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November 09, 2016


common man


tell our lurker friend thanks. I so wanted to be on the other end of a trades by Soros and Cuban. I wanted to stuff their lucre in my pocket and laugh at their prog stupidity. ALAS, they dont believe their own BS and were trading on the same side as me yesterday and today...


Yep GMax, they plan on everyone being stupid enough to do what they say. our lurker firend adds:

The bond mkt meltdown is Acela Corridor driven. Very crowded trade and the Puppetmaster has been very active driving it.

jimmyk on iPhone

"Trump plane has landed at Reagan International, which does not normally allow private planes"

See, Trump is already out of control!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Leaving La Guardia, Trump's plane gets a water cannon salute from the NY Fire Department:

Sorry, it's big so you will have to right click.

James D

GMax @ 10:30

Exactly. The progs who are calling for a national popular vote wouldn't go for it, because awarding EVs by cong. district would help the GOP immensely.

Given the current GOP advantage in state governments (and thus redistricting), they'd have an electoral college advantage for at least the next three presidential elections under that scheme.


Some editorials write themselves:

Following the Trump victory, four different groups have taken to the streets to protest — precious snowflakes, bullies, community organizers, . . . and the mainstream media.

Cecil Turner

Angelo Codevilla had a great article on the costs of our winless method of war a few weeks ago at I think Claremont.

The problem is that you can't quantify the costs of the path not taken. A good example is the Vietnam one above: if the domino theory were in fact correct (and I'm not willing to defend it), the cost of not doing Vietnam could easily have extended to several times that of doing it. It's impossible to know for sure, though I doubt there's any disagreement that waging war poorly is monumentally stupid (except for those--hopefully very few--who seek to lose for political purposes and drag a lot of well meaning idiots along).

Beasts of England

That's a great photo, Miss Marple!! Woot!

jimmyk on iPhone

They could have a straight popular vote, but that would lead to recount chaos if it were close--every precinct of every state would have to do a recount.

Jim Eagle

Okay, I'll start the list, with LOSERS first:

The Clinton Crime Family
Illegal Immigration
Paul Ryan
John Kasich
The Bush Clan
James Comey
Ben Sasse
Political Polling
Tech Stocks

Its only the beginning and I know I am missing a lot. Not necessarily prioritized.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

CBS News feed dropped coverage before showing Trump entering the White House.

We desperately need new news outlets.

James D

Yeah, but you'd need an Amendment to do that. States could change HOW they allocate their EVs just by legislation.


JiB, add Romney.


Not that this will surprise anyone, but the peace-loving leftists are ready to declare war.

Obamacare defenders vow 'total war'


Now the hard work begins.

Beasts of England
~ Winners and Losers of Election 2016 ~
(category winners in bold)

Politicians and Politicos
- Donald Trump (tie)
- Mike Pence (tie)
- Jeff Sessions
- Newt Gingrich
- Rudy Giuliani
- Kellyanne Conway
- Reince Preibus

Honorable Mention:
- Mike Huckabee
- Dick Cheney

- Mike Lee
- Ted Cruz
- John Kasich*
- Mitt Romney
- Paul Ryan
- Mitch McConnell
- George H. W. Bush et fils
- Rick Wilson

Television and Radio:
- Sean Hannity
- Rush Limbaugh
- Laura Ingraham
- Ann Coulter

Honorable Mention:
- Bill O'Reilly

- Fox News
- Glenn Beck
- Shep Smith
- MeAgain Kelly
- The Five
- Charles Krauthammer
- Michael Medved
- Mark Levin

Print and Internet:

- Breitbart
- Ace of Spades HQ
- The Gateway Pundit
- Drudge Report

Honorable Mention:
- Zero Hedge
- Weasel Zippers

- Patterico
- RedState
- National Review in toto
- iowahawk
- George Will
- Bill Kristol

*Kasich is the Supreme Loser of 2016


Beasts, Chris Christie should get a mention in the winners column.

Cruz is hard to categorize. IMO he can't be fully trusted at this time, but he is reportedly working with Trump.

