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December 09, 2016


Miss Marple the Deplorable


She isn't definitely the choice, yet. They do have their talking points about her ready to go, however.

Beasts of England

Orly Levy is a doppelgänger of my 'date' last night. Yea, Beasts!! :)

Captain Hate

To build on henry's points I don't trust anything coming out of Brennan's CIA. There's no doubt to me that he's badly compromised our entire security and a long term rebuild will be required.


In the category of hawt right-wing Israeli politicians I'd put Ayelet Shaked even higher than Orly.

Old Lurker

Isn't it illustrative that the left's blaming of "Russia"...which is really about the revelations of WikiLeaks...is all about "who told" and not at all about the content of what they were all saying and doing? Nor about the recklessness of how they themselves handled information that could "be harmful" if leaked? But, but, blame those evil Russians.

Good work if you can get it, I say.


Something we all knew

Paul Sperry – ‏@paulsperry_

BREAKING: SPLC Admits Leaving 2,000 Anti-Trump Incidents Against White Kids Out Of 'Hate Crimes' Report

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Chaos at standing Rock, as well as Wesley Clark, Jr. either pocketing funds or simply incompetent:


Man Tran

A couple points about Glenn, OK three:

1) My NASA buddy worked with him in 61-62. Definitely goody two shoes. Up at six running while the rest of the boys we groaning over their hangovers. (Old joke: fighter pilot's breakfast? A Coke, a candy bar and a puke.)

2) When he became a politician, he was as corrupt as that mutherfukking parking lot maven from Cleveburg, Metzenbaum. Keating Five anyone?

3) When Jr made the rounds in 84 to solicit nominations to the USNA, Glenn says "how much you got, boy?" The mailman's son was the straight arrow then.

Old Lurker

Beasts "Orly Levy is a doppelgänger of my 'date' last night."

Are we still talking about those speakers we saw the other day?

Beasts of England

Bar Rafaeli should run for office. ;)

Man Tran

In the mid 50s, my dad took me to an outdoor show (he was all fishin' and huntin'). Williams was the draw. Watched Ted flycast about 50 ft into a bicycle innertube over and over. Never missed.

Cecil Turner

Late to the party as usual.

Thanks for the shout out TM. I found out that little tidbit in 1984 when, for a short period of time, I was historical officer for the VMA-311 Tomcats:

Glenn and Williams flew for 'em back in Korea (when it was VMF-311 and they pretended to be fighter pilots flying F-9Fs) but by the time I got there it was unapologetic light attack (A-4Ms and later AV-8Bs).

Korea was a rough time for everyone involved (I deployed to Pohang about thirty years later, and it still sucked), and Williams notably put his career on hold for three years of service. Fine gentlemen . . . RIP.

Old Lurker

"2) When he became a politician, he was as corrupt as that mutherfukking parking lot maven from Cleveburg, Metzenbaum. Keating Five anyone?"

Speaking of John McCain...

Miss Marple the Deplorable

David French Verified account

Imagine, Republicans, what you would think after losing a close election, then finding out Russia was interfering on Hillary's behalf.
This is one of the NeverTrump people on a mission to make sure Trump's reputation is smeared. This is also why National Review is dead to me.

henry - drunk on prog tears

Miss M, sounds like a Russian plant.

buccaneer morgan

Is that the Eva green lookalike as atty general,


CNN reporting C.I.A investigating Trump campaign's connection to the F.S.B prior to and during the Presidential campaign.

Of particular interest is Paul Manafort and several communiques exchanged between him and Russian diplomats during the hacking of the D.N.C.

Manafort's personal wealth has more than doubled in the last 18 months. Untill Trump releases his tax returns we won't know his connections to the Kremlin.

Was money exchanged?


The re-writing of the Republican platform by by pro-trumpers to aid Putin's ambitions in the Ukraine will also come under deep deep investigation.

The investigation is said to go on for the next 3 years.

Hillary Clinton now leading Trump in popular vote by 2.9 million votes.

Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

jimmyk, That excerpt is true for individuals in the ME that question Islam & want to flee.

Nowhere to run to.

The leftist push to give Islam some kind of protected status is poison to our society & for those wanting to escape Islam.

Are individuals that are cultural Muslims but not religious ALLOWED to abandon that faith? Why is our government being a protector/champion for the religion of Islam?

I knew our efforts in Afghanistan were doomed when I read that a shipment of Bibles were burned.
Aren't those individuals ALLOWED to even be exposed to different ideas?
Islam is a poison.

