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January 31, 2017


Account Deleted

My Super Bowl allegiance is to the Patriots. Tom Brady is a Serra High School grad here in the Bay Area; and Julian Edelman is a former QB from Woodside High from the South Bay area.

More great Bay Area ties to Super Bowl history in the making. Gotta love it.

Hoping it is a great game for the ages and the half-time show is a complete embarassment.

Let's go back to the days of precision drill and marching band showcases.

Account Deleted

"They are to toe whatever the Fox company line is. If they do not, they will disappear like Andrea Tanteros or Greta VanSustern."

I'd subscribe to a blatantly anti-left cable channel.

Isn't it time for conservative money to invest in new media start-ups for tv, news, and entertainment (movies and series)?

Seems like the opp is presenting itself and there is a market for it.

I don't sub to Vanity Fair, but thought this overview gives a decent take on changes in the old Left media bastion of Hollywood, unions, and new media.

It suggests we may see some somebodies from the conservative rational right.

Vanity Fair story:



The 2 R Senators breaking ranks on DeVos just happen to be that rare GOP breed that gets teachers union money http://freebeacon.com/politics/gop-defectors-received-thousands-teachers-union/


Daniel Greenfield speaking truth to power on the Australian kerfuffle (including an amusing Freudian slip):


I hadn't realized the agreement was post-election. Greenfield is right that this was bad faith by Turnbull.


NYT has a piece yesterday quoting "Trump's doctor" talking about medications he takes. Isn't that illegal?


Can you explicate a bit on why they're spooked, Buckeye?


I think to begin with, they buy into the idea that Trump hates Mexicans. They also think he is going to stir the pot.

They also think Nieto is a wuss and will get steamrolled by Trump. I think they understand better than we do how weak their hand is.

Frau  Mit Schatten

A suggestion to Berkeley police and other police of invaded cities: along with the rubber bullets, spray the rioting fascists with the indelible purple/blue paint used to identify bank robbers.

I looked and could not find *any* mention in news reports of a badly beaten, unconscious man. Police officers were the only injuries reported. What's the scoop? K-Kid?


Pruitt out of committee after "one weird trick" used against absent Dems. Might be something to this trick.


jimnorcal, re: CA illegal voting:


Frau  Mit Schatten

Strange the MSM did not inform us of the details surrounding the Australian "deal," jimmyk. Opposition, indeed, and more evidence that the media will die out because of its refusal to provide real information.
As Insty sez, "More and faster, please!"


Those are some serious fishermen, and that must be a beautiful lake you're on Beasts. Those flat bottom boats scare me and the speed they use to get there first scares me as well. I remember watching a tournament on TV where the winner drove his boat 100 miles each way on the Saint Lawrence River to fish for 2 hrs in Lake Ontario, before he had to leave and make the return 100 mile trip in time for weigh in. People said he'd never get good weather 4 days in a row or his boat would break down. The guy won it!

Old Lurker

Anonamom, just to nail your 2:28 link down, I went to the voter registration site in CA to see what I need to register. The only requirements are

1. a CA Driver's License of ID.

2. Last four digits of a SS#

3. an address

Then Poof, you get to vote.

Since your link says illegals are allowed to get CA Driver Licenses, then it sure does seem easy to get a YUGE number of illegal votes in CA.

Sandy Daze

I did not know this, but I am not a Texan, nor do I play one on TV:

begun in 2015
Account Deleted

" I think they understand better than we do how weak their hand is."

Closed borders, deportations, 50% or more in reduced cash remittances into Mexico ($12 billion lost), increased unemployment.... havoc for Metziko.

By the same token, Mexico is one of the leading consumer countries for our exports. But at what price?

NAFTA set up this fiat currency boondoggle (thank you Congress and Bill Clinton).

President Trump knows it isn't healthy and wants to re-engineer our relationship with Metziko.

Not easy for cheap labor junkies in the US and poverty exporting junkies in Metziko Seetay.

