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November 20, 2016



Simply because people are loud, doesn’t make them right.


This seems like a good time to resurrect discussion of the holding in Noel Canning and its effect on recess appointments.

IIRC, I was harping at the time that the a "recess" has now been defined by SCOTUS.

If McTurtle had a spine, he would announce a 10 day recess that starts immediately after the inauguration.

That would be party unity.


-"the" or -"a" or minus both. Your choice.


Twitter stream of TX Supreme Ct Justice Don Willett, who's on Trump's short list for SCOTUS.

After Bork they used to say a SCOTUS nominee couldn't have a 'paper trail,' because the left would find something to take out of context and scream about (partly how we ended up with Souter--ugh). A Twitter feed sounds even more dangerous.


Bet a bunch of US Attorneys are cleaning up their resumes.


Your oyster dressing sounds good, too, BOE! Isn't there some rule about which months you can harvest oysters?

Happy Iron Bowl Week!! :)

Hope springs eternal and stranger things have happened! :)


Willett seems to mostly tweet about his 3 young children. Seems very affable and his life story - being adopted by two parents, neither of whom finished high school - his dad dying when he was 6 and his mom raising him on her waitress salary - eclectic mix of scholarship and activities in high school/college making lots of friends along the way - Duke Law School- and similar tidbits since make him a very interesting, likable choice nearly impossible to "Bork" imo.


nearly impossible to "Bork" imo.

The dems can Bork a ham sandwich...

Beasts of England

It was traditionally safe in months spelled with an 'R', e.g., February, but with better refrigeration and transportation, I don't believe it applies any longer, Momto2!


Daddy - I'm glad Momma's wrist isn't a complicated fracture. My mom (when much older -in her 80's) had a similar fall/break of her wrist. It was slightly askew but she decided to settle for a little bump on her wrist and forego the surgery. It healed up just fine.

Does this mean you will have to cook the Thanksgiving turkey? Wish you were closer; you could join us in West Tennessee for a southern Thanksgiving weekend of food & football.

I know you'll take good care of her! Please send her my wishes for a quick recovery. For a wife/mother to have this happen at this time of year is pretty traumatic.

working mom

Oysters--fresh ones --Only in eat in months with R.
(Don't eat May-August)

buccr morgan

Only if you have a specter, although Fidel o flake can do in a pinch,


Deb - I also follow Willett and have found him a very likeable and personable guy.

State supreme court justice,Don Willett of Texas, previously worked for the Bush White House’s office of faith-based initiatives and later in Texas government, where he pushed to keep a monument of the Ten Commandments on public property and the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, issues he has promoted on his Facebook page.


The dems can Bork a ham sandwich...

I would LOL but it's unfortunately true. Plus he's a WHITE MALE!!11! Deb's right that Willett has a good back story, but so did Clarence Thomas.


People in glass houses with Twitter accounts should not throw stones at the V.P. elect or lecture him.

It unleashes scores of researchers and they find all sorts of things like this that you have written:

Brandon Victor Dixon Verified Account
@TAMIKASLAWRENCE the problem is ho's aren't what they used to be. If ho game would step up, cats wouldn't get distracted.

Classy - huh?

buccr morgan

Buckley fils, back when he had a sense of humor, parodied the solon's inquisition technique in that novel, that featured a female iconoclastic supreme court nominee, then he removed all doubt when he took up the trapper keeper for Obama.

James D

Yes, the Dems can (and will) Bork anybody, but as we just saw in the campaign, it loses effectiveness when they do it all the time.

What it also does is, it gives Trump tremendous freedom. Since the Dems are going to completely freak out and attack anyone Trump nominates as the Devil incarnate, there's no reason to worry about trying to placate them with a more moderate nominee, and there's no reason to hope for a fair hearing in the MSM. So he can just go ahead and nominate anyone he likes, regardless of how controversial they might be.

It's amazing that the Dems haven't figured this out yet.

Beasts of England

I just hope that if they upend the Sessions nomination that Trump will then nominate Cruz. Then Cotton. Then Lee...


The Bannon article by Kim Strassel is worth reading, even if I disagree with some of her adjectives:

Bomb-throwing? -- “Mr. Bannon is fiercely proud of the bomb-throwing Breitbart News”

Hard-right? -- “the hard-right Breitbart News”

What bombs does one throw compared to the real violence on the left? And what does “hard-right” mean when compared to the “hard-left”?

