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January 07, 2017



Hugh Hewitt can go to hell, because I put my money where my mouth was, with several hundred dollars down on Trump winning.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I truly think he will be a great president. We have never had someone willing to go over the numbers, ask pointed questions of the bureaucracy, won't take crap off the media, and directly communicating with the people.

This is a new era in many, many ways. As Clarice once said, the dems won't know how to deal with him and neither does the media.

The other thing is, this guy likes to fix things and solve problems. Don't know we have had anyone like that, either. At least not in my lifetime. The closest was Reagan, but he kept to his 3 big things and sort of let the rest of the government operate on auto-pilot.

Trump isn't like that. Look at his comments on the cost overruns on the new fighter plane or on the new Air Force 1. He actually reads budgets and goes over things.

Also, he has an incredible work ethic and stamina.

Anyway, I am looking forward to January 20!

Captain Hate

CH: do you know how many picks the Browns have in the coming draft?

Sorry, KK, I've been immersed in my own personal Jimmy Giuffre festival after finding some of his CDs at the Cleveland library's main branch. No, not in total but they have two first round choices (I think they got Philthy's so they could snag Carson Wentz, which was probably a win/win), and I think they have almost as many as they have huge gaping holes on both sides of the ball.

Speaking of the library, the girl who checked out the CDs was horrified when I told her about UCSC de-duplicating books, although she semi dismissed it with a "yeah, California" while not being completely sure it won't spread.

Jim Eagle

I was with you Beasts. i could not see how a weak candidate with no energy and no real voter interface commitment could beat a guy doing 3 rallies a day that were SRO?

If he had lost I would be the first scream rigged. It never seemed plausible to me based on enthusiasm alone.

Captain Hate

Hugh Hewitt can go to hell

My personal Batsignal

Beasts of England

I think he'll work as hard as anyone ever at the job, Miss Maple; and his cabinet picks show that he is serious about the change we need.

~ ~ ~

Agreed, JiB. I was as confident in a win as anything I've ever examined. If she had won, I'd be scratching my head. And buying more guns.

~ ~ ~

Did you get a 1099, jimmyk? ;)


I watched the people on line waiting for the rallies sometimes for a long time and then inside there was great enthusiasm but orderliness too. It was impressive.

Hillary may have thought they were deplorable but really they are the people who make America great who are willing to stand up for what's right and decent. Trump recognized who he was speaking to.

Account Deleted

From the "Can't We Just Frog March The Cork Soakers Out to The Michelle Obama Pumpkin Patch and Shoot Them in The Face?" file....


The hypocrisy is thicker than Beijing smog:

"Democrats are calling on Senate Republicans to delay hearings for President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet picks, citing an incomplete ethics screening of several nominees.

"It is unprecedented and deeply worrisome to hold confirmation hearings on President-elect Donald Trump's nominees before basic ethics reviews are completed," Democratic National Committee (DNC) spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said in a statement.

"These rushed hearings must be delayed until the ethics reviews are finished, and if Trump and the GOP-led Senate fail to do so, the only reasonable conclusion to be drawn is that they are concerned about what will be exposed," Watson added."

The Dhimmis are all about ethics you know.


Funny how they chose Hugh Hewitt to be the "token conservative" in this story. This quote:

Conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt, who voted for Trump, thought he voted for the loser. "I didn't see it coming. Anybody who says they did, I think they're lying," he said.

Where he essentially calls MM, BOE, Clarice, and many others here "liars" is appalling. Maybe he did vote for Trump but he did it like the little boy who said, "I may be sitting down on the outside but I'm standing up on the inside!"

Still, I relished reading their misjudgements, their smug attitudes ("Yeah, we wrote a few lines in case Trump won!") and their stunned reactions.

And finally, do you believe this baloney? "
Hewitt: "Nobody was very chatty. People were so stunned. [But] everything was very professional. Even people who -- I don't know their politics, but I assume they might've been Democrats -- said not one unprofessional word."
You know good and well they were swearing, and saying all manner of nasty things about the voters. How often have we heard them do such things over an unsuspected hot mic? Now, on the night their Queen, their beloved, the one they have worked for and donated to and counted on is losing....NOW they are total professionals. Sorry, Hugh, I'm not buying it!


