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December 31, 2016



Happy New Yearโ€™s Eve morning!


Happy New Years.

Got an email that Jack was locked out. Is someone disabling our European reporting on the festivities?

Thomas Collins

Scotch or rye doesn't bother me. Some red wines give me a headache. Red wine with a scotch or rye chaser leaves me mellow enough not to worry about hangovers.

Vitamin C? Does that make the screwdriver the perfect drink?


Typepad hiccupped and Jack and I got 404 errors instead of TM. They fed typepad a cup of coffee and we are back.

Jack is Back!

And we're back.


JOM was down for at least 3 hours. I came on around 3:30 am your time and now it is back up.

BTW, how kitschy can you get: This bad.

http://www.danburymint.com/prod/82A/8703-0102/The-Obama-Family-Throw?source=3MIO&utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2016-12-29++Obama+Family+Personalized+Throw&utm_content=&[email protected]

Beasts of England

Roll Tide!!


Go Bucks!


There was a Troll Runยฎ on the hospitals. It was gross. Some medical personnel had to be evacuated. It was some type of biohazardous eminations from the things. IVs with D5W ringers lactate seemed to stop the withdrawals. A few had to be bagged cuz of the hazard. Hospitals are creating Troll Runยฉ emergency containment procedures.




If they made a door mat like that I would be all in.

Frederick getting spoiled by his grandparents?


Good Morning! Typepad was down when I tried earlier. We brought the daughter to Ft.Myers yesterday to catch her flight home. She had a nasty cold while here and felt better by the time she she left. The Florida sunshine helped. She is looking forward to a very busy year. Her role in the DC office of Big Retail involves tax issues. She's going to earn her pay this year! Ha.
Our snowplow guy in Maine sent pictures of the cabin after the storm. Very pretty,but glad I'm not there! :) Another storm is expected tonight.
Oh,I got a 50 on the bubble test.

James D.

It was down for me, too this morning. Glad it's back up!


Supposedly it's dehydration and your brain shrinks, why people get all troll like and senile. Brain shrinking and expanding. Drink water as you consume. Vitamins are highly water soluble. Oh, always eat too.๐Ÿ”๐ŸŸ๐Ÿณ

Miss Marple the Deplorable

New Year's greeting from Nigel Farage (video at the link):


Fun fact which I regret not being able to do: if you had put a 10-pound note on both Brexit passing and Trump winning last January, you would have made 24 million pounds!!!

Old Lurker

I had to take that test twice before I could score as high as 20, and then only by re-scoring a summer job as a teenager as "work work which made me sore", and a beach vehicle as a "pickup truck".

Who knew the Ledge is a bubble???

How do the rest of you people get your silver polished and your underwear ironed?

And seeing how high all of you scored, shouldn't I get points for hanging out with you for ten years?

henry - drunk on prog tears

Nice to sleep through the typhus 404 this time.

My only problem with 2017 is the Obama hangover the first 20 days. I don't think vitamin c cures that one.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Old Lurker,

I am fascinated by your very different life. Also Jack's.

It's like "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" without that annoying announcer. HA!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

This is good, IMO.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Many of you may have seen this story floating around yesterday about the attack on the power grid by THE RUSSIANS THE RUSSIANS in Vermont.

"Soon after publication of the Postโ€™s story, it was revealed that the malware had only infected a utility company laptop that had no access whatsoever to the electrical grid."


My "big gift" for Christmas (I am a lucky so-and-so) was a Weber Smokey Mountain bullet smoker. I need a little help though. The first meal I plan to cook on it is pork ribs. However, Mrs. peter bought them already, and I don't know what kind of pork ribs they are. Are they baby-back, spareribs, or St. Louis ribs (which, by the way, I never heard of until I started reading recipes.) Also, how can I tell if the membrane is on or off?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Someone on the last thread asked how is it Barry is popular while his signature issues are not and a large majority of the country thinks we're headed in the wrong direction.

