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December 07, 2016



Either I am first
Or Just the worst
We begin again with me
Because its all me you see!

Or else others stepped in front
(A most grievous stunt)
It's still harsh for us white men
Even though Trump's making America Great Again.


Yes, and there are a lot more 1-person households than there used to be.



Is it Joe Lunchbucket's full time job to figure, on his own without a tax attorney, his leverage?

It's been said frequently of late that Dems have forgotten the Class issues that confound us.

When conservative blue collars finally see which side of their toast is buttered ( and I think the zeitgeist says SOON) You Trumpets will find smell that burnt toast odor somewhat disagreeable.

common man

Dont know much about History, dont know much about the French I took...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

You know Moses did get away with killing a dude so Hillary has that in common with him.

Beasts of England

If those silly rubes would only listen to their betters - like Ben - they'd be farting though socialist silk!! lol

Miss Marple the Deplorable


It isn't a Trump day without some winning!

I look forward to the sneers abour Linda McMahon. Heh.


Farting through socialist silk seems preferable
to shitting through conservative burlap BoE.

But I'm not sure of your choices :)


Thanks for the update on the EPA appointment.
I appreciate your recount reports.


I am livid. Watching reports of evil Trump not divesting his holdings quick enough to suit his critics and now being charged with the even worse crime of possibly accepting personal gifts from Foreigners as a result of his election victory, it suddenly stuck me that our first evil President, George Washington, likewise accepted a gift from a Foreigner and did not immediately refuse it or declare it to Congress. That rotten Father of our Country sunuvabitch, with full knowledge that he was accepting something of great historic value, not to mention how much it was of value just for it's metal content alone, he shamefully accepted from a visiting dignitary from France, some joker named Lafayette, the gift of the keys to the Bastille Prison in Paris, and then that reprobate Washington proudly had the damn illegal gift hung in a place of honor on the Dining Room Wall at his slave plantation of Mt Vernon, Virginia:(

I am so angry I can hardly see straight%^&


What the hell is TM doing reading the Washington Examiner?

Who gave him permission to read anything other than The New York Times?

Damn@#$% This place is going to the dogs!


Video of BOzo at MacDill AFB yesterday. Couldn't stand to watch more than 1-2 min. but even that was sickening. After his obligatory the nation's deeply grateful for your service shtick got huge applause, came this self-congratulatory boast: "On Jan 20 I'll be the first president to serve two complete terms during a time of war." This got thunderous applause too. I don't think a reminder that he won't be CiC much longer explains the crowd reaction, so I'm stumped and appalled if the audience hearing him were serving military.

henry - drunk on prog tears

First to serve 2 complete terms during war. Totally incapable of winning a war after unwinding victories of his predecessor. What an asshole.

henry - drunk on prog tears

WIspolitics recount summary.

70% of ballots recounted. Hillary up net 72 votes.

Milwaukee not done yet.


'Unwinding victories of his predesessor..'

Which predessesor; which victories?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The press is going to shoot themselves in the foot once again. This morning I posted a Bloomberg story where 59% of Americans think it's just fine if he keeps his properties.

People find it pretty hard to look at a golf course or hotel and think it's some giant security risk. In fact, I bet lots of American's would like to stay in a Trump hotel as it would be even more cool knowing the president owned it.

He sold the damn stocks in June, before the convention. The properties are going to be transferred to his kids.

They won't be satisfied until the Trump KIDS are forced to sell. Screw the critics.

Heard Nigel Farrage on Hannity. Great interview, with some insight on Italy and why Italy might very well go ahead and leave the EU (money stuff I will probably garble if I try to repeat it).

Also talked about his dealings with Trump. Said the man has a phenomenal work ethic; he's like a force of nature. (Nigel's words.) Said he likes him more every time he meets with him.

He also said he thought he would win when he went into that crowd in Mississippi and talked to the people. He said they were just like the "little people" in Britain, who had been given the short end of the stick for so long and just wanted their country back.

He also said that the people will not tolerate the Parliament messing with Brexit and he doesn't care if they force another vote, it WILl happen.

Also said Tony Blair has become the most loathed prime minister in British history.

Nigel Farrage has a talk radio show in the UK! We should try to see if that is on line so we could listen. He's great fun when he gets wound up!


Most wonderful time...in eight years. High info voters will enjoy!


You know Moses did get away with killing a dude so Hillary has that in common with him.