All emotion-prompting words absent solid meaning and context.

A good article nevertheless.


hard-right means not "#NeverTrump"

buccr morgan

Yes I recommended it, in lieu of the wolff piece


Here’s my Thanksgiving recipe:

Take a small glass that is easy to hold in the hand. Fill it with crushed ice. Dribble in enough 10-year-old Bulleit Bourbon to fill the glass. Top off with more crushed ice. Sip while reclining with the feet up watching sports on TV and ignoring the political angst of family liberals.

For variety, from the same position, try a softly carbonated, British-made Sam Smith’s organic hard cider in a tall glass. Rinse and repeat.


SCOTUS: 5 Catholic and 3 Jewish

Dems on Senate Judiciary Committee:
Leahy - Catholic
Feinstein - Jewish
Schumer - assume Jewish but not certain
Durbin - "considers himself RC, but not allowed to take communion"
Whitehouse - Episcopalian
Klobucher - ?
Franken - Jewish
Coons - has a MA in Religion from Yale. Also JD.
"Council of Churches" related work.
Blumenthal - Jewish

Seems unfair for MN to get two JC spots. There are no Protestants, much less Evangelicals, on SCOTUS.


Did you know CW Gusewelle by reputation, sbw? He died last Tuesday, wrote into this year, but less prolifically.

Beasts of England

sbw wins the JOM recipe exchange!! :)

jimmyk on iPhone

"It's amazing that the Dems haven't figured this out yet."

James, a lot of Rs haven't figured it out either. They keep thinking the Dems will applaud them for compromise when in fact it's a sign of weakness, and all it results in is a shift of the goalposts.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

As usual I'm 'Just Ten Hours' or maybe 'Just One Two Days' behind . . .

daddy - Sorry to hear about Mrs. Daddy's broken wrist, but glad that she didn't need to have a plate installed for a broken lower forearm.
Sending out JOM wishes for a speedy and (hopefully) pain-free recovery.

Prayers going out to anonamom's friend, Mary, and to TC's daughter Nicole for their losses, and to Joan and her husband as he continues his recovery from his TBI.
Prayers for Iggy's son, too, as he suffers with his affliction, and for Iggy to secure his own future.

And a belated welcome to the Kevlar Kid - glad to have you add your voice.

buccr morgan

Whitehouse is yeargh's brother from another mother, totally useless as don Collins would tell you.


If this article is true, I will stomach an awful lot out of Trump:



"It's amazing that the Dems haven't figured this out yet."

James, a lot of Rs haven't figured it out either. They keep thinking the Dems will applaud them for compromise when in fact it's a sign of weakness, and all it results in is a shift of the goalposts.

Good news is that Trump knows this like the back of his hand.

I expect him to quickly beat any Rs who don't get with the program around the head and shoulders.

Probably take a few sessions before the nitwits catch on.

Thomas Collins

Ah, Sheldon Whitehouse. I'd say buccr morgan's assessment is spot-on.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

And for this I'm definitely Just One Two Days behind . . .

you and I may be the only 2 to get the Lumbumba [sic] reference..and yes, I agree.
Posted by: clarice | November 19, 2016 at 04:19 PM

clarice - Even I got the reference to Patrice Lumumba, and Onkel Karl's training academy and finishing school for would-be revolutionaries.
I'm crushed. (I thought you would have more faith in your fellow JOM'ers) :(

From Frau's link to the article about Patrice Lumumba comes this absolute gem of an observation:

Probably it would have been best to have partitioned the Congo in tribal areas and allow Congo leaders to gain experience in managing smaller political units. There would have been the possibility of creating a federation of the tribal groupings later within the Congo River Basin. But instead the international powers expected people with no experience with democracy and no experience in the management of complex systems to suddenly take control of a nation with tens of millions of people of diverse cultural backgrounds. Even a well developed nation such as the United States would be destroyed by putting into power someone who is mere glib and has no significant managerial experience.

The article was written by a professor of economics named Thayer Watkins, who was a member of the faculty at San Jose State University from 1974-2008.
Presumably, it was written while a member of the faculty *before* the Appointed One - the "Lightbringer" [snort] - came into office in 2009.

