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November 21, 2016


henry - drunk on prog tears

TM, glad to hear you are mobile! Your cyborg self will survive the end times.


PEDO BROS. SMOKING GUN: The Podesta Brothers & Madeleine McCann


Jim Eagle

Well, they say timing is everything. How are you, Marty?

Tonight, I bring you Chapter Three, "The (Not) So Great Escape".

[Editor's note: In some chapters, perhaps all up to now, I have referred to Patrick Fitzgerald's brother as Dr. Randall Fitzpatrick. I am truly sorry if anyone was confused. All these Irish of Norman descent all sound the same to me].

"Narciso, aka Buccaneer, Morgan stood shivering at the curb of the taxi queue at Reagan National Airport, wearing a thin tropical weight linen jacket, no-iron khaki pants and sockless boat shoes. His iconic Guayabera with bolo tie did nothing to add to any further insulation. However, today the tie was as tight as he could get it.

“I should have asked my neighbor from Buffalo to loan me his parka, before I left”, he silently regretted as a taxi finally pulled up for him.

He gave the driver; a light colored Black man from Dominica, directions to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital on Alabama Avenue, S.E. The Dominican native did not care to drive over the Anacostia and point blank told him so. A flash of an extra $20 softened that concern and they were on their way along the Potomac to I-695 and eventually his destination.

The guard at the gate had a clipboard with Narciso’s name on it and directed the taxi to a large, turn of century stone and masonry building a little further east. When the taxi arrived at Kirkbride One, an intrusion light came on and a slight figure appeared at the side of the cab. He may have been slight but Max Collins was dressed in black tactical gear and carrying an AK-47 and holding on tightly to a black Belgian Malinois police dog.

Narciso, held up his identification, which he smartly had taken out of his backpack and hung over his neck before the taxi arrived at the Hospital. Max took more than a cursory glance, rather he scanned the ID with his smart phone, received an acknowledgement via a short beep, and beckoned Narciso out of the cab. Finally, the Dominican cabbie could breath again as the sweat seemed to pour out of every pore in his body.

As he was driving out of the gate, he suddenly realized that the passenger never paid him. “No way, Mon, am I going back. No Mon, no way”, he kept telling himself as he disappeared into the gray night down Alabama Avenue S. E.

When Dr. Fitzgerald saw Naricso, a big smile developed. They had forged a delicate but respectful bond during the “converter” exercise two years ago that suck out all the paranoia and OCD urges from Ernie’s fragile mind. But both agreed, back then, it was only a matter of time before the images, sounds, names and colorations of prior triggers would finally reopen the jumbled mess of gray matter and bring him back to his delusions.

“Narciso, my friend, you look absolutely freezing and shaking, how about a hot coffee or cocoa”, asked Randall reaching out to shake hands.

“Yes, a hot cocoa, and the hotter the better. This is not the kind of weather I left in Florida, that is for sure.”, the shivering Cuban-American cypher-language and memory translator noted.

After more small talk over the hot cocoa, Randall walked Narciso down the hall to the temporary interrogation center that had been set up by the “Division’s” technical support unit. It was a small room with two comfortable chairs, a table between them, and, a lamp on the table and much larger coffee table in front. Much like an ordinary living room configuration sans a couch. The room included a number of art works, a painting of The Polo Club by Leroy Nieman, an etching proof by Dali and a large Marc Chagall lithograph of his famous painting “The Fiddler” an acknowledged inspiration for the musical ‘Fiddler on the Roof’. “If I were a rich man”, suddenly came to Narciso.

Across from the seating area was the ubiquitous see-through mirror that would allow the technical support team under Randall to monitor the ‘interrogation’. Well, not really an interrogation, in the classical sense, but rather a reaffirmation that the surgery and memorization implants and alternate reality scoping had been successful. Narciso entered the room, fully de-chilled and carrying his backpack that contained the binder of all unique and trivial knowledge forgotten by everyone and remembered only by him.

A couple of white uniformed male orderlies that looked liked they hit the gym regularly, came in the door escorting Ernie by his elbows. Ernie still had an aura of numbness and bewilderment about him from the Naloxen’s recovery of the Etrophine, proving his nervous system to be a strong as an elephant’s. He sat on the left easy chair with his head back staring at the ceiling. Even when, Narciso, asked him how he was feeling, the vacuum of life did nothing to bring him around. After a few minutes, Narciso, once again spoke but this time in a more effeminate language and tone.

