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November 20, 2016



Joan, that's a heart wrenching story with a wonderful ending. Someday we'll join them and that's a comforting thought...for me anyway.


Revelation 21:8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thank you for explaining the bear dance and the rest.

The ways of God are mysterious, and I believe all of us contribute to the Divine Path, in whatever way.

I am Catholic, but do not discount your faith.

Blessings on you, and thank you for joining us!

deus volt buccaneer morgan

I think one of the greatest offenses done to the younger generations, is when they stripped prayer and consequently the majority of biblical knowledge out of the public square,

a people that come to believe this world full of pain, is all there is all there is, well what hope can they see but the messianic attempts to create 'heaven on earth' through politics, which ignore the fallen nature of man, and more often than not brings upon hell,

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Got to head to bed.


Dave (in MA)


About 200 Roslindale residents gathered in a blustery wind at Adams Park this afternoon to comfort each other and begin to figure out what comes next after this month's election.

It's not even worth responding to these nuts any more.


Been busy, hard to catch up, but in case this wasn't noted, it's one of those flying pigs days, as apparently SNL was actually funny, and made fun of the left's bubble mentality:


Account Deleted


I moved out of state in 1973 and didn't return until 1999. As a kid I saw some of the classic games Raiders played before the big move to LA.

There was nothing like the early AFL before the Oakland Coliseum was built. Raider games were played at a junior college field where the stands were right up on the action. And when that field was unavailable we would go to legendary Kezar Stadium in Golden Gate Park.

Al Davis was one of the finest football minds ever to be associated with the game. He did more to bring about today's NFL than anybody. Al wasn't loved by many people but he had what it took to get that merger done with incredible benefits for generations of fans.

Like anything, there is the "sausage" and then there is the "sausage factory." It's never pretty seeing "where it comes from."

I compartmentalized my fan experience after the Raiders left Oakland. Al was Al. The players were playing a game that I played devotedly throughout high school just 5 miles down the freeway from the Coliseum.

I went to Notre Dame at the same time that Joe Montana was there. He was in the class of 1978. Dave Casper was there too at the same time (probably the largest human being I have ever seen that could run a 4.7 40. Picture a coke machine coming at you full tilt).

It was a golden era for football when those two came to the Bay Area. We would root for the Niners, Dad and I, because for us it was about the Bay Area teams. We didn't feud like some people would, like a Hatfield and McCoys situation. Not like it is now. But you couldn't pay me to go to Levis Stadium in San Jose traffic. Baseball was no different. There were the Giants and there were the A's. We'd go see both teams. The Giants were here first...saw the visiting greats play in their rookie first game at Candlestick--- Clemente, Stargell, Staub, Wills. Saw Juan Marichal crown Johnny Roseboro with his bat after Roseboro thought it was a good idea to say something about a Dominican's mama.

The owners, especially Al, I just put them aside and went to the games. Now that I am saving a king's ransom by not going to live events *for anything*, I am even further removed from the controversies and other distractions that detract from enjoying the game(s).

I remember one thing that Al Davis did which a lot of folks don't know much about.

Jack Tatum was a lethal safety who played under John Madden during the deep glory years. The Patriots were in town.

Tatum was roundly condemned for putting a near lethal hit on Darrel Stingley, a receiver that the Pats were sending over the middle one more time than they probably should have.

John Madden was screaming wildly at the Patriots bench to stop running the over the middle route because Tatum had a no quarter approach to anybody coming over the middle.

They kept doing it and the end result was Tatum knocking Stingley cold and injuring him severely.

The Pats quit running the play. The game ended. Stingley was in a local hospital.

The Patriots left town. And they left Stingley too. Madden and Davis ensured that Stingley received the best medical care until he was airlifted back to Beantown. Unescorted by any Patriots personnel.

Davis paid for the medical escort. Our history with the Pats began way before that snowy evening in Foxboro when the tuck rule changed the destiny of a young Bay area baller from Serra High School.

