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January 06, 2017



One part of toddandclare’s two-pronged campaign put a megaphone to unproven charges that Assange made contact with a young Canadian girl in the Bahamas through the internet with the intention of molesting her. The second part sought to entangle him in a plan to receive $1 million from the Russian government.

WikiLeaks claims the dating site is “a highly suspicious and likely fabricated” company. In turn, the company lashed out at Assange on Thursday and “his despicable activities against American national security,” and warned journalists to “check with your libel lawyers first before printing anything that could impact or endanger innocent people’s lives.”


Captain Hate

Where was all this outrage when Wikileaks was burning intel agents?


Biden suggested that the U.S. has already begun launching covert measures against Russia in addition to retaliatory sanctions announced last week, when the Obama administration also announced it was expelling 35 Russian officials.

“Some of what we did you will know and some of what we did you will not know,” Biden said. “And we’ve done both.”

“Things you do not know and things that are known, like expelling [the 35 officials],” Biden added.

The vice president said he hopes any covert action does not become public knowledge.



When Snowden is revealed as the leaker, will you embrace him as completely as you have Putin ?

I remember your fickle judgments and rejection of the Old Snowden.

Do you have to screw your pants on in the morning? Twisty little devils...

Captain Hate

The vice president said he hopes any covert action does not become public knowledge.

The dumbest asshole ever to crawl out of Scranton.

Michael  (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

The 'Russian Hacking' scandal is the biggest "Look, squirrel" in the history of political propaganda imo.

The Dems - and the Pig in a Pantsuit (PIAP) - were seriously damaged by the Podesta email and DNC email revelations.

Their only option is the thing they do best: demonize the Repubs, and distract the LIVs.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Why would you publicly announce we are doing covert action?

"Hey Russians, we are doing sneaky stuff, so be on the look-out!"

Cecil Turner

Here are the two money grafs from that assessment:

We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump. When it appeared to Moscow that Secretary Clinton was likely to win the election, the Russian influence campaign then focused on undermining her expected presidency." [emphasis added]
Except the "likely to win" thing was there from the outset . . . so they're saying they were trying to undermine Hillary's presidency basically from the beginning (which is also how it looked to me). And then there's this obvious miss:
"Putin most likely wanted to discredit Secretary Clinton because he has publicly blamed her since 2011 for inciting mass protests against his regime in late 2011 and early 2012, and because he holds a grudge for comments he almost certainly saw as disparaging him."
Yeah, and absolutely nothing about thinking her weak and easy to play, and undermining her to make her even more so. Ignoring national interests and attributing everything to a fit of pique makes sense if you're talking about Obama. With Putin, it's more of a 50/50.

And the really funny thing is that what the Russians tried to do to Hillary, Obama is now trying to do to Trump: delegitimize the President to weaken the nation.

[And in both cases I think it backfired.]


Does Pence know Biden paved the way for swimming in the nude in front of SS agents at his soon to be DC home?

Cecil Turner

Where was all this outrage when Wikileaks was burning intel agents?

I'd've happily smoked Assange then, and would now with equal relish. Ditto for Snowden, and if they need somebody to pull the switch on Manning . . .


What a waste of taxpayers money.


State Department To Release Hillary Exhibit. Here Are 7 Things That Probably Won't Be In It. http://www.dailywire.com/news/12201/state-department-release-hillary-exhibit-here-are-aaron-bandler#.WHD8wBGePBQ.twitter

Miss Marple the Deplorable


It was damaging to those of us who read it (although I already knew they were a bunch of slimy crooks so wasn't going to vote for her, anyway).

BUT, if the Wikileaks were so damaging, how? Most of the networks gave it minimal coverage so most people (like my daughter, borther, and dem sister) were totally unaware of it.

My granddaughter, who voted for the first time this year and voted fo hillary because she just CAN'T be thought to have voted for Trump who is a racist, sexist, homophobe, nblah blah didn't even know who George Soros was.

My friend who gets her news from NBC didn't know about the Podesta emails, either.

If you didn't read the emails or excerpts, you didn't know all of the stuff in them, and anyone who tried to explain it (like me) ended up sounding like a crazy person.

So I don't see how the leaks really helped, except for a certain number of Bernie voters who were confirmed in their opinion on Hillary robbing them, which caused them to mostly not vote.

