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November 20, 2016



No one will be listening to Hussein Obama because he remains clueless and stuck on stupid.

Jim Eagle


I knew that when I first heard the guy speak in 2007. He was as petulant and full of himself then as he is know, just with more gray hair, a bigger sense of delusional thinking and tighter crease in his pants.

With 20+ Dem Senate seats up for election in 2018, a number of them in Trump EV states, I hope the MFM give him more than enough rope. I want the amount of rope that brings in 60+ GOP senators for the forseeable future.

Jim Eagle

...as he is now but now with just more gray.....


The MSM will continue to treat him as President. It probably needs to be Pence, but somebody will need to politely remind people that the practice has been for the outgoing president to keep his trap shut for a few years. Teddy Roosevelt was a rare exception. Otherwise, people will spend their time responding to him rather than reality.

les nessman

I was going to say "hectoring us" was a better phrase, but on second thought "heckling us" is closer to the truth. Heckling is what you do when you want to disrespect someone and want to make fun of them. This is how Obama and the progs view us.

Keep on heckling, Barry. Keep on refusing to denounce the riots.
Keep on rioting, progs. Keep on blocking the freeways. Keep on calling out people in the audience at your little Broadway plays. Keep on un-Friending your friends who disagree with your politics.

You're almost guaranteeing a Trump re-election.

Balls to the walls, pal.

Captain Hate

Being a not particularly intelligent talk show host on a local cable access station would be Zippy's ceiling in life in a just world.

Account Deleted

The Bath House Rat is on his way out. I can't wait until the numerous "was not available to comment" once the new POTUS greenlights full-tilt immigration enforcement.

Account Deleted

Meanwhile, here's what it looks like in Austin, Texas when law enforcement does what it's authorized to do (Look at that crowd.)

Wrote to ConTrib asking why they refer to these rioting dildologists as "Trump rioters"?



It is not enough that he had to out-Carter Carter as president, now he has to out-Carter the post-president Carter as well.

Do remember that Carter would not have been so magnified if the corporate media had not wanted to amplify what he said.


NBC News reporter Andrea Mitchell @ 3:45 - "History is put on hold, yet again"

I thought we were already at "the end of history."

Sometimes it's tough to keep up with the daily "meme du jour."

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If he lives long enough he might just talk the Dems out of existence altogether.

Perfect irony; party founded by brilliant slave owner foundered by half witted black dude.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

Pres.Scorpion will incite from the safety of his mansion, protected by secret service. He was and is a coward. Barry was an agitator and never an organizer.

On the other hand, he may just stay in his media room and watch sports all day. I can hope.

common man

Maybe Barry can tell us the one about the Democrats shellacking. That one never gets old!


Frau posted "On the other hand, he may just stay in his media room and watch sports all day. I can hope."

Is that what they call Reggie Love's visits, watching sports?

I watched the video linked by KK. I'm still waiting for the "graphic violence". The little shit that finally got taken down should've gone down much sooner.


The Queen 'set to invite Donald Trump to Britain'

I wonder if the Queen has enough of a sense of humor to appreciate the joke if Trump showed up and gave her another box set of Obama speeches from the White House gift shop.

Account Deleted

RE: NBC News reporter Andrea Mitchell @ 3:45 - "History is put on hold, yet again"

Andrea Mitchell worries about history. If I were her I'd be worried about growing decrepid in the rocker next to Alan.

common man

I know Zero has a huge ego and does not have anyone to tell him not to do something, but given that he was all over in the final weeks campaigning like a crazy man for the wicked witch, including in Pennsylvania, and it had no effect ( actually I think it was again his Merde touch but even if its no effect ) why should I think that he will have any effect hectoring from the sideline with no election on the horizon?

Account Deleted

GentlemanJim: I didn't see violence. I saw a takedown of a punk showing off in front of a mob.

Of course, the narrative to all that homeshot video happening on the scene will turn the punk into an innocent.