The prevailing NAFTA model is weak and failing us by eroding our sovereignty. The proponents and "advocates" are using "anti-racist" jargon to shame legislators into maintaining the failing order. We are borrowing our way into insolvency to sustain it.

President Trump isn't bargaining with Metziko. He's already conducted his post mortem on NAFTA and is INFORMING Nee-ay-to Cabron that his rich uncle en el norte is dead.

Once Sessions and Mnuchin are confirmed and enacting their 100 day missions, POTUS will have both his boots on. And the walkin' he'll do will affect Metziko in two profound ways---

1) DOJ will begin de-infesting the "immigrant rights" roach motels in sanctuary cities, deporting leadership where relevant and indicting American-led "non-profits" for racketeering under RICO. Ruh roh. (Where have all the EBT cards gone? Long time passing? When will they ever learn?)

2) Treasury will begin refinancing portions of the American long term debt (the total amount that includes unfunded liabilities--- so that POTUS can reduce the federal workforce without encumbering the full weight of those pensions over the next 30 years).

It takes a lot of gummint paper pushers to keep NAFTA enforced and bean counted.

Both actions cut *support* of the cheap labor and *net cash outflow* for the sake of having an export market in Metziko.

There are other ways to situate our manufacturing base and to establish sane market export policies while protecting national sovereignty.

The gravy in all of this is that Metziko is cut out of its role as setting domestic policy in the US by flooding us with illegal voters and welfare dependents.

In addition, our schools get to STOP being subsidy centers for non-english speaking migratory squatters (if Devos does one thing I hope it will be that the "pay-for-attendance" racket is eliminated 100%.)

Metziko isn't the only duck in this bilge puddle--- teacher unions will suffer too, hence the "anti-racism" malarkey we hear like claptrap coming from public school personnel, most of who know *diddly* about what racism is and how it works, and how they benefit from the real deal that it is today, but which gets ZERO coverage or analysis.

Captain Hate

FTR, I not only couldn't name a favorite, I couldn't name a single song by her.

My guess is that you've heard at least one but didn't know it was her. Tammy thinks it's stupid to have her and an insult to most Americans, which is increasingly Goodell's MO.

If I was Trump I'd cancel the flyover but that's just me.

Sandy Daze


Regarding your February 02, 2017 at 02:10 PM,
did you get the chance to read the very useful article Clarice posted yesterday:

Situational Assessment 2017: Trump Edition

Most strongly recommended.

Captain Hate

I looked and could not find *any* mention in news reports of a badly beaten, unconscious man.

I couldn't either. I don't know who's lying to me but I react very pointedly to it.


Why is Susan Collins voting no on coal?

Clarice Feldman

Is it just me--but having women sportswriters and newscasters on football seems as preposterous as having men report on synchronized swimming and womens figure skating?


Here is a video:


Captain Hate

I read it, Sandy; excellent analysis.

Levin was all over the NEA ties to Murkowski and Collins last night, pointing out not only the direct money contributions but also the risk of them sending protestors to every precinct if they vote a way the organization doesn't like, i.e. school choice.


Your guess would be in error, CH. My aural universe is pretty narrow. Probs 80% classical and the rest guitar oriented jazz, bluegrass, and some country stars from 20+ years ago. Never listen to contemporary music on the radio.

Frau  Mit Schatten
The problem with California is there is no separate verification of citizenship on voter registration, said Charles Bell, Jr., a partner with California-based Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk, LLP, a law firm that specializes in election law. Applicants can check a box affirming they are citizens, and this is not checked against any other government database such as federal immigration records.(recent FX report)
Registration does not require proof of citizenship. Drivers license form states you must be a citizen to vote but also does not ask for proof. Remember the man last year who had multiple licenses and voted multiple times, even using his dead mother's name and his brother who lived in another state? It's a crime with no obvious traces to find.
Captain Hate

It's not just you, Clarice; and don't get me started on letting the media, particularly women, into the locker rooms.


That said, I have heard her sing. Heard her with Tony Bennett on PBS last year. She's got some pipes.

