Donald Wins!


DT confronted them last night like they have never been before. Win or lose, things for them and the media will never be the same. Balls


Bumped to the current thread:

Ask all that you know to send back to their local newspapers wire service copy that contains opinion, conjecture, extraneous “facts” and selective reporting. Demand local editors correct misrepresentations before publishing dreck verbatim that is a disservice to their readers.

A Shakespearian style Helen Hayes 1956 radio show had a remark I will purloin and apply to Wire Service reporters:

Journalist hacks “spread compost on weeds.”

clarice b. for Brainiac

Hillary probably didn't feel the fly and swat at it because of the botox.


Talked to my good southern baptist, tithing, teetotaling parents this morning and they had friends over to watch the debates. I got scolded for going to bed before it was over (I was up until 10 which is an improvement over recent nights) and felt trump was magnificent.

Upset that the tape was being used to excuse her horrific behavior. If people like them were not swayed by the tape and thought dt did well, hill and bill are in trouble in an unexpected corridor.

Jim Eagle

clarice's link at the end of the last thread just shows what an uphill fight Trump has against a top heavy loaded pro-Hillary media. And I include Fox. Bret Baier this morning refused to criticize the role Andy Vanderbilt and Martha Ratass played as surrogates last night.

It won't get easier. Just read our esteemed host's introduction to this thread.


@ Clarice's link: How ridiculous to watch a crew of "burly" newcasters pretend private locker room banter where an aging playboy brags about glory days "shocked ... shocked" them to their inner core of humanity.

Seriously, ridicule is the only appropriate response.

Deplorable Momto2

Everyone should watch Clarice's link. What a bunch of hypocrites! These same exact people would be screaming about rape if it were someone else. Now, they call it a "stunt"!

I do not believe Trump is sliding in the polls. Where is RG???


Hewitt is a guest on the local conservative radio show.

He still wants Trump to withdraw but he believes Trump won the debate hands down.

The host asks, "what is the path forward if Trump steps out?"

Hewitt says a simple conference call amongst party leadership will places Pence at the top of the ticket. He then says that Trump's slaying of Hillary last night has made the path easier for Pence.

He then said he considers himself "Mr. Neutral" on this.

More like Mr Neutered.

The whole interview gets interrupted with Hugh talking about Ohio baseball and football.

Thomas Collins

Trump's problem with the pussy tape is not with the devout, who understand what The Fall is all about and its implications for humanity at this level of Creation. His problem is with low information, college educated, secularists in battleground states. Campaign Hill has played this very well to in effect slut shame those people to vote for her. Trump has an even tougher task than he did before the pussy tape came out. On the bright side, Campaign Trump apparently now realizes that his best chance to win is spending the last month of the campaign attempting to so tarnish Hill and the Oligarchs that even if they prevail, they'll be governing a body politic in which a substantial portion of the people will consider them ruling by force only, not as a result of any process providing legitimacy to their rule.


The host is now railing against Chuck Todd and his treatment of Rudy. Hewitt says, "I missed that... I was on a panel for MSNBC at the same time."

The host says, "I hope that you have all your vaccinations to hang out with those people."

Hewitt responds that "they may be wrong, but they aren't rotten."


Now Hewitt is explaining that he has never been in a locker room where the manly men talked like Trump.



After Debate Bill Clinton helps a shaken Hillary down stairs

If one is into body language this vid tells a little story for sure..

Thomas Collins

Oh, c'mon, TK. You know how much I respect you personally and respect your opinions. But that type of talk is exactly the kind of talk alphas DON'T use in the locker room. Whatever one thinks of Hewitt and the rest of the Oligarchs, it does no help to anyone to make believe that type of talk has anything to do with manliness.



Do you doubt that the Turks bought Dennis Hastert?

And that proof of that was caught on FBI wiretaps!


Ryan slips the knife in, this morning's meeting was to wash Trump from his toga.

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

--The host asks, "what is the path forward if Trump steps out?"--

Has Trump given even a teensy, weensy little hint that he is considering dropping out? Does "I won't withdraw. I never withdraw" sound the least little bit equivocal to these birdbrains? While they're still clinging to hope that their clever plan will take out Trump, they haven't noticed that they are now in very real danger of having taken themselves out. They aren't living inside a bubble, they're living inside a rubber ball ten feet thick.