First rule for life outside the backyard taught to my kids: do not interfere with police doing their jobs. You will a) get hurt; b) get put into the system; or, c) Both.


This really needs to stop now.

Blue Alert
Blue Alert – Verified account ‏@BlueAlertUs

UPDATE San Antonio police officer fatally shot in head during traffic stop across street from downtown headquarters http://www.dallasnews.com/news/texas/2016/11/20/san-antonio-police-officer-shot-near-downtown-department-headquarters

Free James D!

He won't have any effect on the general populace. But he can stir up a lot of trouble by rabble-rousing and justifying the violence that will result.


Marine Le Pen takes huge lead over Nicolas Sarkozy in French first round presidential election poll

Wow, Miss M. That certainly surprises me. Interesting times we live in. Guess it's more of that "History on hold" business:)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

comman man,

Furthermore, how much air time will he actually get once he is simply a criticizer and not the CIC? There are plenty of lefties who want air time, many of whom will still be in office (Chuck Schumer comes to mind) so why would he get to fill a slot on a news show, rather than Schumer?

Add to that that people are leaving the news channels and network news in droves, so what real influence will he have?


why should I think that he will have any effect hectoring from the sideline with no election on the horizon?

He will have an effect, but it will be similar to that of a mosquito that gets into your bedroom at night and buzzes around your ear.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Trump's election has encouraged nationalist parties world-wide. Italy is up next on the election front, I believe, and there is a strong chance that person might win as well.

"We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism. The nation-state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony."

Donald J. Trump

Frau Edith Steingehirn

Gentleman Jim sez: "...watching sports?"

With Reggie it is "shooting hoops," isn't it?


Excellent advice.


Belgium’s Dutroux Pedophile, Child Rape Affair: A Road Map for Deep-State Criminality



Apologies Frau. It's so hard to keep up with the meaning of words nowadays. ;)

Account Deleted

Just like clockwork, the rich elitist liberals come out to mock the poor. Hamilton cast members along with other liberals took to Twitter to mock and bully the less fortunate people in America.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


common man

How bout them Cowboys!


He wasn't a Puritan, but I think an Anabaptist.

He was escaping something and signed on as a "gunner" on the ship. Once in the New World he came under considerable pressure to "convert" and wouldn't play ball. The Pilgrams beat him and threw him in the pokey. Eventually chopped off an ear.

So much for religious tolerance.


Am a 3rd of the way thru A Counterfeiter's Paradise: The Wicked Lives and Surprising Adventures of Three Early American Moneymakers A good read so far.

The 1st Counterfeiter covered, Owen Sullivan, gets hung in Manhattan in 1756, but it's interesting to read about how so many thieves in the early colonial years had bits and pieces if not their entire ears lopped off, as a visible signal to others that the earless guy they were looking at was a criminal and not to be trusted. If today was back then, there probably wouldn't be an ear on a single employee at the NYTimes:)

Book says that paper money was super essential in early colonial times, especially as there wasn't enough hard currency to go around, but the the Mother Country tried to forbid it but we colonials continually blew them off, thus the opening for counterfeiters like Own who were proficient at forging plates to print colonial currency. The book also says that printer Ben Franklin, hired to print legal currency, intentionally made his bills lavish and very hard to duplicate, in one instance actually intentionally misspelling the word Pennsylvania, so as to trip up counterfeiters who would try to spell the word correctly.

The most imaginative anticounterfeiting ideas came from the Philadelphia printer Benjamin Franklin, whose firm manufactured paper money for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. In 1739, he began printing bills on which he deliberately misspelled Pennsylvania. A counterfeiter, Franklin figured, would correct the spelling on the assumption that the bills were themselves fakes, produced by a less literate criminal.

Texas Liberty Gal

Important Alert - Cowboys just won their 9th game!!!!!

Account Deleted

Gentleman Jim sez: "...watching sports?"

Ya somethin bout the ol' catcher's mitt.