Beasts of England

Obviously, Trump is the Supreme Winner of 2016...


TK, is there a Trump rally scheduled? Haven't seen anything, but it would be great. I'm already in withdrawal.

Beasts of England

Chris Christie should be at least an Honorable Mention, I agree, Porch. Cruz working behind the scenes to help Trump didn't offset his convention meltdown, as far as I was concerned. :)

Texas Liberty Gal

MM - FNC didn't show it either so I wonder if video was allowed.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


They had no problem showing the live feed of the White House BEFORE he arrived.

Maybe security. Don't know. They made a big deal about Americans seeing them together, then didn't show it, so don't know what's up with that.

Old Lurker

Naw TLG. FNC bats for the other team now.



I have been dealing with chronic sinusitus for a decade.

Nasal steroid sprays are your friend.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I have to leave for lunch with some friends. When I come back, I am dedicating myself to finding a news feed that will cover this stuff.

Daggone it, when Obama came in we had non-stop coverage of every meeting and statement. I am NOT going to let them dictate what I get to see!


I saw on AP that Trump didn't bring the press along in his plane. (Invest in butthurt salve).

Beasts of England

Kasich is Supreme Loser of 2016 because:

~ He still doesn't regret his 'assault weapons ban' vote
~ He expanded Obamacare in Ohio
~ He failed to reach 50% in the primary in his own state as sitting governor
~ He only won a single state in the primary and stayed in well past the time he was mathematically eliminated from the nomination
~ He didn't honor his pledge to support his party's candidate
~ He skipped his party's convention in his own state
~ He wrote in McCain for president
~ He's promoting TPP for Obama

Heck, he's not just the Supreme Loser of 2016, he's the odds-on favorite for Political Douchetard of the Century.

Texas Liberty Gal

MM & OL - FNC just reported that the pool camera missed Trumps entrance into the WH-they're not sure why. Hmmmmm...

Texas Liberty Gal

Beasts - Has Kasich made any remarks on the election or is he holed up in his office crying & pouting?

Texas Liberty Gal

Pat Nixon predicted Trump would win if he ran - http://twitchy.com/samj-3930/2016/11/10/whoa-the-nixons-predicted-trump-would-be-president-nearly-30-years-ago-see-the-letter/

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If the opposition to waging war poorly is widespread it does not seem to be so in DC where both parties have done so almost without exception since WW II.

Beasts of England

I doubt he has the good sense to do any of those things, TLG. Narcissists rarely have a clue...


Thanks buckeye. My problems are in the hard to reach cavities and being at the beach regularly kept it at bay for many years.

We will see, but I was warned back in 2001. I had forgotten about it until recently on why I keep getting pneumonia after sinus problems.

I definitely need a clear mind to write.

Captain Hate

Levin came around on Trump at the same time Cruz did. Add Tammy Bruce and Dennis Prager to the TV and radio winners.

Old Lurker

This attitude pisses me off:

Wash Examiner:

"Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is throwing out a lifeline to Vice President-elect Mike Pence in the hope that he can help bridge the divide between Congress and President-elect Donald Trump.

McConnell on Wednesday heaped praise on Trump's choice of Pence as a running mate, and predicted the affable Indiana governor could serve as a critical link – and possible buffer – between Capitol Hill and "The Donald's" new White House.

"We all really like Mike Pence, if you ask any of us who served with him [in Congress] … we all thought he was a great choice," McConnell said.

Trump's shocking success at the polls Tuesday was fueled in part by his willingness to bash Washington and GOP leaders' inaction in Congress. So it's only natural that he and top GOP leaders would begin their governing relationship with lingering tensions..."

Captain Hate

TLG, Kasich ended up congratulating Trump belatedly but had to be talked out of his idiotic new directions for the GOP speech by his staff.

Fresh Air, deplorably

Another winner, big-time: Sarah Palin. First major endorsement, I believe.

Old Lurker

Did anyone else hear Bret Baier last night?

