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November 24, 2016


Jim Eagle


Conrad is way too kind.

I am between a rock and a hard place. I have decided that for Frederick's academic future, we need to be in New York, in Southampton, for his matriculation at Bishop McGann-Mercy next year after graduating from OLH. That means what the hell do I do with my museum here?

Its too big for the house in Southampton and it is too damn important to me to leave it absent for years and years down here.

Maybe I open up the old store on Job's Lane and put it there but my cousin wants too much rent for that.

Over 3,000 items and no home for them but here.

Man Tran

Well, ten of us left sitting around after 16 had dinner. No political arguments thankfully. Six dogs mostly related had their moments, but are now as subdued as if the had the triptophane dose, too.

Just read them the Mad Dog story. Smiles all around.

buccr morgan

'Our friend' Stephen Walt, is dealing with the election with the poise he is known for.

buccr morgan

So is Der spiegel, how does one say snorfle in German.


Oh, dear,JiB..What about a short term loan to the Smithsonian?



buccr morgan

There's apparently news out of Montpelier, France.


I stopped reading Mr. Black quite quickly. He's far too circumspect. That's the politest thing I can say.


http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3969686/Armed-man-enters-retirement-home-monks-near-Montpellier-France.html is the story narc is referring to.

buccr morgan

Well they took away his companies, who divvied it up to the Barclays bros who employed the medici, at one point, and they sent him to jail, on the bogus honest services charge, thanks to fitz.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Heh! Maybe he will help with more speeches. I think he assisted in a couple.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Jim Eagle

A bonus Thanksgiving Day chapter.

"Jack Isbaque, tired but hungry, from a long drive up from Fayetteville, NC, or more precise, Ft. Bragg, just couldn’t avoid trying out the pizza at Comet Ping Pong on upper Connecticut Avenue. It was his old neighborhood when he lived in DC. He had a condo on Ellicott Street where he would use his premier balcony to do his daily tai-chi exercise. Now, it was owned, by some company called Divisional Optics.

Clarice Feldman, retired, successful prosecutor, bullshit detector extraordinaire, columnist and sole proprietor of the “Pitchforks and Gibbets” online store, was trying to hide herself from the wind and chill of another cold and windy day in a November Chevy Chase. This would be her first visit to the newly notorious pizza parlor just down the street from one of her favorite bookstores, “Politics and Prose”, although recently it had become politics only and the progressive, elitist, new left kind of safe space for the Washington snow flakes. After all, graduating from Yale, Wellesley, Harvard and Wisconsin where do the freshly minted political naiveté go?

He had convinced her to meet him here simply because he had gotten some confidential information that Ernie Souchak would be there on another one of his wild goose chases. But if Jack said this was important then who was she to say no. He had done more than anyone to expose the fantastical naiveté and compulsions of the rag tag mental cripple from Chicago. What could go wrong except choking on a laughter fit?

In Poolesville, MD, an elderly but very fit gentleman was stroking his beloved Cocker Spaniel, named Archie, while enjoying a glass of Highland Park 18 year old scotch and a pipe full of aromatic tobacco. The end was near and he knew if Clarice was correct, it was a danger less met and more than fully expected. But the insertion of Ernie Souchak, with his chips and special contacts in tact could prove to be a problem. He would have to contact Dr. Fitzgerald of the risks ahead.

“I am in contact via the insert with Ernie, Judge. I see no change in our created personality and behavior. He will be ready in a few hours to be reinserted. And this time, can you please let the “Division” monitor hem him in so I can go home and enjoy my family?”, Dr. Randall Fitzgerald implored.

“Steady as she goes, Doctor. You will be free, like all of us,
after Clarice and Jack report back. I have a feeling someone else is going to show up and make it all a dog’s breakfast.” The Judge signed off and returned to his scotch.

And that is how we end the Thanksgiving Day chapter."


Highland Park 18, that is Scotch porn, but I have such a bottle.

Jim Eagle

As a die hard Redskins fan, I have to tell you that the kid for the Cowboys is a real deal. Hate to see the win but there is no stoping that OL and their offense. If they don't go and win the super bowl it will because of jerry jones interference in some aspect of their performance.

buccr morgan

Can prescott cover for the whole team.



