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December 09, 2016


henry - drunk on prog tears

Our Chicago friend claims "first"




Missed it by that much,lol!


I am sure sometime in my past I voted for John Glenn for Senator in Ohio.

henry - drunk on prog tears

I think I did once as well.

Jack is Back!(On his iPhone)

Go Navy beat Army (maybe)!

Jack is Back!(On his iPhone)

And Chuck Yeager could out fly them all.

buccaneer morgan

I think they disqualified him because he dudnt have a college degree.

Sandy Daze

Fair winds and Following seas,

God Speed and Requiescat in Pace, John Glenn.

Sandy Daze


Have tickets to the PE45 Thank You Tour 2016 being held tonight in Grand Rapids, just about now*, but with the snow we've had, and the snow expected, decided to Watch At Home

*Check your local listings, likely available on Fox Biz, or streaming here on Right Side Broadcasting.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

George Bush ‏@GeorgeHWBush 1m1 minute ago

Sino-US bilateral relationship is critical to peace in 21st Century. President-elect Trump is wise to name @TerryBrandstad as Ambassador.
1 reply 5 retweets 9 likes

Now some will immediately start attacking Branstead and Trump as being in bed with the Bush clan, but I think this is more Bush 41 coming to terms and looking for a way to praise trump.

It is vital that we unify the country, so I choose to see this as a good sign.

Sandy Daze

IIRC, GHWB 41 was also an Ambassador to China...



henry - drunk on prog tears

WI recount summary day 9.

60 of 72 counties complete.

Hilligula gained 49 votes to date on Trumps 22,000+ vote lead.

Sandy Daze

Yes, briefly: September 26, 1974 to December 7, 1975


common man

Dont ya think that W knows deep down in his heart that his brother Jeb is a douchebag? Probably cant say it with his mother alive, but he knows its true.

henry - drunk on prog tears

Oh, 89% of votes recounted.

common man

Only significant votes left in Wisconsin:

Dane County due to the hand recount, and the absentees in Milwaukee County. Waukeesaw County still out too for balance. I got under +150 vote change. Anyone want the over? Name the amount.


Fake new?

Josh Rogin
2h2 hours ago
Josh Rogin ‏@joshrogin
The rumor I heard was that Rudy fell asleep in a meeting & Trump decided he just wasn't up for the SecState travel schedule & workload.




Is there any chance of a holiday reality show special? I was thinking 'The Apprentice: Secretary of State' would get good ratings.

Comanche Voter

Donald Conroy aka "The Great Santini" was a Marine aviator flying F4U Corsairs off escort carriers in the early days of the Korean War. Marine pilots are trained to fly close air support. Conroy was one of the most heavily decorated USMC pilots, but he finished as a bird Colonel. Difficult personality and all that. He told his son, author Pat Conroy, of one mission in Korea where he laid napalm down just in front of a Marine defense line. His son asked, "How did you know that the people you bombed were North Koreans?" Colonel Conroy answered, "Because they were on fire, and they were running north".


Lou Dobbs not happy with this pick

REPORT: Trump Wants Ronna Romney McDaniel For Next RNC Chair | The Daily Caller


Captain Hate

From the last thread it seems that KPork has a new daffynition of "heroic". I'd give the description to her husband if he can still get it up for her while swearing he wasn't thinking about the Huntress.

Captain Hate

Nobody could talk about a lack of transparency, Elliott.


There is an absolutely wonderful biography of Teddy Ballgame by Leigh Montville. Recommended reading even if you know nothing about baseball and/or hate the Red Sox. The guy was a force of nature.

Account Deleted

ComancheVoter.... I love that story.

Stephanie despicable me

Lou isn't happy with Pudknocker at Labor, either.

I found a nugget in the Trump comment on Guiliani.

He said something to the effect that he was looking forward to finding something in the administration for him later....

Special Prosecutor?????

Just speculating.


My mother lived in the same complex as Ted Williams for a while. He was a nice man.


don't forget Daddy TM.

JM Hanes


Thanks for your response to my question about Iowa sanctuaries in the last thread.


My pop took me to my first major league baseball game in Chicago, Ted Williams hit a line drive that was hit harder than any baseball I've seen since. It was a rope 8 feet off the ground, never raised or lowered till it hit the wall, I think he only got a single cuz it was hit so hard.



That is a great idea!

