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December 04, 2016



We already had 8 years of a "dangerously ignorant president." Why do they think 8 more years matter?


Funny, it was not the dangerously ignorant president I was most worried about, but the press that, in its own ignorance, kept him that way.

Account Deleted

Reposting this on the new thread because it's a comment on MM's great observation. Dint want her to miss my comment because she left to do her chores. :)

>>>>Here it is<<<<
MM, as always, you raise an excellent point.

” It occurs to me that we have got to have a wholesale change in the culture.”

I’ve assumed you are referring to the American Republic as it stands today.

My way of understanding what would otherwise be a vague, elusive, hard-to-define concept is to refer to it as the “American Mosaic.”

Each individual American, of any age or station in life, contributes to the American Mosaic.

By my limited understanding of how “wholesale change in the culture” would include me, I’d have to begin at the beginning.

I would undertake a very systematic evaluation of my way of life and the means of survival I’ve come to rely upon, for those are the sources of my contributions to the American Mosaic.

That is how I did it last May with a small group of people I was in communion with for 3 whole weeks.

Those 13 individuals are from West Africa, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and the US.

We shared time discussing how our respective ways of living, our means of survival are impacting the respective cultures of our countries where world communism is at war with people like us.

The American Republic, like their nations, has reached a crossroads.

Wherever I go, in real time or in virtual reality, synchronicity escalates.

I feel it here with JOMers.

Thank you, MM.

Beasts of England

If Trump is dangerously ignorant, how does he keep appointing outstanding people to his cabinet and transition team?


Reposting - didn't see new thread (as usual)

I'm glad to hear you are staying warm, MM. I thought of you at 5 a.m. when the dogs woke me - it is chilly and raining here in Ga.

Prayers for Italian & Austrian voters today. If Italy votes "NO" could lead to leaving the EU.

The Austrian candidate ~

Onlinemagazin ‏@OnlineMagazin 22h22 hours ago
🆘‼️🔥 Presidential election on Sunday in #Austria: the election poster of Norbert Hofer was overwritten with "Christian pigs". #hofer2016

Just looking at bits and pieces it seems the tactics of the left are the same the world over!

henry - drunk on prog tears

Trump is dangerously ignoring the credentialed class. The danger is of an outbreak of freedom and prosperity in N America. Might be catching elsewhere.


Trump strategized his own campaign. He had the RNC focus entirely on the ground game. He saw that PA was ripe for the taking and pushed for activity there when everyone else on his team wanted to ignore it.

Trump will also be strategizing Mad Dog's direction.


Anyone who believes that Trump is "dangerously ignorant" is dangerously ignorant.

henry - drunk on prog tears

LOL. Castro's hearse broke down during parade.

buccr morgan.

How about that, it was already verging on spinal tap, crossed with the soviet themed Wendy's ad.


Remember when Obama said he could do everyone's job better than they could themselves?

A large number of people who've met Trump for the first time say they are surprised at how well he listens.

buccr morgan.

The continental left despised Silvio for what he represented, they had similar reactions to the iron lady, and today to netanyahu.


The last voice of reason was Eat Dog Obama.

I'll take my chances with the Buffoon.

Beasts of England

And this is the New York Times calling someone dangerously ignorant? Could they have been referring to their publisher Pinch Sulzberger - scion of the Ochs-Sulzberger publishing empire? The same 'Pinch' who was denied admission to Columbia Journalism School? One would think that a room-temperature IQ would have provided enough weight on the scale for his admission. All the irony that's fit to print, I guess...


Thanks for the nice comments on the prior thread. Here's the link again for newcomers.http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/12/im_fighting_the_lefts_culture_war_one_bagel_at_a_time.html


CTC did an excellent job yesterday of explaining what is at stake in Italy.

Decision Italy – Italians Vote Tomorrow In Nationalism Referendum…

Posted on December 3, 2016 by sundance


Someone is the comments yesterday said they'd like to watch Sundance on tv debating the lefties. Someone else responded, how do you know you haven't?