Do you think posting pedophile pictures on Comet Ping Pong's website was normal behavior on the part of James Alefantis?

Posted by: Truthbetold5 | November 24, 2016 at 04:46 PM

Take your time Jack, you wouldn't want to get this one wrong!

Jim Eagle

Hail to the Redskins
Hail Victory
Braves on the Warpath
Fight for Old DC.

Was I premature above? No, I don't think so but it is something to reminisce about.


TbT, I'm sorry you had no place to go for Thanksgiving. That was probably painful.


JOM = no place to go. If you say so, Jane

buccr morgan

Those TV dinners are likely none to appetizing, jane, we had 'the other white meat' with Tuscan seasonings

Jim Eagle


We only serve Highland Park at "Niblicks Reach" and "Niblick's Reach, NY.". Have a 21 year old just for you when you come by.

Fresh Pizza and lots of extra sauce at Comet Ping Pong if you're in the area, TBT,



Help Jack out with that question he is having trouble with


Heading ou to TG Dinner. Mission accomplished.

Jim Eagle

I am off to bed also. The Skins disappoint on Thanksgiving Day once again. Never had a winning decade against them and probably never will under Snyder.



Is Biljana Djurdjevic part of your art collection?

Jim Eagle

Hail to Redskins
Hail Victory
Braves on the Warpath
Fight for Old DC

Skins probably falling short of a victory but they have exposed the Boy's weakness: Passing. Cousins has over 450 yards passing and 3 TD's passing. Not saying the Cowboys aren't Super bowl contenders but they do have a problem. And a guy like Brady will expose it big time;

Jim Eagle

Sorry, Marty, but I only collect Leroy Nieman and Dali.


"JOM = no place to go. If you say so, Jane"

Well on Thanksgiving, I'd say yes. You have my sympathy.


But you defend pedophiles who display Biljana Djurdjevic's pedo art at Comet Ping Pong. Why?


And you mine, Jane


Home after great time at sister's TG celebration.

Turkey and ham, fantastic dressing, tons of sides. Can barely move, probably should have skipped the second slice of pecan pie.

I have two nephews working on engineering degrees at the moment, one is 18 and a freshman at Miami University. The other is 30, got an Art degree, did a stint in the Army, and now is back at Ahia State working on Aeronautical Engineering degree.

Fun listening to them compare notes on Calculus and Physics classes. They still slide wooden blocks on an incline. Some things never change.


I had a great Thanksgiving TBT. Great friends, great food, great wine. And you?




Victor Davis Hanson has done 2 excellent columns lately in National Review. In his latest I really enjoyed this observation:

College administrators boast of offering counseling and therapeutic help to students and faculty members distraught over the recent election. They use terms like “divisive” and “polarizing” in describing the election, when in truth they wish to hide from their donors, alumni, and half the country their own abject and one-sided contempt for incoming president-elect Donald Trump. Note that in the highly emotional elections of 2008 and 2012, universities did not offer commensurate counseling services — because their own preferred candidate won and was thus his victory was not “polarizing.”

1) Who Are Wise, Who Not?

2) Enemies of Language

VDH continually reveals why being able to draw on 3000 years of Human History is the key to real wisdom.

In contrast I am stuck in a hotel watching CNN International, who would not recognize"wisdom" if it hit 'em in the face with a 2 by 4.


JSYK new europeans to north america often mentioned 'fair' natives. They, in fact, appeared more european than anything else. Slowly, it appears that indigenous north americans, the first peoples, came 'across the pond' and/or along the north coasts, eating blubber, and landed in north america. Very favorable currents even around 15,000+ years, ice ageic, ago. 😮 Turns out monkeys made the crossing like a million years ago, too.

So, its good of Tom to toast indigenous people that have survived to today in spite of newcomer 'natives' trying to disappear them....

Oh, the name change thing is common when a newcomer colony establishes itself. Like new york, etc. etc. So, maybe the friction isn't renaming, but who and what the renaming is....just more newcomer colonies renaming after themselves....that's all... ↪ How about the Washington Coca Colas or the Denver Coors...or the Port lands Pepsi Colas....

