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December 10, 2016


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Oh, you're right. I got lost in the distinction, even though you explained it. Need more coffee.

There used to be a guy on Free Republic, Grampa Dave, who brought up this theory ever time the Sierra Club spouted off about something. I realize that it originally had noble goals, but as the environmental movement grew and the Saudis got wise to US politics, I think it not unreasonable to assume they bankroll projects which hamper the US energy industry.


foreign influence revisited

Cecil Turner

Romney was right in 2012.

Gen Dunford was right in 2015.

Assange is not our friend.

From Althouse:

The NYT also raises the theory that the Russians — like most people — assumed Hillary was going to win, and they weren't trying to defeat her, but undercut her presidency. In this theory, they weren't so concerned with hurting Trump because they didn't think he'd win.
Even a blind squirrel . . . and this has to be the best comment:
Bob Ellison said...
The Russians hacked into the New York Times's computers, too, but they couldn't find any news there.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Cecil Turner,

I agree. Assange is in the business of promoting Assange.

Many people who support him are only looking at the Podesta emails. I have no scruples about using those any more than I would if they were dropped in printed form on my doorstep.

However, it would be wise for people to realize that Assange will leak ANYTHING, so it's best to keep him at arm's length.

Some people are smarter than others about security. I find it interesting that Trump doesn't use email at all, while Mr. Smarty-pants Podesta used email extensively including for stuff which should have been kept under wraps and used a very easily figured out password.

Beasts of England

No one has explained why the Russians would want Trump in power. Perhaps because they didn't and don't.

Anyone with any knowledge of Russian intelligence methods and strategy knows that if it was their state that hacked into Hillary / DNC servers, that the very last thing they'd do is share that information. They operate from leverage and blackmail. To think otherwise is [redacted] stupid.

Account Deleted

This stinks:


Miss Marple the Deplorable


This guy is a real jerk and I would like to know how much the CIA was involved in the election, while we're doing all this investigating.


Thanks anonamom. I am numb and this is the third of the groomsmen from our wedding that suddenly passed away. I was so proud though last night to hear my son had called him to offer his support even without me asking him to. I guess all of us parents want to know our kids have learned how to treat people.

I am hearing though that the family may not do a formal funeral and just a memorial service after the new year. This group of friends became close after a tragic skydiving accident that took 17 lives at once about 31 years ago. Part of that tragedy was never getting to say goodbye and now that pattern is repeating.

My youngest gets home from college later this week and that should help. I also restocked the wine rack yesterday. I opened a Brunello Montalcino I had been saving Friday night as he told us about the phone call and began to share memories. My impression is he was an immensely talented man who also saw the world in terms of what he didn't have instead of all he did have.

Old Lurker

I've concluded that if we ever decide to give up on the wisdom of the masses and stop electing our leaders, then I will support a system which deputizes Clarice to make all such appointments.


"No one has explained why the Russians would want Trump in power. Perhaps because they didn't and don't"


Start with a reduction in Western sanctions imposed after a Russian foray into the Ukraine.

Your mind will reject that and you'll reach for some absurd false equivalency that explores the Clinton era.

Never mind.

Beasts of England

And you know they'll get a reduction in sanctions from Trump how, Jeff?

Cecil Turner

They didn't want Trump. They wanted a damaged Hillary.

henry - drunk on prog tears

If you were a soviet sleeper agent, would you do anything differently than McMuffin has done this election cycle? What a tool. An oil company cutting deals where the oil is, pending removal of sanctions. A deal fully disclosed in public. While the Podesta group lobbying for Russia while running a presidential campaign gets a yawn. McMuffin, tool.

Old Lurker

That makes sense to me, Cecil.

Account Deleted

Know thine enemies.


Cecil Turner

The common thread here is incoming administrations trying to make nice with the Russians and thinking appeasement is going to work for them. It won't: we're not friends, and our interests don't coincide. The Russians will correctly interpret this as weakness, and grab what they can while the grabbing is good. And as their interests dictate controlling oil production in the most volatile part of the world, it's dangerous as hell.

