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November 22, 2016


JM Hanes

Thanks, MM! We're breaking with tradition this year, and are going to picnic on foie gras, caviar and smoked salmon so nobody has to cook anything. Sometimes last minute planning is the greatest!


Did any of you JOM Friends get the LIBTARD weeeeping points today???


DEAR GOD SAVE US. We have a SUCCESSFUL MAN who is going to LEAD our NATION!!!!!!

If it wasn't pathetic and sad, we could laugh.
As I said earlier. NO MF'ing QUARTER to these bastards.

JM Hanes

Bozeman it is!


Many women who have had abortions stopped receiving the sacraments.
I think Pope Francis is reaching out to them.

They know perfectly well who is knocking on their door, and to whom they can ask for forgiveness. It doesn't require praise of Communists to point this out.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Grandkids loved Bozeman. Views of mountains were beautiful, but enough college-ish restaurants and stores to keep them feeling like they weren't in true boondocks.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is a biog problem for me. I converted the year Benedict was named Pope.

I still think his abdication was skulduggery. Francis has made me crazy with his stupid comments.

He is without a doubt the dumbest pope in my memory. First I had to stop getting his tweets because they were insulting. Now he comes out with this stiff.

Bring back Benedict!

JM Hanes


It does have a nice mix, although Californians are arriving in increasing numbers.... As someone here once said, "The great thing about Bozeman is that you're never more than 30 minutes from Montana."


Narciso, Bozeman, except for the University IS QUITE RED. All of WYOMING IS RED.
I spent a good amount of time in both states his year. Montana is fantastic.
WYOMING IS FANTASTIC-ER. And there are EASY ACCESS, quite clean COAL deposits in WYOMING.
Wyoming and Montana are AMERICA. The PEOPLE are fantastic.
When I was in Cody, this summer, a woman who worked for the WYOMING visitors center told me, that MURDER and MAYHEM were virtually non-existent. GREAT PEOPLE.
I would be HONORED to live there some day.


Will she call for recounts?

Hillary Clinton is being urged by a group of prominent computer scientists and election lawyers to call for a recount in three swing states won by Donald Trump, New York has learned. The group, which includes voting-rights attorney John Bonifaz and J. Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society, believes they’ve found persuasive evidence that results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania may have been manipulated or hacked. The group is so far not speaking on the record about their findings and is focused on lobbying the Clinton team in private.



QUIZ TIME: The "N" Word.

Who casually and nonchalantly dropped the "N" word tonight on CNN, as if it's more natural and familiar coming out of his mouth than the name of his wife and kids?

A) Steve Bannon
B) David Duke
C) Senator Robert Byrd
D) A vicious White Liberal hate-monger named Charles Kaiser

And the answer is at the 1 minute mark of the video from tonights CNN Broadcast: White guest on CNN drops the N-word

Watch the eyes and expression of the Host but especially of the Black man as the White hate monger is saying it. And then watch him pretend at the end he never says it at home.

Any bets on how many times we see that replay tomorrow on the MSM Channels? My guess is zero.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I did my geology field camp near Whitehall, which is about halfway between Bozeman and Butte.

Never lost my love for those mountains, even though I am born and bred a flatlander.

I was so glad I got to take the grandkids out there. They had never seen that part of the country, and they loved it.

I got to see places I had mapped when I was in my 20's. Made me quite happy.


Miss Marple, you know that I love you, and I agree with you on Padre Francis De la Chavez.
I will pray for the Pope.

JMH. This foie gras, salmon and caviar????

All MONTANA produce???

Dear Lord, does that sound awesome.
I'd love to have that home grown Thanksgiving.
Btw. I've been here for many years, and I have always said Thanksgiving is my favorite day of the year!!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Your article may be why Trump is being less threatening right now.

If you ask me, what happened is that the dems were rigging the machines and Peter Thiel figured out how to negate it.

I do NOT want to go into a recount and a court case again. Good grief.

That refusal to accept the will of the electorate is why I despise liberals. I am right there with Gus.

buccr morgan

My understanding is he is a gay white liberal, now it caught Brooke Baldwin. By surprise, like the sun rising in the east.

JM Hanes


Well, we may end up adding some Montana rabbit to the menu.

Starting descent, which means I'll disappear at 10,000 feet. Ciao!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thanksgiving is a great day because (except if you are Porchlight) there is no pressure. It's just family and food.

We do ours as a pitch--in, so no one is tuck with having to make the whole meal.

Menue: Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, corn, green beans, relish tray, spinach dip (appetizer), pecan pie, pumpkin pie, peach pie, blackberry pie, persimmon pudding.