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Massachusetts college won't fly US flag on campus.

Hampshire College, a liberal arts school with about students 1,400 in Massachusetts, will no longer fly the U.S. flag on its campus. 

"We hope this will enable us to instead focus our efforts on addressing racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and behaviors," Hampshire's president, Jonathan Lash, said in a statement. 

A day after the presidential election, the college decided to lower the flag to half staff  “as an expression of grief over the violent deaths being suffered in this country and globally," Lash said, but that angered some students on campus and in the community. 

Instead, the college will not fly any flags on campus "for the time being." 

Trump oughta send Mattis and a few other Marine to plant the flag, Iwo Jima style in Johnathan Lash's forehead.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


These people who are looking for safe spaces, grief counselors, etc. are really going to be at a loss if disaster strikes.

If an EMP attack should hit the US, I could figure out how to survive. It would be tough, but I could lead my snowflakes here to toughen up and get with the program.

What will these kids do if they are hit with an invasion by China or a massive natural disaster?

This is as worrying to me as the loss of manufacturing, which I consider a national security risk.

And the media is contributing to this. I think they are a national security risk as well, if not a 5th column.

Granddaughter is looking seriously at DePauw with a major in both French and Policital Science, with minors in either Russian or Chinese.

I need to get her out of her Bernie mind set before she ends up at the State Department!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Petraeus opens door to serving Trump:


Beasts of England

Did you watch the Carlson interview with one of Hampshire College's students, Ig? He made pajama boy look like Chuck Norris...

Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

a great old comment by Extraneus -

"As for the revolutionary spirit discussion, I agree it's simmering below the surface and could explode at any time.

In the past 15 years, two major displays of patriotism have frightened the Left into an all-out media counter-assault: post-9/11 anger and the Tea Party uprising.

In both of these cases, normal everyday Americans came out in droves, waving flags and ready to kick some ass. In both cases, the media teamed up with the Left to tamp down the fervor: in the first case by censoring the news (almost immediate MSM collusion never to show the WTC videos again), and in the second by false accusations of racism. In both cases, the media did all it could to shame flag-waving.

Both times, the Patriots gave way to the Left - but they're still out there, and they're still pissed off. Next time it might not be so easy to tamp down the anger, especially if someone is smart enough to call out the media as the real enemy.

Posted by: Extraneus | July 05, 2014 at 08:39 AM "

Bold mine.

I wonder what Extraneus thinks of Trump winning.

or Squaredance...has he commented since the election?


Jonathan Lash is PAJAMA BOY.

Enjoy your Cocoa Jonny.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


"Moore has spent much of his career advocating for huge tax and spending cuts and free trade. He’s been as close to a purist ideological conservative as they come, but he says the experience of traveling around Rust Belt states to support Trump has altered his politics.

“It turned me more into a populist,” he said, expressing frustration with the way some in the Beltway media dismissed the economic concerns of voters in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan."


This is what happened to me when I worked at the food pantry. When you look into the faces of those damaged by poor economic policies, you get a different perspective.

Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

I don't want Petraeus in the administration.
That is an awful idea.
He can work at some think tank & give advice but he blew it with his affair.


Daddy, Universities and Colleges didn't offer Puppy Petting, counseling, or aroma therapy when Republicans lost, because, Republicans didn't NEED counseling.
These "adults" are weak and unable to cope, because they have never been forced to handle any kind of adversity. They have been given TROPHIES for being losers. And LOSERS they are.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I am not advocating him. Just thought the story was interesting.

I don't see how he could work in the admin anyway. Once you are convicted of mishandling classified information, you are prohibited from holding government office. (Unless you are Hillary, of course.)

It's very interesting to me how all of a sudden a lot of people are saying they would like to work for Trump.

Some want to be back on the inside, some are probably moles, and some want to be with the winner.

I like it that most of the people Trump is tapping are not from the Beltway.


Miss Marple, liberal policies have kept generations of people on the dole or worse.