Did you get a 1099

Much to my dismay, I think I will. After I won, I got a message from the site that I had to give them some information for tax purposes.

Well, I also was a winner in my fantasy baseball league, and I don't plan to pay taxes on that! Shh-h.

Captain Hate

RIP Nat Hentoff

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Ethics? They want to talk about ETHICS? I have a list a mile long of actual FELONIES these people have done over the last 8 years, and they want to pose like they are concerned about ethics?

Shoot 'em in the pumpkin patch!


RIP Nat Hentoff

Shoot, the list of liberals I can respect is shrinking rapidly. A man of principle. (Not being a jazz expert I can't comment on his expertise there.)

Jim Eagle

No, no, not. CH.

Not Nat. He educated me in Jazz (Downbeat) and the first amendment. No one knew both like Nat.

God, rest his soul in peace and make his beat 5/4 time.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I sort of skimmed over Hewitt's part, but you are dead right.

We saw some of them on screen having major melt-downs, so you KNOW off-camera they were carrying on like it was the end of the world.

Hewitt is not trustworthy, and this comment proves it.


Hentoff's fervent belief in civil liberties extended to the unborn. I'm sure his anti-abortion stance confused the left to no end.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Jim Eagle

sorry, jimmyk, but I think we can put a fork in the Lion's tonight.

Geez, can't even keep guys from catching one handed for TD's twice!


Yeah, JiB, they're playing like crap, though the refs seem to be doing their part for the Hawks.

Captain Hate

(Not being a jazz expert I can't comment on his expertise there.)

He was definitely an articulate proponent with excellent taste but he didn't write so much on it in recent years as first amendment issues. I don't know if he went out to the clubs so much, and if he did it was probable places like the Vanguard, which is a great place to see music of that genre if you like who's playing (I saw Bill Frisell's trio on my only visit).

Beasts of England

Your secret's safe with me, jimmyk!! :)

Captain Hate

the refs seem to be doing their part for the Hawks.

A day ending in Y. Dirtiest fucking team since the 70s Stoolers. Well done, King Roger.

Jim Eagle


Saw Nat once at Birdland when on leave in NYC. We had the Adderly brothers and Roland Kirk. Talk about a reed symphony of confused and melodious notes. He was very animated during their sets.

I didn't get a chance to talk to him since he was overwhelmed by his regular friends there duirng breaks.


I took a bunch of crap from my daughter for saying that I thought Trump was giving Curb Dive a run for her money.

Course she has been giving me crap since she was 4.

Terms of endearment:)

Captain Hate

Damn, JiB, I saw the Adderly bros in the 70s but their best playing was when you saw them. Roland Kirk was off the charts good and I really regret not having the opportunity to see him, even if at the time he would've confused me.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Beasts of England

It's just too darned cold to be awake. :)



I'm sure you all remember my little SHITCANNED expedition from 2012. I was so sure Obama was going to get SHITCANNED. I based my optimism on my WRONGFUL belief, that America HAD NOT been completely uprooted from our common sense and moral clarity/values. I didn't want to believe that a LYING EVIL MARXIST could possibly fuck up SO SO SO BADLY and yet still be RE-ELECTED. So MANY factors went into the GOP loss, not least of which was the GOP's unwillingness to fight the EVIL BASTARDS.
But much of Obama's re-election was based on NON-STOP LYING and RIDICULOUS book cooking and EXECUTIVE MISINFORMATION.
So NOW we have entrenched FAR FAR LEFT PROGS at every CABINET OFFICE, the CIA has a STOOOOOGE and HACK of ABSOLUTELY EPIC PROPORTIONS. We've had 2 White House Spokesfux, who not only read the LIES, but SNARK and add their own EDITORIAL.
Unfortunately there are VERY FEW REPUBLICANS who are honorable straight shooters either.
TRUMP GIVES US A FRESH START. The GOP HAD BETTER HELP HIM, or they will hand back the BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY WE'VE HAD IN 36 years. Regardless, we have DODGED a bullet, and I will NEVER trust a Democrat EVER again. None of them EVER acknowledge the FILTH within.