Then everyone falls into a coma. LOL!


Have a blast, JMH! Bag some rabbit for us!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I do the mashed potatoes, because I am the only one in the family who has a ricer, plus I have a stand mixer for whipping them.



She's not going to ask for a recount. They
just want to deligitimize Trumps victory.


MM, that sounds delightful. Especially persimmon pudding! I'm also doing a relish tray. I love my in-laws even when they give me fits. Just hope the fritzy oven cooperates. :)


I feel for our Catholic buddies having to be so wrenched internally by this philosophical mess of a Pope. Sorry guys:(


Momma walks the dogs at least twice every day when I'm gone, and once every morning when I'm home. She's probably got more bear encounter stories than I have:)


JMH and Miss Marple....smoooch to both of you.
About 20 minutes ago, I told my beloved H.S.SOPHOMORE GUS Jr, that Thursday is OUR favorite day of the year. He briefly took off his expensive head phones, so I could tell him, that he is PEEEEEELING the SPUDS!!!

JMH and Lovely Miss Marple. God bless you, and Happy Thanksgiving. ALL OF US, here at JOM ,have a HECK of a lot, to be THANKFUL FOR.


they’ve found persuasive evidence that results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania may have been manipulated or hacked.

If you read the article, they have precisely zero evidence. What they have is a pattern that Trump did better in rural areas (that happen to have electronic voting machines) and Hillary did better in urban areas (that use paper ballots). That's it. Of course it's not as though Trump generally did better in rural than urban areas. /sarc

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Even nate silver pees on their imbecility.


Jimmyk. I saw some dimwits on FOX tonight, suggesting that TRUMP, let RODHAM SKATE.
Dr Krauthammer, and a couple of WYMYN all stars including a LESBIAN, Amy Walter......The reasoning was/is, that IF TRUMP holds a TREASONOUS, BRIBE-A-SAURUS-REX Sec State ACCOUNTABLE..........THEN LIBTARDS WOULD DO LIKEWISE....ALWAYS and FOREVER.

LIBTARDS are and will doing EXACTLY that.


There is only one strategy to respond.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Fake news, riots, recounts, technicalities;
Guess we don't have to worry about the left learning anything or using any of that redemptive self awareness stuff.


Ig, they are desperate, they are unhinged, they are dishonest.



We need to ORKIN them. With the quickness.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The FBI and DOJ should do a real investigation.
If they charge they charge. If not, not.
However, I suspect Trump is rightly concerned about an indictment followed by an exoneration.
Huge distraction and egg on face.


Ig. Rodham is OBVIOUSLY GUILTY as SIN on VARIOUS and SUNDRY charges and issues.

IF, we cannot hold a CRIMINAL, A treasonous and CASH GREEDY Secretary of State RESPONSIBLE for her crimes. How can America be a NATION of LAWS???

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Of course not. They cannot believe that people don't like their ideology and policies. That would mean they were wrong!

Can't have that, can we?


That idiot McCarthy shouldn't have said "the train has left the station". I know I'm not the only one that has seen trains going backward. Now, if she'd said, "the bell has been rung", well then I'd believe her. Pffft...


Pope is a jesuit. They do that. Darn heretics!😇

Miss Marple the Deplorable


If they had a trial in DC, she would skate. Pure and simple.

Trump is right to back off and let those people in the 5 investigations in various states do it.

His hands are clean and Rodham still is held to account.

Plus there is still the NYPD investigation.

I do not want the next 2 years tied up with a Clinton trial in which she gets off at the end because of the heavily democrat jury pool in DC.

It would turn into a partisan fiasco a la the impeachment of her husband, and Trump wouldn't get anything accomplished.

On Conservative Treehouse someone posted that his family was devastated with loss of jobs, medical bills, no help from VA, etc.
He said Hillary's trial wasn't that important to him; he wanted to get the country fixed.

I think that is Trump's real base. I hate Hillary and Bill and think they are evil. I also believe in the rule of law.

It's a fine line Trump has to negotiate. He knows more than I do about what's going on behind the scenes. I am sticking with his judgement. He hasn't let me down yet.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



That idiot McCarthy shouldn't have said "the train has left the station". I know I'm not the only one that has seen trains going backward. Now, if she'd said, "the bell has been rung"

Elmore James said it better than McCarthy, whoever he/she is.


Jimmy, Gina McCarthy is a MARXIST money grubbing several retirement plans DEMOCRAT.
The "train has left the station" is as ARROGANT and as NAZI- sounding as could be.
I want them SCORNED and DESTROYED.


Miss Marple. Again. I love you my dear.
Daddy, You KNOW thay I love you too!!!