Keep the VOTING BLOCKS on the DOLE, never to be productive, never to get ahead, and never to achieve the greatness America offers them.
They are told to sit still and take the crumbs and they are told it's all because WHITEY and RICH PEEPS are Racist, misogynist, anti-xyz,
THE NICE LIBTARDS RUSH IN with Food assistance, clothing, heat, airconditioners, school lunch, welfare and food stamps, to save the day.

Rinse and repeat as necessary.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I know. I go back to watching Trayvon Martin's girlfriend tetify.

She obviously isn't without some smarts, because she was of Haitian parentage and could speck both French and English.

Yet there she was, without a clue how to get ahead, overweight, mired in despair.

These people are trapped in situations where they don't have enough education to get jobs, no hope, no prospect for a brighter future.

They have no hobbies, no entertainment except TV, music, and sex.

There used to be an old commercial for black colleges which said "A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

We are wasting all of these people through the horrible dem policies. I think Trump realizes this and wants to do a turnaround in the inner cities. I hope he succeeds.

buccr morgan

The situation in Montpelier has been resolved.

Beasts of England

Our musical abilities have been upstaged by a commenter at Althouse named 'Paul' (not me) who claims to have been a member of Levon Helm's All Star Band. Dude.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Despite all of the lies in the New York Times, they accidentally have produced something good.

This article profiles 17 families of different heritages and how they have adapted Thanksgiving to both use the traditional dinner and their ethnic recipes.

"Of many, one."

buccr morgan

Two fatalities, motive unknown, OT,heard how they are moving on an em drive, re the express.

Question, how do they cushion the g forces from such speeds.

Man Tran


A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

I recall some black comedian revising that to:

A mind is a terrible thing...

With the full inference of what goes on in the ghettos.

buccr morgan

Ah tony Blair arguing for remain, in the statesman, lord love a waterfowl,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

You can be anything you want to be on the Internet, Beasts.
For instance I often was the session drummer for Cream and Blind Faith when Ginger Baker was out hitting some dude with his cane.


MM, thank you for that well-remembered and loved hymn. DD, thank you for that rare apology to the generally maligned South. To all, a blessed Thanksgiving!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable


common man

All company gone now and food is all put away.

How bout them Cowboys! When Wilcox went out with an injury, the Cowboys were down to their third string safety and also have a starting corner on IR, Mo Claiborne. Id say the bigger problem with the defense is that the D line does not put enough pressure on the QB. When the D backs are healthy, they are a decent group.

buccr morgan

Was that the spread, 5 points, yes one or even two players can't make up for the rest of the lineup.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


buccr morgan

Ah Michael mcfaul removes all doubt, well like zuul he was originally for Edwards.


A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
I believe that was the United Negro College Fund.

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. I also thank TM for giving our little family a home here at JOM. You people are often in my thoughts.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Video at link. He has already spoken with Trump.


MM's headline link misspelled "criminal."

Beasts of England

Sounds like you're our drummer, Ig!! :)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Nice anachronistic racism there Gentlejim.
I hope you don't try spelling out what NAACP means.


JOM band is coming together!!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Indiana State Police plus the principal of the middle school just south of me pitch in to really help a guy.

Well done! Proud to be a Hoosier!


JOM band?

Not much call for poor piano, beginner cello, broken banjo, and guitar that hasn’t been played in 40 years.


For those of you who gave up on Conrad Black in the piece Clarice lined, and yes, he was far too kind to Obama, he had a strong finish:

Donald Trump is the oldest and wealthiest person elected president, the first not to have had a public office or high military command, the first to pay for his own campaign, and the first since Washington to waive his salary. He has defeated the Clintons, the Bushes, the Obamas, and almost all the dishonest, myth-making national press (including David Remnick). The national political press has declined even more precipitously than the political class, and the president-elect was elevated despite the animosity of both, a signal achievement whose significance those who have been vanquished show no signs of grasping.


And we had a blessedly politics-free Thanksgiving dinner, the only way it could have been tolerable given how wacky my siblings are about Trump. The only mention of Trump's name was when our cousin complained about traffic due to security around Trump Tower.

And how about those Lions!