Pizzagate: BBC Cover Up Another Huge Pedophile Scandal


Old Lurker

So what are we to think about moving the PA recount to Federal Court?

Beasts of England

Dang, henry - that's the best laugh I've had in a very long time. I'm sure the Yanqui CIA put capitalist imperial sugar in the gas tank. :)


The CTC Italy thread contained a link from an American living in northern Italy who posted a fantastic youtube video, that I posted in the last yesterday, and am going to post again, because it is that good.

Beasts, I hope especially you will watch it. The lady who posted the link is gorgeous, FYI.


Beasts of England

A funny thing, cheerleader: when you first started posting here, I thought that you were Sundance...


While we're reposting from back thread, here's a thoughtful point made by TomB
"I think Hillary and the rest of the Democrat leadership sincerely believed that they had reached their demographic tipping point and that they no longer needed to maintain the pretenses of bi-partisanship, or even legality. Harry Reid nuked the filibuster for presidential appointees, and Schumer threatened it for Supreme Court nominees. And look how bitter and apoplectic Jen Palmeiri was at that Harvard gig. They really thought Republicans had won their last presidential election because they had successfully diluted the electorate."

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Old Lurker


Be Wary

Beasts of England

Nice, cheerleader! The bambina in the orange sweater can hug me anytime she likes. :)


Me Sundance, that is funny!


buccr morgan.

There's a tekegraoh story about an Algerian refugee who despite his terrorist ties, has been soared deportation for 23 years, because he will not give his name.


No kidding, BoE! I liked the trick employed by the guy with the kid on his shoulders.

He let the kid get the free hug so he could jam his head in between her cans.


Captain Hate

Kim Strassel who looks like she had a huge positive makeover: the Carrier deal was crony capitalism and is something governors should do instead of Presidents. Lisa Leher: all of a sudden people are championing the free market. Monica Crowley: Trump is well briefed and Wallace should stop losing his shit over Taiwan. The President should stand for freedom. Juan is crying about the Red Chinese and the State Department being left out. Suck it Juan. Kimberly thinks the State Department turds need to be flushed. Leher says the Harvard get together hurt Jeff Zucker and Nate Silver's feelings. Crowley: if Trump can boost the economy Rodham's followers will all get laughed at.

Jim Eagle

The Times should just pack it up and move to Luxor on the banks of Denial. I for one will enjoy "Living Dangerously" for the next 8 years if it means I get to watch more so called journos like Christine Amnapour's heads explode and reveal nothing more than putty-dough.

BTW, do like we do and make your own cereal: Granola and Museli for us. But you can make a number of tasty cereals. Below is a good starter site.


buccr morgan.

Hugges looks a little like Valeria golino


Mainstream Media Goes Global In Attempting To Kill PIZZAGATE Story



How are my friends of Galt/Right this fine Sunday?

Watch out for those pitchfork tines.

I expect by mid 2017 those Blue Collars should be gettin hot.


Yes. That Carrier Deal. An outstanding example of industrial bribery. Thats his Thing.

buccr morgan.

Yes its like tanks on that doomed lamina flight, they were bone dry

Captain Hate

Jill Stein looks like it's still Halloween. We are only against systemic problems with these new fangled machines. Wallace says it's impossible that the results will change. Jill doesn't understand statistics; she must be some doctor of crystals like DR JILL BIDEN. Wallace nails her with this being a fund raising scam to which she talks about the money will only be used to improve voting security. The same polls that said Rodham in a landslide say people are dissatisfied with the election. Wallace questions why she should claim to speak for everyone; she's looking very nutty. Wallace nails her on libs heads exploding on Trump not accepting results; Dr Nutjob doesn't care what Rodham says and she probably cheated in the primaries.

buccr morgan.

Carlos slims exists in that alt reality like earth 38, bezos and USA today share that zipcode.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am sick of the charge of "croney capitalism" on the Carrier deal.

It is unfounded. It is also not "picking winners and losers."

