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January 06, 2017


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

You know what I haven't heard in a long time? The ballad of how Barry got Bin Laden.

After the Arab winter, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Isis, Afghanistan, Egypt, Yemen et al I guess they're afraid if they try to make a big deal out of it Eric Idle will show up with his coconut shells and start singing about the exploits of Brave Sir Barry.

Dave (in MA)

GUS | January 06, 2017 at 11:41 PM, don't worry, I'm sure Trump will have the place wiped down thoroughly.


Susie, I generally keep up on things, BUT, did you say So-Malia interned for Lena Dunham???
What would that job entail?? Seriously, maybe I'm missing something, but WHY WOULD DUNHAM require an intern, and what freakish shit would that include??? AND....WHERE, how much pot, and sex and filth???

buccaneer morgan

Kits like the big game over Polk high, the truth is the reason we didn't have another mass casualty event, is because they couldn't replace
Ksm, he was the operational ztrategidt and recruiter. Much of his thinking is related in James Mitchell's extraordinary methods.


The story goes some film students made this Adidas "commercial" and sent it to the company. They have (so far) ignored them.

All I can say is they must be as tone deaf as the Democrats and the GOPe not to see this as a winner.



Dave!!! Problem is, all the commercial disinfectants kill 99.9% of LIBTARD FILTH.

It's the .1% that spread like wild fire and KILLS YOU.

And if LYSOL kills 99.9%.....? Isn't that an admission that the CRUD is still alive and GROWING.
Lena Dunham is a much a virus as Jugears the first BI-TRANS-WHATEVER SEXUAL MARXIST Preeeezie. If you don't KILL all of it. It continues to grow.

buccaneer morgan

Yes its all goodell, momto2.


Narciso, we DID GET KSM. And KSM gave us info that saved thousands of lives.
Here is the MONEY SHOT. KSM was WATERBOARDED. If I'm not mistaken, KSM was on of 2 or 3 that WERE waterboarded.

IT ALL BECAME FAKE NEWS. CHENEY was blowing up buildingS at ground zero, and TORTURE....WATERBOARDING.....IS.....WAS....NOT....WHO WE ARE!!!!!!!
And stupid fucks eat up the PABLUM and MISINFORMATION.

How many TERRORISTS were WATERBOARDED, what info did it gain, and LASTLY, who gives FUCK if a TERRORIST got WATERBOARDED??

buccaneer morgan

So the brother if the shooter, who happenscto target a civilian facility on three kings day, for Pete's sake, said he had no ptsd, occams razor suggestscone direction.


Narciso. Who the FOCK is this STOOOPIT????
It boggles the LOGICAL mind.
The DUDE was so mentally incompetent, that he
FOUND A WAY AROUND SECURITY and committed a TERRORIST ACT and slaughtered people??
He was LUCID enough to concoct a way AROUND SECURITY, yet we are to believe he is a DROOOLING MORON and his ACTS are not RELATED to the JAY VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Dave (in MA)


Cached copy of Gateway's latest crank-stomping.
He deleted the tweet when he found out he was spreading bogus info and once again giving ammo to the moonbatosphere.

Dave (in MA)

Attempt">https://twitter.com/gatewaypundit/status/817476845549613059+&cd=5&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us">Attempt #2, tp mangled the link.

the generallyistic deplorable rich

>>>Weapons found hidden along walking area in DC.

Posted by: Miss Marple the Deplorable | January 06, 2017 at 08:59 PM <<<

gangs typically dead drop weapons in cities usually were they have their market and especially if the area is contested. easier since if someone is stopped he won't have a weapon on him, but if he is working the area, a weapon would be available.

Dave (in MA)

One more time, preview is my friend.

Dave (in MA)


"Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story claimed CNN had doctored a photo of the killer. The photo was not accurate and was not posted by CNN today after the Ft. Lauderdale shooting."


An interesting potential future.

Where I live you frequently see self-driving cars (google and others) on the local roads. Typically a guy in the driver seat with a clipboard but no hands on the wheel.

