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January 13, 2017



ah, new thread smell. that can't be faked.

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I'll take #2 :)


the business world is not like a political party or academia. You will have zero success if you do not listen to a variety of opinions. Once a decision is made, you work together to succeed. But before the decision, well though out positions are welcome.

The marching in lock step is the proud-nonscience of Global Climate Change, or the Democrat Party, or the SJW.

That doesn't really work in those places either, but in business you don't get free money to play with.

Jim Eagle

Trump has them guessing already. The NYT and other outlets need to bring in ball gazers if they think they can figure him out.

Keep 'em guessing, Donald.

If has the MFM guessing what do you think Putin and Xi are thinking.


new threads are for beginners, I prefer scrolling through 14 pages

Jim Eagle


High of 48f today in Southampton. Surfers out at Cooper's Beach.

What was it like on the North Fork?

Account Deleted

Posted by: peter | January 13, 2017 at 07:17 PM

I had to scroll my little carney fingers off today on my phone after missing all day yesterday.

Nebber a-din.


Jack, Putin & Xi are after Crazy Barry's going out of business sale. Beyond that life gets tough.

Account Deleted


Let's keep our eyes on the mother[redact]er birdie.

Jim Eagle

Top story on BBC: The Bush daughters crying letter to the Obama girls.



I couldn't say, Jack is back, I was in Queens and Nassau County today. Congratulations on Frederic's choice not to commute. As someone who did commute three hours a day to high school, I can definitely tell you it is not worth it.


So, no jail time for Brennan?


Buried lede.


So now the IG of the DOJ is going after Comey.. What a mess.

And John Lewis spouting he doesn't believe Trump's presidency is legitimate. I hope DJT's crew has a plan to finesse these idiots, bigly.


well, the WSJ this morning suggested Come should resign -- after playing both sides evenly.

Personal opinion is a larger broom is needed than that AG... and Slick & Loretta in an airplane unsupervised would be high on the list of crumbs to aim the broom at.

Account Deleted

Posted by: henry | January 13, 2017 at 07:38 PM

DC is a target-rich environment. If DJT chooses wisely, his first target might send a lot of the rats into hiding (as if they can hide).

Upcoming "Pardon Week" should be interesting.

Account Deleted

December 2016| By Daniel Greenfield


Lucy Firre

Well, the OIG, Offices of Inspectors General, are actually a part of the intelligence community 🍸when they changed their agency status a few years ago like the NSA. So, that's who will be investigating the FBI that had to be peer pressured into compliance with the community. Maybe it was blackmail, like the FBI took in the video blackmail from the military intelligence 'I'm not a spy anymore, really, trust me' gutter raking informant.

Told ya; it's like talking to the third Reich. Imagine what these nutbars have done to protect us...🐒

Truth is Trump beat 'em to the punch.💎

Jim Eagle

Off to reading and settling into the deep sleep that comes with it.

Go Trump and his learned and experienced cabinet. Lets all wait until they are confirmed.

Account Deleted



JiB, as you go to sleep, remember what porch reminded us earlier today--
tomorrow is the last Saturday that Obama will be president.

Sweet dreams!

Account Deleted

One of the disgusting reasons the PMOFreedom given to Joe Biden is a complete desecration of the award to heroes of the past:


Account Deleted

Posted by: anonamom | January 13, 2017 at 08:13 PM

So then, by beer thirty next Friday.... he gone? ;)


Gonesville, KK. At least from the White House.

Soylent Red

Howdy friends...

Any of you readers have good recommendations for biographies of George Marshall and Ernest J. King? Amazon ratings tend to skew upward based on the subject matter, rather than the biography itself.

Not so much interested in the facts of their lives (that's all interesting), but more in analysis of how they became what they were and did what they did.


Account Deleted


The climactic end to the rich and powerful queen-who-might-have-been.


Account Deleted

Posted by: Porchlight | January 13, 2017 at 08:22 PM

That's about the size of it, Porch.