I'm not sure which came first, the current administration getting disillusioned, or the Russians working against them politically. But Hillary seems to finally have taken it personally and come more or less correct (this after the perfectly silly "reset" post Georgia, leading to Crimea/Ukraine, and giving away the store on new START, Iran, and expansion of influence in Syria).

There's little doubt it takes a healthy dose of ego (bordering on megalomania) to be president. But personal feelings are no way to run international relations. The challenge is that Trump may feel personally gratified by the Russians (and their continuing charm offensive); I'm hoping the bromance is short-lived. And to that note, I'd have been very gratified to see him choose Romney (a strong indicator he'd tossed concerns about who said what about whom during the election and was thinking geopolitically).

That said, as somebody (Beasts?) pointed out earlier, an oil man negotiating with Russians is hardly gaspworthy (I'm much more concerned with Flynn commenting for RT). And Bolton as deputy in practically the same breath sends a message as well.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

It's amazing to me that none of this Russian stuff showed up until AFTER Donald Trump won.

Why not? If it's true, did they not spot this? When the Wikileaks came out, they didn't say one thing until people started going through Podesta's emails and found all of the embarrassing information.

Wikileaks says the information didn't come from the Russians. I would be surprised if they used Wikileaks, since they are also a danger to Russia.

So, either the Russians were involved and our intelligence agencies were so incompetent that they missed it, or the intelligence agencies knew about it and said nothing.

If they said nothing, why is that? Did they assume that the Russians were helping Hillary? Did they think that the Russian meddling was inconsequential? Did they hope that the Russians would help Trump and would get him elected because they feared Hillary? Did Brennan keep his mouth shut on orders from the Iranians? Exactly what is the answer here?

And added to that, we have a known former CIA operative going around acting like he's some conservative guru and accusing Trump of being anti-American.

What exactly is going on here and who was really meddling?

Beasts of England

They don't damage Hillary by leaking their information, Cecil. Good grief. They use it against her when and if she rises to power. They had nothing - zero - on Trump, hence no leverage and no interest in seeing him become president. None. Why would they risk damaging her if that effort could have resulted in a Trump presidency?

Seriously - do you not know that they're risk-averse? They'd never be so stupid as to try and thread that needle. It would go against every tactic they've ever deployed.

Old Lurker

In any event, it is just the newest squirrel to distract us all. Not gonna look.

Account Deleted

" The days of captive audiences are over. The monopoly on "news" and propaganda has been broken for good."


Author discloses his reliance on government data and Federal reserve data sources. Will be interesting to see what the new sheriff's Dept of Labor execs find out about "the numbers" and how these have been cooked by the Bath House Rat's progeny "czars."

Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

This whole #BlameRussia crap seems to be choice 3 or 4 in the excuses game.

These reasons were trotted out too -

Hillary lost because Americans hate women...the whole glass ceiling shtick.

Hillary lost because of the evil alt-right & Pepe the frog.

Hillary lost because Americans are stupid rubes & uninformed.

Hillary lost because too big a deal was made about her illegal email setup & her illegal handling of classified info.

Hillary lost because too big a deal was made about her collapsing in a gutter...health wouldn't matter if she was a man.

So which is it?
Blaming Russia just seems to be the latest in a long line of excuses.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Despite the fulminations of many, I don't think Trump is naive about Putin. It is helpful to avoid needless bear-poking when we are also dealing with China's pushing the envelope.

To me, Putin is pretty easy to understand. He wants Russia back as a respected/feared world power. He wants to expand his territory to increase prestige, provide a buffer for defense, and increase his country's wealth. He is not about to give up Sebastapol's port or his naval base in Syria.

I think this idea that Trump will be too chummy with him is misreading the entire situation. Trump is signalling that he's willing to talk. I see no difference between this and Reagan's dealings with Gorbachev.

It's ironic to me that the democrats have finally decided, decades after the fact, that Joe McCarthy was right. Day late and a dollar short, if you ask me.

