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December 20, 2016



TM, it might have dropped there. no necessarily a cabinet under the sink, could be a shelf thing.


Also, he was shot in Moscow.


Probably the only thing that Russia, China, Iran, and ISIS agree on is that they didn't take more advantage of Obama these last 8 years than they now realize they could have.


If Mr Cronin reflects the quality of Presidential security briefings, no wonder Trump ignores them. What a tangled pile of nonsense tossed out to hide a pedestrian (at best) mind.


9 select congressional investigations into Benghazi and McTurtle and his chinky wife won't allow ONE into the Russian hack designed to install the Kremlin's preferred candidate into the White House.

Obviously something's there that neckless don't want us to find.

Everyone already knows that Trump colluded with the ruskies to co-ordinate an attack on the United States- it's not as if it's a big f'fing secret outside of the South.

Look,we'll just have to spend the next 4 years digging......with the help of CBS newscorp,the NYT etc etc etc.....digging digging digging......a morsel here....a tidbit there.....dig dig dig........a disproven story or 2 just to keep it front and center.

Did dig dig.

Another Bob

Henry, from the previous thread, thanks. I'll have a look.

Please pass along my regards to Chitown Lurker. I miss his contributions here.


dublindave: No, everyone knows the Dems are trying, through poor use of the English language, to tie the real Russian hacking with an implied hacking of vote totals that did not happen.

Obama has pretty much said what the Russian hacking amounts to -- the wikileaks stuff. And the timeline for that doesn't make sense, if Trump was helping. A treasonous Donald would have been more interested in a GOP hack in March-April 2016, because that would have proved all the collusion against him.

Who ever thought the Joe McCarthy bug would have bit the Democrats? At long last, DD, have you no decency?


Note that all presstitutes saying they can't find a motive for the truck massacre in Ger. are the same ones who are absolutely sure the rooskies tampered with the US election. Why is that?


The Demon Rats used McCarthy's tactics before there was a McCarthy.



If I remember my Krazy Kat comics correctly, Ignatz could have been called a Demon Rat.


"dublindave: No, everyone knows the Dems are trying, through poor use of the English language, to tie the real Russian hacking with an implied hacking of vote totals that did not happen"


"Obama has pretty much said what the Russian hacking amounts to -- the wikileaks stuff"

Wrong! Wanna go for 3?

"A treasonous Donald...."

That's literally the only thing you've gotten right thus far(oh, and my poor use of English....like that's a revelation).

"At long last, DD, have you no decency"

Have you no sense of fucking irony? You guys pushed for 9 Congressional investigations into a bullshit charge that produced nothing that we didn't already know from the first one(except how to waste millions of taxpayers money).

We just want one select investigation to explore an attack on the United States of America. An attack I might add that the President-elect himself encouraged. That's the very definition of Treason.Can we just get one in-depth, wide ranging investigation.

Choosing between country and party should be a lot more painful.

Account Deleted

"Everyone already knows that Trump colluded with the ruskies "


Evidence, DubbaDubbaDooDoo.... At some point you must give a rat's patoot that you are being ridiculously childish.

You remind me of characters in my childhood like the infamous Doxie Frazier. He was the runt in an 8 brother brood. And he was the baby of the family.

He'd make stuff up just to wind the older brothers' watches. And he'd keep it up. One time he had set up his pup tent in the backyard. He lifted all of the frozen donuts out of Mom's freezer and blamed it on his older brother Clem.

Clem denied it. Doxie kept runnin his mouth even after he'd got whupped for his crime. Clem told him to chill and stop being a wee gherkin. Doxie kept it up.

Clem finally poured kerosene all over Doxie's pup tent with him inside it. Torched it. Doxie got out as fast as his fat six year old feet could move him.

You have earned a new Jom d' Plume DD: you are now DoxieDave to me.

It's just a matter o' time.

Account Deleted

"An attack I might add that the President-elect himself encouraged. That's the very definition of Treason."