I couldn't watch the debate last night--I was at an opera recital and after party (I'm a high class deplorable). I spent the night hoping that I would come home to find out that Hillary's head had fallen off her neck and rolled down into the audience. What a disappoint! Other than that, it sound like it was a good night.


"But that type of talk is exactly the kind of talk alphas DON'T use in the locker room"

So Trump can't be alpha because he used the "P-word".

Something tells me you don't know WTF you're talking about.

BTW IMO Patton was alpha.

clarice b. for Brainiac


Hillary confirms in secret speech (wijikeaks) that enviro and anti-fracking groups are being funded by Russia. Fracknation suing DoS to release info

Matt - deplore me if you must

How does a Speaker of the House lose his job?

By announcing that he will no longer campaign with or defend Trump.

Having scanned most of the big dailies this morning the fix is truly in. Pravda on the Potomac is in full meltdown. The LA Times is reporting "nothing to see, move along", while the doyen on the Hudson tells us how Trump has gone low.

This against the Queen of Low. Remember the "birther" thing? Remember what she did to those women sitting in the audience last night? Remember the slurs against Obama? Or "what difference does it make"?

The hypocrisy is on full display.

The Mail is a bit more honest. They are calling it Donald's Great Escape.

I think he landed some serious body blows last night. She must have had a meltdown afterwards. he hit her with Benghazi, with the e mails, with Bill's serial rapes, and with the kitchen sink.

The people who watched know who won no matter how hard or loud the media shout the opposite.

This is going to get bloody, I think.


Last night when Anderson asked him if he had ever physically assaulted any women the way he described in the video, Trump answered no. I expect a long line of women coming forward now to claim Trump did grope them.



Did you ask Scooter Libby about the meeting his attorneys had with Sibel Edmonds?

Thomas Collins

I'm happy to meet you face to face, boris, so that you can interact with me and decide for yourself live whether I know WTF I am talking about. And if you decide to bring your bully game to me live, I'm happy to deal with it at any level you desire. Seven eight one two four seven three one six three. Give me a call and we'll arrange a meeting. Even if we are in different parts of the country, I'm sure we'll find a mutually agreeable street corner. Thus, rather than trying to intimidate me through the safety of a blog, you'll get a chance to strut your toughness in person.


Nobody "called you out" TC. Stuff it.

clarice b. for Brainiac

Boris, I'm with you on this one.

clarice b. for Brainiac

As for Ryan, except for the guys at the WS, I think he's pretty much blown his rep with the right.


People are shocked when confronted with the abnormal. I didn't follow the comments here when the tape leaked, and I don't want to beat the dead horse, but men do not talk like that in locker rooms or anywhere else. I've been in the Army, I'm from New York City, I've been around both blue collar and wealthy people all of my life, and it doesn't happen (or, if it does, men will shrink away and think the speaker is unbalanced). Sure, men (and women) will curse blue streaks, but they don't casually launch into specifics about sexual conquests, it is too immature and sleazy.

Now, Donald using the n-word on Apprentice tapes is rumored to be next, and that's another thing that people with any character at all never do (blacks using the word themselves doesn't count). If that tape comes out, Donald will use the same "everybody does it" excuse, and maybe he even believes that. And then the "response" is to release something new that's damaging to Hillary, and it had better be prurient or scatalogical in nature (though Trump can't dare mention Bill's chum Jeffrey Epstein). Over the next 28 days we may well be witness to one of the most embarrassing periods in the history of American electoral politics.

I remember, in 1968, doing a follow-the-candidates project in my sixth-grade class. The class was randomly divided up to "cover" the campaigns, and we'd bring in news clippings about Richard Nixon and George Romney and Hubert Humphrey and George McGovern, and we'd discuss themm. Wow, that was another world, folks, because any sane sixth-grade teacher today really doesn't want their kids to see how the adults are behaving.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Laura Ingraham was on fire on the radio. (I had to run errands.)

She had just gotten word of the toga washing henry posted about in the link above, in which he told members to "follow their conscience."