I think most of it is attributable to the same reason he got elected; he's a clean and articulate (well, his limbs all seem to work and his head moves around so at least we can say he is articulated) black guy with a first rate novelty act of being the first black president.
You know that absent a Russian first strike 100% of the cowed-by-PC crowd is going to approve of him. I'll also note his popularity has risen the closer to the end of his term it gets so he is more popular in the same way we all grow fonder of some obnoxious house guest when they finally stand up and start donning the old overcoat as we nudge them toward the door.

Old Lurker

MM...but it is odd and surprising to me how low I scored. I was born in KY and raised mostly in WV where I went to public schools until college. These last almost 50 years spent in the real bubble of DC, I have always thought of myself as the only person I knew who was truly grounded among actual people in flyover country. Damn test.

Sandy Daze





I had same reaction to the test result. I have lived in urban areas all my life, but have always thought of myself as a flyover, hillbilly, "regular guy".

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Sorry for posting it OL.
I would have thought just being a known associate of Janet, me and a couple of others would have burst your bubble.

Texas Liberty Gal

daddy - That game was wicked fun to watch. It saved me from going 0-4 on the football picks too!


IIR, St. Louis ribs are meaty on the back, spare ribs have meat on the side and baby back are short in length. The membrane is easy to see on spare ribs as a shiny clear film.

St. Louis are the ones real ribbers rub.

Texas Liberty Gal

4,334 people shot in Chicago this year: 1 person every 2 hours. Yet Black Lives Matter claims cops are the threat.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The membrane is a kind of translucent dryish film on the underside of the ribs. If you can't poke your finger into the juicy reddish pink meat between the ribs the membrane is still on.
It is sometimes called silver skin.

There is a raging debate about whether to remove or not.

buccaneer morgan

Morning all, about El shukrijumah, the lad was Trinidadian with roots in the kingdom, pop lived up in jersey city, where the blind sheikh lived, moved to my neighborhood thereabouts, local boy made bad, like Johnny depp, was studying at the local community college, hanging out with atta at a mosque where Jose padilla, abdullah muhajair was also known to frequent, was teamed up with the latter didn't get along.

was on the contact list of the house in Tampa, then went down to central America, identified as jafar the pilot, the local alternative paper of coursed vouched for him

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Year in Pictures: From Brexit to Trumpit Edition

Sandy Daze

I knew some of my answers would keep my score lower, for instance I said I knew Branson as (sir) Richard, rather than Branson MO, and was disappointed that

was not included in the options.

Similarly, I answered Jimmy Johnson as a former Cowboys coach, rather than NASCAR driver, although I knew both. I figured since I knew JJ as a Dallas (well, U Miami) coach first, I should indicate him as my answer.

Adding the other response would likely pushed my score to the no bubble at all category... presumably.

Not asked was whether I still shop at Target. Yes/No on that might have been as indicative as the evangelical questions. (No.)

FWIW, I don't even know anyone anymore who smokes cigs. Used to. Didn't effect whether I spent time with them or not. Not like I shun cigarette smokers, just that there are none in my group(s). I never smoked cigarettes, I so know my position has not moved, I'm thinking the something else has happened.

Now, if we were to talk cigars, entirely different matter.

Also the domestic beer question. Sure. I like my lagers cold, and well, warm, if need be.

Any whiskey. Entirely different matter too.



Thomas Collins

Congrats to Nunes. Is it over for Rousey?


Cecil Turner

It's just as hard to get 'em all wrong as it is to get 'em all right. But if you're going 2 for 4 (like me) you might as well be flipping coins.


Scored a 40, and that was with some generous interpretation of a couple of the questions. re: the ribs question I posed earlier, never mind, Mrs. peter told me that the butcher said they were baby back

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Oh, forgot on the ribs.
Baby back ribs are short and because they come off the top of the ribs usually have a little curl in them where they meet the spine.
Spare ribs are just the big cut of ribs below the back ribs.

I never knew what st Louis ribs were either so I looked it up. Apparently they're just spare ribs that have had the bony gristly rib ends at the bottom cut off.
Here's where I looked St Louis ribs up.
Everything anyone needs to know about a pig.


What was the correct answer to the Jimmie Johnson question, I know there's a football commentator with that name who is a retired coach, and I am pretty sure there was either a Nascar driver or owner with that name as well.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Now you tell me. :)


Re the college football playoff games, is there a consolation game for the losers of today's bowls?