Ernie, sat up and looked at the person talking to him with a bemused smile, “Hello there, where are we and who are you? You’re sort of cute, you know?”, Ernie felt a strange and organic reaction to the guy across from him. ‘I don’t know where I am and why but I sort of like it’, he thought to himself. In fact, he had never felt so different and wondered if this was new or had it always been like this.?

It would take over two hours of give and take, flirt after flirt, turn-on and turn-off, no thanks and perhaps sometime other, a trade off of phone numbers, addresses, interests and relationships, some good and some bad – before Narciso turned to Ernie’s current thoughts on life. It seemed Ernie was a budding writer, nothing published of note but lots of interest by certain outlets mostly dealing with sex crimes and political malfeasance. He recounted how being a gay man living in a muscular neighborhood of Chicago could be off putting and not necessarily easy.

The more they talked it was obvious that whatever technology the “Division” had used in the radical surgery of a few hours ago was working.

But for how long?

That was the issue they needed to deal with and they would do that by speeding up the deployment of Ernie to the viper’s nest known as Camp Rehoboth Community Center. Satisfied that Narciso had successfully mined the newly minted mind of Ernie Souchak, Dr. Randall Fitzgerald and his team called the Judge.

“That is very good news, indeed, Randall. I suspect we can now insert Mr. Souchak as our stealth weapon of inquiry, observation and reception?”, asked the Judg,e no more impatient than the clock ticking in his head.

“Affirmative, Judge. Along with the memory conversion, our technical team and surgeons were able to implant both a GPS tracking chip and a vocal receptor for any discussions or conversations he would be close to.”

This was indeed a milestone in intelligence gathering, asset insertion and organizational sabotage. Ernie Souchak, the poor conspiracy theorist suffering from optimal OCD would never remember that he had killed off the one conspiracy he was right about from the beginning. The early Greek’s called it irony and it was a staple in a number of their dramatic presentations.

Now the next step was to give Ernie the reason to find his way out of the hospital and a route to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. And it was as simple as having Narciso ask him if he would like to join him in DC for a late dinner. Considering all the conversations leading up to this that was an easy “yes, I would love that,” on Ernie’s part.

When they left the Hospital, an Uber driver was waiting outside beside his black Suburban. If Ernie had not been converted, he would have recognized the tai-chi practitioner of Ellicott Street had on a new Navy blue suit and tie. As Maguire got behind the wheel and Narciso gave him directions. Ernie felt another organic elation and began to look forward to more than dinner tonight.

Over dinner, Narciso explained that he had a friend who had pursued an interesting story on a Washington DC political cabal that were involved in some suspect sexual activities out of a community center in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. He had to drop it because his marriage was on the rocks but felt if someone could only get inside they would have the scoop of the century. Ernie’s mind was now on full alert and calculating the various outcomes. It was working as the “Division” had planned but without a timer and expiration date and time was running out.

Naricso excused himself for the bathroom and Ernie began to debate with himself but only for a moment, then he rose, looked toward the toilets for any sign of the guy from the hospital and retrieved his jacket and headed for the doors. Once outside he hailed a cab and asked to be taken to the nearest Hertz Car Rental location.

In the next three hours driving to Rehoboth Beach, Ernie began to play out how and when he would introduce himself to the diverse LGBTQ community of Camp Rehoboth.

Back in Langley and St. Elizabeth’s the only sound you could hear was the slap of high-fives and the percolation of coffee makers. It was going to be a long slog watching their newest creation save us all and his self.

Achille’s intuition and suspicion had gathered too much weight and he needed to reduce it all to simplicity. Too many strangers, too many non-related but coincident events that he was beginning to suspect – why? He needed to email JP and keep him aware of what was going on and where it may lead. JP was still in mortal agony and fearful of the domino theory his lack of computer security had now set in motion. The last thing he wanted to hear or discuss was that “they” were on to it.

JP’s mind was already in another frequency: “Better grab a cab and go up to Chevy Chase and get a piece of pie or even some pasta. Achilles is imagining too much into all of this. Attention is now diverted to the after-election political posturing. Who would ever be interested in a small social club on the ocean in Delaware.”

Ernie Souchak, that’s who!"

Account Deleted

Which court would have jurisdiction for indicting and prosecuting in the case of Madeleine McCann? The Podesta-Clinton-Bath House Rat triad?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


When Trump said that he was our voice, he MEANT it!

HAHAHA! Those asses thought they were gong to discuss access. I wish I could have seen it!

matt, deplore me if you must

So Trump had the media bigshots visit with him and he tore them a new one face to face. Wow!

I don't think he was there to intimidate them but Holt, Todd, Blitzer, King, Stephanopoulos, Raddatz, and their bosses thought it was a meet and greet and got ambushed.

