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January 21, 2017


henry - drunk on prog tears

Thanks TM. Great post. Makes me smile bigly.

Account Deleted

Well said. Thanks for framing the day

henry - drunk on prog tears

Maybe call it Dr Smith Mode. They are lost in space, paranoid, greedy, free riding, not noticeably "cis", bossed around by robots, odd attachment to children not their own, and their actions put the competent members of society in peril.


It's not Trump Derangement so much as fear of the upset apple cart and it ain't just Lefties living in fear.

Cleaning all clocks...

Account Deleted

Repost from last nite. Excellent confession of a defector from the ProgEmoCrat American Left, as presented by a republican calling himself a member of the "new Republican Lions."

The letter presented is the red meat that drew my attention. It is calling out 99.9 per cent of the non-student population of Berkeley and other Lefty bastions in Californication.



Have the honor of Mickey Kaus following me on twitter and had seen his reference to the article TM highlights. It is well worth one's time to read and tweet.

Thanks to OL and RG for helping me understand what was going on at the National Cathedral Inaugural Prayer Service. What a bouquet of religions on display. And I'm with RG echoing his no muslim shizznit :-)


All about Obama

David Martosko – Verified account ‏@dmartosko

Truly embarrassing. Sorry to be from Cleveland today. http://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/?tfp_display=list&tfp_id=OH_CPDhttps://twitter.com/nielslesniewski/status/822824031615414273

Dave (in MA)

Today should be National Paper Plate Day.

Jim Eagle

From the previous thread, which was posted after the previous 1,500+ comment thread and then this came along at about the 15th comment there. When it rains, it pours.



"The thing is, they’re not poseurs — they’re sensible citizens."

No, they're not.


No they're not..

Excellent rebuttal as a 3 word missive.

Dave (in MA)


Janet the expert

Lyndsey Fifield ‏@lyndseyfifield 3h3 hours ago

@aterkel So happy you have the freedom to march without fear of violence—I wish inauguration attendees had been assured of the same peace.


Is it true red MAGA cap made in 'Nam?

What a colossal blunder..

Cecil Turner

As to herding them into the Executive Office Building, the significance is symbolic, not real.

Bret Baier a week or so back said the EEOB was an access issue and that it made it harder for journos to see who was coming and going in the WH. And, during his time in the EEOB during the WH press room renovation he felt (paraphrased from memory) they were out in the wilderness. The web site makes a similar point, so I think there is a valid proximity/access issue, though its importance is debatable.

Probably more distressing to the press elite is the apparent plan to allow people like [gasp] bloggers into the sanctified spaces.

Janet the expert

No. DJT MAGA caps are made in the U.S.A. .

Of course there are knock-off caps with MAGA on them sold by many vendors.

Jim Eagle

OT: I am surprised that TM hasn't done a thread on Gary Taubes new book - "The Case Against Sugar". Perhaps it has not been reviewed by the NY Times yet:)



Cecil (re-posting from the old new thread, continuing from the previous previous thread):

"But it wasn't a terribly conservative speech, and those who claim it is are wrong"

And yet, you yourself note the matter of degree. While Trump did not specifically address the deficit and taxes, you could find a pretty direct equivalent to each of your following Reagan bullet points. Even in the former instance, he's certainly in the ballpark when it comes to DC getting fat while the people starve. It's hard fault him for not explicitly promising to "curb the size and influence of the Federal Establishment," when he inked an EO freezing federal regulations, within minutes of arriving at the White House as Prez. In re one of your previous comments, it's worth noting that "America First" is not synonymous with "America alone," and that he did specifically mention strengthening old alliances and making new ones. I'm a little worried about protectionism, too, but OTOH, someone pointed out that if it takes a 2,000 page treaty (or some such), you're not really talking about free trade in the first place. The Trans-Pacific terms on copyright for example are all about fief protection.

