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November 02, 2016



As long as you're not hiding with Huma.



From the Podesta cache ...

Germany's Ubergutmenschen get their death wish:

Dave Barry's list of tips for winning any argument on any topic. (The last point is still used copiously by Germany's Ur-Infantile Left. Multicultural Extremism flourishes in the shadow of Hitler.)
Use snappy and irrelevant comebacks. You need an arsenal of all-purpose irrelevant phrases to fire back at your opponents when they make valid points. The best are:
You're begging the question.
You're being defensive.
Don't compare apples to oranges.
What are your parameters? This last one is especially valuable. Nobody (other than engineers and policy wonks) has the vaguest idea what "parameters" means.
Don't forget the classic: YOU'RE SO LINEAR.

Compare your opponent to Adolf Hitler. This is your heavy artillery, for when your opponent is obviously right, and you are spectacularly wrong. Bring Hitler up subtly. Say, "That sounds suspiciously like something Adolf Hitler might say," or "You certainly do remind me of Adolf Hitler."


Good Morning, and a thousand comments behind.

French 24 News reader has a very glum frown on her face when reading the new poll stating that Donald Trump is leading Hillary.

May her French tears sprout a million daisy's in Trump's victory garden.

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze

via Drudge:

TRENDING: Universities work to purge male students of their ‘toxic’ masculinity

I would like to see President Trump fund all colleges and universities in the same manner that Hillsdale College receives USG funding... (that is, how Hillsdale College does NOT receive funding...)

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze

oh, and




Black Clinton aide on CNBC talks over Kudlow---refuses to let Kudlow speak. Man, are they afraid of letting Trump supporters make any points that conflict with their Talking Points.

What an embarrassing segment.


Moving to the new thread...

It has been rigged by both parties for years,

New Jersey judge limits disclosure due to time constraints

DNC accuses Republicans of suppressing minority-voter turnout
The Republican National Committee, accused last week of scheming to suppress minority turnout on Election Day, was ordered to give Democratic leaders any evidence of deals with Donald Trump’s campaign for his supporters to stand watch at polling places.
That includes any written or verbal agreements relating to voter fraud, ballot security, poll watching and poll monitoring, U.S. District Judge John Michael Vazquez in Newark, New Jersey, said in a ruling on Monday. The Republican leadership has until Wednesday to comply with the order.
Vazquez also ordered the Trump campaign to submit affidavits explaining the basis for remarks made in recent months about ballot integrity and poll-watching by Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence. The filings should include details about which precincts were being targeted and why, the judge ruled.

The dispute erupted after the DNC said in an Oct. 26 filing that the Republican party had violated a 1982 court-approved agreement under which the RNC pledged not to engage in "ballot security" activities or intimidate voters as they enter a polling place.


"Consent Decree," the loon screamed.

Appalled (Alt-Moderate)


As I acknowledged before, you deserve your victory lap on this one...

Jim Eagle

Do we really have to bring up the 90's again? Vince Foster and Marc Rich?

Its like when New Orleans floods and all those bodies rise from their cemetery plots.

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze

“How has the concept of masculinity contributed to the perpetration of violence in our society?” asks the UNC Men’s Project website.

Duke University started a similar program this semester for male students to reflect on topics such as patriarchy, male privilege, rape culture, pornography, machismo and “the language of dominance,” Fox News reported.

At a mandatory freshmen orientation training at Gettysburg College in August, male students had to watch a documentary which stated in part that the “three most destructive words” a boy can hear growing up is “be a man.” The freshmen also went through breakout sessions in which they were told mass shooting sprees are rooted in toxic masculinity.



JM Hanes


"Do we really have to bring up the 90's again? Vince Foster and Marc Rich?"

Yeah, it somehow feels like Obama bringing up the birther thing. A shiny distraction to set folks off chasing red herrings. Foster & Rich et al are peanuts compared to the RICO scale Clinton Foundation corruption.

Buford Gooch

However, bringing up Marc Rich and Vince Foster reminds older voters of how long the Clintons have been corrupt. And it gives younger voters a reason to ask who Marc Rich and Vince Foster are.

James D

Marc Rich is a good one to bring up, actually, because it's so simple and straightforward. The Clintons sold a Presidential pardon to a fugitive from justice in return for campaign donations.

It's good to have easy-to-explain things to hammer Hillary with.


Foster & Rich et al are peanuts compared to the RICO scale Clinton Foundation corruption.