Michael  (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

Meanwhile, back in FLL:

per narciso, the shooter's address in Anchorage was
1200 West Dimond Blvd., Anchorage

Google maps shows that to be the "Dimond Estates Mobile Home Park."

Definitely not one of the garden spots of the Alaskan frontier as Anchorage residential areas go.

Here's an aerial view to get a sense of its size:

Quite the mobile home park.

Wonder whether the MFM will show any curiosity about how someone living there afforded airfare to Ft. Lauderdale?

Nah, neither do I.

buccaneer morgan

The salon fell for andropov's deception operation, re the nuclear freeze, lurch covered their central American affiliate, tretyakov marveled what a mark talbot was, as was Sagan with the nuclear winter.


Still no interest in BOzo's DHS admission to hacking State of GA voter info. Apparently, Jeh Johnson's assertion the multiple hack attempts were by "rouge/s" satisfied msm.


Why would you publicly announce we are doing covert action?

The money quote gives us a hint:

The vice president said he hopes any covert action does not become public knowledge.

The plan, IMO, is to have career a-holes continue to leak secrets and set the Trump administration up to look like a bunch of amateurs that can't control The Executive Office.



CIA can read intent of Putin, can't figure intent on Hillary's use of a private server.


Cecil; You've been maddeningly consistent throughout this chapter.

And...Putin? The entourage seems to wait for St Donaldus to tip his hand before they commit to Snowden as they have Assange/Putin.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Where was all this outrage when Wikileaks was burning intel agents?

More importantly, IMO, and related to Biden's plea to keep things hush-hush, where was the outrage when the VP outed SEAL team 6?

Hard to believe the #NeverTrumpers subscribed to at least 4 more years of this.


Let's face it.. The Democrats are just upset because they thought the Russians were on their side.

To paraphrase Wernher von Braun in "The Right Stuff" ... "Our Russians are better than their Russians"


Both Army CID and the FBI interviewed and investigated this guy and couldn't establish a tie to radical Islamic terrorists.

However, it had to be obvious he was a whack job.

Don't we need more discussion about whack job control laws?


Humor, or at least snark: Obama gives 2 weeks notice.


Still can't get the 'release' idea after catching the Obama codfish, eh?

Four more years of castigation for the old POTUS. Better keep those fish-eyes on the current prez, or I'll do it for you.

buccaneer morgan

Now our cable set up, blocks out fox BBC fbn and NBC, but gives free speech TV, MSNBC and pupkin

Beasts of England

Snowden as the leaker? That's hilarious...


Cominng from the guy who addresses a challenge by declaring. .

"Greatest EVAH...' Now that's funny.


Are the Russians on your side..?



Feds looking at stowing firearm in luggage. They will be reviewing the "privilage".

buccaneer morgan

Certainly neo, they had paid enough for the privilege to razorback and Co,

Account Deleted


Forgive the amount of detail in advance but I want to be thorough in putting my theory out there. Of course, all critical commentary to the contrary is welcomed.

Here goes:

That he still smokes marijuana, the most powerful gateway drug on earth, suggests to me that he is caught in the web of addiction. Couple that with most of the nation's denial about their first whatever and we have a classic case of enabling the addict.

Also, throw in BHo's penchant for doing *nothing* on the cheap so access to the WH pharmacy has made for one fun ride for him. Notice how angry Moochie is all the time and how separate she stands from him unless the photo ops are so drippingly canned. Not a happy homey.

BHo's stammer and yammer speech pattern and the deep liver lines, his refusal to stop smoking, and his hyper-arrogant posture and near megalomaniacal denial of reality suggest to me he is strung out on fentanyl, the royalty drug for would be opiate addicts in that its (an estimated 50 times more potent than morphine).

The fix on the American media to provide political cover for him in all matters great and small provide indirect protection via distraction from his addict behavior.

Just this former addict's opinion.

Time will tell when he leaves office.

If his health goes into sudden decline, then I'll know my *theory* was close if not fully accurate.

Basing this projection about his future state of health on my own six year stint with vicodin for treating diabetic nerve pain in my feet, now a former condition I'm happy to report, was a debilitating experience that contributed to a rapidly deteriorating overall bill of health.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Oh brother. The dumbasses still blaming Barry's problems on Bush tell us to forget about Barry when he's still Pres.

buccaneer morgan

So was he trying to catch a flight to Puerto Rico, what was he doing in bath, England.