She asked where his conscience was passing that Omnibus budget bill that funded Planned Parenthood's dismemberment of babies? Where was his conscience when Obama unilaterally and illegally admitted illegals?

She had nothing but contempt for him, and I was glad to hear her.

She said that we have a country to save and Donald Trump is our only hope. She mocked his stupid "Better Way" and pointed out how that was a non-starter if Hillary gets in the White House. Said they all need to go to work for think tanks where they can chat all day about what Jack Kemp would do.



"men do not talk like that in locker rooms or anywhere else"

Gee thanks for letting us all know how "men" really do not talk.

How many "men" are rich, tall, good looking, smart, playboys like Trump was most of his life. Maybe you don't know but those guys generally "get away" with stuff most other "men" do not (unless they play guitar ;).

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

Some women have potty mouths, and some men don't. It's an equal opportunity talent. I learned how to turn the air blue in a sorority house in the late 1960s and perfected the ability during my six years in the Marines. Put me in the right environment and I can find a way to insert the f-word into every sentence. I once tried to give up swearing for Lent, and it was hopeless. I'm not saying it's not a deplorable habit, but there are worse sins.


TC, the host countered with where he has heard such locker room talk.

News rooms.

Maybe there are different versions of alphas out there? Maybe it is people thinking that this is what alphas sound like?

Billy Bush thought so. That is why he joined in.

I don't think alpha's hand our uranium over to rooskies, so I will use that metric.

I also think that construction workers who used to whistle at a fine piece of ass walking by are forced to talk about her ass behind closed doors due to PC.


Just heard wsb noon report as I ran an errand and the lead was "Paul ryan believes hillary will be the next Pres" and "will neither campaign or defend donald trump."

If hillary does win how many americans will wish somebody would nuke congress in session with most of her cabinet?

The loss of the utterly corrupt uniparty would probably be met with "how sad for their families".

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I call BS on you, hrtshpdbox.

I have worked in an almost exclusively male environment (coal mining) and I can guarandamntee you that I overheard stuff that would make you clutch your pearls and faint.


For gosh sakes, look at how people posted on Ace of Spades! Or go over to the sub-reddit The_Donald and look at what some of those young guys say!

You sound just like the sissy-sounding guy who called into Laura Ingraham and said, "Oh, he cannot POSSIBLY vote for such a person."

Laura cut him off and said she didn't have time to deal with foolishness, because she had a country to save.

That is the choice. Vote for someone who is flawes and loves the country and will try to fix things, or vote for a woman who has gotten thousands of people killed, including Americans, with her poor judgement and incompetence and corruption.

You can vote for Donald Trump and decent Supreme Court judges, or you can accept Clinton and consign the nation to rule by leftist decree.


This is straight up illegal.

clarice b. for Brainiac

My husband is not a Trump supporter--when he read the tape he just laughed out loud--said it was the dumbest charge against Trump==Maybe TC and others have never heard talk like this but he certainly has==a lot of it. When I went to law school there were only 2 women in the class..we overheard crap like this all the time and the professors had Vestal Virgin day where we were called on by some professors to answer questions about the most salacious cases they could find,
On one hand we have Hillary with Lena Dunham talking about a man whose dick was exposed inadvertently and saying she wished she could see it, we have Beyonce grabbing her crotch at the WH and rap stars using the most foul misogynistic lyrics as WH honored guests--our culture if aswamp with vulgar sexual reference and acts, and we are supposed to go to our fainting couches? Gosh--it's time for a new GetReal party..the right is so stupid I hate to be affiliated with it some days.



Scooter Libby and his attorneys knew Edmonds was absolutely credible.

So did Judge Reggie Walton.

What do you base your conclusion that she is not on?

Deplorable Momto2

OMG - I've heard pilots talk like that in the cockpit - I've heard flight attendants (female) talk like that on the jumpseat.

I dated an air force pilot and some of his friends talked like that (before he told them to stop it!)

Why do you think they put language like that in movies if they are trying to be "authentic"? Because there are people who talk that way. I'm not condoning it at all but to act like it *never happens* or is some alien unheard of thing is ridiculous.


but men do not talk like that in locker rooms or anywhere else.

