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January 10, 2017



"It takes a certain genius to produce a story that somehow manages to discredit even trolls who had not a scintilla of credibility to begin with"

Ignatius seems a wee bit angry.

I better not piss him off today.


Here's the guy who claims to be the anon on /pol/ who fed the story to Wilson. Says he's talking to attorneys.

Nick Rochfort ‏@trsprudence Speaking to a lawyer today, about publishing stuff. Tldr Two party notification state, etc

I can tell from his twitter feed that he's definitely /pol/ish, so I don't know, he could be putting people on.

As of last night he was tweeting about under his pseudonym, Sgt. Prudence - now he's changed his account and appears to be using his real name.


"Tapper & McRINO got punk'd" links at Drudge.


Trump is kicking ass. I love it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Trump just refused to give CNN a question, because they are fake news. Bwahahahaha!


DebInNC: "CNNgate certainly explains why usually sane, conservative media peeps like Ben Shapiro, Jonah Goldberg, and most of National Review, worked so hard to defeat DT"

Sure, it could be.
But I still think these guys have bought into a lot of the Dem slime that all Repubs are evil racists who drag their knuckles and speak with an accent. Like Sen McCain they're all "sure, Repubs are evil but not ME"

Miss Marple the Deplorable

BBC News---"another beauty."


Did PL post this joke? Getting it multiple times per day in email....

(image of Trump on phone): Knock! Knock!

(image of Hillary on phone): Who's there?

(image of White House): Not YOU!


Free national Wi-fi with firewall...Wait and see.


"Trump refuses to drop business ties"


Stephanie despicable me

The report just made it to the Tillerson hearing. Sen Chris Murphy - Dumbass.


"Trump nominee with ties to Putin faces confirmation hearing"


Reported by CNN, a "news" organization with something stronger than "ties" to Hillary Clinton.

Old Lurker

That was wonderful to behold.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Old Lurker,

Well, that was certainly satisfying. All of this carp about him not building the wall, not replacing Obamacare, discounted.

Apparently he's had Pence working on identifying resources to get moving on it, and IT WILL BE A WALL.

Plus, CNN was completely trashed as fake news, which was great! And BBC got a put down, too.

Most impressive in the divestiture of his business is that any fees to hotels or resorts paid by foreign governments will go to the US Treasury!

Old Lurker

New Thread



Yeah, I'm a newb for posting images...go easy on me...It's in the LUN if this doesn't work. Preview only shows a link not the image so it's hard to tell.

Jim Eagle

Tillerson gave the correct and legitimate response to dumbass Chris Murphy about how you decide to do business in ANY country not just Sudan, Iran, etc.

1. Is it legal under American law?
2. Does the sanctity of contract exist?
3. Do they have in place commercial protocols recognized internationally.

Outside of No. 1, No. 2 is the most important.

I will add my own special selection criteria: Can it pass the "giggle" test? IOW's you bring the strategy or deal to your board and/or shareholders and they don't laugh at you, then its worth doing.


Oh good, new thread!
I'll try again on this dead one and then move on...
[img] https://sli.mg/GGc1iX [/img]


Reporting Porch's earlier link to the fake Trump intel documents Staggering that this obviously bogus stunt fooled our intel services, a U.S. senator, and everyone in the headquarters building of CNN.


Dang it :)


Worked great, Jim, and, sadly, it's so true.

the generallyistic deplorable rich


They made the documents.

Cecil Turner

...go easy on me...

Okay, but it's super simple. Just use this line to link an image:
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Captain Hate

Trump just refused to give CNN a question, because they are fake news. Bwahahahaha!

I heard that on the radio; some pussyboy was whining "you attacked us so we get to respond" answered by "fuck you, junior; next question" (perhaps a slightly inaccurate paraphrase).

Never another tomato can!


Embarassing for CNN but it's only going to work consistently if used very, very sparingly. I was hoping the guy would persist until thrown out.

They are all wondering when they will feel the lash, and they will have a strategery next presser say in 2018.


Shep was just on Fox talking about Trump's outburst at the CNN journalist. Shep stated that Fox had no problems with the CNN reporting.

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