Captain Hate

Was daddy a Marine?



POLITICO – Verified account ‏@politico

White House seems to rule out last-minute Obama move to empty Guantanamo http://politi.co/2h6sKHz

Account Deleted

My source here in California says that Rudy is still in the ballgame. He needs to take care of business for the challenges ahead.

Righting the ship of state will mean tracking down the rat-breeding minions from Clinton 1 and 2, their in-bred cronies that infest the agencies within (1992 through 2016), and the new infestations wrought by The Bath House Rat's two terms.

It will require legal warriors like Rudy and Andy McCarthy to develop a) the master war plans; and, b) line up the leadership and staffs to execute it; and, c) tailor the media apparatus to develop public support for the summary "executions" that will follow (somebody better be adding some cots to Ft. Leavenworth).

My pente ante theory anyway.

"Let it rain! Let it rain! Let your Love rain down on me!" -E. Clapton

art in newport

.. Lou Dobbs not happy with ... Ronna Romney McDaniel For Next RNC Chair | The Daily Caller ..

Everybody has a questionable relative. If Trump likes her for the job and Priebus thinks she's the best, that should be enough.


What's the deal with the MI Trump rally going on now? There are *women* standing behind him. And some of them are *black* women.

Someone forgot to tell the rally organizers that Trump's a misogynist and white supremacist and that "those people" aren't welcome.


Despite snow and temps that would make our RG shake his head in disbelief there are people coming to see Trump. My brother says he hopes RINOs are paying attention....


Captain Hate

Teddy Ballgame was a decent manager for the last edition of the Washington Senators until the idiot owner, Bob Short, traded Aurelio Rodriguez and Ed Brinkman (with whom the Splendid Splinter worked hard to develop him into more than a slap hitter) for that fat tub of shit, Denny McClain. Detroit instantly got a superb left side of the infield for a decade and DC got lots of souvenirs from the cannon shots off McClain.


Trump giving his take on the exit polling. Hilarious.

While this is going on, a couple of troublemakers get hauled out.


"Get him outta here."

Another one.

Account Deleted

A retired Marine general in charge of Homeland.


Time to rack up a body count here and abroad.

"The Jihadis have elected to *receive*."

General Kelly is a fan of the "red pill" briefings. We will witness a sea change in how this war gets waged for the next 8 years.

Rounds will be dipped in bacon fat.

Sucks to be a jihadi now.

The United States of America, the sleeping giant, has been through an 8 years long "pearl harbor."


The crawl at the bottom of the Trump rally on FOX News says a Federal judge has refused to stop the WI vote recount, saying the lawsuit (filed by a couple of PACs) was dead on arrival since the recount is almost complete and there is virtually no chance it will change the outcome.

Account Deleted

From the "What if...." file---

Say Trump gets all his appointments set and ready for confirmation by Xmas.

With the gift from the Uniparty which make only 50 votes needed in the Senate to confirm, what if Mitch McConnell set it up for en masse confirmation vote on everybody on January 3rd. Trump's cabinet is set BEFORE the Inauguration?

Nothing says "in your face" like creative applications of majority power in support of a real president.

Boo-ya, MadreF(redact)er!!

Captain Hate

My last memory of Williams was when he made an appearance for the last time at an All Star game as a HOF member. There were lots of baseball royalty introduced but nobody got the reaction that Ted did when the current players mobbed his golf cart to pay their respects; Selig tried to move things along but the players ignored him. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.


Trump says when he heard the the Clinton campaign had canceled their $7m victory fireworks display three days before the election, he sent a nice note over offering to buy the fireworks for five cents on the dollar. No reply, of course.

Says he thought he could get the fireworks cheap. "Just like I don't want to spend $4 billion on an airplane!"

Account Deleted

So, how close is the fat lady to singin her song over this re-count?

Another Bob

KK, no chance. The Senate blowhards need to grandstand for a few months.


KK, see henry's report upthread.


Trump notes they cancelled the $7 million in fireworks just 3 days before the election. "That's a good sign. We offered them 5 cents on the dollar for the fireworks. They never responded."

Another Bob

30,000 foot view of recounts as I understand it...

WI, basically done. Hillary gains 200 votes.
MI, done unless Stein goes to SCOTUS.
PA, can't recount, no paper trail, only a recanvass of the machines, won't change
FL, Stein is threatening there.
NV, did I hear that GOP was quietly recounting there?