DoxieDave: This makes my 18th request that you cite sources, chapter and verse, where you demonstrate to the world your allegation is rooted in fact.

Please, cite facts.



OK, you say I am wrong. Care to prove your leftist bonafides and prove it with something other than rhetoric? I am referring to Obama's press conference, where he ties the hacking to Russia, brags about talking to Vlad about it, and indicating his discussion had results, because there weren't any additional problems. Did he say something else to indicate there was really a deeper darker truth?

(And what you want, my friend, is Donald Trump to somehow be rendered unbable to govern. Truth is really secondary to that end. Partisans have their uses, because you guys find the things us more moderate sorts would prefer to overlook. But even a partisan has to make some effort to provie his case, lest he face the threat of scroll on by.)

Account Deleted


More glad tidings for public pensioners-to-be.

Jim Eagle


Thanks for showing up. It reminded me I have a new bottle of Jameson's I need to test to make sure it is fit for Christmas eve.

We always have fish, seven ways, on Christmas eve with 3 great whites. But settle in under the spell of Irish Whisky.

A tradition from my grandmother from Tuam.

henry - drunk on prog tears

Fireworks Market in Tultepec Mexico exploded.

JM Hanes

Utterly opaque analysis?

I'd say it's transparently of a piece with this Administration's effort to tag Trump with the disastrous consequences of Obama's foreign policy failures in Asia, generally, but China in particular. Obama is desperately praying that he'll be able to slink out of office without being tripped up by any of the inevitable results. Just in case you don't recognize Patrick Cronin's parent organization:

Founded in 2007, the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) is widely considered to be an important source of national security and military analysis for the Obama administration, particularly with respect to counterinsurgency strategy (COIN).....

CNAS’ leading role in Obama-era policy-making was highlighted when in 2009 the organization’s cofounders—Michele Flournoy and Kurt Campbell—as well as several other CNAS scholars were tapped to serve in the administration.

It's butt covering all the way down, and has been for months.

Just as inking an "historic" agreement with Iran superseded every strategic interest we might have had in the Middle East; so too, getting China to sign onto his climate change agenda drove Obama policy in Asia. China knew that and they have been rolling Obama in foreign policy okie doke from day one.

That there is your Obama Legacy: the Iran Deal and the Paris Climate Agreement -- two worthless non-treaties, with the U.S. turned beggar to get 'em, leaving chaos in its wake.

Account Deleted

"We just want one select investigation to explore an attack on the United States of America. An attack I might add that the President-elect himself encouraged. "

BHo has ordered a "review" as DNI Dapper Clapper calls it.

BHo pledged his own (partisan) investigation. House Intel Committee Go-To Guy Rep Devon Nunes (R-CA) has been asking the CIA-FBI-NSA to brief the committee.

But, the Congressional Harlotry Alliance of Pelosi-McCain-Graham are calling for a Joint Senate Committee to investigate on the scale of the Bogus 9-11 Investigation (ramrodded by Jamie Gorelick and Sandy Berger--- Clintoonerz).

Nunes called out their chicanery.

It speaks to this "all we want" nonsense of yours, Doxie Dave.

What you want is to hamstring the presidency based on a false allegation.

Of course, the Left is making up the lie and screams that we must stop everything until we can *prove* the lie is false.

And then move the goalpost until they can find something else tragically wrong with Trump so he can be removed from office.

Here's the sitch with Nunes and DNI Clapper the Clown:

"House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-California, who is heading up the House probe on Russia's efforts to interfere with the US election, called the decision by the Intelligence Community -- which is run by appointees of President Barack Obama -- to delay a briefing for his panel on the issue "unacceptable."

He also suggested the spy agencies were playing politics.

"The Committee is deeply concerned that intransigence in sharing intelligence with Congress can enable the manipulation of intelligence for political purposes.

The Committee will continue its efforts and will insist that we receive all the necessary cooperation from the relevant leaders of the Intelligence Community," Nunes said in a statement late Wednesday.