Dave (in MA)
I've been immersed in my own personal Jimmy Giuffre festival after finding some of his CDs at the Cleveland library's main branch.
Too bad that guy couldn't afford a drummer. ;)

Good stuff Dave. Who would have been Giuffre's drummer?? Any thoughts??


Joe Morello would be my pick.




Ann Coulter ‏@AnnCoulter
Berkeley student arrested http://bit.ly/2iVu5Ch . Article calls Gomez "they." Did newspapers call John Hinkley "Jodi Foster's boyfriend"?


Dave (in MA)

I think he did just fine without one, GUS, but your idea works.

Dave (in MA)

I was going to suggest Bun E Carlos, but I didn't want to set you off.

Dave (in MA)
Already working on the insanity plea, I guess.

An early tweet on the freak:

Ann Coulter ‏@AnnCoulter
Here's the Berkeley murder suspect, Pablo Gomez Jr -- or "X" -- posing with Jerry Brown & Tom Steyer - http://bit.ly/2i2JFra


Dave that is awesome!! I have a GIG tomorrow. My sound man?? Guess who!!!
It's late here, and just 5 minutes ago, I finished a Daddy (he still calls me Daddy) to son chat about his DUTIES tomorrow on the SOUND BOARD. As you must know, Gus Jr. played on stage w/Cheap Trick 3 years ago at the age of 12. I came very close to crying.
My son told me that I have never recorded a specific song that I wrote "professionally" or in studio.
The song he was referring to, is ABSOLUTELY the best song I've ever written.
Henry has seen my band perform this song.
Anywho, I told my boy, that he had a task of recording the song, from the PA/SOUND board tomorrow. Life is FANTASTIC.
I also told Jr. that he is required to HUG ME when I come home from work, until he is 70!!!

Account Deleted

The cops say "the violence occurred...."

Sheesh. No nads whatsoever. There was a murder and a felonious assault with a deadly weapon.

Further, if the suspect is being held has he or has he not been charged? If he hasn't, then how is it that he is being held.

How did Burbank PD know to arrest this despicable piece of garbage?

These little prima donnas who worship people of color who are "down with the struggle" have no idea how badly they are being used. And now one is stabbed and possibly another is already dead.

And this psychopath in custody.... posing with the governor and other fairies of the Left puts him above the law? What a circus! He'll be run up the campus flag pole as a political prisoner or some BS.

This makes me sick to my stomach. Almost as much as the homeless guy who bludgeoned a North Berkeley resident to death recently in the man's front yard while the man's wife watched him being butchered. It took the cops HOURS to respond.

Too busy being PC in town somewhere with "non-property owning" knuckleheads to be bothered with tending to the slaughter of a taxpaying property owner, or excuse me, "terrorist."

I swear to heaven these last 8 years have unleashed some incredibly rancid shitake on the American people. And the ProgEmoCrats are screaming about ETHICS.

Somebody's daughter has gone off to college and ended up being stabbed by a gender-bending dirtbag. Nice. What a complete waste. The parents must be beside themselves.

I'll check around to see who knows what for sure. The big Pineapple storm is just making landfall at this hour. Might be tough to get out of the house but I'll put out feelers.

This is sickening.


A former spook/NSA operational analyist is a twitter pal of mine and he implies there is horrendous pressure from 'on high' to the various intel people to put out this so-called 'hacking' business.

He said it was ODNI working with FBI agents.

The scorn I have for the CIA cannot be measured.

Heading for bed.


Kev!! Kevlar!! I love you mate. You are GUS, without the CAPS LOCK.
Almost all of this motherfucking shit is EASY.
Use common sense and values, and add a dash of NOT BEING COWED by FUKWADS. ...AND...WE HAVE NORMAL American's like YOU and ME.