Account Deleted


1. "On BuzzFeed’s livestream, one of the men could be seen bleeding from his face." Fairly accurate accounting of how it went down last night. We live 1.8 miles from campus. Heard the fireworks. A WTF moment given the A's and Giants aren't in season yet.


Crime scene photos in article. Rubber bullets were used. Good to see that. The next outbreak needs to have a SWAT presence, snipers on rooftops. Lethal force is all these "Antifa" clowns understand. (After Kent State the "movement" saw the wisdom of non-violence and "underground" anarchist violence).

Telegraph Avenue leads right up to the main gate of the university. Here's some video:


An emergency room nurse across the Bay in SF told me on the phone that the beaten man didn't die. He's in bad shape though. They were on alert for more casualties but didn't see anything.

Here's a fruitful Goggle search link: https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=berekely+riot+beaten+man

Some of my neighbors with kids at Cal reporting that the campus is very tense over what happened.

Although most of these kids are snowflakes they are not anti-authoritarian bombthrowers.

We're waiting to hear something from Rudolf the Red Nosed Napolitano today. There are BILLION$ in research contracts with Cal funded by the US government.... POTUS has much leverage, especially through Dept of Energy.

Faculty dude I know is an astrophysicist at Cal, and very anti-Trump. He's spouting off on FB this morning (lives with Mrs Kid's best gal pal). Is sounding agitated and rabid as to how this is all POTUS' fault for winning the election.

He's subsidized in his Antarctica-based research on climate change through DOEn. The chicken coop is getting very rattled.

Breaking: many sirens going off due south toward the University. I'm heading out in two hours to run errands. Will poke around.

Live from the Errant Peoples Republic of ZombieLand... Kev

Captain Hate

Are you sure you haven't heard it in a mall or from some rolling [redacted] box? Or a commercial? It's really hard to shield yourself from pop.


must be protesting their victim's survival.

Frau  Mit Schatten

Momto2 - I saw the video and was trying to find info on the aftermath of the beating. Zip, zero, nada, nichts...?

Account Deleted

Dr. Savage--- reporting. "The faculty were in the riots. The administration did nothing. The police did nothing."

"Chanting no borders. No cops."

"Now we complete the arc--- from free speech to dead speech....We realize they are the cancer and we are the cure."

"The anarchists resemble the communists who inspired the rise of the Brown Shirts....few realize that the Brown Shirts were a reaction to the riots by anarchos and communists in Germany."

"Armed bands of men formed....they called themselves Brown Shirts."

"I have the speeches of Nancy Pelosi speaking at Cal graduation...'You should be the disruptors.'"

"Do you know what trouble we are in?"

"Too soon to tell if there will be 1000 people outside of Pelosi and Feinstein's home. But the police have been told to stand down. The anarchists are running the streets."

"We are in a civil war."

Account Deleted

Dr. Savage has a book coming out next month: "Trump's War."

"Once you let the mobs metastisize there is no stopping them."

Captain Hate

Zombie usually covers insane things happening in KK's back yard but it sometimes takes her a while to gather her thoughts, which isn't meant as an insult.


Never go to the mall. Ever.


And I'm extremely dexterous with the mute button on my remote with commercials.


That leaves piped-in music in restaurants which don't indentify artists. So, still couldn't name a single song.

Account Deleted

"Is it just me--but having women sportswriters and newscasters on football seems as preposterous as having men report on synchronized swimming and womens figure skating?"

No, Clarice. It isn't just you.

They cannot narrate anything in a believable way. It's about as absurd as an obese fast-food dependent male hosting a cooking show with "guest chefs".

========= The rest is a rant. ;)======
The feminization of football is absurd.

Media access to players and player acquiescence to media "brand building" ploys is part of that trojan horse.

NFL has become a vanity-driven league.

There are a couple of sideline reporters who are female, Michelle Tafoya comes to mind, that have been doing this for awhile and have not been promoted to game-calling and color commentary. Smart move.

