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December 19, 2016



Fun Twitter thread:


Justice Don Willett ‏@JusticeWillett

If our Founders who created the Electoral College were alive today, what would they say?



David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog

.@JusticeWillett I just want to be there when Ben Franklin hears about Viagra

And much more.



Pretty rich talk coming from Zippy, a guy who got repeatedly bent over and buggered by Putin on the world stage.


I suspect many die hard engineers still use it.

This (sorta!) engineer still does (an HP 32S II).

There is an added benefit that no one borrows your calculator, since so few know how to use it.

Old Lurker

"What! You can do better than these wooden false teeth???"

Old Lurker


How are you, buddy?

Jim Eagle

Reagan as a corp(se) is that flexible, lyle:)

Jim Eagle

.....insn't that.....


Jim Eagle

F**k it!


2Enter2 +

Gotta push it on the "stack"

My inner nerd comes out:)

My nephew is a freshman at Miami University. He posted a picture on Facebook with four hotties hanging all over him. My first thought was that he is finally coming out of his shell.

I said something to Buckeyette about it, and she laughed...said it was the girls in his Honors calculus class his is tutoring.

"He's a nerd just like his uncle!"


You need that vacation Jack:)


Noble effort, anyway, Jack.

Shoutout to DrJ! Lately I've been listening quite a bit to Brahms Intemezzo in A major.

OTOH, this is a longish but good read by a guest poster over there:


Beasts of England

I couldn't find the ↩️ key at that moment, Buckeye!! lol


Another Bob, a note from our Chitown Lurker:

Link this map, there used to be a lot more blue in 2010 and 2012. And NONE around Springfield, Dick Durbin's haunts.


That's a prime example of what was coming, because as locals, we really, really knew what they were up to.


I couldn't find the ↩️ key at that moment, Buckeye!! lol

I'm impressed...bet I can look for hours and not find that key:)



I'm good, but very busy. Currently I'm swamped with administrative paperwork: a subaward agreement, a job offer (new employee, not for me), and indirect cost proposals (four of them!!).

I'm also getting ready to fire my bookkeeper and my lawyer -- the CPA went last year. Small towns often don't have the best of professional services.

Pending are my annual report of potential research misconduct and a conflict of interest policy.

Who knew that running a dinky company would be so much work?

I know, TMI!



Don't miss.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That Gerson column was a piece of work.

When exactly did conservatism become navel-gazing and lofty platitudes with nothing ever accomplished? That is not exactly a movement designed to get wide-spread support.

Somewhere along the line people like Gerson got to thinking of themselves as smarter and morally superior to us average schlubs.

I reject that idea, totally.

And, I will not hesitate to point out that Gerson sits in his comfortable offices at the Washington Post (and wherever else he draws money from) and risks NOTHING.

Trump risked his business, his reputation, his family, and (no doubt about it) his life in order to step forward and do his best to save the country, which was in great peril from the Clintons.

So Gerson and his fellow Never Trumpers can just shut up. They have nothing to say which interests me.


Hang in there DrJ.

Could be worse, you could be working for somebody else, like your bookkeeper or lawyer:)

On second thought, probably feels that way already.

Old Lurker

"I'm also getting ready to fire my bookkeeper and my lawyer -- the CPA went last year. Small towns often don't have the best of professional services."

None of those services need to be done by people in your town, DrJ, not one of them. I can't remember when I saw any of mine face to face in the last five years. A scanner and good internet connection and you are a free man!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Michael Gerson is a public nuisance.
Can't we have him abated?


Lurker Susie,

I just made your cauliflour recipe. It is spectacular. And I bet it goes great with ham. Thank you so much!



I don't need the lawyer to me close by, and I'll probably swallow hard and hire one from the Bay Area.

But the bookkeeper really does have to be here. None really know grant accounting -- it is not hard, just very different -- and it helps a lot if I am around when it is done.


The Turtle using his tools? Congressional Review Act deployment vs new EPA rule.


