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December 14, 2016


Firsty McFirstface



Runner up!






Driscoll gets droll @ Insty:

Any word yet when the Stephanopoulae will begin packing their bags?

That's gold, Jerry! Gold!


The distaff side of the Stephanopoulae claims her 14-yo daughter shouted "no abortions" after the Trump win. Good grief. Anyhoo, since I had seen somewhere that this bint had appeared on Seinfeld, I looked her up. She was the one in the "Schmoopie" episode, (in case you were wondering and you probably were not.)


flipping the channels this morning I caught little Anderson Cooper asking Jim Brown about his visit, Andy said "does it bother you that Trump's cabinet picks are mostly white men?"

Jim Brown replied that the three most import people in his life were white men.



The racial and ethnic divide is starker among workers in their prime. Whites ages 25 to 54 lost some 6.5 million jobs more than they gained over the period. Hispanics in their prime, by contrast, gained some three million jobs net, Asians 1.5 million and blacks one million.

Other than jobs for kids at the local gas station, not much left when the few local plants or coal mines shut their doors.

JobsOhio (one of Kasich's better ideas) has made some progress in attracting business to small towns in Ohio, but still a huge net loss from a few decades ago.


lyle: Does it bother you that all your boyfriends are mostly white men, Anderson? Doesn't that make you a racist?

Jack is Back!

Here you go, lyle. Mark Simone was talking about this on my shopping drive this morning. Trigger warning - its The View:



Someone linked this last thread:


This is just too rich:

“The real anger is toward Hillary’s inner circle,” the Clinton insider told me. “They reinforced all the bad habits.” For instance, the suggestion had been made that Clinton should show her gregarious side, by, for instance, appearing more often on The View. (She appeared once, but Bernie Sanders, her rival for the nomination, appeared a handful of times.)

Yeah, that should have done the trick. Hilligua has a "gregarious side"? AYFKM? Who the hell are these people? Whoever they are, I hope the Ds keep them in full employment for years...


Not sure where that "9 million more jobs" number comes from. When I check the data it's more like 6.5 million. And on a base of around 140 million, that's less than 5 percent total over a 9 year period, or about 0.5 percent per year. That stinks, and is probably the worst recovery since they started keeping the data. A tiny bit of it is demographic (retirement of baby boomers), but most of it is Obamanomics.


Lyle, I am the guilty party who linked the Huma piece.

Underlying truth is that Trump has and will continue to surround himself with really smart people, some who are much more capable than him.

Hillary hasn't because she lacks the right kind of self-confidence. She knows she is a fraud.

Can't risk being shown up, so she ends up with defective synchophants.

matt, deplore me if you must

So is that more NYT truthiness, TM? Gosh darn, those fake news purveyors.....

Officer O'Malley:

"So, you're tellin' me that Hillary Clinton set up her own home brew server with less security than a 12 year old's iPhone and then the e mails were all dropped onto Huma's laptop and that was Weiner's fault? And that Jonny Podesta sent hundreds of e mails all over Christendom vilifying his opponents and not one single one of the mooks at the DNC was offended? Ya gotta be kiddin me?

And they trying to blame the Rooskies? Fer criminey's sake, book 'em all!"

Jack is Back!

For all the cooks out there, this is a nifty little matrix to help in picking out the main Christmas dinner roast whether Turkey, Goose, Lamb or Beef. Print out and and put in your cook's notes:



the suggestion had been made that Clinton should show her gregarious side

They meant gangrenous side, Lyle.


Can't risk being shown up, so she ends up with defective synchophants.

In proud Zippy tradition...


Or "gargoyle-like" side...


I cooked a goose for Christmas one year when the kids were young.

Proved beyond a doubt that I had no idea what I was doing:)



Trump, unbelievably, seemed to be taking a potential adversary’s side against his own nation’s intelligence professionals.


No, it's not like the [redacted] "intelligence professionals" would ever take sides against Trump, now would they?

This is starting to make my blood boil.


Funny how these job stats never made it front and center over the past 8 years.

Speaking of jobs, seen on Facebook:
A smiling Donald Trump, caption reads "Turn in those free phones for an alarm clock"

Old Lurker

Oh, this could be FUN:




Paid. for. by. campaign. funds. Grifters gotta grift. Can't wait for one of the resident trolls to swan by and regale us with how brilliant this looks for Curb Dive.