That AT piece is great, Jim.

"Santiago went to the FBI office in Anchorage, Alaska in November 2016 to tell the FBI that voices in his head were telling him to join ISIS.

The FBI, which participated in the reports mentioned herein, can read Putin's mind but did nothing about a man who walked into its office and said he wanted to join ISIS. The FBI should have spent more time following up on Santiago instead of trying to help Obama explain away Hillary's loss, which damages his legacy."

I imagine the msm is studiously avoiding asking the FBI about following up on Santiago.


Turnabout seems fair Ignatz.

I'll be just as supportive of our new POTUS as we're y'all were with obama.

Account Deleted

CT--- The climate scientists resignation of her tenured position in academe was featured in an American Thinker blog post a couple of days ago.




or he's plain craaazzzeee.

buccaneer morgan

Neoneocon, which was agnostic at best on trump, has some thoughts.

Account Deleted

In case you missed this scathing rebuke of the upcoming "Women's March on Washington" during the Inauguration, I highly recommend it.


Beasts of England

@Cecil - it's been my experience as the initial FSO at two start-ups, that to be denied an interim clearance means that the persons didn't even clear the local agency check. I'd guess that there are exceptions at the White House level, but I'm not privy to such.

buccaneer morgan

Now we can't say we're surprised, after malbeek and domedovo and the lax plot, but yet they are.


Secret Pedophile Playground Discovered. Alefantis threatens mother & girlfriend in writing. Screenshots of chat.


buccaneer morgan

Now rhodes and with Mcdonough were on lee Hamilton's staff which was a rabbits den of foreign influences.




Re BOzo the addict, I think he's fanatical about his image, in particular his weight. He wasn't a fat child in Indonesia, but he was somewhat "husky" and was probably ruthlessly teased by his much smaller classmates. His mother was very overweight when she died. I can imagine BOzo being ashamed of her and determined to remain slim, thus his zeal about exercising daily and his life-long cig habit.


In case you missed this scathing rebuke of the upcoming "Women's March on Washington" during the Inauguration, I highly recommend it.

Probably get more MFM coverage than the inauguration.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

As usual you make no sense.
Laying blame on a predecessor that does not logically follow especially eight years down the road has nothing to do with being supportive of a new president.
Why would someone support a president who believes nothing that person does?
We have no particular obligation to do that.
Unfortunately you extend that lack of obligation to facts, history, logic, common sense and reason.

buccaneer morgan

They don't care at all, about security clearances, Cecil, Robert malleys part in the Iran deal was a sign.


I was glad to read the women's march gurus asked to use the Lincoln Memorial site, but it was already booked.


I havent made my judgment on what Trump really is, so I can support his iconoclasm. But is it genuine?

Whereas y'all prejudge Obama out of the gate, so I guess reason escapes you like a jack rabbit into his hole.

Michael  (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

BUT, if the Wikileaks were so damaging, how?

By their effects on the Bernie Sanders supporters, and the small percent of 'persuadables' in the overall voting populace.

Imo . . . The DNC leaks proved to BS's supporters that Hil-LIAR-y was corrupt, and colluding with the DNC to prevent BS' nomination. *Some* number of them appear to have voted for Stein as a result of their rejection of Hil-LIAR-y.

I subscribe to the belief that the Dems can count on ~ 40% of the vote in *any* presidential election - and the Repubs can count on ~ 35% in any presidential election.

The secret to winning is to capture more voters in the 'persuadable middle' or 'muddle' of the electorate. Taking just two points from your opponent's share of the middle results in the reversal of a 51-49 loss one election to a 51-49 win in the next.

I'd bet that your Dem family members are hardcore voters in the 'Dem 40%' cohort. But a not insignificant number of Dem voters *did* respond very negatively to Hil-LIAR-y's emails, based on interviews over the last two months of the election.

I think those two groups made up the swing in the vote that tipped the election to Pres.-elect Trump. (But, as they say, your mileage may vary.)


Really. My biggest problem with Trump is you guys like him like a long shot at Santa Anita.


I'm having a text back and forth with the daughter. I'm now certain that anyone with any connection to Washington is having a Trump meltdown. The "Russians hacked the election" is a narrative that is the absolute truth in the minds of these people. I texted her Neo's @ 10:50 and mentioned that the lefty Dems always loved the Commies. I said,Bernie Sanders spent his freaking honeymoon in Russia! She replied,oh that was 50 years ago! I LOL'ed reading that. I replied,please get serious,you know history.
This is going to get very interesting.