Speaking of "Moses, Moses, Moses," I keep seeing a lot of "click-on's" at a lot of the stories I go to talking about some wardrobe malfunction associated with Moses girlfriend, Nefertari in the Ten Commandments:

Try as I might, I can't seem to find the malfunction in her wardrobe. Am I looking in the wrong place or what? Not enough Lapis Lazuli, or too much? Lil help.


sbw: Appalled, I don’t find your representations accurate and I find your conclusions from those representations do not necessarily follow.

Appalled: Well, that's because I've been stung like a bee, after watching Trump float like a butterfly for months. And if Trump is saying all manner of things that may or may not be true, it is really easy for me to think he's doing one thing, while you think he's doing another. What is truth? Trump does not care for me to know.

Posted by: Appalled | December 07, 2016 at 03:56 PM

Appalled, I loved your full response. But . . . no, none of this bothers me -- especially because it doesn't make Trump sound like a con man at all. It makes him sound like who he is, a tactician employing his intellect but not looking down on anyone. I'm projecting that upon him, of course, but probably less than you are with your "con man" curiosity.

We have a problem in this country with people insisting their President tell them too damn much which, of course, forces their President to reveal far too much to our adversaries and competitors. Barack Obama doesn't understand this to this day. And it doesn't appear that you quite grasp this, either.

If given the choice, I celebrate my President demonstrating the ability to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. I celebrate my President keeping his adversaries guessing and earning my trust to use his judgement to make the best decision for the nation. I celebrate my President being a disruptor and saying the punk-azz definition of "Presidential" needs to be flushed, especially when headchoppers are loose in the land and very confused (and mistaken) about American manliness.

Charge hard, Donald J. Trump, charge hard wit ya bad self!

That, my friend, is the truth.

East Bay Jay

Joe Biden in 2010:

"I am very optimistic about -- about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration. You're going to see 90,000 American troops come marching home by the end of the summer. You're going to see a stable government in Iraq that is actually moving toward a representative government."

That sounds like a war beyond 'mop up' mode and into rebuilding. So who could have fumbled it? Anybody???????

common man

I think the Emperor in the allegory was wearing "socialist silk" when the young boy in the street cried out.

Words mean exactly what I want them to mean, nothing less and nothing more. Lewis Carroll


Rattlergator: This is truly a monumental pseudonym. It captures your reptilian pov. Snake us all some more.






Thanks for the updates Miss M. I am way behind today but love your reporting. Just saw clips of Lawrence O'Donnell criticizing Trump for saving the Carrier jobs, which the avowed Socialist O'Donnell called "A massive Fail."

He's in that same box of congenital American liberty haters with Krugman and Soros. I think Rush was 100% correct when he said yesterday that the thing they are most worried about on the Left is not that Trump will fail, but is instead that Trump will be wildly successful.

Another Bob

Precisely RG, precisely.




Thank goodness he didn't have to fight anybody but the JV.


Obama sat on the bench as a JV'er.
And the dimwitted jug eared Lady pants clown, says "I got game".

Did he mean "I got gay"???

buccr morgan.

Ruh roh, daddy, yes loony Larry, as opposed to scary, who is on our side now?

Dave (in MA)

I came across this on Facebook. It was from an October 25th post.

Yeah, I don't think so.

Tom R

From the previous thread:

I watched a long and interesting interview with the King of Jordan recently and he said that the west needs to understand that what is going on over there is a Sunni vs. Sunni civil war, and that it's a mistake to think it's a religious war between Sunni and Shia

So what is the fundamental difference between a Sunni vs Shia civil war and a Sunni vs Shia religious war?

buccr morgan.

Used to be only the huntress could drive the Ritz from south derby, but its a short trip.

Stephanie despicable me



buccr morgan.

The former was more like Lebanon in the 70s, or the fight against fatal even though there were Christian elements (maronites)

henry - drunk on prog tears

Rove is an aircraft manufacturing / order pricing expert. /sarc

buccr morgan.

FAke news from a fool, perhaps a knave, steph


Lol. Yeah dave. 43 white guys is a precedent, ain't it?

henry - drunk on prog tears

Tom R, reread. The comparison is Sunni/Sunni civil war vs Sunni/Shia religious war. My guess is a mix of both, I can see the Saudi's worrying about getting kicked off the Mecca pile by other Sunni types (wahabi vs salafi is above my pay grade there).