This article notes how theory and practice developed by Uber/Lyft/etc have made it theoretically possible, for example, to replace the 13,000+ cabs of NYC with a fleet of 3000 self-driving cars by using efficient algorithms. Uber has had to learn how to handle surges of customers when a concert gets out along with many other situations. A lot has been learned on how to provide transportation services.
"... researchers developed an algorithm that found that 3,000 four-passenger cars could serve 98 percent of taxi demand in New York City, with an average wait-time of only 2.7 minutes.

The team also found that 95 percent of demand would be covered by just 2,000 ten-person vehicles, compared to the nearly 14,000 taxis that currently operate in New York City.

Using data from 3 million taxi rides, the new algorithm works in real-time to reroute cars based on incoming requests, and can also proactively send idle cars to areas with high demand ..."

A possible future in all large and many medium sized cities will be to have such a fleet of cars. Many, perhaps most citizens won't need to own a car. They'll use an app on their phone to arrange rides. They'll use free delivery from big box stores to get furniture, appliances and other bulky items brought to their homes.


Hey Dave. I'm a bit lost vis a vis your post.
Are you suggesting that Jim Hoft is OFF KILTER???
Because, that is NOT FAKE NEWS.

Dave (in MA)

If I get cut off by a self-driving car, who am I flipping off?

the generallyistic deplorable rich

>>>Yikes, getting ahead of rich.

Posted by: buccaneer morgan | January 06, 2017 at 10:32 PM<<<

lol. If it was regarding the unfortunate snow totals Iggy is expecting, I'll be the first to say that I am the biggest crybaby when it comes to snow. Those amounts, I would be a naughty 2 year old throwing the world's worst tantrum. Pointlessly and needlessly, I would let the tears and expletives flow as I dreamt of burning some of the spare blubber from alGore's waist.


stay warm everyone. stay warm.


Elon Musk is going to build a HOME DEPOT on MARS, in our lifetime!!! Science!!!!!
We are NOT going to MARS. Ever.


"If I get cut off by a self-driving car, who am I flipping off?"

It's postulated that during the period of traffic containing mixed driver/driverless cars that the humans will take advantage and drive with too much risk and aggression knowing the robot driver will give way.

So basically it will be the robot's passenger flipping *you* off.

If driverless catches on, then over time the mix will become majority driverless of course.


So. You'll have to give the FINGER to YOURSELF.
We cannot have a POST RACIAL AMERICA. We certainly cannot have a SELF DRIVING CAR.

Theoretically it could work.
Theoretically Obama is not fucking SLIME.




Dave (in MA)

I've had too much experience having to update the firmware of and sticking pins into reset buttons of various electronic devices and 'smart' TVs to trust an automated potentially deadly vehicle.


PowerLine posts a Townhall push back to the lame Hollywood anti-Trump videos. Cute!

Dave (in MA)

GUS, if they put a Home Depot on Mars, how long before they have illegal aliens waiting around outside looking for under the table work?

the generallyistic deplorable rich

maybe. saw an interesting wreck on the beltway this evening. the trailer of an 18 wheeler was broken in half and I could not figure out how it happened?

Over weight maybe? Stress factures in the trailer and a misloaded payload? there weren't any other vehicles as far as I could tell.


Fantastic Dave!!! Brilliant. Mexicans doing the JOBS, that MARTIANS REFUSE to do!!!
It works so well....UNTIL........no freebies, no benefits. On and on.
The MARTIANS deport Juan Gonzalez and his wife Maria!!!! The FAMILY is split as JUAN and MARIA are sent home to EARTH, thereby SPLITTING THE FAMILY .........
Evil Repulicans....evil TRUMP.


Rich, CLEARLY more regulations are necessary. John McLAME and his "Friend" Lindsey Graham Cracker..."Not Gay" should make more LAWS and they might POSE for more VIRTUE SIGNALLING photos!!!!

the generallyistic deplorable rich

>>>We are NOT going to MARS. Ever.

Posted by: GUS | January 07, 2017 at 01:56 AM<<<

GO yes, we probably will. Stay, probably not.

It will most likely be a mining colony for the next century's '49ers.

cool pic


Account Deleted

This has been one of the funniest JOM reads for me tonite.