Account Deleted

Re Women's March---

Have 11 once so-called female friends who've "unfriended" me in real life due to my Trump vote.

Their righteous indignation came when I merely predicted Trump's victory back during summer 2016 and a repeat declaration of it in late September during a late season barbecue.

There hasn't been enough duct tape to go around here in Berkeley. Can't say I'll miss them gals. The tough spot is that 8 of them are daily pals in my wife's triathlon training group. Still a little uncomfortable here at home.

I've managed to stop yelling at the TV set though when she watches local evening news. The fake crap is non-stop.


Marlene, check out JimNorCal's 10:46 a.m. above for the clearest "Hillary wuz robbed" debunking I've seen.


The vice president said he hopes any covert action does not become public knowledge.

Says the cretin who outed Seal Team 6 and got a bunch of them killed. Unbelievable.


Dear Lord, please grant me the gift of never having reason to say or write the words "here in Berkeley".


Ugh, Porch. I'd forgotten that.

For Watts to see Karl, too.  Such a long long time ago.

I think I know Judy pretty well. Her own post about her going emiritus is pretty good @ judithcurry.com about a week ago.

She probably could have a post in the new administration. Her resistance to the alarmist consensus and her dedication to real science have made her legendary.

Heh, I sent Stevie Mac money to go visit her way back in '08.


Snip from an official email sent out by the city prior to the storm. There's a lot of loving pet owners at JOM. Does this strike you as something precious and Californiated? Or would you expect your local guys would also write this?

Pet Safety During the Storm

The Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety’s Animal Control Unit would like to remind you to keep your pets safe during this weekend’s storm with these helpful tips:

Stay calm:
During storms, it’s important to try to stay calm or act ‘normal’ as much as possible. Your pet can pick up on your stress and this can heighten their fear or change their behavior. If you want to help stop your pet from focusing on the storm, try to engage their attention or distract them with their favorite toy. Remember, it’s critical to never punish your pet for showing signs of distress during a storm.


Give your pet a safe place:
Providing pets with their very own ‘safe place’ is a great way to make them feel more comfortable during a storm. Most pets will try to hide in places such as under beds or inside wardrobes – anywhere where they feel safe from the noise. This safe place will help them feel more at ease.


Be prepared:
Our Animal Control Unit recommends creating an emergency kit for your pets in case you need to evacuate your home quickly. This should include a blanket, food, spare leashes, and any of their medications. Planning ahead also means pre-arranging a safe destination to take your pets to in case you need to evacuate. You should also organize a dedicated caregiver to take care of your pets in the event you are unable to do so yourself.

Remember, your pets depend on you to help keep them safe and secure!


Biden's first wife was killed in an accident she caused by pulling out in front of a driver who couldn't avoid hitting her. Biden lied for years and years about the "drunk driver who killed my wife and child". The driver's children related how tormented he was the rest of his life by the accident and Biden's lying about it to win sympathy and votes.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Sorry, but analysts so damn stupid and unserious they attribute Putin's actions to some supposed personal insult by the Red Witch make it very hard to place credence in any other assessments they make.
Regardless of Putin's many crimes and ruthlessness it's hard to detect any motive other than a serious sober protection and assertion of what he perceives to be Russia's interests, which he no doubt perceives to be coincident with his.

He's dangerous and vicious, but he's also grownup.
Not sure the hacks flaking for Barry and the Dems at the intelligence agencies, the guys approving this stuff being loyal Barry appointees, can be construed as anything but children.
After the manipulations of Benghazi and the admissions of the likes of Gruber and Rhodes I have close to zero confidence in anything they say, including not just the whys but the hows and ifs.
Intelligence is hard enough when you have an Angleton or Casey running it. When you have the Katzenjammer kids on acid and al-Brennan running it through a couple of anti American creeps like Barry and the Rock Hyrax we might as well break out the chicken entrails.

On top of that who the hell cares? The Soviet Union used to fund massive US front organizations that had a lot more influence in elections for decades and we didn't turn it into this absurd Kabuki theater.
Once again we're playing the Dems game.