Dave (in MA) @ 5:51,

The width of her ample buttocks is pure verisimilitude! Bravo, progtard, Mike Ross.


I think some forget this is not a private 'white males only' club.

Tom R

OK I misread it thanks.


Note that he said Sunni vs. Sunni civil war not Sunni vs. Shia civil war.

(I missed that the first time through, then realized he was saying something completely different...)


(damn, I need to type faster to avoid repeating the things other people already said!)

buccr morgan.

Therein lies the rub, the Syrian war has employed many of these ikwan volunteers, recruited by Saudis and the concern is this could come back to bite them, because that's never happened before.


TK, don't miss my 2:39 post--That inforwar video is dynamite and seems utterly credible--laegely cause Alex Jones didn't do the work on it.

Thanks, Clarice. I used to link to Joel Gilbert back in the birther days.


buccr morgan.

The debrief of effendi sharbi, pointing who gets to go to 'art therapy' and where do they go from here.


Tom R.

He said a religious war would be a far, far worse situation.

Beasts of England

That's an interesting observation from Ben. Especially in light of him calling Dr. Carson a 'house negro' just yesterday...


Appalled: I got to say, this is all rather post-modern for me.

No, no, no. You are turned around. Calling us post-modern is very post-modern of you. I think R-G is staying afloat quite well in this angry sea of redefining words, and I am attaching my boat to his.

Neither one of us is going to accept your attempts at word-roulette or the attempts of the MSM to define Trump according to their misguided framework of what is acceptable.

Relax. We are better off than with Hillary, than with the MSM, and than with the GOPe.


You know whats the real bummer? That each one of those 43 White guy Lego's, plus the Black guy Lego, (number 44) were elected by the Electoral College. If only that White Gal Lego with the number 45 on her Lego had been aware of that.


I think Gilbert did a hell of a job.


It was a fascinating and long and in depth, interview, in which he talked a lot about Donald Trump and what his effect will be on the USA.

The interview took place in Canberra. The reporter was Tony Jones who asked great questions.



A guy making $30k

TM do you actually know anyone making 30k a year? Your gardeners and maids make more than that.

Thats the equivalent of 40 hours a week times 50 weeks at $15 per hour


*****what Trump's effect wil be on the MIDDLE EAST.*****

His insights about what is going on over there were very interesting.

I didn't realize that he was educated at schools and military schools in both the UK and USA.

endangered feces

This is the guy calling Ben Carson a House Negro.

take a peek.

common man

You wanted Democrats, stewed in their own politically correct participation trophy world to understand the rules of the game in advance and accept when they did not meet those rules? What a horrible person you are. No wonder we need therapy puppies...

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Those aren't Legos, daddy. Those are VINTAGE FISHER-PRICE "Little People" and they have been defaced, destroying their value!

How very democrat. Destroy something of value (homes, families, jobs) in order to gain power.

endangered feces

Miss M, and when they lose power, they destroy more, and fling feces. Blaming it all on evil Republicans. Lies, distortion, destruction, more taxes, redistribution, chaos and hate.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Yeah, Beasts, in Jacko Ford's world Negros can have any opinion they want as long as it's black.

buccr morgan.

Yes cheerleader, deerfield and sandhurst, he's learned to a degree not to trust the scorpions

Beasts of England

lol, Ig!!


Try as I might, I can't seem to find the malfunction in her wardrobe. Am I looking in the wrong place or what? Not enough Lapis Lazuli, or too much? Lil help.

daddy, believe it or not I saw that piece, and the gripe was that the dye of that color wouldn't have been available. I'm not sure they're right, because it looks a lot like the tekhelet dye that Moses laid down as mandatory for Jews to use in the fringes of their prayer shawls. It comes from some kind of snail.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Quick, someone tell CNN they need to go to confession.


George Will on the panel just said that Trump is a Socialist. I won't bother to transcribe.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Despite this being an unfamiliar web site, if you scroll down there is video from CNBC where the CEO says he is ready to hire back 10,000 laid off employees in the United states.

"Winning, and winning!"

I am not sick of winning yet.

Beasts of England

Welp, there's one thing we know about those darned real estate developers - they're all socialists!! George Will is insane.

buccr morgan.

He's a very silly person, paging graham Chapman.