The STATE offered $7 million in tax abatement over 10 years, which is not giving UT or Carrier money, but letting them keep more of what they earn. (Right there we see that some peoplel, even WSJ types, think that that money belongs to the government.)

Om return, Indiana will get the income tax and sales tax of those 1100 workers each year, which is quite a bit of money. In addition they will not have to be giving those workers unemployment, Medicaid, or food stamps.

This does not count the $16 million plus Carrier will invest in the plant to improve it. The benefit cCarrier gets is keeping a trained work force, reduced corporate taxes and regulations, good will, and free publicity.

This is not crony capitalism. It's working out a deal so everyone benefits: Carrier, workers, state government, and the US economy.

I would like to see many MORE deals exactly like this to keep factories here in the US. It's a damn sight better than just standing and watching while they leave.

Democrats always pretend to be on the side of the working man, except when it comes to actually DOING SOMETHING.

James D.

From the previous threat (CH's recap of Faux News Sunday)

Wallace is being a snotty prick

In other news, water is wet.


Anyone else give books for Christmas? I'm looking for a great book for our history teacher. I usually buy him something new as he has such an extensive library, I don't know what he might already own.

Past years I've given him The Last Lion set by Manchester, Bonhoeffer by Metaxas, 7 Men and the Secret of Their Greatness also by Metaxas The Devil in the White City by Larson.

Any suggestions?


A sweetheart deal to throw kisses with ecstatic delight. Galters heart the Proletariat, lol.


Yes, Momto2,Rebel Yell: The Violence, Passion, and Redemption of Stonewall Jackson is an excellent reading biography.


CH - as always, we thank you for watching and distilling the Sunday "shows" for us. It makes my day much calmer and keeps my blood pressure down!


Thank you, peter! I have not read that so I might have to buy 2 copies. I am actually distantly related to Stonewall Jackson. One of my GGGG (?) grandmothers was his aunt. She had 11 children and every single one (boys and girls) had the middle name Jackson.

Captain Hate

Juan: Pelosi is a great fundraiser and the wimmenz have to be placated after poor Curb Dive lost. Even Juan realizes the fossil donks are a horrible image for the future. Kim: every opposing non lib voices in the donks have been marginalized. They refuse to admit why they lost. Crowley: Keith Ellison is a Jew hating idiot and the donks are insane to consider him to head their party. The donks have written off the working class. Leher: Rodham's people found no systemic reason to challenge results. Juan thinks Stein is trying to finance a third party. Kim: this is Jill's big moment in the spotlight.

The final segment will have a feature on vets and therapy dogs, which is something I'll obviously be less bored with than the usual fare, so I'll just end it with that's a wrap.


The Infrastructure scheme. ..just that.

Privatize into toll roads and watch pepole bid on water, electricity and so on.

Highest bidders get to live...lol.


His problem with China is envy.

It pisses him off they get away with more than HE. Hee hee.


His inaugural gown will symbolize his objective prime;

The deregulation attire will be as naked as the Emperor's new clothes.

Account Deleted


"Three Magic Words" by US Andersen


Beasts of England

lol, Threadkiller and cheerleader!!

Account Deleted

Some firechick is "briefing" the public about the "thoughtful, conscious, mindful, heartbreaking" process of removing debris and trying to locate bodies in the Oakland fire site.

What disturbs me is these administrator cops and fire chief types are choking up and tearing up and repeatedly talking about how emotional the work is....

Who cares about what they are feeling? I for one do not.

What I do care about is *NO ONE* has found the owner of that firetrap... *NO ONE* has interviewed any of the "surviving artists" who were squatting there before they blow town...*NO ONE* has held the City Council rep for this district as to what the hell he was doing allowing the warehouse to become a metro trash dump *AND* who allowed "artists" to reside in that hole *AGAINST* public safety laws.

NO ACCOUNTABILITY. Oh, but we are all so devastated. Oh, we've all been crying together. Oh, we are grandstanding as if this is another 9/11.

Good lord. This is one fire with mass casualties. What would happen if we take a major terrorist hit?

