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December 10, 2016



I am done with Ryan, McConnel, just like I was already done with McRino and Lispey

I want Trump to primary them and run them out of DC

Sickening weasels


Captain Hate, Where Drudge had "TO BLOCK" I mistakenly typed "TO BACK" above, which was wrong and misleading.


Let's suppose the Russkies did hack the DNC and released the Podesta e-mails and whatever else to wikileaks. What could anyone point to that would have changed the election outcome? I'll bet most people didn't even follow those leaks very closely, and if they did, what would have made them change their vote? The whole thing is pathetic.


I'd like to think by 'offsets' to the tax cuts, McConnell means spending cuts, but somehow that's probably wishful thinking.


The Bloomberg links posted above - Ryan-McConnell Side With CIA, not Trump and McConnell Against Trump's Tax Cuts [via Gateway Pundit] - are both fake news in that the few direct quotes do not support the headlines. They're opinion pieces.

Beasts of England

He doesn't even have to primary them, windansea, he just has to use his bully pulpit. The idea that those two dullards stand a chance against him in communicating their goals to the people is sponge-worthy. :)


Some of the pickup votes for Nullary in Dane County were for ballots that the machines rejected but for which hand counting could decipher. Example given in the local paper: Ballots that had Nullary checked and also had Nullary in the write-in slot. This was counted as a Nullary vote even though the machine rejected i as filled out incorrectly because it was "clear" the voter intended to vote for Nullary.

I can think of a couple alternative interpretations:

* Dem voter too stupid to fill in the ballot correctly
* Dem voter attempting to cheat and register a vote for Nullary twice

Were I a Trump recount watcher, I think I might contest the ballot on those grounds. But it's over now, so moot point.


I just read a good post at CTC, by someone named Ron:

"They’re not going to block Shit. They may think they are, but they won’t. They haven’t seen what power is yet."

buccaneer morgan

Ah yes, butterfly ballot electric boogaloo.


Ron was saying the exact same thing you said Beasts.


You know I love you, Janet.


Does Tina Fey write the jokes for those horrendous AmEx commercials herself?


Someone should asked the demorats if they think there is anything damning in the emails in question.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Early bedtime.

May check in if I wake up in the middle of the night.


Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

Do you have tickets or just going the proleteriate route?

no tickets...the proletariat route.


Orlando? Pfft.

Did Orlando come in strong for Trump? He needs to find a spot in the Panhandle to thank these folks for how strongly they supported him.

Posted by: common man | December 12, 2016 at 08:17 PM

Now hold on a minute . . . the Orlando TV market bleeds into North Florida (I consider Marion County and Flagler County parts of North Florida) and actually did tremendously well for Donald Trump.

Florida Counties (we have 67 statewide) in the Orlando television market that voted more for Trump than Clinton:

Brevard, 10th largest in the state: 58% (181,620) to 38% for Trump

Volusia, 11th largest in the state: 55% (142,763) to 42% for Trump

Seminole, 13th largest in the state: 49% (109,265) for Trump

Marion, 17th largest in the state: 62% (107,710) to 36% for Trump

Lake, 18th largest in the state: 60% (101,888) to 37% for Trump

Sumter, 34th largest in the state: 69% (52,722) to 30% for Trump

Flagler, 35th largest in the state: 59% (33,804) to 38% for Trump

* * *

Orange County, 5th largest in the state, and Osceola, 19th largest in the state, both voted for Hillary in large numbers . . . but Counties Trump won = 729,772 votes for him and Counties Hillary won = 414,866 for her with a difference of 314,906 *for* Trump.

So, it's an inexact total (not gonna bother to add the totals in counties where they didn't get the majority) but when you consider that Trump's statewide vote total over Hillary was 119,770 -- Orlando seems like a pretty smart choice for a Florida Thank You Tour stop.

buccaneer morgan

Mazzetti was the initial conduit for the faulty 2007 nie on Iran, and he's second saddle to sanger here.


Long way to say Trump and his crew (surprise, surprise) are being pretty savvy.

Beasts of England

Yes, cheerleader! Amazingly, I said it without cursing for once. ;)


An oldie, but goodie from Salon!?!http://www.salon.com/2016/07/25/shades_of_the_cold_war_how_the_dnc_fabricated_a_russian_hacker_conspiracy_to_deflect_blame_for_its_email_scandal/



President-elect Donald Trump is delaying Thursday’s announcement rolling out how he’d disentangle himself from his business empire, giving his team more time to navigate his ethics entanglements and his critics more time to punish him as he struggles to do so.