I've never been in a men's locker room, but I've heard talk like that. I also read it all day long online.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I wonder how many democrats will look at that pile of loser-Republicans and maybe vote Trump out of a desire to see them suffer?

It's worth a pitch.

Really, I am done with the lot. If you ask me, the fear is not that Trump would lose; the fear is that Trump would win and clean house.

I am all for getting rid of the cozy association of the Big Banks and Congress. Maybe we could make common cause with the dem rank and file over some of this stuff.

I bet you could get the unions to back down on minimum wage if they thought that more manufacturing jobs would pop up due to renegotiating NAFTA.

Why am I talking like this? Obviously, the current GOP crop (with some exceptions) are simply actors in the kabuki theater, posing as people of ideals when it means zilch to them other than a way to fool us into voting for them.

I am done. Start a nationalist party and ramp up the military. I am ready to go full-scale Patton.


For the DC contingent:

Mike Cernovich ‏@Cernovich 9h9 hours ago

Rally outside RNC HQ,
310 First Street, SE,
Washington DC
Monday October 10th, 2 p.m.!

Deplorable Momto2

I ask myself, 'How many people are going to vote or change their vote based on what Ryan said or says?"

I personally would not change the oil in my car based on his suggestion.

Old Lurker

I'm with MM at 12:20.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Porchlight, have you seen this?

"He sent among them swarms of flies, which devoured them, and frogs, which destroyed them." Psalm 78:45




People don't get it. It's the people vs. the establishment. If the establishment is against Trump it only strengthens him.

Let them align with Clinton; that only proves we were right about them in the first place.

Already people are talking about voting Trump only and screw the downticket.

What did they imagine would happen?


Haha, that's great, MM. I thought of the Obama fly as well. Hadn't thought to include Pepe but of course I should have.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Really, this shows you how stupid they all are. They seem to think that voters are going to meekly fall into line.

Not this year. Nope.

We have been hungering for a true leader since Reagan. Trump isn't quite Reagan, but he is the ONLY person who has defended us. Out of 17 candidates, he's the ONLY one who talked about the border, the ONLY one who talked about the trade deals.

Why was that? Because ALL of the rest of them are just fine with the way things are, no matter that you are losing one of your 3 part time jobs because an illegal took your late-night cleaning job at the motel for 3 bucks cheaper, because they will work for cash.

Paul Ryan sits in walled fortress house with his wife who worked for Goldman Sachs (and, by all accounts, is a DEMOCRAT) and sniffs that any opposition to the ruination of this country is somehow sinful.

Screw that.

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

--"Paul ryan believes hillary will be the next Pres" and "will neither campaign or defend donald trump."--

He's painted himself into such a corner, he has no choice now that he has failed to force Trump to withdraw. Because when Trump wins he will find himself the "leader" of a splinter group of the party that has been so emasculated by the voters that the rest of the party will have to vote him out as Speaker.

Actually he's already finished no matter what happens. Too many Republican voters hate his guts now.

Beasts of England

'...rich, tall, good looking, smart, playboys...'


clarice b. for Brainiac

Heh, BoE:

Clqre Spark:Been watching the morning coverage of the debate on Fox. Nobody will mention that the same "feminists" who pushed the sexual revolution are now piling on Trump for his unforgivable sins.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


How could he look at all of those rallies, the voluntary ads churned out every day by average citizens, the spontaneious demonstrations FOR Trump popping up all over the country, and not realize he should at least keep his mouth shut?

Speaker Munster is apparently surrounded by a huge bubble of impenetrable material, or he's dumb as a box of rocks.

clarice b. for Brainiac

MM, that revenge voting is silly and in your heart you know it. Vote for the best available candidate all the way down the ticket.


Libs at work not happy today. You know what that means.


Whether it's silly or not is not the point. The Republicans are begging to be punished with this behavior, and it can surprise no one if they are in fact punished.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


How am I to punish traitors? What am I to do if my Senate candidate participates in this horrible, traitorous backstabbing?

What is my recourse if not to vote for them? Writing a harshly worded letter that will be discarded and ignored?

What do you suggest, because it looks to me that if they do not realize they have risked their offices, then we pretty much are allowing them to do as they please.