I will NOT back down. Call me RACIST, call me TRANSHOMOQUEERWEIRDASSMOFOPHOBIC, and I'll respond with FUCK YOU.

Kev, I'll fight until I DIE for my SON and this NATION.
BTW. Both my Father and my Mother are buried at ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY.

These FUCKED UP BASTARDS can kiss my ass.


Hey Glasater. I think you know what my Lil Bro does.
Is JOHNNY AL QUDS BRENNAN, an HONEST non partisan CIA head????

I don't think I/WE have to go any FURTHER.
Glasater. Is John Al Quds Brennan in any way a NON BIASED....NORMAL and QUALIFIED MAN, to be the HEAD of OBAMA'S C.I.A.????
What happened to us??? How has our GOP allowed FUCKTARDISH, SCREW BALLS like JOHN "AL QUDS" BRENNAN to be CIA DIRECTOR or more to the point. How MF'ING, EARTH, could a CLOWN LIKE JOHN BRENNAN....BE CONFIRMED by a REPUBLICAN SENATE???????????


Good Morning!

I Own The World has been having a field day with the Schumers!

Here's Chuckie:

And here's Amy:



According to Gomez Jr.’s Facebook page, they are a UC Berkeley student who lives in Berkeley. [A friend contacted Berkeleyside early Saturday to say Gomez Jr. uses the pronoun “they.”]

In any case, shouldn't it be "they is"? Or did Gomez also decide "they are" more than one person?

And if today Gomez decides to go back to "he," can he claim someone else did the murder ("They did it!")?


Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse!

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Clarice tells it like it is. Great!



Too much Kumbaya?

The United Nations said Thursday it has sacked four members of its monitoring mission for the Colombian peace process for dancing with FARC rebels at a New Year's Eve party.

...controversy erupted when Colombian media broadcast videos of UN monitors, dressed in their pale blue uniform vests, swaying to the tropical beats with FARC fighters in their arms...


Very nice Pieces, Clarice.

I see the LA Times has screwed up and posted a headline bound to infuriate the Left because it's true:

U.S. intelligence report doesn't say whether Russian hacking helped elect Donald Trump

Enjoyed this "absence of evidence" weasel-wording coming from Kasich's chief strategist:

“Just because we can’t quantify it specifically doesn’t mean that it had no impact,” said John Weaver, who served as chief strategist for Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) in his losing bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

“We know that it put [Clinton’s] campaign on the defensive,” Weaver said. “We know that it distracted that campaign and we know, anecdotally, that it impacted voters. Does that mean conclusively that it was by itself the difference maker? Can’t be proven.”

So what was Weaver's excuse for why Trump thumped Kasich?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump Verified account

I look very much forward to meeting Prime Minister Theresa May in Washington in the Spring. Britain, a longtime U.S. ally, is very special!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


At the very end of the article, we discover Kushner is selling his interest in the project, so this is a big nothingburger to smear the family without any justification whatsovever.

Oh, and the Chinese guy toasted the President-elect! Maybe the FBI should check and see if the Chinese hacked the election!



A libtard that writes for Gawker had this to say about Weaver:

Weaver specializes in taking eminently electable Republicans, and making them completely toxic to voters in their own party...[Kasich] refuses to campaign as a conservative, instead actively insulting the people who will select the Republican nominee. This is the Weaver strategy in action. The only thing worse than an extreme Republican is an “electable” one. It’s not unreasonable to imagine that Kasich, the very popular governor of a swing state, would run a formidable general election campaign. Thanks to the disastrous counsel of John Weaver, we likely won’t ever have to worry about the prospect of President Kasich.

Kasich isn't Weaver's first victim. But as long as we are talking about Russians, we aren't talking about him:)

Captain Hate

Shitheads like Weaver have been littering the GOP for a long time. Kasich shows just how unqualified he is by letting that idiot pull his strings. Both of them need to go away.


