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January 14, 2017


Firsty McFirstface



Segundo and great topic, TM!

buccaneer morgan

Yes but of course and horowitz having been in Reno's justice department is just coincidental. Right.


If the braintrusts at DOJ had allowed the FBI the use of an investigating grand jury back in 2015 (they found out about the server around March of 2015), this might have been over before the Spring of 2016.

This all leads to Lynch.


All to Obama... legacy protection required Hilligula protection.


Can't be scandal free with your Sec State a permanent resident of Leavenworth.

buccaneer morgan

And this schaub was running interference for red queen back in 2015

sammy small

Glasater....that would be El Segundo, or "Gundo" as many of the local townies call it.


“Once they’re [Lynch et al] gone, the IG has no jurisdiction over them,” former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova told The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group.

Cecil Turner

Discovery would be a Dem nightmare. But does Zippy care? What's the current line on a midnight pardon?

les nessman

If Obama grants and Hillary accepts a pardon, does that mean she acknowledges guilt?

So she'll be dogged with - "So,you admit you broke the law. Which laws did you break? What were the consequences of your law breaking?" - type questions from the media going forward?

And the in-office Dems will be peppered with "so you now admit she broke the law" queries too, right?

les nessman

And also "so, you were lying to everyone all along; you actually did break the law?"

and "So Mr. Dem Senator, did you know that Hillary was lying all this time or did she fool you too?"

So much fun can be had by the pundits.

Captain Hate

So, were the DoJ lawyers trying to run out the clock to protect Hillary and Comey blew the whistle on them? Or did Comey time his torpedo-drop for maximum damage just before the election?

There are other choices.


I'm female Sammy Small so couldn't I say 'la segundo'? I keed my fellow JOMmer.. ;-)

This all leads to Lynch

Who is 'Just Not That Smart'™ .


"So,you admit you broke the law. Which laws did you break? What were the consequences of your law breaking?" - type questions from the media going forward?

Would that the 'media' would ask such questions.

Never happen..

Captain Hate

From the McCarthy link:

In a show of bipartisanship in 2001, President Bush retained Glenn Fine, the IG President Clinton had appointed shortly before leaving office; thereafter, Fine aggressively investigated Bush’s Justice Department . . . and was retained by Obama until retiring in late 2010 – ultimately to be replaced by Horowitz.

Once again the GOPe need to appear all bipartisany yields terrible results *and* isn't reciprocated. Was this Rove's advice?

Jim Eagle


Rush devoted some time yesterday to the Glenn Fine appointment - a scorpion who didn't disappoint during his tenure with W.

Tom Maguire


What's the current line on a midnight pardon?

You know you have political problems when "over/under" refers to "over the fence or under the wall".

les nessman

"Would that the 'media' would ask such questions.

Never happen.."

No, the msm won't.
But a partisan could gleefully throw those bombs on the Sunday gabfest shows or some conservative firebrand looking for fame could bring it up on their radio or tv show.

Or some high-ranking executive could repeatedly tweet about it mercilessly. Bwahaha. I'd really like to see that.


Les ness man:
I like how you think.

Jim Eagle

My gut says the Clinton's are not asking for a pardon and are trusting that Trump doesn't want his agenda and 100 day plan to be distracted.

So, if I was a betting man I'd bet against a Clinton pardon and if Obama offers she'll refuse it for the reasons les newsman brings up.


Dems looking for a scapegoat instead of Hillary
Lynch would be racist, so it has to be Comey.

Jim Eagle

...so, autocorrect for nessman is newsman....well, right, I guess.....


If she refuses it she is a fool.
This is not going to die down.
I can actually visualize Hillary using her I'll health which she tried to hide during the election , as her get out of jail free card.


She doesn't think she did anything wrong, that has been true for 25 years

Captain Hate

JiB, as a frequent Rush critic I've very much enjoyed listening to him over the last year. Even though I didn't hear him yesterday I'm not surprised he was all over Fine.


A lot of furious scribbling out of nervous anticipation?

It ain't confidence.