The landing team will have to call in scrubbers to get the pot resin off the walls.


Account Deleted

Will DJT's gardeners rototill Mooch's punkin' patch?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


They will if DJT builds that huge ballroom he's been wanting the White House to have for several years.


There's an indoor pool under the current WH press room that could be reclaimed.

Account Deleted


That settles it then. I am pro-ballroom.


Let us not forget a New Year celebration tends t wind down as Jan progresses. Then those nasty resolutions come on like a Cusano Rojo two day hangover.

The third day on is what I pine for.

matt, deplore me if you must

Finesse is, I believe, not in DJT's vocabulary. Roll, bait, shuck, bamboozle, and killshot to the hed are, I believe.



matt, deplore me if you must

Soylent, there was an excellent bio on King done back in the late 50's or early 60's but it's been so long I've forgotten. You can;'t go wrong with Morrison. He was an irascible SOB but thank God we had him. Just imagining him in the same room with Stalin staring him down sort of describes his good points.

Never read one on Marshall. I liked the action generals and admirals. I still have my dad's copy of American Caesar and most of his set of Churchill's oeuvre.


Forrest pogue's seems to be the standard, don't know if it's still in print, it was done in 1990

Dave (in MA)

John Lewis spit on me. It might have been my parrot flicking water around but I'm sticking with my story.


How the MSM committed suicide


Miss Marple the Deplorable


I think a trapdoor with spring mechanism a la Dr. No would be in order.

Fill the pool with piranha.

Heck, why not? They already think Trump is some sort of a Bond villain.


You are so funny!


Hmmmm...maybe this didn't sound exactly the way she meant it to sound!

Donna Brazile ‏@donnabrazile 5h5 hours ago

GOP is threatening the Office of Government Ethics for criticizing Trump. During Obama presidency, nobody even heard of the OGE.

109 replies 788 retweets 1,587 likes


How the WH pool built in 1933 for FDR's therapy, became the WH briefing room.

Clarice Feldman

Hi, Soylent--Miss you,

I'll be traveling tomorrow--so if I miss any birthdays and such, I apologize..also try to keep the posts to a minimum for a week so I can catchup. Heh..


Alan rappaport snorffle check newsbusters why for.


Yep - these Republican Congressmen are all about helping us MAGA aren't they?

WASHINGTON DC – A staffer for Republican Senator Mike Lee told trade experts at a lunch in Washington this week that he is looking into ways to curtail the president’s wide-ranging powers to impose tariffs, according to one of Lee’s aides.

The aide said a bill could be introduced as early as next week, and it may require Trump to go through Congress to use tariffs.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



What Cecil said makes the most sense on the previous thread.
No one on this blog has worked in Congress at these high levels.
Totally disagree with many assessments.
Trump is good at picking good people , delegating duties, fighting his enemies and running his companies.
All the rest remains to be seen
He is not my hero yet.
We will see how diplomatic he can be.
I won't submit his name for sainthood because so far he has only one miracle"winning the electionI believe the number needed is 3.
McClintock ran for governor in California and lost.I don't know his money expertise but I am sure if he is talented they will use those skills.


Then Trump will go through Congress to get his tariffs.
We don't want him to run amok like Obama.


Making token gestures but voting with the Dem block on important matters won't save Manchin in 2018.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


You can't be submitted for sainthood until you are dead.

Any miracles, including his winning, must be credited to other saints, Mary, and Jesus.

I personally think it was due to prayers of millions, petitioning both Christ and various saints and Mary (patroness of the Americas).

I know I prayed to St. Jude, St. Francis, and St. Anthony that they would intercede. I am sure there were many Protestants who prayed to Jesus in the same vain.

Franklin Graham says that he believes God intervened.

That's all I have to say.


Just to belabor the point maryrose - "working in Congress at these high levels" are Sheila Jackson Lee who thinks we planted an American flag on Mars, and Hank Johnson who thinks Guam could tip over....