The NFL Network is insane with putting females on-screen with veteran players. The weird thing is they are all Me Again types and they are the *lead* anchors on much of the Network's taped programming.

All in the NFL's false quest to get females interested in football. Got news for em: one is either into football or not. Seeing a female broadcaster isn't why females watch football or football media. Fantasy leagues, betting, and love of the game are three competition-related reasons why females watch the game. Saw a poll 5 years ago (but what do those really mean anyways.)

Beasts of England

David Burge (iowahawk) just said on Facebook that he was checking out of social media and left an email address if anyone wanted to keep in touch. Interesting.

Dave (in MA)

Does that mean he got the $1M?


having women sportswriters and newscasters on football seems as preposterous as having men report on synchronized swimming and womens figure skating

Agreed, Clarice. It happened this past year with baseball too. ESPN and other sports programmers have inexplicably gone PC and alienated their core audiences. I guess I've gotten used to female reporters interviewing players, but they shouldn't be allowed in locker rooms as a matter of basic decency, and as "color commentators" they lack credibility. The baseball lady ESPN hired had never actually played baseball, after all (I think fast-pitch softball, maybe).


More on nomalizing deviancy:


LUN too

Beast--read his Tweet series I linked to this morning. Understandable that he's signing off. Glenn Reynolds left after his rather benign Tweet about continuing to drive if protestors block your roadway set off a firestorm.

Dave (in MA)

He put up a 36 part Twitter rant as well, BoE.

Account Deleted

Lady Ga-Ga's dog whistle anthem to most of the American homosexual population:

"I was born this way."

She can sing and she can pimp herself and is a walking cash machine.

And is somewhere in the ProgEmoCrat lineup of "electable" candidates. Given the current Left enamored state with unscrupulousness, this pic sums it up for me:

Frau  Mit Schatten

I've shared several times that my husband, teaching college and newly-naturalized (23 Nov 1963), went to the local fire dept. to register to vote in CA. Because of his foreign place of birth, he needed to show his citizenship papers. Even though he had provided the name of the college where he taught, the registrar gave him a copy of the Declaration of Independence to demonstrate his ability to read.

The times have certainly changed. Today in CA, a utility bill suffices as proof of residence and identity and challenging a person's literacy could provoke a demonstration and law suit.

As the preezy himself said this past election cycle:

OBAMA: Not true. And the reason is, first of all, when you vote, you are a citizen yourself. And there is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, et cetera. The sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential in terms of who you voted for. If you have a family member who maybe is undocumented, then you have an even greater reason to vote

Snopes' cat said Obama did not say this and then quoted him.

Account Deleted

"Today in CA, a utility bill suffices as proof of residence and identity and challenging a person's literacy could provoke a demonstration and law suit."

Mail theft is a cottage industry in CA. Of course, the Left is calling it a "victimless crime." (Code for "what's this got to do with me? Let em go!")

Locked mail boxes are essential out here. The PGE font on utility bills is easy to copy and paste.

The IRS and Social Security are *still* printing full SS numbers on correspondence that goes into physical mailboxes.

Mrs. Kid got hit for identity theft through the IRS system. Finally got her to get identity theft protection.

It's out of control. The voter fraud investigation will bring in some quality intel on the real issue: identity theft. (How much cash is that "binness" contributing to organized EmoCrat crime and the Grand Jihad?)


Frau that must have been quite a memorable day to become a citizen.


"having women sportswriters and newscasters on football seems as preposterous as having men report on synchronized swimming and womens figure skating"

I'm probably just weird but I think you should have the best person for the job do it, no matter if they are male or female.


Price nomination to proceed to vote up now.
Already voted 53 to 45 for Sessions to proceed.

James D

All in the NFL's false quest to get females interested in football. Got news for em: one is either into football or not.

Yes, Goodell is following the time-honored madness of trying to expand his product's audience by pissing off the existing fanbase.

And it's working just s well for him as it does for most everyone else who tries it...


I'm probably just weird but I think you should have the best person for the job do it, no matter if they are male or female.

