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January 31, 2017



In a just world this would not be posed as a question. Instead, she's being feted and showered with job offers, no doubt. Obama's legacy: law optional.


I agree with Deb.
McConnell should take special note of the 6 no votes.
Let us make a special effort to beat McCaskill, Casey, Booker and Sanders.
Some of these old goats like Leahy will die soon.

Dave (in MA)


One side has the guns, the other has the pussy hats.

Thomas Collins

Surprise retirement would answer a question I had about the 8 pm event: Why would a federal judge allow himself or herself to be part of an American Idol/Apprentice/Survivor type spectacle? Possible answer is that neither participant is being voted off the SCOTUS island. Another one is that Trump is going to conduct one more interview and then make up his mind.


Oh, and just a heads up to our inveterate Sunday gab show observers: Mustang Sally has already been booked on all of them for either this Sunday or the next ten...


Some of these old goats like Leahy will die soon.

Not soon enough.

Sandy Daze

If you have not read this short bit of fiction by retired SEAL Matt Braken, have fun:

Bracken: What I Saw At The Coup
Posted on September 11, 2012



Simon doesn't identify a crime that she committed, so I'm not sure about "indicted," but getting disbarred would send the right message, and put her in her appropriate place.

JamesD, Congrats on the new book.


Simon doesn't identify a crime that she committed, so I'm not sure about "indicted,"

Time to play switch the parties and predict what would happen...


Well,not to be outdone by Murkowski,Susan Collins said she has reservations about Betsy DeVos. Collins voted her out of committee.
rse,when you check in,what is the landmark court case that provides equal access for disabled children? Murkowski and Collins have an issue with DeVos because she was not familiar with the court case.


Surprise retirement would answer a question I had

Maybe Trump will increase the size of the Supreme Court to 10.


Trivial pursuit as a qualification? What do Murkowski and Collins know of Adam Smith?


And in case anyone was wondering about the root cause of the pullback in the equities markets this week, according to more than one story today in the deadtree WSJ, Trump and his travel ban.

Frau  Dachhase

James D - Warren Eckstein has a national pet radio show on the weekend. He has addressed your question often.

Jack is Back!


If two GOPe senators have reservations about their parties POTUS for SoEd, then check their campaign contributions from the Teachers Union.


10? Then I want Trump to take it to 11, natch. ;)

Frau  Dachhase

Dave (in MA) sez "...the other has the pussy hats."

You forgot to add "and feces." That should make them easy to find in the dark.


henry, I'm really p*ssed right now,because I'm pretty sure Collins voted for all of Obama's nominees,including Sally Yates. Collins also said that it is inappropriate for Bannon to be on the National Security Council? Excuse me,didn't Valerie Jarret run every facet of the White House?!
Our other Senator (Angus King) already said he will vote against DeVos,Pruitt and Sessions.

Frau  Lachsack

I bet when the Iranian leaders ever feel down, they take out photos of Obama and John Kerry and laugh their turbans off.

Tehran (dpa) - Iranian missile tests are legitimate and do not breach a UN resolution implemented as part of the 2015 nuclear deal, the country's foreign minister said Tuesday.

"Our tests involve rockets without nuclear warheads," Mohammad Javad Zarif said at press conference in Tehran with French Foreign Minister Ayrault. "Therefore it is also not a violation."


It's Roger Stone, so bear that in mind but do click for the pic.

Clarice Feldman

Clarice Feldman

Pakistan arrests Mumbai terrorist--word is getting out. Rest of Moslem world silent--they want this as much as we do.

Frau  Edith Steingehirn

This has bothered me greatly. During Pres. Nobel Peace Prize's reign, no mention was made of casualties. Now...

It isn’t like the Obama years have been bloodless:

2016… 19 US service members died in combat operations.
2015… 28 US service members died in combat operations.
2014… 60 US service members died in combat operations.
2013… 132 US service members died in combat operations.
2012…314 US service members died in combat operations.
2011… 467 US service members died in combat operations.
2010… 559 US service members died in combat operations.
2009… 459 US service members died in combat operations.