Maybe we haven't been elected but I submit many of us have knowledge, experience, AND common sense!


maryrose, nobody here is making Trump a hero.
But Ryan has disappointed us time and time and time again, starting with his pathetic performance in the "debate" with Joe Biden in 2012.

Ryan is a policy wonk who hasn't held a job outside of government since his Weinermobile stint in college, and it shows.

He's all about having The Government run things, and just about everybody here agrees with Reagan's take that The Government is the problem.

I don't know what his aspirations are, and I can even assume his motivations are good. He's just not a fiscal conservative, and he's done/said plenty this past six months to not support the duly elected nominee of his party.

You can sing his praises all you want, but it's going to be a solo, or maybe a duet at best

Wheels up here--good night.


Terrible H-1B visa scandal: @UofCalifornia schools training new tech workers while simultaneously outsourcing their future job opportunities

How the University of California exploited a visa loophole to move tech jobs to India--at taxpayer expense: http://fw.to/MAXGrrl


I remeber when Saul Alinksy conspiracies and Jeremy Wright were such tragedies for Obama.

The next four years are going to be awesome. Seeing the unbelievable amounts of hypocricisy are going to be great.

I eagerly await Trump to start trashing the Iraq war again.


Jessica Vaughan
Jessica Vaughan – ‏@JessicaV_CIS

DHS nominee: Expectation of amnesty attracting immigrants to US border http://washex.am/2j5ITOk via @DCExaminer


How did the sack of shit Ryan get on this thread?

Remember this?

I wish we could have one thread where we are not trashing Ryan.


I try not think of ryan, he so rarely seems to think things through. E.g. the hamhanded way he handled the ethics committee.

Dave (in MA)

You can't be submitted for sainthood until you are dead.

Aw, c'mon. There must be some sort of waiver form we could fill out to get St. Maryrose on the list.

Dave (in MA)
I wish we could have one thread where we are not trashing Ryan.
I'm sure there are a few in the archives.
Sandy Daze
Hundreds of thousands of these immigrants gained temporary protections and work permits from President Obama. While campaigning for president, Donald Trump promised to undo those protections, putting the immigrants at risk of deportation, although he said last month he hoped to “work something out” to help them.

[He] didn’t detail what Congress and Mr. Trump would do about the program, called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. But when questioned on a CNN town hall by a woman who identified herself as a DACA recipient with a young daughter, [he] told her he did not want to see her deported.

“I can see you love your daughter, you are a nice person who has a great future ahead of you, and I hope your future is here,” [he] said.

“What we have to do is find a way to make sure that you can get right with the law, and we’ve got to do this in a good way so that the rug doesn’t get pulled out from under you and your family gets separated.”

[Representative X]: Trump mass deportations "not happening"

Guess who ?

Old Lurker

Maybe Mike Lee should pass a law taking the power of Sainthood away from this Pope.


Guess who:(answer at the end)

"S.Con.Res. 3 - 2017 Budget Resolution: NO

January 13, 2017 Vote Notes on Legislation
Vote Note

S.Con.Res. 3 - 2017 Budget Resolution: NO. Instead of a straight-forward measure to repeal Obamacare completely and to replace it with free market reforms that Republican have long advocated, Congress has instead chosen a too-clever-by-half manipulation of the rules that I believe will make repealing Obamacare harder and slower, while further disrupting an already faltering health care market. Worse, by misusing the budget and reconciliation process, Congress has squandered its most important tools to bring spending under control before we bankrupt our country.


Reconciliation does not repeal Obamacare. Rather, it mangles it and makes Republicans responsible for the ensuing market without the votes to finish the job or replace it with free-market reforms. Since Senate Democrats are unlikely to cooperate on post-reconciliation fixes, we had better be very clear what the health care system will then look like under the best-case scenario.

Obamacare subsidies will end and be replaced with tax credits. Tax penalties to enforce the individual mandate will end. Non-compliance penalties will end. Medicaid will return to its pre-Obamacare condition.