Old Lurker

"and a dollar short"

Figure about 20 trillion of them.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Along with your outline of Russia's MO, perhaps we should revisit "Tell Vladimir I will have more flexibility after the election."

Flexibility about what? The Iran deal?

Beasts of England

I never did figure that one out precisely, Miss Marple, but this entire Russia-ate-my-homework meme is pure squirrel.

Beasts of England

And while I've been typing furiously between JOM and two text correspondents, I see Miss Lindsey and the distinguished Senator from Arizona are trying to get a little camera time by whining about Trump and the Rooskies! Losers gotta lose, I guess...

James D.

who also saw the world in terms of what he didn't have instead of all he did have.

That's something I have to work on every day, because I am very prone to seeing the world that way, too, even though I know how damaging and useless it is.

Jack is Back!

On the road again. Leaving our stay in Hanover at The Hotel at Arundel Preserve. Chosen because of it having a George Martin restaurant. What a great grilled steak and crab cakes. Yummy. Makes the Navy loss a little more palatable.

In Re the Trump visit that I surprised has not resulted in more heads exploding but his last box was that used by Ollie North, who looks pretty damn fit to this day.

Mrs. JiB has some long distant closeups of Trump I can't wait to post.

Captain Hate

McRINO gets disingenuous every time he goes past "I don't know". Just STFU, old man.

Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

Russia didn't push Hillary down in the gutter.
Russia didn't give the deplorables speech at a NY fundraiser.
Russia didn't give debate questions to Clinton & screw Bernie.
Russia didn't set up a Clinton Foundation operation in our Secretary of State's office.
Russia didn't install Hillary's private server.
Russia didn't request Hillary's maid print out classified info.
Russia didn't send info to Huma Weiner's house to get print copies.
Hillary married Bill the raper...that wasn't the Russians fault.
Russia didn't lie about a YouTube video & have an American arrested for blasphemy.

Beasts of England

Presidents get a six month honeymoon coming into office. Trump is accused of being a Russian pawn before the Electoral College meets. Good times!

Account Deleted

Trump isn't going to be an ankle-grabbing president like his predecessor.

I'd rather have our POTUS communicating openly with Russia and China than engaging them in duplicitous relations like The Bath House Rat.

The co-dependent mentality of the American Left is to hand wring at the first sight of savvy and strength. Trump and Trump's executive staff will roundly ignore those numb-nutted sycophants.

MAGA- bitchez.

Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

who also saw the world in terms of what he didn't have instead of all he did have.

My good friend & neighbor (across the street) killed herself & that was exactly her dilemma. I think all the meds she took made it impossible for her to get out of the fog.

I guess meds help...but I do not see how a person ever gets better or works through the problems/issues if all emotions/feelings are masked.

Cecil Turner

It's amazing to me that none of this Russian stuff showed up until AFTER Donald Trump won.

Simply not true. For example, during the third debate: Clinton says Trump needs to admit, condemn Russian involvement in election hacks.

Why would they risk damaging her if that effort could have resulted in a Trump presidency?

We're gonna have to agree to disagree on this one. Their actions recently (Georgia, Crimea, Ukraine, Syria, arms to Iran) are hardly risk-averse. Their leaks had a use-by date, and they didn't think it would lead to a Trump presidency, but ongoing investigations in a split government . . the resulting chaos would've been optimal, from their viewpoint.

Despite the fulminations of many, I don't think Trump is naive about Putin. It is helpful to avoid needless bear-poking when we are also dealing with China's pushing the envelope.

A very good point, and bolstered by his Wallace interview aired on Fox this morning. (George Will is losing his mind BTW; it's as if he's never heard of politicized intelligence.)


It's amazing to me that none of this Russian stuff showed up until AFTER Donald Trump won.

Another thing that only showed up after the election was denigration of the electoral college, and pretending the overall popular vote is meaningful.


CLAUDIA ROSSETTE--always worth reading

Captain Hate

Rupert News Sunday has an EXCLUSIVE with Trump. DJT says claims that Russia helped him is ridiculous and the CIA has no idea who hacked and donks are leading this narrative. There's lots of internal dispute about who hacked. Nobody should hack us.