Vince begs to differ:)

James D

Sandy Daze @ 11:02

Just get the government out of student loan financing entirely. No direct lending. No guarantees. And allow them to be dischargeable in bankruptxy.

That will dry up tens of billions of dollars that go towards paying for all those idiotic programs (and the people who think them up and run them). If people have to spend their own money, they're not going to want to pay for that crap, and it will disappear from most colleges in a hurry.

Thomas Collins

I think the Foster and Rich file releases emphasize the continuity in corruption that is the Clintons, and that nothing will change if The Hill wins. I also think that it's useful to remind Obama, Jarrett and the Clintons that the FBI keeps files, and that the investigators, not Comey, are running this show.


Carried over from previous thread:

TC, surely you've noticed (and Sue, too) by now how much the polls and the polling industry agitate me.

They are such phenomenal tools because of the whole (and very real) self-fulfilling prophecy thing -- especially in a population that appears somewhere around 50-50 or 52-48 either way.

They have clearly been used to bully average Americans -- we need to be much, much more skeptical of these non-scientific tools of artists.

Yes, they drive me crazy. Guilty as charged.


Can't remember where I saw the article yesterday, but it was about 3 male students at "the largest Catholic Univ. in America" having their "Unborn Lives Matter" sign confiscated at a rally. Admins justified the taking as necessary in order not to offend BLM peeps, who apparently are now sole owners of the "lives matter" brand.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The Vince Foster thing isn't exactly irrelevant, either, when we have the mysterious death of the DNC IT consultant, Seth Rich, to consider.


Just watched the James O'Keefe video. Barber is more than a 'democratic theorist'. I first looked into him years ago after Bill Ayers spoke so glowingly about his work and covered his socialist vision for the US that he shares with Obama and the clintons in this old post. http://invisibleserfscollar.com/who-needs-pitchforks-to-get-political-and-economic-revolution-education-and-time-will-do-fine/

This is precisely what the UN SDGs are now imposing and Barber now puts his focus on how society and the economy should be centered around cities and mayors. This aligns with the habitat II conference about two weeks ago in South America and is the successor to what used to be called Agenda 21.

Barber is probably the primary tactician for the toxic political theories about to engulf us. I need to go pull my copies of his books.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Just got a text message that Jim Webb has endorsed Donald Trump.

Haven't confirmed it yet, so stand by.



He is talking about blacks who vote republican. He will be given a pass. I think this is a nothing burger to quote Shep.


Well, unless it motivates black republicans to go to the polls. Then it is definitely not a nothing burger.

common man


You are correct. Polling is not scientific. If you can not assure each and every member of the group being polled, I.e. likely voters, has an equal chance of being chosen for sampling, all the mathematics behind it, it thrown out the window.

Its an art.

Somehow, pollsters in the era of Zero managed to make their polling line up with actual results, all while the number of actual respondents has dropped fairly dramatically. But that is not true elsewhere, Brexit being but one recent example. It may be that pollsters who are paid mostly by Universities and the Media, simply produced what their customers wanted to hear and it turned out the electorate liked Zero enough ( or had no passion for the alternative ) that they got wild @ssed guess reinforced.

We shall see in a few days. I think I am going to be right, as even a 2012 demographic turnout is not what will happen in 2016, let alone something beyond the extreme of 2008.

Jim Eagle

My comment on the 90's, Foster & Rich, was tongue-in-cheek. I agree with all the sentiment of a history lesson for those who had forgot or never knew.

I heard Hannity this morning on WOR and he wasn't as optimistic as we all are. He may be using "reverse psychology" but I was sort of disappointed that he doesn't understand the movement.


Maybe Hannity has knowledge of Trump's internals?

RCP has moved GA to leans republican.


RCP has also moved MO to likely Trump.


Looks like the NYPD is going to
blow the case open.

The NYPD seized the computer from Weiner during a search warrant and detectives discovered a trove of over 500,000 emails to and from Hillary Clinton, Abedin and other insiders during her tenure as secretary of state. The content of those emails sparked the FBI to reopen its defunct email investigation into Clinton on Friday.

But new revelations on the contents of that laptop, according to law enforcement sources, implicate the Democratic presidential candidate, her subordinates, and even select elected officials in far more alleged serious crimes than mishandling classified and top secret emails, sources said. NYPD sources said these new emails include evidence linking Clinton herself and associates to:

Money laundering
Child exploitation
Sex crimes with minors (children)
Pay to play through Clinton Foundation
Obstruction of justice
Other felony crimes


Beasts of England

Threadkiller deserves a few victory laps. He deserves another one for agreeing early in the primaries to vote for Cruz, should he have been the nominee, in spite of Cruz holding - until relatively recently - dual citizenship. Bravo, TK!!