JimNorCal, we mostly get warnings not to drink and drive near plow trucks


Beside each airplane painted on the highway as a mile marker we have a little sign warning us not to try to take off in it.


henry "we mostly get warnings not to drink and drive near plow trucks"


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Berkley was the subject of a special I happened to watch on PBS several years ago. It came on after something I was watching (probably Downten Abbey) so I was too lazy to change the channel.

Two things I saw:

1. All kids walking around campus, staring at their pones, and not talking to each other.

2. Girl who was trying to work and go to school to get a teaching degree, being browbeaten by a group of advisors to quit working and take out loans instead, because she could pay it back after she got a job with her "world class" education. (They actually said that.) Since even in California teaching isn't the road to riches, and since Berkley is very expensive, I was outraged.
Am very relieved granddaughter didn't apply there.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Trump is a bit of a cypher so it makes sense to wonder just exactly where he will shake out as most here do.
Barry OTOH was utterly transparent despite his disingenuous rhetoric and proved he was exactly who he appeared to be from the start.


Jim, it doesn't sound like your CA city leaders believe the denizens have "common sense". I think GA folks would find that as laughable as I did.

Old Lurker

"Cecil; You've been maddeningly consistent..."

A gross and serious violation of JOM rules for long time posters.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Providing pets with their very own ‘safe place’ is a great way to make them feel more comfortable during a storm.--

Very true. I recommend turning them loose in a snowstorm and letting them find a safe space with the nice couple a mile down the ridge.

Cecil Turner

The climate scientists resignation of her tenured position in academe was featured in an American Thinker blog post a couple of days ago.

Thanks KK, I missed it. I think this has been obvious to everyone for years, but it bears repeating:

Federal funding in the climate fields is earmarked for supporters of the federal position that man-made climate change is scientific fact.
Not hard to get a "consensus" when you're only funding one side of the argument. And as important as Pruitt is as EPA chief, whoever decides where to dole out research grant money is arguably more so in the long term.

Cecil Turner

She probably could have a post in the new administration.

Helping figure out where grant money goes, maybe.


CBS on Ft. Lauderdale massacre provides a lot more info than the worthless WaPo. The FBI has some serious explaining to do imo.


My niece is getting her teaching degree at Berkeley. She is a social justice warrior all the way. According to her parents, she gave her students her own money for food on their "field trip" to the Trump protest march after the election. (I think we were meant to find this noble). Some nearby town offers a $90K starting salary for teachers. That is apparently justified by high CA housing prices. I never want to hear about underpaid teachers ever again.

Account Deleted

Bay Area municipalities are top-heavy ProgEmoCrat job machines. Every aspect of life here in Berkeley is monitored by some city bureaucrat with a six-figure budget.

"Communications" like the obvious pet-care messaging are always showing up in our mailbox despite the six-figure "web site" the City of Berkeley maintains (in order to allow city workers to be unreachable by telephone).

Will be interesting to see if the conservatives of California can step on the cashflow pipeline from Sacramento and on the "ballot initiative" method of raising taxes on Berkeley property owners (we're called "terrorists" at City Council meetings).

If we can take down Hildo Clintoona, we can take down California.

Heard a joke last nite: "The 70s called California yesterday to ask why your Governor is still Moonbeam Brown. Would you really rather drive a car made in the 70s? For real? What's up?!?!?"

Will be interesting to see how Trump punishes the Commie Kamala Harris who is taking Babs Boxer's senate seat.

Then there is the corrupt Diane Feinstein and her hubby's cuddly Chinese Communist ties in "bidness" and the postal office real estate scam he presides over (billions in real estate profits from surplus property sales).

Two keys for California: how Trump nails the enviro loonies under Harris and Feinstein's role in the Senate to further reduce Dem power; and, the sanctuary city boondoggle that could cost Califas BILLIONS in federal money across the board.

Almost forgot---- the whole Eric Holder hiring to fight Trump on immigration: immigration is worth $1 trillion in cash to California's elites. All of it will impact the dog catchers and "communications specialists" in local governments around the Bay Area, as in "buh bye."

MAGA! Drain the Local Swamps while you are at it.

buccaneer morgan

Exactly they were behind most of the iterations of the 'they are on the otherside' movements, the Americans acknowledge that much.