Uh huh, "struggles."

If you watched the Chris Wallace interview yesterday, during which he and Trump discussed this question, you know how much Trump is "struggling" with this issue, as opposed to simply working through it with his lawyers to make sure he does it properly. He didn't appear to be anything but comfortable with the process.

Stuff it, Politico.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Had a nice 3 1/2 hour lunch with Elliott today.
He's too smart for me but I smile and nod when he says something over my head and he pretends not to notice the bovine look on my face so we get along great.

buccaneer morgan

Passive voice is so conducive to flesh wounds, anonymously.

buccaneer morgan

Yet you manage some very trenchant points, east Eric offer a laborer as well as philosopher

Captain Hate

Where'd you guys meet up, Iggy?

Does Tina Fey write the jokes for those horrendous AmEx commercials herself?

She must've banged everyone this side of Fatty Arbuckle's corpse to try to make it big.



The full headline at Drudge was: "McConnell, Ryan back CIA after Trump Attacks Hacking Probe"

The first two paragraphs: "The two top Republicans in Congress offered strong support for the intelligence community Monday, in sharp contrast to President-elect Donald Trump’s attack on the CIA after reports the agency found that the Russian government tried to help him win the presidency.

McConnell singled out the Central Intelligence Agency for praise and said the Senate Intelligence and Armed Services panels will investigate findings by intelligence agencies that Russia hacked into e-mails and computers used in the presidential campaign."

Do you think the above headline and lead paragraphs were fake news? I thought it was accurate straight news and also that Ryan and McConnell were undermining PE Trump.


Any update on your skunk boots?

Captain Hate

I need to know what to really think about Ryan. He seemed to be a major prick to DJT during the campaign only to find out that he worked behind the scenes to help Trump in Wisconsin. After the election he said all the right things and is now giving a preemptive pushback before he's in office.

Either there's some FAKE NEWS being spread or he's completely schizzo. Again, I would prefer to all pulling in the same direction to a two front war; but if it's the latter then let's get it on.


I missed reading that Ryan helped behind the scenes.

What did he do?

He strikes me as the kind of opportunistic prick that places chips on both black and red.

buccaneer morgan

Speaking of fake news, a number or reporters retweets a phony tillerson account with checking


Janet - I put the fake sign language guy and the Minister of Information - Baghdad Bob - in the same funny box.

Better than characters SNL could make up, aren't they?

Captain Hate

TK, there was some link right after the election that said he financed a bunch of get out the vote efforts behind the scenes.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Elliott was kind enough to make the trek up to my neck of the woods.

I tried a three pronged attack, first hitting them with Resolve foaming carpet cleaner, then a classic pincers movement with Orange Glo something or other remover followed by the coup de grace of some Kiwi suede cleaner and conditioner that has a fetching old cobbler's shop scent to it.
So now they smell like a skunk that rubbed its butt on an old rug in a cobbler's shop while eating an orange.


Yes, I consider "The two top Republicans in Congress offered strong support for the intelligence community Monday, in sharp contrast to President-elect Donald Trump’s attack on the CIA" to be opinion inferring that R leadership are in conflict with Trump without any supporting facts. Trump disbelieving the Russians hacked the election doesn't equate to Trump lacking "strong support for the intelligence community" imo.

buccaneer morgan

Yikes it seems like the solution is worse than the problem.


Heh, Iggy. Isn't elliott a great guy? I so enjoyed meeting him when he was here.


Ryan and McConnell are playing politics as usual. Trump's comments about the CIA were not politics as usual.

When he didn't pick Rudy for Secretary of State, he wasn't playing politics as usual either. He didn't give the job to a friend and crony. It must have been a hard thing to do. He wanted someone in the job who was better qualified.

With his experience running a huge corporation and his travel all over the world, and his deep understanding how oil and economies mesh, there no question that Tillerson is more qualified than Rudy for the job.

The icing on the cake was watching a youtube video of him speaking to a group about his lifelong passion for scouting, which has been a major force in his life, to which he attributes all his success, having learned scouting values at a young age.

Account Deleted

It's Washingtonworld theater. this is not selling out Donald Trump. It actually helps.