Here's firechick again.... big firehat, perfectly clean, new goggles...perfectly clean.... "our process....our process.... our process.... blah blah blah.... our firefighters have all been emotionally impacted by this fire...."

Heh? It is a crime scene so can we please cut the BS? "I'm kind of a veteran" firechick says in reference to her experience. Heh?

24 bodies found. Confirmed dead. The building was under investigation--- by whom, by what authority....well, "we've all been emotionally devastated by this deadly fire...blah blah blah."

Local news reporting is useless. It's actual news developing before their eyes and none of the CBS, NBC, FOX talking head locals can string more than two words together without an uh duh buh furtive glance at camera, shake head, "just so tragic", uh duh buh, furtive glance at camera....

Account Deleted

A neighbor's son had been to that location for a party.

The ground floor was "home" to about 35 artists living in "tent apartments." Landlord was getting cash payments under the table from a "co-op" manager who was leasing the warehouse. Lots of fabric and wood on the first floor.

The second floor was accessible via a stairwell made of pallets that were strapped together with plastic slip fasteners, the kind commonly used as cuffs by cops.

Son's friend lost a buddy in the fire. One of his friends got out. Said the stairwell went up like a "roman candle" and burst apart when the straps gave way. People were trying to climb down on the pallets that increased the rate of collapse.

Surviving friend said there was a lot of pot smoking and "vaping" going on. There was no central lighting on the ground floor. Lamps strung together with extension cords. Solvents and paints everywhere.

The place was like a salvage yard where "artists" could go to find junk to turn into "installations" and other display art. Friend of mine used to frequent "the space" when he was building large scale stuff to take to "Burning Man."

The warehouse was a popular landmark because of how much junk was on the sidewalk and in the adjoining parking lot. I don't go into the Fruitvale district of Oakland unless I have to. Passing by the place it's easy to see why it burned. Wood, cloth, paint, solvents and other materials are *fuel*.

It will be interesting to see where the buck stops. The Mayor (Libby Schaaf) has yet to demonstrate any resolve to address basic city problems like riot control, illegal dumping, and public safety re squatters, violent homeless and indigent squatters and basic sanitation.

I know! Hey! Let's apply for some grants.

Commie Congresscritter Barbara Lee has been conspicuously absent and unavailable for publically visible comment.



Welcome to the Junta cabinet. Petraeus would be the 3rd General.


Gere's how to get back at Bezos--Amazon loses about $11 bucks on every order. Just saying.



As long as the "authorities" exhibit the "appropriate" emotional responce, dodging accountability will be easy.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

So, this morning we have a little lecture on trade and such from President-elect Trump.

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 5h5 hours ago

The U.S. is going to substantialy reduce taxes and regulations on businesses, but any business that leaves our country for another country,
2,265 replies 7,235 retweets 24,755 likes

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 5h5 hours ago

fires its employees, builds a new factory or plant in the other country, and then thinks it will sell its product back into the U.S. ......
1,786 replies 6,515 retweets 22,239 likes

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 5h5 hours ago

without retribution or consequence, is WRONG! There will be a tax on our soon to be strong border of 35% for these companies ......
2,504 replies 6,410 retweets 22,608 likes

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 5h5 hours ago

wanting to sell their product, cars, A.C. units etc., back across the border. This tax will make leaving financially difficult, but.....
1,399 replies 5,127 retweets 19,019 likes

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 4h4 hours ago

these companies are able to move between all 50 states, with no tax or tariff being charged. Please be forewarned prior to making a very ...

Tweets & replies Media

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 4h4 hours ago

4,734 replies 7,395 retweets 26,767 likes


I am sure we will hear about Smoot-Hawley, free market, can't do this without Congress, etc. etc.

Opening bid. We will see what happens.

Account Deleted

Pelosi Galore follows Newt on Glazing the Donuts...
I never watch Face the Nation. The commentator is a condescending twit.

Here's the Botox Tumor... she has lost the power to blink.

"hopefully we can work with 'him' on infrastructure.... childcare...early childcare education...."