The operative words on the off the record meeting were "f'ing firing squad, "total disaster", etc...

Kellyanne Conway said they it was "Excellent meetings with the top executives of the major networks"

Mwah ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!



When a proper investigation of what the Podestas have done on U.S soil was complete, it really would not matter?

Jim Eagle


Changes nothing. Do you really think those cowards in the MFM are afraid of Trump. Au contraire. This only gives them the equivalent of red meat. They may be sheep but they know they have a document they want to change materially protecting them.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Probably true, but I am cheered by the thought of one of them crying.

And, they may not be afraid of Trump, but they better by God be afraid of the people.

I have already cancelled cable completely and I urge others to do the same if they can find alternatives. I am not the only one who is doing so.

The First Amendment also protects me, and I am free to call them liars, shills, and collaborators.


Hey Kevlar!!
You have to get your LIBTARD/MARXIST Pervs in the proper (Heh heh) Peckering order.
Obama = Bi-sexual blow jobs and blow with strangers.
Billy "B.J." Clinton, Blew Presidew on Blue dress.
Podesta = PEDesta. At least that's what Marty is saying.

Nice Party you have there Democrats. And you're all so skeeeeeeered of Trump/Pence.

Anyone ever see TRUMP'S 757 @ PEDO ISLAND???

matt, deplore me if you must

Just scanned the NYT and WaPo and they are right back at the lies and smears. plus ça change, I guess.

GEN Kelly for Homeland Security perhaps. Sounds like a sound choice. What is interesting about these choices is that these people are very solid.

When he was commanding TF Tripoli during the drive to Baghdad he was asked by reporters if he was oncerned about Iraq's masses of tanks and chemical weapons. He replied: "Hell these are Marines. Men like them held Guadalcanal and took Iwo Jima. Baghdad ain't shit."

He lost his son, LT Robert Michael Kelly in Sangin, Afghanistan in 2010. His son was on his third combat tour.

Duty, honor, country and the brains to do the right things.


According to FOX the Pope just decided to institute some Papal program enabling Priests with the authority to forgive individuals for the sin of having an abortion and to forgive those engaged in performing abortions.

I know what I think about this slippery slope but I'm no fan of Pope Francis. I hope that it does not increase the amount of abortions that occur as an "unexpected" consequence of this decision. Odd how "safe, legal, and rare" never results in "rare."


Don't these idiots realize that materials suppliers can be purchased and then refuse to do business with them? A little tat for the tits maybe?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Captain Hate dubbed him "Pope Che", and alas, I fear it is true.

My real worry is that he is working with globalists and leftists.

As a Benedict convert, this is so disheartening to me.

matt, deplore me if you must

The Church's teachings on abortion have not changed. It has been considered a mortal sin. However, with the directive, which was announced last year and with the Holy Year coming to a close, the Pope has extended this special act of forgiveness. Christ was able to forgive his executioners and the Pope is extending this compassion.

On matters economic and secular I disagree, but it is hard to argue with compassion.

buccr morgan

I detect certain aspersions in that account, like cleaning the Aegean stables, its a professional matter.

Where does Francis get scriptural authority fir any of this, the issue is about repentance and a desire not to engage in the world's sinfulness.

According to FOX the Pope just decided to institute some Papal program enabling Priests with the authority to forgive individuals for the sin of having an abortion and to forgive those engaged in performing abortions.
This is an indefinite extension of the authority granted during the Holy Year. (Which closed yesterday.) It was also the policy of all of the American bishops before the holy year.

Essentially the pope extended the American practice to the whole church for the year, and has now made it indefinite. Even if a future pope were to change it, the individual bishops would have the authority to delegate it anyway. It's hard to imagine going back...

buccr morgan

Yes 'they knew not what they did' now there's less if an excuse.


Was FOX represented in the msm meet-up with DT? The attendees looked shell-shocked in pics of them leaving. Very odd strategery imo, unless Trump wanted to goad them into an obvious overreaction to remove all doubt re their "fairness".

Jim Eagle


Did the abortionists ask for the Pope's forgiveness and can't wait to meet him and his boss in Paradise? I think last Sunday's gospel is being misinterpreted here.


Forgiveness comes with contrition. Our secular baby killers and our taxpayers $500,000,000.00 that funds the baby killing mill DEATH HUT aka Planned Parenthood are anything but contrite.

Sorry baby killers, no soup for you.

Only those seeking forgiveness and changing their ways are forgiven.

buccr morgan

Apparently ailes replacement, shine and three other fox execs were there.