Wallace rode on Trump 1 to the Army-Navy game. Trump will live in the White House and wife and son will stay in NYC. Got a huge ovation at the game.


who also saw the world in terms of what he didn't have instead of all he did have.

Gratitude for what you have might be the single most important key to happiness. In my experience Judaeo-Christian values emphasize this, whereas secular anti-religious values (like Marxism) promote resentment for what you don't have. Not that people should silently accept whatever afflictions and injustices assail them, but just never lose sight of the good things.


Anyone remember SNOWDEN?? Yeah, he took hundreds of thousands of files and data bits, and handed it to both CHINA and RUSSIA.
Remember him??? Yeah, he lives in Russia, and is FREEEEEEE AS A BIRD.
He is as big a traitor as has ever existed.
Helped RUSSIA, gave them tons of data.

What did Rodham and Obama do about it?? NOTHING.
But then Russia SUPPOSEDLY HACKS the DNC.

Now they care.

Obama should be Mousolini, and Rodham should be Ceaucescu. Dance RODHAM Dance.


Beasts of England

I vehemently disagree about a use-by date for their (alleged) Dem hacking intelligence, Cecil, and I stand by my earlier assessment. And my risk-averse comment was referencing their application of intelligence data...

Old Lurker

I mean, why would anyone read a story past this opening?

"In a secret meeting that emerged Friday through The Washington Post, the CIA told a group of senators that Russian hacks had the specific goal of getting Trump elected..."

Cecil Turner

Speaking of that interview, Trump held up very well versus a relatively fair, but definitely hostile Chris Wallace (who usually hides his leftiness somewhat--probably to coexist on Fox). In particular his remarks on China--and what was obviously a going-in negotiating position--were impressive.

He still has some verbal tics (especially unnecessary asides that are overly expansive), but he's a lot easier to watch than W or O ever were.

Beasts of England

Very good point, GUS. Of course, those two don't really care about what happens to the US - only what impacts them personally.


And on a lighter note, my use of 'denigrate' at 10:14 reminds me of a Bob Newhart line I heard last night. He's speaking to an audience:

I don't much care for country & western music. It's just not my thing. I don't mean to denigrate it, I guess it's an acquired taste. And for those of you out there who like C&W music, 'denigrate' means to criticize or speak negatively about.

It's amazing to me that none of this Russian stuff showed up until AFTER Donald Trump won.

It certainly wasn't brought up by Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Jim Gilmore, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham, George Pataki, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Rand Paul,Carley Fiorina, or Chris Christie.

They must be working for the Russians as well.

Aside from a couple trial balloons, there was zero quasi-credible mention of Red Don until after he won the whole thing.

There was certainly more mention of Bill Ayres during Obama's rise to the top. But, #FakeNews.

Cecil Turner

I vehemently disagree about a use-by date for their (alleged) Dem hacking intelligence

Who's going to care about things like leaked debate questions to one candidate after the election? I think we can agree to disagree on this one.

Captain Hate

F-35 deal is out of control and everybody involved should be out of work permanently. Not taking a wrecking ball to agencies but will change things to serve citizens. EPA is definitely on notice for giving China and Mexico competitive advantages. I am for the forgotten people the MFM ignores. Will solve the pipeline problems quickly. Obama appointed three generals and nobody complained. Close to a decision on State.

buccaneer morgan

Ah yes claudia is great, so many shadows on the cave wall.

The peregrushka was policy. The transfer of uranium one to rosatom was policy.


Probably shouldn't have included "Donald Trump" in my list of the 2016 candidates that didn't finger him as a commie infiltrator.


Captain Hate

He still has some verbal tics (especially unnecessary asides that are overly expansive), but he's a lot easier to watch than W or O ever were.

Yes to all of this.


why would anyone read a story past this opening?

