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January 31, 2017


Jim Eagle

Correction: Since the Pre-K party is no showing up to the hearings, Session's vote was needed. But just in case he needs to stay in the Senate until all the nominees are voted in.


moar popcorn. Lefty nitwits protest outside Schumer's house. He's not "resist we much" enough i guess.

Captain Hate

Oh hell no, Buckeye; I came here first in 72 and then stayed here for good in 74. I hadn't even been to Kent itself until last spring for a concert that was really terrible; Ray's bar was worth the trip, though.

Beasts of England

Thanks, fdcol63 - it was so strange that I hated to mention it. Glad it wasn't fuzzy eyesight on my part or an unfortunate flashback. :)


I hadn't considered that jib,


Good Morning! Yesterday the Bangor paper had an article about John Ford,the son of an immigrant Irish barkeep in Portland. John Ford became a famous director (six Oscars) who was also a good friend of John Wayne. I guess the writer of the article was trying to make the same point as the Super Bowl Budweiser ad.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am pretty sure that August Busch and John Ford's father didn't go around blowing things up and shooting people.


We came through the freedom tower, Ellis island South, my grandfather came via Spain, and my father through Costa rica


I saw JarJar and I have no clue.

Also on Drudge is Time cover with Bannon's photo - surprise, surprise, it's not an airbrushed complimentary photo!

I have noticed him in a few situations and thought, "He needs a female ...or at the least a professional makeover. A good haircut, a few starched white shirts, and a tailor to hem his pants would be a great start!" When he is standing next to President Trump, the two Trump sons, Reince, etc. your brain thinks - One of these is not like the others!

Done misunderstand, I am so very happy he is there and I appreciate his hard work for us. I just think he screams bachelor with a small b.


Yes,the daughter told me last night that Sessions will stay in the Senate until his votes aren't needed. Of course,she explained it to me like I didn't understand such arcane Senate rules. I laughed and said,I watched Schoolhouse Rock with you,I know what is going on! Ha. There is something in the water in D.C.!


I am pretty sure that John Ford's father and August Busch would have been able bodied and ready to work. Otherwise they would not have made it past Ellis Island.


We watched a 30s era John Ford movie last night about Dr. Samuel Mudd, convicted of being part of the conspiracy to kill Lincoln simply for setting John Wilkes Booth's broken leg when he appeared at his door during his flight from DC. Well done for its time, but historically incorrect as Mudd, a physician and slave owner, wasn't as clueless as he claimed.


Well CH, you know they say your memory is second thing to go:)

Is mine starting to function, and do I correctly recall that you are a displaced Terrapin?


Time magazine, snorfle, bannons alwYs been a rebel, in the navy on wall street and in the movie business

James D

Maybe President Trump should announce that, since the Democrats are so enamored of how other wealthy democracies govern themselves, we're going to begin adapting some of their policies here.

Starting with Australia's immigration rules, and then moving on to France's attitudes towards nuclear energy, and so forth...


When I read your comment, Marlene, I thought of Mr. Cain's book!
It's got to be the water! LOL!

Captain Hate

Troo dat, Buckeye; and they followed me to the B1G!


Here it is!


WaEx: “Tom Brady no longer gets a pass on his friendship with Donald Trump,” insisted USA Today sports writer Nancy Armour. “Not after this weekend, when the country boiled over in rage and indignation at Trump’s decision to turn America’s back on refugees.”


Janet S.

Starting with Australia's immigration rules, and then moving on to France's attitudes towards nuclear energy, and so forth...

That's a great idea.
Abortion laws in other countries too.

Captain Hate

Breitbart himself looked like he was coming off a bender so maybe it's part of the group persona.

Jim Eagle

I read somewhere, maybe here earlier today, that Sweden has taken in 162,000+ refugees and 492 of them have found jobs.

If Hillary had been elected it would have come to us on steroids.

Captain Hate

Tom Brady no longer gets a pass on his friendship with Donald Trump,” insisted USA Today sports writer Nancy Armour

I'm being dragged, kicking and screaming, into being a Patriots fan. If Kraft and Brady would just kick Goodell in his under inflated balls...


Liking the Pats or anything associated with them is unpossible. Ignoring all broadcast sports is fine with me.


Just saw your post Glenda, thank you.

Happy Birthday Dudu, (and Hit)

Dave (in MA)

What was the terrible concert, CH?

What a coincidence, Duda and Hit having the same birthday.


Real Clear Politics - fodder for discussion.


I'm rooting for the Falcons, despite Brady's friendship with the President.

Dave (in MA)

DebinNC you linked to the front page of Drudge and the front of RCP. Not clear which topic(s) you're looking to highlight.



Did you grow up in Maryland?

We lived for three years in Ellicott City back in the early 90s. Mrs. Buckeye is a gardener and still talks about how Spring started a month earlier and Fall lasted a month longer.

Only time I wasn't an Ahia resident.