Foreign aid is laser focused one single parent, single income, much from governments. Almost all foreign aid is for female mothers excusing that is what the new tax payer or tax consumer comes out of; male parents (who are equals) are not in ant income equation. The females, if they produce a baby, receive more income in the form of cash, superior healthcare, superior housing, superior food, superior welfare, superior job consideration, etc. Males as an ewual in the baby and irs future have zero consideration, benefit, etc. Genderists could not be more pleased and reward. Traditional, two parent, family income is obsolete, Really never needed males anyway. Anti abortionists are happier. Government politicians like the idea of complete reliance on them. Cradle to grave, no males needed.

Maybe mothers should adopt instead of taxing society. Oh wait, they cant afford to have children....


Nice point by Tucker Carlson at the beginning of his segment on TIMES pick of Trump as Person of the Year, immediately taking it to the end of the equation.

Tucker: Good evening...TIME mag just reminded us that it exists by naming Presidential Elect Donald Trump it's Person Of The Year. Fair enough. Hard to think of anyone more worthy this year than Donald Trump. To many of the Left, TIMES cover was a reminder that Trump is indeed going to be President and was therefore a trigger...

He now introduces some Lefty babe who sent out this tweet after seeing the cover: "Adolf Hitler was TIMES Man Of The Year in 1938. Donald Trump is Times Man Of The Year in 2016. Discuss."

Tucker: There's such an irony there, because comparing someone to Hitler is not an invitation to discuss, it's the end of the discussion, isn't it?


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


I would have sworn that was Nefertiti.


Charlie Spiering on Twitter:
"One of these maps is 2016, one is 2008 - Tell me again who was elected as president of “Divided States Of America”?


Jim Eagle

Abdullah is fine with Trump because he is strong on Israel, has got the generals in his cabinet and is willing to destroy ISIS (or any other bad Muslim actor). Abdullah is always first an Arab but also a military man and knows you need to get things done. Walks a fine tightrope in Jordan

I am a friend of his brother in law who was our agent and still is in Jordan.

No Arab is more westernized and friendly towards us than Jordan and Abdullah. If I am Trump, I go see Bibi first, Abdullah second and then Sisi. Ignore the Palistinians.

buccr morgan.

The ferret felt the election was 'soul crushing, its more maple syrup rather than salty tears.

Beasts of England

My FB libs have given up on their constant Indian Reservation outrage to focus on Pruitt's appointment at the EPA. I'm not sure how these delicate flowers will ever survive the next four to eight years. :)

Captain Hate

This has been a strange day of contrasts. After I got up I took Teddy for his morning walk up the street and down the other side; about six houses up from me there was a dead calico cat in the street just by the curb. It must've just happened because it just looked like it was sleeping and was unmarked. I wanted to get it out of the street because even though it was already dead it was probable somebody's pet and I didn't want them to be confronted with a bloody pulp, but there was no place to tie Teddy up so we finished the walk and I went back out but by then somebody had removed it. So that was a crummy way to start the day.

Then I did my Christmas cards which reminded me how good of a year it had been as far as reconnecting with old friends, making new ones and seeing new places; so I was feeling pretty upbeat. Then I went to a neighbor's house where Teddy plays in the back yard with a buddy of his. While I was there, the woman who owns the place told me that the woman next door, who with her husband run an upscale Italian restaurant about a mile away (very nice place but small) died early Monday of a heart attack. 41 with 4 small kids. I think the families on both sides are pretty large and tight but we'll offer to help out any way we can.

Enjoy what you have because it can disappear instantly.

buccr morgan.

Sorry to hear that captain. Yes life is fleeting.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

He might consider peeing on Arafat's grave, JIB.


Yeah. Them Redskins should learn their place like the Trail of Tears.

How could they be cold with all those extinct bison hides.....whiners.

Captain Hate

Didn't Jordan do Black September? The palis whine about it constantly in a begging for money kind of way but I don't see them bothering the big dog.


Sorry to be so direct but it takes some energy to punch through that formidable crust lacking empathy :=)

buccr morgan.

Yes they did, and wasfi tal, the king's enforcer was executed by salameh's men for that reason.

Captain Hate

My FB libs have given up on their constant Indian Reservation outrage to focus on Pruitt's appointment at the EPA.

Tell them he won't poison the rivers in Colorado. They were extremely outraged over that, no?

Beasts of England

Don't fire up a blunt near those straw men, Ben!!

buccr morgan.

They follow mullah mckibben, and act accordingly,

Beasts of England

That was fake news, Captain. Obviously...