Here is the NCRegister article from last year. http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/papal-letter-on-absolution-for-abortion-leavens-guilt-with-mercy The US church has a huge grassroots ministry to those guilty of the procurement of an abortion, and delegation of the authority of absolution from the bishops down to the priests has been quite helpful to the success of these ministries.


Thanks, narc. I didn't see any FOX on air peeps leaving, but Wolf, Gayle, and Charlie looked like they'd been beaten with a bag of oranges.

Jim Eagle


Have no problem with forgiveness to the women but the abortionist doctors and enablers? Never. Not without absolute contrition. Sorry, I am a real right winger with this issue.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Trump reporting on transition, in his own words on Facebook via Twitter:



Good conversation on Charles Payne's show between Charles and the Head of something like "The American Coal Industry." The guy was extremely excited at the prospect of having Trump as President and discussed the 3 major things Trump can do to save and reenergize the American Coal Industry:

1) Instantly eliminate 82,000 pages of regulations Obama and his regulators have instituted by fiat over the last 8 years.

2) Immediately end subsidies to wind and solar and let Coal's 4 cents a kilowatt advantage over wind or solar's 26 cents a Kilowatt hour cost, the allowing a level playing field.

3) Number 3 I forget. Sorry. But the guy was smiling and it was an excellent segment.


So I'm watching this Japanese live-feed of the expected tsunami target. So far it's pretty bizarre. Live video of totally normal-looking seas. SOMEWHERE (Sendai?) was at 1.4m 45 minutes ago. At least I think so -- I can only read the numbers, and the Japanese is completely opaque to me!

Thanks, MM!


Miss Marple the Deplorable


My feed got cut because it was overloaded. I was seeing the same thing you were - shots of normal sea.

It reminded me of when we spent days looking at the ocean when JFK Jr,'s plane crashed.


Interesting how Trump uses social media to give that transition report, completely cutting out the MSM.

Jim Eagle


Owner of Murray Coal. Most stupid decision ever made was to arbitrarily eliminate coal as an energy fuel. No one other than the USA has made more progress in cleaning up coal emissions. Its BTU value is second to none when you input efficiency. Sure NG gets you lower emissions but less than 60% efficiency compared to bituminous coal at 75%. Then we need to look at dispatch reliability of electricity.

Coal and Nuclear are above the reliability scale of 90+. Renewables are microscopic in comparison. Want to watch your TV? Work on your computer? Access your internet? Go ahead California enjoy your solar and wind future.


Awful, prayers for all

Chattanooga School Bus Crash: Multiple Fatalities Confirmed, Driver Being Questioned (UPDATES) - Nashville, TN Patch


buccr morgan

Well the water in the bay is supposed to recede than the wave builds.


Part of Trump's transition message is to reduce regulation: For every new regulation, two old regulations must be gutted.

I suppose once Congress gets its hands on this, the first regulation they'll whack is that one. :-)

buccr morgan

Yes that's the size of it, sendai is slightly in land.

Free James D!

JiB @ 5:59

The first amendment protects the MSM, sure. But it doesn't guarantee access to the President or any other member of the Executive Branch to specific reporters or organizations.

Trump absolutely has the power to give better access, to himself and his appointees, to outlets he prefers, and to limit or deny access to outlets he doesn't.

And every executive in that meeting knows perfectly well that there is no loyalty within the MSM. None of those execs is going to allow solidarity with their fellow "journalists" to get in the way of better access to Trump and his administration. If CNN, say, gets singled out and denied interviews with anyone in the White House, is CBS News really going to jeopardize their own access by standing with them? I wouldn't hold my breath on that. And everyone in that room knows it.

buccr morgan

Interesting how macro a business scion in his own right, is denying the narrative being formulated.

Have no problem with forgiveness to the women but the abortionist doctors and enablers? Never. Not without absolute contrition. Sorry, I am a real right winger with this issue.
Here's a canon lawyer's take on the subject: https://canonlawblog.wordpress.com/2015/09/01/pope-francis-on-reconciliation-for-abortion/ Interestingly, he thinks that this has actually been the state of affairs since the 1983 Code of Canon Law.

Also, there are more people involved besides abortionists and mothers. The fathers and maternal grandparents of the aborted babies are often involved in pressuring the mother. There are clinic staff who may have gotten into this without full understanding of what is involved. (Apparently nurses who have worked in abortion clinics have a lot of trouble finding jobs outside of the industry, and there are American bishops who have quietly used their authority over the Catholic hospitals in their dioceses to make sure that no one who wants out will be trapped by their pasts.)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Multiple fatalities, elementary school age.