Thanks GUS and Dave(inMA) especially.

I can hear a ranting dad in the mud room yelling at his kids and adoring wife: "We are NOT going to Mars ever!"

I'm dyin' here. :)

Account Deleted

From the "Well Lookie Heeya" file:


Account Deleted

Paul Ryan goes on record:

Account Deleted

Tough first week of the New Year for the ProgEmoCrat Death Culture Club:


the generallyistic deplorable rich

on the Ft Lauderdale shooting ...

I look at the photo and I am thinking "Puerto Rican" ... any bets on how long it takes the FBI to lose track of the "mom"?


it is a problem that goes back decades actually.

Ft Lauderdale (and South Florida generally) has its own islamist problem. The 9/11 hijackers had no problems establishing themselves there: lots of hawaladars (cars and chop shops are big problems), mosques, and other organizations. Some other notorious jihadists spent time there as well.

Account Deleted

From the "Yes we know they suck" file:


"...in the 57 days after the 2016 election, the morning and evening news shows of ABC, CBS and NBC haven’t used the term “lame duck” even once. By avoiding this phrasing, the networks are giving post-election Obama a legitimacy they denied post-election Bush."

Sooner or later these numbnutted sorts will figure out that their Hero has thrown them all under the bus because he can't use them anymore to hide his fentanyl problem.

the generallyistic deplorable rich

"aunt" sorry I missed that.

Account Deleted

Snipped from a weekly newsletter sub:

"Incoming Senate Majority Leader Chuckie Schumer now says he wishes the Dems had thought better of triggering the nuclear option. Which is pretty funny considering we all told the Dems that someday there’d be this thing called an election, and well, you know.

The problem for Schumer is that he’s promising he’ll block any Trump Supreme Court nominee, which is now, well, almost impossible. And was completely possible before he and Dirty Harry Reid got greedy.

And it’s actually even better than that. Trump will be able to appoint at least 103 federal judges immediately upon taking office, twice Barack Obama’s 2009 total. With that pesky 60-vote rule out of the way, the only people he has to win over are Republicans.

But before you get all sympathetic for the Dems, watch Schumer on CNN:

Here’s the money quote: “The only way we’re going to work with Trump is if he moves completely in our direction and abandons his Republican colleagues.”

Republicans have a history of giving away the store in the pursuit of a false bipartisanship. This is enough blatant, honest hypocrisy to snap even them out of their Stockholm Syndrome."

Jack is Back!

At the Star Alliance lounge in Brussels Airport (Zaventem). Boy is this airport different after the bombings.

No more driving straight up to the doors to drop people off, including taxis or buses. All cars and I mean all cars, buses, taxis must use a convoluted routing through the various multi-level parking garages, then drop off pax or park. Then everyone must find their way through the maze of garages, elevators, stairways to the esplanade now out front of the entrance to the departure hall and checkin.

Even for our hotel which is across the esplanade we had to go into the garage and park by the rear door to the hotel. Then to bring the car back to the rental agency, Mrs. JiB had to pay 2 euro for using the garage to drop us and our bags off. I guess it all goes toward the extra security we see and there is plenty of it.

When you enter the departure hall, there is only one door and 6 security types doing facial recognition on everyone being funneled through. Too bad they didn't have in place last year.

See you in Zurich.

the generallyistic deplorable rich

a year long tour in Iraq about 5 years ago ...

2011-2012 or so?

US forces were gone by late 2011.

Account Deleted

From October 26, 2016 (way back in those dark days)

Clickable links here:

HERE IT IS=> Detailed List of Top Wikileaks Podesta Emails (Update 12)
Jim Hoft

Below is a detailed list of noteworthy Podesta emails recently released by WikiLeaks –

Hillary Policies –

Hillary Clinton Dreams of ‘Open Trade and Open Borders’

Hillary Admits Saudi Arabia and Qatar Fund ISIS – But Took Their Money Anyway

Hillary sat on Board that funded ISIS

Hillary’s own advisor blamed Hillary for Benghazi

Hillary bragged about being invited to Russia’s Putin’s ‘Inner Sanctum’

Clinton Campaign Fudged Climate Change Data – Inflated Emission Numbers

Hillary team picked Tim Kaine as VP in July 2015

Clinton campaign discussing how to make Hillary more likable

Democrats downplay Benghazi because only 4 people died

Smoking gun on Iran deal – Nuclear War coming

Dems hope to win and have Supreme Court for decades

It takes 11 advisors for Hillary to post a single tweet

Hillary has public and private position on pipelines.