However, even though federal funds are denied for enforcement, the law will still be on the books. The guaranteed issue mandate will continue. State governments will continue to be the primary enforcers of the insurance mandates, and will still have to approve any new plans.

In those states willing to approve non-compliant plans, insurers will have to decide whether to risk civil liability for selling consumers policies that are out of compliance with federal law.

HHS does have significant latitude through the regulatory process to re-define the parameters of the essential benefits mandate, but the law will still require that the new HHS guidance is consistent with benefits found in a “typical” policy. It will still be bound by the Administrative Procedures Act that forbids changes that are considered “arbitrary and capricious.” And, ironically, this latitude will also depend on maintaining the Chevron deference doctrine.

Absent the individual mandate, the adverse selection problem will accelerate and Obamacare-compliant plan premiums will sky-rocket. The availability of non-compliant policies will depend on how much legal risk insurers are willing to assume and whether the individual state is willing to approve them.

We are taking this path solely to by-pass a Democratic filibuster (because Senate Republicans stubbornly refuse to reform cloture) and to give the new President an early victory. We need to ask ourselves how this strategy is likely to play out. The House will send a reconciliation partial-repeal bill as well as clean-up-and- replace bill to the Senate. Under intense Democratic opposition, warning that it will cause chaos in health care, the reconciliation bill will pass and the replacement bill will be blocked. Obamacare will continue to collapse. Indeed, its collapse may accelerate because of added uncertainties in the market.

Democrats have already announced what their response will be: “Republicans passed this over our objections; we warned it would destabilize your health care; it has; and we Democrats will not let them get away with half-measures to try and mask the damage they’ve done.” As public outrage builds against Republicans for “breaking the ACA,” and Republicans send reform measures over to the Senate, Democrats will block them with the refrain: “you broke it; you fix it; and this doesn’t do it.” Under increasing public pressure, Republican attrition will ultimately force Congress to abandon the effort and extend Obamacare indefinitely.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. Pass a clean bill out of the House that completely repeals Obamacare and immediately replaces it with the patient-centered system long advocated by House Republicans. As Obamacare continues its collapse and public outrage mounts against Democrats for imposing the ACA, Republicans are in a strong position to say, “We warned Obamacare would fail; it has failed; here is the reform that will save your family’s health care; but the same Senate Democrats who created this fiasco now stand in the way.” With the House having passed the rescue bill, the President calling for it and Senate Republicans clamoring to pass it, pressure on the eight hold-out Democrats would be enormous. The Senate could then force Democrats to engage in a genuine filibuster until public pressure and Democratic attrition break it. The clean bill could then go to the President within months.


I also object to the misuse of the budget resolution for this purpose. Although it is described and intended as the pre-requisite for the reconciliation bill on Obamacare, it is nevertheless a budget resolution that maintains our current spending trajectory. Under the trajectory set by this resolution, the national debt will balloon from $20 trillion to $30 trillion over the next ten years and never balance. This poses a severe risk of a sovereign debt crisis within the decade. True, we are now beginning the 2018 budget process that can correct this trajectory – but only if the House passes it, which it failed to do last year. And it begins the 2018 budget process with Republicans having already endorsed an unsustainable fiscal course.

Now that we have a Republican president, the reconciliation bill is the most powerful tool we have to actually bring spending under control before we bankrupt our country – and we only get one per budget year. Not only is it ill-suited to repealing Obamacare, I am afraid that by using it in this fashion, we are squandering one of the last chances we have to bring mandatory spending under control before it bankrupts our country."

Yep... dumb ol' Tom McClintock.


Just in from a nice chilly Dogwalk (low teens, lotta' snow). Had not listened to Mark Levin on the Talk Radio AM headsets for months now, but caught a bit of him today while the other shows (Hannity/Prager) were on advertisement breaks.