The Bath House Rat is revolting by every measure of human worth.

Sorry. This is all so deeply personal when it comes to the liberal-fascist-commie-progressive-anarcho-marxist "alliance." I follow the "Rules for Radical Conservatives" laid out by David Kahane (sp?).

My gloves are off--- online and in real time on the ground. No flippin quarter.


I don't know if this is counterfeit or not:


I don’t know why I think this, but I suspect that Michelle file for separation/divorce after Obama leaves office.

I have not seen a single sign of affection or appreciation of one for the other.



Fox News’ Eric Bolling talking to Trump team about Commerce gig


Texas Liberty Gal

common man - Woohoo!!! #1 Team in the NFL!!


Congrats TLG, that's a heck of a team you have there.

Go Pats!


What position? HHS

.@seanspicer encourages press to Google Patrick Soon-Shiong, says Trump/Pence "were incredibly impressed" after meeting

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong — National Immunotherapy Coalition'


common man


And Zeke had a bad day, according to the commentators, only 97 yards on the ground and another 30 in the air. Most backs would consider that a pretty good day, but when you are commentator you keep saying it even when you have nothing to say...

Texas Liberty Gal

Trump is a classy & gracious person even to people who don't deserve it!!
"Donald Trump graciously Supplies Tent, Heater and Hot Soup to members of the Press Camped outside his New Jersey Golf Club where he is meeting prospective members of his Government" (11-20-16)



I suspect that Michelle file for separation/divorce after Obama leaves office.

Has that ever happened in the history of the US (a post-presidency divorce)? I suspect they'll keep it together for appearances' sake. They will try to follow the Clinton model to great riches, though I don't think Mooch will run for anything. There will be plenty of suckers and masochists willing to pay them big dough for speeches and books.

Account Deleted

Time to rescript the narrative: nationalism isn't a term that has kept up with these times when dissolving nation states into "unions" (puke) is the agenda of the Soros Cartel.

"National sovereignty movement" seems the better fit. There is no question the world needs an effective means for stopping the emerging "Eurasian Union" toward which Soros and his allies have been steering us during these last 8 years lately, and for the last 24 years since Clintoon and Hamrod soiled the White House.

There is also a need for orchestrating ways and means to manage the impending crash (part 2) of the unresolved derivative crisis, the toxic assets from that Bill Clinton engineered nonsense (cutting the brake lines on the wimp Carter's Community Reinvestment Act)still orbiting in the cloud. Those are going to be "allowed" by the Soros cartel faction to drop on Trump's parade.

But without national sovereignty for the United States, Britain, and other nations with the leather cojones needed to derail this slide to the bottom--- we'll have a Eurasian Union, a North American Union, and lord knows what else swallowing up the dumpster fire that has African countries being auctioned off at fire sale prices to the Chinese Communists.

Trump is the man for the job. The US will clear the way for this globally coordinated response to taking out the Soros Cartel and relieving it of its mayhem-creating leverage.

I'm not naive enough to "believe" that Trump is setting the global agenda. But he will certainly restore our sovereignty to the point that we are once again credible leaders of what's left of a free world.

Texas Liberty Gal

common man - Evidently the mainstream press & the sports press have a lot in common.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


She will probably follow the Rodham model. For one thing, as long as they are married they will not be forced to testify against each other.

Also, if she is divorced she won't get the speaking gigs and Hollyood invites, plus she might not get Secret Service protection.

Account Deleted

Hat's off to Dak Prescott and his Cowboys. Playing nearly error-free football plus having the best Offensive line in the NFL.

The road to the Super Bowl Trophy runs through Dallas.



Haven't heard it mentioned yet PD.

Read it in a children's book we have about the crossing of the Mayflower. Evidently several of the pilgrims were subject to seasickness, causing the sailors to regard them derisively, thus dubbing them with the moniker "glib-glabbety puke stockings."

Naturally, when I read that part to my children, I emphasized it to make sure they didn't overlook this crucial part of the story. :-)

Account Deleted

MM- You right.

