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November 17, 2016


jimmyk on iPhone

"Still very large degree Obama screwed Trump because of Syria"

Funny because I've seen a lot of MSM stories about what a fabulous economy Trump is 'inheriting' from BoZo, but not so much abou what he inherited in Syria. Of course the fabulousness of the economy is BS too.

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable.

Oh, Kevlar Kid---thanks for sharing that great story. Lucky you, lucky them lucky all of us!

Dr. Mom wants to know how much weight you've dropped. No carb? I gather success stories to cheer on my patients.



Jack, I just figured the pain meds must be some good stuff:)

Teasing aside, very entertaining!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I ran out to get sandwiches for supper. Woman called in from Denver. She had heard Ann Coulter on the show earlier and got very emotional, said she was a strong woman to stand up for what was right, and since her votes for Reagan she finally felt like her kids would have a chance, and that somebody (Trump and Coulter) HEARD her. Then she started crying again.

Mark Simone in for Hannity.


New thread.

Account Deleted

Anonamom--- thanks! Since starting the process to reverse the chronic Type 2 diabetic degenerative syndrome (May 5th 2016), I've lost 109 pounds.

I'm 5'10" 205 pounds. Even at 314 where I started in May that was less than where I was in May of 2006 at 360 lbs. That weight loss campaign didn't stick because I ended up on insulin.

If I hadn't quit drinkin 26 years ago then this new phase of the healing journey wouldn't have been possible. Back then I couldn't imagine not having an ice cold cream ale on a "day made for beer" ever again. It was the "day atta time" thing that got me through.

Now, I've been working my way through all the foods I may never eat again if I want to genetically reverse the diabetic control mechanism that I'm learning more about a "day atta time."

Happy weekend to you aanonamom. Great nic btw.

Account Deleted

That's A-N-n-o-m-o-m....not aanonomom. SORRY! :)

Beasts of England

Hey Tom R - it's exciting to see John Merrill mentioned in the comments at JOM! He did well as SGA president, especially winning as an independent. Don't know if you've kept up with his career, but he had a rather unfortunate 'zipper foul' a little while back. Don't know if that would prevent his appointment or not...

I got a call a few minutes ago for me to push our mayor, Tommy Battle, as the replacement. He's a great guy, but statewide races are rarely win by us folk north of Birmingham.

p.s., Roll Tide!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Trump is meeting with General James "Mad Dog Mattis tomorrow.



So far so good re no "Trump is meeting with Colin Powell" mentions.

Account Deleted

Scene XVI: KevlarKid breaks out in hives at the very mention of Colon Powell.

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