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November 23, 2016


matt, deplore me if you must



Y'all can follow.


The transcript shows the NYTimes had to sift thru Trump's words to find something they liked about his position on Climate Change.
The result ... he has "an open mind" but has heard enough to say no.

East Bay Jay

So even if he changes his opinion to align with the NY Times, they still find fault with him.

I didn't even know the media's 'find fault' function worked on Gov't officials anymore after 8 years of Obama. Who could have predicted they'd find it fast when the country tees up a Republican President? I mean besides those paying attention.

matt, deplore me if you must

The Times and the rest are just waiting to sucker punch Trump any way they can. It is already evident in their stories post election. He's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. And he doesn't give a damn what they think.

His picks so far seem to be pretty sound despite what you may think of Romney. As long as Mitt follows orders and doesn't go off the reservation I think we're okay. He will be a good interface between Trump and people like Putin. Good cop, bad cop.

"Mr. Putin, you know how the President can be....if you don't pull those missiles out of Kaliningrad he may get upset and do something crazy..."

Haley, a Sikh American woman with smarts is a brilliant choice. I just hope Mattis isn't Curtis LeMay redux. He is the warrior monk and I am very curious how he is going to shake up the Pentagon. It surely needs it. Destroyers and LCS's that don't work; a gold plated white elephant in the F-35. Someone has to tell it like it is and kick contractor ass while rebuilding a dynamic, responsive military.

Endless combat ops against 3rd world raggies is not the answer to Putin and Xi.

Let's hope some of the other nominations are inspired as well.


oh, really!? (He changes his mind. Big Deal.) Piss on the NYT, and safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone else. :)


What I liked about Romney for President is the same thing I like about Romney at State .. he is a businessman rather than a career BSer.


If the NYT's could just think that Elvis has been reincarnated and come to be prez in the form of Trump..

Trump has that Elvis aura around him or reminds me of him.

And for alt-right songs the first one came to mind was Joe Cocker's..

Feelin' Alright

Great song :-)


Trump should waterboard the NYT to be certain


Great idea, henry. I'll even volunteer to administer it. The fact that I have no idea what I'd be doing can be considered a bonus...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

He should rendition them henry.

Or maybe just render them.
A lot of winter birds could survive on all the suet contained in NYT fatheads.


great Lyle. I'll hold your beer wine.


I hope that if he does he uses recycled water and renewable resource boards like bamboo

Jim Eagle

When's the last time we captured an enemy combatant to waterboard?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

They could nab Barry as soon Trump takes the oath, JiB.

James D.

MM had a fantastic post near the end of the last thread that I think bears reposting:

Could you please wait to proffer judgement and advice until the man is sworn in? We currently have threats of a recount, attempts to intimidate the electors, cornered Clintons who are desperate to reclaim clout, Soros funding riots and demonstrations,an unhinged lame duck president and a vindictive press.

MY concern is to get Trump safely through the interim, voted on in the electoral college and then sworn in, all without the entire country going up in flames.

I am flat-out tired of everyone immediately piling on about this, including people on Conservative Treehouse and The_Donald. Some of them seem to me to be Soros-funded and are trying to undermine his presidency by making him seem like he's going back on his promises.

Even after Rush explained what's going on, he STILL had callers with the same line. The last one for today (heard in the car radio coming home) almost sounded like she was reading from a script.

It has been TWO WEEKS since the election. Everyone needs to quit asking "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

I agree 10,000%

We know that the MSM is going to twist every word President Trump says. We know they're going to quote him out of context, lie about him, leak incomplete stories, and use everything else in their bag of tricks to discredit him.

We know the Dems and the diehard NeverTrumpers (I think "Tonya Harding Republicans" is even more fitting now than it was during the campaign) will pounce on every story to try and tear him down.

Don't listen to it!

Is he going to make mistakes? Definitely.

Will we hate some of his appointments and his policies? Absolutely.

Will he reverse course on some of his campaign promises? Without question.

Of course he won't be perfect, but look at what we've gotten from him just in the two weeks since the election: Ebell running the EPA transition, and Mattis for Secretary of Defense. Those two things alone are more than we could possibly have dreamed of from any other President-elect, and I, for one, am damn thankful.