This is a great story...the Pride of Madawaska Middle/High School Band will perform at the Jan.19 "Make America Great Welcome Concert" at the Lincoln Memorial. Madawaska (in northernmost Maine) is closer to Canada than Washington,D.C.,so this will be a fantastic opportunity for the students. The band director was a student in the Kennebunk High School band when they marched in Bush 41's inaugural parade in 1989. He recalled what a great experience that was,so he applied to participate in Trump's parade. He was notified the band would play at the Lincoln Memorial concert.
This is the best part of the story...despite the St. John Valley being a Democrat stronghold in the 2nd district,not a single parent or student has objected to the band's participation. The band director said everyone is looking beyond politics. The purpose of the trip is to "make music not political points."


One good thing from Trump's victory is no attempt to force right to work states to bail out the CA public employees pension fund.


That's wonderful, Marlene. Our "band parent" memories are precious to us.

buccaneer morgan

Basically half of the report plagiarized a 2012 report, and the other was a promotional brief for rt

Michael  (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

six year stint with vicodin for treating diabetic nerve pain in my feet, now a former condition I'm happy to report
Posted by: KevlarKid | January 07, 2017 at 11:12 AM

KevlarKid - Sorry to hear of your past troubles with neuropathy - but *very* glad to hear of its now 'former' status.

Take care and stay healthy. You've got a great mind, and a great contribution to make to MAGA in the years ahead.

btw, did you ever try gabapentin to treat the neuropathy? It works wonders for my brother, with *no* serious side effects.


In other news, parts of malicious prosecution case against SA Mosby in Baltimore allowed to proceed by fed judge. Notably she is on the hook for her activity as investigator, not prosecutor.


A snip from the "Two weeks notice" BHO YouTube posted above, to give the flavor of the piece---

"(ObamaCare) insurers heading for the exits like missionaries fleeing a Lena Dunham bikini fitting"

Account Deleted

Re California Teachers: a few scattered musings...

Salary ranges (averages by experience)


Califas ranks 4th in the nation @ $72,000. average annual salary.

Here's the kicker: High school classroom contact hours for a full time teacher per school year is 1080.

On an 8 hour basis per day that's 135 work days in the class room per year.

Middle school and elementary grades are even lower class room hours (840 and 900 respectively).

Now, the union meme is that all of the rest of the time during the year, teachers are out there preparing and developing skills to become better teachers (351 days - 135= 216 days- 100 weekend days= 116 days for getting better).

It's a joke.

Most experienced teachers here in Berkeley are dialing it in, own businesses, or consult on the side.

The deadbeats are here for life and look like it as well as teach like it. It's impossible to have a teacher removed for abusive or egregious conduct (AFT and NEA union protection).

I've been in California high school classrooms (in Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Alameda, and San Leandro) and in elementary classrooms too on short-term assignments for teachers on maternity leave. It is a certain kind of hell. And most teachers are in survival mode.

Yes, the job is thankless.

But it is also a government cash cow, with perfect vertical integration from the student loan indebtedness to the cash for school attendance racket between DC and the states.

Where do the munny go? The salaries for district superintendents like Berkeley's: $240K with Cadillac benefit and retirement pensions.

The search for a new super here, which occurs about every 4 years or so, costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. And one would think we were searching for King Solomon himself to run the district.


These guys come in and inherit something that runs itself as they either get ready to retire or find their way into the Dept of Education gravy train in DC.

Education racketeering: another ProgEmoCrat jobs program (I've yet to meet a Republican public school teacher in Berkeley schools--- and we were active in school matters for 12 years.)

EmpoweredvVctimClaimers4 gov jobs and cash

Doubt that teacher checked and registered with police or did a safety and security analysis or has background check. Kids appear to be tools to her, like the space alien prober mother ship abduction troll.Ready to call that one, confidence high. Same with the Trump kid molester. We might get stuff if we turn the things in...

buccaneer morgan

So in this case, you have a mishmash of the Tucson (paranoid) Dallas (violent) and bergdahl (free floating alienation)


So I wasn’t going to join in the weather conversation until I just came in from moving firewood from the outside crib into the garage . . . in 3 degree weather.

It’s sunny, though, and the crazy ice fishermen are on the other side of the lake near a sand bar where fishies find food.

I need new insulated work gloves. Any recommendations?


Have someone else go out in the cold. ;)


Good idea, Gentlejim, but my wife says “no”.