Nunes' committee reached out to four federal agencies on Tuesday -- the CIA, the FBI, the National Security Agency and Office of the Director of National Intelligence -- to summon them to brief the committee Thursday.

But the CIA told the panel that it was too busy working on the investigation that Obama ordered to brief the members of the committee, according to a source familiar with the discussions."

Old Lurker

KK, if you talk to the Trolls, you own em...

JM Hanes

LOL! It's as though DuDa is playing the telephone game with himself:

"Everyone already knows that Trump colluded with the ruskies to co-ordinate an attack on the United States-"

With every iteration the fish he thinks he's caught gets bigger. Asking him for evidence is a waste of metaphorical breath. Like his follow progs, he's been free-basing this stuff for years.

Account Deleted

"Fireworks Market in Tultepec Mexico exploded."

ROTFLMMFAO.... reminds me of the fireworks dump in Sausalito when it exploded on one 4th of July about 10 years or so ago.

We can watch fireworks displays around the Bay from our deck perched 400 feet above bay level, overlooking the Golden Gate, the City skyline, Mt. Tamalpais, Alcatraz, Tiburon.... the whole shot.

The displays are time synched so as not to upstage. Sausalito usually kicks off. From our vantage point Sausalito sets "behind" to the west of Angel Island. Things were going well when all of a sudden it was as if someone had called in a Warthog strike.... KA-BLOOEY... it went on for six minutes.

Must say it was more entertaining than the orchestrated usual. Was more like a demolition derby. Rousing fun.

What can a say? There are pyrotechnics and there are pyromaniacs like moi.

Old Lurker

JMH "...two worthless non-treaties..."

Now JMH. "Worthless" implies a value of zero.

I would say both are hugely costly to the US, therefore insert any negative value you like. And I would say both are immensely valuable to our enemies so any large positive value from their perspective would be appropriate.

Any way you slice them, they ain't "worthless"!


JM Hanes

Alas, I'm afraid that's touché, Old Lurker.

Account Deleted

OL---- I pick and choose. I SOB. DD never replies anyways. It's target practice.


Old Lurker

Low hanging fruit, JMH. You were looking the other way...

Old Lurker

Target practice works for me, Kev. Fire away so long as you realize it is only for yourself since engaging any of our top five culprits is akin to talking to a wall.


"Thanks for showing up. It reminded me I have a new bottle of Jameson's I need to test to make sure it is fit for Christmas eve"

Last night I finished off an entire bottle of Dewars 12 yr old scotch I got for a Christmas Present. Complete utter f'fing shit! Who makes this saccharine crap? Obviously I did drink the entire bottle. As the man says: "there's a special rung in hell reserved for people who waste good scotch".

But Christ almighty, I feel like my last remaining 8 teeth just gave up their enamel defenses.


"And what you want, my friend, is Donald Trump to somehow be rendered unbable to govern"

Jeese, give a troll a break. I get these email directives 4 times a week on stuff I'm supposed to put into the digital ether- it's probably all bullshit,that's the way these political types operate..... and I'm not supposed to debate. Maybe you're right.It's above my paygrade man.

Go Trump!!!!!


"OL---- I pick and choose. I SOB. DD never replies anyways. It's target practice"

I try but I usually end up falling asleep around 26 minutes into one of your posts. If you're gonna make em so long you've got to throw in a couple of gags, like aul DD does.Even a bit of blue language, just to wake up the punters.Come on man,jazz it up a bit!!!!!

henry - drunk on prog tears

DuDa, you look forward to working for Ellison?

henry - drunk on prog tears

OK, from the guys at Reddit, that deal we sent a plane with a billion cash on pallets? Not binding, Iran didn't sign it. That's how lame Obama and Kerry are.

Account Deleted


Wasting no time.

Jim Eagle

Ready for the College Championship playoffs?

Washington v. Alabama. A great rivalry since 1926. Changed college football as we now know it.


Use the Google trick.