Old Lurker

Good job, Pope.

Sure makes me want to join up.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Perusing the replies to French's tweet, several people think that the Russians will leak RNC emails.

I imagine something will show up but it will be faked so as to sow more doubt and confusion.

We definitely are in a war. I am certain Trump is aware, so moving ahead with both popular actions like Carrier and the rallies, while taking opportunities to show himself unthreateneing (meeting with DiCaprio, Gore, DeBlasio, etc.) will help.


"Speaking of John McCain..."

I read that McCain's sins re Keating 5 were pretty minor, but he was thrown in with the rest at Dem insistence because the other four were all D, so that it wouldn't be a D-only scandal.

I can't confirm this, but it sounds like something the Party of Stoopid would go along with.

Captain Hate

The re-writing of the Republican platform by by pro-trumpers to aid Putin's ambitions in the Ukraine will also come under deep deep investigation.

Fuck you, Junior. Zippy bent over for Vlad on his Ukraine invasion and didn't expend an iota of energy to stop it.

Old Lurker

Jimmy, if you persist in saying anything nice about McCain, I will have to add you to my Troll List.



bucc@9:36, she's Minister of Justice, maybe that's the equivalent of AG. I see the resemblance.

Old Lurker

This is a metaphor for the difference between Progs and Producers.

NYP: "Hillary Clinton and her supporters spent a record $1.2 billion for her losing presidential campaign — twice as much as the winner, Donald Trump, according to the latest records."

buccaneer morgan

David French, 'don't know about him, better check the cables'

Cecil Turner

Glenn and McCain were both "cleared of impropriety but criticized for poor judgment." Of the two, McCain had more connection with Keating (and his wife was a Keating investor), but Keating was also his constituent. Judgment call between the two, but the other three were clearly worse.

buccaneer morgan

And she inspires the kind of total prog madness that the huntress does over there.

buccaneer morgan

Haaretz, a belfry of nazguls itself illustrates the problem.

Cecil Turner

I'm actually more irritated with both of them for their later stands on related subjects. After the Clintons took campaign cash from China, Glenn helped block contressional investigations (led not terribly well by Fred Thompson), and McCain used the opportunity to push for campaign finance reform (which failed in that iteration, but became McCain/Feingold later).

Imagine a world where the Clintons got a well-deserved corruption conviction in 1996-7.


Recalling the recent OSU attack, and how unarmed ex-military students reflexively stationed themselves by the door in order to,protect classmates if it came to that, well, this is just sad.

Loyola Professor Calls Cops on Student Because He’s Wearing His Police Officer Uniform
Given how busy we have been this past week, including today, I showed up to class late and was still in full uniform because I didn’t have time to change.” he wrote, “Obviously, being in full police uniform, I was armed.” He says that a “fellow classmate complained to the professor of their uncomfortableness of having an armed police officer in the class”—even though he has sat in the same class for six weeks, so the student would have known who he was.

His professor then called the police, but Collins says he was “not privileged to either of these conversations as they took place behind my back.” His professor then approached him and informed him that they had called the police, but the police never came because Collins was perfectly within the law.
Collins, who works in the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, points out in his Facebook post that it is incredibly ironic that the reaction to being scared of a police officer is to call the police. He also writes that “as a police officer, I feel as though I must hide my profession in order to obtain a fair education.”

Captain Hate

Palmieri has to own wasting all that money on horrible ads, including the one with the Hag hectoring people because she wasn't 50 points ahead and reminding the voters just how unlikeable she was. It was easily the worst major campaign I've seen and anyone claiming otherwise is either dumb or lying.

buccaneer morgan

This whole brouhaha, reminds of the notion that the ubl tape in 2004, was a bush endorsement.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

But wasn't John Glenn a democrat, jimmyk?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Never mind, jimmyk. I misread.

Need more coffee!!


Ig at 6:57--gold absolute gold!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


It's amusing to me that the CIA, the go-to villain on the left for decades, is suddenly the font of all wisdom concerning the election.


We watched the film "Suffragette" last night about Emily Davison et al. That Hillary claims to be a champion of woman, when compared to the bravery and sacrifice of people like Emily, is pathetic. She never did a damn thing to help anybody but herself. Karma's a bitch and all that.

Jack is Back!(On his iPhone)

On the Navy tailgate bus to Baltimore w/ Mrs. JiB and Frederick for The Game. Go Navy beat Army

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Army has a locker set up for Trump:


New York Times makes a feeble attempt to debunk "Pizzagate" selectively addressing very little of the collective overwhelming evidence.