"we will not work with him on privatization of Medicare and Medicaid..." Condemning the Ryan budget... "big fight over Obamacare (she used the word)".... telling us that "seniors have a lot to lose."

"I don't think Americans voted for a change in direction; they voted for security for our country and blah blah about protecting our economy...those messages weren't getting through."

Pelosi thinks the Dems are going to come in big after a Repub is elected president because that's what has happened historically.

Oh..."this isn't about politics; it is about working around things that unify us." Heh?

She is a conniving snake.

Account Deleted

Now the Host is talking to Leon Panetta about General Mattis "taking control" of the Pentagon.

Doesn't the retired general work for the civilian commander in chief?

The Host said Congress is going to have to "change a law" in order for Gen Mattis to be appointed.

The waiver process *is* part of the law. Who says a law needs to be changed?

To Panetta's credit he said when asked "What do you think of Gen Mattis?" (wtf kind of question is that?) Panetta said "I know and like him and have worked well with him in the past on behalf of our troops."

Wow. Such informative interviewing skills. My 3 year old grandaughter shakes more fruit out of a tree than this putz.


Stein has a long history of hypocritical behavior when it comes to her "causes" and her money. She railed against the coal fired power industry but was comfortable with having the good performers in her and hubby's portfolio.

But no worries, those recount donations will be kept "pure".

Old Lurker

Did she use the magic word "lockbox" yet, Buckeye?

henry - drunk on prog tears

Greens win in Austria? They probably campaigned in Austrian.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

By the way, a window into Trump Twitter strategy, part 5.

Tweet about Satyrday Night Live. News media mocks Twitter rant as being unpresidential. When people come to Trump's twitter account to see it, they get a multi-part trade rant.



Heh. Carrier should about break even on their deal after the 35% tariff applies to the other half of their bizness.


Yeah. It's about time we had an overt criminal in the WH. Now THATS change you can believe in.




The real motive for the hit on Fixer-Upper couple is revealed.

Kevin FallonVerified account
My blood-boiling suspicion that every couple featured voted for Trump has ruined House Hunters for me.

Then, the "journalist" who wrote the attack piece chimed in:

Kate Aurthur ‏@KateAurthur Nov 27
@kpfallon And Fixer Upper.

Soooo - that is *really* what gets their goat and why they want to destroy this couple! They suspect they voted for Trump!



She's a conniving snake who's never met a mongoose like Trump.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

How I feel about trolls is exmplified in this Aussie rescuing his dog from a kangaroo:


(Great video, by the way)


CTH: Trump Base Still Expanding - Blue Collar Voters Optimistic. Deplorables and irredeemables are increasing and rejecting BOzo's "bitter clinger" collar.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


These people are delusional. I always assumed that a great many of the design people on those shows were probably gay, and porbably supported Hillary. As long as no one got in my face about politics, I didn't care.

However, when you ASSUME that people voted for Trump and want to punish them based on that assumption, then you are moving into paranoia and malice.


I would prefer Petraeus to IL Duce Giuliani.

An armchair warrior with a shit-eating grin makes a poor diplomat.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Huntsman now in the mix.

I must say, Huntsman would drive a stake through Romney's heart. He and Romney have a very bitter rivalry.

I don't like the guy, but I don't think Huntsman went after Trump the way Romney did.

Man Tran


Thanks for the inside info on that warehouse disaster.

To respond to your request for locations, we are as far North and West as you can go without saying eh? I've lived in the Northwest, Southwest and Midwest. (Heh. Never thought of it that way before.) Most of my ancestors were Viking berserkers with the exception of one GF who was a descendant of an early Englishman who came over in the 1630s. My dad was taught to hunt and fish by a Colville woman along with the boys in that tribe.


Pelosi should have retired gracefully/quit while she was ahead.

She thinks she's a big winner but who was she up against in the past other than a bunch of lost sheep with no real leadership. And she won't have Obama's help either, so we'll see what kind of "winner" she really is. I'm not expecting much.


But Trump values loyalty the most and Rudee did more than his share of obeisance.