Hillary admitting Muslims HATE gays, women, Jews, Christians, etc. YET, she is STILL Flooding USA With Them

Hillary said “Jordan can’t possibly vet all the Syrian refugees & jihadists who are coming in with them”

Podesta’s advice to Clinton on Armenian genocide – quote the Pope

Clinton aware “Syrian Refugee screening is inadequate”

Donna Brazile Trashed Obama Economy in Private While She Cheered For it in Public

Clinton Camp Tried Protect Hillary From Trump

ISIS Comment That She & Obama Created ISIS


Hillary’s own “campaign manager” couldn’t remember whether she was going to pretend to be pro-trade or anti-trade!

Team Hillary admit Obamacare is a mess – will have huge premium increases

Hillary is rooting 4 Obamacare 2 collapse as a pretense 4 implementing single-payer, gov’t-controlled HC

Account Deleted

Another snip from a newsletter sub:

Friday afternoon, in accordance with the process required by the Constitution and despite ongoing efforts to delegitimize the election, the new Congress counted the Electoral College’s votes and certified Donald J. Trump as President of the United States.

the generallyistic deplorable rich

hummm, the 25th saw heavy action in Afghanistan during that time frame though.

the generallyistic deplorable rich

duh should of looked at the rest of the article ...

>>>He was deployed to Iraq in 2010 and spent a year there with the 130th Engineer Battalion, the 1013th engineer company out of Aguadilla, according to Puerto Rico National Guard spokesman Maj. Paul Dahlen.<<<

The Alaska Guard reports he got a general discharge from them, but not sure how he would have gotten a re-enlistment waiver given his prior post deployment problems...

Account Deleted

More from the "Yes We Know They Suck" File


Account Deleted

Congress Probes FBI Over Top Obama National Security Advisor’s Security Clearance
Ben Rhodes, Iran deal 'echo chamber' architect, was declined interim clearance status by the FBI



Obaminators' legacy is the most profound progress destroying punitive discrimination in global history. Genderists denying equal rights and equal foreign aid to all genders. Then there is his redefinition, reclassification of peoples origins in Africa, ME, Europe following his redefinition, rebranding at UN of all indigenous people and 'traditional territories' leading to land and seas claimed in the ME (Israel) and his claims to the Atlantic and waters off Alaska purchase. Then there's UN refugee camps discriminations sending innocents into the ISIS death grip; whom reflect the perversion of equality by the Obamas in Clinton's genderists diasporadic spams.

All we have to look forward to is ISIS2, approved by punitive genderists and modified origins.

Obama's legacy is dripping in punitive discrimination and perversions of equality. Just plain filthy.


Not, I think, the best "Week in Pictures". But I liked the knock-knock joke, and the one on TuckerC's emotions.

Another Bob

CH re. "Was she forced out at Rupert", my reading said no. She was apparently loyal to Ailes and her contract gave her an out if Ailes wasn't the boss.

But I read that back during the Ailes purge and it was rumored, so I'm not guaranteeing that..

Another Bob

KK, "fentanyl problem"?

Captain Hate



Isn't that what they call the Tarhole's flights?

Are the donks now calling Joe McCarthy a visionary?

Beasts of England

It's seventeen darned degrees out this morning. No running for me. Maybe I'll rent a three-piece suit and a treadmill. Or go back to sleep. :)

James D.

Sooner or later these numbnutted sorts will figure out that their Hero has thrown them all under the bus because he can't use them anymore to hide his fentanyl problem.

I doubt it. That would require a self-awareness that most MSM clowns have not shown that they possess.


