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December 15, 2016


Cecil Turner

The first paragraph is the important one.


The national big newspaper group email blast pointed to several articles that indicate the severity of their myopia.

1) David Chavern, CEO of the News Media Alliance -- formerly the Newspaper Association of America, says fake news will go away because “No responsible platform wants to become a content swamp” so nasty fake news feeds will be banned. But he is mistakenly grouping alien babies with sites that dare to correct the major media narratives.

2) Pointer to NYTimes: Nonprofit journalism groups are gearing up with a flood of donations -- (w/ pix of Bill Keller) “Independent accountability journalism is gaining new support . . .“ [sbw: even if they push the narrative] “Nonprofit newsrooms have long sought to push themselves as civic resources . . . [sbw: even if they push the narrative]

3) Facebook is looking to hire a 20-year media veteran to help it rethink the news. “Head of News partnerships” job listing as a liason between itself and publishers that could help the company distinguish between “high quality content from established media outlets” [sbw: as opposed to low quality content from established media outlets] and the glut of low-quality, fake news stories that go viral across its social network [sbw: and they will not see the high quality pokes at established media outlets that go viral]. “. . .Facebook is working on a new feature called Collections that will showcase lists of exclusive content from favored publishers directly in its News Feed.” [sbw: I don’t think Instapundit feels threatened.]

They want a 20-year veteran, not a 42-year veteran because a youngster won’t have been tainted by experience to discern real news from noise.



Don't forget that a 42-year veteran might not event know what Facebook is!


Researchers followed nearly 1,000 women who sought abortions nationwide for five years and found that those who had the procedure did not experience more depression, anxiety, low self-esteem or dissatisfaction with life than those who were denied it.

Who is being denied abortion in the United States? Women whose pregnancies are too far along?


And if people who are denied abortion are doing just as well as those who have had abortions, does that really help the pro-aborts' long-held argument that the consequences of denying abortion are disastrous to women?

Account Deleted

What a nauseating cadre of "researchers."

The ProggEmoCrats corrupt *everything* and *every institution* they infest.


Back a thread or two someone, I think Cecil, quoted VDH that free societies have a military advantage. Also, that Athens was a democracy (though a somewhat messy one).

But, didn't Athens lose the Peloponessian War?
Huh. Spell check had no suggestions. Sorry if misspelled.

Stephanie despicable me

Kimberly Guilfoyle in the running for press secretary.

Threesome Newsome hardest hit.

Captain Hate

This has been a push by the sickos for quite a while, back at least as far as whenever I saw the first billboard, in the inner city, urging women who've had abortions to share their experience with others in a celebratory way. Strange way to react about something which doesn't cause any problems with mental health, no?

Another Bob

Hmm. CIA has refused to brief Congress about the evidence of Russian hacking in the 2016 election.

I think that kind of seals it, no? Some elements of the USIC are running an op against the president-elect?

Account Deleted

Athens vs Peloponnesian league led by Sparta (DOH!)... Athens lost in overtime LOL (27 years c. 400s BC)

Captain Hate

Some elements of the USIC are running an op against the president-elect?

I never doubted it. Time to charge Brennan with treason unless you want this to go unpunished and have more in the future.

Beasts of England

Did they cover the spread, KevlarKid? ;)

Account Deleted

BOE.... g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-greatgrandDad was rumored to be quite pissed about til his dyin day :)


Time to charge Brennan with treason unless you want this to go unpunished and have more in the future.

Hopefully Trump is interviewing for Mitch Rapp's position:)

Account Deleted

Headline In KevlarWord:

"Snowflakes Immolate: Recounts Tossed, Hack Lies Tank"

Account Deleted

Mitch was one busy moFo.

Account Deleted

Perp walk every one of those cork soakers at CIA.

Account Deleted

Ladies and gennaminz-- Ed Straker!

"Every time a radical Muslim kills, the media is quick to remind us about the integrated middle-class Muslims – the hardworking cargo handler, the well liked elementary school assistant, the friendly grocer.

Unfortunately, France just arrested a hardworking cargo handler, a well liked elementary school assistant, and a friendly grocer on charges that they were getting ready to massacre a bunch of innocents."

Fark! Are we going to have to save cheese-eating surrender monkey bacon *one more time*?

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/12/french_surprised_that_integrated_middleclass_muslims_arrested_for_terrorism.html#ixzz4Sw2w6nqq

Account Deleted

BRB-- have to get Anya the Flying Chihuahua Daschund out to take her pre-lunch schumer.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Kevlar Kid,

The way things are going, we might have to have the French rescue us, if the cavalry wasn't on the January 20 horizon.