One level rejects the other accepts. The Hamrod supporters have to show their hand.

By saying "the Senate Intelligence and Armed Services panels will investigate findings by intelligence agencies that Russia hacked into e-mails and computers used in the presidential campaign" Ryan and McConnell are donning their hazmat suits to keep from being attack for "colluding with PEOTUS".

And besides--- make those vermin in the Hamrod camp throw down what they think they have--- show us the "CIA Assessment."

Investigate "the findings."

Then, once the "ass.essment" has been discredited, Trump's stock goes through the roof.

In another weird twist, it might open the real treachery in all of this. Might even be a weird CIA trick to end run the Justice Department's lock on investigating things Hamrod, Clinton Inc., and The Bath House Rat's treasonous conduct.

The allegation is a dangling thread? Pull it.


That's so sad and funny at the same time. I looked at the LL catalog and they sure looked comfortable.

buccaneer morgan

The chairman ofvthe house intelligence committee doesn't seem game to chase this squirrel.

I found an Oct 2014 report on one of the supposed elements apt 28 by fireeye, anyone know how reliable they are?

Beasts of England

They now have character, Ig!! :)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Speaking of skunks rubbing their butts on things:

Memorandum headline:
Harry Reid; The Trump Campaign "Was In On" Russia's Election Hacking.

Any Rep Senator that had said half the scurrilous, outrageous lies of this thin voiced, tin eared, two bit, Vegas Strip, male impersonator would have been run out of town on a rail.
His proper role in life would have been a bit part in Casino as some some corrupt flunky of the gambling commission Joe Pesci uses a ball peen hammer on as the audience cheers.
Hard to think of a stronger indictment of the Dems than their proud elevation of this creeping , low level, grasping gangster as their senate leader; a two bit Mormon Meyer Lansky.

buccaneer morgan

He was senator Harrison, the one who supped at rothsteins table, and then turned down his license. Latoya's husband once tried to blow him up

buccaneer morgan

I previously thought it was tony the ant, who tried to cleanse him from the sands. Fedora. a freelance investigator looked into this smithy roves background.


I'll ask one more FUCKING time.

How did RUSSIA hack our ELECTION. They did not.

Someone and many someones HACKED RODHAM and THE DNC.


If the DNC and RODHAM were hacked EVEN BY RUSSIA. That is THEIR PROBLEM.

To play along with this UTTER BULLSHIT is comical.
McCain and Graham need to be shunned. Maybe sent to SIBERIA or sumptin.


buccaneer morgan

Exactly Gus, somebody like the deltas at the food court, scrounged through a back door inured queen's recroom.

buccaneer morgan

That report is fairly circumstantial about apt 28


Sounds like tomorrow might be a big announcement day.

Major GarrettVerified account
NEWS: @realDonaldTrump selects @GovernorPerry as Energy Secretary. Announcement forthcoming.

Dave (in MA)

Rick Perry as Secretary of uh, er.

daddy on iPad at LuLu's again!

Common man, they have Bill "McMuffin maker" Kristol to wander with.

How about Bill Kristol for head of the DNC?

buccaneer morgan

Until the parademons carry him off.


They were for it when Hillary was expected to win.
Now they are agin it.


Trump to inherit state-run TV network with expanded reach

Buried on page 1,404 of the National Defense Authorization Act that passed last week is a provision that would disband the bipartisan board of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the independent U.S. agency that includes Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Radio Free Asia and the Middle East Broadcast Networks.

The move — pushed by House Foreign Affairs Chairman Ed Royce as a way to streamline the agency — concentrates control into a powerful CEO who is appointed by the president.

That change, combined with a 2013 legislative revision that allows the network to legally reach a U.S. audience, which was once banned, could pave the way for Trump-approved content created by the U.S. diplomacy arm, if he chooses to exploit the opportunity.

Essentially, Trump is finally getting his Trump TV — financed by taxpayers to the tune of $800 million per year. And some of the few people in the know aren’t happy about it.

“Congress unwittingly just gave President-elect Trump unchecked control of all U.S. media outlets,” said Michael Kempner, a Democratic member of the board who was appointed by President Barack Obama and was a Hillary Clinton donor.


JimmyK, it doesn't matter if the feckin' Girl Scouts of New Jersey hacked PODESTA, RODHAM and the DNC.

the ELECTION was not HACKED.