They will not fair well in a debate. LOL

Dissecting the #PizzaGate Conspiracy Theories


This is all CIA operations. We dont even know who the director is; she an in country embed reporter with mercy? We'll never know who is running the show, smokestack, leaks, counter intelligence/terror. Dems lost. CIA operations officer lost. Destroy voting. Sue everything(its all lawyers like clinton1, obambi, clinton2, etc.).

Leaks are all arranged like DoS cable system, clinton personal servers, etc. We need to know who the director is and her predilictions.

buccaneer morgan

Yes what's up with bradshaw, or their starting lineup.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Ayalet Shaked

JM Hanes

From Miss Marple's Mcclatchy article:

President Obama honored 21 recipients during his last Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony at the White House Tuesday. "Everybody on this stage has touched me in a very powerful, very personal way," Obama said.
No matter what happens in the future, Obama will always have himself.

I hope you have big, big fun JiB. I certainly hope to attend that game one of these days.

And my wish for big fun is genuine but so is my hope that it is topped off with a big fat overdue "L" tagged to you and the Navy/Marine team.

#GoArmyBeatNavy #BlackKnightsOfTheHudson


I have a request. If anyone here has any experience counseling people who have lost a loved one to suicide I would appreciate the advice. Got a phone call last night that one of our groomsmen had taken his life. Apparently suffering from depression and wife had acceded to his wishes not to share with anyone.

Late 50s. Wife and 2 kids in mid-20s.


SPLC Admits Leaving 2,000 Anti-Trump Incidents Against White Kids Out Of 'Hate Crimes' Report

All the more reason to spend caring about the SPLC than I do now, which is not at all.


There are no recommendations that change anything, rse.

If I were to do anything different, after the wedding, I would have moved away. Far away.

Everything is a reminder.

Good luck to the survivors. I will pray.


Imagine, Republicans, what you would think after losing a close election, then finding out Russia was interfering on Hillary's behalf.

If I found that Russia *was* interfering on Nullary's behalf, I wouldn't like it, true. But French is assuming the conclusion that Russia has actually interfered on Trump's behalf.


I am clipping and pasting iggy's 6:57 in its entirety here because it should not be missed. So much goodness in one thread, OL's at 9:21 pretty great as well.
Thanks, guys.

1. The irony is rich when the guy who enabled foreign donors to illegally contribute to his campaign and a woman who receives cash in wheelbarrows from the communist Chinese raise this claim.
2. The irony is richer in that both Barry and Clinton have tried to influence elections not of our enemies but our allies like the UK and Israel and Honduras.
3. The irony is even richier that Trump is simultaneously liable to start a nuclear war with the Russians and entirely far too chummy with the Russians.
4. The irony is richest that for Dems, depending on the circumstances, our intelligence agencies are clairvoyant, unreliable, vital to our survival or death to our survival.
5. Whoever contributed to keeping that unstable, corrupt nutjob Hillary out of the white house, a thousand thanks.

End Quote

henry - drunk on prog tears

PD, that missing bit on Russian interference: "evidence." Not needed for lefty narratives on white priviledge, or BLM, or gun control, or baby part sales, etc.

JM Hanes

I have to say, I really hope this is just a trial balloon that bursts: Exxon Mobil Chief Rises as Trump’s Choice for Secretary of State.

Old Lurker

Iggy's 6:57 was good, I agree. But so was his 8:53.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Some of the NeverTrumpers are so invested in being "right" about Trump that they will swallow leftist talking points in the forlorn hope that we will reject Trump.

Cecil Turner

I think the leaks are ample evidence for Russian interference, and they are definitely not our friends. However, I strongly suspect the motivation was not to elect Trump, which undoubtedly made our country stronger, but to undermine Hillary and make her weaker and our country/government more divided. And I'd bet they wish they hadn't played.

I also doubt they were anything like the main event. The Comey back-and-forth was certainly more damaging and persuasive. And the most important factor was none of the above: Trump campaigned energetically in swing states right up to the end, and HRC just mailed it in. And anyway, who cares? Ain't like we're going to have a "do over."

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Don't know what to make of that Exxon guy. I can see he has had foreign experience, but there are a lot of people with that same type of experience from other multi-national corporations.

The others on the list are Corker, Romney, a former head of Ford, Bolton, and admiral whose name I don't remember, and perhaps some others I have forgotten.