Anyways.... have a great week everybody! Happy Thanksgiving.

deus volt buccaneer morgan

seems it's open season,



And speaking of bubbles, I missed this from a few days ago, but Caroline Glick was supposed to speak at UT-Austin, but her talk got canceled by the anti-Israel left. Wouldn't want to hear anything uncomfortable, I guess.


daddy on iPad

On the dog walk got a call that momma had fallen while decorating the Christmas Tree and she thought she might have broken her arm, so I hustled home with pups and now we are in the First Care Medical place waiting for an X-Ray and her with a big ice pack on what looks to me to be a definitely broken wrist. Oh well, it's always something. She's in a medical waiting room and I'm in the front lobby watching a good second half as her 'Skins swap touchdowns with the packers.

Momma is in pain but she is one tough cookie. Called me back ASAP to tell me to make sure the dogs definitely each took their evening poop before my bringing them home as she figured the medical business was going to take all night and so far it has.



Thanks to Mrs. Buckeye's genealogy research and daddy's keen interest in history, I find I am part Shawnee and part Cherokee.

This comes down through my dad's mother's family, and I don't think she had any idea. Both he and her have been gone for decades.

Certainly has piqued my interest in native people's history and culture.

Account Deleted

Miss Marple---

You're most welcome. I still receive the Sacrament. And my faith has deepened due to recent exposure and study in the The Essene Way, which has been instrumental in my physical healing.

I continue to learn and grow. My upbringing in the Roman Catholic faith taught me to pray, rote and extemporaneously, to have a sense of reverence for things I cannot see nor understand with my brain, to practice ritualistic reverence as an altar boy, and to honor the dead who had given their lives for our Nation (Vietnam military funerals served as an altar boy between 1964 and June 1969----> exactly 531.

Thank you for your kind words.


Jimmyk, that's why we should kick these mother(REDACTED)s while they are down. And then kick them some more.
Rodham should die in prison.

deus volt buccaneer morgan

sorry to hear that daddy, yes even mild procedures take a long while,

clarice's link about dual Spanish citizenship and those eligible revealed an aspect of my genealogy I wasn't previously aware.

Another Bob

daddy, sounds like my wife's injury a couple years back. Put out her hand to break a fall?

If so, expect a surgical procedure,

daddy on iPad

Thanks for the General Keane info, Miss M. He is one of my favorites. I recall Lou Dobbs mentioning when it happened how sad he was for the loss of Keane's wife and lifelong companion, so that makes good sense to me. I'm also encouraged knowing that President Elect Trump offered him the job. Reflects very well on both men.


Jeebus daddy. Hope it isn't as bad as expected.

I was out of town last week and while gone Mrs. Buckeye passed a kidney stone.

She sent me a few choice text messages, before the stone passed and pain went away..

Account Deleted

Aho, Buckeye!

Those discoveries are precious. There are many who will come after you.

I've been making a diligent effort to write down and draw pictures of my experiences from these past 26 years walking the Red Road.

My only daughter lives outside of Brussels with her husband and my two grandchildren. Their daddy is Belgian and his family name goes back 1500 years.

I can trace back on the Navajo side to 1715 in New Mexico on Mom's side. On Dad's side it's near impossible to trace the first intermarriages of Spaniards with the Tarahumara.

But! My grandchildren will know who their grandDad is and where he came from and how he walked forward into the past to bring the treasure of their heritage into their present.

Fulfills the promise made to Mama.... "Show the little ones 'who we were when we were.'"

Take care!

Another Bob

Oh and if she's wearing any rings on the injured arm, make sure the ER people get them off.

deus volt buccaneer morgan

how about that Kevlar,


the scoop has an itch, I suppose it's poison sumac,


Sorry, daddy, hope it's not as serious as it sounds.

daddy on iPad

...Put out her hand to break a fall?

That's it AB. Said she caught her foot going backward and knew she had to sacrifice something to keep from slamming her head into a table top, so she said she saw it all in slow motion but couldn't do anything more than throw her left hand back in an awkward position, and the pain shot up the length of her arm and she just lay there about to puke cursing herself.