Miss M, Ryan is surrounded by the think tank guys that tell him he is smart, plus the Rove / Wilson crowd who tell him he is smart, plus Romney who tells him he is smart. He doesn't listen to anyone else. He got booed in his own district Saturday morning. Makes no difference -- the above didn't boo him. He may be reasonably smart, but is very isolated by the ego fluffers.

Thomas Collins

Of course you did, boris. The language you used is typical bully language. I'm giving you a chance to back it up in person.

My offer to meet remains. Don't you want to find out in person what that "something" is indicating I don't know WTF I am talking about?

You are welcome to be with anyone you want and against me, clarice b., when they say "something" tells them I don't know WTF I am talking about. I would nonetheless be with you if anyone said that against you.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



This was posted on The_Donald with the headline "Chelsea has never seen anyone stand up to her parents in her life."


Janet S.

"These people who celebrate porn and abortion and make heroic figures out of small-souled, sex-deluded creatures such as Bill Maher and Lena Dunham and Sandra Fluke and lionize sick predator men like the Kennedys and Bill Clinton are not merely being hypocrites or playing politics when they denounce Trump. They are deliberately engaging in The Lie: the corruption of meaning itself. They aren’t outraged because they’re decent. They’re using our decency as a pawn in their quest for political power."




You're thinking with your pussy


Thomas, what the heck has happened to you? Your representation that such talk is not the province of Alpha males is absurd. In fact, that is precisely how many Alpha males (and wannabe Alphas) will try and smoke you out (which is precisely why Trump was probably bragging in such a way).

But . . . how are you defining Alpha males? Is there some class distinction you're presumably making?

I've been around many, and there isn't simply one type of Alpha male, but your representation -- whether or not you're able to individually beat someone up -- would have quickly had you in the out-group in my nearly six decades . . . whether in the classroom, on the playing fields, in the military or professional life.

Remember -- we're discussing *TALK* here, not some ongoing pattern of disrespectful behavior toward women. I would tend to agree with you that many Alpha males tend to look down on certain behaviors (many most assuredly don't, however; and I suspect there are more than a few women on this board who have the experience to verify this).

But bragging about pussy or making an aggressive play *for* pussy? Come on, man.

And if they plan on playing with use of the word Nigger next, bring it on. It's high time we put that infantilizing foolishness to bed, too. Allowing one racial group to weaponize a word while said racial group simultaneously employs it all over the universe and at great lengths is the height of stupidity. Trump is slaying all kinds of false dragons this cycle, might as well go get that one too.

clarice b. for Brainiac


Thomas Collins

I must hand it to you, boris. You are great with the insults behind the protection of a blog.


The Great American Party...We didn't leave the GOP, the GOP left us. Let's start a campaign to leave the GOP!

Beasts of England

I really picked a bad weekend to tune out of the real world, huh? I mean, it was worth it, but - what the effin' eff?

Trying to catch up on the car ride home (she's driving - FYI) and I'm not sure I'm processing all of this correctly. Trump said something stupid and/or crude and the GOPe protected their clean togae, asked him to withdraw and then started revoking endorsements?

And Trump sandbagged the media and the Clintons by bringing the rape victims to the debate? Holy cow!!

Okay, gotta go surf some moar web stuff!! :)


So the GOPe are hedging their bets?
Fine then.
When Trump enters the W H, don't expect any dinner invites.
No Soup For You!


Maybe you don't know but those guys generally "get away" with stuff most other "men" do not

Can't tell if you're kidding or not, but the concept of the "playboy" is long dead except as a thing to laugh at, and the rich and the poor are about on a par when it comes to being morally upstanding.

You sound just like the sissy-sounding guy who called into Laura Ingraham and said, "Oh, he cannot POSSIBLY vote for such a person."

Nah, MM, that's nowhere near the reason I can't vote for him, but my post was about how men don't actually talk like that about women (they don't, unless they're trash), and also how the lines of attack from both Trump and Clinton are focused on embarrassing personal issues that demean the political process and defile the country.

clarice b. for Brainiac

Ryan, the dope, again:http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/latest-trump-campaign-head-jail-threat-quip-42697217

I'm with you AG--as usual.