I hope whoever gets the post Bolton or Richard Grenell will be names as deputies (possibly both) as they know where the bodies are buried.

Cecil Turner

If he is in fact a supporter of the Paris climate change agreement, that's close to a disqualifier. And I'd still prefer a Russian hard liner (though am resigned that I'm unlikely to get one).

Old Lurker

If they can do this to fishermen:


Should they not also require a third party for profit inspector be stationed at every mom & pop retail store that sells things for cash just to be sure it gets onto the tax returns?

Shouldn't my lawn guy have a third party paid inspector on every crew to verify green cards?

I know. Shouldn't every politician have to pay a third party inspector to approve every single donation he receives.

I swear...reading this or listening to Gina McCarthy and you really do get a sense of how deep is the hole we are in.


Help us rebuild NRO.



Beasts of England

David French can eat a bag of dicks.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Sundance's take on the Russian controversy:



For those interested in the hacking issue, VICE network is currently running a series called Cyberwar. They recently ran a whole bunch of episodes because my Genie picked up 13 of them in a couple days. I've watched three of them so far, they've been pretty interesting.

There is one on tonight, 6PM Central, on Israel's rise in the cyber sphere.

In my area, VICE is DirecTV channel 271, but I imagine it varies regionally.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I will donate a gallon of nitroglycerin and a banana peel to help rebuild NRO.

Beasts of England

Thanks for that locker room photo, Miss Marple!! Papa Beasts (Class of '50) would approve!

Go Army!!


Some of the NeverTrumpers are so invested in being "right" about Trump that they will swallow leftist talking points in the forlorn hope that we will reject Trump.

Unfortunately for the NeverTrumpers, there is far less reason to reject him than there is to accept what they say about him.

As far as I can tell, he has done much more for the mood and trajectory of this country in the few weeks since the election, BEFORE coming into office, than they have in decades.

JM Hanes

Miss Marple:

I do think the SoS post requires someone who understands energy, because that's absolutely central to understanding Russia and China, but I don't think it's a good idea to start right out with U.S. foreign policy mired in the controversy that is sure to erupt from that choice.

Much as I've been enjoying watching climate changers heads exploding, the existing, not just potential, conflicts of interest that would come with A Tillerson appointment are ginormous. The hearings, of course, will be a circus to end all circuses, and while I don't mind pushing Democrat buttons, I don't think that spectacle will do anything to burnish the U.S. leadership role or reassure our allies. The press & Dems will be shooting at whomever Trump appoints, but I don't see what you gain from handing them the ammunition that could seriously compromise your choice.

Beasts of England

Damned right, PD!

Continuing Resolution to Fund the Government: Yes December 8, 2016 Vote Notes on Legislation

Continuing Resolution to Fund the Government: Yes.

Hopefully, this is the last continuing resolution that we will see. Like those before it, it spends too much, abandons Congress’ fundamental responsibility to superintend the nation’s finances, and circumvents the normal budget process. But it also gets us out of the debt, doubt and despair of the Obama administration into the prosperity, hope and promise of the Trump era. It will give our new President enough time to change the spending priorities that will fund the remainder of the fiscal year and set our course toward solvency and prosperity in the years ahead. This alone gets it past my gag reflex.



LOL, Ig!


And anyway, who cares? Ain't like we're going to have a "do over."

This possibility hasn't crossed your mind?: The reason Obama wants the result on his desk before he leaves office so that he can declare the election void. I put nothing past him.


Headline: Trump transition team for Energy Department seeks names of employees involved in climate meetings


Naturally, The Daily Screech presents it as a witch hunt. I look at it as, why recruit your enemies?

Old Lurker

"The hearings, of course, will be a circus to end all circuses"

My dream sequence:

January 20. Inauguration has just ended.

The Senate retires to it's Chamber. Pence presides.

In the well are standing every Trump appointee who requires Senate Confirmation.

Pence asks if any of the appointees knows of any reason why he/she should not serve. No hands are raised.

Pence moves for blanket approval.

They are all approved 52:48 and Pence orders them all to get to work.

I can dream, right?


I put nothing past him


JM Hanes

It occurs to me that Obama's hacking investigation may go the way of all the other "investigations" he's undertaken. I can see this as throwing a sop to the Hillary faction, who want to go on believing they really won the election, and he might be up for trying to delegitimize the next Prez, but does anyone really think the Intel folks really want to advertise what they do and don't know about what the Russians are or are not doing?