It would be hilarious - if the real world implications of that fact hadn't been so disastrous for America.

buccr morgan

Re Sarkozy, besides a few personal scandals, referred to in marseilles the series,

Miss Marple

On my phone. At some point in the primaries, trump said he was going to teach them how to win.


Rufus, I did not know him, but looking through his work, I would like to have . . . and will get to know him better through his work.

We had an editor, Fritz S. Updike, who was a man of the people and a wonderful storyteller. He knew my son, myself, my father and mother, my grandfather and mother, my great grandfather, and my great, great grandfather, spanning a 1926-1996 career.

I told him just before he passed on -- his euphemism -- that I admired him not for being extraordinary, but for doing ordinary things so extraordinarily well. I hope he appreciated the compliment. I meant it.

As he said to the waitress in one story describing the pick-up Rome Club lunch table where we solved the world’s problems afresh each day, “If I have had lunch, may I have the check please, and if not, I’ll have the Special.”

God bless good community editors.

buccr morgan

Nobutu was not much better, he was the typical kleptocrat scouted out by Langley, tsombe the gov of katanga might have been a better bet.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

narciso - I've read that our financial experts believe that Mobutu may have looted as much as $60 billion from his national treasury during his reign.

Makes Tsombe look like the much better choice.


Hope he can still work from prison:

(right-click as needed)


Rocco, thank you for your story last night. I'm sure it was the sign you believe it to be.

And narciso, your 10:36 pm reminded me of this:


BREAKING: New Satanic #PizzaGate "Art" WILL OUTRAGE YOU


buccr morgan

The company wasnt the best judge in these matters, they picked and equipped nasser, that worked out well. Chalabi's handler bruner bad mouthed him as part of the defamation campaign, yet they ended up with a real Iranian agent, about Noriega the less said the better

buccr morgan

Re Sarkozy, his handling of terrorism was his string card, his handling of the merah matter left strong doubts not to mention the Libya faster.

buccr morgan

Tulsi gabbard, the hawt democrat could be un ambassador?

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

Also - Prayers also going out to Tonto's own Mr. Tonto, the estimable Harry S, who is such a joy to read, and obviously a great judge of people to have wed Tonto.
Hope his recovery is quick and complete.

(Just goes to show . . . if you get too far behind, it's almost impossible to properly catch up.)

Beasts of England

A surprisingly impressive article about Sessions from our local lib rag...



Tulsi gabbard, the hawt democrat could be un ambassador?

We want the very unhawt Republican Bolton! Show the proper (dis)respect to the UN.

Though the proper disrespect might be to send Howard Stern, or no one.


I have a recipe bleg here... We had our first freeze on Friday night, and so I stripped all of the remaining tomatoes off the vines. Since fall was so unusually mild, I'm not at all used to all of these green tomatoes. Does anyone have any good recipes? Also, between Friday and today several of the yellowish just starting-to-ripen ones have already started to get soft spots and rot. Is there any way to slow that down so that I can get some use out of these?

(I'm amazed that we are going to have fresh garden tomatoes for Thanksgiving dinner!)

Jim Eagle

Let's not forget, one of Trump's more successful and profitable buildings is the condo/apartment complex directly across from the UN on Turtle Bay, where it is filled with UN ambassadors and employees. Just don't see him making much waves there, maybe cutting back our share and doing more vetoing or injecting more testing resolutions.

Now, if he was to sell it....that's a different matter.

buccr morgan

True. But the stache belongs at foggy bottom.

So British spy dramas like their 24 counterpart mi 5 is riven with foolishness, in ignoring the nature of the enemy, they released a film version some years back, where an awlaki type on route tie be rendered, is freed and one suspects members of that agency are involved, of course it has to be the Americans are ultimately involved for reasons unclear.

Old Lurker

I meant to mention regarding the Hamilton actor who called out Pence, that he is a local guy:

"Dixon was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland and is a graduate of St. Albans School and Columbia University."

First they give us Al Gore. Now this guy.

St. Albans must be so proud.

Beasts of England

Fried green tomatoes, cathyf!! Woot! 😎

Slice 'em up, salt and pepper, egg wash, cornmeal crumbs, pan fry in oil, drain, done. Serve with rémoulade...