Comanche Voter

You go Donald. And in the defense world, listening to Mad Dog Mattis is not a bad thing. I like a lot of his picks, but Rome wasn't built in a day and it may take years to drain the swamp on the Potomac. But while I'd like to say that well begun is half done, it ain't so. Let's see how all this plays out over the next six months.


Willing to listen to and consider arguments is a Good Thing but changing your mind is a Bad Thing.

I am so confused. I guess I’ll have to read the national news to find out what I think.


Waterboarding isn’t something you do.

Waterboarding is something your enemies should worry that you might do.

Beasts of England

I stand with James D and Miss Marple.


But now Trump has changed his mind? Kerry-esque!

If he held a legal eagle non-position it would be Cruz-esque.



glasater @ 3:36,

Joe Cocker may have hit the charts with that song but it was written and originally recorded by Dave Mason, an Englishman. Furthermore, I thought Cocker's rendition sounds like he's singing, "feelin' alt-right..." 😎

Beasts of England

The best cover of Feelin' Alright was by Grand Funk Railroad. And don't nobody be arguing with me about that neither!! :)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I thought Cocker's version sounded like he was gargling pop rocks and thumbtacks.


You know, I saw Blackberry Smoke do Leon Russell's Stranger in a Strange Land as an encore last Friday and I didn't even know that he had passed until yesterday. One of the all time greats for sure (speaking of Joe Cocker et al)

And I went to find video of the Tedeschi-Trucks tribute to Mad-Dogs and Englishmen from last year cause I heard Leon played and I see Derek playing through 2 big Alessandro tweeds that he didn't have when I last saw him a few years back - but I am a proud owner of an Alessandro custom 65 deluxe reverb - he's a boutique builder in Doylestown PA. Pretty cool to see Derek playing through them!

And I haven't seen much on it here either, but right after Trump was elected, DoD issued a directive that allows pistol carry on all military installations. It's a great time to be an American!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


GFR FTW! Mark Farner, baby.

Some Kind Of Wonderful


Matt @ 3:19...you must have read about the USS Zumwalt, the new class of stealth destroyer,being towed out of the Panama Canal. The Maine papers reported the "engineering malfunction" because the Zumwalt was built at Bath Iron Works. $4B!


Generally speaking, I'm less concerned about a pliable president than an ideologue president.

Case in point, does anyone seriously think that Obama has changed his mind about anything in the last 8 years? And his March Madness brackets don't count. Nor gay marriage.

Beasts of England

Skoot speaks the language of hand-wired boutique tube amps!! Don't tell me we have yet another guitarist for GUS and his ALL CAPS Band! Bite me, Molly Hatchet! :)

buccr morgan

Hassan ghoul in 2004-5.


Horse face Kerry Kohn Heinz used electrodes on YELLOW MEN'S testicles. He said so. He said it was done and known up and down the line of command.

Are you libtards aware of that??

Oh, and TESTICLES is not a GREEK philosopher.


On my way into the city for the JOM meet up. Wearing my Inspector Clousteau hat for easy ID.


Testicles invented manhood GUS

Thomas Collins

Ah, Testicles, the main subject of the greatest historical fiction writer ever, Play-Doh (with apologies to aficionados of ShakeThatSpear).

Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

When's the last time we captured an enemy combatant to waterboard?

Yeah. We just blow them to smithereens now with a drone attack...them & whoever is near them.
No Haditha angst anymore.
Civilians killed?....who cares.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

To compare Trump to Kerry is offensive, and I object.

Trump said he was surprised, gave consideration ot what Mattis said, and demonstrated the ability to LIOSTEN to an expert. Isn't that what we want?

Kerry, on the other hand, simply switched his position for political expediency. Trump isn't doing that.

I realize the NeverTrump people are determined to prove they were RIGHT, but this really seemed to me to be nit picking.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Whenever I get riled up I forget to hit preview. Daggone it!


You guys should hear my "boutique" 72 blackface Fender.........QUAD!!!!!!

Oh yeah baby, sweet as honey.


Trump's Thanksgiving message. Unity.



You know it Beasts, There's nothing like the warm glow of EL84's and 6V6's in the dim basement light! I have a Ceriatone and "BIG TONE" T-shirt too! I wear it to the church talent show performances with my kids!