PD, I'll stand aside :)
Gotta take a kid to a birthday party!


Trump re: election night

Even though he was told by Ivanka and others that exit pools were bad etc he felt good cuz he did not leave anything on the field, did 3 rallies a day for a month straight.

Bombast? no way, got to hand it to him, he outworked everybody and won like a champ.

henry - drunk on prog tears

Yeah, as far as WI, 89% of votes recounted essentially no change. Remaining votes are Dane County (which was something like 80% Hilligula) and Milwaukee City absentee ballots (also 80%+ Hilligula). There aren't enough votes remaining unrecounted to flip it to Hilligula. Recount will complete on time, so electoral college votes are not at risk either.

Hilligula is talking "fake news" because vote fraud has failed, Russians cheated has failed. They got nothing, except those salty tears which is why I'm still drunk a month later.


"I have an important announcement. And I'm going to make it tonight."

Asking Andrew Liveris to head up the US Manufacturing Council.

Account Deleted

Thanks AnotherBob!

I think Jilldo Stein will someday be rocking through her dotage reminding people that she's a footnote in electoral political history for all of this "good work" she is doing today.



Liveris: In honor of our president elect, we're going to put an R&D center in Michigan.

Liveris is chairman and CEO of Dow Chemical.


Liveris: I may have a funny accent [he's Aussie], but I bleed American.

Account Deleted

Regarding the support and willingness of the private sector--- the Left is chiding Trump (surprise!).

One of my cronies had this to say:

----->One indication is a comment Trump made yesterday (12/08) at his “Thank You, Iowa!” rally in Des Moines. The (Capitol) Hill quoted him:

“One newspaper criticized me, ‘Why can’t we have people of modest means?’ It’s because I want people that made a fortune. Because now they’re negotiating with you. These people are giving up fortunes of income in order to make a dollar a year, and they’re so proud to do it.”
He is picking the most successful people with the most expertise in the real world, not the government or academic world, be they in business or the military. That’s his preference and he’s to be lauded for that.

Equally critical, he doesn’t give a rat’s derrière about envy. The envious enemedia yells and screams about “going back to the Gilded Age,” but he doesn’t care and neither do we. <-----


My husband was ecstatic about this story. He loved Ted Williams so much as a boy he copied his signature from Ted's method of writing. It is a reminder of better men in out history.

Account Deleted

From the "WTF?!??!" file:

"According to EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), or EEO, rules and laws, IT IS UNLAWFUL NOT TO HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS.

According to EEO laws, under the auspices of their guiding principle of Disparate Impact (in discrimination rulings), a business cannot use any employment eligibility standard that disqualifies a federally protected category (in this example ethnicity, race, national origin) from employment.

Here’s how it works on Main Street – If you require all applicants to be legally eligible to work in the U.S., and part of that application process is the applicant providing you documents to prove that eligibility, you cannot verify those documents –> if the verification of those documents would exclude a larger percentage of ethnic applicants, protected class applicants, than the general application pool.

Meaning, as an example, if you check Social Security numbers (example E-Verify) for employment eligibility, and that verification disqualifies a disproportionate amount more Latinos than all other applicants, then the verification process itself is unlawful because it creates a “Disparate Impact” against Latinos and you are guilty of violating EEOC law.

That risk is why most large U.S. corporations and businesses do not use E-Verify; and those who do use E-Verify have noted it is less and less effective at blocking illegal aliens/undocumented applicants."

Source: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/12/08/why-donald-trump-and-american-workers-need-andrew-puzder-as-secretary-of-labor/

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Daddy was Navy.
NEVER confuse Navy and Marines. Might as well call a Red Sock a Yankee.

common man

Michigan Supreme Court denies Stein appeal of lower court ruling. Recount is dead.


Rudy on FOX now.


Rudy: Trump got skilz!

He may not have said it quite like that.


I was just talking to a friend who is a CEO of a tech company who would be a perfect fit for the Trump administration. And ideas on who he should send a letter to?


"I felt our country was going off a cliff...becoming a European Social Democracy."

"He's going to be a great president."

"I felt I had done my job (getting Trump elected)."