My CA Assemblyman wrote a newsletter haranguing at Trump for voter fraud claims. I responded by saying he should demand that CA lead the nation in clean elections. He wrote a long and fairly detailed reply. It's the most personal reply I've gotten from an elected official. I plan to note the Detroit recount issue. Are there other good points to make? Someone mentioned CA driver licenses for illegals were changed to remove easily identifiable marks for illegals--anyone got a link?
Not to work too hard, I'm sure he'll discard my response.

Here's the long reply from him.
Hi Jim-

Hard to put together something simple and concise on this, because it ends up being a game of whack-a-mole – when you provide evidence about something, they either reject the evidence or claim something else.

That being said, the Brennan Center for Justice – which is housed at the New York University School of Law – has done a wonderful job of compiling resources and studies that debunk voter fraud myths. The relevant webpage is here: https://www.brennancenter.org/analysis/debunking-voter-fraud-myth, and it was updated as recently as yesterday. While many of the studies predate the 2016 election, it does include an review of the 2016 election in which they found only four documented cases of voter fraud – three of which were situations where the fraudulent votes were cast by Republicans and/or Trump supporters – and also includes a recent thorough review of the 2016 election by researchers at Dartmouth University. The Dartmouth review even specifically looked at claims about fraud specifically in California, and their research found “that the voter fraud concerns fomented and espoused by the Trump campaign are not grounded in any observable features of the 2016 presidential election.” The page also has many earlier studies that concluded that voter fraud is exceedingly rare.

With respect to something more California-specific, the claim that allegations of fraud aren’t investigated is false – California officials regularly investigate any and all complaints of fraud and illegal registrations, and from their investigations, they regularly find that the overwhelming majority of fraud allegations are (1) inaccurate claims, or (2) are not actual examples of fraud, but rather of administrative errors (for example, it is not uncommon when a voter signs in at a polling place for that voter to sign the roster on the wrong line – those situations often are cited as evidence of voter fraud, but when elections officials investigate, it’s pretty easy for them to quickly figure out what happened).

There’s an elections fraud investigations unit within the Secretary of State’s office that, along with county district attorneys, looks into election irregularities. Secretary Padilla was quoted in the Sacramento Bee this morning as saying that “As of now, we have zero evidence of noncitizen voting in the 2016 election.”

Nobody is seriously arguing that there’s no fraud in elections . . . just that it’s exceedingly rare, and that there’s no evidence that it’s occurring in any significant way . . . and certainly not to the extent that Trump is claiming.

Thanks for writing, Jim!

Evan Low



he pre-defined his response to anything you send him:

Hard to put together something simple and concise on this, because it ends up being a game of whack-a-mole – when you provide evidence about something, they either reject the evidence or claim something else.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Drivers' licenses are issued to non-citizens.

Driver's licenses are also all that is needed for registration.

What safeguards are there to prevent non-citizens from voting?

Old Lurker

JimNC, I too am interested in the answer to MM's 11:43 questions. Was there not a post yesterday indicating that CA essentially has an honor system hinging on the applicant simply stating his right to vote?

Was that true? Or is it that it is a two step process that starts with the DL?

In other words, how bad is it truly out there?



A good start as $$$ seems the universal language that gets the attention of these cities/counties.



You mean the Brennan Center that sponsors this annual lecture on "social justice" is who we should look to for voter fraud information?


NYU is also where GoVLab is located, which is developing new forms of governance for us based on data, Equity, social justice. You can sign up for their Friday newsletter.

If you were to cite the Heritage Foundation, he would respond that it was in fact partisan whatever its disclaimers. Why do Congressmen get to cite academic centers that exist to further the fundamental transformation?


Take a look at this work the Brennan Center does on elections. http://www.law.nyu.edu/academics/clinics/semester/publicpolicy

Why take voter fraud results from an entity with these priorities including removing overly intrusive restrictions?


Brilliant! The Daily Caller on FB says Tillerson’s first words to the staff at the Dept. of State were:

“Hi, I’m the new guy.”

[Lots of applause]


“Dear Congressman:

Brennan Center? You’ve been had.





Nice country you got there Pena....heh heh


Since Mrs. Buckeye has been on her genealogy kick, we have learned much about our immigrant ancestors. Literally hundreds of them.

Unlike the immigrant wave we are seeing now, none as best I can tell, were provided any government assistance.

More likely, the government handed them a musket or a rifle, and told them they had a job to do whether they liked it or not. And they did their job.

If any lived in an Irish or Scandinavian or German ghetto, they didn't stay there long. They assimilated, and crossed many religious and cultural divides in the process. Heinz 57 describes both of us perfectly.

Since Columbus has been a dumping ground for MENA immigrants for more than 2 decades, I have had a an opportunity to witness a departure from our melting pot culture.

With very few exceptions, this MENA influx is simply a redeployment of MENA tent cities into Section 8 housing here.

Assimilation is not happening and will not happen.

I got an up close peek at the banlieues of Paris 30 years ago. Hand writing has been on the wall for a long time.

It is easy to be the "enlightened elite" when you live in a gated community with your own security detail.

Screw them.


http://www.law.nyu.edu/academics/clinics/semester/immigrant gives further insights on what they think on this issue.