As I see it, the Barrel Butt Beard has a critical flaw: meal ticket taste.

The Bath House Rat is going to cash in on his star power among his converts.

And if he ends up as SECGEN at the UN, B3 is unlikely to want to miss out on that gravy train.

Their new mansion is large enough for separate entrances. They really don't need to see each other if they don't want to.

While they're remaining in DC until PhotoOpProp#2 graduates high school and #1 finishes twerking and bongtoking her way through her "gap" year, the "rents" might have to slog through a "what is life like now that you're not 'in power'" photo shoot.

The entire ruse is nauseating.


Obama's will be the first high profile LBGT... divorce


I wonder if the Queen has enough of a sense of humor to appreciate the joke if Trump showed up and gave her another box set of Obama speeches from the White House gift shop.

"Here you are, Your Majesty ... to replace the set you no doubt tossed in the W.P.B. as soon as you were out of sight of my esteemed predecessor."


National sovereignty movement

Really, nationalism at the global level has the protection that federalism gives states in America.

No sensible person gives up proper defense against governmental abuse.

common man

Jimmy Johnson who does know something about winning football games, just pointed out the Cowboys had 400 yards of offense, against the best defensive team in the NFL. Yeah, and the ball control time of possession of over 35 minutes keeps your defense off the field too...


This is the guy who lectured Pence from the stage. Can anyone translate this?

Brandon Victor Dixon
"4 every racist comment I get about Trayvon Im going 2 turn 1 white married suburban housewife & mother n2 a jump off " The. Best.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


A lot of Obama's popularity derives from the office. Once he is out, he will become less interesting.

When Clinton left office, he was interviewed a few times and then was not covered much. Attention (even if negative) focused on the new president.

Over the course of about a year, the TV interviews will dry up, the party invitations will wane, and he will be left without an audience.

If he does make it into the media eye, it will not cause anyone to regret his absence on the world stage.

Also, once he is gone, many world leaders will publicly disavow him, I think. We will begin to hear tales of his incompetence, double-dealing, stupidity, and arrogance.

He's going to wind up shunned, I think. Probably within a year.


Guy In Love With Sound of His Own Voice Will Keep Talking

a perfect thread for this old post -

"Obama clearly tries to limit the number of questions in press conferences by consuming the maximum amount of time with his answers, but it's often as if he also feels like he'll somehow arrive at the perfect turn of phrase if he just keeps at it long enough." - JM Hanes

SO true, JM Hanes! You wrote awhile ago - "The longer it takes you to say nothing, the brighter our political class thinks you are." Hah!

PUK on Obama - "...his first instinct is to lie, his second instinct is to elaborate on it."

PUK on Sotomayor - "...Amazing how these lefties come off sounding like adolescent,all mouth and trousers.Being liberal means never having to talk sense."

PUK on Obama - "I think Obama is trapped by his own smartarsedness.Because his mantel of omnipotence forces him to opine on every subject that arises,he goes into the blagging mode that he has used all his life. ..."

Mark Steyn on Obama - "He had nothing to say, but he said it anyway."

E.Nigma on Obama - "...second guess everything. Clever & wordy guy, but really not as intelligent as he thinks he is."

Cheney on Obama - "...he filled the air with vague and useless platitudes."

matt - "I am Barack Obama & I don't understand this message."

Appalled on Obama - "Boldness without specifics. Vision without implementation."

Captain Hate on John F'n Kerry (but is true of Obama too) - "Thinking...this gasbag doesn't understand a damn thing that he's blathering about."

Account Deleted

Lotta missed extry puntos today around the NFL. Pats just blew one against Chip "Dip" Kelly's Niners (I loathe the York On My Baalkes regime and their "hiring choices"--- last time I checked in business one makes DECISIONS. Buncha candyarsed metrosexuals).

Then there is the Raider road game against Tejas being played down in the cesspool capitol of the world, Meheeko Seedy. Can we please stop pandering to those alpha hotels?