"They did it". That's funny.

Interesting read on the red giant.


Further, if the suspect is being held has he or has he not been charged? If he hasn't, then how is it that he is being held.

Suspects are arrested and notified what their charges will be at the jail. Actual charging doesn't take place until probable cause has been found by a prosecutor and a judge of competent jurisdiction. When a person is arrested we have 48 hours to have probable cause "found".

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Walter Schaub, head of OGE, was apponted by Obama in 2013.

Perhaps he could discuss the ethics of sending a letter only to Warren and Schumer.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Free James D!

this is a big nothingburger to smear the family without any justification whatsovever.

This sentence describes 99.9% of MSM reporting about Trump and his family.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Why Trump won, as demonstrated with helpful advice for the Midwest from a San Francisco liberal:



Thanks for the Weaver insight, guys. That explains where he's coming from.

BTW, In East Coast time, when does the Dolphin/Steeler Game kick off? I'm back in drizzly and chilly Frogland and can't figure out when it's playing over here. It's 2:30 PM local, and I'm wondering if it's time yet to head out to the Great Canadian.

Captain Hate

The early game starts at 1:05 EST, a little less than 5 hours from now.


Looks like 1:05, daddy

Captain Hate

I'm back in drizzly and chilly Frogland and can't figure out when it's playing over here.

Instead of fucking around looking up shit in outer space, you can use whatever you're posting from to find out what's happening on planet Earth. And time zones.


Just explain to me how the Russians influenced the election against Clinton. After reading the news rooms statements on election night, everyone of them said Clinton had it in the bag-it wasn't until 7pm election night that any one of them started to change the narrative.
So if EVERYONE in the know said absolutely that Clinton was going to win----Just who did the Russians win and how did they do it when every reporter and newspersons and even Congress people were certain Clinton was going to win?
These two ideas do not play well with each other.But this is now the narrative, Russia influenced the election towards Trump but no one in the media was influenced towards Trump. This does not compute.
Am I wrong here?

Clarice Feldman



Good Morning! We have a 29 degree wind chill here in sunny Florida. :)

Senator Sessions will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow for his confirmation hearing. One of his strongest supporters is Susan Collins. She will introduce him and give her endorsement to the committee.


JiB: char mi-cuit

I translate that as half-dead salmon.

So rare a good doctor could still save that fish.


"----just who did the Russians win and how did they do it when every reporter and newspersons and even Congress people were certain Clinton was going to win?"

Sorry this should read---Just who did the russians influence and how did they do it---

daddy on iPad at Le Starbucks

I Blame Russian Hackers

I long for the old days when we used to blame Russian Hookers.


More details re Fort Lauderdale shooter. FBI took his gun when he walked into AK FBI office in Nov. claiming ISIS was forcing him to watch videos and fight. The gun, same he used in FL, was returned to him in Dec., after his mental health evaluation. I thought one of the disqualifiers for gun ownership was a documented history of mental illness?


Clarice, I enjoy passing your links on.

Best response? Press on and laugh uproariously at the Democrats’ continuous and desperate circus:

Keep America Shtick Again!

Clarice Feldman

How CBS radio distorted the news about the Chicago torture to make it seem it was w black on white crime by Trump supporters.


Wait for it. . . . Wait for it:

CREW will slime confirmation hearing process momentarily.




Hate it when I Larwyn the thread.




I don't think that was you, sbw.


Oh, wait, it was. :)

Great Pieces, Clarice.

Another thing keeping Dems harping on the Russian thing is their cognitive dissonance. I normally hate that term because it is overused, especially by liberals. But in this case it's apt: They cannot come to terms with the idea that a large part of the population doesn't see Trump vs Hillary exactly like they do. So it had to be Russians or Martians or Invasions of the Pod People.

buccaneer morgan

The film with jlaw nextyear has the Chapman masque, as the good gal.

daddy on iPad at Le Starbucks


You should have seen us last night trying to decipher the French ATIS reports of the arrival weather for CDG. Usually the gobbledygook is decipherable, but they had a page of coding I had never seen before reading "FCT IMAG Rwy 27R 61 56 52." The FCT threw us off as we thought it meant Forecast, but it meant Friction, and the IMAG I am still uncertain about but is apparently some French designation for whatever machine they use for their runway braking effectiveness coefficients. We had to call Mother to get the Ops boys into the books to unravel it, but all turned out well in the end. Taxi ride in was way scarier than approach and landing, but boy does France have great Jazz Radio stations.