Thomas Collins

Jimmy Johnson is the coach, peter. Jimmie Johnson is the auto racer.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

They're both right.
I suspect the NASCAR answer has a higher hick quotient

Thomas Collins

I'd say, peter, that the entire CFP this year is a consolation tournament for the final four not being involved in the Michigan/FSU game!

buccaneer morgan

Josh Marshall was a purveyor of fake news, the 'scandal over us atty firings, Gonzalez and the nsa, the move against porter goss, all less than met the eye, late in the 00, one of his nutroot gnomes, a for marine, packer (sic) indulged in trig denialism.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

So, If I had answered NASCAR instead of football I would have been higher than 58.

I imagine my yes on the smoking negated my almost zero on the movies.


I love that America is made up of all kinds of "regular guys".
Anyone being a "good guy" is my biggest compliment...& it doesn't have anything to do with income, life experiences, where they live, what they look like, their work,or their age.

Basic manners & politeness for all erases divisions.

Cecil Turner

Is it over for Rousey?

Not as much as if she'd fought Mayweather.

buccaneer morgan

I trust those two updates brings one up to speed.

Captain Hate

I suspect the NASCAR answer has a higher hick quotient

I think NHRA should be have ultimate hick quotient although your fellow Californicates have probably blown that out of the water. I could've gotten major credit for being part of a pit crew.


It Takes A Spillage...Of Blood...
To Awaken PizzaGate - Pt 3




Jim Eagle

I have never watched a full UFC fight but only replays of highlights, etc. But did I see somewhere that the guy who started it is selling it for like $4 billion?

Future Trump cabinet member?

The other thing about the bubble test is that most people I know, ()and some are really high society types), have a proliteriat streak. They could end up on either end of the spectrum. Unlike some parts of the globe I believe from my travels and experience we (the USA) are the most diverse, accommodating and less stand-offish country in the world.

Sure, walking at night in North Philly or South ChiTown is not a good example of proving my point but I believe I can walk into a black barber shop and have a civil conversation on subjects all us waiting would agree on. Then have a black barber do a white-man haircut and continue the same conversation.

The same goes for a cafe in Douglas, WY. If you are a real true American who accepts our values and principles, you are accepted everywhere [but in some places with caution, unfortunately].



this is the other site to bookmark



Dana White is the (former) owner of UFC. He still has a home in a small town near Bangor. He attended Hermon High School and a few years ago,gave the commencement speech at the high school. His speech was interesting and caused more than a few grumbles. The gist of his speech to the graduates was,you don't have to attend college to become successful. We were told at the time that there were a few gasps the audience.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am eating a late breakfast or early lunch of pattie sausage and grits. Just because,

It reminded me that when I was a kid, you could ONLY get grits in the South. I first had them travelling with my folks to South Carolina back in the early 60's. They were a regional specialty then, and couldn't even be purchased in grocery stores up here.

Now, of course, you can buy them at the store and they are served at places like Bob Evans and cracker Barrel.

This also reminds me when my uncle, then a student at IU, brought pizza up from a new restaurant at Bloomington - PIZZA. (My grandmother hated it, but my dad remembered it from Rome during WWII so he thought it was great.) Of course, for years around here, probably until I was in high school, there were very few pizzerias. Chef Boy-Ar-Dee was your only option.

One of the biggest changes in my lifetime is the spread of regional and ethnic foods to wide areas of the country. It's interesting for me to look at old ads from Indianapolis and see that the restaurants were mostly steak houses and general blue plate special type restaurants. We had one Italian restaurant (the Milano Inn, started right after the war) and a Chinese Place, the Lotus Garden, which has been run by the same family for over 60 years.

This is apropos of nothing except perhaps how the definition of "living in a bubble" has changed.

Jim Eagle


He's right.

I know plumbers in San Francisco that have their own planes and they are jets.

Zuckerberg and Gates are both dropouts.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Presented to Donald Trump last night by Sylvester Stallone:

(Courtesy of Dan Scavino)

Old Lurker

JiB "I know plumbers in San Francisco that have their own planes and they are jets."