At some point, shortly after January 20, 2009, deaths in combat ceased to be a concern to the US media. But now that there is a Republican in the White House, we can expect to be kept much more up to date on military casualties.


Oh, yes, Frau. We can await more grim milestones now that an R is back in the WH. Seems we already have some budding candidates for Cindy Sheehan's role from the W years, cf. weedaveydouchebag pushing Pat Tillman's widow out there.


Not sure if it's true

Joe Concha ‏@JoeConchaTV
IJR: President Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick is Colorado Judge Neil Gorsuch.


She's back......

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton – Verified account ‏@HillaryClinton

What I'm thinking about today:

Khizr Khan:

What I'm thinking about today:

Khizr Khan:

And a vet who fought with those now excluded:">"> …


Re: the coup:

I do think Trump's pace can save him. The democrats (and republicans) are used to spending all their time doing nothing. By the time they get a handle on the latest action by Trump, they are at least 4 actions behind.

Absenteeism will not a coup make.



The Hill ‏@thehill
Kasich publishing a book that will outline contrasts with Trump

Janet S.

Yates did (or tried to do) what Dem State AGs did to get marriage redefined.

Our AG Mark Herring refused to defend Virginia's laws on marriage.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


1. Big bites, not little!
2. Goes back on his word, rather than keeping it.
3. Takes donations from Soros, vs. only small donations.
4. Mailman's son vs. builder's son.
5. Talks about St. Peter ALL the time, vs. mentioning God in serious events and interviews and only sparingly.
6. Invisible wife vs. melania the model

Shall I go on? This book might actually get negative numbers. I would actually pay Amazon NOT to ship it to me.

Old Lurker

How to get me to stop reading:

"according to more than one story today in the deadtree WSJ,"

Beasts of England

Chapter One:

'He's President, I'm Not'

Old Lurker

"Kasich publishing a book that will outline contrasts with Trump"

What did I say above about self aggrandizing Aholes who want to be VP to Pence after the Impeachment?

Jack is Back!

In Re: Cats and can they be trained like a dog.

Back in the early 90's I happen to be in Key West for a conference and did like everyone does, went to Mallory Square for the sunset. Of course, Mallory Square is anything but "square" and it is real carnival atmosphere with animal acts like cats!

This guy who looked like he had too many stokes on pot pipe had 4 cats and an arrangement of wheels, hurdles, stands and tunnels that he ran the cats through on command. While one was doing his thing the other 3 sat there in perfect attention waiting for their master's commands.

I was impressed as was everyone else and the bills and coins were flowing into his hat on the pavement. He showed you could train cats. How he did it is beyond my understanding.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

This may be fake something or other:

" Don’t let the wife’s pleasant demeanor fool you. She does HER OWN laundry and she separates the whites from the coloreds. " How would anyone Know?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Cats can only be trained if they see definite rewards and you better by God have the treats ready or ELSE.

I had a very smart cat that I trained to ring a bell I hung off the edge of the kitchen cabinet so that he would go outside and get a treat and stay out for a while. One day the bell broke. Next thing I knew, the cat was on the counter knocking off glassware, sugar bowls, whatever, demanding I give him a treat and let him outside. LOL!


Good for Manchin

The Weekly Standard ‏@weeklystandard
Manchin Won't 'Filibuster Anybody' in SCOTUS Nomination

Jack is Back!

Alec Baldwin wrote a book about Fatherhood, which I think sold 4 copies outside his immediate family and close friends. So, Kasich has a very low target with his. It all depends whether Kasich family is larger and he has more friends. Somehow I doubt it.


Stolen from Althouse's commenters, so no peeking: Which SC nominee did Ted Kennedy criticize:

– for not having shown “a sufficient commitment to the core constitutional values at the heart of our democracy”;

– for having a record that “raise[s] troubling questions about the depth of his commitment to the role of the Supreme Court and Congress in protecting individual rights and liberties under the Constitution”;

– for having a “particularly troubling” record on civil rights and for making “reactionary arguments”;

– for not being “genuinely concerned about the rights of women”;

– for “alarming” views on Roe v. Wade; and

– for working “to turn back the clock on the historic progress of recent decades.”



marlene-there was this case heard a few weeks ago where the court first granted cert last fall.