That said, I don't think Trump is particularly conservative, per se, myself. Did he ever pretend to be? Suggesting that he is "redefining" what conservatism means, as some have done, also seems like picking a counter-productive fight, to me. In my view, he is redefining what it means to be a Republican, something that desperately needs doing. Over the years "conservative" and "republican" have been so thoroughly conflated that they've come to be used almost interchangeably. I think this election has made it clear that they are not, in fact, necessarily the same thing. I've certainly become more conservative over time, but I don't think traditional conservatism is the exclusive antidote to our progressive maladies, and I believe that the power of the purist pundits has severely narrowed the terms of political discussion on the right, along with the "popular" appeal of the resulting Republican message.

Which leads me to an aside on the dread specter of populism. The elephant in that room is not on the right. It's the very essence of demographic pandering on the left, where Democrats buy votes by promising anything and everything the "people" supposedly want, while fomenting disruption of both the body politic and the public order, by putative "grass roots" movements.

But back to the issue at hand, I'd also suggest that the conservative thinking has taken a discernible turn towards libertarianism over the past decade or so (perhaps in reaction to the GWB approach?), which may be showing up in the divide between the ideas of "fair" and ostensibly "free" trade.

Janet the expert

Do ya figure the March for Life is gonna get as much free press & celebration in the old media as the so called 'Women's March' has gotten?

Will there be celebrations about some aspect of the March for Life ... comparable to the articles written about the pink hat?
Will there be articles on matching t-shirts?...scarves?...hats?


JiB, thanks for mentioning the new Taubes book, I wasn't aware of it. Just went online to the library to place a hold. I am number 153 in the queue! Good thing the holdings include 30 copies or it'd be a long, long wait.

Old Lurker

Personally I think the press should be in the EOB, in a bigger room, and they can use the street door on 17th. I see no reason to pander to their need to be inside the WH Proper so they can "see who is coming and going". They are press. Nothing more.


That said, I don't think Trump is particularly conservative, per se, myself. Did he ever pretend to be?

I don't know about pretending to be, but he *claimed* to be conservative on the campaign trail. As I recall, this usually took the form of "what's not conservative about [some position of his]?" statements. (Similarly to how Hannity makes the case for "Trump as conservative.")

Jim Eagle


Our school is sending a contingent down by bus for the March for Life. Frederick doesn't want to go since he wants to up his game and stay for lessons and studies. Look for kids wearing OLH The Prep sweater vests if it isn't too cold.

Dave (in MA)

Janet the expert | January 21, 2017 at 12:44 PM

That'll happen right after monkeys fly out of my butt.


OL, I like the chess game Trump played with the briefing room. Trump offered a larger room in the EOB but after their complaints, said they could stay in the WH but because it was so small, the press secretary would have to restrict who could attend.

If they complain, they were the ones who decided not to take the larger room. Love it!

Cecil Turner

While Trump did not specifically address the deficit and taxes, you could find a pretty direct equivalent to each of your following Reagan bullet points.

I disagree. For example, he talked about making government more responsive to the people, not smaller. He talked about building infrastructure, not getting the government within its means.

That said, I don't think Trump is particularly conservative, per se, myself. Did he ever pretend to be?

Not really, which makes me wonder why his ardent supporters apparently take umbrage to the perfectly harmless observation that it wasn't particularly conservative. If he suddenly did, I'd wonder about his sincerity.

I'd also suggest that the conservative thinking has taken a discernible turn towards libertarianism over the past decade or so . . .

I'm one of those old-fashioned types who believe principles should retain definitions regardless of whether they're in vogue or not. I do not dispute the turn in public opinion, but would suggest that simply makes those who believe it more populist, and less conservative. (Though as I observed last thread, the interventionist/isolationist issue is not classic conservatism, and I for darn sure don't want to start on neoconservatism.)


Saw some ladies "protesting" on the side of the main drag closest to my house. Pink p hats and all. The "Women's March" is happening right now down at the TX Capitol.



Unless Trump signed an executive order we didn't hear about, it looks like the folks at ICE may be one bureaucracy in the President's corner: Canadians traveling to Women's March denied US entry after sharing plans.

daddy said he was looking for a better picture than this one (Trumps dance with military members at final ball), but I really loved the young officer's obvious delight at dancing with the newly elected Prez. I was reminded of just how embarrassingly stiff Obama was when he made what seemed like an obligatory pit stop at one of the military balls upon his inauguration. The absence of rapport was painfully obvious. Oh, what a difference a day makes!