I told the story about my DC pal who was building a $5M house on Nantucket but it was taking forever to finish. Midway through winter #2 of construction, my pal took his family to a very expensive resort in the Bahamas for their mid winter getaway. Imagine his shock when he discovered his Nantucket plumber and his entire family were staying at the same resort.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Ad that the poster is based on. I never saw it before!


Steve Jobs was a drop out.

Carrie Fisher was a high school dropout, then a drama school dropout, and finally a Sarah Lawrence dropout.

I'm feeling sad about her being gone, she was wicked funny, but seriously challenged
by bipolar manic depression for which she needed to take shock treatments. Her mother's passing so soon after her own
was poignant.

I spent quite a bit of time last night watching old videos of the two of them, and the bond between mother and daughter was exceptionally strong. They went through a lot together, including being reduced to
near destitution, after Debbie Reynolds
louse of a second husband blew through all her money.

But they both worked damned hard and managed to pull themselves up, on many levels.

There was one Oprah video where Debbie
Reynolds talked about how much she loved Carrie, that would have melted a stone.


on a lighter, and only slightly stranger note,



I matched Sandy Daze on the bubble test. May have fudged a little on the restaurant(s) question to get me there, tho..


The scandal involving Debbie Reynolds/Eddie Fischer/Elizabeth Taylor was a good old fashioned Hollywood scandal. I think Debbie Reynolds emerged from that as the good guy. Fun fact: I was three years old when mother was pregnant with my sister in 1957,the year of the Tammy movie and the title song. I loved that song so imagine my delight to have a baby sister and being able to name her Tammy!

Texas Liberty Gal

Thx MM for posting that video! I loved it and had never seen it before either


Marlene, I didn't know until last night watching the videos that Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher spent a large amount of time with Mike Todd and Elizabeth Taylor, because Mike Todd and Eddie Fisher were best friends. When Todd died in a plane crash, Fisher went as a friend to console the inconsolable Liz Taylor, and that was the last of his being husband to Debbie, he never went back home.

That must have been a nightmare to live through, the betrayal was so awful, not only her husband, but her good friend Elizabeth whom she'd gone to studio school with.

Another tough thing Debbie Reynolds had to live through was that she went from being a big star, starring in movies like Singing in the Rain, to being almost unable to find employment because of the change in public taste.

Man Tran

66 on the quiz.

I've had a widely mixed life. Like Iggy grew up on ranches and in small farm towns. Started racing (mostly crewing) in NHRA. Switched to SCCA when the fist fights broke out. That was a bubble swap. Mostly professional types and their families in the sporty car crowd. Never exposed to NASCAR, but would probably have shunned it like the dragsters.

Once in Ahia, switched to high performance dinghy racing. Another professional bubble sport. Stayed with the sporty car set, but never could justify running a car seriously. Of course, once you start your own company, neither time nor money is available.

Lastly, 40 years of working/partying with track donkeys, is about as close to the ground as you can get. Expand that to Lapland, NW Australia, Inner Mongolia and you find a lot of 'common' ground.

Texas Liberty Gal

cheerleader - Was there by chance a link to the video of mom & daughter talking about their love for each other. I would love to see that


My uncle raced stock cars on short tracks in New England fifty years ago. As soon as they were old enough,one of my brothers and his friends were part of the pit crew. They were all into NASCAR,so I was always aware of the names of drivers. One of my cousins is a big deal at ECR Engines. He worked for Dale Sr. and accompanied Dale Jr. to the hospital after the horrific crash. My brother worked in Earnhardt's shop, but it wasn't the same after Sr.'s death. My cousin talked my brother into returning to ECR Engines,which was good timing because my brother had returned to NH and had enough of winter after a few years. So,thru osmosis,I know more about NASCAR than other sports,except the Red Sox and Patriots,of course! Go Pats!

Jim Eagle

Can't watch any of the college bowl games over here in Belgium. But Chelsea won its 13th straight. Next week they will set the record held by Arsenal.

Life is good!

We are 5 hrs 20 minutes from the new year. Can I stay up? That is tonight's poll. Yes or No. Win a bottle of Billecart-Salmon if you can guess when I turn in.