Did anyone hear former Meh-hee-kin preezy Vicente Fox saying: " We will defend our people no matter where they are?"

WFT?!?!?! How much did Soros pay that sewer snake to utter such a completely assinine formal statement to the press?

According to VFox, should the Estados Unidos enforce our border security and immigration laws we are "disrespetteeng" Mexicans and "insohlteeng their deegneetee."

Roger that, Bonerito.

Further he say, according to the breathless brown commentator on NPR, "Meh-hee-ko, we strong now."


In what sense? The number two import revenue source in the Mexican economy is "wire cash" sent from the Estados Unidos.

The NFL Commish and the go-along owners are culo kissers of the highest order.

GO RAIDERS! Destroy Houston! Just win, Baby! (since 1960)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


From the urban dictionary, here's the definition:



Urban dictionary -

jump off
1. a casual sexual partner or girlfriend
2. a woman of dubious sexual practices
3. anything new and/or hot; especially in reference to a party or material item


it's interesting to read about how so many thieves in the early colonial years had bits and pieces if not their entire ears lopped off, as a visible signal to others that the earless guy they were looking at was a criminal and not to be trusted.

Laughing because this reminds of TNR program in my county to control the feral cat population. The adult feral cats that cannot be domesticated are (T)trapped (N) neutered (R) released to live out their lives but no longer reproduce. How do they avoid taking in repeat offenders? They snip off the tip of one of their ears so TNR workers know they're already neutered and can just be set free.


A lot of Obama's popularity derives from the office. Once he is out, he will become less interesting.

I hope you are right, Miss M, but Clinton, as low-class as he is, has some respect for the office and didn't go around trashing and undermining Bush, at least not in my recollection. Had he done so, the MSM would have reveled in it. Zippy has no such qualms or class, and the MSM is looking for anything negative on Trump, even if it's just meaningless tripe from BoZo.


My, my, MM - aren't we fortunate to have such a class act and person of such high moral standards lecture our incoming VP about how to treat people???


and Janet (you posted definition as I was posting comment~)


Comanche Voter

Ah Obozo; he's already got Jimmuh Carter off the schneid as the worst President ever; now he's going to take Jimmuhs place as the worst ex President ever. He's the obnoxious meadow muffin lobbed in the punch bowl that keeps on giving.

And in times past--before the ascension of our Lightworker, the last Presidential candidate of a party was typically the leader of the party until the next election. Here Barack is, doing Hillary dirt again. Not that I care all that much. But the Hillary Horde should take mortal offense at this effrontery on his part.

Account Deleted

SBW: True dat.

"Really, nationalism at the global level has the protection that federalism gives states in America."

I couldn't agree more and for that I say that Trump is the man for the reclamation of our sovereignty.

Not to quibble over verbiage, I think "national sovereignty movement" would make a better impact than the malleable (and not always positively so)
" nationalism", which usually gets slammed as "white nationalism" as we are already seeing.

For the next four years at least we are reclaiming our sovereignty. And that we are MAGA, we are engaged in a national sovereignty movement as a people.

From where I sit on my "student of history" stool, the term "nationalism" has too much baggage from the Nazi-era.

I am thinking in terms of the deep lack of understanding in the USA of what sovereignty means for the future of the woeful segment of the millenials (I call that segment "Mush Heads").

Guess I am thinking like a former teacher (early past life at SIU-Carbondale, University of Vermont, and Trinity College of Vermont) where lingo matters when trying to establish *comprehension* in people who do not know much about anything other than what they show up with, having been told "how to think."

PS: SBW--- I am really loving being on JOM. I've been on a lot of discussion boards since 2006 but this one is unrivaled thanks to Americans like you and the rest of the crew on here. Thanks!


According to VFox, should the Estados Unidos enforce our border security and immigration laws we are "disrespetteeng" Mexicans and "insohlteeng their deegneetee."