Y'all up for a conspiracy theory re the Hillary "heckler" at last night's rally in FL? First, can someone "heckle" without making a sound, because this particular heckler said nary a word. Second, does this "heckler" with his "Bill is a rapist sign" look like he cares if Bill is a rapist? No, imo. He looks like the bad guy wrestler who hits the good guy wrestler over the head with a chair then climbs on the ropes, jumps on the defenseless good guy wrestler, but always loses in the end. Finally, look at the three 20 somethings behind the "heckler" seeming to be trying to stifle grins. Do they look like Team Hillarybots put there to guard the fake "heckler" until Hillary arrives to dispatch him ... as planned? They do to me.

jimmyk on iPhone

"RCP has moved GA to leans republican."

Hard to believe there was ever a doubt.

Thomas Collins

Whoa! Something more important than the election has come to my attention. The Committee's first release has one loss A&M over undefeated Washington.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Is that a reliable site? O am unfamiliar with it and don't want to jump the gun on anything.

There's lots of disinformation being put out by the evil people so as to make our side look foolish, so I am cautious.

I do note that down in the body of that article it says there is information on members of Congress being on the Lolita Express.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

My avatar precisely distills Neo's 9:50 quote in one image. :)

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze


"Just get the government out of student loan financing entirely. No direct lending. No guarantees."


More to the point, not one dime of USG money--not even GI Educational benefit is (nor can be) used at Hillsdale (and a select group of 4-5 other colleges).* NO USG MONEY at all. No USG backed loans, no USG backed GI Bill $$ either. Nada, Niente.

You want accountable colleges and universities, minus the feather-bedding of SJWs.

Get the USG out of the colleges and universities. Cut off the $$

* Hillsdale donors provide a scholarship called the "Freedom Scholarship" so that Veterans are not penalized by Hillsdale's position, in not being able to use the GI BIll to attend. All Veterans who apply and are otherwise eligible are able to do so on a "free ride" paid by donors. Not enough Veterans apply, lots of scholarship money goes unused year over year.

Fresh Air, deplorably

That 11:46 link at True Pundit is unreal. If true, the entire Clinton coterie goes to prison.


Do we really have to bring up the 90's again? Vince Foster and Marc Rich?

We do. Past performance predictive of future performance.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

As I said on the last thread, the pendulum has finally swung to the point those considered irrational are the ones who are unwilling to consider there is pretty much nothing the Clintons won't stoop to.


DebinN C
We need someone to prove the heckler is a plant.

Matt - deplore me if you must

So the MSM has been up in arms about Comey's timing?

500,000+ e mails that should never have made it onto a private computer ranks with Snowden and Chelsea Manning in its scope.

Comey indicted Clinton while not indicting her. he must have known more than he was letting on in July but couldn't find the smoking gun. Sounds like they now have it with Hillary's fingerprints all over it as well as samples of precious bodily fluids.

CSI Washington?

Someone better move all of the breakables out of the Chappaqua house fast.

Beasts of England

That's really something, TC. They can win out and go to the playoffs without making it to the SEC Championship Game. That's being in the catbird seat as far as I'm concerned...


The sex ring/human trafficking stuff is bubbling up (Epstein, Haiti).

No proof (yet).

This, on the other hand, is better sourced. Money laundering.



Looks like true pundit was right about
their first debate prediction.



I don't see "GA leans R" here

Beasts of England

Tom Delay (I think...) reports that one hundred FBI resignations were on Comey's desk, threatening to pull the trigger if he didn't re-open the Cankles investigation. If true, they deserve some serious kudos.

This reminds me of one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs: When the Levee Breaks.


Whatever was in those emails, it was serious enough for Comey to reopen the investigation immediately.

The same Comey who, either because he was under external pressure or because he wanted to help Hillary or both, refused in the face of a threatened mutiny to make a referral four months ago.


In my head now, Beasts.

Damn, that intro. I get chills just thinking about it.


Thomas Collins

The Committee is showing teams it is serious about schedule strength, BOE. It's also a tribute to Alabama. A&M's 33-14 loss to Alabama didn't discredit A&M as a possible playoff team in the eyes of The Committee.



common man

Just saw this on another site but I dont read the NYT, ever, so I have no idea. Maybe James or someone else can confirm, if the NYT is wetting their pants and basically finally letting their not clued into reality readership that there really is a problem in River City?