Not sure where that article was, but the NYT one linked by TM starts thusly:

American intelligence agencies have concluded with “high confidence” that Russia acted covertly in the latter stages of the presidential campaign to harm Hillary Clinton’s chances and promote Donald J. Trump, according to senior administration officials.

My emphasis. So this is Zippy's spin, otherwise unverifiable. Not only that, we also have this:

One senior government official, who had been briefed on an F.B.I. investigation into the matter, said that while there were attempts to penetrate the Republican committee’s systems, they were not successful.

So maybe, just maybe, the right lesson from all of this is that it's not a great idea to use AOL (password 'password'), or a personally-managed insecure server, for e-mail that you don't want to see the light of day.

Beasts of England

I'm not following that at all, Cecil. You've held clearances, you know the idea behind accumulating data: to deploy it to its highest effect. Why screw with her pre-election? Better to drop it after she's elected as a bargaining chip. That's what they do - accept our negotiations or we release XYZ and you can fight impeachment...

Old Lurker

As they say, when the say it is not about the money...

Local governments have so many tools at their disposal to resolve land use disputes...and yet again we have a "commission" grabbing for money without going through a judicial action to get it.

"On Thursday, the California Coastal Commission fined two of those property owners more than $5.1 million for denying surfers, sand castle builders, kite flyers, sun bathers, yoga enthusiasts and other beachgoers access to the sand that is theirs by state law.

In one of those decisions, the commission had battled for nine years with Dr. Warren M. Lent and his wife, Henny, before unanimously approving Thursday’s cease-and-desist order for the couple and fining them about $4.2 million for diverting a public easement to private use at an expensive oceanfront rental they own at Las Flores Beach..."

DISp (coming to cable on home owners network)

Energy is all cia. That's how they're courted by unelected dictators (premiers, PMs, lifer senators). There's been a shift to globalist warmings from the energy set. So, as its applied to the people, usually at the state level again, cia prefers this courting. There are complications for the energy set. Future operations career tracks probably more globalist warmings related. Agenda and no business people to counter the government icons with billions, like the director operations - Mrs. Anonymous overseas.

Red Island Road.

Heh, Obama was setting up pre-fab governance, shoddily constructed from used and abused material; Trump custom builds, applying a business effectiveness approach to governance. To encase the metaphor into paralysis I could say he's using traditional materials of the market, tried and true, as opposed to the repeatedly failed materials of Obama's transnational socialism.


Speaking of Bob Newhart ... What I wish every politico tempted to increase the national debt would hear and heed

Cecil Turner

F-35 deal is out of control and everybody involved should be out of work permanently.

Yes, and he's absolutely right about this and the revolving door for acquisitions folks. I know two people working for 'em that ought to be in jail (for things I can't talk about @#&**!).

That said, we didn't build enough of the F-22 and are desperately in need of follow-ons for F-15's and 18's, so we have to build something fairly soon.

Beasts of England

That's a lot of sand castles, OL!! :)

Thomas Collins

So far, I count homelessness and the Russkie threat as two issues that were ignored during Obama's administration and which will now be front and center for oligarch media. I'm thinking oligarchic media needs a third to round out the trifecta of things ignored for the last eight years but now emphasized. I can't quite figure out what the third one will be. Sexism at the White House will certainly be mentioned, but I don't think it will reach the level of homelessness and the Russkie threat.

Captain Hate

I understand the one China policy but don't think we should use that to overlook their misdeeds. It would have been unnecessarily disrespectful to refuse the Taiwan call. We have lost 70 thousand factories that moved elsewhere. I think he's on thin ice on protectionism.

Won't sell his real estate because it's illiquid but will keep hands off. Wallace is being an idiot comparing Trimp's businesses to the crime foundation. Has already turned down deals worth billions because of how it looks.

Hasn't discussed anything with Zippy that they disagree with. Surprisingly gets along with JEF.

Jason Riley: donks are being sore losers but cyber security is a big deal. Julie Pace: intelligence spat in public is not good to have. Intel community is CONCERNED. George Will: ample reasons to question intelligence agencies. IT expert Will says that Rooskie malware was used. Charles Lane: McRINO and Graham are causing their usual problems.