Someone might remind him that Mexico's immigration laws are tougher than ours. (I believe that you have to be able to demonstrate a source of income, for example.)

Account Deleted

French Primary Results: Fillon 44%, Juppe’ 28% and Embarrassing Third Place for Nicolas Sarkozy…


Will the Surrender Monkeys get a grip? Will they tire of the aroma of burning tires? The sound of the "call to (jihad)prayer"? The no-go zones in Paris and their other major cities?


KK, I missed the official JOM welcoming party, but glad to have you aboard.

daddy on iPad

Keep on heckling, Barry. Keep on refusing to denounce the riots.
Keep on rioting, progs. Keep on blocking the freeways.

I do not care if part of putting people back to work is putting them to work building more prisons. We imprison a huge amount of folks, then release an amazing amount of them (i.e.) 40,000 in California alone due to overcrowding, which dumps them back onto the street where stats will show high recidivism rates.

I have no problem reviewing overall if we are imrpisoning them unjustly, but if we determine we are not imprisoning them unjustly, then they ought to remain in prison and serve out their terms, and if that requires building more prisons in order to reduce overcrowding in prisons, fine by me, let's build them. It's good policy and good sense.

Account Deleted

Just Googled for shites and giggles: Hillary for prison

Result: About 45,100,000 results (0.43 seconds)


Shame on those who turn a blind eye. And those who defend, they will rot in hell with the offenders

The Monster of Belgium =our Franklin Coverup


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

So I'm still not clear on what the genius is saying .
He's so irresistible white suburban moms will agree to dubious sexual practices? (Talk about desperate housewives)
Or is he threatening to rape them?

Account Deleted

JimmyK---- It's been a warm welcome. Enjoying the water so far.

JOM rocks. Were I a Trump staffer in any capacity, I'd be reading this blog. No fluff reality sandwiches sold here.

And you guys are funny as hell. My liberal progressive wife, Kelly, sits shaking her head as I shake with laughter.

Thanks for the welc.


Who knows, Ignatz. Make HIM tell us.

Let Brandon Victor Dixon explain himself.

Jim Eagle

Chapter Two of "Ernie is Denied The Truth". Takes a new and interesting twist. What will become of this?

"It was exactly 8:17pm when the fight broke out over whether or not the ball had actually nicked the white line on the side of the table. Not that it was a close game, and they were supposedly friends, but copious amounts of Atlas District Common Lager seemed to be involved. Ernie Souchak was still on his bar stool enjoying one the house’s special Pizza’s, “The Smoky”, recommended by Achilles, with a glass of Firestone Union Jack IPA, since they didn’t carry Griesendieck, his favorite brew.

The commotion and the staff’s response it, was all Tom Maguire and Marker 9, his partner, needed to bump into Ernie enough to distract him and jab a hypodermic syringe filled with etorphine directly into his carotid artery. Even the most accomplished anaesthetisists would use an ultra-sound device to make sure they found the right artery. But if you are “Division” and work for the Judge, these actions are per functionary. Ernie became another limp friend who had just one too many IPA’s as Tom and his partner each took one arm over their shoulder and made their way outside just as a black suburban with blinking yellow lights pull up, rear door open and inside help for the afflicted.

The drive to St. Elizabeth took a little longer than expected due to an accident on the off ramp of I-295 to Howard Road. An older Caddy, pimp up and jacked up, seemed to have tried to overtake a taxi and ended up squeezed up against the Jersey wall. A tall black guy in a long fur coat and wide brim white hat covered in rhinestones was standing out side reciting the dictionary of urban hip-hop while the taxi driver, a recent émigré from South Sudan was just trying to stay warm.

Tom and his partner got out, moved quickly over to the Caddy, ascertained it could be moved, jumped in, reversed it out of the way and got the Suburban back on the road. Not surprisingly, there was no objection from the two participants in the accident, once they sized up two agents, their mode of transportation and the “don’t even think about it” aura they had around them.