A Saturday show I would watch would be Romanian National Dance Party. I can't decide who I would like as a host. Maybe have guest hosts. There are plenty of potential guest star "dancers".


Thanks TK, for the reposting of the Recess nomination story and the input. I will breathe a whole lot easier come 21 Jan 2017 when President Trump is a done deal.


Jimmy, the DANCE PARTY HOST, should be......DON CORNELIUS!!







1 down, another thousand scumbags to go!

Politico Editor RESIGNS After Publishing Home Addresses Of Alt-Right Icon Richard Spencer, Advocating For ‘Baseball Bats’

National editor at Politico Michael Hirsh resigned after publishing the home addresses of alt-right figurehead Richard Spencer Tuesday morning and advocating for serious violence.

Wonder where he appears in the Podesta Wikileaks?


Richard Spencer's life and family were ENDANGERED by LIBTARD Michael "Hirsch".
Make what you WILL about "Michael Hirsch", and then DESTROY MICHAEL HIRSCH'S family.

RIGHT? That's how it's played???



What about "JEW-LEFT"???? Is that Okay TOO????


I sure hope no one finds RICHARD SPENCERS home address, and kills his children and family.
That would be wrong. It would most certainly be wrong.
I mean it would be WRONG for RICHARD SPENCER to be FOUND and HARMED.

Is that how it works LIBTARDS???


Michael Hirsh is a jackass. I once went to a private school function when Kerry was running for president. Somehow he was a featured speaker and soouted outrageous propaganda. Everyone was very genttel about it, but not i--i blasted him to kingdom come for his lies. The host who had no idea that Hirsh was going to use his opportunity in that way, ran up afterwards and thanked me--said he'd have done the same but as host felt he could not. Grade a jerk.




Anything other than a full and vigorous prosecution of Curb Diver and cohorts will be an embarrassment and signal that the rule of law is indeed dying if not dead. Comey already laid out an easy prosecution for her. I think the gold will come out of the state case against the foundation. They can all DIAF

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Tweets & replies Media

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 10h10 hours ago

Bus crash in Tennessee so sad & so terrible. Condolences to all family members and loved ones. These beautiful children will be remembered!

I believe Trump is at Maralago for the weekend.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


It must be so satisfying to R, Rmmett Tyrell to have seen Hillary defeated. He's been after them for 30 years.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Wherein we find that both Jennifer Rubin and Shaun King style themselves members of "The Resistance."

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable.

Ha! I was wondering how the NeverTrumpers who earn their living writing articles were going to save face. Now we know. They still know better than us, plus they are morally superior. That's going to draw us back.

The SUN WAS SHINING all afternoon here in Pure Michigan. Lovely way to begin my visit.
But today will be snow, ice and freezing rain...

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is the readout of the 11/20 meetings (Sunday).

Lots of people I am unfamiliar with. However, buried in the middle of the parsgraphs discussing who they met with and what was discussed, was this enigmatic statement.

"Prior to his departure to Indiana, Vice President-elect Pence met privately with Governor Christie and Mayor Giuliani."

Jack is Back!(On his iPhone)

Nikki does Turtle Bay. Haley to UN.


Jack is Back!(On his iPhone)

Nikki does Turtle Bay. Haley to UN.


Welcome back Anonamom! And happy, blessed Thanksgiving to all JOMers. We will have all Trump voters at our dinner so only good food and conviviality on the menu.


Tom, we have to start a foundation. There's billions in them. We can pay tons of staff too and become an employing force. We could call it 'The JOM Troll Foundation.' We could get all them to come here from twitter and sfuff and put up with all their nutbarness and people would pay us to keep them here, happy, fed, making a difference in their psychosis - sitting there with big smiles and goofy looks. Billions Tom, billions!

You know it's a money maker👍

Beasts of England

Foie gras, caviar, smoked salmon and rabbit? I wake up to this culinary microaggression? You're on the list, JM Hanes!! ;)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


After the Pence pick, which I initially thought was terrible, I am not going to second guess.

Is that confirmed or just more rumor?

Captain Hate

Who is in Rubin's "resistance" other than her cats and dust elephants? Maybe she has them in that stack of papers she was going through like a homeless person on BOR.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Capain Hate,

I KNEW you would enjoy that little gem!


Trump broken promises:

1.refusing to prosecute Hillary Clinton(heh heh)

2.Leaving the Paris climate accord in place(Yesss!!!!!!!!score!!!!)

3.pulling back from extreme vetting of refuges

4.Leaving Obamacare intact BUT repealing(see fixing)the parts that make it better.