"Bite me, Molly Hatchet!" too funny - that was the first record I ever bought with my own money! ... give a break - I was 13!

And harking back to the prior thread, not only do my kids know "Sweet Home" they can tell you the difference between Ronnie, Donnie, and Johnny Van Zant!

I wish I could go in for the meet-up but I'm heading in to see the Rockettes on Sunday. Once is enough for this weekend. Not looking forward to the traffic.

Have a good one guys.


Mike Pompeo And Trey Gowdy Blast Reporters


Jim Eagle

I may be the only JOM participant who has actually had his comment to the Trump suggestion box read and enacted: "Keep Them Guessing".

And guess what, that is exactly what he is doing. If you all believe every condescension and maybe, perhaps, and consideration coming out of Trump's mouth is an affirmation or agreement you have not been following him since he announced.

Its all disinformation and psyops. Do you really think a master negotiator reveals his true intentions before he starts dealing? No, I know you don't but those sissy little twerps at Slim's folly do.


Oh dear, TM.

The people who got everything wrong for the last 18 months will now proceed to tell us how it is and how it will be?

Pour another cup of hot cocoa and snuggle up to the fire, folks. The holidays are upon us.


Just so, JiB.

He said it a million times. Don't telegraph your position, ever. In negotiation or war or anything else.

Jim Eagle

Just when you thought it was over. Jill Stein (remember her?) will file for recount in 3 states. She feels slighted that she only got 4 votes instead of 7 in Michigan.




Did you know Tony Podesta is a lobbyist for your old buddies at Bechtel?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here is the section about waterboarding and Mathis from the NYT interview. Rather than taking Frank Bruni's word for it, let's go to the original source:

TRUMP: So, I met with General Mattis, who is a very respected guy. In fact, I met with a number of other generals, they say he’s the finest there is. He is being seriously, seriously considered for secretary of defense, which is — I think it’s time maybe, it’s time for a general. Look at what’s going on. We don’t win, we can’t beat anybody, we don’t win anymore. At anything. We don’t win on the border, we don’t win with trade, we certainly don’t win with the military.

General Mattis is a strong, highly dignified man. I met with him at length and I asked him that question. I said, what do you think of waterboarding? He said — I was surprised — he said, ‘I’ve never found it to be useful.’ He said, ‘I’ve always found, give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers and I do better with that than I do with torture.’ And I was very impressed by that answer. I was surprised, because he’s known as being like the toughest guy. And when he said that, I’m not saying it changed my mind.

Look, we have people that are chopping off heads and drowning people in steel cages and we’re not allowed to waterboard. But I’ll tell you what, I was impressed by that answer. It certainly does not — it’s not going to make the kind of a difference that maybe a lot of people think. If it’s so important to the American people, I would go for it. I would be guided by that. But General Mattis found it to be very less important, much less important than I thought he would say. I thought he would say — you know he’s known as Mad Dog Mattis, right? Mad Dog for a reason. I thought he’d say ‘It’s phenomenal, don’t lose it.’ He actually said, ‘No, give me some cigarettes and some drinks, and we’ll do better.’


Jill Stein (remember her?) will file for recount in 3 states.

Glad to see them wasting their money:

It goes on to say the group needs to raise "over $2 million by this Friday, 4pm central," to ensure a recount. Wisconsin's deadline for filing is Friday afternoon, they added in the statement.

The site features a donation counter, which, as of 3:15 p.m. Wednesday, showed nearly $43,000 had been raised.

This seems like a win-win.


update on the ballot recount story. from our CTLU


IANAL and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I would think a party wanting a recount would have to be within the required vote % to demand one. Put another way, the party wanting the recount would need to be within .5 or 1% of the winning party not trailing by 40%+. Seems ridiculous to me.

When is GUS' ALL CAPS BAND going on tour?


he’s known as Mad Dog Mattis, right? Mad Dog for a reason.

I like the sound of that. How about “Mad Dog” Waters?

Now all I have to do is find a reason.

deus volt buccaneer morgan

just another nothingburger,



Maddog sbw,
You could always get more aggressive in your emails to AP reminding them what a$$hats they are. ;)


[OT] Just had a boiler room call. Asked for my aunt. I took care of her estate after she passed away three years ago.