We need to get a motherfucking GRIP in this country. What kind of CRITICAL THINKING skills do people employ.


Agree with Gus.
Dems and Hillary got hacked because of their lack of security.
I see Ryan and McConnell as placating people while allowing Trump to take a principled stance.
Good cop/ bad cop.
McConnell and Ryan can take the incoming hits and I totally believe Ryan got his GOTV operation into gear for Trump in Wisconsin.
The public and private personas are different.


CBS: Rick Perry will be Sec of Energy


Gosh--I guess that's old news.


Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney – Verified account ‏@MittRomney

It was an honor to have been considered for Secretary of State of our great country. https://www.facebook.com/mittromney/posts/10153988122401121


When did LIBTARDS start worrying about RUSSIA??

I thought GLOBAL WARMING was the ENEMY.


Romney's daughter will be getting a job in the administration.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

Iggy, if you sit up straight in your chair, Elliott will not talk over your head.

Didn't you try the baking soda method?

GUS, I''m sure an avenging angel hacked Podesta's email and exposed the zombie queen of the the Clinton Crime Enterprise and her corrupt maintenance crew.

buccaneer morgan

Col tony shaffer smells a rat with Brendan.


Maryrose, it is his niece and she was on the Trump Train since the train left the station. As I recall, the Romney's have only sons.


I think Romney's niece is taking on Reince's job at the RNC.


I'm shocked. Turns out CNN has proof of Russian hacking, LUN.

daddy on iPad at LuLu's again!

I thought the Dems were all about letting citizens of other countries break laws. What is the problem now?

Wonderful point, Janet-san!!! Absolutely stinking brilliant. Ha!

BTW, Prager on Hour 1 is livid in that apparently the Pope has issued some instruction that now all individuals who elect to get trained as Catholic Priests will now have to undergo teaching on Climate Change.

The real election of consequence this season should be for the head of the DNC. I don't like the Muslim guy Ellis, and I am partial to "Renegade Jew" Bill Kristol, but for my money the DNC couldn't do wrong by electing Pope Che' as DNC head. Go Francis!

buccaneer morgan

Seeing as Michigan was the linchpin, I'm looking at you, Matt barges it makes sense.


Dave at 1116 was funny. Of course, he's usually good for a laugh. Keep em coming.

I agree was GUS' subtle opinion re election hacking. Didn't happen. Asshats, all of them.


The Pope can have his priests learn about climate.
However his statements regarding it are not those that Catholics must follow.
Just like social justice issues.
We mske up our own minds and follow our conscience.


Thank you cheerleader for clarifying that.
Huckabee's daughter also was employed by the campaign.

Dave (in MA)

gentlejim, I actually like Perry but that never gets old.


I am happy about Rick Perry.
He is one of the good ones.


I like Perry also. More exploding heads to follow. Best post election ever. Hahaha.

Beasts of England

I like Perry and Mitt's niece. An amazing and talented team so far...


This one is written in the typical "Trump's an idiot" form:


I haven't found anything that clearly depicts Ryan helping Trump.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I wonder if Perry forgetting Energy was the third agency he would shutter entered into Trump's decision.
Would be kinda nice if he got his revenge by shutting the damned thing down after all.

buccaneer morgan

Perry ran aground because he listened to Dr evil and chip barbour.

Account Deleted

So when is CNN going to get the huevos mancheros and lay out the "proof" of Russian hacking?

Account Deleted

Has DNI director Clapper's name been mentioned in any one of the fake news releases about the so-called hacks?

The CIA director Brennan reports to Clapper... and Clapper advises The Bath House Rat.

Has Brennan attached his name to these damning reports?

"Is that a real poncho or is that a Sears poncho or a Mexykin poncho? Hmmm. No foolin'." -F.Zappa

Vladdy Putin ... the Troublemaker.

Ha Ha Ha ... My comrades and I have so much fun with you Americans.

buccaneer morgan

The dni spokesman doesn't concur in part (re hosenball's reuters)dhimmi Brendan has made his sentiments clear.

Vladdy Putin ... the Troublemaker.

Our best proof is that we got Barry O'Bama elected-even we can make lamentable mistakes. The funniest reading in the English language is his Columbia General Studies clip.

You were not actually supposed to believe it all. Too dumb for The Peoples' Friendship University comrades.