Account Deleted

Doxie Dave--- I liken my style, when it comes to you, something similar to blunt force trauma.

Also, someday there will be explorers mining these stacks and they'll be looking for clues as to what was running through the minds of thinking people... as opposed to what was running out of the ears of Lefties like yourself.

It's not *all* about you. :)


Captain Hate

More rocket surgery being practiced:


Jim Eagle


Of course the dense Dunham probably doesn't realize those are her mother's sentiment also.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Everyone seems to conveniently have forgotteen how many Muslim Brotherhood agents are currently within the government, beginning weith th ehead of the CIA himself, if you ask me.

Who is Brennan really working for? THAT is a question I would ask. And I wouldn't be a bit polite about it, either.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Does anyone remember (Captain Hate especially might) when the head of the horde told us we whould all watch the execrable Dunham;s show on HBO because it was a thing?

I do. Like Pepe, I member.

Captain Hate

Jack, if I were Lena Dunham's father I'd be wearing a hair shirt when I wasn't scourging myself.

Beasts of England

Thanks, JiB! We still reference that game in our fight song. The MVP was future Western film star Johnny Mack Brown.

Captain Hate

I'm sure I tuned out of that one, Miss Marple, like everything else the ewok has to say about popular culture other than the MFM.

henry - drunk on prog tears

Not even Duda gets drunk enough to put Dunham in that position.

Beasts of England

Lena's father is likely the genesis of her problems. He's a freak. And not the good kind...

Morning in America again

Will all due respect to the '26 game, I submit the game that changed college ball forever was the 1970 USC v. Alabama when Sam 'Bam' Cunningham and backfield taught the 'Bear' the meaning of integration.

Captain Hate

Unintentional comedy club:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

If I remember correctly, Dunham's father paints borderline pornographic pictures.

And they are not the Vargas type. They are very graphic.

How is it that such mentally warped people get to have such influence over our popular culture? Who is it that selects people like this for promotion and fame? What is going on?

Jim Eagle


If you turn off your TV or only watch the Weather Channel or an old movie from time to time, they will eventually go away. Oh, shit, forget the Weather Channel and stick to movies and ETWN.

Culturally and socially we are assaulted by the left and their agenda. Nothing Trump can do but make us more cognizant of the left's insinuating agenda.

Captain Hate

I just looked at some recent paintings on Carroll Dunham's website; they're very cartoonish and reflect a not particularly bright junior high male concept of sexuality.


That there is your Obama Legacy: the Iran Deal and the Paris Climate Agreement -- two worthless non-treaties, with the U.S. turned beggar to get 'em, leaving chaos in its wake.

Related. A Wretchard post from 2014 - https://pjmedia.com/richardfernandez/2014/12/19/reading-the-small-print/

"Mark Lander of the New York Times describes how president Obama has ‘mastered the art of secret negotiations’. “What the Cuba, Iran and China talks have in common — aside from their cloak-and-dagger allure — are a small team of negotiators, strict discipline and tight control by the White House.” A less charitable description might use the words “deceit”, “amateurism” and “bad faith” to characterize the White House’s efforts.

--They also attest to Mr. Obama’s willingness to entrust historic projects to close aides, some of whom are young and have little experience in diplomacy.

In the case of Cuba, the entire American delegation consisted of two White House officials, one of whom, Benjamin J. Rhodes, is a 37-year-old speechwriter who has worked for Mr. Obama since his 2008 campaign and has become an influential voice in the administration. The Iran and China negotiations were also led by trusted Obama aides.-- "

Captain Hate

This just keeps getting better:


pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

" The Iran and China negotiations were also led by trusted Obama aides.-- ""

Should read IMO, "The Iran and China sellouts----"

henry - drunk on prog tears

That Mexico fireworks explosion: 27 dead, 70 injured. (So far)

Jim Eagle

The left wants to revise and change all history to their own misguided and misappreciated version. Why can't history be what it is? You cannot change the past but you can influence the future.