Jim Eagle


Well, we will have to watch but my money is on the media being big media and fell absolutely protected. They will raise holy hell if denied.e Do you really think these yahoo's believe they are not to be denied?


Glad to see that you are recovering, Tom!

The neighborhoods young Bush terrorized have changed quite a bit since my parents grew up there in the forties.


Miss Marple -- I got locked out, too, when I switched browsers. I reloaded the page and was back.

And in the last 10 minutes or so I've seen something that might be flooding...

Account Deleted

Re Pope Che's extension of "forgiveness" of fetal slaughter:

Clergy might "forgive." But I'll bet my bottom dollar that many of the "sinners" won't even begin to do the necessary heavy lift of forgiving themselves.

And that will leave a hole that no amount of "personal indulgence" in "me time" and "taking care of myself", "being good to myself", "acknowledging my truth", "being okay with it", or any of the other psycho-pharmacologically induced bromides, will be able to fill.

Emotional bondo doesn't work on a soul with a hole in the middle.

So the Church gives them a pass. Okie dokie. Get a do-over.

But is that anything more than an opportunistic Council of Nicea-style parlor trick, a gimmick to offset from losing paying Catholics to mortal sin?

Pope Che knows how such a lack of compassion is bad for bidness.

It's a political move cloaked in religio-speak.

When it comes down to it, in that moment where the spirit's left the body and is eye-to-eye with it's Maker in Dispatch Central, there's going to be a story to tell, to the One Who Knows, how that rational-minded vessel respected what the One had made... or not.

Self-forgiveness is a monster challenge to one who has taken a life--- no matter the circumstances, situation, or rationale.

I don't sit here in some pontificate's chair of societal judgement of those unfortunates who decided to kill their unborn offspring, who ignored the fundamental law in nature which holds that "like cannot beget unlike."


However, this Pope business rings hollow compared to the gravity of the responsibility the sinner has to forgive themselves.

Getting hosed off by some bishop's decree in a diocese, far-removed from the butcher shop floor, is merely varnishing over flies.

I sit here knowing what I would have to do first to clean up after slaughtering a human being: find a way to forgive myself.

And that's not like changing one's dirty socks or cleaning up a broken dish. Good lord knows "it ain't easy."

I've reached this point with the human race where I understand what each individual does to their own detriment, or to me, it is on the DOER.

The Pope, the President, the Mayor, the Chair of Some Board, Batman, or the shadowy man with the gun---- cannot protect my soul from the ravages of other two-legged creatures.

When it comes to disappointing moral decisions and actions, I am the only guarantor of the sanctity of my own soul.

The Great Law of Cause and Effects, unintended or not on either end, says to me that is so.

Pope Che will have his own moment. Sucks to be him.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Trump is a strategic thinker.

I think that after this kerfuffle and the media firestorm, they will attempt to get access.

If they don't, and instead desire to just keep trashing him with lies, I imagine Breitbart and others will get access, along with Fecebook and Twitter.

There is a plan behind this meeting, I have no doubt.

Free James D!

I agree, they totally believe they are not to be denied.

I also believe they're like clams in a pot, and will crawl over one another for a tenth of a ratings point.

If Trump singles out one network, but gives full, regular access to all the rest, do you think they'll all stand with their poor, singled-out fellows and protest and, say, refuse to cover White House events in protest, or take advantage of the situation and steal viewers away from them?

I know which way I'd bet.

Jim Eagle

Trump is working. Are you?

The pangs of nostalgia are strong. A construction guy up before the crafts, working before the staff and then up later than both. Sober.

Think about that as he works his way thru this mass of corruption and good old boy favors.

Dave (in MA)

Curt Schilling is filling in on the Howie Carr Show this week. He was giddy about Trump's takedown of the media. I only caught a few bits, but he had a nice near-screaming match with a prog who called to say "how dare Trump call the media liars".

Captain Hate

I sit here knowing what I would have to do first to clean up after slaughtering a human being: find a way to forgive myself.

Baby Killerz Inc have been on the offensive, in every aspect of the word, on this recently. There have been a spate of billboards, interestingly enough in the inner city, urging people to "celebrate" the experience of having had an abortion. I don't know why Pope Che feels the need to jump on board this Lack of a Soul Train other than his usual Jesuit casuistry.

Account Deleted

The "press" is made up of two-legged males and females who do what they do so they can eat, rack up a retirement nest egg, and maybe cop a Pulitzer along the way.