Ok, this is my Thanksgiving tip that you do now for next year (or next turkey dinner, anyway.)

Take the turkey carcass and throw it in a stock pot or crock pot and cover with water. Bring it to a boil and cook for the next several days. Keep adding water as it boils down. When you have a rich stock, allow it to boil down until it's reduced by about 2/3rds. Strain out the solids (which will be really nasty by this point so throw them away). Allow the stock to cool, and freeze it until next turkey day.

When the time comes, use the stock to liberally baste the turkey, and to make the dressing. You will have ample drippings to make large quantities of the most amazing gravy, and you can make "stuffing" in a pan that tastes just like it was in the turkey. (When you stuff the stuffing in the turkey it dries the turkey out.)

Bonus tip for leftover gravy -- spread it on the bread when you make your turkey sandwich. *mmmmmm*

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Heading to bed. Tomorrow we decorate the house for Christmas!



So Jill Stein will file for a recount in Michigan tomorrow (deadline).

1) Michigan hasn't even got their 1st count done.

2) Why is Stein carrying water for Curb Dive?

3) Playing with fire. If they attempt to screw Trump, Bubba will go ape-shit. Make the punk-ass libtard protests look like pattycake.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Imputing honorable intentions or character where none exists is not only not a virtue, it's a vice.
Conrad Black has never learned that simple truth.


What do you expect from a felon?

Man Tran

Well put, Iggy.

Get to try out my new Micro 9 tomorrow. Crappy trigger, about 7lb. Can't wait to give it a tuning.

your Hubby is welcome to join GUS and the ALL CAPS BAND, under 2 condiions. One) We need to know a wee bit about his KIT and it's quality!! Two)He must play LOUD.
Hmmm... Maybe you need WonderBoy and WonderGirl in the ALL CAPS BAND. He plays the trumpet, and she plays the trombone.
Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

From what I remember of that trial he probably shouldn't be a felon but he still shows incredibly bad judgement in assessing guys like Barry and FDR.

Dave (in MA)
commenter at Althouse named 'Paul' (not me) who claims to have been a member of Levon Helm's All Star Band.
The only Paul I can come up with who's played with Helm's All Star Band or RCO All Stars is Butterfield, and he's dead.
Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

What brand MT?
Half the brands call em micro 9s now.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I hope Dave's unwarranted and reckless muckraking doesn't cast a pall over the veracity of my earlier claim re Ginger Baker.


Any of you aspiring chefs should take note of cathyf's great comment @ 11:28. My only suggestion would be add onions and whole garlic heads cut in half horizontally to the incipient stock. Bon appetite! And nytol.


He showed bad judgement in assessing Richard Perle as well


Trump had family dinner at an 'estate' that wss built long ago as a vacation recreation for presidents. There were, briefly, articles on trump and family neeting heads of state and other vips through their international hoteliering and businesses. Trumps probably already have close cia case officers, if not F&F that are operations officers. At the least they are friendlies. Perfect targets; wealthy(dont have to hire and pay), patriots(willing) and international(always wanted).🐸 For examply; hotel and business security, like cameras record so many people and things. Needed information if for nothing else than secure identities.

Trump probably already has had close cia ties for many years and doesnt need family hires histories or marriages for an in to operations. These types of operators do what they want and basically tell the cia what to do. Ideal cia recruits.

He might have some real goals based on inside information at cia, state, dea, dia, nsa, etc. I can see them running around burning shit in a frenzy of targeted accountability. 😆 His appointments are basically innocents whom he will lead with advice based on years of knowledge most people will never understand.😝

Is he this smart?😨

Dave (in MA)

'Course not, Iggy.

Man Tran

Yep, Kimber. My Gold II is such a cream puff, I expected something similar. Couldn't even rack the slide until I got a lot of that juice I sent you worked into it. No spring kits yet.

JOM Jammers Band & Travelling Carnival Show 🙆

***'The Trolls'*** staring 'all caps,''Many acounts Many people,' 'Let us pray,' 'Travelling Goon,''Racist4Life,' 'Who ya wanna be,' 'Nobody Knows Who I Am!' etc. Oh ya, 'multiple personalities and no one can tell' cuz these are all probably one person living in a psychosis becoming others to escape, but never can...