Twenty minutes later they had crossed the Anacostia and pulled into the gates of St. Elizabeth’s and down to the abandoned Kirkbride building. But it was far from abandoned, it was still in use but only few knew of it. The west side of the large campus was still a hospital run by the DC government but this historic set of buildings, the original Government Asylum for the Insane on the east side was supposedly under development for the Department of Homeland Security as its future HQ.

In a way, this was very much a Homeland Security matter and Ernie Souchak thanks to his insatiable appetite for a conspiracy at every level of American government would be the center of attention in a few days. Dr. Randall Fitzpatrick, who was standing at the big automatic twin glass doors, would make sure of that. He had brought more than a gurney and two medical assistants and a bevy of nurse’s, he had also brought an IV of Naloxen, antidote for the Etrophine. Ernie would soon be awake but strapped down to a comfortable but restraint equipped hospital bed. For Ernie it was déjà vu all over again.

James, or “Jim” who asked to be called “Achilles”, was beside himself. The fight, which had started at table 5, was now expanding to the adjacent tables and more ‘and more patrons had joined the melee. This being a Wednesday night, without live music or band meant there was no doorman or other security. He and his wait staff, kitchen staff and friends would have to step into the fights and take action. Not something he and his friends were necessarily trained or experienced in doing.

Finally, Manuel, a kid who worked in the kitchen, appeared with a 20 pound fire extinguisher and began to spray it over the melee. James and others took the opportunity to break up any fight that was continuing and soon peace was restored, tables and chairs re-set and the Ping-Pong tables put back in competitive shape, although one of them would require a new net and a set of folding legs. A crowd had formed to watch all this and Jim noticed that the guy in the heavy overcoat was not there. And neither were the two big guys who had just walked in before all this happened.

Now, as he looked around, the two guys who had started the fight were not there either. That was because markers 10 and 11 were now walking down Connecticut to Ellicott Street where a different black Suburban was waiting to take them back to Langley. Both men remarked to their driver that they had found a great new boutique lager to try again.

In the isolation ward at Kirkbride One, Ernie was starting to come around out of his almost cationic state. He was still numb to reality but could see he couldn’t move and his only visual was a gray wall and some light coming from a place on his right. He could barely move his head and when he did he felt a little vertigo or dizziness, enough to want him to not do it again. It would be another hour before Ernie would make contact with another human being and when he did it was his old friend Dr. Fitzpatrick. Now the only thing missing was that so-called translator Narciso and his 3 ring binder full of information so trivial no one knew it was actual research or material he just made up out of nothing.

Joining the Judge in the observation room of the surgery was Dr. Fitzpatrick, a surgical nurse specialist, the anesthetist and a specialist surgeon from Langley’s Office of Research and Development who would wire Ernie’s memory to become a Company asset via a “virtual reality” consciousness adjustment. Randall had a number of hesitations in regard to this radical deployment of mind altering visual dislodgement but also understood the importance it would play in gutting the hideous and vile child trafficking and pedophilia ring rampant in certain circles of DC politics.

“How long will the patient need in recovery”, asked the Judge to the specialist surgeon.

“Not long, about 4 hours. We will then perform a series of tests during the recovery and then some more substantial tests after he is fully awake and conscious. I am expecting, due to his own abnormal mental condition, that he will be fully converted and you will not recognize him from his past persona.”

“Excellent, Doctor. You are aware; this has the highest degree of attention in the highest echelons of the Administration. Not necessarily at the Presidential level, you understand. We can’t afford any leaks to the media or to our adversaries. This is highly compartmentalized. Are we clear?”

“Yes sir. By this time tomorrow, I am confident a new and more valuable Ernie Souchak will be ready to escape and head to Delaware and become a welcome new member of Camp Rehoboth Community Center”, he said with a sardonic smile.

“Well, lets get started, ordered Randall, as the Judge reached for his overcoat, scarf and fedora.

“Are you not going to stay and watch, Judge?” asked Randall.