DIS((coming to cable on home owners network)

The DEA ran the operation that got the secret service operators fired and forced all SS workers to johns Hopkins for re education by psychiatrists. Big event, pleasing agendas. Maybe the next dea director should own up to it and get permission from a federal judge to do that stuff.

henry - drunk on prog tears

TC, funemployment and gig economy revert to burger flipping jobs.


Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump

Whether I choose him or not for "State"- Rex Tillerson, the Chairman & CEO of ExxonMobil, is a world class player and dealmaker. Stay tuned!

Captain Hate

Will: most unusual transition ever. He is wielding power already. Pace: Trump is asking Zippy a lot of questions. Lane: there's no comparison between prior Presidents having business interests like Trump. Riley: divestiture rules perpetuate the political class and the dumbass MFM should understand that. Wallace has sand in his crack over this. Riley says Trump will not use his position to enrich himself. Lane: the MFM will go conflict of interest mania. Pace: Trump should be transparent. Shocking.

Cecil Turner

You've held clearances, you know the idea behind accumulating data: to deploy it to its highest effect. Why screw with her pre-election?

Look at that stuff, Beasts. The vast majority of it isn't classified or important, it's just embarrassing. Not worth two cents after the election. (And besides that, entirely her fault for using stupidly unsecured systems.)

Moreover, it doesn't appear to be mainly Russian spooks doing it. It appears to be a loosely organized group with perhaps the occasional tech assist (in particular the DNC hack, according to those unnamed sources--reliability unknown, of course).

There's nothing here that'd warrant a close-hold, which wouldn't work with Assange involved anyway, nor anything particularly valuable. But it could be useful for spreading disinformation (at which the Russians are past masters), or even better, embarrassing true stuff. And it tracks pretty well with Russia Today coverage, which is hard to reconcile with coincidence.




Captain Hate

Trump though on election that he'd win big. When he won Ohio and Iowa big he felt very confident. Networks refused to call some races to get more commercial time. Wallace eats some crow with "no path to victory".

And that's a wrap

Captain Hate

That said, we didn't build enough of the F-22 and are desperately in need of follow-ons for F-15's and 18's, so we have to build something fairly soon.

This could be an early barometer for him.

Beasts of England

The data on her server wasn't classified, Cecil? They had (and have) bundles of that. That's extremely valuable to them. We also don't know the contents of the 33,000 deleted emails, which quite possibly includes tangible evidence of her foundation's pay-to-play scheme.

Maybe we're talking past each other, Cecil?

henry - drunk on prog tears

Quick recount note: Dane County finished last night. This was the big hand recount. Hillary netted 160 votes there. That leaves Milwaukee early/absentee ballots and random precincts to be recounted.

No delay of EC vote for Wisconsin.


"And you know they'll get a reduction in sanctions from Trump how, Jeff"

Alright, so you don't know a lot about this stuff. That's fair.

Sometimes adopting a particular policy has what essentially looks like an unintended consequence resulting from it. A lot of times that consequence was factored in to begin with.

Yeah, that's a tad cryptic, but the folks that plot these chess moves tend to be.

Never mind Beasts.

Hey, how bout that Trump saving on those carrier jobs, huh?


Robin - so very sorry about the loss of your friend. This year an amazing young friend (26) who, to all outward appearances, had it "all" made that same awful decision. Those of us left behind were speechless, shocked, and devastated. I will pray for your friend's family and all who loved him.

who also saw the world in terms of what he didn't have instead of all he did have. This reminded me of the video below:


Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

THat Cashill link is GREAT.


"It appears to be a loosely organized group"

Bannon/Breitbart is where I would look first.



The emails were a nothingburger. I'm surprised at your gullibility.

henry - drunk on prog tears

On the Russians did it thing. Hilligula 's unsecured private server (and variants at Weiner's sexcapade and backup laptop) were hacked by the entire universe... not just the Russians. Simply put, if you are a national spy service and see that, you copy everything in it... doesn't matter if you are Russia, China, N Korea, or Guatemala. You copy everything in it.