They want to change the past to influence the future. As a result they become obsolete. But they don't know that now.

buccaneer morgan

Wok Doesnt get the Batman films either.

In answer to your other question, sd 6, that was the criminal consortium that false flagged a CIA operation.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

And now, a few words from Vladimir Putin. I have to say, if I lived in Germany now I would be looking east.


Jim Eagle

Let me state that I am a white man and privledged in the fact that I have and education, a former job, worked, never took subsistence of any kind and am now gladly retired.

For that, I want to apologize to diverse America, especially the african-american community and especially those who are on crack, do some bad deeds, blame me and the police and just don't give a shit about work or making their lives better. And to their extended family of boys and girls without parents.

Also, to the many diverse nationalities here illegally who think they are now here legaly because their false prophet said so, let me apologize for your ignorance and his.

But most importantly, as a white male, let me apologize to Hollywood, Broadway, the New York Times and WAPO for existing. Because without me you'd have nothing to write about.

buccaneer morgan

Cronin among his other accomplishments was fashioning millennium challenge acounts? At aid.

The force awakens, set a high bar, but rogue one, was adequate. One their script writers really need shock collars.

henry - drunk on prog tears

Kellyanne Conway moving to DC. Per Fox News.


JOM wine folks - what's the mail order company that gets mentioned here? Last Bottle or something like that? I'd like to send two nice bottles to my bro, preferably not Californian as he lives there. Thanks!

henry - drunk on prog tears

Wiener laptop warrant. PDF format, some redaction.

buccaneer morgan

Yes that's the one, porch,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Had one of those awkward text conversations with a good friend who moved to Kentucky.
We were great friends of them both out here.
After they moved she revealed the husband was a porn addict and emotionally abusive and a narcissist or something (they're both therapists). They eventually divorced.
She's always been somewhat liberal but not weirdly so. He seemed pretty apolitical.
I happened upon his FB page where his home pic was a safety pin and he had some whiny comments and links to that crackpot Occupy Democrats page I mentioned.
I asked her if he had always been such a commie expecting our usual conversation.
She texted back that lots of people who lost family in the Holocaust are scared (his family is Jewish though he claims to be a Christian).
And she went on and on about how she and her new husband are going to lose their health insurance and are going to die and how this is the worst kind of Darwinism and how this isn't her Gospel, which I take to mean I'm following a false one.
Not being a hypocrite I am following my own advice and not taking this crap anymore.
I will be neither rude nor unchristian but I will not let even good friends say this stuff any longer without attaching a cost to it.
I'll let you know how it goes.


Good for you, Iggy.

Let them bear the social cost of their BS. Your friendship is by far a greater loss to them than vice versa.


Thanks, narciso!


Something called wine legacy writes me daily with wine deals.

Beasts of England

That's it, Porch.

~ ~ ~

So the driver of the truck that killed all those people at the Christmas market in Germany got away? That's beyond belief.


Wine dot com is also a great site. K&L, too.

Jim Eagle



You have to be quick. They go quickly especially during the holiday marathon.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The Reddit guys think that they had the real perp but let him go because they don't want to open the Muslim refugee can of worms, and instead will find someone (preferably Russian) to frame.

Since I believe nothing any current government says (except the Poles and the Hungarians) I don't know what to think about that terror attack.

buccaneer morgan

I found that rare Spanish wine, sanson, at total wine and more.


Here, porch:http://www.winelegacy.com/Default.aspx?Source=link

Jim Eagle


I should mention that there are lots of wine sites. You see many sent to you above. One thing about Last Bottle, not all their wines are worth spending money on. They are truly "last bins" and some are pretty terrible. But if you know the likes of your friends and have any confidence in the tasting notes, give them a chance.

I only buy champagnes and port from them because I can work both.

buccaneer morgan

Probably, then again he's not the only one, we take the example of nice, and how many were involved there,

Account Deleted

kudos, iggy. For decades I've heard folks wonder about "how could it have happened?" in reference to Nazi Germany. Indeed. The condemnations and ridicule, isolating comments, etc.... symptoms of how it goes down.