Beasts of England

I'm 'glad' to hear that, OL. A kid from Huntsville is in the Broadway cast, and I was hoping he wasn't the one showing his ass...

buccr morgan

Well fro. Their point of view. They would be ol.

Account Deleted

Talk about showing one's a$$:


Jim Eagle

Today at school, Frederick finished 3rd in the Spelling Bee. If it wasn't for a missing "s" at the end of 'gesticulation(s)' he'd have won and gone on to the regionals. Next up, the Science Fair where he might be doing something involving blood. Hope its not mine.

buccr morgan

Wonderful, jib.

Beasts of England

Don't forget Marion Barry, OL - another proud St. Albans' alum. :)


BOzo designated 2 million acres near his new Palm Springs, CA area home as national monuments.

He imposed some environmental shenanigans up here recently which locked up huge chunks of Alaska from development. I haven't kept up with the particulars but local Talk has been going hot and heavy about how difficult it will be, if not impossible, for the Trump Administration to undo the lockdowns Obama has so far given us on his way out the door, and we are still sweating what he might do to ANWR.

Momma just drove off to the Ortho. Pups and I doing our first cup of coffee and will do the rare morning dog walk in a moment, so I'm not even pretending to try to catch-up today. Thanks everyone for the well wishes, and big thanks to Joan for her wonderful long post, and to Rocco and everyone else for sharing such positive stories of faith and hope.

Account Deleted

Great line about Barrel Butt's fashion choices being available at The Gap.


Friday, fashion designer Sophie Theallet, who has dressed the current first lady Michelle Obama, offered a preemptive refusal to hypothetically dress the next first lady, Melania Trump, should she ask for some of her clothes— presumably not the ones available at The Gap.

Especially pukeworthy from Theallin Sophie: "The rhetoric of racism, sexism, and xenophobia unleashed by her husband’s presidential campaign are incompatible with the shared values we live by."

Curious: where is her allegation against PEOTUS that he refuses to bastardize every intellectual distinction imaginable about human behavior to suit his own political aims?

In that way PEOTUS stands against a shared value the "we" live by, no?


Great cartoon heading Lucianne.com today (Scroll down) Passing The Baton!

Account Deleted

Ever on the case, Andrew McCarthy corks Senator Bob.


"When a couple of lawyers lecture you about your “fundamental misunderstanding of our Constitution and the relative powers of Congress and the president in foreign policy,” ask yourself this: Have they cited the provisions of constitutional or statutory law they claim you’ve misunderstood? If not, if they’re hiding the ball, you’re probably being conned. Alas, that is the case with the disingenuous defense of Senator Bob Corker’s Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 (INARA), offered on Thursday by Lester Munson and Jamil Jaffer, two former staffers on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which Corker chairs."

Account Deleted

I put that cartoon in my keeper file, daddy. Trump media memorabilia.

buccr morgan

The Lebanese Kardashian wannabe remivrs all doubt

Account Deleted

Yummy stuff:



Sir Clement Freud exposed as a paedophile as police urged to probe Madeleine McCann links



Thanks for the invite Momto2, tho' I think Thanksgiving this year, depending on Momma's recuperation, I'll be in Osaka for turkey.

A good comment by Lisa Booth on Cavuto 10 seconds ago reminded me about the old political rule of thumb about how our Leaders and Politicians are not supposed to criticize America on foreign soil.

Here we have Obama, who already on foreign soil criticized candidate Trump multiple times, is now on foreign soil laying the groundwork for criticizing President Trump after the inauguration.

The hell with the outgoing President, with his first, his middle, and his last name, and with every rule and policy associated with that immature narcissist. Go Jeff Beauregard Sessions! To the dogs.


daddy, If your wife's wrist is in cast, you might want to pick up a couple of short kimonos for her (hapi coats actually) which will make it easier for her to dress and order some living proof dryshampoo--amazon has it or you can order it directly from them. Some small things like this make recuperation less horrible.

Beasts of England

Congrats to Master Frederick, JiB!! Tall, smart, handsome, and a great speller - it's never too early to form his presidential exploration committee! 😎




Above link is how to make thanksgiving dinner--


Mr. Souchak

You're getting off the track sir, look for the Monster Energy Drink charm. It's right in front of your nose. That's all I can say for now.

buccr morgan

So mcmuffin's campaign (it was a thing) had 80k directed to their consultant, rick wilson, with only 1k fir marketing

buccr morgan

Not to mention the tie to nahim aouchi.