Arrest Brennan. Comey could redeem himself in one easy step.


Waiting for the next tweet for governance;

CIA worse than Mitt. I think I'll break those Virginia farm boys into a BILLION pieces"

Cuz a million wouldn't scare them into submission.

Account Deleted

MM- All bets on that are off once our cities develop "no go" zones like France and Belgium cities. Rat infested.

Let us pray. Keeping my eyes on whether or not Stephen Coughlin finds work in this new Administration. Red Pill Briefings now! Especially the President's executive staff.


"Athens lost in overtime".
Athens lost. :)

The original post was long, I was looking for clarification. In effect, asking to make it longer...


BREAKING: Trump names Gen. Kellogg as Chief of Staff & Exec. Sec. of Natl. Sec. Council; Monica Crowley to be NSC Sr. Dir. for Strat. Comm.

don't know these people

Then they surrendered.

Heh, those monkeys built a wall of bananas around Dunkirk.


Let's face it. You haven't read something this out of touch all day, have you?


Do click and scroll. I hesitate to haul out the hoary, overused internet retort about someone being off his meds/over-medicated/in need of medication, etc., but in this case it applies. Good lord.

I have no idea how he got through this … My heart has gone out to him so many times. I get emotional just thinking about what they did to this man. What a beautiful American. [Begins to choke up]

Sounds like Andy is still pining to give Zippy the blowjob of his life.


Russians didn't do it. per Loretta Lynch

I don't trust anything out of her mouth anyway.

Yes, henry, but she affirms that the Russians hacked the DNC.


Ah, who didn't hack those idiots?

Jim Eagle


GMTA. Was in process of posting that Sully The Uterus Detective piece. Wonder if he has had more than a few one-on-ones with Barry the Bath House Rat?

Account Deleted

Per Andy "slobber" Sullivan:

"And in 20 years’ time, we may see the Obama administration as the architecture for the entire twenty-first century."

Not just Amerka mind you. "the entire 21st century."

Stephanie despicable me


A bit on Monica Crowley.

Account Deleted

More from A"S"S on The Bath House Rat:

"At some point, [Americans] will be saying, “Where have you gone, Barack Obama? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you” … We’re going to need him. Let him stay above the fray, outside the world for a while, to recoup and to sleep and to write possibly the best presidential memoir ever. To do what Churchill did after the Second World War and to write the literary account of this period. He deserves that."

Indeed. He can write a fictional bestseller.



For the Progs this still leaves them with the canard that the Russian influenced the election by hacking the DNC and Podesta as per the CIA assessment (opinion).

Lynch just destroyed the inference by the Progs that the election itself was hacked.

Another Bob

Henry, Monica Crowley is the FNC contributor.

I'd describe her as "blonde and attractive" but that wouldn't narrow it down much.

Another Bob

And never mind, I see Stephanie had it covered and I missed it.

Account Deleted

Net effect of Lo Lo Lynch's comment is what, getting the ProggEmocrat machine to stop sawing the limb?

More investigation will find what? More ProggEmocrat corruption without any DOJ cover?

C'mon folks the ink on your pardons is drying and we can't be writin' up new ones.


bori.. never give them an out. Their gal, "Russians didn't do it." why give them more running room than they give others? ;)

Another Bob

Crowley a PhD and CFR member?

I did not know that.

Account Deleted

Has PEOTUS appointed a press secretary yet?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Monica Crowley to director of strategic communications for NSA!!

Alan Colmes in melt-down, I bet.

Left is upset that two people from Fox (K.T. McFarland and Monica Crowley) are going to be in NSA.



It was a leak not a hack.


Well K. Conway says she can have any job she wants...."she's tough" so press sec is a lock.

Account Deleted

How Adweek sees Monica's new job at NSA:



Local #NeverTrump jerk writing in NYT. Last seen sitting next to Bernie in Kenosha on Tuesday.



GOPe: Well, sure. We'll let you ride roughshod all over us again on your way to single payer!

JM Hanes

"Every time a radical Muslim kills, the media is quick to remind us about the integrated middle-class Muslims...."

I will never forget a rather haunting comment Miss Marple posted to the effect that what made the San Bernardino killings so unsettling was that the killers seemed so perfectly ordinary, that all of a sudden people almost couldn't help but be left wondering if a perfectly pleasant muslim co-worker might be the next jihadi.