Well, glenn lived a bealthy wealthy powerful long life on the government dole. Really just another one hit wonder. Took up space in congress and his older age adventure to actual space that could have provided opportunity to others. 'Looks and brains.' All american like plame. Oh, cia has determined russians infiltrated other presidential candidates, but not theirs....all american....government dole.


I've been listening to some Tedeschi Trucks Band music this early evening, and that led to some offerings by Prince which then led me to this:

The song Donald Trump (Black Version) -- released in 1990 by "The Time" and written by Prince



What an interesting twist both on the huge effort to demonize him this election cycle *and* a window into Trump's rather accurate (even if now infamous) opinion (secretly recorded, of course) on what some women will allow the rich and powerful to get away with


"Well, glenn lived a bealthy wealthy powerful long life on the government dole."

Bullshit. John Glenn earned his keep.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The Guiled Age is not a bad deal.

No income tax! Do they really want to go there?

In addition, that time period produced Carnegie, Rockefeller etc.

Bring it on!


Just another government employee in spite of predelictions to romancing and fantasizing. Government jobs can be done by anyone, given the opportunity. There's competition for those government checks.


"Just another government employee ..."

More bullshit. Get back to us when you have flown 150 missions as a Marine combat pilot or parked your pussy ass on the top of a rocket in a capsule not much larger than a bathtub.

Another Bob

Glenn clearly and conclusively "earned his keep" through his fighter pilot career alone. The cojones required to participate in the astronaut program at that time just add to it. Nothing takes that away from him.

I thought less of him when he chose to enter politics and wish he didn't.


Jane, there's a publication, I think it's called The Green Book, which lists all appointed positions. He should start leafing thru it to see what he might like and be qualified for and go from there.


Sure, I'm female. Back then. Glenn used his 'brains,' college degree, to beat out the competition. He also modelled better. All american.

Oh, drones are safer and more efficeient, but machines, less prone to fantasms.❣

What about the other guy?

buccaneer morgan

Just came home from an evening of carols sponsored by our church.

Brennan is sure now that volodya was behind the hack, umkay.


Secret CIA Russia intervened in 2016 elections

Kurt Schlichter
The agony of liberals - who until now never met a Russian thug they didn't want to blow - is delightful.


buccaneer morgan

Sure Glenn is a hero, then so was Albert fall on San Juan, and duke Cunningham on Yankee station.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



https://m.gpo.gov/plumbook/ 🆕

buccaneer morgan

Different kind of Russians, a throwback to the 19th century, orthodox nationalist like those that fault the sultan.


That's it Jane--the plum book.at 9:30.

Dave (in MA)

Someday they'll thaw Teddy's head and give him a new body and then we'll find out how he does against modern pitching.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Okay, stereo. The only thing that makes a Russians nervous is someone who doesnt believe in their country.

Its okay to fantasize about famous people. What you do is your own businees, same with what your thinking. He's a model and he'd just say its okay your a bunch of guys, you know, romanticising over him. Less disease that way anyway!👍

buccaneer morgan

John schindler the ex nsa with a bit of a wiener issue, called volodya the anti weird coalition.


Ed McMahon of the Tonight Show was a Marine aviator during the Korean War.

buccaneer morgan

And don Adams Maxwell smart was a marine, if memory serves.


I think I forgot to address this earlier today but the Burger and the Babes ad was such a beautiful image . . .

* * *

Not really a fan of the Hardy's/Carl's Jr. ads.

Posted by: PD | December 09, 2016 at 11:30 AM

Say whuttttttt !?! Personally, I love love love 'em.



buccaneer morgan

As a fan of the original dune tale, fumigating the harkonnen palace on arrakis will be a full time job.

Captain Hate

Someday they'll thaw Teddy's head

Such a sad bizarre end.

buccaneer morgan

And were going to need a lot of weirding modules.

Ot, Michael chabon's latest, is a blend of Walter mittyesque whimsy like cosataguana, mixed with some elements from gravity's rainbow


RG, my view is that there is enough sex, too much, in ads. The Hardee's ads push this trend.

buccaneer morgan

btw how far have you gotten on klingsor

buccaneer morgan

Yes if the product was better, they wouldn't need to oversell it. Subtlety works better.


Oh, I like Hardee's food all right. The Diablo Burger, mmmm. I just don't like the ads.


Naked girls and burgers would be a nice combo :)

buccaneer morgan

As a romantic, I like understated better, so noir like the big sleep appeals.

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