Vladdy Putin ... the Troublemaker.

We still can't believe we tricked you all into Obama-not once, but twice.

Now these scurrilous accusations.

buccaneer morgan

Its the same selection committee that picked 'Tommy boy' maduro.

buccaneer morgan

Now Devon nunes says to much info has already been released, in these pieces.

Account Deleted

Put this in your pipe and smoke it, Vladdy.

"It is becoming increasingly clear that George Soros and those who have used both American political parties are running out of places to hide. The mainstream media is one of those.

The alternative media, aligned with the larger mandates of global governance will be one of the winners. I know such a thing may be hard to believe by some readers, but in time you will see.

Empire is always replaced from within. The seeds of the alternative to the existing empire are planted years and decades in advance.

The placement of Donald Trump and the internet based alternative media are reflective of that."

And there's this:

"Trump has also openly stated that he will be willing to work with Russia and destroying ISIS and returning stability to the Middle East. It is my estimate that this will include the removal of the House of Saud and the establishment of a stronger Israel.

The anti-Israel actions of Soros are in direct conflict with the support which Trump states he will be giving to Israel. The American embassy will even move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. What this means for the Greater Israel Project is not yet determined. It can be assumed that any renegotiation between Iran and Trump’s America on the nuclear deal well involve discussions about Israel. Trump could very well be the first US President, along with Putin, who brings peace to the Middle East.

Such a thing would be a major loss for George Soros."

If you have the stomach for chess instead of CNN checkers try this:


You can smell GS' desperation in all of the hysteria about "what all Americans should care about."

Account Deleted

Re Rep Nunes (who's on Trump's transition team):

"But Nunes, who last month joined the executive committee of President-elect Donald Trump's transition team, said the Obama administration was "dedicated to delusions of 'resetting' relations with Russia," and "ignored pleas by numerous Intelligence Committee members to take more forceful action against the Kremlin's aggression."

"It appears, however, that after eight years the administration has suddenly awoken to the threat," Nunes said."

WAHWAH-wahwah. Awwwww. Looks like the Bath House Rat has cut his tow lines.

Dave (in MA)

MLB will no longer allow rookies to identify as women.

buccaneer morgan

Yes that was the priority I was talking about, Kev.

Account Deleted

Roger that, bucco.

This is very quickly taking on the appearance of a job I used to have--- evicting drunks from apartments. They were dangerous but in a helpless kind of way. Couldn't turn my back on em for a second. But once they were gone, they were, well, gonzo.

buccaneer morgan

The Panama papers did into all sorts of places, that's why they shut it down, it was supposed to lead to a worldwide witchhunt like the lockheed affair

Wilbur ross started right out of Harvard business with which bank again?

buccaneer morgan

That's enough ruminating for now.

Account Deleted

Remember one of the first question i asked after commenting here was about Ross being a possible for CommSec.

Game on.

Account Deleted

PST strikes again. Have a hearing tomorrow. Should go well. Not a lot at stake--- just a 3 year case in the making. Battle was won before it started but these gummint lawyers! Triflin'whusscakes. The footdragging. Like a zombie movie.

Anyways, it ends tomorrow so I'm burnin' the candle at both ends celebratin' a lil. Baby Boy comes home from his first semester at Macalester on Thursday. Called home tonite. He's tapped out. Two more days left. I told him...at least you aren't draggin' bodies out of blown foxholes....keeping things in perspective.

We have three days of rain ahead. Reservoirs around NorCal are close to capacity....but because we haven't built any new water infrastructure in 50 years, the reservoirs are dumping water into rivers so it can flow out the SFO Bay into the Pacific.... now that is central planning at its finest.

And these moonbats wanna secede? Break into six states? LOL goodbye SOCAL..no agua.

Ah well. It's been a good day.

daddy on iPad at LuLu's again!

Just for fun. One of my good friends and long time buddies just retired. The company gives us all an opportunity to write a goodbye letter to the crew force upon retirement. I knew him way back in Navy days in the 1980's when we were both dirty dogs in our previous lives but that is neither here nor there. The scene of course with him and Rock and the cutest bar maid from the Alameda O'club and them all in the hot tub at 2 AM and "Fag" whacking her arse with the car antenna from the 57 chevy has entered "Legend," territory, but words fail me to do that episode the justice it truly deserves, especially since "Mitsy" never came back to work after that 'spankin' evening with my 2 Squadron-mates, so "Oh well, what you gonna' do?" and of course when you cut to the chase as Hillary tells us, , "What difference, at this point, does it make anyway?