I've also been looking for a painfully honest, biographically based piece that a young muslim woman wrote on FaceBook about how easy radicalization could actually be in the Muslim community. IIRC, it was removed pretty quickly after it began circulating on the web. Can anyone point me to it? I know I copied it somewhere, but I'm having difficulty coming up with an effective search string for either the web or my own ersatz files.

Unfortunately, in this PC world, an honest discussion about the ins and outs of radicalization is virtually impossible, which ultimately exacerbates mistrust where it might have been mitigated.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Jeez and just yesterday I was quoting Randy Andy as the sane one in that NR roundtable.
Of course his sanity was only intact regarding Hillary, whereas he is quite smitten with the fey Barry, so maybe it was that catty gay thing about women.
What word could one use to describe it? Seems like it starts with mys. Ends with ist.....no, it's gone. Maybe someone else will think of it.



Don't click if you're if you're not in the mood to get even more pissed off.

How many eagles are currently being killed by wind turbines? The federal government won’t say:
Reporting of eagle mortality is voluntary, and the Interior Department refuses to release the information.

Drain. The. Swamp.


Lyle, new regs: each windmill company gets 4200 free Bald Eagle kills per annum.


Per that link, henry. BTW, can you imagine the shit any of us would be in if one of us killed a single Bald Eagle?


Does anyone know if that finding julian website is a hoax? The website's claiming that at 6:30 tonite, more podesta e-mails and two of the keys to unlock the dead man switches, will be released.

I won't get my hopes up but he's always claimed these e-mails were leaked and not hacked by Russia. The timing has me thinking....maybe?


lyle, we get hosed if a single feather ends up in our yard.

Stephanie despicable me

or having a single eagle feather?


Exactly. But Gaia is greater, yes?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Nice of Charlie to claim the moral high ground while accusing us Deplorables of tribalism.

It never occurs to him that it was about saving the country. It never occurs to him that his stand on free trade is unworkable when all the other sides cheat.

What I see here is a condition called "never admit you were wrong."


Its OK MissM, he landed a CNN gig and advises Bernie now.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


How nice for him. Gee I am so surprised.

Some moral high ground, huh?

Jim Eagle


Crowley is going to the NSC (Office of the POTUS) not NSA. But NSA does need a PR professional because no one outside of Vlad actually knows what their real job is and how they do it:)

matt, deplore me if you must

If you have ever seen the ferret eyes behind the veil, that can in no way be considered normal. The INS photo of the female San Bernardino terrorist showed that look. I experienced that stink eye 20 times while on our trip. There is a special kind of crazy in the Middle East.

As to post abortion guilt and trauma, our Diocese has mental health and faith outreach for that very reason. The loss, pain and anguish are very real.

Of course the barbarians toast the abortionist and others who place no value on human life.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thanks for the correction, Jack.

One of the first things they should do is make up new initials for this stuff so I don't get confused!

Captain Hate

Charlie Sykes sounds like his Preparation H isn't working very well. We all knew what the stakes were, fuzznuts, while you were contemplating your navel and clean toga. This campaign revealed a lot about a lot of people, Charlie, and whining to the Duranty Times is what you've been reduced to.

Captain Hate

Charlie Sykes sounds like his Preparation H isn't working very well. We all knew what the stakes were, fuzznuts, while you were contemplating your navel and clean toga. This campaign revealed a lot about a lot of people, Charlie, and whining to the Duranty Times is what you've been reduced to.

Account Deleted

re Islamic radicalization---

At risk of being another one note johnny, I learned quite a bit from Coughlin on the subject of Islamic religious law...and the role of violent jihad, namely murder and mass murder, in the sanctification of one's "spiritual commitment" to their god, allah.

The American public has been misled into believing that Moslems get "radicalized." Their higher spiritual evolution *requires* bringing non-believers to allah.

That can be done by converting (imams choose this path) or by slaughter (militant jihadis choose this path). Both are equally necessary and valid according to sharia law.

Islam is a radical doctrine of conquest. Participation is by degree. There are many kinds of Moslems. There is only one Islam.

Account Deleted

Thanks JiB... i googled NSA instead of NSC... ;)

Cecil Turner

But, didn't Athens lose the Peloponessian War?

The book is specifically about West v East (defined culturally more than geographically) and clashes of culture (hence the name, I'd guess), so he's only interested in the Persians invading Greece and later Alexander in Asia. He mentions the Peloponnesian War, but only as aftermath to Salamis, Marathon, Thermopylae etc. and warmup for Alexander.

Athens lost in overtime
Did they cover the spread

That there is funny.

"Haley vs. United States. Haley, seven. United States, nothing. You see, it can be done."


Trump would not have rigged the election and complained at the same time that he had done so.