“No, Dr. Fitzpatrick, I am confident your team will succeed and I need to get back to the farm to take care of Archie. He has been suffering some separation anxiety lately since I have had to do more field work than usual.”

“By the way,” the Judge suddenly remembered, “I have asked our Cuban-American friend back to do the ‘final proof of operational success’ on Mr. Souchak. You can expect him in the next 48 hours. Have a good evening.”

With that the future destiny of Ernie Souchak would change from a disappointed obsessive-compulsive conspiracy theorist to that of a polished, literary gay man on the make, in the early winter of Rehoboth Beach."

Texas Liberty Gal

Thanks Rocco - we've had to wait a long time for a kick ass Cowboys team but they are definitely making the wait worth it!!!

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable.

I am just starting to catch up, up to about ten am, but want to thank my dear JOM friends now for your prayers, your support and your advice.

Ig---I know your loss is still fresh, and profound. Thank you.

TC was so gracious as to give me a half hour of his afternoon, as I decompressed and we had the meet up over the phone I still regret passing up in May 2014.

Do remember his Nicole, who has suffered the same loss as Mary.

common man

Apparently the NYT has figured out that the Constitution does not apply to the President in regards to foreign gifts.


Frau Edith Steingehirn

OMG cultural appropriation stikes again:

Due to a lack of outreach to students and faculty of color, Pitzer "College"* had to cancel its Reggae Festival.

*For anyone new, you don't have to send your children to college; you can send them to Pitzer.

Located in 'Cleoville, Pitzer, a pricey third-tier institution, is the gift that keeps on giving.



With all of your worldly wisdom, would you answer this question for your fellow JOMers.

Do pedophile rings exist?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Are you going to continue this story? I am hooked!



Tells us about your time spent in Saudi Arabia

Frau Schrijver

JiB has a winner.

Dave (in MA)

Trump has been meeting with the Ballerina's brother Ari, for some reason.


New reality show?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


After seeing Romney's exit from the meeting, I am convinced people are being told "Here's the deal. Here's the evidence. STFU."

henry - drunk on prog tears

Hello Ari, nice brother ya got there. Shame if something happened to it.

common man

He is mocking you mercilessly TBT and you dont even recognize it...

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I see we read this the same way. HA!

Jim Eagle

Stay tuned Marty and you will get my answer.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Beasts of England

I appreciate your optimism and enthusiasm, RattlerGator! Meyer is a great coach, and we learned something important when OSU cleaned our clock in the 2015 Sugar Bowl. Top-flight competition improves us all. See you in Atlanta!



Perhaps if you weren't deaf, dumb and blind that might mean something.

Stephanie despicable me

For the Cowboys fans...




Knew you would turn a blind eye. Might want to pray on that decision?

Jim Eagle


So I can get the next chapter right, what kind of shoes do you wear?

common man

Do you mind if I call you Marty? Since we are friend's and all. You know that really hurt me, Marty. I mean a douchebag royale like you calling me names? Meantime, virtually everyone here is laughing up their sleeve at the way you are being serially mocked. EVERY. ONE. So that now when you post, they start snickering uncontrollably. Please do stick around, we love the laugh...




Account Deleted


daddy on iPad

I'm still not clear on what the genius is saying .
He's so irresistible white suburban moms will agree to dubious sexual practices? (Talk about desperate housewives)
Or is he threatening to rape them?


I think what he's saying is that since he's a rich celebrity he can just go up and grab a woman by the P***y and she'll love it, which is the exact same thing Trump was damned for saying in private and which the Left said should disqualify Trump from ever voicing another political opinion for the rest of his life. In this case tho' the Hamilton actor is allowed to say it not secret, but loud and proud, and in addition we're supposed to shut up and listen when he tells the paying audience to be quiet while lectures the VP elect on what political opinion the paying audience and the Vp elect should have.

I'm not certain but it may fall just a bit under the heading of "hypocrisy."

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