Lyle, when I make stock I don't use any other flavoring -- if I want garlic or onions or carrots or bouquet garni I wait until I'm using the stock in whatever dish later.

I have a similar trick with the chicken breasts which periodically go on sale for $1/lb here. These are always huge breasts of elderly laying hens. They are tough, but also much more flavorful than their tender little sisters. I bone the chicken, putting the tenders in one bag, and then pounding each breast between two layers of plastic wrap and they go in another freezer bag. The racks go in a crock pot and cook for a couple of days. For ~$5 I get 5 chicken tenders, about 3-1/2 lbs of boneless breast to be used in an infinite number of recipes, and magic elixir for making the most wonderful risotto.

Man Tran

Speaking of Ginger, I think I may have seen the last performance of Cream in Phx. Past efforts to confirm are sketchy for their last US tour. The only thing I can remember (given all that 2nd hand smoke wafting through the arena) were the ginormous base drums angled out on either side of him looking like oversized mouse ears.


Bring it to a boil and cook for the next several days

I have never cooked anything for several days. Do I return it to a simmer or leave it boiling? Overnight?

I love this idea but I'm a little intimidated at leaving a stove on.

Maybe a crock pot?


I should have said maybe a slow cooker, not a crock pot.


When I use my really big stockpot on the simmer burner I don't worry too much about leaving it on for days, because it's the pot extends way over the size of the burner. But in recent years I've been doing it in my 7-qt crock pot. It really isn't big enough for the carcass of a 22-lb turkey, though. This year I only had 11 for dinner and a 14-lb turkey, so it's better. Last year I cooked for three days and when I strained out the stock the bones and meat still looked like they had a lot left to them so I threw it all back in the pot and filled it up with water and did another 3 days.

This was me being obsessive-compulsive about not letting good stuff go to waste, though. I ended up with 2 gallons of highly-concentrated stock that way, and I just ended up pitching half of it out unused today. It would have made more sense to stick with the first gallon, but I probably won't!

UseAPressureCooker(JIC for cooking)

@lhfang: Clinton camp spent $1m on CTR's troll army, much more on overpriced consultants. But yea Jill Stein's pro-HRC recount is a fundraising scam.

So, these 100s of twitter troll agenda profile accounts work by retweeting the agenda - basic spam. They also work like; someone hits you. To say sorry they then will say 'your a ...(fill in victim of hate crime here) or like they'll go graffiti the...(fill in religous building here) with a..(fill in derogatory symbol here).➡ So, do thess 'professional' millionaire trolls feally correct the record and do they go as far as trolling the target on the msm with assault allegations...pay the complaintants, their lawyers as the 'consultants' they are💃



I'll tell you an idea I had a long time ago for your museum,after I read some posts about it, but was to shy to say.

I think you should try to get it operating at Mar A Lago through some kind of business deal. Seriously, I think the vintage sports would fit there very well in terms of the history of both your articles and Mar A Lago. And I think a vintage sports collection would tickle PE Trump's fancy. And you could work out some kind of deal that would make you both happy and ensure the collection is cared for in the best way possible.

Jack is Back!(On his iPhone)

Up and at them early today. Working on the Museum. It's all over the place during the renovations.


GMTA. Actually, just down the road at the Flagler Museum. In discussions as my great-grandfather and grandfather ran the tennis tournaments at The Breakers and Poinciana. We had a winter shop on Worth Avenue for years prior to WW2.

Now where did I last see that croquet style putter that Slamming Sammy used?


Florence Henderson passed away overnight at the age of 82.

Mrs. Brady could not have been 82. That would make me? Oh, wait. That explains all the gray.


No one wants a trump sports museum. Waste of billions the teams have - ask disney😝

'Consultants' for spillard Hillard's CTR can ne international and be very bery bad?😮 Internet identities and state & ngos orgs jumping around hiding the master...?😒

MT(Anogram for Master of Trolls or Troll Master😏, like MC)

We need to reno the white house.👍 Use elevated space. Go up!🙆

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