The press is in this first and foremost for themselves. I don't fault them for that. Enlightened self-interest.

PEOTUS knows this about them. He understands them. He understands their game, the playing field, and how to work everything they seek to work for or against him.

PEOTUS understands carrots. He understands sticks. He has a lot of both.

The strategy is simple. Take them to the woodshed. Wield the switch when they thought they were gonna get some ice cream.

Ask them if they understand what time it is. Okay then.

Giddy up.


Charles Payne's guest was Robert Murray (Murray Energy Chairman and CEO)

His number (3) was End the Cop (sp) 21 Paris Accord

I think the indecipherable word I transcribed as "Cop" must be some acronym having to do with the Paris Global Warming Conference.

Next Charles announced that the murderer of the San Antonio Policeman was just arrested, and then talked to Bernard Kerik, Former NYPD Commissioner, about that and the overall "War on Cops," and when Charles mentioned that DeBlazio said over the weekend something defiant like he he is not going to honorer respect or obey Trump's Presidency in areas like sanctuary cities and illegals etc,

Kerik replies: (DeBlasio) can defy him all you want. That doesn't mean you're going to win. You can stand out there and spew all the political rhetoric you want. That doesn't mean it's going to work, especially with Donald Trump. If Donald Trump, in my opinion, I've known Trump for 20 years, if he runs government like he runs his business the Mayor is going to have a hard time dealing with him.

Beasts of England

World class, JiB!! World class!

buccr morgan

The horde is in their element tonight.

Account Deleted

Captain Hate: Exactamundo.

"Baby Killerz Inc have been on the offensive, in every aspect of the word, on this recently."

The "hole in the soul" forces these advocates to double and triple down to offset the guilt, the shame, their moral lethargy.

"Hey! I know! Let's create a multi-billion dollar industry to justify our moral failure to comply with natural law!"

Eat! Drink! Be Merry! But I know one thing for sure: life ain't Burger King when it comes to life itself--- you can't just order it up and "have it your way."

Waaaaaah!!!! It's just not fair! Men can't get pregnant. "And if they could abortion would be a sacrament!"

My Pa used to tell me "Son, fair is where you can buy cotton candy. Now get to work."

Jim Eagle


Less Jesuit casuistry and more Argentinian SJW after the rape of Peron. He acts like a Marxist but he doesn't even know what that is. He is a product of a Peronist Argentina from the 40's to the 90's and beyond. More benevolent fascism than anything. Unfortunately, we weren't there to give them an alternative. Another CIA failure.

Another Bob

Kevlar, you're becoming a favorite. That bit about the Caddy in the last thread? Outstanding. BZ.

Dave (in MA)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoLyjTocOkU Here's the 5 and 6 o'clock hours of the Howie Carr Show with Schilling from today.


Very odd school bus crash report ... quote came from someone from the DA's office ... no indication at all of cause, and no mention of another vehicle involved

buccr morgan

In retrospect, Macri an unconventional poll who beat sra kirschner was a precursor to our own red queen's downfall,

Account Deleted

Hey Another Bob---

Thank you for the kind words. Kinda borrowed that imagery from songwriter John Hiatt.

He has a tune on his best album "Bring the Family" called "Memphis in the Meantime." Know it?

Long story short, he's tellin' his chica that they need to get outta Nashville or he's gonna go postal.

So he prescribes a simple course of action:

"Put the cowhorns back on the cadillac n leave a message on the code-a-phone....let's go to Memphis in the meantime bebby..."

Lovin FOM. Check ya later.

PS: What's BZ stand for? Diggin the lingo around here.

Dave (in MA)

https://youtu.be/YoLyjTocOkU?t=4372 Curt Schilling vs. Gerard the Moonbat. Starts at 1:12:50 or so if your browser doesn't take you directly to that spot.

Account Deleted

Re: "More benevolent fascism than anything. Unfortunately, we weren't there to give them an alternative. Another CIA failure."

JIB--- YEOWSA!!! Callin' it like you see it. Saludos!


JiB wins this year's JOM literary award for best sci fi submission.

Captain Hate

The Horde must have hit the raw bar just as the Trump MFM story broke.

"Bring the Family" is indeed primo Hiatt.


AP: Six people were killed Monday when a Chattanooga school bus with 35 young children aboard crashed, turned on its side and wrapped around a tree, according to the district attorney. .... no other vehicle was involved

Texas Liberty Gal

If Pope Francis doesn't expose the whole problem with saying Pope's are infallible when it comes to the intrepetation of Scripture I don't know what does. Just saying...