“My I please speak to xxxxxxxxx?”

No, she’s dead.

Most satisfying robocall I’ve had in a long time.

deus volt buccaneer morgan

this was the silly segment, that had me switching to that michelle dockery show,


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thanks for the link to Trump's Thanksgiving message. Very nice.

What do we get from Obama? I think the usual text as he heads out to play golf or eat at fancy restaurants.


"Obama actually made a joke that made me smile. In eight years that was a long time coming...

CM, (from the last thread)

I thought he was quite funny when awarding his medals of honor. I figured that now we know he is soon gone, I loosened up a bit.


Frum. I have never, to my recollection, ever used the n-word like that dude on CNN did. It would not come to my lips at all.

But I tell you honestly, it is becoming harder and harder to avoid saying the word “d*mbf*ck”.

Frum? D*******!
Friedman? There it is again.
Krugman? Once more.
MSM talking head? Instantly?
No-nothing pundit? Clearly.

I need another word.


Buckeyette's custom '56 Fender Super knockoff, built by yours truly, is still going strong after 10 years.

Faithful to the original except for some tweeks to improve tone.

Think I got a buzz shellacking the tweed:)


I think the Manhatten JOM meetup is tonite.

Expect a good debrief CH:)

deus volt buccaneer morgan

you are like a real life perry white, sbw,


I thought Obama's little nephews were cute at the turkey pardon ceremony. Much better than his sulking teen-age daughters.


Pizza Gate: Accused Pedo Directly Calls For “Fake News” Censorship with NY Times: James Alefantis


Jim Eagle

Well, I smile every time I see that doofus. He doesn't even have to open his mouth.

Hit 80 here today. Even with all the works going on and everything where you would never expect it to be so finding it is near impossible the weather is enough to tell Frederick we're coming back. Of course, I could never do that since when it comes to education he is in a better world where we are and Florida needs to catch up.

Has a lot to do with the demographics and his peers. Not necessarily the curriculum.


Skoot, if there is video of that Blackberry Smoke encore of Stranger in a Strange Land, please link to it! Big fan of both BBS and Leon Russell. Thanks much.


You can't be saying that kids that intend to learn make for a good learning environment and those intent on disruption make for a bad one. Unpossible...


Chattanooga bus crash update: 1) driver's tox screen showed no alcohol or drugs in his system 2) the road where the crash occurred was not on the driver's designated route.


(forgot there was a new thread; reposting this from last re Lynyrd Skynyrd and "Sweet Home Alabama")

Yes, we acknowledge the boys from Jacksonville are not our own, RattlerGator! They did love Muscle Shoals, though. :)

Posted by: Beasts of England | November 23, 2016 at 01:28 PM

And, luckily, they were far from alone in that affection. This was a great, great read from 2 and a half years ago:


True south.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Corey Feldman marries 26 year old Vegas model.

Now I'm as romantic as they come but I'm figuring a week before one or both are seeking restraining orders or one or both are in ICU with a sucking chest wound and/or ODs.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Yikes, Iggy! At first I was thinking of Corey Lewandowski! LOL!

Sadly, I think these quick marriages will not work out well.

But then, what do I know?

deus volt buccaneer morgan

mark Thompson, come on down,


Beasts of England

Thanks for that link, RattlerGator! I was on the periphery and tail end of that phenomenon back in the late seventies. I won't bore you with the tales, but it was lightening captured in a bottle, with some of the finest people I've ever met.

Beasts of England

Cheers to the meet-up crew in the big city this evening!! Synopsis when you're done, please...

deus volt buccaneer morgan

you never go full vizzini,


deus volt buccaneer morgan

a moebius loop of absurdity,


there are legitimate concerns that devos is more common core supporter that one would like,


Another installment of the "Berklee BadAss Bass Babes".


Guy playing guitar is talented too.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Paul Joseph Watson ‏@PrisonPlanet 1h1 hour ago

#Recount2016 is actually an attempt by Team Hillary to commit the vote fraud they thought they didn't need on election day.
0 replies 742 retweets 1,366 likes


I thought he was quite funny when awarding his medals of honor. I figured that now we know he is soon gone, I loosened up a bit.