Mornin', y'all. UPI has a list of Trump Inaugural Events which look very "American" - representatives from different faith groups offering prayers, high school and college marching bands, vet and boy scout groups, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Rockettes, etc. UPI has a link at the top to a list of protest activities which I'm sure is very long but it kept "buffering" and I couldn't see it.

Another Bob

Rich, trailers aren't complicated, you've covered the possibilities. Rule one is to keep axle weights legal, it is possible to misload or use the wrong type trailer for a particular load.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 1h1 hour ago

Intelligence stated very strongly there was absolutely no evidence that hacking affected the election results. Voting machines not touched!
3,837 replies 3,806 retweets 11,108 likes

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 1h1 hour ago

Only reason the hacking of the poorly defended DNC is discussed is that the loss by the Dems was so big that they are totally embarrassed!
5,105 replies 3,348 retweets 11,686 likes

Ha! Like I said and apparently Trump agrees, they would risk a show down with the Russians because they are embarrassed.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- If it was regarding the unfortunate snow totals Iggy is expecting,--

I should have been more clear, rich.
The 7-15 inches over the next three days and the 4-7 after that are estimates for RAIN not snow.

Miss Marple the Deplorable
Captain Hate

AB, I've always wondered about that. Ailes has been, at least somewhat unfairly, pigeonholed as preferring eye candy qualities above all. But his work in steering Tammy away from BOR, where she was clearly less than completely happy having to respond to some of the flights of misinterpretation served up FOR THE FOLKS, was both prescient and a commitment to conservatism. Maybe Greta misses that but, lacking any knowledge of what negotiations happened, she surely won't find that on the garbage scow she signed on to.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Nikola Tesla's letterhead (for no reason but that it's interesting):


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I once had a water truck break in two while it was stationary.
Had a double frame and both inside rails were cracked but you couldn't see them because of the outer frame rail.
As the 40,000 lbs of water came aboard the outer rails finally gave way.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


People who will be added to my "ignore" list.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

WikiLeaks Task Force ‏@WLTaskForce 21h21 hours ago

White House play:

1. Make Trump intel briefing Fri-afternoon so nothing he says matters.
2. Push out uncheckable claims through pets Thu
175 replies 1,816 retweets 2,626 likes


I like how they call them "pets." (NBC, looking at you.)

Captain Hate

they would risk a show down with the Russians because they are embarrassed.

Assuming that Federalist article wasn't a parody, the dessicated crones of Chautauqua would gladly send their male offspring, whom they secretly hate/fear, off to certain death to avenge the Queen of the revoltingly smelly pantsuit.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Another Bob

Dunno about the garbage scow CH, it's corporate overlords can't have been happy with the continued decline, er, "selectivity" in audience and ad revenues.

Maybe Greta was considered a "safe" way to start the process of weaning the MSNBC audience off its mothers milk of prog insanity?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Wherein we see that Rosie is elevating the public discourse, and that she will join a group of celebrities in New York at am Inauguration Day concert to raise money for the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. (No, I am not making those beneficiaries up.)

Includes another list of people for my "ignore" list.

Captain Hate

Maybe you're right, AB. With an ideologically unknown President willing to shame a GOP congress into doing what their constituents want, the Comcast overlords might be thinking "holy fuck, we may be forced to unbundle those ratings disasters".

Another Bob

And I know I'm preaching to the choir, but BOR is such a blowhard. Who watches that narcissistic ass?

That arm swing point he does at the end do reminds me of Edgar Snyder commercials - "no fee unless we get money for YOU!"

DO IT LIVE!!1!11!!

Captain Hate

It's incomprehensible to me, AB, but the 8 PMer is #1 in ratings. His weird huckstering acts as catnip to THE FOLKS.

Captain Hate

Rosie needs to be kicked in the head still she stops twitching for overseeing her special needs adopted daughter ending up at some drug dealer's place. Excellent parenting skills imo.


Good Morning! Woke to a huge rainstorm this morning,the first since we arrived in Florida. It has been very dry here.
The conversation re: driverless cars got me thinking about the little old ladies in Florida who shouldn't be driving. A driverless car would be an improvement!
Gus,Malia Obama interned on that Dunham person's show. Just when I thought the only positive thing about Michelle Obama was her parenting,she let her daughter be a part of that show.