I did think DeVos did poorly in the original answer, but I thought it was a more general IDEA question and she did not know enough about what is a seminal statute.

The most famous, other than Brown, decision is San Antonio ISD vs Rodriguez, but it was not special ed. It was trying to establish a federal right to education and scotus said no. Overturning Rodriguez has always been a dream of the prog left.

As much as I dislike Al Franken, the proficiency vs growth distinction she could not handle means she doesn't grasp the essentials of what is going on now in classrooms as required under federal law.

deVos strikes me as one of those people who lets her personal intentions of how things should work drive her assumptions of how they do work. Lamar Alexander would not be pushing unless he thought he could use her for cover for how ESSA really works.

I have read that statute and most of the official commentary from the think tanks does not align with the actual language. Guess which is binding?

As jimmy and I discussed though, anyone put up was likely to be either a dupe or an active snake. As far as I know, I would not classify DeVos as an active deceiver which is more than I could say about some of the other candidates, Lamar, or Bill Bennett for that matter.

buccaneer morgan

Oh its going to be a full toh meltdown tonight, if gorsuch is the one.

buccaneer morgan

Thanim was the police chief who was concerned about the targeting of mabhouh some years ago


This appears to be a more comprehensive overview of that particular special ed question.

The original IDEA case was brought by the lawyer who runs Wrightslaw and it involved a then adult who had never been taught to read. I met him in Florida at a program I attended there around 2010. His site is the one I direct people to with special ed problems and a need for basic information.

Old Lurker

Awww. See my tears?

Bloomberg: "The Wall Street Journal is laying off employees at bureaus in Asia and Europe as the publisher cuts costs in the face of declining print advertising, a union representative said.

It’s unclear how many jobs will be cut, according to Timothy Martell, executive director of the Independent Association of Publishers’ Employees 1096, which represents workers at Dow Jones, a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. that owns the newspaper.

A spokeswoman for Dow Jones responded to a question about the cuts by saying “this is ongoing work as part of the WSJ 2020 program announced last year. We remain committed to covering the region and will continue to do so robustly.”

Clarice Feldman

Wa Po B.S. winner of the day:


Hell rse, the public schools in Milwaukee or Racine don't provide meaningful education to anyone!

buccaneer morgan

Was it lakvi or his isi handler.


The Gorsuch 2nd amd opinions are super solid, as well as Hobby Lobby. I don't know anything about Hardiman other than L. Ingraham prefers him of the two.

buccaneer morgan

Oh its hafiz saeed, for those who know of lashkar.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I don't follow court decisions so I don't know beans about any of them. I do know all on the list were suggested by the Heritage Foudation, which means they are not commies.

I will get back to you when I can express an opinion on something I know about. LOL!

I will be watching via live stream for the theatrics, which I am sure will be good. Trump knows how to stage an event, for sure.

Fpr some reason Lindsey Graham was invited tonight. Is one of the possible candidates from South Carolina? Or is this a trick and Trump will have him arrested?

Beasts of England

The FLW Tour is at the lake this week ($125k to the winner) and I'm watching the fishermen dudes stalk my slough. They've pulled a few lunkers out of the reeds this afternoon. It's impressive...


A state legislator I know asked me during the Atlanta cheating scandal why the failure to teach would be intentional.

I asked him how politically useful it was for a voting bloc to be both ignorant and aggrieved. You should have seen his face as the light bulb went off.

When I say things like Excellence or Quality Education are defined terms, I mean there are particular official frameworks laying out the criteria. I know that. Lamar knows that. The ed fellows at the think tanks DeVos was on the Board of with their actual PhD being in poli sci know that. She appears not to.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Per ace, McMuffin praised St. Sally Yates for her courageous martyrdom on twitter. So I ask again: how much longer will McRino and Ms. Lindsey allow this arriviste poseur interloper to steal their turf? To the ramparts, boys!


MM-you have a higher opinion of heritage than I do. The real legal question is to what extent do they believe in the process theory of law that was hatched at Harvard and quickly spread to other 'elite' schools. Breyer is one of its premier advocates as is Guido Calabresi. I find it entirely too convenient for the Left and Right Pincer action that the Federalist Society was started by Calabresi's nephew.