The Infamous Ignatz

Didn't the entire Dem party take an actual adversary's side over the nation's intelligence professionals?

Didn't Reagan quite correctly disregard the nation's intelligence professionals on the USSR's fate?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Speaking of the Mailman's son, the Morning Monolith has been floating the idea of that dimwit running for The Restraining Order's Senate gig in 2018. Josh Mandel, a much more conservative individual, has already declared he's running for that slot with I assume the approval of the state GOP. I'm not opposed to a primary battle between the two because I think they represent very stark differences but I'm already wondering if the lying Kasich will again refuse to endorse the winner.


That's just dripping with deliciousness, OL.

Best election EV-UR!

The Infamous Ignatz

As bad as your stats are jimmy, they're even worse when population growth over the last nine years is taken into account.



Ex-CIA chief says Trump risks blame for an attack if he skips briefings

It's Panetta, natch. Anyway, I'm sure everyone can recall all the blame heaped on Precious for those attacks in San Bernadino, Orlando, Ft. Hood, so it's probably no big deal...

Old Lurker

I think those stats are also worse than they seem when adjusted for number of hours worked per week, and for the percentage of low paying jobs to high paying.

Frau Frikadelle

"Burger flipping" jobs? Nah, those only happened while Dubya was in office.

Obama labor statistics: Doesn't one person with two jobs count as two people employed?

Frau Frikadelle

WTHay-ull? I see from OL's link that the Huffington Post (aka Stassinopoulos Post) has been regarded as a legitimate news source by the WH. Fake news?



So has Obama gotten a daily intelligence briefing for the last eight years? No. The Associated Press and Comedy Central may have forgotten, but in the middle of his administration, Obama was criticized for generally forgoing a daily intelligence briefing. The Washington Free Beacon headlined: “Obama Skipped 62.5 Percent of Intelligence Briefings this Year,” based on a report by the Government Accountability Institute.

It takes a lot of nerve for President Obama to go on Comedy Central to attack Donald Trump for proposing to do the same thing that Obama did himself. But then, chutzpah has always been one of Obama’s defining characteristics.

Why, if I didn't know better, I'd think there was some kind of double standard at work here...

buccaneer morgan

Lugenpress, frau, the next step


Hayward at Powerline links this from Oct 19th this year:


Did anyone link this here at the time? You've GOT to click!

Old Lurker

Why should the Press have a daily dog and pony show anyway?

How about "when we want to tell you something, we will let you know..."

Old Lurker

better yet...

When we want you to know something, the President will tweet it.

Old Lurker

Jobs...well we know that a burger joint can now be run by one person to load ingredients into the robots, and one person to maintain the robots...

So keep and eye on this technology (video is great):



The Red Menace was always painted as a right wing fantasy. The left wing has become the right wing.


Dammit. No one asked me to pitch in on her slogan-making. Oh, well, here's a few off the top of my head:

I Got This

My Key To Your White House

Don't Dare Without Me

Just Give Me The Damn Key

Who Is More Deserving?

Hey, It's Me

It's Cocktail Time In America

We're Buds, Right?


You Owe Me


You win, Buckeye. ;)


You win, Buckeye. ;)

Couldn't figure out how to make it more succinct with 2 words.....unless

Fuck You

does a better job of capturing her real feelings:)

Jack is Back!




Because Bill



In that case, I am going to return to praying for her early onset rigor mortis.

buccaneer morgan

So in my spam inbox, commentary had the begging bowl out.




typhus loses it's mind again

buccaneer morgan

Winning the future?

Fundamental Malformation

Thanks, lyle, for that link to slogans. Verrreeee funny. What I like is that about half of them constitute a criticism of Obama. 'Stronger Together' provokes thought of Obama's divisiveness.

Old Lurker

The funny thing about Lyle's link is that it goes to WaPo. If one has visited too many times in a month, they block you out and try to get you to subscribe...

The screen starts off, I kid you not:

"You obviously love great journalism.
With special savings on our Sunday Paper + Digital offer, you'll never miss a single story again."

buccaneer morgan

And then the replicants, hosts, a's always rebel.