Dems and the media poo-pooed the idea until Hillary lost. Rather than the #Russians, the #NYTimes and #WaPo now #fakenews conflate to influence the post-election.


Account Deleted

henry... I have pals in Cali living near "wind farms". Losing a lot of hawks and eagles.

When the carnage spreads to their properties they wrap the carcass or feathers and ship immediately to a tribal person like myself who is cleared to handle, utilize and trade feathers without state interference or penalties.

Two of those dudes had amassed quite a few feathers when their kids made mention of it in school. They were reported by a Snowflake teacher and had to surrender their stocks to authorities. But the feathers and carcasses still rain down on them. When I heard what was happening I hooked em up. At least we know for sure the feathers aren't being sold to New Agers who peddle that stuff under the table.


Alan Colmes in melt-down, I bet.

Isn't Colmes her brother-in-law?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Yes, he is. I always thought Thanksgiving with that family must be pretty much an armed camp.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I think this was a rumor but now confirmed.

Nice bio in the article.


Link to Arpaio's presser:


Supposed to be at 4pm mountain time

Account Deleted

Charlie Sykes says:

"But in November, Wisconsin lined up with the rest of the Rust Belt to give the presidency to
Mr. Trump. How on earth did that happen?

Methinks if a self-labeling conservoMedia type asks this question he'd shapeshifted into a ProggEmoCrat while he slept.


They are probably all faking it for the camera, MM.

Another Bob

MM, Colmes started life as a comedian then a radio host. I'm suspecting much of his schtick is an act he's found he can sell. Professional troll, making a living as a foil.

Another Bob

I'm now getting very interested in who's going to be WH press secretary.

Still trying to talk Conway into it despite what seemed a pretty firm rejection?

Wonder what sort of personality Trump goes for? Uncontroversial operative who can whip through the book and utter the canned statements convincingly? Or someone who will play some smash-mouth football with the WH press corpse?

Account Deleted

Zinke refers to "sovereign Indian Nations".... We'll see if the Trump Administration can avoid the trap of "dealing with tribes." Not just a matter of lingo--- a matter of legal recognition and keeping BIA and other hucksters in line. GOTS TO!


A long time ago, (months not years), I heard someone on Fox who I found credible, comment that "Monica Crowley is the most well informed person on Fox" - which surprised me.

I've always liked her and thought highly of her. I know she worked for Nixon after he stepped down. I suspect she is a very good choice.

Jim Eagle

Well, from my experience living in the sand box, not every Muslim is a Jihadi warrior but I have yet to meet one who wasn't sympathetic and an apologist. And this is from the top down.

In my opinion there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim, not if he is practicing his faith (which is more personality cult than a religion of faith, hope and charity).

Account Deleted

"Or someone who will play some smash-mouth football with the WH press corpse?"

I'd love to see that.

The White House must set its own agenda with the hostile press. Most often used expressions going forward: "NO F*CKING COMMENT, Sparky." or "Beyond your current security clearance level, Nimrod."

Account Deleted

"not every Muslim is a Jihadi warrior but I have yet to meet one who wasn't sympathetic and an apologist."

Zakly right. Jihadi warriorship is encoded in the DNA of Islam. It's apostasy to condemn any facet of Islamic doctrine or the sharia upon which it's perpetuated.


I thought Holmes started his professional life as Skeletor.

Anyway, here's your daily People's Cube:


"The real winners in this recount were the Russian hackers," DNC spokesperson Shepard Smith said in a statement during his regular FNC broadcast. "It is now absolutely clear that American election results accurately reflect the will of Vladimir Putin, regardless of whether the ballots were counted by hand or by machine."

Right there's the problem with satire these days.

Account Deleted

Plastering over the gaping hole in the a-hole's "legacy":


Account Deleted

When a ProggEmoCrat like Shep Lipschitz says "absolutely clear" it becomes a matter of doing the simple math:



With one exception (maybe two), the Trump appointees have been "I wouldn't have done that, but it's reasonable he did." (Ben Carson for HUD is the one in the bunch I don't like. If Trump could use the same judgment on his ethics and holdings as he is on his appointments, I'll probably get through the next four years OK.

buccaneer morgan

My landshark line was missed on the previous thread.

Kagan pere should how thucydides was an unreliable narrator, the max Taylor of his age

Cecil Turner

Charlie Sykes:

And this is where it became painful. Even among Republicans who had no illusions about Mr. Trump’s character or judgment, the demands of that tribal loyalty took precedence. To resist was an act of betrayal.
Yeah, yeah, whatever. I wish Trump were a bit more of a hawk, and a free-trader, and a bit more circumspect in his statements on things like immigration . . . but mostly because I thought they were going to keep him from being elected. But when confronted by reality, adjustments are sometimes necessary.