Individual lawyers may join because they are conservative, but as a whole it appears to keep all of the law marching toward using legislation, case law, and regulations to impose political theories grounded fundamentally in Marx's assumptions about having everyone's needs met.

Jack is Back!


There are lots of lazy teachers, noncommital to results or their students, everywhere, even in Catholic schools. Probably not as many per capita but they are there. Great thing is they are non-union and on a year by year contract.

Frederick has suffered through at least 4 including one now. Lazy guy who sits in his chair reading from the text book then giving a quiz like the one in the book. And if parents don't pay attention they are ones who get duped.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

You know, you really have to read his tweets. Talk about DRAMA and pomposity and bad dime novels, he's got it in spades.

He's got a bunch of groupies, too. "Oh, I wish all political people were as principled as you!"

Also, I think if ever there was a candidate for hair plugs, it's him. He looks like one of the coneheads.

Janet S.

The Radiance Foundation, a big pro-life org. had this on FB -

"BREAKING: Justice Neil #Gorsuch reportedly will replace late (and incredible) Justice Scalia. He is hailed as a strict constitutionalist who has come down on the right side (aka actually interpreting the Constitution) of rulings regarding life issues (euthanasia, Little Sisters of the Poor, Hobby Lobby)."

I don't know how they know & I haven't shared it yet.


Knowing Trump there will be one SCOTUS name put forward, possibly the more aggressively conservative one, and then one in reserve.

Conventional strategy but I'm guessing the first name will not be on the Miers level.


BTW it is almost one year since Scalia's death. I remember it so clearly because we were camping and the weather was spectacular and I was just thinking how nice life was when my lib camping companion broke the news excitedly. Like a punch in the gut.

We're supposed to have weather like that again this weekend.

Beasts of England

A parishioner at a Virginia church was arrested for distributing THC-laced cookies after mass. He was 74 years old. lol

A local priest said the congregation is now focused on healing. And Fritos...

Jack is Back!


I challenge Scott Adam's analysis and assumption on one thing: Trump is a builder and his management style is from that reality. A builder better see progress everyday and if he doesn't he isn't building. There are no rest periods outside of Sunday's sometimes. If you get behind your work the time and days to get back on schedule. Much different than any other business, IMO.

Also, as a builder or construction company, you are always going out of business. So, in addition to building your current project you have to worry about your next project. You are both constructor and salesman and that includes finance, negotiations, labor relations and maintaining your balance sheet.

Sometimes I think Dilbert is a reflection of Adam's time in the cubicles of PacTel and not on a job

Miss Marple the Deplorable


See, this is stuff I don't know about,but I gather you pretty much are telling me we are doomed because of Marxist background of which I have seen no evidence in action.

I will remain in the non-expert aka ignoramus category about the law.

Thank you for making the effort, but I can only worry about so much stuff, so back to worrying about cosmic rays and an impending Ice Age for me.

Beasts of England

It can't be a coincidence that three of the biggest NeverTrumpers - French, Williamson, and McMuffin - are all chrome-domers, Miss Marple. :)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Folicle envy! THAT explains it, Beasts!


Kristol's a little thin on top but nothing like those other dudes, Beasts.


Jane(?):"I believe the left is testing the water for a coup. The lawmakers are fairly impotent, but between the press, Soros money and Hollywood, I don't think it is off the table."

Actually, this fits in with JamesD's observation that Dems have no upside till 2020, earliest. Why not push and see if GOPe will crumble?

I don't think GOPe has internalized yet that if Trump were to fail there's no one left who will join with them. Half of the Repub voters would give up on the Stupid Failure Party and become Dems, the other half would hike off and form a new party.

Clarice Feldman


BTW it is almost one year since Scalia's death. I remember it so clearly

I remember it also: I saw it on the TV screens when I came into the gym for a workout. I think I audibly gasped or made some exclamation. Then I heard some fat pig cheering his death.

No takers on my 4:43, or was it too obvious?