Mrs. Buckeye just returned from lunch with her girlfriends.

One of the girlfriends, Jean and her husband Jamie have done a fine job of raising three progs.

Their daughter, the youngest, majored in women's studies. She is a hopeless case.

Middle son is in NYC and is now giving his parents a lot of grief over voting for Trump.

Oldest son is married, lives in San Fran and is only civil to his parents because he and his wife have a newborn (first) and don't want the child estranged from his grandparents.

I consider myself lucky...very lucky.

buccaneer morgan

Its like looking for leprechauns, ol

JM Hanes


You can probably guess where I responded to your post on Russia's strategic interests in Syria. Where else but the end of the last thread (at 2:12 PM)? I figured my double posting must be getting old by now, so I just left it there.


25 basis points, 3 more hikes in 2017.

I suspect we won't have to wait to long for Trump to render an opinion.


TOO long


the suggestion had been made that Clinton should show her gregarious side

That's begging for a "shortest book ever written" type response.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

I consider myself lucky...very lucky

My kids are libs but know better than to badmouth their father. If I didn't think my children respected me I would consider myself a failure as a parent.

buccaneer morgan

Speaking of creepy replicants, tom Perez...

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Tammy is gleefully reporting how Team Curb Dive completely miscalculated Michigan and started celebratory drinking in the early afternoon on November 8 even with alarming reports coming in. THOSE GD ROOSKIS!!!

buccaneer morgan

Apropos of nothing, fox has an upcoming series starring tom hardy, where the villain is the British east India company

James D

Narciso @ 2:57

Tom Perez, who thanks to President Trump, will NOT be employed at the Department of Justice after January 20th.

Beasts of England

I couldn't find a wine shop that could send my Christmas wine direct, so I had to have FedEx deliver it to a state store. Just picked it up and paid the tax, because the Great State of Alabama can't be left in the cold for their tribute. $0.29 - twenty-nine cents - for a rather expensive magnum of Bordeaux...

Ho, ho, ho!!


How many electors will defect?

I don't understand the fear of our Negan. He is a marshmallow of one, even if he carries a barbed bat and talks like Teddy Roosevelt, he's just a human bean; a vindictive human bean, but nothing to fear if you form a phalanx and keep your shield up.

The Infamous Ignatz

All Wapo wanted from me was my email to look over their droppings.
I'd rather give it to a certain Mr Tufan Ergenbiljic CEO of British Petroleum and Mineral Resources out of London (though I think GHQ is located in Lagos) who has promised me a 25% share of $20million+ if I'll let him use my account to deposit said sum.
I'm holding out for a full third before I give him my info.

As I think about it I'm tempted to actually drop Tufan a line. Think of the howls when they discovered their average Nigerian has more for them to steal than me. :)


I hate to keep referring to the NYT, but it's hard to know whether to laugh or cry at this stuff.


In case you don't want to click, or it's behind a paywall, a couple of choice excerpts:

We have recently learned that President-elect Trump has ethical and business conflicts that seem to violate the Constitution; is skipping his national security briefings while dangerously departing from longstanding bipartisan foreign policy; has criticized union workers and protesters on his Twitter feed; and plans to staff much of his cabinet and high-level leadership with billionaires dedicated to eradicating the very programs they are tasked with overseeing. In the meantime, the most recent reports from the C.I.A. are that Russia interfered with the election.

Every word either a lie, or a truth that could be responded with "So?" ("criticized union leaders"!!!! OMG!!)

Contrast the Democrats’ do-nothingness to what we know the Republicans would have done. If Mr. Trump had lost the Electoral College while winning the popular vote, an army of Republican lawyers would have descended on the courts and local election officials. The best of the Republican establishment would have been filing lawsuits and infusing every public statement with a clear pronouncement that Donald Trump was the real winner. And they would have started on the morning of Nov. 9, using the rhetoric of patriotism and courage.

How can we be so certain? This is what happened in 2000. When Florida was still undecided after election night, the Republicans didn’t leave their fate in the hands of individuals or third-party candidates. No, they recruited former Secretary of State James A. Baker III to direct efforts on behalf of George W. Bush.

Whoever wrote this must have been born after 2000 or at least pre-school age.