POLITICO's reporting that there's movement among the Trump transition team to make Ivanka Trump the official first lady of the United States.

POLITICO doesn't mention it in the article but obviously Donald and his daughter will have to share a bed, which means Trump just locked up the South for 2020.

Jared must be fuming.

buccaneer morgan

So zoolander shuts down his corner of the arctic seas and zaphod does the same for the Atlantic.


I've bought some cheap "last bin" wines from Last Bottle that were terrific. Their good stuff does go quick, however. Missed some '10 Valdicava Brunello by that much...

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The hardest thing I have done recently is to state that I supported Trump at granddaughter's birthday party. The other relatives (other side of the family) had bought into the MSM idea and except for one brother-in-law who had bothered to do research, everyone was in the "they are both bad" camps. One aunt wasn't going to vote at all.

I made myself speak up and tell them to go to the web site and read his policies and watch some rallies. I said he would be a good president and the best choice.

As it turned out, the grandparents on the other side did that and voted for Trump, and are very happy now he won!

But it IS hard, especially if you are prone to dislike conflict like me. Hang in there. You cannot be ashamed of doing the right thing!

Jim Eagle


You are one lucky man to get good wines from Last Bottle.


"Not even Duda gets drunk enough to put Dunham in that position"

Lena's comments were unartful. She was simply expressing a wish to have an abortion so she would better understand what women who have them go through.

Ironic that people intent on destroying a law that makes healthcare available to 14 million people are complaining about the lack of empathy for human life.

How's the climate denying coming a long? Almost close to dismantling the EPA too, that'll be a big day for you guys. On the Brightside, once the planet is completely uninhabitable there'll be no more abortions.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Why the DNC is failing:



MCC was demanded to 'open up' under the O'Bam💥sters. This means losen standards 'for more diversity' to O'Bam💥sters pals. This also opened up cuts, percentages, pieces of the pie to pals outside of favored countries and regions - ngo s etc. PEPFAR was skewered the same way as congress doubles, triples these budgets for cuts of the program. Yes some are gov entities too. These are republican programs perverted and cash cowed by dems getting even for repubs actually helping people with excellent programs. The Bush ocean preserve still cant really be outdone...


Trump is being progressive in the future of the executive designating a significant other as First SO. Clear.👍 We should be proud of that. They really need to get started on that reno....

Jim "Deflator" McNally
A gun was also reportedly discovered under the sink in the bathroom.
He shot himself in the head, then hid the gun? OK, maybe not impossible, since people sometimes survive head wounds.

You would be surprised what can happen in a bathroom.

buccaneer morgan

Per the previous thread do you have to subtract the operators. When you only have two answer am
NFL how do work larger numbers?

JM Hanes


In a similar vein, I clipped this from one of your comments the other day, and meant to concur with it, myself:

"And while I understand the desire for peaceful Thanksgivings and workplaces, the fact is that desire to humiliate and force acquiescence in the lie is reflected in our personal lives when our prog family, friends and coworkers deliver their political nostrums in a way that dares anyone to disagree. When we decline we are in a small way doing what silent Soviet subjects did."

The willingness to start standing up and pushing back was one of the many unheralded changes wrought by the Tea Party movement. Those of us who tended to keep our conservative views to ourselves discovered that we were not alone, and that there were, in fact, enough of us that we too could converge on the public square and make a difference. I feel like that's when we really started cheering each other on (I may, in fact, be checking in for backup over the holidays!), and we became a movement to be reckoned with.

When people talk about the tea parties as a short lived phenom, or a spent force, I just look at all those state legislatures we've flipped and have to smile. How do they think that happened?


Some $40 Brunello was great. It isn't Salvioni but I don't feel guilty cracking one, either, JiB.


The willingness to start standing up and pushing back was one of the many unheralded changes wrought by the Tea Party movement.

The Birther movement as well.