Daily Mail: Trump's TV summit: The Donald summons network executives and anchors from 'the dishonest media' to Trump Tower

Nothing for Trump to lose and everything to gain. Trump knows that the MSM cannot be an unaccountable third party and expect the mechanism of government to operate as it is supposed to.

1) Now the public knows, the MSM knows the public knows, and everyone knows Trump will bypass the media and call them out when they play their silly reindeer games.

2) Now the MSM has to report it or not. How they choose to report it will indicate whether the media will double down [I expect them to.]

3) If they double down, they will have engaged in a battle they cannot survive and begged Trump to salt their earth.

[Sniff?] Do I smell Bannon?

Jim Eagle

Bravo Zulu. Military code for "well done".


What's BZ stand for?

JIB beat my Wiki

Bravo Zulu, also referred to as "BZ," is a naval signal, typically conveyed by flaghoist or voice radio, meaning "Well Done"; in addition to U.S. naval forces, it has also been used as part of vernacular slang within NATO and other Allied naval forces.

Account Deleted

JiB--- ahhkay. Dint wanna assume. YW.

sbw: [Sniff?] Do I smell Bannon?

It sure ain't bacon. Methinks 99.9% of the media-induced furor over his appointment is that he's going to be throwin' smoke and usin' a fungo bat when it's thier turn to pitch.

They best hold onto their Gucci'd butts.


Finally caught up a bit. Thanks JiB for the clarification (Murray Energy) and the education on energy. Much appreciated.

Momma home with a cast on (no pins/no surgery) and knocked out asleep upstairs finally with some pain killers. All the Pharmacies nearby were closed last night so it was just Advil's last night and then digging thru the medicine cabinet scrounging for any leftover painkillers in old pill boxes we're never supposed to keep. Momma said the BoneDoc said, "What medication are you taking? and she answered, "Advil," and he went "Gee-Zus!"

So she's too bed and I'm off with the dogs for round 2. Later.


Daily Mail on Trump-TV summit

Comanche Voter

I can understand this dress designer's dilemna. She's been putting glad rags around a woman with, shall we say, an extremely large caboose?

Tough to change directions and wrap cloth around something slim and trim.

buccr morgan

Sophie's designs are nothing to write home about.

Beasts of England

Another John Hiatt fan? Shazam!!

Account Deleted

From the "There's Money to Be Made" file----

-- The security firm Trend Micro disclosed in October its "surprise" to find, in the course of a routine investigation, that firms in several crucial sectors (nuclear power, electric utilities, defense contractors, computer chip makers) send critical alert messages via old-style wireless pagers wholly unsecured against hacking. In fact, Trend Micro said the enormously popular WhatsApp message-exchange app has better security than the alert systems of nuclear power plants. (Infrastructure engineers defended the outdated technology as useful where internet access was unavailable.) [ArsTechnica.com, 10-25-2016]

Seems like the USA is coming out of a dark age where challenges have remained largely ignored, the basic kind like nuclear pow pl security, water reservoir security, electrical grid security....

With so much private cash on the sidelines it might not be too long before PEOTUS makes a convincing case for investing in these areas needing no-brainer upgrades.

Let's see the "press" spin that success when it goes down. Private capital baaaaaaaddddd.... looting the Treasury goooooodd.

Beasts of England

I like these Hiatt lyrics for the progs:

'A permanent hurt, yeah a pemanent hurt,
the pain and the memories do the dirty work.
Promises broken hearts on red alert,
this time it's gonna be a permanent hurt'

Account Deleted

John Hiatt--- got his start in the big-time as "the bass player" in Sonny and Cher Show's house band. He might've even been on a 45 or two of theirs.

All time favorite line from "Bring the Family":

"...now'days the only bar I eva see gots lettuce and tomato."

Great artist and a "real fine" man.

Jack is Back!(On his iPhone)

Thanks, Clarice but it seems from this chapters reception it has run its course. I have better things to do with Frederick's science project since it does involve my blood.

Good luck Ernie in your endeavors.

Off to bed for more reading.

Slaap lekker.


Wishing Momma speedy healing and the same to Buckeye's barber (last thread). Keep us posted, Buckeye.

Account Deleted

Beasts--- dead spot on. May the proggos fade into a "lipstick sunset."

By God and Sunny Jesus!

Account Deleted

Okay then....tonite's communion for all intentions (Momma, Buckeye's barber, those who've recently lost someone or are sitting close with them on their way out)....

Every sunset is time to ask for light, the promise of a next day.

Have this large abalone shell lined with clay to hold the burnt offering mix that carries the prayers to the Sky.