Anyhow, now that I have inadvertently demolished his character, (and probably mine as well) let me try to resuscitate it. "Fag 1" was/is one of the most if not the most enjoyable and entertaining guys to bump into a bar anywhere on the planet and start swapping the shit with. Fagone's nickname, "Fag 1" I believe was awarded to him by his boot camp Drill Instructor on day 1. Tough as nails, "Fag" wore it from that day on with pride. Those Drill Instructors must have had a ball coming up with nick names of we incoming poopies to Poopyville. Anyhow, Hailing from somewhere near Boston, he sounds exactly to me like Dave or Rocco or TC whom I was gifted enough to chatter with a couple years back at Jane's wonderful Sturbridge shindig. So without further blah, blah, blah, here below is his goodbye letter, and what a lot of good sense there is in it. He was hired back about 1988 and he was about number 260 on our seniority list of probably 4,500.

Three quick thiengs on my way out:
1. When do you know when it’s time to retire? Simple, at least for me…it stopped being fun.
I’d rather do this than anything else I can think of but that feeling has been fading over the past year. So, it is time for me to go before I start yelling the aviation equivalent of “Get off my lawn!”

2. Volunteer with the union. It’s really easy to complain about the union not meeting your exact circumstance from the sidelines but there is a solution. Get involved. ALPA has all kinds of committees over there for you to work on, no matter what your interest. They can use the help and you’ll feel much better for doing it.

3. Try not to be a “10% rule” guy. On one of my last trips an F/O asked me, “Do you BS w/ everyone?” Yes I do. I ask the limo driver where he’s from and chat him up with my severely limited knowledge of his homeland. I ask the hotel check-in person where she went to school, etc. We meet people from all over the world and I try really hard to be the antidote to any “Those FedEx guys are hard to deal with” knocks.
I don’t kick when the rooms aren’t ready.
I understand that the traffic in Taipei may make the driver 3 minutes late.
I get that Mao didn’t want us to to have Facebook or Twitter when I’m in CAN. (Guangzhou--old Canton China)
Some hotel staffers in DXB (Dubai) and BLR (Bangalore) cried when I told them this was my last trip. Believe it or not, a restaurant in CDG (Paris) (comped my last meal when they knew.
It’s easy to be a good guy, it’s just a little easier to be a 10%er

FWIW, he was our head Union guy at ALPA National for probably 10 years. Love him or hate him, he was off the couch and in the fight. Fair winds, following seas, Fag 1! Well done, good friend.

Account Deleted

Loved that, daddy.

Ride in the ship and not in her wake.


Dave (in MA)

Quite a story, daddy. I went to high school with a guy who had the same last name; hard to believe he wasn't stuck with the same nickname, maybe he was.


So I'm going to post this and then go back and read daddy's story.

EXPOSED! #Wikileaks: PROVES Hillary & John Podesta were planning the FAKE "Trump's working with Russia" LIES since April! #RussianHack

May have missed someone else posting this story but I was trying my best to having it go viral on twitter.

Account Deleted

Bottom line is the giant meme in that Twitter link said CIA insiders are calling BS to the WAPO bogstream of BS.

Juiced me up. Here's a rant fer ya:

I'm confident the longer geopolitical war for banking cartel supremacy favors Trump and the US sans the "Russia is evil" froth which distracts from the real powder keg of the Middle East.

Israel and the US, Israel and the Russians.... energy partners. This triumvirate BROKERS energy to the Chinese Communists. The Chi-coms, the US and the Russians provide protection in the region for Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Iran, and Turkey to rebuild and purge the Moslem Brotherhood and the Mullahs from the region. The Wahabbis can then read the writing on the wall and do the right thing. They had a good run.

Hamrod and Soros wanted to decimate Israel and seize the natgas reserves while stirring up conflict in the Black Sea and Caspian regions. Russia will make an excellent trade partner for Israel and will be a foil in the Middle East.

Stable Russian economy is good hedge against China. And they can lean on the mullahs to drop their military nuke threat for the sake of economic gains.

I look for Trump to funnel resources to the Kurds living in Iran and Turkey...their independence forces can topple both regimes and force Moslem Brotherhood influences out Turkey and help the people ditch the mullahs once and for all.