Turns out my BIL was at Ft Lauderdale airport yesterday returning to ATL. He and others herded out to a hanger. They (LE?) confiscated his cell phone and wallet. When he finally did get access to a phone he didn't remember any family phone numbers. Totally dependent on his contact list. Finally remembered a sister's land line in WI so he left a message on her machine. He wasn't allowed to leave until after 11pm.


BOzo gave away Presidential Medals of Freedom like cotton candy - far more than his predecessors, especially those in the "Arts" and to sports figures. Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Barbra Streisand, De Niro, Tom Hanks, Spielberg, Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, James Taylor, Diana Ross, Tom Brokaw, ...


... and Oprah.


Wow, JohnH. I think all Americans need to develop and use a lot more situational awareness in public. Hard for me to understand how the FL killer reportedly went through three magazines of bullets, then calmly laid down with arms spread and waited for LE, and no LE fired a shot?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I wish I could have pinned that medal for vainglorious conduct beyond the call of duty on Barry.
I guarantee it would not have ended up in his lapel.


LE, apparently, was worried about innocent people's cell phones.

Makes me sick.

Pretty soon everyone will get a New Mexican ass raping.


How Dems get government jobs and cash

Gross planned negligence. Like the DoS cable designed to leak. Clinton's servers designed to leak. Bribes to clinton foundation from 'gender offender' countries subject to cia operations. Pay Clinton all that goes away. Claim SA or other victimhood and demand compensation, revenge. This is a hallmark of the obaminators years. Part of the dem government jobs and cash application. Can't blame the victim. 🍯 This is the honey pot Dems feed from. We have to stop trapping ourselves in this cult like cycle.


Space alien probe duddette👺 needs to stop the other troll from harming the Trump kid. Prove you predelictions are to stop harm,!

Captain Hate

BOzo gave away Presidential Medals of Freedom like cotton candy - far more than his predecessors, especially those in the "Arts" and to sports figures

Rupert Pupkin. If De Niro can't see this he's much dumber and less self aware than I thought.

Cecil Turner

Every time IC repackages its same assertions in a new form, media acts like it's been proven, even though it - again - includes no evidence:

Dunno this guy Gleen quoted, but this is stupid. The evidence goes in the classified brief. This is unclassified, which means the evidence was redacted. Check with the guys who got the brief (e.g., Trump) to see if they think it's wrong. So far he's not saying that (or anything close).

Ha! Like I said and apparently Trump agrees, they would risk a show down with the Russians because they are embarrassed.

Their response wasn't wrong because it "risk[ed] a show down," but because it was weak and ill-timed. Trump will have his own showdown soon enough.

James D.

I remember reading (and posting) about that disgusting New Mexico case at the time.

My opinion hasn't changed. Everyone involved should have been charged with kidnapping, rape, torture and a hundred other charges, convicted and then executed. Every cop involved, anybody above them who signed off on it (including the judge who signed the warrant), every medical person who participated, and even the billing people and collection agency employees who harassed the victim afterwards.

And the doctors and other medical personnel at the first hospital who refused to participate should have received medals - the Presidential Medal of Freedom would probably be appropriate - for their refusal.


Hope that guy owns Deming, New Mexico by now.


There are so many peculiar names posted now, I’d love it if someone could add to the JOM wiki an explanation of how to determine some consistency in who wrote which comments.


I imagine the peculiar names to be JOM members that strayed away and are embarrassed to post as themselves.

It makes SOB easier.

Cecil Turner

That letter from Franks/Bridenstine was interesting:

For the FBI to evidently find something in Mr. Rhodes' background that led it to potentially deny him a security clearance . . .
But the basic claim is wrong: not proffering an interim clearance is not the same as denying a clearance, and the most reasonable interpretation is that he passed the full-clearance process review and was granted a final clearance. Anyway, seems a little late to be digging out security risks, and I doubt the FBI will cooperate.

And not to be a grammar nazi, and I know split infinitives are a relatively minor sin nowadays, but two in one sentence? Ouch.