In the first 2 minute listen I gave to him I found I agreed with every word he said, but I had to turn him off because his anger was so personally off-putting. At work we have a sort of joking phrase we use which is an ultimate truth in a business where we have to work with different guys for extended hours as our trips change each month. The joke is some variety of this: "Man, our job is so easy, why does so and so make it so hard?" That applies perfectly to Mark Levin. What a drag it would be to have to go around the world with that guy and his constant angry bickering. Geez. Is he ever happy? About anything? How can a guy that smart have overlooked learning such a fundamental lesson of life?

Heard him about an hour later during another Prager commercial interlude. By coincidence it was on Dennis's 2nd hour every Friday which BTW is called "The Happiness Hour, " wherein he discusses the importance of being Happy and various topics to be happy about. So I was on a bluff at Kinkaid overlooking the gorgeous frozen Turnagain Sound, dogs by my side, beautiful snow, freezing but happy. Switch to Levin, and now he was fuming because Trump hadn't been tweeting what he thought Trump should have been tweeting about. Levin was disgusted that Trump had been tweeting about "Fake News" and the nominations, instead of tweeting about cutting Regulations.

That's enough Levin for me for the next couple months.

Sandy Daze

That's enough Levin for me for the next couple months years.

Thank you, daddy.

Glad you are listening to Levin so I don't have to. I had to walk on by some time ago because of the anger. Too much.


More from the dope that failed to beat Schwarzenegger in California:

Time to Get Serious About a Balanced Budget Amendment



I wish McClintock would sit down with Tapper and laughingly say, "not happening." That's how leaders do it

Old Lurker

Me too. His books are good and you don't have to listen to him.

Too bad. Smart guy.


Queen of "fake news"

Megyn Kelly Interview Comet Ping Pong Restaurant Owner James Alefantis Pizzagate Conspiracy


Texas Liberty Gal

Rubio's not looking so good now after going after Tillerson!


Miss Marple the Deplorable


"The chamber has been urging the Cuban government to sign a number of agreements with major companies such as General Electric (GE.N), negotiated over the last 18 months, before President-elect Donald Trump takes office on Jan. 20."

I wish someone would start investigating Donahue.


Mark Steyn as usual has the perfect rejoinder to this idiocy, fauntleroy Lowry doesn't come off unscathed.


Yes invest in a country that has no legal safeguards for your investments Shirley.


Hmmm: Senate Intel Committee to investigate Russian meddling — including any connections to political campaigns «


He's busy marginalizing himself.

Heh, Ryan Who? I hae pretty successfully ignored him, despite the pretty patter on this platform.


That '50s TV Show Where a Con Man Named Trump Promised to Build a Wall - Hit & Run : Reason.com


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Regarding the Chamber of Commerce (which once upon a time I thought defended small business, but those days are gone):

Why are they helping GE? Doesn't GE have their own people to talk to Cuba? Who else among their members would be a big donor?

How about Soros?


Here's the Mark Steyn story Narciso is referring to at 10:33: Where No Debate Should Exist

I take a slightly different tack from Rich Lowry: I meant what I said when I called the hockey stick "fraudulent", and I'm happy to prove it in a DC court, if their lethargic honors would get off their arses and bring the thing to trial. But, as to the ruling by those three DC judges, I note that ever since Mann's ludicrous "hockey stick" first appeared at the turn of the century I have called it "fraudulent", and in publications far more prominent and with far greater readerships than National Review. I have dismissed the hockey stick as "fraudulent" in, among others, Britain's Sunday Telegraph, Canada's National Post and The Australian - and nobody sued. So, with respect to the DC Court of Appeal, I find it sobering that their ladyships apparently believe that the framers of the First Amendment intended that Americans should have fewer rights to free speech than those territories that remained within the British Empire.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Steve Kopack Verified account

NEW: TRUMP tells @dowjones he would keep new Russia sanctions imposed by Obama administration in place for "at least for a period of time."

k ‏@SteveKopack 1h1 hour ago

However, WSJ says Trump suggested he could lift them if the Russians prove helpful in battling terrorists & reaching other impt goals


MM, you nailed the National Chamber.