"Re California Teachers"

Recall The Friedricks case tied 4-4. Center for Individual Rights (CIR) immediately filed for re-hearing. Should be taken up this year when Trump CT is at full strength. Blow teachers unions all to pieces.


Carhartt waterproof-insulated work gloves seems popular at Amazon, sbw.


SBW, the combination in "cold" plus "work" leads rot Carhartt around here.

or train the dog to fetch firewood.


leads to (not rot)


Oh I feel better now Ignatz. No one here trolls for Trump because they have misgivings about his true intent.

When will such persons show their uncertainty?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I can't help with the gloves, but I am going to have to find a replacement for my old Carhart hooded sweatshirt. It's developing holes in the sleeves from wear and washing, and it's been my trusty friend through 5 winters. I always wear it over a long-sleeved shirt around the house to keep the chill off.

Rats. I bet I won't be able to find anything like it, either.

Account Deleted


Thank you for your kind words. Hope you don't mind if I share a little bit more.

There are 26 million sufferers out there who've been diagnosed.

An estimated 80 million are undiagnosed pre-diabetics.

MAGA will crash and burn with that many sick Americans from this one chronic degenerative disease alone. So I share as a kind of Paul Revere endeavor. It's comin on strong and Boomers are especially vulnerable.

Glad to still be around. I was near ready for dialysis and we managed to stem that negative tide too. I can't say enough about this treatment regimen I've been on since May and I am diabetes free. The repair work is now underway. (Passed my heart stress test with flying colors 2 days ago. Congestive heart failure was two years ago last October. Full recovery.)

I was on Gabapentin as a replacement therapy for vicodin.

Unfortunately I was one of those side effect cases from hell. Developed skin lesions which attacked my lower extremities below the knee.

Four MRSA infections later we were looking at amputation prospects (gee, thanks Doc.). That's when the radical diet and supplementation plan became my last best option before dialysis and amputations.

The rest is history.

Glad it's been helping your Brother.

Diabetes takes *everything*. My prayers are with him and your family. He needs all of your attention and support.

Diabetes isolates because so few who suffer actually understand how it works at the cellular level; and, those around the sufferers have even less.

As the disease ramps up to the "gotcha and not lettin go" phase, where I was, my family was powerless to understand what was happening.

I was dying before their eyes.

I went four years straight feeling like garbage, eating next to nothing and still gaining 25 pounds a year (had become insulin dependent).

The weight is gone now after just 7 months. It was a horrible phase. But it is inevitable with conventional treatment.

So it is a very stressful and debilitating malady. Not a criticism of patients or families re the knowledge piece; that mystification keeps the "treatment and management" industry profitable.

The saddest part of it all is that so few medical professionals understand how the disease works. They know how to "manage" diabetes.

But as my doctor who's entrusted with my care now says: "Managing diabetes is code for a slow forced-death march." Such was my 19 year trek toward an early grave. I am 61.

God bless.



CA voters should pay for their own folly. I expect many are already voting with their feet and moving away. A surprise to me, South Dakota leads the nation in in-migration, and no surprise that Oregon is second. I wonder if the coming tsunami of invaders from the southern border makes moving as far away from it as possible very attractive to movees?

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I bought me a Carhart hoodie at Orchard Supply during their summer sale: $20.

May not be like yours, but it is a steady part of my wardrobe around here from Halloween til May 1. This Bay Area chill is no joke...it gets into the bones. (As the Minnesota to Maine contingent snicker about "whatchoo knows about cold, boy?!")

At any rate, I hope you find a suitable replacement. ;)


Here in Chicago I discovered that my winter coat, fine for NYC winters, is woefully inadequate for 2 degrees, even with a sweater. Brr.

Hoping D.C. gets this or freezing rain when those whiny women try to march on the 21st.

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Having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. Only "stupid" people, or fools, would think that it is bad! We.....

have enough problems around the world without yet another one. When I am President, Russia will respect us far more than they do now and....

both countries will, perhaps, work together to solve some of the many great and pressing problems and issues of the WORLD!

I removed the headers on the second and third tweet to make it easier to read.

Honestly, one would think there would be a massive whiplash epidemic amongst the dems, since just a few short years ago we were being schooled on how fear of Russia was so 80's, what with Obama having more flexibility after the 2012 election and all. Not to mention we did hit that "Reset" button and, after all, sold them 20% of our uranium.

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