I just SOB posts authored by "symbols" instead of names or at least initials. Don't care if they're informative or not, won't read them.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Ill-timed is right, since the 35 diplomats were expelled before the report was written, and with little reliable evidence collected since the FBI did not have access tot he DNC's computers.

Largest expulsion of Russian diplomats in history, by the way.

You can think it was simply ill-timed. I think it is being used as a smoke-screen for failure in the election, in order to placate dnors ("Not our fault.") Not mentioned is that the DNC and the Clinton campaign had lax security with incompetent people who used easily discovered passwords and fell victim to a phishing scheme.

The other reason this is happening is to cause problems and roadblocks for Trump.

Elation that trump was elected is not proof that anyone did anything. I am sure Netenyahu was elated, too. I know I certainly was.

Cecil Turner

I didn't watch Tucker last night, so missed this: Judith Curry Climatologist Resigns Over Insanity in Field of Climate Science. Say it ain't so!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Beasts of England

Any proof that he was granted a final, Cecil? To my memory, being denied an interim was tantamount to the death penalty.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Former Senator Dan Coats officially nominated for Director of National Intelligence. Background and Trump Transition statement at link.

Cecil Turner

Ill-timed is right, since the 35 diplomats were expelled before the report was written, and with little reliable evidence collected since the FBI did not have access tot he DNC's computers.

I'd recommend watching John Bolton or Tom Cotton discuss this (multiple videos available at Fox). Obama conflated the Russian harassment of our diplomats and their diplomats' bad behavior (which was the real reason for the expulsions) and the hacking; and you don't wait for ironclad proof in intel matters because you'll never have it (paraphrasing Bolton, I think, might've been Cotton). Then Obama "promised" a counter-hack which he won't be in office to deliver. Weak.

And yes, I have no doubt Obama reacted in petulance because of the election (and because he's petulant by nature), and seeks to undermine Trump's legitimacy. But that doesn't mean the Russians aren't guilty or it's wrong to take action; in fact it means we should've done more (and will have to, soon).

Miss Marple the Deplorable

If the expulsion was done in protest of Russian harassment of diplomats, then it should have been announced as such. Obama and the media have left it like he was doing it due to the alleged hacking.

If this was the reason, why wasn't it done months ago, and why wasn't it made plain to the public?

I am not searching for Bolton or Cotton on Fox. I am sure they said what you assert. It seems to me, though, that this is an excuse after the fact.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The perils of voice-activated on-line ordering.

Captain Hate

Nobody doubts that their "diplomats" are spies; just that anybody suggesting that before November 8 would have been laughed at as a Mccarthyite creating a Red Scare environment. Those assholes have gone full retard. Fuck them; they don't deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


One other thing: If you don't wait for ironclad proof in intel matters, you end up with such recent fiascos as not having proof that Ghadaffi was u to anything at all and therefore attacking and destabilizing a country and murdering the leadership.

"Not having ironclad proof" but going ahead and acting in situations like this pretty much guarantees that the intelligence agencies can push policy with their "assessments" and "judgements."

Coupled with the video of Harry Reid (which surfaced last night)suggesting that "since Trump is unstable" that the intelligence agencies withhold or give him false information, and also coupled with Clapper being a PROVEN liar and brennan being involved in spyig on Congress, I don't believe anything they say.

Not one thing. So, like Captain Hate says, I am not giving them the benefit of the doubt. PROVE to me that the Russians got Podesta's emails. That ought to be fairly easy, if it happened.

All we get are "assessments" and "our judgment."

Big whoop. MY judgment is that they are making stuff up, no doubt while shredders are going 24/7 at Langley and at FBI offices.


Caught this conspiracy this morning ...

Perfect -- CIA -- MKL Ultra indoctrinated ex military psycho killing innocent vacation travelers at EXACTLY the moment (1:00PM) that all the big bad boys of the Alphabet soup agencies are telling pres-elect Trump how bad Putin acted...... really sheeple!... let's step back from all the coincidences today!!!!

alt.conspiracy didn't spring from Zeus' ear.

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