Given what is known about the clintons and her behavior as sec of state and while under subpoena, she is traitorous.

People like ryan are choosing to be complicit in that treason. Essentially the approach is if the uniparty cannot rule and we will not submit, a pox on all of us american citizens.

2nd in line ofr the presidency with two fellow jackasses ahead of him.

Art in Newport

.. and frogs, which destroyed them ..


clarice b. for Brainiac

Today's winner in the dumb journo award (and the competition was fierce):http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/latest-trump-campaign-head-jail-threat-quip-42697217

Thomas Collins

In the circles I hang around, RG, being a strong, silent, Stoic type (except when drinking, when good natured ribbing about your pals' favorite sports teams is fine), getting things done when needed, and being able to defend one's family are the attributes of masculinity. I'm surprised you went to beating someone up. I never suggested that to boris. I invited him to meet me face to face and take it to any level he wanted. I didn't speak about beating him up. I gave him an invitation. He would obviously prefer to insult me behind the anonymity of a blog.

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

I do have to laugh that while TC claims he's so refined as to never have heard any male brag about his sexual exploits, nor has he ever engaged in any such low behavior himself, he is now struttin' his stuff like some wanna be high school jock threatening to "kick yo ass" in the parking lot of school.

I like you TC, but you're kind of embarrassing yourself here.


The only reason embarrassing personal issues are being brought up is because the Democrats have dragged national politics into the gutter after their own totally immoral people like Kennedy and LBJ and Bill Clinton have been protected by the media for long enough to get away with it.

Do you think a guy like Romney, whom I no longer respect but whose personal life is as clean as it gets, wanted to "go there"? Of course he didn't. But he was slandered by people who wanted to talk about his dog, his supposed bullying of classmates in high school, his magic underwear, and anything else they could possibly find.

Trump "goes there" because it's the only way to fight the people who will "go there" no matter who the Republican nominee is.

Sometimes you have to beat the shit out of the bullies. That's just the way it is. No other Republican will ever do it, EVER.

Do you want to lose with dignity or do you want to win and have a chance to save the country? I know where the GOPe stands.

Also I would like to point out that McCain called his WIFE a c*nt IN PUBLIC and we all still voted for him. So the clean togae can STFU.


"beating someone up"

I recall one of your comments said something like the "guys" you hang with were the type who would beat up a blowhard that talked like Trump.

So we know beating up blowhards is your type of "guy". Who else do they like to beat up?


Men don't talk like that? Bullshit. I've been in the coaches box doing stats and yes they do.

Anyone got the go to pic of Obama's driver cum advisor with his hands all over that Hillary cutout.

Women do it too. Even worse ! since they claim victim status at the same time. Talk about an unequal playing field...

Beasts of England

Alabama goobernor Bentley withdrew his endorsement of Trump - which is hilarious!! In case you don't know, Bentley's wife left home last year because he was boffing his political advisor, and our Rep House tried to impeach the moron because he was using state aircraft to fly her around for their trysts! Holy shit - what a hypocrite!! Laughing so hard I'm crying!



Reading this thread, up to Porch's 12:26 has been a joy! (Except for a couple of people who got their feelings hurt getting sidetracked over what alphas males do.) And, that's all that was posted when I began this. Now I'll go back to read some more. :)

Women, ages 40 down to their teens, have grown up thinking oral sex is not sex because of Bill Clinton, they've sung along, danced, and writhed with hip-hop and rap lyrics that celebrate 'bitches & ho's', they've celebrated sexual freedom and partial-birth abortion, and demanded free birth control pills -- and the media and faint-hearted Republicans are worried about a tape from 11 years ago. Fah!

I actually got back online to pose the question, 'wonder what HRC's blood pressure was as she endured that debate and its aftermath last night?' Guess the better question would be 'wonder what Bill's was?


Here you go, Stephanie:

Thomas Collins

In what post did I threaten anyone physically, derwill.? In what post did I claim to be refined? In what post did I claim never to have heard any male brag about his sexual exploits? In what post did I claim never to have engaged in low life behavior myself, whether sexual bragging, using nasty words about women, or otherwise?