There's more, including discussion of legal theories about how the Electoral College as it stands is "unconstitutional." The Onion would be the appropriate outlet for this.


Miss Marple that humor video was terrific! Reposting for anyone wanting a laugh.
"Be strong as a rock, not weak like Barack! Awailable at Walgreens."

Beasts of England

Althouse linked that today, jimmyk. It's hilarious - in a sick kinda way. Her (excellent) commenters are ripping it to shreds.


From Andrew Klavan:


Her (excellent) commenters are ripping it to shreds.

Beasts, about 20% of the NYT commenters ripped her as well, but 80% were saying "Yeah, right on!!" :( Maybe that's not bad for their (as narciso would put it "increasingly selective audience."


And more fake news about Trump, due to CNBC simply being the Democrats' stenographers:


Old Lurker

Somebody at Fox must have seen my proposed first three orders:


Beasts of England

Twenty percent is a good start!!

Tom R

Reposting from the last thread.

I can see the strategy behind Trump filling his cabinet with military generals and CEOs with first hand experience running large, complex corporations/organizations.

The thing is, all those CEOs and generals could fire people for incompetence or unethical behavior. How are they going to do that with federal civil servants who have almost 100% job security? Even if you are incompetent, if you are a minority or female you are set for life as a federal civil servant. All you have to do is avoid a felony conviction. If you are white or a male, your job is pretty much safe unless you commit sexual harassment or equal opportunity violations.

Bottom line is the federal government bureaucracy is bloated and due for some pruning but the standard way the government does that is wait until someone retires and either leave the position unfilled or replace them with a contractor (who can be easily fired for incompetence).

The State Department, CIA and IRS are in obvious need of some downsizing/purging but I have my concerns on how Trump and his cabinet will pull it off.

JM Hanes


Love the "Holiday Roast Matrix." Thanks for posting it!

JM Hanes


The inevitable end point of Democratic self-reflection is always, "We lost because we weren't willing to fight as dirty as the Republicans do."

henry - drunk on prog tears

Tom R, I'm still waiting for Walker to cut bloat in WI. Some things just don't happen.


JMH @5:01, it's ironic because that's the sort of thing we say about Republicans, but in our case it happens to be true.

BoE took me over to Althouse, who also has a piece on Jim Brown's "I fell in love with Trump." My favorite comment: "The Russians made him do it."

Interestingly, within the last 24 hours someone edited Jim Brown's Wiki page to insert an entire section about his "legal troubles." I confess I was a bit surprised that there wasn't anything about them before, but the fact that someone just now decided to add that section is instructive about how Wikipedia works.


Heh. BoE said " 20 per cent is a good start' reminded me of a joke.

What do you call 200 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?"

A good start.


JMH --

As jimmyk has already noted, there has been a TON of commentary here about the 2008 and 2012 elections that could simply be paraphrased as "our side lost because we did not fight as hard or as dirty as the Democrats.

Hard core partisans of whatever stripe tend to see their allies as wimps and their adversaries as admirably ruthless.

I would say that it is not really true generally in either case. Neither side has a monopoly on fighting dirty or having allies squeamish about doing so.

common man


Democrat congresscritters got egg all over their faces. Sorry progs, you have been made fools of, AGAIN. Why does that keep happening to you?


In a statement later on Wednesday, a GSA spokesperson refuted the letter, saying that the agency had not reached a conclusion about whether Trump would be violating the lease at the Old Post Office building, which houses his new Trump International Hotel.

“GSA does not have a position that the lease provision requires the President-elect to divest of his financial interests,” the spokesperson said. “We can make no definitive statement at this time about what would constitute a breach of the agreement, and to do so now would be premature.”

The statement added that it would not reach a final determination about the lease agreement until Trump is inaugurated and has reached a decision about how to organize his business interests.


Setting the agenda.

Priebus told HH today Obamacaid repeal and replace is priority in Jan. As it should be.

The Grassley criminal referral of PP to a soon to be Sessions Justice Dept. is a pretty big deal too.

Beasts of England

Speaking of bloated bureaucracies - anyone know how many employees are at the Department of State? I'd have guessed about 5,000. I would have been wrong...

common man

Keith Ellison or Tom Perez? Yikes. If Democrat had guns, they might consider eating them and putting themselves out of this misery...