The DNC, Podesta in particular, got phished. Was that a spy agency or criminal gang that sold it to any and all? No reason to believe that was an exclusive hack by Russia either.

Beasts of England

While we're on the topic of spies and Russians and Russian spies, I'll relate an interesting story from back-in-the-day when I was working Soviet economic analyses. A few of us worked daily in a SCIF with a lot of single-point release data from our deployed assets.

We received a weekly briefing from the FBI and our intelligence handlers regarding spy activity in our town - and there was a large amount of it happening. We'd receive a list of infiltrated establishments - mainly restaurants and bars - that we were prohibited from entering while we were read-in to this program.

The strangest one - or strangest before I thought it through - was a popular strip club!! It had been compromised and a few of the dancers would actively pry any information that they could from drunk and horny 'patrons'. Not kidding.

The place being black-listed probably saved me a lot of money, too. ;)


F 35 is like Obamacare: no replacement visible on the horizon, but that assures the air-frame will be resurrected without prejudice.

Beasts of England

Keep telling yourself that, Ben. Have you seen her deleted emails, or have you reached your definitive conclusion without benefit of their contents?

You were saying something about gullible...

Beasts of England

That was a weak rejoinder even for you, DuDa.



I understand the one China policy

I confess I have never quite understood it, at least as anything other than appeasement. But FP is not my forte.


Youre gonna stick to your pop guns eh?

Show me the money shot


It's suddenly quiet after Bannon/Breitbart comment.

Beasts of England

So you haven't seen the deleted emails, Ben? I so respect your intellectual acuity in reaching conclusions with incomplete data. Carry on!

Cecil Turner

The data on her server wasn't classified, Cecil? They had (and have) bundles of that.

They don't have much, and the majority of that it people talking around classified information. Contrast the 2500 classified emails (in 81 chains) with almost 400,000 in WikiLeaks's Iraq War dump. Yes, the use of the server was criminal, inappropriate, a security breach, etc. But the actual loss of classified information appears to me to be minimal, and in any event those records are being perused by the FBI and eventually will make it to Congress, so the value of them is steeply discounted.

Maybe we're talking past each other, Cecil?

Possibly, but I think we just disagree.


Yes I have read BoE. But I'm beginning to think you are munching on a phantom burger.

You submitted the wrongdoing so you should pony up.

Beasts of England

Fair enough, Cecil. Appreciate the exchange...

Account Deleted

From the TK article/Cashill re BHo:
"Early in that presidency, Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter described Obama as a “product of the great American postwar meritocracy,” one not afraid to surround himself with “extraordinarily smart men and women.”

Little Jonny hasn't known many top-shelf intellects who have also been top-shelf achievers in their respective fields of endeavor.

He has the ignominious distinction of graduating from Harvard and going directly into NEWSWEAK (1980) where he's now a "senior editor." He's been there for the long slow slide from it's peak as a 3/8 inch rag down to its current 2 page brochure format.

So from his perch over the go-to bird cage liner, he caws that BHo was surrounded by the "extraordinarily smart" whatevers.

A quick looksie might reveal otherwise.

He was surrounded by "like" these doorknobs- (not ranked nor meant to be exhaustive)

Josh Earnest
"Yet Another Jen" Psaki
Susan "Beans" Rice
Samantha "Made Up Name" Power
Valkyrie Jarrett
Eric "Sack" Holder
John "Effin" Kerry
Leo Pannetta
That Guy at the CIA
His Czars
Van "Whitelash" Jones

and others.

Steve Jobs referred to this kind of lineup as a "Bozo Explosion", symptomatic of an insecure individual bound by his own lingering adolescent flaws. He tends to hire weaker minds of questionable pedigree and mediocre to obscure achievements, so he can continue projecting the wonder of himself over them and people such as Lil Jonny Alter.