Here is young Barron playing peekaboo with his nephew Theodore:


"wonder why his ardent supporters apparently take umbrage to the perfectly harmless observation that it wasn't particularly conservative"

Maybe because it's not a "perfectly harmless observation".

More like "Are we not conservatives? Let us advocate for ends untainted by unconservative means!"

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

I had company yesterday, so I only had time for a drive-by post--but I was here in spirit. Whatever the degree of our enthusiasm for our new president, at least we all share the joy and relief that we were spared a President Hillary (shudder!)

I sat down to watch the inaugural speech yesterday expecting the usual politician's cotton candy platitudes. Should have known better--it was pure Trump. It was a blunt declaration of war against the people sitting behind him on behalf of the people standing in front of him. It shocked and thrilled me with its raw audacity, but it also filled me with a bit of trepidation because war is messy and ugly, and there will be casualties, and it requires that we put a lot of trust into the man who will be leading us into this battle that he knows what he is doing and will not betray us.


I dunno, JIB. It looks like Trump was stealing from Gladiator:

Gracchus: So, after Rome's all yours, you just give it back to the people. Tell me why.
Maximus: Because that was a dying man's last wish. I will kill Commodus. The fate of Rome, I leave to you.


Porch-I recorded that and showed it to Red and said "that should be the end of the comments about autism or asperger's". He interacts just fine when he wishes to.

No word from the people who insisted on leaving chelsea, malia, and sasha alone. You only get left alone when your parents are Democrats and politicians.


Look! A new compilation for your enjoyment ~



In addition to the 1934 references, the lightweight Matthew Dowd, pretending to be cerebral, insisted yesterday on abc that it was comparable to 1861. Only if there is a vacuum between your ears, matthew.

"We are not getting our way in our assumed Marxian transformation to Free Stuff for Life and we are disappointed at any delay is just not comparable to slavery. I don't care what some American studies or public policy prof told you.

Account Deleted

"Abstract: In the mid-1950s, the danger of an ever-expanding state was clear, but conservatives could not agree on an appropriate response, including whether the greater danger lay at home or abroad. The three main branches of conservatism—traditional conservatives appalled by secular mass society, libertarians repelled by the Leviathan state, and ex-Leftists alarmed by international Communism led by the Soviet Union—remained divided. Noting that “The few spasmodic victories conservatives are winning are aimless, uncoordinated, and inconclusive…because many years have gone by since the philosophy of freedom has been expounded systematically, brilliantly, and resourcefully,” William F. Buckley Jr. resolved to change that. His vision of ordered liberty shaped and guided American conservatism from its infancy to its maturity, from a cramped suite of offices on Manhattan’s East Side to the Oval Office of the White House, from a set of “irritable mental gestures” to a political force that transformed American politics."

From: http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2010/05/standing-athwart-history-the-political-thought-of-william-f-buckley-jr


I am surprised that TM hasn't done a thread on Gary Taubes new book - "The Case Against Sugar". Perhaps it has not been reviewed by the NY Times yet:)

It was reviewed by Carlos Slim's dancing apes®
last week, and I, too am surprised that TM hasn't done a thread on it. Perhaps he is still eating his Christmas candy.


Here is the full dance with the service members at the Liberty Ball last night. From Hannity.


They're all so happy! And so am I.


I agree, rse. He did wonderfully yesterday - very present and engaged the whole time, and clearly enjoying himself. He walks a bit awkwardly, but I attribute that to having grown so fast at such a young age. He's 10 and has to be close to six feet tall! He is a beautiful child.



"I disagree. For example, he talked about making government more responsive to the people, not smaller. He talked about building infrastructure, not getting the government within its means."

True that. OTOH, when President Obama was promoting infrastructure spending, whom did he pull from his rhetorical hat but:

[Reagan] said that — and I’m quoting here — “the bridges and highways we fail to repair today will have to be rebuilt tomorrow at many times the cost.” He went on to say that rebuilding our infrastructure is common sense — and an investment in tomorrow that we must make today.
As for the trade issue, I was suggesting that it's your "free trade" position which may be more libertarian than classically conservative, although perhaps that, too, is another matter of degree. I think we basically agree that trying to shoehorn Trump into any conservative pantheon is not going to go well. At the same time, I don't think it's fair to say that Trump's inaugural speech was a terribly un-conservative speech, either, and that anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

Jim Eagle

I wonder if WaPo had an agenda and needed a narrative? Then did they find her or did she find them? Maybe sbw can tell us how out of the blue they find a 54 y.o white rural Republican woman who bused down to the march? It is exactly these kind of stories that lead people to not trust the press.