Just starting catch-upon and reading about the release of the initial suspect in the Berlin massacre: ISIS praises 'soldier' who carried out Berlin massacre as police STILL hunt gunman who killed 12 in lorry attack - but are forced to release asylum seeker suspect after admitting he's the wrong man

---Senior police chief said: 'We have wrong man. Perpetrator is armed, at large and can cause further damage'

---Arrested Pakistani asylum seeker Naved B, 23, entered country under false name and has criminal record

---Tonight German prosecutors said the suspect had been released because of insufficient evidence

So my question is, even if he isn't the perp, why in the world release a guy who lied about who he was to get into your country in the first place, and who has a criminal record? Why isn't he in jail tonight and due to be shipped out tomorrow back to Pakistan? This is insanity.


CH, yes Beck was. A friend dragged me to his big show in DC after which I told her I thought he was nutty as a fruitcake.

Old Lurker

DrJ "None really know grant accounting -- it is not hard, just very different"

You know there must be bookkeepers and CPAs very experienced with NSF/NIH Grants who enjoys living someplace nice and/or likes to be home with the kids. OK, add a nice piece of video conferencing software to the scanner and internet connection I suggested, or even a "teamviewer" style remote PC control like the tech guys use...

I am serious DrJ. Gotta be out there.



Tell us about your friendship with Judith Miller

Old Lurker

Ditto the lawyer too. Does not need to be a Bay Area high overhead operation.

Old Lurker

BTW, you be surprised how many CPAs you THINK are doing your taxes who actually are just giving you face time and then email your forms to India for the grunt work. Then the local CPA reviews them when they come back and sends them to you with their bill.

James D

I wanted to share this here, since I sent it out on my newsletter this morning. I'm doing a Christmas prize drawing (signed book, t-shirt, USB drive). No cost to enter, nothing to do except put your email address on the form:


James D

OL, that doesn't surprise me at all...

Miss Marple the Deplorable


"Mad that President Trump doesn't need them."

Old Lurker

Why in the world would Trump care what John Brennan wants him to "know"?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I don't know. I don't care what John Brennan says about anything. As far as I am concerned he is a high-ranking spy.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Tweets & replies Media

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 25m25 minutes ago

Yes, it is true - Carlos Slim, the great businessman from Mexico, called me about getting together for a meeting. We met, HE IS A GREAT GUY!
1,886 replies 2,494 retweets 9,053 likes


End run around Krugman and the rest, if you ask me.

Old Lurker

Me too, MM.

Furthermore I think all the intel teams reporting to Obama have been emasculated into the yes men eunuchs Obama wants. Let his hard ass appointees scrub the pipeline before Trump wastes any time on it. Good thing for his landing teams to do.

Beasts of England

He's just running circles around all of them, Miss Marple. They can't pin him down and they can't figure him out. Brilliant.

Account Deleted

"President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team is asking the Department of State how much it gives to environmental groups for global warming programs."

Time to relieve State of its unofficial role of Santa Claus. Give the Fat Man a series of high colonics with frequent follow-up enemas until he becomes unrecognizeable.

This bullshitake has to stop. Now, about that missing $6 billion from Hamrod the Clintoona's watch.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/12/20/trump-wants-to-know-how-much-taxpayer-money-the-state-department-gives-environmental-groups/#ixzz4TPlpmjI7

Jim Eagle

In Re: Mitch, Coal and DoI rulemaking.

25 years ago I made the observation to my company that if you wanted to follow energy policy and its effect on our IOU, PubPower and REA clients then forget the Department of Energy and whatch what EPA and DoI and BLM are doing.

To this day, no one has turned that around. DoE focuses on technology and impeding nuclear and spent fuel solutions. EPA is the actual energy regulator and decider in this political atmosphere.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

My car is fixed (finally). Since the battery was stil under warranty, it only cost me $34 and that included the oil change.

Daughter can drive me down to pick it up when she gets home.


MM-make a notation of this date. When I had a problem with a battery while still under warranty, I was told the four year warranty now attached to the battery even though the rest of my suv was about to go out (time from first owner, not mileage). Good deal.

The dealer was very nice even though I had bought from carmax about three years old. I think the dealer hopes I will revert to buying new. I think they should stick with all my neighbors who like new cars that they lease. I like driving something too common to be worth carjacking.


"no one bothered to read (Trump's) books!"

Heck, they didn't read Obama's for that matter. I remember how Mitt's cruelty to dogs story foundered on "Barack eats 'em"

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