Thanks Deb, and thanks Captain (I think:)


I agree, jimmyk, because I was similarly gobsmacked when BOzo won a second term after his disastrous first.

Captain Hate

How CBS radio distorted the news about the Chicago torture to make it seem it was w black on white crime by Trump supporters

It's hard to imagine getting a story this wrong was anything other than deliberate. Pulling broadcast licenses might spur some real corrective actions.

Captain Hate

Is France still suffering from the Minitel experiment and you can't get on to a real internet? If so, I apologize as much as I can to somebody otherwise lucky to be in Paris.


I still don't understand how this russian manipulation works. Most average Americans who voted for Trump get their news from the msm. Yet every network including Fox, told us over and over how wonderful Clinton was and how awful Trump was.

Even many republicans-"NeverTrumpers" and certainly 99% of all printed media. And without exception they ALL reported that Clinton had this election in the bag. This was said (I refuse to use the word "reported") over and over and over.

So where and how did this manipulation by the russians take place---was it in the Trump tweets(really?)---was it at the Trump rallys.
Just how exactly were regular Americans propagandized when every news outlet said the opposite?

daddy on iPad at Le Starbucks

was returned to him in Dec., after his mental health evaluation. I thought one of the disqualifiers for gun ownership was a documented history of mental illness?

DebinNC, The Anchorage Federal Attorney half way thru this News video tells us that under the proper application of the Law he did not have an Official designation of Mental Illness, thereby, according to the Federal Laws on the books he was authorized to have the weapon returned to him. Here's the video. Our Anchorage Police Chief comes across as a guy who can hardly read, and if I had a shot of tequila every time he mispronounced "Santiago" I'd be comatose in the gutter.

Anchorage police returned gun to Florida shooting suspect after ‘mental health crisis’


MissM, the 8:21 tweet was funny. the first sentence explained exactly why I refuse to live in an urban area.

Cecil Turner

the IMAG I am still uncertain about but is apparently some French designation for whatever machine they use for their runway braking effectiveness coefficients.

Yep, that's a IMAG - Skid resistance friction trailer, of course:

The IMAG, automatic skid resistance friction trailer, was designed and patented by French civil aviation authority. It measures in operational conditions, mainly in winter, the characteristics of skid resistance of runways and allows pilots to know the operating conditions of these areas.
[yeah, I had to look it up, too].

Captain Hate

And without exception they ALL reported that Clinton had this election in the bag. This was said (I refuse to use the word "reported") over and over and over.

The Trump people like Kellyanne were hectored that it was going to be a landslide for Rodham from purported conservatives like that asshole Chris Wallace only two weeks before the election. And now the same clowns are lecturing us with Red Scare tales of delusion. Fuck them; you have to be insane to take them seriously.

Another Bob

I've not seen a better troll tweet than that 8:21 in ages.

Oh, she's serious???

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is an excellent article about what Cuba is really like.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Yes, Another Bob, she's serious.

I read down through the replies to her tweet and she claims to be from a blue collar background, so this apparently makes her opinion virtuous.

It's the oft-seen symptom of someone who is ashamed of her background and thus compensates by attacking the very people she came from.

I thought maybe we should hook her up with Kevin Williamson of NRO. They have a lot in common.

daddy on iPad at Le Starbucks

Clarice, you're posted as a "Must Read" over at Lucianne.com.