Anonamom, all my prayers for Mary. Could not possibly add a thing to all the wise and loving words of fellow JOMers. If you're quiet but solidly THERE, the words -- if needed -- often will be given to you as an unexplainable and wonderful gift.


sbw - saw this on Twitter and thought of all you've shared about the AP.

Philip Schuyler ‏@FiveRights 6m6 minutes ago

News bias routine in verbs
Hillary "plans"
Trump "plots"
Hillary "muses"
Trump "rambles"
Hillary "emphasizes"
Trump "claims"


Revealed: Police launch probe into what Clement Freud knew about Maddie as we uncover new details about ex-MP's disturbing relationship with the McCanns


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Heh. A friend of mine tested me to alert me to this :




Dave (in MA)

Dookie the fake Limey doesn't like Trump, I'm shocked.

Captain Hate

Corker's surrender of the Senate's responsibilities according to the Constitution should blackball him from any future offices.


Corker's term is up in 2018. Says he might run for TN guv. TN billionaire guv says he might run for Senate.


KellyAnn Conway gave a reporter whatfor on the elevator cam. Asked a question, she told the reporter to look it up, he's answered that question many many times. In other words, do your homework you lazy slob. Then she turned her back on him. To another reporter who was going on and on, she said, Is there a question in there?


I never knew the job of elevator concierge was so demanding, he never stops.

Account Deleted

Re: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/11/21/what-the-alt-right-really-wants-according-to-a-professor-writing-a-book-about-them/

I had to circumvent the WP paywall. They insist I must pay to read their fishwrap. Anyways, found it on the cheap at:


The "author" of the forthcoming (or not) book on the Alt-Right is citing "a lot of the people I have talked with".

Sounds to me that the Lefties have created quite a straw man complete with his arsenals of "dog whistles" which call the faithful to arms in the elimination of people who are not "white nationalists" from the States.

Defending ourselves--- because what the Left is looking for here is to criminalize and/or delegitimize any political opposition, as usual--- is a waste of time.

There is a type of mass co-dependence between the political slabs of Left and Right. The Right wants to be acceptable to the Left in a strange way; maybe because all the "cool" celebrities are Lefties.

So the Right ends up defending itself in hopes to somehow be acceptable to the Left.

To boil this already overgeneralized model into day-to-day terms, the Right reminds me of that hopeless "guy" who gets dumped by his girlfriend, or the Dagwood Bumstead hubby whose wife has filed for divorce.

"Oh honey I love you." And of course, Honey, is repulsed by such testimonials because her self-image is likely in the twa-lay to begin with. So why would this lump love the likes-o-me?

If "guy" wants to stop the madness he needs to STFU. He needs to turn into a bobbleheaded cardboard merchandiser nodding blankly: "You are so right, honey. This is the right thing for us to do."

Then, he needs to start living, and living well. Leave the whipping post entirely. He's been bonding himself to the lash. What is the point?

Let the Left castigate and condemn and build their case that they are oh so right about everything.

Meanwhile, the political right has the keys to the caddillac and the roof is down. Slap a blade on the front of that dawg just under the cowhorns and let's go have some fun bulldozing the Obama shantytown of Executive Orders and Pro-Chinese regga-lay-shuns.

We no need no steenking dee-fence. The Right has whupped the Left something fierce. The collusion of a marriage is over, or at least "we've moved out of the house."

Now it's time to give them what they really want--- their own self-loathing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Continuing to defend ourselves to them against allegations of "alt-right" and "dogwhistle racism" is ludicrous.

That stimulates their self-hatred to be aimed back at us. After all, they have zero positive self-image. It's why the very appearance of a Trump/Melania marriage makes their glutes itch to the point of rage.

If we leave the building, leaving them to project and harangue to their choir, they'll predictably eat each other whole.

Their Alt-Right straw man will serve them about as well as ABCMSNBCCNNPBSNBC did on the run up to the election massacre.

JM Hanes

Per Drudge:
nuTonomy will begin testing its self-driving cars in......
..... Boston! What could possibly go wrong?


If this article is true, I will stomach an awful lot out of Trump: Appalled | November 21, 2016 at 11:05 AM

oh please, we stomached zippity dopey doke for 8 years because fools like you thought he talked pretty or something.