Or, it could be out and out fake news and she is really a Gender Studies Professor Penn. State who says she once lived in Williamsport, on her organic goat farm and voted for Reagan once.



Mostly peaceful protester shoots a man in Seattle. Victim left with life threatening injuries. Progs frantically search for shooter because he needs help. PJM has the scoop and I may have embellished the story a tad...


Women's March leader???

Ashley Judd lowers the tone at star-studded DC women's march by reading poem claiming Trump has 'wet dreams' about Ivanka 'his favorite sex symbol' and comparing him to HITLER

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4142950/Thousands-women-head-Washington-protest-Trump.html#ixzz4WQL9Yq2I
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


Police arrested 217 protestors at anti-Trump demonstrations in Washington, D.C. on Friday, as thousands rallied across the country against Trump’s inauguration.

Janet the expert

I wonder if WaPo had an agenda and needed a narrative? Then did they find her or did she find them?

YES! I question that in most MFM articles now. Remember the stories of people visiting Khan's grave? What happened with that?

It is all so staged to sell the progressive agenda.


judd is proving that she is in fact a nasty woman as a factual matter just like hillary.

Someone needs to tell all these women that protesting is not a way of showing how cerebral you are.


re: TDS sufferers. Many Europeans struggle with the clash between their desired life style and people in other cultures who are willing to work harder.

The current Prog crisis of confidence in large part is due, I think, to noticing that their view of reality has gaping cracks. In the past they could avert their gaze, assisted by strenuous efforts of the MSM but it is proving difficult to ignore Trump.
Amazingly, they've successfully ignored much more dangerous stuff. Islamization of Europe, Russian and Chinese troublemaking, resurgence of Muslim terrorist organizations and on and on. "If only everyone bought into our vision of the World". Sorry, dear. Na ga happen.

buccaneer morgan

Yrs they've run that film on amc all last weak,along with the dark night, that sounded more on point.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I may have discussed this when you weren't here, but I probably am more a populist than a conservative, although I think there is a range on the spectrum.

What has happened to me is watching, over the years, lots of people who said they were conservative until they got into office, whereupon they became conciliatory and didn't live up to expectations.

And then it also dawned on me that the people who proclaimed themselves to be the arbiters of conservatism were making a lot of money off of books and newsletters and donations, but never got anything done.

Finally, I became soured on the "free trade" mantra when I realized that indeed, it was harming the American worker. I saw too many blue collar people in the food pantry who had had good jobs and were reduced to asking for free food. When Donald Trump said 70,000 factories had closed since China joined the WTO, i decided there was something in what he was saying about currency manipulation and other practices they follow which undercut our businesses.

The last is important to me because I think it is a national security issue. We need to be able to outfit our military and make our own weapons without going outside our borders. Accompanying that is energy independence, so that we are not held hostage to the oil cartel. Securing our borders goes along with both as a security issue, too.

For too long Congress has failed to act to do anything to stop this. I don't consider it conservative to stand passively by while our borders are overrun and our economy is crippled.

Trump has a new way of thinking on many of these issues. The old ways, whether left or right, have done NOTHING to solve the problems.

So, I freely admit I am probably not conservative. I don't know what Trump is except for his positions on individual issues, which is what he campaigned on and which he will enact. I am happy I supported him and am glad he won, not just because he beat Hillary but because I think he will fix a lot of our country's problems.

Sandy Daze

In this continuing discussion regarding the conservativeness of 45's speech, I think part of the confusion in my own mind is that I tend to view the current political landscape in binary terms.

Thus, when the idea that 45's speech was not 'conservative' is proffered, I tend to think, well if it was not conservative, it must have been liberal.