Captain Hate

How many here would prefer the mega overload of bowl games on New Years Day to the dribs and drabs we're given by the rocket surgeons in the NCAA and ESPN?


Texas Liberty Gal, Can you stand watching an Oprah video? I thought Oprah was excellent, had just the right touch. The video has had over a million views.

Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds Interview FULL - THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW - 2011


Jim Eagle

New Year Day has never been the same, CH. In fact, the NCAA should shut everything down and bring suspense back to the sport with the national championship on that day.


I absolutely HATE that the National Championship is now always on a Monday. Does anyone in the NCAA realize that most viewers have to WORK the next day? Talk about living in a bubble!!
It should be New Years Day with the playoff game one week before or maybe a little longer to put it on a Saturday. Everyone is off (for the most part) and it could start at 6:00 EST so that us East Coasters can get some sleep before going to work on the next day...

Captain Hate

The NCAA has a hard on for Monday championship games. They first started it with the Final Four basketball crap and then extended it to football.

Usually Heisman trophy winners wait until the NFL to look terrible.

Stephanie Deplorable Beeotch

One of our best friends owned ProShocks that all the NASCAR crowd uses in their cars. He sold it a few years back but still goes to Daytona for race week. Big buddies with several of them and never know when you stop by his house if you'll be sitting across from a big name retired racer who stopped in for a beer or 12. His son and several of his friends are/have been pit crew. Keep saying we are going to join them for Race Week never seem to find the time.

Dad used to sponsor a car on the short track circuit and Senoia and a few other tracks were always loads of fun to go to. Watching dad fighting in the pits after someone took offense to something was always amusing. He's 150 lbs soaking wet and never came out on the wrong end of the melee.

Good times!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I remember that scandal when Eddie Fisher left Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor.

I had to explain the entire thing to my daughter, who had never heard about it. I also went on to explain the following scandal, where Taylor left Fisher for Richard Burton while they were filming "Cleopatra."

The closest that came to something she understood was when Brad Pitt left Jennifer Anniston for Angelina Jolie, but really, that isn't the same, because back in the late 50's there was still a public who valued morality and fidelity, plus Dennie Reynolds had small children. People were truly outraged and Elizabeth Taylor was cast as a homewrecker.

We had a nice discussion about how times have changed and why my generation gets upset at lots of the stuff that goes on.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Washinton Post is descending into tinfoil hat territory. They have no proof of anything, but they do have "dark suspicions."

Well, I have actual evidence that the Washington Post is working with globalists to undermine Trump (Wikileaks) so they can go pound sand.


Cecil Turner

My kingdom for an offensive line. (And 2 starters out with gunshot wounds fer cripes sake. #SAD)

Account Deleted

Happy New Year, JOMerz---

We're having a great time here. Politics is beginning to seep out at the dinner table. But last nite, I wasn't there. I have that effect. LOL (The guy with the large forehead isn't here....let's tee off on Trump!)

But, as luck would have it, a friend of my SIL was present and she packs kevlar. Took those a-holes on. They turn into a-holes when they drink. Funny how that happens. Last nite was all on as I'm getting reports this morning.

More hard drinking tonite I guess as the fam tries to make nice and close ranks.

I'll be dancing to the live band and celebrating the win!

That poster from Stallone is too great, ennit?

Go Bama... take it all home witchaz.

Happy New Year!


I take milk thistle. My LFTs were normal as of two Mondays ago, when I checked them.

KevlarKid, how about some PS restaurant recs? I'll be out in a week.


Speaking of jets, a guy I met a while back flew his into Lake Erie Thursday night.

His wife, two sons and a neighbor and his kid were on board. Last I heard neither the aircraft nor remains have been found.

The weather was not good, gusts to 39 knots and some icing. Also he had recently transitioned into the CJ his company owned.

Flew from KOSU to Burke Lakefront for the Cavs game and lost it leaving after the game.

This guy was self made also, beer distributor.


People were truly outraged and Elizabeth Taylor was cast as a homewrecker.