5.NOT building a wall....a fence.....a fence and a all......a.....fall....no a wence...he's building a wence.

6.refusing to pull out of iran nuclear deal:this one i'm just guessing, but at this stage I don't think he's going to do anything he promised on the campaign trail.

Typical politician.

Beasts of England

Were you able to track down the persimmon pudding recipe, Miss Marple? I can't get that off my mind for some reason...


sorry...4.fixing the parts that don't work.

Beasts of England

It's Thanksgiving, DuDa. Instead of trolling, why don't you share a recipe for your favorite Irish dish? And do you see how nice I'm being - I didn't event call Irish food an oxymoron...

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I will get it for you after while. I am having trouble with my right eye this morning. Don't know if I got an eyelash in it or what. Hurts like heck and is all red.

I put eye drops in to see if it helped.


"It's Thanksgiving, DuDa. Instead of trolling, why don't you share a recipe for your favorite Irish dish"

Nah, I've got a busy trolling day ahead.Gotta hit 25 sites by 11.00am with the talking point "typical politician" and then do the whole broken promises thing.

It's non-stop around here.But I get $10.00 per site so...guess who's gonna have a beer buzz by 2?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Weedavey's favorite family recipe:

Two fifths Irish whiskey.
One Weedavey.

Add the whiskey to the wee one.
Allow to marinate one hour until thoroughly stewed.
Neighbors call the cops.
Put in cell and allow to dry.

Beasts of England

Hope it gets better quickly, Miss Marple!

~ ~ ~

Ten bucks per site, DuDa? That's pretty pure - and it's almost like skilled labor for you, amirite?

Beasts of England

lol, Ig!!


"Ten bucks per site, DuDa? That's pretty pure - and it's almost like skilled labor for you, amirite"

It's alright, get to sit at home in your undies....hit a few porn sites to break up the monotony.....few beers...sleep a little back up and hit the sites again.

Right,back to trolling....gotta hit Bretbart and townhall next!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Back later.

Beasts, will call my sister for the recipe. I can't locate mine due to the move.


Heading out - over the river and through the woods this morning. Wishing each one of you a blessed Thanksgiving. Safe travels to all who are on the road this week.


.guess who's gonna have a beer buzz by 2?

wow, you are even slow at that. No wonder you don't get the living wage of $15 per site.

Tom Bowler

Happy Thanksgiving, JOMers, from a frequent lurker but infrequent commenter who enjoys your conversations and commentary.

Beasts of England

Happy Thanksgiving, Tom Bowler!!

Jim Eagle


Its true. Haley to the UN.

Grennell must be pissed. Although Haley was NeverTrump-lite compared to Romney, Kasich and NRO.

We are in Florida. Late night arrival after the drive from MCO. Very nice today. Around 75 and the ocean is glorous and thundering. Our dunes took a beating from Matthew. Only one of dozens of walkovers is usable. Very hard to get to beach.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Deroy Murdock makes the reasonable suggestion that Trump's AG appoint a special prosecutor to handle Hillary as Trump himself suggested.
Makes the investigation independent of Trump and leaves DOJ out also.

Mukasey says doing so makes us look like a banana republic, presumably because one regime is going after the previous one. However not going after her does as well only more so because in banana republics the rule of law is arbitrary.


I'm catching up on my reading but had to stop after reading this comment and post my immediate thought:

Arrived safe and sound despite Mrs H's navigation prowess. I think a monkey with a virus ridden smart phone could do better.

Posted by: Captain Hate | November 22, 2016 at 10:39 PM

Um . . . my man, one question. Does she read this board? Wowza, that's quite a public statement you made!


If you have any doubt that we have become a banana republic just go look at the Comet Ping Pong scandal

All doubt will be removed!

Captain Hate

Wasn't Haley Tea Party before she lost her mind and started denying history? Anyway I'm in a Thanksgiving RINO reclamation mood as long as a strong executive is willing to calibrate his squish detector effectively.

Captain Hate

Are you kidding me, RG? I haven't stayed married for 41 years by not knowing when to say what. Her lack of knowledge or interest in what I say here is almost infinite. Zuckerberg is another matter...


If the executive is worth a damn it doesn't matter who is ambassador to the UN, as the UN will be summarily blocked/ignored. I hope something better is in the works for Grenell.

Account Deleted

I hear you, Iggy.

Hamrod and Bath House Rat have conducted themselves like banana republic slime balls.

Banana repubs don't restore the rule of law.

Hammer the Emo-crats and their champions of corruption, treason, and lewd and lascivious conduct.

Meanwhile, any GOPe enablers who get nailed in the process....oh well.