The ultimate payoff to the Bozo In Chief comes when the inevitable collapse results, the BIC can blame it on the Bozos he hired in the first place.

Alter refers to the "meritocracy" as if it is some kind of real world system.

What he passes off as a system run by "educated and skilled" elites is really a crony system based on neither, except to the degree these can be distorted to hide tits on boars, in other glaring situations where the hog appear bewildered while trying to tell time or is trying to open the lipstick.

Beasts of England

You've read the 33,000 emails, Ben? Got a link?


I thought you argued honorably boe.

Yours, is the missing link. You got nothin. Be honest enough to admit.


I like this comment from KK: MAGA- bitchez.

That's how I feel. We took it for eight loathsome years, MFM, now, you eat your hearts out.

Leftists gotta control. Lie and twist the truth. Use the young, the anarchists, the angry mob to control opinion. Watch a lifetime of it and you end up not giving a rip EXCEPT that we won -- statehouses, state legislators, representatives and senators. May God guide them all and give strength to the rest of us. Especially to these last weeks of this administration.


How's this for good family restaurant fun?

Comet Ping Pong band - Heavy Breathing - U the One I Want


Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

No reason to believe that was an exclusive hack by Russia either.

That's a great point!

Russia, along with hundreds of others, probably DID hack them.

For heaven's sake...even Hillary's MAID was handling classified info!

Beasts of England

So, instead of a link to her missing emails, I get insults and obfuscations. Cute!

Another mulligan, Ben?


Beasts, you have made your point, even if Ben won’t admit it. Let the fish off the hook. It is not pretty to play with the catch. Time to SOB again.


It's an insult to expect you to bac-up your assertions?

Oh wait. Your vivid imagination fills in the blanks.

So much for critical analysis.



Just awoke in the Waikiki Hotel and it being now 06:29 and still dark, the 32,000 contestants in the 44th Annual Honolulu Marathon have been jostling and elbowing each other thru the main streets of Oahu for going on 29 minutes now.

We arrived last night from drizzly Oakland, and the Hawaiian Taxi driver gave us the run down of the overwhelming number of contestants for the event, and how traffic today is going to be a mess what with so many of the big roads being closed for the event. They started shutting them down at 1 AM, but since we arrived at 11 PM we had no problem getting to our Hotel just 2 blocks back from the Waikiki strip.

Clicking on TV I see a live coverage shot, taken from a camera hoisted on the back of a News van. I can see that the leaders of the pack are the standard Central East African Nationals; Ethiope's nudging' Kenyan's, nudgin' Zairians, Democratic Republic of the Congonian's, nudging' Tanzanians, and all chasing the Police escort of motorcycles.

Since I started typing the sky has now turned from black to that early dawn dark blue, but unlike Anchorage where our dawns and dusks take forever due to the tilt of the planet related to the sun, here nearer the equator the dawn and dusk is an event of extreme rapidity, so after every sentence that I type, I glance out my balcony glad doors and see the sky has lightened towards Lapis Lazuli!

I was thinking of trudging and sweating my way up to the top of Diamondhead Crater, but what with all the activity and road closings and congested joggers, I think my game plan today will instead be to start with coffee, then slide to down to the top floor of Lulu's overlooking the beach,
and drink Bloody Mary's all day long while watching football and hollering advice to the final exhausted stragglers as they stagger down the strip past the bar. "Get a move on, fatso," "Hurry up!" "You're holding up traffic!" "Good lord man, have some self respect and pick up the pace!" I'm open to suggestions:)

Good Morning!


jimmyk: just never lose sight of the good things.

And they need only be few. I say thank you every time I take a hot shower, and grab a cold drink from the fridge.



Is this what you consider good family restaurant fun?

Heavy Breathing - I NO LUV

Cecil Turner

No reason to believe that was an exclusive hack by Russia either.

I don't think many people believe it was exclusive. Even the DHS/ODNI memo (which if anything overstated their involvement) claimed the Russians "directed" the effort (and specifically did not attribute some of the hacks to them).

Appreciate the exchange...

Thanks. Same here.

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