I am quite willing to have my friends think I am embarrassing myself here, derwill. I would suggest that that the embarrassment is not mine, but you are free to think otherwise. I would only request that you not claim I posted statements I never did.

Andy Krause

Well Thomas Collins, talking,/b> about meeting up to fight someone is by your definition an assault. Maybe you can apologize and explain that you were just "locker room talking".

Janet S.

Here's CNN's New Years Eve programing -


Anderson Cooper Dodges Kathy Griffin Attempted Blowjob During CNN New Year Show (VIDEO)

Thomas Collins

In which post did I say that my type of guy is one who beats up blowhards, boris? I am simply making factual assertions from my experience to counter the notion that what Trump said is simply locker room talk.

If you are really interested in what my type of guy is, boris, I would point to General George Catlett Marshall as an example.

Old Lurker

ONE of my fantasies is, as a first order of business after he becomes President, Trump sends a polite, respectful (of their constitutional independence) request to Congress suggesting that, in the interest of starting fresh with a clean slate, both Houses of Congress should replace all leaders and committee chairs with fresh faces, and that he will do the same requesting the resignations of all Executive Branch appointments in all Cabinet departments.

Thomas Collins

With whom did I suggest a physical fight, Andy Krause? I did no such thing.


Trump has done more to empower the women sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton... than any of your prog icons in the public sphere

Posted by: Thomas Collins

Great point TC.

Good Morning JOM!



“Whoever wins, a very large part of the electorate--perhaps more than a third--will believe that the government lacks legitimacy. We have not had circumstances like this since the Civil War. If Trump loses, his voters will blame a corrupt oligarchy and its allied media for electing a criminal to the White House; if Clinton loses, the minority constituencies of the Democratic Party will respond as if the Klu Klux Klan had taken over Washington. There has never been anything like this in the past century and a half of American history, and it is thankless to predict the outcome. Nonetheless I will: Trump will crush it. Clinton, the major media, the pollsters, and the mainstream Republican Party have badly misread the insurrectionist mood of the electorate.”

Yes….yes….this is what I’ve been saying for several months now….it’s NOT TRUMP that’s the issue here….whatever happens, the country will be both angry and armed….a very bad combination, and “this will not end well.”

The significance of this kerfuffle over pussy and the actual verbalization of crudity is that it reveals the vast chasm between Trump and the “other.”

Trump found himself…I’m convinced the whole enchilada was/is a “dirty trick”…. suddenly on the ropes for real. The mob was declaring him dead and preparing his pyre. They ran…revealing themselves as cowards of the most crass variety….and he stood. HE STOOD. He fought back and stood his ground. He can’t make it go away with any apology….that never makes an offense less offensive, only declares “all ye, all ye ox in free” and begs to start over….but by standing his ground and fighting back he revealed a tremendously important aspect of his character. He fights. When Obama recommends “punch back, twice as hard” and “bring a gun to a knife fight,” it’s all blather, since he knows his adversary won’t fight back….they’re Pubbies, after all.

But this guy’s different.

I’m reminded of Lincoln’s comment about General Grant after hearing the complaints of his crudity, serious political risks and bloody tactics….nearly losing at Shiloh on the first day of battle….in advisor McClure’s words…

“I appealed to Lincoln for his own sake to remove Grant at once, and, in giving my reasons for it, I simply voiced the admittedly overwhelming protest from the loyal people of the land against Grant’s continuance in command. I could form no judgment during the conversation as to what effect my arguments had upon him beyond the fact that he was greatly distressed at this new complication. When I had said everything that could be said from my standpoint, we lapsed into silence. Lincoln remained silent for what seemed a very long time. He then gathered himself up in his chair and said in a tone of earnestness that I shall never forget: ‘I can’t spare this man; he fights.'”10

All the objections to Trump are stipulated here. He is what he’s claimed to be….vulgarian to the core…there’s no disputing what we’ve all seen. But, we’re not electing a Pope….we need a POTUS who sees the abyss into which we are descending and who is willing to fight. And who asks “why?” to actions not clearly in America’s….not the world’s or public opinion’s…vital interest.

This election campaign isn’t over….in several ways it’s just starting….the next month will bring more of the same, but if he fights….that’s what will determine the outcome.