I'm not sure anyone disagrees with that, it's just that it doesn't seem to be the reason these women are hired, for the most part. And there is the locker room issue.


I'm probably just weird but I think you should have the best person for the job do it, no matter if they are male or female.

Doesn't happen in the real world.


Dear Fox Business:

Do you know how off-putting it is to have your liberal commentators and guests invoke patent BS and get away with it?

Why not try this. When they resort to standard BS memes, Put up a numbered pop-up banner that tells viewers where to go on the Fox website for that particular meme-shredder.

For instance: “The Republicans refused to consider Garland” -- Flash on the screen: BS!#129.

On the website:
BS!#129 -- Democrat Sen. Joe Biden, as head of the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1992 refused to consider President George H. W. Bush’s candidate in his last year as president.

So many bogus claims that politicians with no cogent arguments will continue to be invoked until the perpetrators are laughed into submission.

Sincerely yours,

Account Deleted

"I'm probably just weird but I think you should have the best person for the job do it, no matter if they are male or female."

As one who's hired and fired, "best" was never a useful umbrella criterion, especially in PC environments such as public agencies or public education mills (universities).

It's even less useful in specialized areas like professional sports broadcasting and sports journalism.

In the professional sport of football, I not only tune out female TV commentators; I tune out male commentators (like the pathetic Bob "Comrade" Costas--- who have never strapped on a helmet and a set of pads in 110 degree heat and attempted to play defense against somebody outweighing them by 40 pounds with a 10 yard head of steam behind them.

Broadcasting and writing are not so specialized that they cannot be done by neophytes, the inexperienced or the experienced-deprived. It is the content, especially in a professional sport, which is affected by their dearth of experience.

I take issue with having male broadcast teams calling WNBA games. They know basketball. But they don't know what it's like to be on a women's team and the winning and losing that goes on for them in all aspects of the game.

How does a male coach of a WNBA team deal with locker room dynamics when he can't exactly "hang out" there?

Nothing wrong with biological separation in the search for excellence where it just makes sense.

"Best" is a relative term.

Effectiveness can be measured by fans, players, coaches and others.

Account Deleted

Trump addresses the violence... "no free speech, no funds."

Anybody seen a tweet on this?

Jim Eagle


When you go to Zombie's Hall of Shame and look at the photos, you will be convinced beyond a shadow of doubt, that the left are genetically mutant death stalkers.

Never knew Zombie was a she. Always love her posts.

Account Deleted


[redact] em

Frau  Mit Schatten

jimmyk, it's certainly seared in our memories.

I was in a classroom with young children when the office informed us of the events in Dallas, and at noon Uncle Cronkite was on the TV in the teachers' room.

Account Deleted


Account Deleted

Time for errands and check the "weather."


Re: Berkeley black-masked violence

I’ll be that Trump already has FBI and/or Homeland security agents silently engaged in collecting evidence sufficient to roll up not just the perps, but the funders, and, through RICO statutes, even more, including some supposed NGOs and ostensibly political agents.


Would Scott Walker ever consider running for Senate in Wisconsin?


Of course, a new thread.


From Wisconsin


I hope they're also going after all these celebs like Sarah Silverman who think it's cool to make death threats against Trump or call for overthrowing the government.


New thread

Frau  Mit Schatten

Rosa Brooks [spit], another useless academic brat and favored daughter of "veteran muckracker" Barbara Ehrenreich[spit].

Rosa won't be on the barricades in case the resistance gets out of hand.
Color me not impressed.

Captain Hate

Never knew Zombie was a she. Always love her posts.

She frequently comments at AoS and is very funny and smart. I miss interacting with her.

Captain Hate

Maybe Sarah Silverman could use some time behind bars to figure out how to be funny.


I'm probably just weird but I think you should have the best person for the job do it, no matter if they are male or female.

Sure. Since the NFL is all-male, and outside the NFL the game is played almost entirely by men, the likelihood that the best person for the job is female is slim to none. The men in these roles are almost always former players - for a very good reason.


Welfare recipients note:

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