Jim Eagle


She admits guilt just by accepting the pardon. By turning it down she tells her fans she has done nothing wrong. Also by accepting it she proves that she has been lying all along.

Clinton's never admit anything. They even find ways of denying what the word "is" really means.

Its the way they have behaved for the last 40+ years.


She's done nothing wrong. I thought y'all were law dawgs. If you can't prove intent, you got nuthin'


Oh, she is guilty of gross bureaucracy if that's a federal statute.


Where is sue? I always liked her.


Odd how they couldn't spell emolement when it concerned her, now it's trips from their tongue like gravitas.


"If you can't prove intent, you got nuthin'"

IANAL but even I know that's a false statement. Example, if you have no intent you may get charged with manslaughter not murder but you dont automatically skate. Plus we all know ignorance is not a legal defense yet if you don't know a law exists clearly you had no intent to break it. Finally, who says no intent. Let's check into it and see, eh?

Glad to see the "Idiosa" magic spell is still working on golden showers boy.


I get emollients and emoluments mixed up. Which do you smear all over your skin?


With your new friend Russia it should be said you should watch RT news.

It's outstanding.


We also know that Admiralty law is applied to motor vehicle (vessels) law because common law does not allow one to be required to prove innocence as happens in traffic court.

Most prosecutors won't touch a case without intent or extreme public pressure. Just because you ain't a lawyer doesn't mean you should be so naive

Cecil Turner

Which do you smear all over your skin?

Per well known authority McDuck, the answer is: either one. Was that a trick question?

Buford Gooch

Wow! The troll quality is really suffering.


Good for Tucker

Megyn Who? @TuckerCarlson's Debut Ratings Surprised Many, writes @donirvine http://buff.ly/2jdxfkx #tcot

Jim Eagle

So, Frederick and his ELA class have started to read MacBeth and he reads as Lennox. He says he only has one line in the first act and I told him there are more to come but colloquy's like some of the others.

But his only line so far fits in quite nicely here:

"What a haste looks through his eyes! So should he look
That seems to speak things strange."

I told him to be glad he isn't Duncan.

Jim Eagle

... but not colloquy's like the others.....

Cecil Turner

Good for Tucker

I'm getting a little tired with the invite-the-moron-to-defend-the-indefensible shtick he usually starts the show off with, but other than that . . .

(I only auto-record two daily shows, him and special report, so obviously must not be too tired of it.)

Thomas Collins

In my mind, Comey is a hero. He knew that it was unlikely that a jury would convict The Hill under a gross negligence standard. In any event, he knew that the Obama DOJ wouldn't seek an indictment. He also knew the obvious point that anyone who acted as The Hill did as Secretary of State had no business being POTUS. So he did what he could do within the confines of his situation to minimize the chance that The Hill would become POTUS. I know he has ticked off both Trump and Hill supporters. But, looking at the world as it functions as opposed to how we would like it to function, he did the best he could. Did his late announcement tip the scales to Trump? Who knows? Trump was already closing the gap. But he made sure a whitewash didn't take place, and for that I applaud him.

Re Comey always looking at the politics: No FBI director is able to ignore the politics, except in a fantasy world.


Thanks buford!


BGooch: "Wow! The troll quality is really suffering."

With all due respect, disagree. IMO it's always this bad. Again, why is it allowed? Asking factually, not inciting rants. When I was here some years ago I recall that a trusted commenter (hit?) was empowered to clean up.
Wrong memory? TM philosophical commitment to free speech?

Thomas Collins

CT, if you lived where I do, I don't think you would tire of Carlson. What you describe as inviting the moron to defend the indefensible I experience as inviting the mouthpiece of the accepted wisdom in appropriately credentialed circles.


Something's up in Brussels...


Jim Eagle


Just another day in Brussels. Mrs.JiB thinks the police and counter-terror force are becoming more pre-emptive to shut down the whole hive in Molebeek and Scharbeek because they are getting tired and losing personnel using show of force around the EU buildings and Grand Place as well as Zaventem and the major train stations.

If you want to get back to stablizing the security then get the jihadi's off the street now.