Not possible for me. He is a son of a bitch and I hope for nothing good to happen to him from here on out.



Raising a glass of mediocre wine to our chums in NYC. I'm sure they're drinking much better. Have fun! Don't forget us!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Drinking Frontera Cabernet Savignon Merlot from Chile. $8.99 for the big bottle from Kroger. I am a wine plebian.

Nonetheless, with my mediocre wine, I toast those meeting tonight in NYC. May they have deluxe wine and swank drinks!

God bless America!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


deus volt buccaneer morgan

they seem to have to come to attention,



Tomorrow is 'Merican wine. Tonight is Eyetalian with veal: '08 Brancaia 'Il Blue'. Sangiovese Merlot Cab Sauv. Toast to our NYC JOMers! And, of course, all of you great peoples. 😬


First taste: awesome. Second taste: awesome-er. Nytol. Give all your progtard relatives a big bear hug!! Salute!

deus volt buccaneer morgan

an area of concern, that rse might elaborate on,



lyle! Thought of our JOM oenophiles tonight. Forgot to hit my wine store on the way home from work, so no Ridge Zin. :( Did find a Stag's Leap Artemis cab at Trader Joe's plus a Sonoma pinot (Flowers?). Like you, I can only do American wine on Thanksgiving.

And Miss Marple, I love the value wines as well. Look for South African wines - they are coming back at a great price.



Cheers, Porch!! Love ya, sis!


Promise not to get maudlin. 😎


Love you too, brother.

Is this the greatest Thanksgiving or what? :)

jimmyk on iPhone

Great meetup with the Captain, Tonto, and Peter. If any of your ears were burning, we were talking about you. I was saying to CH that looking forward to this meetup a few weeks ago, it was hard to know for sure if we'd be celebrating or mourning the election, but now everyone is festive and optimistic.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Yes! Livin the dream!!! :)

Jim Eagle

Back from Flagler Beach where I thought I was taking Mrs. JiB, Frederick and his best buddy from here to La Hacienda, a nifty Tex-Mex place overlooking the beach. When seated and given the menus - Hello, welcome to Tortugas American Grill.

The calamari was terrific as well as the Shrimp and grits (actually well done fried Polenta). Oy, Vey. It happens in the 18 months you haven't been someplace.

Going into DC on Tuesday, on my way back to Southampton with the Mrs. Jib's new Land Rover if anyone wants to meet up. Clarice, I am thinking you and I plus Janet or JamesD and others can get together at Comet Ping Pong for some Pizza or Pasta. I may want some extra sauce on mine.

Let me know.


That's great, jimmyk. Did you really wear a MAGA hat? :)

I saw one yesterday on a young man in the library. He had it on backwards and I still recognized it even from the front, across the lobby.


Jack, I'm sure James Alefantis will have your regular table ready.


A terrific NYC meet-up! Peter, Jimmy K and the Captain even smarter and funnier -- if possible! -- in person than on the page. We drank exotic beers from the misty isles and raised our glasses to the good times ahead. JOM friends are true friends.

Jim Eagle


You can always join us. Why not? You can scope it out in person instead of depending on YouTube and internet sources.

I mean what kind of investigative reporter are you? Not the lazy, basement dwelling TV watching, computer coward kind, right?

Take me up on the offer or forever shut up. You lose if you don't show up.


Jimmy-I left you a long reply on the previous post to your perfectly valid point.

I also have an analogy to your specialty I will lay out but not tonight.

We made cranberry mimosas at red's suggestion. I found a different recipe though and modified it as is my style. Got a glass pitcher and poured in a bottle of cava. Put in one qurater cup of cranberry juice that is straight cranberries (what they use for shots at arden's garden). One half cup to 2/3 of pineapple. Same source and then fresh squeezed orange juice 1/2 to 2/3 cup to fit with pineapple. Stir.

deus volt buccaneer morgan

there was one restaurant on my main thoroughfare, back in south florida, that was the venue for an Italian restaurant, a seafood place and ultimately a sports bar, within a five year span,


Teeming with envy re NYC JOM soirée. Good job, people. Oops, did I say "nytol" too soon?



While you're at Comet Ping Pong you should go across the street and chat with the folks at Beyond Borders

You know the NGO that helps little Haitian kids.


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