Also of interest at Lucianne is this story linked of Obama snottily saying: Obama: Republicans Should Have Told Me About Their Better Healthcare Ideas in 2009

These 2009 Headlines took me about 2 minutes to find by google:

---New York Times: G.O.P. Counters With a Health Plan of Its Own

---Republicans Have Offered Three Alternative Health Care Reform Bills (August 21, 2009 | 6:04 PM EDT)

---Republicans Release Their Own Health Care System Reform Bill
(By Eric Pianin November 4, 2009)

For a guy with such big ears Obama sure is damn hard of hearing.


OMG, daddy! Talk about a CYA convention. I couldn't take more than 2 min. of that bumbling police chief going through the long list of incidents where Santiago's violent behavior resulted in police being summoned and then nothing done, time after time after time. Ugh.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I think this is part of a series, since he mentions they are heading to Michigan.


Cecil Turner

Thanks for the link daddy. Nothing says "protect and serve" like rearming the guy with voices in his head.

And in the running for bad timing award:

Anchorage, AK- Your Alaska Link caught up with Anchorage Police Department Chief Chris Tolley, who discussed triumphs by the Department, as we near the year's end.
To be fair, that's better than they did with the Robert Hansen investigation (when a bleeding victim escaped the serial murderer only to be ignored by APD).

les nessman

FNS is unwatchable.
The first 40 minutes was almost entirely "The Russians hacked the election!"
The last 15 minutes was yucking it up with lame "2017 predictions" time fillers.
5 minutes of mostly dreary panel discussion in between.

Clarice Feldman

jimmyk, you have a point--a hole in the bubble creates turmoil.
BTW the WaPo is now almost entirely echoing Dem crap..today's big news we really need to slow down the confirmation process to properly vet the canidates and de Vos' confirmation presents ethical problems because she contributed to some of the Senators on the panel.

Saves reporters' show leather to just read the emails and publish.


Voxers admit defeat. Who's gonna' pay for that wall? DJT got hand:

"...Mexico is in really rough shape right now. The country is facing nationwide protests (and occasional outbreaks of violence) because gas prices are rising and the peso is falling — and the peso is falling because of speculation about what’s going to happen under a Trump administration...Trump’s administration-in-waiting thinks it can work with Videgaray...

...They know they have the upper hand. Mexico knows that too.And both sides know that moving to build a wall will put huge pressure on Mexico. Because they know that who pays for the wall is ultimately less important, and has less of an impact, than the fact that a wall exists..."

Miss Marple the Deplorable


As near as I can tell the dem mantra is "Rich and successful = conflict of interest and unethical."

I saw that idea pushed this morning in that article in The Hill on Kushner and a Chinese company, even though he is already selling his interest in the project so where is any sort of conflict?

Trump already said he was divesting from his company, but a clip I saw of a guy on Jesse Waters' show was whinig that Trump MUST divest or he's in violation of the emoluments clause in the Constitution and therefore subject to Impeachment!

I predict that this is going to be the line we hear going forward after they are done with the Russians thing. It's going to be stoking the fires of class envy 24/7.

I wish we could get them to just shut up for a couple of days per week. It's sickening.

Captain Hate

Catherine Herridge says the Intelligence Report said that NSA's Rogers was less confident than Mullah Brennan that Rooskis did a fucking thing to influence the election. Wallace is being a dick to Reince Priebus who says the Rooskis have been interested in every US elections and the DNC is dumb about security issues.


"You [the GOP] should have told me that back in 2009. I asked."

Who can forget that televised Paul Ryan-Eric Cantor-McConnell meet-up with BOzo just before the BOzocare vote? I remember Ryan having a stack of papers a foot high on the table before him - a printout of "You have to pass it to know what's in it". I remember BOzo sitting with his skinny legs gracefully crossed and a long, bony finger over his lips, as if to prevent himself from lashing out as Ryan, in full puppy-dog eyed mode, asked him slowly and pleadingly something like "Don't you understand the damage this will do, Mr. President?" while BOzo's hateful glare was palpable.

buccaneer morgan

Seriously, chief wiggums everybody, can you fire that jackalope.

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