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce speculated that Carlson was put in that spot to boost ratings for people who changed the channel when MeAgain followed the 8 PMer.


JIB - pre-emptive sounds good, let's have more of it!

Too bad they didn't discover pre-emptive before the "hive" was ensconced, isn't it?

les nessman

If there's no pardon/she turns down the pardon, then there will be the specter of possible investigations, occasional flare-ups of "lock her up" and a general ominous pall upon the Clinton Machine for the next 4 years or more.

And all along, there will be a few Democrats, picked off one by one, who say "Fuck this Clinton/Obama legacy crap. We're getting killed here. Let's denounce the Obama/Hillary era as a debacle and find a way forward without them."

So pardon her or don't pardon her. IDGAF, because there will be some sweet, sweet salty Democrat teardrops either way.


Yes crossfire used to be like thatvtill the dems removed their shame programming sometime in the mid 90s.


Well what was left of it, anyways, then the comic swarm took over, Stewart Maher and camembert.

Manuel Transmission

Good morning.

MT Jr sent this link (LUN) of his pal giving a TED talk. She was the first female Brigade Commander at Annapolis and ended up working for him at the spook facility she mentions in the early part of her talk. He introduced her to her future husband and they were Jr's Best Man and Maid of Honor. For full circle, Jr now works for her hubby. She is now an IBM Partner (?) and head of Cognitive Solutions for National Security.

Notice how she talks slowly for the dweebs at the TED so they can grasp things beyond their imaginary social bubble.

'member 🍇?

'member James Carville? 'member iced creamings? 'member car city sales? 'member Luice Ferre?

central casting

"invite-the-moron-to-defend-the-indefensible shtick"

Cecil scheduled for show nect week.

Jim Eagle


Yeah, I know. We built it.


Good Morning. Darn fine TarHeels/Florida State Basketball Game ongoing even as I type. 71-66 Heels with 10 minutes left in the 2nd Half.

Check it out!


Sock puppets are asymmetric aren't they.

If you can't defeat them ridicule them anonymously.

It's a win for small minds.

James D.

Thinking back to the student loan discussion on the previous thread, regardless of where you fall on the question of what to do, the situation that exists today is a perfect illustration of how poisonous the left is, and how everything it touches ends up corrupted.

Because the existing student loan system is a perfect parasitic system. Look at all the ways it causes harm to traditional values and rational people; and how it feeds and strengthens progressive politicians and bureaucrats and causes.

Pumping massive quantities of (seemingly) free money into the system guarantees that schools will raise their prices, and engage in "bidding wars" using luxury dorms and athletics and other goodies to attract students. Which ends up requiring more students to take out larger loans, providing more jobs for bureaucrats both at D of Ed, and at the schools, pumping yet more (not really) free money into the system and escalating the bidding wars.

At the same time, pumping that money into the system allows schools to hire more harmful bureaucrats to run more useless programs that qualify students only for similar bureaucratic jobs themselves.

Which of course is convenient, because "public service" loan forgiveness programs makes such jobs more attractive (or maybe even the only option) for graduates of those programs. And as the number of nonprofit and diversity and Title IX and Grievance Studies bureaucrats increases, so does their political power, and their ability to brainwash still more students in the future, who will then be miseducated so that they can only go into such jobs themselves.

It's like a perfect killer parasite designed to destroy the minds and future prospects of entire generations, and, best of all, who gets to ultimately pay for it, when the loans are forgiven or defaulted?

The smaller and smaller portion of society that actually does useful work and adds real value to the economy!

Jim Eagle

Snowing in Southampton. And my gas station guy said it was all over:(

Beasts of England

I believe Rocco wins the prize for the best bear hunting tips at JOM. A little-noticed category, but still...

Jim Eagle

James Taranto's last column. He will be missed for BOTW.


Don't know if google trick still works.

Jim Eagle

Go Atlanta. Make Seattle a has been.


Just watched the TED talk ManTran linked.