NYT: Black Turnout Falls in Early Voting, Boding Ill for Hillary Clinton


You mentioned McCaul? He thinks an indictment in pending.

Beasts of England

I agree, TC, but I thought they'd go with Washington because it's quite easy to justify 'undefeated'. They done good.

~ ~ ~

You're welcome, Porch!! ;)


Black turnout falling for Hillary. What a shocker. No one could have predicted that.

Now prepare for the shock when they see how many of those voters pulled the lever for Donald.


Isn't he chairman of the Homeland Security Committee? Wonder what is in the emails?


Am currently a prisoner of the Euro News channels. What is interesting is that I am getting better coverage and learning more about the Clinton Foundation from Russia Today TV than I get from French 24, CNN International , CNBC Europe, Bloomberg, and BBC. It appears that Russia Today is angry over Hillary constantly blaming the Russians and Putin, so they are going after Hillary in return. Russia Today (RT) now says that they are calling their Election Eve Coverage "Choosing The Lesser Of Two Evils."


Wow. The tweet re: McCaul:

Chad PergramVerified account ‏@ChadPergram

Rep McCaul on Fox about Clinton: It looks like an indictment is pending. At that point..the Hse.. would engage in an impeachment trial

An indictment this fast probably means it's as bad as everyone is speculating, maybe worse.

I might start really believing this human trafficking stuff pretty soon.


and what or who would be impeached? that is interesting... the evidence must reach beyond Hilligula.


Trump called her a "nasty woman" with "hatred in her heart."

He has sources in the FBI. He was right about Weiner, "collector of info," over a year ago.

Do the math.

Screencap those pro-Hillary "nasty woman" t-shirt ads because they're not going to be up much longer.


If Homeland Security is involved maybe it's proof of the gun running in Libya?



Trump campaign insider said on Friday that Obama is implicated.


So true...They're gonna regret messing with that green frog.

common man

Who is True Pundit? Why was the NYPD Chief not named? Can I have any confidence this is not World Nut Daily with a different name?


Ha, Janet. You are right.

Captain Hate

If the Indians lose tonight it won't be the end of the world, in part because those goofs on ESPN local radio have been inviting the Restraining Order on to complain about Trump and talk about how he had such a great relationship with Bob Taft, one of the biggest RINO entitled losers ever to stain the state. Having partisan crap like that might be a reason the World's Leader in Sports Entertainment Broadcasting lost over 600,000 subscribers last month. Listening to those losers whine will ease the pain of defeat and if the Tribe wins I'll just ignore them.



Frogs were the second plague on pharoah


Not yet, common man. Not yet.

Multiple Twitter sources in the last several days also saying NYPD is talking about this stuff.

Beasts of England

An indictment? I certainly hope not!! My happy-o-meter only goes to '12', and that be a '17'...


Ron Johnson echoing McCaul. (Johnson is Senate Homeland Security Chairman)


I got that from you awhile back.


Just a little green frog in the White House, patiently waiting.


:) Janet

I got it from The_Donald!

common man

The republic hangs in the balance and may survive only because of the NYPD? Tell you what, if you write that as fiction no publisher will take it up, just not believable. And until all the stuff that came out already, I would never have even given it a potential second thought.

BTW, where the hell is Phase 3?


Wowser. Both Homeland Security chairmen? It's related to national security, whatever the hell the bitch did.


Porch, some sources predicting a NYPD email dump pending... but knid of like Kim Dotcom and wikileaks on the 33,000 a grain (or mountain) of salt required.


I think I picked the wrong day this week to take off work.

common man

Can someone explain the green frog reference to me. I must have missed it. Is this also somethig to do with Pepe? I missed that too, apparently.

I dont like to be clueless, so help me out here.



Frank Reagan would have no trouble believing the NYPD saved America.


BTW, where the hell is Phase 3?

I don't know, common man, but can't you feel the earth rumbling a bit?


We'll probably be hearing about this



The green frog is a reference to Pepe, who started life in a cartoon by some guy, but took on a meme life of his own. People make all kinds of images and videos with him. He's considered an omen of sorts.

Hillary didn't mention him specifically in her "alt right" speech, but numerous other clueless people have called him a symbol of the alt right because maybe two people out there created Pepes with Klan hoods.

He's more like Kilroy or Snoopy - a universal character with millions of iterations.

She started to lose a LOT of credibility among millennials when she did that.

There's more - it is near-religous among the /pol/ people - a religion of Kek, Egyptian frog god.