Now I know that there is a spectrum of political thought; that it is not simply a either--or proposition. But it seems to me much of the discussion around here is in part, centered on those who suggest that on the one hand the speech was not conservative, and those (like myself) that recognize the speech as certainly not/NOT being liberal, in the leftist sense of the word.

I'm one of those guys who believes 50%--60%--80% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

When I listen and hear:
--strong defense
--law and order
--lower taxes
--limited government
--end of socialized medicine
--border protection
--immigration control
--education choice
I tend to think "conservative."

That's just me, YMMV.

But, if those articulated points are not/NOT conservative, I ask again, with love and tenderness in my heart, WHAT THE HECK IS CONSERVATIVE ??


Account Deleted

"Should have known better--it was pure Trump. It was a blunt declaration of war against the people sitting behind him on behalf of the people standing in front of him. "

Well put.

The almost giddy dispositions of Schumer and Pelosi at yesterday's festivities betray a smug overconfidence that will be their undoing.

They reminded me of the residents of Washington D.C. who thought it would be nice to picnic in view of the First Manassas battlefield on a day when that war got very real, and bloody, fast.

President Trump has assembled a war cabinet.

I fully do not expect the President to become isolated into a cubby hole of "advisors" who are academics, economists, sycophants, and dilletantes.

It will be very difficult to Gulliverize his presidency.

This will be bloody sausage-making at the foundations of the Republic: defense, energy, finance, transportation, natural resources.

And the Schumer-Pelosi-Ryan types will be powerless to galvanize a Uniparty distraction with juniors in Congress who are rallying to their President's call-to-arms.

Of course, we all must wait and see what the President does next, day by day.

But if I were his adversary, I certainly wouldn't assume that his was going to be a nice carriage ride to observe the machinations and maneuvers between two sides.

We heard distant cannon thunder yesterday. Make no mistake.

Account Deleted

Posted by: lurkersusie | January 21, 2017 at 01:54 PM

Ashley Judd is mentally unstable.


Nuttier than a fruitcake would be an apt metaphor.

buccaneer morgan

Ashley judo revealed her full crazy crazy against the huntress, and she proved she was too much in Kentucky.

One can't forget gaunter grass's remark who I had wrongly attributed to jean Jacques revel.
Which I had heated from tom wolfe


"Dr Smith Mode"
SO excellent!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Ashley Judd, when she was married to Dario Franchitti, the race car driver, used to be in Indianapolis every May plus sometimes when we had the Formula One races. She is despised by almost everyone at the track and I don't know of another instance where peopleactually CHEERED when they heard they were divorcing.

She offended almost everyone in Indianapolis with her queening it around, making snide comments about various Speedway customs and the lack of vegan, non-GMO, organic food and things like that. She is an obnoxious person.

One of my prime candidates for eating out of a trash can. Ans also she is another part of Why You Got Trump.

Account Deleted

Populism vs. conservatism 125 years ago in this very same Republic of ours.



Who is Ashley Judd, again? 😎

Account Deleted

"Nuttier than a fruitcakesquirrel turd would be an apt metaphor."

There. FIFY southern Illinois farmer-style. ;)


Re the new Taubes book - I read it but was disappointed that there wasn't a lot if new information. Certainly well researched but seemed to me to cover ground that has already been covered.


How can an entire book be written on this premise: sugar is bad for you?

buccaneer morgan

Well everything in moderation doesn't sell as a pitch.


rse, porch--I agree he is NOT autistic. Aspbergers, or "on the spectrum," I don't think you can say for certain, but from that point on, he looked like a regular boy to me.

Prior to that peak a boo though, he looked like the poster boy for it, which may be why Rosie made the comments she did if he'd been that way during other appearances, coupled w Trump's wariness about vaccinations. What's a 70 year old real estate mogul doing even talking vaccines?

I'd speculated with a friend that Barron may have been "read the riot act" about behaving, eyes of the nation on you and all that---and then I was going to add "even threatened with death" as a joke, but realized he may well have been in fear for his life.

I know I was afraid some crazy was going to try to shoot them. Maybe he'd overheard similar conversations along the way, and was terrified, not just shy or self conscious.

Sandy Daze

Momto2 posted (Thank You) a short BBC compilation video of some saying DJT would never be president, laced with him taking the Oath of Office. Was good.