Thanks rse for the info.My sister-in-law is a teacher in northern Maine and the biggest issue is kids who are emotionally damaged. Some of her stories are hair-raising. The teachers really have a thankless job. My husband says that all kids in all schools should be taught by nuns! Ha!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I would agree with you. I think Adams is right about Trump when he talks about things like branding (Fake Tears Schumer being my current favorite) and he did use A/B testing on some of the issues out on the campaign trail.

But when it comes to management, I would agree more with you. I think the chaos comes not so much from disruption (and it's only chaos to those on the outside) but of juggling many subcontractors within a larger project.

If you think of Make America Great Again as the equivalent of the Trump Tower, then all of the stuff going on is equivalent to his dealing with subcontractors (cabinet officials and staff), zoning boards (Senate Committee), complaining neighbors (media), mob bosses (democrats) etc. etc.

My dad worked for a construction compaany for a few years as a field superintendent. (His name is on the plaque in one of the gradeschools in my grandkids' district.) I can remember phone calls at night, Saturday stops by the site, him sitting at the kitchen table working on papers, an epic fight with a neighboring farm, etc. Not linear, very messy and time-consuming. But they build a really great school in the end.



I cheated and looked, so figured I should keep my mouth shut:)


Jack, Dilbert does resemble monopoly cube land more than any thriving business. Excellent observation.


Dems have no upside till 2020, earliest.

We may think that, but don't you think they are going to push Booker or Kamala Harris? Or maybe Tulsi Gabbard (though her little jaunt to Syria may have tarnished her rep)?



For some reason I have believed Gorsuch was getting the job for a week. I can't recall where I read it - - but at the time it was credible enough that I have believed it ever since.

Account Deleted

"Lachsack "

Salmon sack? LOL

From Dutch to German to English.... please, disabuse me of this likely mistranslation LOL

Janet S.

The Virginia AG -

His election would be an interesting one to dig into concerning voter fraud. He barely won.

Jack is Back!


Went back to read your post and I remember it clearly since I was in DC at the time and of course, Teddy was, in a way, our client. Souter.

And we could never figure out why Kennedy went after him when everyone else was meh. Later on I heard there was some bad blood between them because of a case. Have no idea if that was true but knowing Kennedy, I can believe it.

Beasts of England

Harris should not be underestimated. However, it may be a while before the country is ready to hand the keys to the Oval Office to someone with such a flimsy resume. I hope, anyway...


jimmyk, I guessed but then cheated to see if I was right.

Jane, it wouldn't surprise me if the Trump people floated Gorsuch as a red herring. 1) to distract the readers of tea leaves, 2) to smoke out leakers.

Stephanie despicable me

with such a flimsy resume... again.



Tulsi has said some nice things about Trump lately, and vice versa, so she's no longer a lefty sweetheart.

Seems inevitable that Kamala and Cory will be on the short list to run.


It was practically the only time Teddy was right, though not in the way he intended.

Jack is Back!

Remember the SCOTUS appointments came fast and furious with GHWB. He had Souter than a year later Thomas.

I can remember sitting in our conference room of our DC office watching the Hill testimony and our General Counsel was there on a visit watching with me and expressed how she was just terrific and believable. Later to find out he was a class mate and real die in the wool liberal.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Jimmy K, I did want to mention on your 04:43.

"– for not being “genuinely concerned about the rights of women”;"

Ted Kennedy is concerned about the rights of women?
This has to be a joke or is getting out of a car alive not a right?


To cop a headline from the Donald:

T minus two hours until the internet instantly gains expert knowledge on the Trump nominee

Get your drinks ready.

I will unfortunately be stuck at gymnastics with my daughter next to the world's biggest lib know-it-alls who won't stop talking to me even when I put my face right into my book.

Last week they told me all about their December trip to DC "to see it before the Obamas leave and Trump ruins it." They informed me that the Kennedy Center is "a performing arts center on the Potomac" - YES I KNOW THAT, thanks.


