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November 20, 2016



Been getting my hair cut by same guy for 35 years.

Went today and Don didn't look himself at all. Told me he had lost 17 pounds in the last month.

Going in after Turkey day to get scoped from both ends.

He looked off color, kind of gray.

I am guessing he is about 70 and has always been healthy, doesn't smoke, drinks in moderation.

I have a really bad feeling about this. I am guessing colon cancer, hope I am wrong.

Pray that they find something fixable.


A lot of security for Newt going up the elevator. He ignored the press shouting out questions. Callista as per usual not a hair out of place. Newt looks cheerful and happy and will probably answer questions on exit.

He said he's going to work outside the admin so this visit is interesting.


The devastation of the Left is only now being realized by a few of them. They have alienated their core constituency, the working class. They Balkanized themselves between a rock and a hard place.

Pajama boy and Lena Dunham aren't much of an army.

Got game? I don't think so.

buccr morgan

I think his position on involvement in Syria is the deal breaker, not the yellow cake matter which was sourced bow.

JM Hanes

Miss Marple:

Thanks for the suggestion. I don't think I'm confusing him with Stephen Hayes -- although I constantly confuse Stephen Hayes with Steven Hayward!

It's some niggling thing from further back during the Bush Administration, so I would probably be conflating him with someone from the Intel community or State Dept.

If he doesn't elicit concern from anyone here at JOM, I'll just assume it's my trick memory doing him wrong. I have no idea who I suspect you're right about him not getting the nod for Defense, although he could conceivably get a seat on a pane of some sort. According to Wiki, "Hadley is a co-founder and principal, along with Condoleezza Rice, Robert Gates and Anja Manuel, in RiceHadley Gates LLC, a strategic consulting firm." Hard to predict how the Bush/Trump dynamics will play out. I was surprised by the Romney-Trump confab, although I must say, the Daily Mail made the Portico greeting photo op look less like Trump was extending an olive branch and more like Romney was there to kiss the new king's ring.

I have to admit, this one made me laugh out loud:

Romney Trump photo Romney  Trump_zpsrtjslhfv.jpg

Account Deleted

Moonbeam pinches a huge loaf. US Senator Kamala to the rescue LOL



Any halfway decent self driving car in Boston will only improve the average in that nuthouse.

And if a few Democrats have to die in the process, no biggie. :)


Uh-oh, another big earthquake of Fukushima.

buccr morgan

Yikes, that's not reassuring.

Re Rooney there have been similar circumstances, Elaine under Harrison the younger,

common man

Trump popularity jumps 9% in the latest survey according to Fox Business. Nothing like being a winner to make you popular.



In my 20's fairly unfamiliar with Boston I got lost for about 4 hours before I could find my way out. Once I moved closer I realized the only thing you could do in Boston was memorize the streets. I think I still have them memorized. I wonder if a driverless car can do that.

buccr morgan

Autocorrect is dark majek

Account Deleted

"We've all heard the story of the boy who cried wolf. Now we're seeing the story written before our eyes of a media that not only hasn't learned a thing from its election coverage where it completely embarrassed itself to the point it may never recover from an integrity perspective.


Rally that base, Pinch.

Account Deleted


After last year's bleedfest and handwringing, will any "black" actor worth their salt not think twice about 1) credibility of the nomination; and, 2) the integrity of the award if it's received?

The breathless columnist concludes, now that the Ruby Slippers have clicked, "At this rate, the joke will be there aren’t enough white nominees! (Just kidding!) What a wonderful and significant sea change. (PS Look for Zoe Saldana in Ben Affleck’s “Live by Night.“)"

Well, at least one Mezzkin is in the running.


Why don't I feel any better?



I'm behind, but a comment to lurkersusie's Kurt Schlichter's column at Townhall made me laugh:

"Democrats have not been this mad since the Republicans freed their slaves..."

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Live feed Japan earthquake area. Tsunami expected any minute.

common man

Can I post a shout out to Schmucky Chucky here?

Great, thanks it wont have anything to do with pizza, no.

So let me be the first to say to you directly, thanks for voting to change the rules of the Senate to pack the DC court. Hope it seems worth it now. Too bad that you had leadership with so little foresight, that you figuratively trade the cow for a pocket full of magic beans. Trump will now get all of his appointments INCLUDING Jeff Sessions confirmed on a majority vote. Save your grumbling and cursing for Harry frickin Reid...

Miss Marple the Deplorable

common man,

Hilarious irony! They were certain that they were going to win, because they believed the falsified polls!

henry - drunk on prog tears

New thread


Thanksgiving is always confusing around here due to my dear brothers-in-law's congenital inability to communicate or plan ahead. There is also usually some social awkwardness with one BIL's ex and the kids being on board for holidays even though they've been split up for almost ten years now.

This year is a new wrinkle, though. I agreed to host again, and said BIL informed me via Mr. Porch which dishes and his new fiancee were bringing, including cornbread dressing, for which I have my own recipe.

Isn't that not how it works? Aren't they supposed to ask me what to bring? I mean, it's generous of them, but now I have three more dishes to get/keep hot and one oven, so the timing will be even more difficult than usual. Especially because BIL is always late.

Ah well. It's all good. They're all in post-election heartbreak mode and my BIL owes me a significant sum because I bet him back in March that Trump would win. :)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


When Trump said "I am your voice" he really MEANY it!

Good on ya, Donald! I have wanted someone to tell them that for years!


Isn't that not how it works? Aren't they supposed to ask me what to bring?

I must say imo it takes chutzpah for a newbie to announce she's bringing the dressing to a family gathering. I'd go with the flow this year, but get everyone to agree to a system for next time. My sil always finds it easier to bring the meat- a honey baked ham and turkey. She sends a family email to start the ball rolling, we "reply all" with our entries of sides, desserts, drinks, etc. and adjust as necessary. Never had a problem.

JM Hanes

Fantastic MM! Can't wait to hear how tomorrow's meeting with Sulzberger goes, especially since it sounds like it's going to be a one on one tête á tête.


Good advice, DebinNC. Thanks for confirming I'm not crazy. ;) I really like her and I know she's trying to help!

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