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December 10, 2016



What is a reasonable price to pay to have a tooth crowned?

A lot of money. More than $1K for the number of visits -- prep, molding, fitting -- and the precious metal manufacturing of it.

Beasts of England

Scotch and Mozart are two of my favorite things, DublinDave; often concurrently...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

$1500 was the price Mrs Iggy was talking about six or seven years ago and being a hygienist I figured she knew that was the going rate around here.


new thread. not about scotch or mozart.

Beasts of England

Barky Butthurt says the US still hasn't overcome 'slavery and Jim Crow and colonialism and racism.' What a damaging and intellectually dishonest statement. Marxist community organizers gotta organize, I guess.

Beasts of England

Boo, henry! Boo!! ;)



Last crown I had done, late July, was ~$1600.

My dental insurance paid ~$950.

I have three fillings to be replaced before "retirement" (whatever the hell that means) so I can squeeze a few more nickels out of the system before employer provided dental insurance goes poof.

I know my dentist has a policy of ~20% discount for retirees and/or people paying 100% of the freight out of there own pocket.

I have 6 crowns and 1 implant ($7000 for that, it was complicated), dental work has been the only significant health expense I have had in the last 4 decades.

Mrs. Buckeye on the other hand......


But isn't it ironically partisan to take an objective intelligence finding and then to spin it as a political hit job simply because it damages the legitimacy of your chosen candidate?

"When it leaked to the press, it stopped being "objective . . ."'

Eh, yeah, no it didn't. Unless your websters definition of the word 'objective' is completely different to mine. How information is delivered or why it's delivered does not change the substance of the information itself.

See, as a dopey ignorant drunken mick living in a florida trailer this is also why I hate Trump. He has no basic street smarts. If the most power intelligence gathering/career destroying ,assassinating agency in the world says that Russia was plotting to install you into the Whitehouse...... don't hit back at them........agree with them.Thank then for their tireless dedication and order an investigation into said attack and THAT....JUST THAT..puts a muzzle on the C.I.A doggies. Any move they make against you thereafter appears partisan in nature, something they'll avoid at all costs

Questioning the validity of their findings only gives them an excuse to validate their findings......over a period of months, years.

No street smarts this trump guy. It's why these rich guys don't make good politicians.....they never had to survive on the streets. To placate a man who is a threat to you without appearing weak is an artform.

JM Hanes


The difference between fake news and real news is often subtle. Unfortunately, combining the two produces some of the most effective propaganda of all. Your two paragraphs, my emphasis:

"The two top Republicans in Congress offered strong support for the intelligence community Monday, in sharp contrast to President-elect Donald Trump’s attack on the CIA after reports the agency found that the Russian government tried to help him win the presidency.

McConnell singled out the Central Intelligence Agency for praise and said the Senate Intelligence and Armed Services panels will investigate findings by intelligence agencies that Russia hacked into e-mails and computers used in the presidential campaign."

One of these things is not like the other. As far as I know, the conclusions about the Russian government's motives in paragraph one came from a single anonymous "senior administration official" who was tellingly not even identified as a member of the "intelligence community." This is such a typical Dem tactic. If they can husband something into the MSM, no matter how sketchy the source, they can run with it forever after (remember those bigly debunked Iraq casualty figures that the Lancet put out?). After that it's conflation, conflation, conflation. A media outlet combines the CIA findings and the Senior Official's opinion in the same article, et voila you get John Podesta in the NPR story linked earlier by the Iconocrapher:
"We now know that the CIA has determined Russia's interference in our elections was for the purpose of electing Donald Trump. This should distress every American," Podesta continued.
This kind of thing goes on all the time, and it drives me crazy. Just the other day someone at a major outlet casually substituted "voter suppression measures" for voter I.D. legislation, as if the two were simply interchangeable terms.

JM Hanes

Shoot! I'm going to take the liberty of moving my last post to the new thread.


JMH, from all the anti voter ID lawsuits here...

"voter ID" = "voter suppression measures"

At least in Dane County courts.


One more time

Both open to hacks by ANYONE.


This shit is nonsense and absurd.


New Thread!!!

Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

exactly right, Gus.

Cecil Turner

How information is delivered or why it's delivered does not change the substance of the information itself.

In this case, only the CIA has the partisan political aspect of the hack and it's only available to the public via anonymous sources. Even if it were indubitably true information, the delivery indicates a "partisan political hit job." And the history of such things strongly militates against the first part of that statement being true (e.g., contrast Joe Wilson IV's latter testimony with his earlier claims).


Just ran into my GOPe NeverTrump neighbor, who voted for his son for president. In this purple state, after months of my sharing links w him!

He is as happy as any of us about the "hair on fire" prog reaction to everything that has occurred since November 8th. HUGE smile!

That's just not right, that he can have all that joy, without having endured the burden of being a deplorable, is it???

I did get to say "I told you so!" though. ;-)


whatever soros is paying duda it's overly generous.

Captain Hate

Thanks for the feedback, guys; you're the best at making me feel better because it turns out that she's under the prices you quoted.


Captain Hate (10:49AM)
I have no idea what is reasonable. I had a broken molar crowned last year $1200. Estimate for another this year also $1200 in Chapel Hill.

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