JM Hanes

Good grief!

Senior U.S. advisers wanted President Barack Obama to accuse Russia of carrying out an “act of war” over purported Russian attempts to influence the U.S. election, NBC News reports.

Classifying the Russian meddling attempts as acts of war carries significant consequences for how the U.S. would have to respond if the reported hacks continue.

“I think declaring something an act of war, let’s face it, is the ultimate red line,” Ret. Adm. James Stavridis told NBC.

Obama instead reportedly told Russian President Vladimir Putin to “cut it out” on the sidelines of the September G20 conference in China.

I'll be glad when the grown-ups roll into town.

In other news, I was interested to see that Michele Flournoy (mentioned in my first post in this thread) has been under consideration for a major Pentagon post:

Michele Flournoy, a possible pick for second in command at the Pentagon, confirmed Monday she does not want to be in the running for the position.

“Given recent media speculation, we wanted to clarify that Michèle Flournoy will remain CEO of [Center for a New American Security], a position in which she has exceeded our highest expectations,” Kurt Campbell, chairman of CNAS’s Board of Directors, said in a statement Monday, according to The Washington Examiner.

“She has the utmost respect for General James Mattis. While she had several conversations with General Mattis about how she could support his success as the nominee for secretary of defense, she has no plans to return to government service at this time,” Campbell said.

Perhaps my assumption of partisan hackery was over-broad. Or perhaps it's that General Mattis is not a partisan.

JM Hanes


As far as I can tell, the Birther "movement" has managed to change almost nothing at all.

buccaneer morgan

Cans has occasionally some solid thinkers, like John nagl, but the pickings are slim after that.


It cleaned up JOM.


I sure am stupid.

Beasts of England

Of the two dozen or so wines I've bought from Last Bottle only one was subpar; an inexpensive Côtes du Rhône, so no real harm. About a third have exceeded expectations from a value perspective. A few have been stunning.

Beasts of England

The law didn't make 'healthcare' available to them, DuDa. It made 'health insurance' available to them, but those terms aren't synonymous.

buccaneer morgan

He wanted a rebuttal, I suppose. The morning consult was reassuring.

henry - drunk on prog tears

That landing team thing on DOE? Obama already politicized it and fired scientists. Seems karma is a bitch for the "scientists" who let that slide because they agree with Obama. Seems a green light to fire any and all that remain.


These appear to be known terrorst assassins, assets that, with the pilly hilly (now, excusing operations) clintoon💱 crash are being cashed in, used to cover loose ends, failures. Going back to the 2010 terrorist attacks there are many theories with little clarity, excepting schooled, trained, government retained experts in intelligence, the intelligence community and counter intelligence, terror. Arguments can be made russians were the target of the assassins as a cash in proxy for other authorities based on governments exercising authorities wuth other governments agreements, possibly precipitating the attack(s). In this type of intragovernmental environment it is difficult to ascertain desired targets and proxies. It may have more to do with intamacies and those subjected to these environments, corners. Post terror operations profiled the terror maker(s).

So, maybe the chinese saw this coming. Other intelligence agencies and communities would too. Involuntary obligated global post terror operations might show countries as targets with some consistencies. Focusing on outright russian assassinations of highly desirable targets and germany, etc. Is more involutary clarification profiling the terror maker(s). Suisse dont make much sense, other than they are a supra democracy.

Overall, the russian assassins are long term in place assets who are being cashed in. If a survivor, like the second death, can be found and chemicalled there should be answers for all. It will give a more intimate perspective. 'Criminals to justice' is much more clear than 'we can and will do stuff.'


"I sure am stupid"

This is serious, man, Ivanka's elevation to first(barf) lady means she'll be taking over the (barf) wifely duties from Melanie. We, the united States of America are going to have to explain to the rest of the world how things work in the great South. Yeah, Yeah yeah, for us it's just another Mississippi family doing their thing and all ya'll, but for people in the Middle-East it's going to seem strange.

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