It's evil of me to say, but I finally got a chance to drive her fancy Jeep whatever, and she had to sit in the passenger seat and explain how to turn it on by hitting some button and then kibitzing at me like a drill instructor as I drove her to the Medical Center. She was in such rare form of "back seat driving" to I suppose mask her pain I couldn't help but laugh as it was so comical. One for the record books. She's still in the X-Ray room so we'll see. Redskins are running away with this one.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Yeah, I remember the Stingley play well. It was not a cheap shot, just a bad concatenation of events.
Tatum unlike George Atkinson was not a cheap shot guy; he just hit like a train. I still remember the Earl Campbell hit that nearly knocked them both out and of course he was the one who delivered the hit on the Immaculate Deception (that's what they call it in Pittsburgh right? )

The Patriots are the only blemish on the mighty 1976 team, but they did get even in the playoffs by stealing a win.

No argument about Al Davis in his prime; football genius. But his prime ended and the Rayduzz sank because of it.

Account Deleted

Jimmyk, that's why we should kick these mother(REDACTED)s while they are down. And then kick them some more.
Rodham should die in prison.

GUS--- I agree. My wish for Hamrod's exit is different. But, suffice to say, the Trump presidency will not only kick the moFos (and the MoBros too) when they are down, we have an opportunity to shatter the objects and idols they adore, their "religion."

And it won't be difficult. They have the Bath House Rat to thank for it too.

His infantile tactic of using his "pen and his phone" to belch executive orders and regulations benchmarked "all the progress we've made."

Well, he might as well have built sand castles on the Jersey shore. "All the progress we've made" was a lame attempt to codify the progressive religion into the life of our Nation.

Hamrod said Christians were going to have to change our beliefs. Had she usurped the presidency it would have come down as a series of executive orders and regulations.

So with Trump, Hamrod's would-be subjects will now have to eat their own dog-food.

They can still believe in whatever fantasies they choose. But their religion will be no more, not on the government's dime anyway.

deus volt buccaneer morgan

ramrod, I prefer zaphod, the two headed egotistical conman turned galactic president, when queried that some things are bigger than his ego he replied ' if there's anything bigger than my ego, I'll have it shot.

daddy on iPad

She sent me a few choice text messages, before the stone passed and pain went away..

Buckeye, "choice" is a perfect word for the driving lessons momma was giving me. But she was also crack in' up when Icouldnt keep from laughing.

Another Bob

daddy, sorry to hear it. Non-dominant arm I hope - that'll make the next few months or so a lot easier.

Account Deleted


The itch... it reminds me of a Randy Quaid line from one of those god awful Chevy Chase Christmas movies.... Quaid's "kid" presents his mug for a welcome smooch from Uncle Griswold but it's interrupted.

"Oh don't do that. He's got a lip fungus we haven't quite identified yet."

We'll see what Trump *does*. Will he use topical ointment or pour Cepacol on it and burn it out?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That's amazing stuff KK. I knew about the sun dance but not the bear dance.
I frequently walk in Cha Se state park right near where I lived.
Huge limestone slabs with hundreds of mortar holes in them where the Miwoks ground their acorns.
My family owns a ranch in a place called Indian Gulch which is where the local Indians were pushed.
They've gotten their revenge though with the local casino. Biggest employer in the county by far and the tiny tribe is fabulously wealthy and by all accounts really good people.

Another Bob

Ignatz, "immaculate deception" is an ok troll of older Steeler fans.

Speaking of Steelers, Tatum and Atkinson, remember "criminal element"? There were three or four Steeler-Raider games where Lynn Swann was carried off with a concussion courtesy one of those two. Always did seem they were out to hurt people.

deus volt buccaneer morgan

note the way the blanc mange newscribe puts it,


Captain Hate

Yeah, I remember the Stingley play well. It was not a cheap shot, just a bad concatenation of events

That mutt Steve Grogan hung Stingley out to dry by leading him too much over the middle. It was a terrible throw by a bum QB.

I can't believe the Redskins will win a prime time game even against the walking wounded Packers.


Ig, John Matusczak is Mrs.Gus cousin. He was a Milwaukee boy, Oak Creek High School, U of Tampa and TCU both kicked him out.
Nice family, John was just trouble.

Captain Hate

The Raiders were the only team who would punch back against the Steelers. Chuck Noll had a lot of fucking nerve with that criminal element quote considering Ernie Holmes should've been locked up forever for shooting a 30/06 at an Ohio state police helicopter around Youngstown.

Account Deleted

Iggy--- I will look at a map of the area. Curious where Cha Se is relative to Holton KS. My brother owns land just outside of Holton. He worked at an NDN casino near there.