Eric in Boise

Posted by: lurkersusie | November 02, 2016 at 11:46 AM

Breath status:
[ ] Being held
[x] Not being held

Not that I'd mind, of course. My happy meter would fry right along with Beasts' to see these scum go down.


This is the most famous Trump pepe. When Trump retweeted it, it caused a sensation and soon launched the creation of The_Donald.


daddy on iPad in Bercy

If Trump wins Connecticut, what type of tattoo does TM have to get?

I'm thinking a small lizard, maybe colored green might be nice.


Katie Pavlich: "How appropriate: Alicia Machado, who drove a murder getaway car, is introducing Hillary Clinton, who is currently under FBI investigation."


Brian Wilson: "The media are supposed to be the watchdogs of our liberty. They've become the lapdogs of those in power."


henry-how reliable is the bradley f disputing the hack? Is it really in dispute or simply a matter of bad publicity to their pushes in ed as well as hard to prove it is true without their cooperation?

Uma Thurmond's Feet

Re the True Pundit article: There are only 10 department chiefs who could be the source of the "leak". Wiki says:

Chief of Department

Chief, Community Affairs Bureau
Chief, Patrol Services Bureau
Chief, Transportation Bureau
Chief, Housing Bureau
Chief, Transit Bureau
Chief, Detective Bureau
Chief, Citywide Operations Bureau
Chief, Counterterrorism Bureau
Chief, Intelligence Bureau
Chief, Personnel Bureau
Supervising Chief Surgeon

We can probably drop most of these chiefs; I doubt the Transportation Bureau knows about the emails. That would leave the chief of the Detective Bureau Robert K. Boyce, as the source of the leak.

(I know, you can't really tell, but it's fun to play along.)


Seriously Appalled? You're voting for this?

Bill Weld: “I think she deserves to have people vouch for her other than members of the Democratic National Committee so I’m here to do that.”


rse, I have no idea. It is at least pro forma. Also if they sent cash to the Clinton Foundation or campaign I imagine I would have heard about it on talk radio here. They generally align with anything Chamber or GOPe (along with the usual bad ideas like the Trolley, the Bucks Arena & general Milwaukee bs).


Katie Pavlich is still a #NeverTrumper, isn't she?


Don't know Jimmy.


BOzo in OH yesterday: "Don't be bamboozled," ... "If you're a working person, if you are out there every day, working hard, punching a clock, the notion that this guy is your champion, that he's going to fight for working people when his entire life he did not have time for anybody who wasn't rich or a celebrity, who wouldn't let you into one of his hotels unless you were cleaning the room....come on! This guy is going to be your champion? Come on."

the generalisticly deplorable rich

Posted by: Matt - deplore me if you must | November 02, 2016 at 12:04 PM

There were two things floating in the email story that didn't get much attention but I think might be key.

1. There were serious indications that there was another server floating around. The one that was found that had mostly self serving emails and something closer to instant messages.

2. Someone interviewed in one of the Judicial Watch lawsuits said that members on the known secret server would use their own in-group cant and that was confirmed with other interviews. It was never ascertained what the in group cant was but think the question was prompted by one of the emails where someone was told to find the time of or record a tv program.

The Huma archive on the prev's computer might actually be the contents of the other server. All speculation on my part but that's what were here for.

Thomas Collins

TM's getting a tat? I'll set you up with my people in Little Rhody, TM!


They own the Encounter Books publishing house.

common man

Counterterrorism or Intelligence Bureau could line up with Homeland Security as well.

Doubt its the Chief Surgeon! Or the chef...

Captain Hate

Zippy is really clueless in giving that spiel to a state that has been rocked by his terrible policies.

common man

Zero's role is to try against all odds to energize the black vote for her. Its a tall order, but expect some more oakie doke nonsense from the campaigner in chief. While he is doing this, he cant sign a bunch more anti America EOs...

Jim Eagle

So, Matt, RG and others that poo-poo'd my early Saturday morning theory it was the NYPD who found the computer and emails and that if Comey or the FBI didn't act they would go to the mattresses, what say you now?

"NYPD detectives and a NYPD Chief, the department’s highest rank under Commissioner, said openly that if the FBI and Justice Department fail to garner timely indictments against Clinton and co- conspirators, NYPD will go public with the damaging emails now in the hands of FBI Director James Comey and many FBI field offices."

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

So did McCaul say that or did the guy tweeting infer that?

Her indictment for now is secondary to her political humiliation at the hands of an amateur who has never seriously run for anything and whom she must despise more than just about anyone, except maybe her husband.

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