Syrian cleanup and cessation of US support for AQ rebels will allow for a purge of radical Islamic elements in Iran and Turkey. It's time to take out the trash. Those assholes are holding up business expansion.

The perverts in Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, and the "house" of Saud have decisions to make. Join the human race or be punished.

Strong Russia, strong America, strong UK, and a sober Europe minus the Brussels cartel.... isolates China and cleans up the mind set of the powers that be for a syndicate of global governance vs. centralized global government.

Trump's US foreign policy is going to focus on trade and energy commerce sans the feckless DOE and cordwood State Department/CIA careerists.

Retaking the US intelligence infrastructure and purge the Clinton-era hires who have hamstrung our foreign policy is underway will be key to an immediate "message" being sent to the theocratic governments and paragovernments of the Middle East--- don't farck with us. The ROE have changed and we will end you- fast.

Notice the public displays of buffoonery using the CIA---- where there is smoke....

Trump wipes out the DOE and links energy to defense and interior, a strategic and commercial fusion of interests.

A new bureaucratic governing structure not only to "regulate" but to develop leadership from military and private sector. Trump's hiring patterns suggest this kind of fusion.

Sales, cash, asset formation, and serious financing of the US long-term debt are all front and center in Trump's agenda.

At least 2 cabinet positions will be liquidated before the start of term 2: Commerce and Energy. At what savings? Enormous.

Also, the one-time stimulus boondoggle (American Recovery Porkulus Act--- $800 billion x 8 years under auto-renewal cuz of "no budget") is GONE. Nearly $7 trillion of debt increase under the Bath House Rat STOPS.

There will be some can kicking but China will do the lion's share of it----> in exchange for short-term access to leasing rights, not asset acquisition. American manufacturing and excavation capacity remain American.

They get energy. We get cash. They get energy, we get debt reduction.

Russia won't have to go to war over Mongolia because China calms down. Their rambunctiousness comes from energy jitters just like the Japs pre-world war II. They're Communists and they are paranoid. They are the Fat Panda and all they know to do is consume....they don't know how to create anything. The US does. Russia wants to but they are stuck in a crime syndicate form of governance... I doubt seriously that the survivor Putin wants to see himself as he ages that it will be like pulling his hand out of a bucket of water when he dies....and the country descends into 50 years of anarchy or worse.

Trump/Putin might make unlikely partnership but it could prove to be the beginning of a different mode of governing world affairs.... whack European socialism and US socialism-lite and put the world on a pro-capitalist track. Let's stop kidding ourselves that pre-cold war models lead anywhere but to genocidal warfare.

Make the Chinese Communist pay fair prices for energy and access to the family of mankind. Cut off their military from stealing our weaponry secrets and foster the end of the Chinese communist party. They are making asses of themselves with their cities and airports to "nowhere" and their lethal levels of environmental degradation. Make them pay for their oil and let them get it out of the ground themselves for hard cash...they have enough of it.

Cash from oil leases could have helped EmoCrats stay in power---- but they caved to far Left enviros and the Soros cartel and Clinton, Inc. franchisees. Soros and Hamrod thought they could get into it with Russia and somehow fenagle the the Black Sea/Caspian regional reserves into their cabal's corner. Stupid move. Flawed design.

Business works better.

I'll take a breath. Even the Snowflakes are going to be admitting soon enough that the world has gotten a whole lot more interesting now that it's about prosperity vs. nanny state hand wringing and #HurtFeelingsMatter.

I'm too short to reach the floor.

I'm taking a break from my vigil with the countdown calendar in order to try for comment #999. So far there's been no interruption in the ticking of the clock. I'm much relieved, but dare not relax my vigil for fear of missing out.

Jumpin' Junkies.

One morning about 5 minutes before reveille, a whole bay in the stateside barracks of the All Americans was awoken by blood curdling screams of 'Help! from a top bunk halfway through the bay. The frenzied appeal came from one of the favorite troopers there, an eskimo named Onk, who'd been drafted, served into the Nam, deserted after his return to the states, was caught, spent time in the stockade and was now serving his few remaining days on active service. The whole bay gathered around his bunk, highly concerned, before Onk gave up his predicament. His wail: I'm too short to reach the floor.

Well, he wasn't a tall man.

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