Six degrees.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Getting tired, maybe last comment. Maybe jimmy or OL can answer:
How the blazes do interest rates normalize without blowing the budget up even further?
We're already at $500b per year on the deficit with ZIRP. Volcker and Reagan didn't have a $20t overhang to deal with.

Account Deleted

You got that right, Captain.

Hit or be hit.

Words to live by on the gridiron or the rugby pitch.

Account Deleted

Night everybody.

deus volt buccaneer morgan

I don't think it's possible, we're dealing with numbers in the light year range,


How the blazes do interest rates normalize without blowing the budget up even further?

Iggy, short answer: There is no way. Even the CBO shows deficits going back up over the next few years because of interest rates. So you can probably double whatever they say. It's gonna get ugly unless President Trump can somehow get spending under control. All that talk of infrastructure spending makes me nervous.


Tough choices Ig. Obama and the L-tards have willingly spent 10 Trillion more than the country has brought in. Republicans did NOTHING to stop them. The Porkulus, has been spent 8 times over, and REGULAR ORDER has not been enforced, thereby allowing the EXTRA TRILLION per year. WHAT DID OUR COUNTRY GET FOR THE 10 TRILLION ADDITIONAL DEBT?? Infrastructure, a Border fence/wall, a stronger military, better "affordable" health care for everyone?? More jobs, shovel ready jobs?? Better education?????????

If we don't get serious now, WE WILL HAVE A DEPRESSION.

Touch choices and spending cuts, tax cuts, more employment and better economy means more CASH, to pay down the debt.

Captain Hate

Those Raiders Steelers matches were the best rivalries ever. Complete ass kickers who didn't like each other.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That was Atkinson AB. Was running alongside Swann and gave him an arm over the back of the neck.
BTW, I now have to admit it is fairly certain Tatum hit the ball in the Immaculate reception. Ruined a perfectly good fedora on that play.

Another Bob

Instead of print and hand it to the banks, print and retire debt? No idea.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Cha Se is about an hour southwest of Sacramento, CA, KK.
Not too close to any part of KS.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

There were giants on the earth in those days, Captain. :)


Sory to hear about the fall, daddy.

Another Bob

Captain, plus there was often side drama - greased jerseys, deflated balls. Madden claimed the Three Rivers Stadium ground crew left the sidelines uncovered before a playoff game to ice them over to take away the Stabler deep-passing game.



New revelations about the clinton foundation and Haiti.

Another Bob

And Steeler fans literally took their lives into their own hands attending games in Oakland. Fair amounts of violence in the stands and outside OACS.


UNPOSSIBLE Clarice. Rodham is all about the children. Her ENTIRE CAREER.
Epstein is all about the "children" too.

deus volt buccaneer morgan

which is why I think the witchdoctors were involved in some degree.

deus volt buccaneer morgan

did he get his sheepskin from a crackerjack box



Narciso, Obama got whatever he's gotten by affirmative action, lies, and finely creased pants.

deus volt buccaneer morgan

they are sharp as a tack, we saw this six months ago,



Narciso, I think what jugears means, is that where there is CRIME, FOOD STAMPS, UNEMPLOYMENT, MURDER, DYSFUNCTION, concentrations of ILLEGALS, WHERE drop out rates and illegitimacy and failing schools, and urban decay are.......LIBTARDS get votes.
Obama is a fucking imbecile. There is NOTHING about Obama that is impressive.

deus volt buccaneer morgan

it's almost too cruel to see how she outmaneuver's him, and doesn't realize it,



Narciso, Juan Williams is a dullard. Juan Williams looks like a DEER in the HEADLIGHTS almost all of the time. He sometimes becomes disbelieving and incredulous, when REAL LOGICAL RATIONAL THOUGHT, that he cannot understand is presented to his DIM WIT.
I couldn't care less what these leftist MOTHER FUCKERS think. It's time for US, to ram the CHEESE down their throats. This is not BEAN BAG, this is real. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their ILK have done INCREDIBLE DAMAGE to my SON'S NATION and FUTURE. It's time to GET IT BACK.
No Quarter for "nice Libtard Dullards" who are way way way too stupid to see what's going on.
Juan Williams, can kiss my ass. TWICE.