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Tom R,

Off the top of my head, here is what I would do:

1. Automatic retirement for anyone due to retire in the next calendar year, effective by January 31, 2016.

2. Notice that there will be a bill abolishing federal employee unions (unless they were extablished by EO, in which case, sayonara).

3. Transfer the dead weight to the middle of Kansas, the Appalachians, or Alaska. If they don't want to move, they can resign. If they do move, see how long they last in dry counties where the most fancy restaurant is Crackerbarrel.

4. For those who are left, institute a bonus system based on creative ways to save money (exception being VA).


Neither side has a monopoly on fighting dirty or having allies squeamish about doing so.

That wasn't really my point. While it may seem admirably even-handed on your part, I disagree that both sides do it, certainly not equally. Dems always fight hard and dirty, while until this election Republicans haven't fought particularly hard or dirty in a long time, maybe since Reagan fought hard (but not dirty) in 1980. This time Trump fought hard, as he needed to.

Beasts of England

Did you miss the entire fiasco in Wisconsin regarding Walker and the midnight raids, Theo? I don't believe our side has ever faught as remotely unfair or dirty.


I look forward to tRumpelstilskin spinning straw into gold but I don't want to sacrifice my first born.

Old Lurker

I wonder how many total votes have been fabricated or stolen for Dems vs Reps in that last fifty years?

You may express the Dem total in exponential form.

Jack is Back!

If Reagan could fire the Air Traffic Controllers, then why can't Trump fire the DoE employee who refused his request for travel and global warming participation?

Need clarice's input but I believe with a stroke of his pen, he can decertify every Federal employee union. Talk about belts and suspenders. Civil service was like the Vanguard rocket. Doesn't work and you can't fire it.


Priebus versus Conway...a long way to Tipperary.

henry - drunk on prog tears

One billion user accounts hacked! Courtesy of Yahoo. (latest disclosure).

Also on the John Doe raids... the first civil suit goes to the 7th circuit on Jan 6. It turns out the Judge overlooking the warrants was out of town and didn't even sign the no knock warrants. Chisolm raided because politics.

Beasts of England


Old Lurker

:-) Beasts

Jack is Back!

Is there a more irrelevant voice on JOM then Dana Ward?

But then I am cataloging all the characters here for my next serial book.

Just waiting for the FBI to raid Comet Ping Pong for allowing kids to watch people play table tennis while drinking beer. Oh, and the art.

Beasts of England

You gotta be kidding, henry. They executed a politically-motivated, no-knock raid without a signed search warrant? For a non-violent 'crime'?

Jack is Back!


What and where? The mag!


I see you're still trying to defend the pedophiles, Jack


Woke up to BBC News. Their emphasis was that Trump, unlike Obama, has now nominated only 1 Black and 2 Asians, and all the rest of his appointments are White Males. BBC was angry about that. They said that unlike Obama's Administrations Trump's picks "do not look like America," and they closed by saying that tho' Trump's supporters may be OK with an Administration of old White Men, but those who voted for Hillary will be upset that once again we are seeing a Republican Administration of old White men.

Then I switched to CNN. They had to cover Syria since it is collapsing. They brought on ex CIA man Woolsey. The CNN Host tried very hard to get him to say what Trump will now do on Aleppo. Woolsey refused to go out on that limb, stating instead the Trump was more of a Teddy Roosevelt type who would speak softly and carry a big stick, but he did hammer Obama for his weakness and vacillation over Syria, and he encouraged Trump's team to examine what Obama did or didn't do and do the opposite. Immediately after Woolsey left they brought on Al Hunt, who totally mischaracterized Woolsey's comments and said that it showed Trump was a complete fool who basically couldn't find Aleppo on a map, and the CNN Host basically agreed with the lies and mischaracterizations coming out of Al Hunts mouth, even tho' she had just talked to Woolsey. It's a wonder to watch. They cannot help themselves.

henry - drunk on prog tears

Beasts, Judge Adelman ruled that Chisolm has absolute immunity, so stomped the suit... now we see what the Apoeals guys say.

Same judge keeps canning our voter ID. Claims 300,000 people are disenfranchised - a number pulled out of his hat? Or the standard cheat margin used in WI in presidential election years?

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