"Obama wants the result on his desk before he leaves office so that he can declare the election void."

And what? Barricade the White House on Jan. 20th?

henry - drunk on prog tears

PD, names of people involved in climate meetings? Of course. And the IRS landing team should ask for names of people involved in Tea Party tax exemption meetings. Let's shine light on deep government.

JM Hanes

Woudn't it be loverly, OL?


MM,re: the children's books. I ordered a Winnie the Pooh Classic Treasury for our grand nephew and a Beatrix Potter Classic Treasury for our grand niece. I depended on the Amazon reviews. Some versions of the books are either edited,poorly illustrated or just plain cheap. I skimmed thru both books before wrapping and mailing. I was pleased with the the illustrations of Winnie and Peter Rabbit.

Old Lurker

More importantly, JMH, why would any Intel person or agency get out of bed to assist anything the soon-to-be-ex Boss wants them to do just to make life miserable for the new Boss?

Not a resume enhancer.


PD,the Vice Channel is interesting. Very weird,but interesting. :)

Cecil Turner

Never heard of French, but looking through his articles I see a nice one on Glenn (with the same title as this post), and this one on the situation Trump is inheriting in Iraq/Syria that I think's pretty good. He also has one on the recent union leader tweet kerfuffle that isn't.

The reason Obama wants the result on his desk before he leaves office so that he can declare the election void.

Yeah, good luck with that. Might cement his place as the worst POTUS ever, but other than that . . .


Marlene. Agreed. I only watch Cyberwar from there. One of those things I came across scanning the menu listing one day.


JMH: And what? Barricade the White House on Jan. 20th?

At a minimum, I expect him to use the investigation outcome as ammunition in attempting to delegitimize the election of his successor.

Old Lurker

New last line of my dream:

They are all approved 52:48 and Pence informs them that President Trump has called them all to the Cabinet Room at 4PM to discuss their plans for the next morning and for their first week at their new jobs.

JM Hanes

That too, OL, although they didn't mind undercutting GWB even after he took the oath of office. Of course, Bush never showed much enthusiasm for draining swamps, alas.


MM: I noticed years ago that the Narnia books have been reordered into chronological order (not the order in which C.S. Lewis wrote them). I'm not sure what the reason is, but it seems an unnecessary dumbing down, as though young minds nowadays are incapable of appreciating a multi-book story arc that moves back and forth through time.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I don't doubt that Obama would like to nullify the election, but he hasn't the power to do so.

Absent declaring martial law due to a fake national emergency, he cannot do a damn thing. A fake national emergency would be pretty hard to gin up. The "Russian interfering" line is getting plenty of pushback right now. A last-minute report would be gone over with a fine-tooth comb by a bunch of people on the internet, and there would be whistle-blowers and defections from within the intelligence communities.

It cannot be lost on the intel people that a billionaire would have personal resources to protect family and find one a new job.

I am not particularly concerned, except for the annoyance factor.

henry - drunk on prog tears

French did write a few articles on the pre dawn John Doe raids in Wisconsin. His nevertrump activities are a disappointment.

James D

That would be beautiful, OL.


BTW, I know I sound a bit like I'm wearing my tinfoil hat. But Obama has proven he cannot be trusted with anything to do with governance. Jan 21. cannot come soon enough.


On more everyday matters, who do we like: The Jackrabbits or the Bison?

JM Hanes


I think he's ambivalent about which way to jump. He wants to keep his perks as the leader of the Democratic Party, but he also doesn't want to look like a total asshole in the history books. Trump has also done just enough sucking up for Obama to wonder whether he should position himself as Trump's critic or his mentor. Shoot, given Trump's celebrity status, Obama might even end up angling for invites to White House dinners.... or a few rounds of golf replete with all that ego boosting security.


He already looks like an asshole in my history book.


I know I sound a bit like I'm wearing my tinfoil hat.

The next stage of this affliction is thinking that everone else, who doesn't see your valid points as being obvious, must be wearing the tinfoil hat.



Interesting Jackrabbits scoring play.


I can't think of anything BOzo has done that would inspire Trump to call upon him for advice or invite him to the WH unless every living POTUS is invited too.


Trump has also done just enough sucking up for Obama to wonder whether he should position himself as Trump's critic or his mentor.



TK, so you admit it, then? :-)

JM Hanes

In fact, I'm willing to peg the possibility we'll be seeing pix of Trump and Obama playing golf come spring at 100%.

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