Seems inevitable that Kamala and Cory will be on the short list to run

Would you believe Oprah's name is out there now too? Presumably from the same people who derided Trump as a TV personality with no relevant experience.


jimmyk, yeah, real deep bench, huh?

buccaneer morgan

Perhaps more of office space, the layers of time serving tips report reviewers, egotistical management like lundberg.

The ssnp are not optimum hosts, but its a nasty neighborhood the longtime defense minister wrote a thesis on blood libel, his son who lives in Spain is one of the rebel chieftains


is getting out of a car alive not a right

C'mon, Pagar, as you know:

"If Mary Jo Kopechne had lived ... Edward Kennedy would have brought comfort to her in her old age."

Isn't that enough?

Jack is Back!

Kamal and Corey don't have the race angle anymore. Zippy met that dynamic and now is the first and ex-AA president. Booker better bring more than his outrageous pandering to political opposition rhetoric. I don't think he can make it since he is a serial liar and fabulist.

Then Mike Pence will most likely be the GOP candidate, if Trump is successful in arm wrestling his own Congress to grow the economy with tax relief and regulatory reform. If he fails the wheel comes around again to favor the progs.

Beasts of England

I sure as heck wouldn't underestimate Oprah.


You mean when she's hitting the buffet, Beasts? Neither would I.

Frau  Edith Steingehirn

K-Kid - close but no Zigarre

The Lachsack --aka laugh bag-- is perhaps before your time. It was a big hit in the 70s in Germany. When touched or squeezed it would laugh. Not so great in the hands of a ten year old son on a transatlantic* flight.

Another stellar moment from the smartest man in the room (SMITR): Obama insisted that Abe Lincoln built the "intercontinental railroad.

Beasts of England

I'm quite serious, lyle. Unfortunately.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I don't underestimate Oprah, either, as far as getting elected.

Whether she has enough management skills to governn is a whole other story. Also, she went to a cable channel rather than stay on her afternoon syndicated gig, which means less eyeballs watch her than before.

I am sure she is taking furious notes on everything Trump did, but she is not Trump, doesn't have the skill sets he has, and is
going to be 8 years older than now.

Jack is Back!

Oprah's now on 60 minutes. More fake news but now with a buffet connoursier.

Account Deleted

"Harris should not be underestimated.

Nor should she be overestimated. She's Van Jones on steroids.

It will be interesting to see what kind of big money steps in to create the next Marxist re-tread as Soros did for the Rat. The Clinton gravy train is gone.

Maybe without the serious money talking the EmoCrats will be left with bullshit walking.

The EmoCrats might end up like the 2015 GOP with a field of a dozen turnips.

If Part Deux of the Great Financial Meltdown kicks in during President Trump's first term, I don't think a serious contender would consider taking it on.

EmoCrats might be feigning "coup" and 2020 intentions because they are quietly hoping the current admin takes out the trash, leaves EmoCrat high crimes and misdemeanors alone, and sets the table for the inevitable pendulum swing after 8 years of GOP.

Once the structural economic problems are solved and the war footing of the National production line is up and going they'll count on swooping in and driving the new Caddy like Bubba did after the Reagan Bush era.

They aren't imaginative do anything differently--- as has been borne out by their refusal to diagnose WTF happened in 2016.

Account Deleted

Oprah Winfrey: Makes America Great by monetizing her eating disorder.

"Bring on the food!"
-Oprah Winfrey, for Weight Watchers Int'l, 2017.


Speaking of all of these benchwarmers for 2020...they can all be tied to The Rat. But Oprah is the biggest duck in that brackish puddle.

Remember how she trotted The Rat out at her mansion like some pony debutante when he started his "run" for POTUS?

Then the Mooch wee-weed in Oprah's Cheerios and they were cross for a few years.

Oprah has too much baggage and by the time she hits 2020 she'll be lookin to reside on a back 40 somewhere quiet.

Never liked her. I think it was the "let's give everybody a car" without re for the gift taxes people were saddled with after the fact.



she is not Trump, doesn't have the skill sets he has, and is
going to be 8 years older than now.

Not in 2020. She just turned 63, so if she waited till 2024 she'd be older than Trump was when he ran. I'd like to think she'd lose all credibility as soon as began to speak as a candidate, but I thought that about Zippy too.

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