BTW Clarice. GREAT pieces as usual.

Smooooooooooch. You have always been my fave!!!

Don't tell THE REST!!


If anyone should know about debt its Trump. He's dealt with a ton of it in his life and come out on the better side. I'm hoping the best for him that's for sure.


Don't forget O'FUKWAD and JOE the PLUMBER.



Great link Narciso at 12:47. Had just seen the segment on a midnight rerun and Laura Ingraham was terrific throughout.

Momma has a compound fractured wrist and we see the Bone Doc tomorrow. X-Ray Doc said he didn't think pins and surgery were mandatory due to how it broke but I guess we'll find out in the AM.

Account Deleted

Iggy---- I'm laughing my butt off here. The first result in my Google search yielded a result "Chase State Park" in KS. Cha Se... guess Googli Moogli isn't too big on spacing and other subtleties.

In my haste I wasn't either!

So, we are nearly neighbors.

Account Deleted

Late night knoodling online... saw a link to this article regarding fake news site from Ron Paul's site.

Not a Paul fan by any stretch.

But the list agrees with me and it's sourced via Wikileaks.


Okay. I think I can sleep now. Had espresso during the Niners game.

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable.

Joan, Thank you for taking the time to share your perspective, and for posting here. Everyone's thoughts have been a gift, and yours reinforce what I have done historically in similar situations. I did arrive yesterday bearing food! And the ingredients for RSE's chicken soup tonic, so they will be on hand.

I do just want to move in with her and take care of her. Or have her come here, which she's declined for now. (Understandable, of course. Her new life needs to begin.) She's petite to begin with, and in this devastation, she looks like she could blow away.

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable.

What a morning of catch up! Rocco, Ig, KK, Joan again--thank you.

Unquestionably, there is more than what we see and what we can measure.

Shabbas is sweet.

Trump has a very alert skeptic, Myron Ebell, in charge of the transition for climate science matters. Not sure who will be his go to person on energy. He could do worse than Sara Palin, but he might be able to do better, also.

Climate and energy are intertwined problems, not intractable, but difficult given the last quarter century of propagandizing over climate. The public, particularly the yutes, have absorbed and incorporated a great deal of unnecessary fear and inappropriate guilt over our use of fossil fuels.

Any warming of which we are capable will be net beneficial, and the great greening we've accomplished is near miraculous. There is no weirding or worsening of weather; there will be no acceleration of sea level rise, polar ice will vary. Species will respond to our care for them, not to the minimal temperature change of which we are capable.

Global cooling has always been the more appropriate climate change to fear, and so far the power mad transnationalists have not found a way to blame industrialization and civilization for that, although the urge was there forty years ago when smog was King.

Cruz knew what was what with climate, too. The danger has been exaggerated to such an extent that the responses to the warnings have become more destructive than anything nature can throw at us.

Why am I only 50 basis points ahead?

Obama's first job post Presidency should be to go to Mexico and firstly, fastly, and furiously clean up the mess he made there. We can probably postpone Altgelt Gardens to the later episodes of his penitent pilgrimages.

Changed, but hopeless.

I meant his job should be to go apologize. Please don't put him in charge of rectifying his mistakes.

He may really find himself somewhat uninfluential, and deflatingly so over the near term. He doesn't have a Clinton Foundation to sustain his soon to be lost power of the 'pen and the phone', and may not be capable of creating any such vehicle.

He may yet become the worst ex-President ever. The capability is within him. Is the energy there? I guess not. I hope not.

But he's too petty for that.  Not got the heart of a goof.

Heh, Obama could actually make a dignified exit by confining himself to golf henceforward.


Kim, Mooch will want more free travel. Bambi will get his butt pushed into action.


Dignified exit -- ha!

I read this first thing this morning and it almost spoiled my coffee until I read one of the comments that includes a James Madison quote:


James D

I think one of the greatest offenses done to the younger generations, is when they stripped prayer and consequently the majority of biblical knowledge out of the public square,

This is absolutely true.

Jack is Back!(On his iPad)


Simple solution. Let Cardinal Dolan take over the public school system. He's on record saying he could do it and cut the cost in half. Think what people can do with all that property tax relief😀

James D

Wow, Joan, the dishonesty, delusion, ignorance and pettiness in Zero's words is just breathtaking.