As VDH noted in that video, most of the GOP opposition got positively giddy once they noted the scale of the win; which makes perfect sense if the objection was to losing. I'm having a very hard time seeing the continued angst (unless it's devalued commentary from the commentariat or lost 2020 hopes amongst the also-ran).

And one stellar side benefit that I'm just now fully appreciating is that all the criminally feckless Dem operative hangers-on embedded in each of the bureaucracies are caught without a backup plan because they thought they were secure. And they're going from planning their latest extra-Constitutional excesses to refreshing resumes in a decidedly hostile business environment. I'm not sure if one can overdose on schadenfreude, but if so, I probably need an intervention.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Newt Gingrich at Heritage talking about the election and Trump. I am 1/3 way through and so far it is very good.



"She is brave. She is a real professional in the sense of her values, her care, her concern, and as I think all of us know who watched that campaign, it was a very hard campaign for her," Feinstein said. "The name-calling, the email intrusion, the misinterpretation of what she had done with the e-mails, 11 hours in front of a committee while she was a candidate, and she stood up to it all."

Posted without comment.


Same article:

Pelosi told MSNBC on Tuesday that "quite frankly" Clinton "was a lot better than I was" at the Reid event.

"Because just the reality of it hitting home by seeing her in person," the minority leader said. "She was strong. As you know, she came forth and made not only a tribute to Harry, but a presentation about fake news. So she's always about the future. She's always about making it better for America's working families, and how the news comes forth. How truth is told is very important to that."

Just proves my point about satire these days.

Account Deleted

Passes Cecil a large vat of mashed buhtatuz WITH real buttah.

Dig in, My Fellow Merkin. Dig in. ;)

Old Lurker

Stop, Lyle.



Account Deleted

"Feinstein said. "The name-calling, the email intrusion, the misinterpretation of what she had done with the e-mails, 11 hours in front of a committee while she was a candidate, and she stood up to it all.""

Lemme atter. Hamrod the Clintoona is outperformed on the skim, graft, and corruption by none other than Diane "The Mail Lady" Feinstein. She's in line to make *BILLIONS* in the wake of the Bath House Rat's firesale of government assets to private brokers like Feinstein's hubby who will be selling off "old post offices" with exclusive rights.

Ya. Taking the high hard one from the American voters was prolly really "scary" too for "the wandering coma", especially in her medically compromised condition. Boo-frickin-hoo. She got herself into that condition and was going to use the presidency to shield her from all of the excesses which got her there.

Feinstein is a senile old coot.

Comanche Voter

Not that these clowns care anything about mere sperm donors. But my wife and I lost her first pregnancy to a miscarriage. That was almost 50 years ago now, and even though we have been blessed with two daughters since then, I don't think either one of us has yet gotten over that miscarriage.

Now it may be that a young woman wants an abortion because the "baby daddy" has made his sperm deposit and fled; but it may well be that the young man stayed around and wanted that baby. Will the NYT bozos care that the young man suffers from depression as a result of the abortion? I think not.


Because of taqiyya, kitman, and other forms of Koranic sanctioned lies, dissimulation, omissions, and distortions of fact in their pursuit of jihad, I don't trust a frigging word most Muslims utter, basically.

Account Deleted

Hamrod the Clintoona is *ALL ABOUT THE TROOF*

Gagging here.


Yeah, I remember the name-calling. Hillary claimed half of Trump's supporters were "intolerables" and some of those were "irredeemables", making her the first nominee to disavow John 3:16. And regarding "how truth is told", iirc Hillary blamed a video for causing the deaths of Americans in the Benghazi embassy, which she'd refused to make more secure, days after she'd learned the video had played no part.

Account Deleted

ComancheV--- you're spot on.

My son went through it. The girl was scared. Asked to borrow $200 for "prenatal counseling" from him. He found out after it was all said and done. Naive. Sure. But, being left out of it altogether scarred him good. That was when he was 18. I was in a similar sitch back in the day with my first soon-to-be wife. Doing the right thing was not in vogue and even set the male up to be roundly condemned for wanting to. Fortunately I told all of the peanut gallery to ....

Anyways, a lot of males don't care. Among those who do, there tends to be some home training that instills the value that a) we do not kill our own; and, b) we do not forsake or abandon our own.

Seems like a no-brainer but it does need to be taught through some kind of moral code. Junk science isn't interested in that aspect.

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