Very good talk on the OODA loop. If you don't believe animals do this, watch the behavior of your dog next time you take him out for a dump:)

Jim Eagle

Wow. National Anthem played on a soprano sax. Really well done. Too bad Frederick is playing Overwatch with his buddy. He needs to learn that riff.


Back on the Mekong Delta, John Kerry finds a man who once tried to kill him and exoneration

His war record was repeatedly denigrated by political enemies who questioned whether he deserved the Silver Star, Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts he was awarded. They charged he did nothing particularly heroic in Ca Mau, and the Viet Cong he shot was just a teenage boy.

The fact the Viet Cong was a man of 24, two years younger than Kerry at the time but old enough to be a credible threat, effectively negated the naysayers’ narrative



The Long Goodbye.....

I did not read the story

EBONY MAGAZINE – Verified account ‏@EBONYMag

President Obama was more than a "first" Black president, he elevated the Oval Office: http://ow.ly/tIbO307SXcx #ObamaFarewell


How the hell would he know?

This Week – Verified account ‏@ThisWeekABC

.@POTUS says he’s told Donald Trump you can't run the Oval Office "the way you would manage a family business." http://abcn.ws/2j5WClS


Go Atlanta!
Go Houston!
I hope Sue and Porch will watch.


Still crying,

Mark Rector – ‏@markwellsrector

Trump simply lied his way to the Oval Office. A claim backed up by videotapes, audiotapes and mere facts.
Trump campaign over, revolution to begin

A hushed conference room with walls paneled in dark wood and a table seating no fewer than 20. Outside in the corridor, security guards patrol none-too-discretely.
View on web

Beasts of England

A family business? Charming.


The fawning continues..

Simon Tuckerface – ‏@SimonTemplarPV

Did I just hear @StephensWSJ say Obama's huge achievement was he "carried the office so much dignity & was able to transcend racial issues?"


Obama needs to sit down and shut up.
He is the only one who doesn't seem to know he is irrelevant.

Jim Eagle

To all the discreditori out there. Hide. He's coming for you. And Meadow, he has a special camp in Idaho for you. It's manned by two guys from Boise who love haiku and wine. You have 24 hours to put your world in order.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Not sure this is a real indicator, but thought I would put it out there.

Beasts of England

Al "Velour Tracksuit" Sharpton visiting the White House eighty-one times must have helped that transcendence quite a bit...


Dems are now occupying an alternative reality far away from real life.
Total disassociation.
Full on mental illness.


#NeverTrumper Jonah Goldberg, in between comments about his kitty cat, says #NeverTrump no longer exists.

..the coalitional instinct is an important concept to keep in mind these days. It certainly helps me understand the barrages of invective and utterly bizarre psychoanalyzing I’m subjected to every day. For instance, last night I was on Bret Baier’s Special Report. On the show, I praised Trump’s appointments and offered a plausibly favorable interpretation of his disagreements with his cabinet officials. I also defended Trump’s tweets supporting LL Bean, but I criticized others. The response, as usual, from the Trump Tribe was an irrational miasma of rage and projection. When you cut through the trollery, the basic complaint is simply that I am guilty of insufficient enthusiasm for Donald Trump. I keep getting asked in various ways, “When will you get over your Never Trump obsession?” As I’ve written countless times now, as far as I’m concerned, Never Trump isn’t a thing anymore. Trump won, he’ll be the next president, so there’s nothing to be “never” about.

Me: "Insufficient enthusiasm?" That's the problem?

Sure Jonah, #NeverTrumper doesn't exist anymore, and the problem is your buddies are "Insufficiently Enthusiastic for Donald Trump."

Tell it to Kevin Williamson...

and David French...

and Evan McMullin...

and Steve Hayes...

and John Kasich...

and Glenn Beck and Rick Wilson...

and George Will and Bill Kristol...

and maybe even tell it to this guy's Kitty Cat.

I won't post a link since it's National Review, but FWIW, #NeverTrumper Jonah hasn't convinced me that he and the #NeverTrumpers don't exist anymore, but I'm worried because I said that with "insufficient enthusiasm."

Thankfully tho' I can say this with sufficient enthusiasm:

'Heel's Win!!!