After that, there was another BBC video listed,

How does Donald (Trump) compare to Ronald (Reagan)? - BBC Newsnight

which I found quite interesting.

I would have cut the Guardian's shrieking harridan, and the SNL clip was gratuitous. Doing so would have reduced the 15'24" to about 13'. Overall useful both for the insights gained from looking at DJT through BBC's filters, and because of the comparisons & contracts to RR, a topic much under consideration.

buccaneer morgan

Louise mensch seems to cornering the three scoops of crazy, now its Russian agents in the FBI.


In a reversal of legal advice given to prior presidents, the Justice Department has concluded that it is lawful for President Donald Trump to appoint his son-in-law Jared Kushner to a White House post.

A 14-page opinion dated Friday from Justice's Office of Legal Counsel asserts that a federal anti-nepotism law that applies to agencies across the executive branch does not cover the White House itself.

Janet the expert

Amen, Sandy @ 2:08.

Captain Hate

Truly embarrassing. Sorry to be from Cleveland today.

In fairness to the Morning Monolith, a truly small time provincial fishwrap, there was a YUGE picture of Trump on the overall wrap around that they must cut to fit bird cages.


Thinking of the media finding a person, a sign, a non-event to tell their preconceived story, reminded me of this photo from yesterday.

All of these reporters taking a photo of one burning garbage can. Did they possibly start it themselves or "encourage" someone else to do so? It wouldn't be the first time.

I not only don't believe what they say on air, or what they print in the papers or what they post online...I don't even believe the photos they take stage.

Jim Eagle

Louise mensch seems to cornering the three scoops of crazy, now its Russian agents in the FBI.


Nothing new there.


Insty links to a story about a wymmyn's march in Sydney where someone paid a sky writer to write "Trump." Excellent.

::purses lips and forms fingers together::


Sandy - I too watched that 15 min. clip of Regan/Trump and was going to post it. I could not stomach that "shrieking harridan" and so I passed. But I do heartily recommend it (Sandy's 2:32) if you can filter out the yuck.

I loved (maybe even coveted) that former U.N. guy's library btw.


Red Under The Bed Scare!!!

mike in houston

Has anyone posted this?



The thing is, they’re not poseurs — they’re sensible citizens.

Sorry Mickey but that's a pant load there. If they were really scared they go to Canada like all those celebrities.

Another factor, again in my humble opinion, is the never-ending progressive competition for victim status.

Bingo TM! Does anybody seriously think that the ThinkProgress dweeb was actually terrified of his plumber? Not me, it was just a vehicle for his agitprop.

Account Deleted

"There's danger in most everything that's probably better when it's not around." -Shawn Colvin, 1987.

I'm not a crusader against big food, big sugar, or big pharma. Don't have to proselytize or pontificate in order to be free from the diabetic devil.

Just the facts, ma'am.

What man can do for his family I have done for mine, a lot of homework to help myself get well and to see to it that my children and grandchildren do not suffer from the chronic Type 2 diabetic degenerative complex.

The Republic faces a *real* health crisis with 86 million pre-Type 2, Type 2, and undiagnosed Type 2 diabetics walking around today.

Just this week, 6 fellow alums from college fell from diabetic related disease complications in the heart, breast, ovaries, and brain. 61 years of age.

Lots of talk and lots of crusading going on out there---- but precious little intel on how sugar works in the bloodstream of a human being to gradually destroy life at a cellular level over time.

There are at least 61 problems arising from eating too much sugar or foods that cause high blood sugar.

Here are 12 from one author's list, unranked, as cited in "There is a Cure for Diabetes", Gabriel Cousens, MD (Columbia U. 1964), my friend and mentor.


Obliquely, yes, mih. 👍


Trumps inauguration was sad -- no one showed up?
What happened? Almost seems like his mid 30% approval ratings are real.
Seems like a lot more people showed up to protest his inauguration?
AMERICAN CARNAGE on teh streets today!!

However -- in some ways -- this derangement syndrome really could work to his advantage. The bar is getting set very low. This is like an affirmative action presidency for conservatives. IF he doesn't do anything really crazy (take away millions of peoples health insurance; break up illegal/legal immigrant families; internment camps for muslims/ban muslims, etc) --- he will be seen as not that bad.