Having sworn him/them off, I did tune in for the first 15 minutes of his show last night just to check out the tone. I turned him off as soon as he uttered words like this IIRC: "Voters rejected the most qualified person ever to run for President and elected instead a man who has never served in any office..."

Did I hear that correctly?


Love that water cannon salute! I bet soldiers, sailors and airmen are jubilant also.


TLG and Beasts,

Kasich sent a tweet! acknowledging DJT (after being told to STFU by his staff.)


After all of his posturing over the last several months, I guess we can be glad for this.

Oh, and Beasts, I sent your very succinct list of FAIL onto my sister. Thanks for supporting us in our Kasich-must-go movement!

Cecil Turner

They made a big deal about Americans seeing them together, then didn't show it, so don't know what's up with that.

If they're not very concerned with the prospect of an assassination attempt, they should be.


Why all the talk around the net today about Zippy pardoning Curb Dive on his way out, She's never been indicted much less convicted...

Posted by: lyle | November 09, 2016 at 04:43 PM
No need for an indictment for Obama to pardon her on his way out. But maybe he just won't feel like it. They're not really BFFs, after all.

Posted by: Porchlight | November 09, 2016 at 05:03 PM
This rubble needs to be bounced a few times to keep these grifters away from any influence at all. If pardoned, investigate and expose anyway. Impeach anyway. Salt the earth under the foundation. Eradicate the henchmen. Eternal vigilance.

Posted by: henry - drunk on prog tears | November 09, 2016 at 05:52 PM
Constitution Art II, Section 2 (2) ...the President "shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment."

Who's going to list these offenses? Would the Clintons admit to guilt by accepting a pardon? E.g. would the pardon mention Ron Brown and Vince Foster and others. If there is going to be a pardon, people should insist on a specific list of offenses for every pardonee.

He can't pardon for the future. So once he's out of the WH, they can be indicted on anything not listed and oh, it would make a long list to include all their offenses. And if past offenses get newly discovered and are not listed, that moots the pardon also. Any other thoughts? I'm sure the Founding Fathers did not intend for such evil grifters to go scotfree :)

Am enjoying reading the threads leisurely, and all your wonderful comments, laughing a lot. They could all be wiped out with a thought, but it's good for people here now alive and others like Breitbart to feel that justice is finally being done.

Captain Hate

Good call on Palin. Put Kelly Ayotte down as a loser; she trashed a promising career by being an opportunist lacking principles who turned her back on her Tea Party supporters almost immediately after being elected.

Cecil Turner

Did I hear that correctly?

Probably. The point was: qualifications didn't matter, it's a change election, and the status quo candidate lost.

I watched the whole thing and they were not at all dismissive. In fact, they were almost giddy. Surprised, but obviously pleased (and not just that it was good for the news business).


Seeing Dick Cheney on the "winners" list, I would like to add that his daughter Liz is now the Congress women at large for the State of Wyoming (GO COWBOYS😃❗️)


Victory lap

The Media Lost All of Its Political Power Last Night --

Thank You, Donald Trump!




I see the same giddiness on Fox (not counting Shep, Jennifer Griffin and Carl Cameron) and come here and find out everyone thinks the Fox people are bummed. I'm missing the dog whistle regarding Fox.

Texas Liberty Gal

Any speculation on why the Trump/Obama mtg is going on longer then scheduled?? Hate to be paranoid but I hope they come out soon so I know Trump is ok!

Old Lurker

Cecil, my point was twofold: 1) On what planet did Hillary have any actual, you know, qualifications for the job; and 2) Through what lens could she be called the most qualified in history?


New thread

Beasts of England

You're welcome, JeanD!!

Beasts of England

I'm not at all suprised by your Kasich link, JeanD. The guy is as clueless as can be. I hate that [redacted].


Beasts, you left JOM off your list of winners?!? ;)

Cecil Turner

Through what lens could she be called the most qualified in history?

She had a bunch of check-in-the-box job titles, from Senator to SecState. You could claim she was superduperqualified, if you just ignored the fact she did a $h!^^y job in each of 'em.

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