Very interesting link at 06:56 about the color "Blue" being mentioned in textiles in a book of the Pentateuch (Torah). Now if we dismiss the assumption of the Pentateuch being authored during the Babylonian captivity (@600 BC) and accept it as being authored more along the timeframe of the 1300's BC, then it is interesting to contrast it with the Iliad and Odyssey of Homer, written at approximately the same time, and where there is a particular absence of any color's being mentioned other than "the Wine Dark Sea" and I think Helen's hubby being a red head, which led to that study by Disraeli and Goethe and others about the ancients somehow not being able to see blue, etc.

But then of course why would Lapis Lazuli be of value if those people could not yet perceive Blue? It is good to see that the Hebrew's of the 1300's were not only able to see Blue, but were ordered to wear it.

The stuff I learn on a daily basis---that George Will thinks Trump is a Socialist,

and that Moses was into Blue!

What'll I learn tomorrow? Moses was a Socialist?

Captain Hate

Bison are extinct? Did the EPA screw that up too?


Speaking of having foreign agents😋😎; his wife is a cia spy and everyone is cool with it. She even got a visit from "You 'outed' me!" 'fair game plame.' Really was her genderist cia support and her peace corps hubby.😋 Making baby stuff, how and securing futures.😉

Then again plamer and wilson did visit pal peace corps EL Howard in his datcha, found hung or fell and broke his neck. Peaced out.😥

Ah the plame game, blame, name....👻

Another Bob

After legal wrangling, the MI recount has been stopped.

In the process, Stein's lawyers apparently accidentally made some sort of admission of collusion with the Clinton campaign???


I've met many straw men here but none worth burning BoE.sans any respect whatsoever and from invaders yet

You act like I don't read the crass comments

buccr morgan.

You can tell how horrible exodus the movie was in covering the same material, 60 years later.


"Yeah, Beasts, in Jacko Ford's world Negros can have any opinion they want as long as it's black."

I am stealing that one, Iggy!

On that note I was driving back from an appointment Today and listening to the always wonderful Mark Steyn in for Rush; when he went to commercial I switched over to the Bloomberg News station. They ran a "editorial" bemoaning Trump's appointment of Ben Carson as head of HHS/HUD on--get this--"environmental" concerns. The argument was that Carson is a "climate denier" and that a significant part of what HUD has to deal with is the destruction of public housing to due "climate-caused events" which are increasing due to "global warming." The editorial seemed to suggest that the alleged rise in destruction of public housing due to warming-caused events is well-documented; this is the first I've heard. Are they talking about Sandy?

Very bad for my blood pressure; I believe the drivers of other cars on the highway could hear me shouting "BULLSHIT" even though it's really cold here (due to all the global warming) and everyone has their windows shut.

The only actual "evidence" they used in their editorial was that only 15% of the American public agree with Carson that the world is not warming. The actual facts (such as the absence of documented warming over the past 16 years per the ICC) were not mentioned. Not to mention who really gives a shit what the environmental views of the Secretary of HHS are.

The only explanation that I can come up with for such horrific bias is that the Bloomberg News editorial board are racists.

buccr morgan.

Also fake news, boatbuilder, there's just so much of it.


Pope Francis calls spreading fake news a sin

No problem. If the Pope can issue instructions to Priests to forgive Abortion Doctors from the sin of performing abortions, I'm sure there's a loophole to forgive the sin of spreading fake news.


Its cheap now. The genderists just use the male; 'Pick one.'👻👽💀 OotE, except for the expiration parameters😢

Captain Hate

Stein's lawyers apparently accidentally made some sort of admission of collusion with the Clinton campaign???

It would take a dunce like Colbert not to mine this comedy gold.

Beasts of England

I eagerly await an example of my crass comment(s) on this tread, Ben.


Call it stealing but if you take something of no value it's just a misdemeanor.

Let's hear it from Trump's negroes.


Did I suggest you made crass comments?

Oh wait. Are you narcisolating the Crass Masses?


Fake news, is the new Alt-Right. Alt Right was the new TRUMP hates wymyn, Trump hates WYMYN was the new, Conservatives hate black people, Conservatives hate black people, was the new GLOBAL WARMING sleeps in the same bed as LeoTARDio DeCRAPio.......
round and round and round we go, where it stops.....ONLY TRUMP knows.

I'm sorry LIBTARDS, we aren't playing with you anymore. The EPA is CONSERVATIVE now.


Michigan recount stopped by federal judge.

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