Speaking of GOPe enablers...Mukasey retracted his opinion that Hamrod's conduct with her server disqualified her as a viable candidate for Preezy.

Some former Rutgers law professor said that the only qualifications for preezy are listed in the Constitution. Citing a court ruling, the prof re-asserted: ""The democratic presumption is that any adult member of the polity ... is eligible to run for office" and Congress cannot "supplement these requirements."

Funny, I guess that means that a convicted felon is qualified to be POTUS. Mukasey agreed with the opinion/ruling.

That's from an NBC "news" story.

Maybe Hamrod has opened a door for there to be some kind of mechanism for auditing the President and cabinet executives after they leave office--- in the spirit of "full transparency."

After all, the Bath House Rat promised to have the most transparent administration eva.


jimmyk: Mrs K gets a bit jealous of my devotion to the 'lady' who calls out the directions

Got around that sticky little problem by changing the GPS voice to Curly. “Nyuck! Nyuck!”

The Associated Press The Associated Press – Verified account ‏@AP

BREAKING: Dalai Lama: "I have no worries" about Donald Trump's election as U.S. president.

7:28 PM - 22 Nov 2016

I guess the Dalai Lama doesn't need to wear a diaper pin.


Cuomo's aides indicted. Cuomo a coming attraction.

Jim Eagle

My GPS voice is a British butler.

"At the Gyratory (roundabout) take the 2nd exit, Sir".

Beasts of England

Big hitter, the Lama...

Account Deleted

Cuomo's aides indicted. Cuomo a coming attraction.

The link shows a pic. The look on Cuomo's mug is priceless.

Hogs get slaughtered.

Account Deleted

LLamas spit for distance, or so I've heard.


Good Morning! CH,I had to laugh about Mrs. H's navigation skills. I'm the human GPS in our marriage,I love to navigate and read the maps. But,I've been replaced by the Garmin!
I've been able to outsmart the Garmin a few times,so hubby still trusts my navigation skills. I tease him about missing school the day the nuns taught map reading. The test of a marriage is a long road trip!


I'm in charge of appetizers for Thanksgiving. I'm making my homemade bourson cheese, shrimp cocktail, dates with blue cheese, wrapped in prosciutto with a balsamic reduction sauce - and a goat cheese with homemade (by Caro's sister in law) Jam.

Oh and lots of wine.

common man

I have said for years Politico is Democrats for Democrats always and often. Hirsh just provides the exclamation point for my declarative.


Jane,hubby went to Sarasota yesterday and bought (another) kayak. We're going to bring you kayaking sometime. :)


Big hitter, the Lama...


Beasts of England

Sounds extra yummy, Jane!!


I like the pick of Haley for the United Nations. Very smart big tent selection, IMHO, that emphasizes -- for all who care to examine it -- America at her best.

Not an affirmative action selection, but a sitting Governor. From a southern state. Who won a statewide election after winning a Republican primary only after receiving very public support from Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney.

Very smart selection. Kudos to President Trump, still exceeding expectations while giving a finger to the "diversity" hypocrites and simpletons.

Account Deleted

Mrs. K uses Siri for directions when I happen to be driving because I rely on my man-compass in all situations. Puck it. We always get there on time.

However, Mrs. K has great style with Siri.

Now, Mrs. K is one tough chica. 105 pound 52 year old triathlete. Bad ass. But tiny.

And Mrs. K happens to be an incorrigible potty mouth. Picture Tweety Bird with a pirate's patch over the left eye. It's her personal logo.

Her favorite story that I tell about grade school is about a dude named John Duke who sat in the back of the class. To get himself tossed out of school for a few days he'd say in the middle of a test "Who said f*ck?!" Mrs. K DIES CRYIN everytime I tell it.

All right. The table's been set. So here we go toolin along and it's time to navigate.

Lil Miss Potty Mouth to Siri (every f*ckin time I swear)--- "Siri, you rotten wh*re, tell me how to get to blee blah blee." Siri answers everytime: "Kelly, Shame on you."

LMPM replies (every f*ckin time I swear)---- "Would you rather I call you a cheap sl*t?" Siri: "Cheap suit...I'm checking."

A good time had by all.


Someone was asking about Michigan yesterday. I read somewhere that they have some long process for certifying the election, but the deadline is something like Dec 2. Apparently they are manufacturing votes for Hillary, and the gap has fallen below 10,000, but it's unlikely to change the outcome, as there are fewer than 10,000 ballots (absentee, whatever) yet to be counted. Of course if the outcome of the election were at stake, Michigan looks like a good spot for mischief.




Will Kiwi fit?

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