I'm more worried about Paul Ryan than I am Pelosi. He's been in the House since 1999. Does he have any business experience beyond driving the WeinerMobile in his youth? Ryan's supreme confidence in his personal moral authority coupled with his disdain for Trump's does not suggest a successful meeting of minds imo.


I am not enthusiastic about these "job-saving" deals with companies, BUT, as I said to some of my NeverTrump conservative friends, there is nothing new under the sun here. Critics acting as though Trump has done something unprecedented and lawless are just blowing smoke. Where was the left when Obama was shoveling money to Solyndra and their ilk? And on the right when TARP was propping up banks, and the Fed and Treasury were bailing out AIG, Bear Stearns, and others? There have been perhaps a few consistent voices for free markets, but even they shouldn't act as though Trump is doing something off the charts.

Here's Larry Summers getting the vapors:


He bellows about the rule of law, but where was he when Obama was flouting the rule of law with GM and Chrysler? It's not that his critique is wrong, it's just so damn hypocritical. It's as bad as the Dems who screamed about Trump over "not accepting the election results" now supporting recounts based on fantasies of Russian hacking.


On the surface (trump promises ) it seems the confrontation will be SS and Medicare as these are Ryans obsession.

Why don't you support Ryan? After all, do you find it's suddenly not a Ponzi scheme?



Old Lurker

Jimmy, if you change "word" to "law", then Humpty Dumpty said all that needs to be said about Progs like Summers:

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.” “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that's all.”

Account Deleted

Cool biz, Man Tran. You get to fish much?


Did she use the magic word "lockbox" yet, Buckeye?

No, but I hear there is one emblazoned "social security administration" unused and available.

Old Lurker

And there is the other lockbox which contains the testicles of every semi-male who has ever worked with Hillary->



Does Comet Ping Pong really look like a family friendly restaurant to you?


Comet Ping Pong



Yeah. Forget about those promissory notes,but hold those feet in the fire of student loans.

Only Congress can escape fiscal responsibility.

Man Tran

Not much, Kev. Lots of buds who use the excuse to buy big boats and disappear for hours/days at a time. I'm having too much fun conjuring widgets that no one else seems to have the knack for. (Think Dilbert and "The Knack".). :)

Beasts of England

Trolls in stereo!! Which would be a great band for a band...


I must say y'all are dealing well with your cognitive dissonance.


Iirc Larry Summers was BOzo's head econ guy in Sept. 2009 when, during a called joint session of Congress, Bozo, reading from TOTUS, explained BOzoCare's cost savings method: "...but by avoiding some of the overhead that gets eaten up at private companies by profits and excessive admin costs"...

Beasts of England

Alabama v. Washington
Ohio State v. Clemson



No doubt your band will be a big hit at Comet Ping Pong


Cognitive dissonance.?? is your ignoreance of Comet Ping Pong benjack.

You are ok with kiddie porn?

Jim Eagle

Snowing in Green Bay☃️

Miss Marple the Deplorable

They are saying we might get snow here on Thursday.

Daughter just called and Target was packed. So was Kohl/s yesterday, according to a friend of mine I just talked to.

My REAL key of Christmas shopping will be sister who manages the Coach shop at Macy's.

henry - drunk on prog tears

Lots of snow, not much football skill on display.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Can't recommend highly enough Angelo Codevilla's essay on Gramcsi and political correctness that clarice linked in Pieces.
The guy is clear eyed and is able to penetrate the fog of the present better than just about anyone.



Tell us more about your Comet Ping Pong reunion.


Beasts-Red and I watched the cfp reveal and the uses of current tenses vs past tenses in defending the choice of washington suggest that at 2:30 usc will move ahead of colorado and into rose bowl against penn state.

"Their only loss was to a team we have in the Top 10."

"They had a 31 point win over a team we have had in the Top 10."

Interesting and inadvertent I believe. As others have said Penn State at the start of the season would have been happy to get to rose bowl.

Do you plan to come to the Peach Bowl?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Heh. They've embellished the Trump Santa picture!


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