Now I think they actively work against small business ... well, they have other priorities.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I think a lot of people in the US are thinking about the CoC like I did. After all, there are local Chambers of Commerce whose members are local businesses like hardware stores, realtors, and car dealerships.

I was unaware until this campaign that the national Chamber of Commerce had big business clients like GE. This is deceptive to the average voter.

I am serious. Is Soros a member, and how much does he donare?


Pelosi blames Bush for $9 trillion in debt added under Obama

I am surprised that Pelosi is smart enough to know that Obama's adding of $9 Trillion to the Nation Debt is something that needs to be addressed. I don't think she personally thinks it's a real economic problem all, but somebody at least convinced her its a cosmetic problem that needed some vocal pushback. I wonder who told her?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

KellyAnn Conway on Hannity tonight:



Peter: "new threads are for beginners, I prefer scrolling through 14 pages"

All I wanted for Christmas was a narcisolator tool that puts you at last page of comments.



Historically black college raises $280G for Trump inauguration appearance | Fox News


Miss Marple the Deplorable



Just finished watching 13 Hours.



Miss Marple the Deplorable



Infuriated was my strongest emotion leaving the theater after 13 Hours.


Sorry can't mix politics and religion.
Mike Lee would have no power in Oz or in this case the Vatican.


Sandy Daze:
Trump said today he wants people to think independently from him.

rosanne rosannadanna

Infuriated was my strongest emotion leaving the theater after 13 Hours.

What's all this about being in a theater for 13 hours? I'd be infuriated too.


Henry, that AG inspector broom won't sweep near the Clinton Foundation or the meeting on the tarmac with Lynch and Slick I heard on a news report today. Especially the tarmac business was specifically mentioned.


R-G and Gentlejim. I was told by my brother on 9/12, what had happened at Benghazi.
If the public doesn't know by now, they are simply...LIV, Ignorant or unwilling to accept the obvious.
Rodham, and Rice should be run over by a bull dozer for what they did. Obama should have a worse fate. Joe Biden is a sick fuck.


Glasater, the CLINTON/LYNCH meet up is SICKENING.
A former A.G/GOVERNOR/PRESIDENT meeting with the U.S.A.G while his own WIFE and possibly himself are under scrutiny or SHOULD BE under scrutiny by the JUSTICE DEPT.
Anyone. ANY FUKWAD who can' smell this is a complete douche bag.
America is forever changed because of the STENCH or CLINTON and RODHAM. We've become IMMORAL.


Rosanna Rosannadanna,
I wasn't in the theater the whole 13 Hours. Some time was spent in line for popcorn and slurpees. ;)


Rodham wasn't in her OFFICE the entire 13 hours, I think Slurpees = SCOTCHY SCOTCH SCOTCH and POPCORN = Scotchy Scotch Scotchy.

RODHAM allowed these men to die. She allowed "her friend" Christopher Stevens, our AMBASSADOR to die, Sean Smith, and former Seals Dougherty and Woods were savaged and blown to bits.
Then the UGLY BITCH lied in front of their coffins.

I hope Rodham burns in hell.

rosanne rosannadanna

Oh, never mind.

Dave (in MA)

Legal Insurrection's Youtube channel has been restored.


Dave, that is awesome. Youtube is just another LIBTARD mouth piece.
So sad.

Account Deleted


"Former Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis said in an interview Friday that President-elect Donald Trump needs to get off Twitter and apologize to Hillary Clinton."


"“I mean he ought to be ashamed of himself for this kind of stuff, calling her a crook and that kind of nonsense. She's a good person, nothing she did involved breaches of national security,” Dukakis said in an interview on WABC radio with Rita Cosby. “She was investigated for God knows how long about Libya, and a Republican-dominated committee exonerated her.”


Kellyanne Conway is fantastic. The steel reserve look in here eyes is priceless.
She isn't a LIBTARD phony.
God bless her.


WOW!!!! You mean Michael Dukakis is STILL ALIVE???
MISTER DUKAKIS is best known for not wanting his WIFE'S RAPIST MURDERER to get the DEATH PENALTY!!!

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