The past several elections have been won by about 5M votes….meaning that a swing of 2.5M people would have tied, and .5 on either side would have won. The magic number was about 3M.
There are 45-50 M people eligible to vote who don’t. Some are stupid. Some don’t care to know. Some have another excuse, but MANY are very “disaffected,” and simply don’t believe what they think and feel makes any difference. My guess is that section is large….let’s say a full third….it’s probably larger….that number of disaffected is about 15-20M people. IF THAT NUMBER OF DISAFFECTED PEOPLE COME OUT TO VOTE, IT’LL BE BECAUSE THEY SENSE THERE’S A CHANCE SOMEBODY’S LISTENING… ONE. LAST. CHANCE.

Do the math. That’s a potential Trump landslide. If he stands, fights, goes after, NOT “WOMEN” OR “MINORITIES,” but after those disaffected, it’ll be a long night for Dirty Hillary and the Dems, and it’ll only be the beginning of the trouble for the rest of us.

The actual fight still remains to be fought. The Progs are not going away either. They’ve been at this for my whole lifetime, and they’ll get off the floor, fight back and try again to kill us.

Shiloh was a long way from Appomattox.

James D

Henry @ 12:38

You nailed it.

Thomas Collins

Well, I'm sorry if I didn't get to respond to anyone criticizing me for responding to boris's post that "something" told boris I didn't know WTF I am talking about. The posts were coming so fast and furious, I may have missed one or more.

TK, I don't mean to be ignoring you, but your response was well reasoned, and I decided to deal with the posts that involved simple assertions about what I said, as opposed to your reasonable critique.


I think we should direct our outrage at the GOPe and not at our friends. Aren't we all friends here?


I do not believe Trump is sliding in the polls. Where is RG???

Posted by: Deplorable Momto2 | October 10, 2016 at 11:34 AM

I don't either. I was only tracking that L.A. Times daily because I suspected they would soon play with the black vote, and they did.

But where did I go? After some of the crazy talk during the run-up to Hurricane Matthew, I knew I needed to pull back a bit and vegetate watching some football this weekend. So that's what I did; my Jaguars were off so I didn't have to travel to Jax for a game. It was a good break.

And I didn't watch the debate. I'm just so ready to choke the life out of some fools that I knew I needed to pull back. I did have a bit of a back and forth with Tom Nichols on Twitter this morning, however.

He made the mistake of insisting we should accord his warnings about Trump, and those of other political science Never Trumpers, with the opinion of an oncologist speaking about your health. I mean, WTF ??? The hubris, man, the hubris. Naturally, I disagreed.

Further proof -- Donald Trump has seriously made these people lose their damn minds.

-grab em by the peter

I get upset when emotions run so high here. I don't think that anyone here, (save the trolls) should be inhibited from posting their honest opinions, and I also feel that if someone disagrees with your opinion, that it should not be taken personally. Could I suggest that everyone who is angry take some deep breaths, maybe walk away from the computer a while, and enjoy Columbus Day?
(I know, someone will probably call me a pussy for posting this. )


I like that idea.

James D

The thing about Trump being vulgar and unpresidential is, I do not care, at all. I don't think most of the people currently in government, in either party and at any level, are worthy of the slightest respect. What they do not understand is:

Just because your paycheck comes from the taxpayers, it doesn't automatically make you a public servant.

Just because the word "honorable" is in your title doesn't make you honorable.

Just because you wear an expensive suit, it doesn't make you a gentleman.

Just because you work in a fancy building with white marble floors and columns, doesn't make what you do important or worthwhile in any way.


and the rich and the poor are about on a par when it comes to being morally upstanding.

Hrt, what are you saying?


I've been thinking about foul language quite a bit since, what, Friday, was it when the tape came out?

I think foul language is HRC lying to the Benghazi families over their loved one's coffins. Lying to the American people about what started the riots in Benghazi that night. Lying about her thousands of emails and making that ridiculous statement about 'wiping her computer with a cloth?'

The woman is ugly and twisted and foul.

Voters should worry about that kind of dirty language -- the kind that comes out of her mouth.


TK, I don't mean to be ignoring you, but your response was well reasoned

I'm fine with that, TC.


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