You'll eat your Trump and clean your plate or you can go to Canada with Cher and Lena.


Meanwhile, the political right has the keys to the caddillac and the roof is down. Slap a blade on the front of that dawg just under the cowhorns and let's go have some fun bulldozing the Obama shantytown of Executive Orders and Pro-Chinese regga-lay-shuns.

We no need no steenking dee-fence.

KevlarKid | November 21, 2016 at 03:38 PM

Yep, well done KK.

Beasts of England

KevlarKid is making my day!! :)


Thank you for your faith filled story.
Your strong message of hope and God's presence was inspiring to me.
I also prayed very hard for Trump to win and once I placed it in God's hands I felt a sense of peace.
So interesting that the Clintons s thought they had it only to have divine intervention snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.
Hope momma gets some rest and have the Dartmouth gal make Thanksgiving dinner with help from her mother settled in an easy chair nearby.
My sisters and I all learned how to do the complete dinner from our mom.


Per Drudge:
nuTonomy will begin testing its self-driving cars in......
..... Boston! What could possibly go wrong?

One time in Beantown with some co-workers in a rental car, we found ourselves at an intersection tied up with typical gridlock.

Lots of "playing chicken" aggressive behavior seeing who was going to intimidate who into backing up and letting the other guy proceed.

Guys in another car at the intersection waved their rental agreement at us, as if to say "who cares, not my car, go ahead and dent it".

Guy driving our car waved our rental agreement back!

While the other guys were laughing at the ridiculousness, we drove over a curb and were on our way.

Had to get to Logan to make a flight:)

JM Hanes

I'd like to pose a question to the collective JOM memory. One of the sundry names that have been floated for Secretary of defense is Stephen Hadley. For some reason, I have the impression that he's a back stabber of some kind, but nothing rang a bell when I checked out his Wikipedia entry, except maybe falling on his sword for the Bush administration in re yellowcake. Is he compromised in some fashion or Is he a straight arrow that I'm just confusing with someone else?

Account Deleted

Yee-flippin-haw! windansea

Miss Marple the Deplorable

JM Hanes,

I don't think he is a back-stabber, but he is associated with the Bush administration and I would be surprised if he were chosen.

Are you confusing him with Stephen Hayes, writer for the Weekly Standard? I used to do that when reading articles or hearing the names on the news until I finally got them separated in my mind.

matt, deplore me if you must

To the left there is no defense for being Judaeo-Christian/religious, or pro-life, or compassionate or conservative.

The state is the end all and be all unless you are a crony, who just got their heads handed to them as well. Berkshire Hathaway can suck wind as can Elon Musk and Target and Goldman Sachs.

Week two and the schadenfreude is actually growing....They. still.don't.get.it. Trump even now is getting inside their heads with his wide ranging conversations and interviews.

Shinzo Abe, a Japanese nationalist, is the first one to meet with Trump. I think that alliance is solid. I think we will do much better with the Brits. And those are the important ones.

Much of Western Europe is one turn of the pipeline valves away from a Russian shutdown. Only France can generate enough of their own power. The Dutch may be forced to rely on, good heavens, American LNG. How much is left for the rest is questionable.

Trump's demand that Europe do better in defense will still fall on deaf ears. Even the UK is falling apart in this regard. By 2018 they will not have a ship launched missile system. The rest are pathetic.

We have a chance at some real, positive change that can create good jobs and a more dynamic economy. Let's hope that it happens.

The devastation of the Left is only now being realized by a few of them. They have alienated their core constituency, the working class. They Balkanized themselves between a rock and a hard place.

There is much hard work to be done.

JM Hanes


Just wait till the autonomous car tries to negotiate its way into Beacon Hill, where all roads lead out! Or tries to get out of the Haymarket where all roads lead in and the cars, sans any discernible basis for determining who's got the right of way, merge together in what Time magazine once dubbed "doing the Boston Shuffle."


Since it is Michigan week, time to get the flag out.

Both real and virtual:)

James D

JMH, I have they same impression, and I can't really say why.

I may be confusing him with somebody with a similar sounding name at Weekly Standard (Stephen Hayes, maybe?)


Newt and Callista

Old Lurker

Any halfway decent self driving car in Boston will only improve the average in that nuthouse.


Hadley = yellowcake

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