If one or two of his populist initiatives work (jobs and/or infrastructure) --- he really could be successful.

The major problem to this really happening is that its quite clear he doesn't care about details at all and really is a vapid reality star -- surrounded by idiots.


I've taught autistic, Asperger and on the spectrum
children for 20 years. In my opinion he's none of the above

Mom is very overprotective and he has lived a very
sheltered life.

As you can see in the pictures, Barron is most comfortable
around his family. His personality shines then.
Also, mom is scared to death something will happen to him.

In fact, with the latest attacks on him I'd be surprised
if Meliana and Barrron never move into the White House.


Don't you have some puppies to drown, jor? Maybe kittehs? Asshole.


The Dark night stuff will go away -- if nothing crazy happens in the first year; people may hate Trump -- but if he doesn't jail journalists; suspend free speech, intern muslims (ban muslims); break up families, launch a nuclear strike, abandon europe, bow down to russia and mkae the US a client state of Russia, grab women by the pussy ----- it will not sustain itself.

You could say this is "derangement syndrome" or you could say this is just listening to what comes out of trump's mouth.

Jim Eagle

Frederick is studying American History and I asked him how far they are so far, you know up to what Presidency. They are up to the Civil War and Lincoln. So, I asked him which one so far has impressed him the most (thinking either Washington, Jefferson or Lincoln).

James Polk: because he got us Texas and the Southwest plus he won the Mexican-American war. I told him that Polk had the endorsement of Old Hickory (who Frederick named as his second favorite) against his age old enemy Henry Clay.

The Frederick reminded me that Jackson was a major slave owner when he founded the Democrat party and asked me what has happened to the Democrats compared to back then He said back then they were against big banks, supported manifest destiny and gave us Texas.

I really had no answer outside he will propably start to see clues when he gets to Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.


Frikkin pansy ass progtard. Go to your safe space and live out your sexual fantasy about getting sent to a camp with thousands of fellow travelers. Knob.


They don't get it!

– Verified account ‏@Variety

Madonna: "Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. But I know that won’t change anything." http://bit.ly/2jj1N1C

Cecil Turner

Maybe because it's not a "perfectly harmless observation".

I disagree. And I think part of the problem is a false equivalence of conservative=good Trump=good, so Trump=conservative. And I'm not interested in reinventing my usage to come up with politically correct ways of highlighting my differences with his approach, so . . .

As for the trade issue, I was suggesting that it's your "free trade" position which may be more libertarian than classically conservative, although perhaps that, too, is another matter of degree.

I think it is a classic conservative position that government interference in trade is to be held at the minimum necessary, and that is generally the definition of free trade. So I think we actually disagree on that point.

I may have discussed this when you weren't here, but I probably am more a populist than a conservative, although I think there is a range on the spectrum.

I do as well, and would note the shift of the electorate (particularly those who vote R) is in your direction.

I am happy I supported him and am glad he won, not just because he beat Hillary but because I think he will fix a lot of our country's problems.

I'm happy he won because it represents an opportunity to undo some of the worst excesses of the Obama administration and the ongoing budget idiocy. And there's no way that'd happen without a House/Senate/WH trifecta working together.

Thus, when the idea that 45's speech was not 'conservative' is proffered, I tend to think, well if it was not conservative, it must have been liberal.

And that it wasn't. But the limited government meme was at best understated, and the fiscal issues didn't appear at all. (Budget, debt, etc. wasn't used at all, "spent" used once about that sent overseas: nothing about levels.) Contrast to Reagan beating the hell out of that point, repeatedly, with a far less pressing problem at the time.

And to those noting he said it in another speech: then perhaps that speech was more conservative.


Kevlar--great comparison to the heedless onlookers at First Bull Run (or Manassas)--I was thinking of them when Schumer read from that moving letter, and was wondering what point the fool was trying to make.


Trump may not be a "conservative", whatever ideals that entails. There has been a progressive march in this country going back to 1960, at least, and "conservatives" have not slowed it down. So tell me why being some pure "conservative" is important"?

So, were Bush 1, Bush 2, Dole, McCain, and Romney conservatives?