Elizabeth Taylor WAS a homewrecker. She destroyed the Burton family too.


2 for 2 so far today, already better than yesterday's flameout.


One of the interviews I read of Debbie Reynolds had her making fun of herself for taking Elizabeth's three young children into her house when Mike Todd died and sending Eddie Fisher to "go stay with Elizabeth."
"What was I thinking? She was the most beautiful woman in the world!"

She even made amends with ET, when they both were on the same cruise. Story is that both women sent each other a note saying effectively "let's let bygones be bygones.'
By then they both had moved on by a husband or two..

Debbie was Unsinkable. A survivor.

Cecil Turner

I kinda expected that (but I sure wasn't going to pick it that way). At least we won the roundball game. It's tough being a football guy rooting for a basketball school.

Account Deleted


Best restaurant in Palm Springs proper: LULU (right downtown)....if you are in town on a Thursday there is a huge street fair, closed to car traffic with nice booths lotsa good stuff.

LULU has a comprehensive menu and offers some great three and four course dinner specials....service is usually great as it is perpetually *crowded*.... my FIL and his wife own LULU... biased? Sure.... it was his comeback from the Madoff swindle...FIL is an entrepreneurial legend. Used his publishing company to trigger the explosion of the beverage industry back in the 80s when flavorings began to take off.... Well worth the reservation!

The Mexican joint next door to LULU is pretty decent (forget the name)... the managing partner at LULU used to run that joint for years... still giving great service and the food is good. My drinking relatives like the 'ritas there.

Shame on the Moon (Rancho Mirage)....great food... it's hugely gay but the service is great, the atmosphere, well, it's gay, but it has a huge clientele. Investing in Shame on the Moon was FIL's first foray into the restuarant biz. LOL Excellent chefs

Flemings...for a great steak.... at The River shopping center in Rancho Mirage .... conventional steak house with great service.

When we're here for a week we do dinners four nights at LULU and then split time the remaining nights with the three I just mentioned or some newbies that the LULU crew thinks are up and comers....

Enjoy the desert! Apologize if there was too much TMI. ;)

Cecil Turner

Sorry to hear about your acquaintance, Buckeye. That's a lot of airplane (and tough conditions).


So sorry about those plane victims who disappeared over Lake Erie.
Remember that scandal as well.
2017 is going to be your year.
Didn't take the test but I have to say I really have not lived in any bubble that hasn't dealt with life on a real grassroots level.
Born in Cleveland and the first in my family to graduate from college and get a Masters degree.
You are truly one of us and always will be.
Your kindness and goodness are evident in the wonderful way you treat people regardless of their background.
I value your judgment and opinion.
Your extended family is delightful and I love hearing about their adventures.

Captain Hate

Apologize if there was too much TMI. ;)

Even my gay roomie from kollidge considers Palm Springs too homo.

Sorry about your friends, Buckeye; that story's been THE headlines here.


Palm Springs is not too homo.
It may have been a while ago, when they were buying it up and reviving it, but now it's full of midwesterners and easterners renting the midcentury modern houses they fixed up and rent to us desperate sun seekers via VRBO.

Maybe they've all moved on to Rancho Mirage with the profits they've made on their real estate???

Thomas Collins

Uh-oh. Press is Trumped again. Bring out the fainting couches.



"There were no details available on Trumpโ€™s partners for the golf game" ... BOzo has been playing golf almost weekly the eight years, and daily on vacays in HI, Rancho Mirage, and Martha's Village. Anyone remember "pool reports" detailing who BOzo's golf partners, house guests, family hangers-on, donors, etc. are in his entourage every time he leaves his dwelling?


Yes Deb:
They hate that they can't dog Trump everywhere he goes.
They are on the sidelines where they belong.

Texas Liberty Gal

Cheerleader - I can!! Thanks for the link! And Happy New Year!!

Account Deleted

From the "international law for thee but not for me" file:


The current PUTOS is a jihadist- pure and simple.

Captain Hate

Anyone remember "pool reports" detailing who BOzo's golf partners, house guests, family hangers-on, donors, etc. are in his entourage every time he leaves his dwelling?

They'd have to report how terrible he is at golf.

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