If any JOMers are in need of prayers for any reason, then know this: we live in the Pacific Time Zone here in Californy. At sunset, we make the offering.

Send your intentions via the ether. It's all good.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Another Bob

KK, used to work in reactor protection systems a few lives ago. The culture is (rightly) to avoid cutting edge in favor of conservative tried and true. "Cybersecurity" wasn't something it was necessary to consider. But in a world of ubiquitous networking and USB sticks it's probably time.

(BTW, take Ars Technica with a decent grain of salt.)


Trump gave the media an option, then showed them they are not sole gatekeepers anymore.

FB Transition 2017 is a yardstick anyone can use to measure the quality of reporting.

As fictitious community curmudgeons are wont to say, the only reason we subscribe to the local newspaper is to see if your coverage of the high school game we went to last night was accurate.

Captain Hate

Saw Hiatt perform one time as a promo tour for Bring the Family in a club called The Empire which was subsequently torn down for what is now Progressive Field. Hot band including guitarist Dave Tronzo; unfortunately they cranked the sound up to painful levels and I only lasted a couple songs; life's too short to damage your hearing. Too bad because the sound was clean but just too much of it.

Another Bob

Daddy, good to hear no surgery required. Your description of the fall wasn't the classic I had in mind.

daddy on iPhone

On Levin he played audio of Howard Dean yesterday calling Steve Bannon a "Nazi." Levin says Bannon should sue for defamation and that he would have a strong case

Account Deleted

Thanks for the perspective A-Bob! :)

Another Bob

Except for that damn Sullivan decision...

Beasts of England

I wonder if KevlarKid would like to audition for a spot in GUS and his ALL CAPS Band? :)


AB, I happen to like the Sullivan decision which requires for public figures to show the media demonstrated actual malice.

That should also go along with Justice Hugo L. Black’s opinion that “The unconditional right to say what one pleases is what I consider the minimum guarantee of the First Amendment.”


to show the media demonstrated actual malice.

That depends on what the standard is for "show." If it's not possible to show that the NYT had actual malice for Trump, then the standard may be too high.

As for Trump's pow-wow with the MSM, they deserve a thrashing, but if all he did was yell and call them liars, they will just roll their eyes and feel confirmed in their disrespect. If he gave specifics and sounded rational, they still won't change but at least they might feel a bit uncomfortable.

buccr morgan

Yes we'll to hear what actually went on, at some point.


Confirming the NYC meet-up: 6:30 Wednesday at The Shakespeare, 39th St. I will be the one exactly 10 days older than Captain Hate, and may or may not be carrying a feather. How shall I identify my co-conspirators?


Jimmyk, if statistics are good enough to show racism, they should be good enough to indict the NYT.

How ironic would it be if the NYT fell victim to Sullivan. Hah!


How shall I identify my co-conspirators?

By the up-twinkles.

Another Bob

We'll agree to disagree on that sbw.

Have you any doubt there's been plenty of actual malice coming from media types the last, oh, 40 years or so? How much of it has actually been adjudicated as such?

And not arguing about any "unconditional right to say what you please" (even though there isn't an unconditional right anywhere), I'm arguing about "consequence-free free-speech".

And correct me if I'm wrong (wrong and I are not total strangers), but the Sullivan *case* was about media, but the Sullivan *decision* was about constructing a double-standard for public figure victims of libel, regardless of who was doing the libeling. Wasn't it?


Great, Tonto, looking forward. Belated Happy Birthday!

Guessing it won't be so crowded and we'll figure it out, but if you have some JOMers' e-mail addresses, one of them will likely have mine and I can get you a pic from last year's meetup. Or if you do Facebook that would be another way. Failing all that, I'll see if I can pick up a MAGA hat near Times Square. Guaranteed to be the only one wearing one.

Sandy Daze

DJT's meeting with the MSM was a double-tap to the self-appointed gatekeepers.

First, he takes them to the woodshed.

Second, he releases a two and a half minute video via youtube and twitter, with his outline of the transition progress so far, and (some of) his initial steps after inauguration.

Brilliant juxtaposition.

"I don't need you, I can bypass you and go directly to the people. "

"Either play fair, or you don't get to play."

You magnificent bastard !


Beasts of England

The JOM style guide says: Hugo Black (D-KKK)


a double-standard for public figure victims of libel, regardless of who was doing the libeling.

Also particularly irksome is when someone becomes a public figure only by virtue of having been smeared in the media, like that administrator at UVA who had to overcome the malice standard vs Rolling Stone. Talk about a Catch-22.

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