Trump will be the most effective conservative since Ike, that much I am certain of.

Conservative values are only useful if they provide freedom, liberty, and posterity, something in short supply presently. I no longer call myself a conservative. I prefer not to be associated with the professional "conservatives" whose only goal is to make $$$ from it.

" yea, those are sneer quotes.


lyle, both me and my puppy (dexter) are hoping Trump succeeds. Status quo in both parties is terrible as trump has said multiple times. Problem is his attention span and the fact that he talks well, but doesn't really care. Also cabinet is basically establishment (Goldman / wall street/ oil).

I didn't go to innauguration -- but apparently less people showed up to Trump's than Bush II -- SECOND innaguuration.

The pictures are there for you to look at with your own eyes. Or you can jsut believe the words from Trumps mouth.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The more people like Madonna speak, the more they infuriate Trump supporters.

They have no idea how much Trump is loved by a lot of people, if for no other reason than he went to bat for them. Those Carrier people are in his corner, for example.

What's Madonna done to help the unemployed factory workers and coal miners? What's she done to defend the country from radical Islamic terrorism? Has she donated to the USA? Has she done ANYTHING to help this country? All I see HER doing is making a public spectacle of herself.

So Madonna gets added to Squire Danaher's list, which is getting very long.

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Posted by: lyle | January 21, 2017 at 02:27 PM

I agree with you, lyle. It reminds me of grad school back in the early 80s when my fellows were attempting to do "social science" research to "prove" Reaganomics was evil. LOL

My tack was different. "What's a good thing to know how to do in this changing economy (1981 as Tandy had just mainstream marketed a 4K microcomputer in rural America)?" That was my guiding question.

End result: Examine obstacles to being able to read one's college textbooks on technical subjects. End product had much utility as opposed to spending time and resources telling the public what to be "against."

The crusade against white sugar has led to "green" food companies selling sugar substitutes (that are sugar nonetheless) as "healthy alternatives" to white sugar and corn fructose, such as "agave nectar" and other cons.

Sugar and sugar creating foods are difficult to regulate in one's diet. Why? "Cuz it's yummy!" DUH. LOL

The high fructose corn syrup has been taken out of TRIX cereal (and other leading "brands") but the milled grain (even without gluten) turns to glucose near instantly after eating. Boo-ya. "But we are *against* sugar in kids' cereals."

What seems to be a more effective offset is education and training of consumers on how the human body metabolizes glucose in the human body--- and how what one eats can regulate it in one's "fuel mixture" for energy. It's even of interest to many on how excess glucose can alter one's genetic material.

Good ol' school science with big words and everything!

buccaneer morgan

I kept thinking of Fernando wood, the pro confederate mayor and future congressmen.

buccaneer morgan

The problem is, Reagan couldn't or wouldn't make meaningful reforms

Dave (in MA)

Maybe Stephanie will be along soon to put lie to the Inauguration attendance BS.

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Posted by: Catsmeat | January 21, 2017 at 03:06 PM

Me too, Catsmeat. Me too.

He is such a slimy character. I did notice though that he's using less product in his hair these days. It's all about optics ya know.

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Posted by: Miss Marple the Deplorable | January 21, 2017 at 03:10 PM

What I want to know is how many blow jobs did the Gap-Tooth Diva give to get the vote out for the Clintoona Balloona, as she had promised.

Afterall, President Trump didn't "win" the popular vote.


When I saw Barron's excitement watching the tractors roll by during the parade,I had no doubt that he is a typical ten year old boy. I agree that he was told to behave. His older siblings are outstanding role models.


I agree with you, Barry. I've had my fill of do nothing "conservative" talkers!

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"The pictures are there for you to look at with your own eyes.
Joey Goebbels, Berlin 1931.


Accurate photos Inauguration of Donald Trump



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Posted by: buccaneer morgan | January 21, 2017 at 03:12 PM

Wouldn't/couldn't are barely distinguishable to me given the amount of slag Reagan had to carry on his back just to get the nomination.

There was a heavy price to be paid for the GOP nomination for 1980.... the GHB additive for VP and the cabinet from hell. I always thought James Baker was a trojan horse. Please rescue me if you think me wrong.

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