Re BOzo, I must not have watched his inaugural, because I would have remembered the reception GWB received.


In addition to the 9 bedroom home a few miles from the WH where the BOzos will live while Sasha finishes high school (iirc 3 yrs.), they also now own a home in Rancho Mirage-Palm Springs, CA, where they've vacationed often.



I think Mooch and Zero won't be married much longer.

She wants to be free to find the girl of her dreams, and he wants to find the guy of his.


send them a pair of mirrors


It's a cult.

"Obama is still a powerful force for the generation that grew up working for him. 'He’s our Jesus Christ.'” http://politi.co/2g4KNOl
8:56 PM - 20 Nov 2016
Photo published for Obama loyalists plot Trump resistance
Obama loyalists plot Trump resistance
Alumni of the Obama White House spent days mourning Trump's win. Now they're ready to fight.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

LOL, henry.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Sorry for Mama's broken wrist. Glad it wasn't worse!

Got to be gone this morning. Back around lunchtime.



Be sure to update with what the sawbonz has to say.

James D

lurkersusie, that "Jesus" quote is even better with the full context:

“He’s our Jesus Christ. We’re crazy,” said Jaff, not without self-awareness. “It’s 10 years later, and we’re still obsessed.”

It's the "not without self-awareness" bit that gets me. They're the least self-aware people on the planet (both Jeff the Zero cultists and his ilk; and pretty much everyone in the DC press corps).


AP peddling BOzo's "Keep calm, all is well" meme, but even they can't hide the truth. And for once in 8 long yrs., their usually highly flattering BOzo pic fits the occasion.

"Each time Air Force One landed in another foreign capital, cellphones buzzed and White House officials' faces fell as the latest news came in about Trump's team-in-waiting: First, Steve Bannon, former head of the far-right outlet Breitbart News, as chief White House strategist, then retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who has said Islam is a "cancer," to be national security adviser." ... lol



"Jesus Christ's" followers won't be so fervent when the DOJ/community organizer slush fund dries up.


BOzo designated 2 million acres near his new Palm Springs, CA area home as national monuments. I hope a continuing stream of BOzobots make pilgrimages to Rancho Mirage to show their undying love and endear BOzo to his neighbors.


He may yet become the worst ex-President ever.

First president with a legacy of: Everything he did had to be undone.


Vulnerable people should always seek formal counseling as many others will take advantage of them. For depression see a doctor if a psychiatrist is needed. Housing should take into account security issues. Locks on doors, guns & knives, room alarms if in a rooming house or whole house/alarms all with third party intervention, cameras dvr, etc.



Kurt Schlichter
Kurt Schlichter – Verified account ‏@KurtSchlichter

Brace Yourself for Four Years of Nonstop Freakoutrage http://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2016/11/21/brace-yourself-for-four-years-of-nonstop-freakoutrage-n2248518


First president with a legacy of: Everything he did had to be undone.

True--Carter had some very positive accomplishments along with all his disasters. Like deregulation of trucking and airlines.


Please don't put him in charge of rectifying his mistakes.

I think it was Iowahawk was commented on how the same people who gave us the 404Care disaster are now eager to tell us how we should fix it. No, thanks.

buccr morgan

Well supporters of the huntress were often called a cult, by those lacking self awareness, same for those who called her a grifter because she availed of the few opportunities afforded to her.

buccr morgan

There was another link by Jeffrey lord, which points up meagain's descent into category error, following the path of the fields girl?


That Townhall link contained a link to Twitter stream of TX Supreme Ct Justice Don Willett, who's on Trump's short list for SCOTUS. Don Willett - 50 yo, Southern Baptist, might be libertarianish ...

Beasts of England

Very nice, Momto2 - especially the bonus cornbread recipe! Happy Iron Bowl Week!! :)

buccr morgan

Yes, but after eight years at the links, he has proven no good, maybe he should take up Quidditch.

Jim Eagle


He'd have to borrow Hillary's broom, wouldn't he?

James D

Narciso @ 9:20

If we're talking about Zero and Harry Potter, I think that the closest match to him is probably Gilderoy Lockhart (except without the charm)

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