And now with less enthusiasm, "To the gym."


I see that Democrats are pulling out of Trump's inauguration because of their shame for putting, up as candidate for President, a criminal who would have disgraced the office.


(I've posted a dozen variants of this and none of them show. Apologies if suddenly they all get disgorged at once.... Maybe I have a bad word embedded in here somewhere? Puzzled...)

JiB: "My gut says the Clinton's are not asking for a pardon and are trusting that Trump doesn't want his agenda and 100 day plan to be distracted."

So don't be distracted. Farm the job out to a tough minded but fair non-partisan career guy and let him investigate. If evidence indicates guilt, prosecute. If not, announce she's clean and let her go.

Isn't that how it should work?

Beasts of England

That's perfect, daddy!!


Eric in Boise
Assembles quality verse
Lyle has no clue how


Seems to be a problem with the LUN to sharyl atkisson and the terrific article
The Clearest (No Spin) Summary of FBI Report on Hillary Clinton Email

Miss Marple the Deplorable

You know, I don't care if she's prosecuted as much as I want clear evidence made public that she did bad things with no regard for the American people or national security.

I want that evidence jammed down the throats of every democrat who has supported her and acted like that server and the Foundation were no big deal.

Jim Eagle

I mean't Maddow but autocorrect is a progressive plant.



Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is a good article, explaining what he can do and what he cannot do. The author believes he has done enough.


If you want to get back to stablizing the security then get the jihadi's off the street six feet under ground now.

FIFY Jack.


Posted by: daddy | January 14, 2017 at 05:01 PM

You need a picture of Cecil in there!

Just kidding Cecil, we love you...long time :)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


She should have a sit down with Rosie O'Donnell.


There is no Never Trump. Because He is.

daddy on iPad at the Gym

Doing catch-up at the thread, and this bit from a link on the previous thread about Brit Secret agent Steele and his deep concerns about "PissGate" staying covered up:

Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent who investigated Donald Trump’s alleged Kremlin links, was so worried by what he was discovering that at the end he was working without pay, The Independent has learned.

Mr Steele also decided to pass on information to both British and American intelligence officials after concluding that such material should not just be in the hands of political opponents of Mr Trump, who had hired his services, but was a matter of national security for both countries.

However, say security sources, Mr Steele became increasingly frustrated that the FBI was failing to take action on the intelligence from others as well as him. He came to believe there was a cover-up, that a cabal within the Bureau blocked a thorough inquiry into Mr Trump, focusing instead on the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

So if he was so concerned about getting the dirt disseminated, why didn't he walk down the street and give it to Julian Assange?



Good for Zoe, just for that I will watch Guardians of the Galaxy again

daddy on iPad at the Gym

The D Horowitz countdown hits six...Six more days of Obama, blunder number six of the Obama Admin. Starting manana we get to the top five.

"Barack Obama is the most anti-Israel president America has ever had.

As you know, Israel is one of America's closest allies – not to mention a critical security partner. But Obama has done everything in his power to damage that special relationship and put our ally in danger.

That's why we've dedicated #6 on the list of Obama's Worst Blunders to Israel. "

I'm worried as hell that before 20 Jan, Obama's actions at the UN this coming week are going to make D Horowitz revise the list and put item 6 to the top of the list.


Well that's a little more insight than I expected from uhura's latest iteration and naa'vi priestess.

Jim Eagle

I have a hard time thinking anyone can bully Trump. You build in NYC and are successful. You are the bully.

And when did Matt Ryan become so damn professional a QB? Dan Quinn? Yes a coach can make a difference and that is what RG's Jags need but I don't think will get there.


You're approaching peak Mescal.

It packs a powerful hangover so beware.

"He's coming for you"



Don't worry.
Obama has no power in Oz.
If UN makes a move, we defund them , kick them out of New York and move our embassy to Jerusalem.
Take that Hussein Obama!

Jim Eagle

Legacy, daddy, Legacy!

Does he want it smeared by his blatant anti-semitism or does he want to go out ambiguous and cleaner than a KKK uniform?

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