Glenda on ipad

Hit is my favorite, Jane --he would always remember mine--so🎂🎉

Jane, did you see my reply @11 last night re: Super Bowl Houston activities? If some particular info he needs, just ask. How old are "the boys"?

Cali is becoming a scary, UnAmerican place for degrees in Bigotry, w masters in bullying--all the antiTrump riots, boycotts, pink Va jj attire, demented speech while burning USflag, threatening law&border, 'cuz?

These actions, Do not cause change nor add members to join their anarchy --99% of Idjits burning, assaulting, people &property aren't citizens. Grow up, go home you lost sheep ! Or put these criminals in jail!

We're worried about the paid Soros orcs coming to Houston, to wreak havoc--Texas is a" open carry" state for licensed law abiders who will not appreciate thugs interrupting our honored "tailgate" football Sunday!🏈🍻🍤🌮

We will keep 🇨🇱 💩🆓 🙏...


Brilliant! The Daily Caller on FB says Tillerson’s first words to the staff at the Dept. of State were:

“Hi, I’m the new guy.”

He could have really endeared himself by stating he was the "NFG" :)

(New [redacted] Guy)

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

"What safeguards are there to prevent non-citizens from voting?

Posted by: Miss Marple the Deplorable | February 02, 2017 at 11:43 AM

IMO, not only are there NO safeguards. The president of the US before the election of 2016 told the illegals that there was no way they could be caught and to go ahead and vote illegally.


The Brennan Center is the lead cheerleader for The Consent Decree and its hamstringing of the the GOP's voter fraud efforts.

Dave (in MA)

Did Mayor Maiden Name Wilhelm murder or maim any groundhogs today?

Dave (in MA)

Threadkiller, sorry about your dog.

Jim Eagle

I watched Tillerson's speech to the State Department staff. He made his "Hi I'm the new guy" remark towards the end of his speech not the start.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I thought that was a very good speech, setting the tone of how he means to operate.

Friendly but firm. I got the feeling that there will be a LOT of changes.

The more I see Tillerson, the more I like him.


Disgusting behavior by guess who?



Happy Birthday Hit!




Does President Trump have to honor this dodo agreement made by Bozo Obama.
Was glad to see Karl Rove use Obama's full name including Hussein yesterday.
Just wonder if Rove was this derisive in 08 and 12.

Captain Hate

Dave, it was a Bill Frisell concert where he pretty much mailed it in while promoting a boring album that he could play in his sleep. I wasn't the only person who felt that way. I'd seen him two other times where he was very good albeit with different bands.

Buckeye, I grew up in Laurel and have been to Ellicott City numerous times. Nice place that got hammered by floods last year or so ago.


California dude finds 100 unused ballots outside his home.

LA County duckin Voter ID rules.

CBS affiliate KCAL-9 finds 100's of dead people still voting in California.

Hundreds of illegals from California were brought in to Nevada by the Hillary campaign.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter


If the USA has a policy that it is legal for illegals to steal ssns; how could anyone think the illegal using the ssn would hesitate to vote illegally?

"Sen. Coats also revealed that the IRS ignores notifications from the Social Security Administration when a name and SSN does not match and that IRS agents are prohibited from informing the victims of employment-related identity theft even though the agency identified 200,000 new cases last year."

Captain Hate

Brady versus Goodell preview:



Re voter fraud, I'm with Kim in thinking college students can cause havoc with the voting system.

My mantra has been, I want college students to vote in the district where their parents rest their head.

We have two and a half colleges in our community(2 private & 1 community college) and having those students vote in our local elections truly messes things up.


Say hello to my little friend


An FNG often didn't stay so long.

Heh, posted the other day over at climateaudit.org

T Rex, Ju ass is fired.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Monroe County in Indiana (Indiana University) is the same way.

This problem has gotten worse since the voting age was lowered to 18 and so many more kids are in college than 40 years ago, due to student loans.

It's the problem in Austin and Madison, too.

I remember when the 26th amendment passed. It was done in sympathy to 18-year-olds being subject to the draft yet not able to vote.

Now we no longer have a draft, but we are stuck with the younger voting blocks in cities with large universities.

I don't know how you would be able to enforce your suggestion, though. I would foresee a bazillion ACLU lawsuits about "right to declare place of residence" etc.

An FNG often didn't stay so long but some it was good to know 'em.

Dang, what I wrote was 'T Rex barks, ju ass is fired.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

It's a sign, because T Rex lived in the JUrASSic era!

I'm draftable, but would probably fail the pre-enrollment examination.

And mostly back to dry til 21. I guess that compensates for registering for the draft, and being reminded of the reach of the state. As if most stay dry.

Old Lurker

Glasater, I dream of how nice it would be (for me) if only tax payers could vote.

Better yet, allow one vote for each dollar paid per person...


Have pun will drivel.

Hee hee, Miss M, I'm easily amused.

Account Deleted

"I still think we will go after the cartels."

Narco-traffickers should be classified as terrorists. Customers, distributors, and money launderers should be classified as terrorist supporters. All applicable penalties and legalities should be applied.

However, this also means that the approach to this class of terrorism, as I see it, should deploy law enforcement *AND* military muscle to fight this war.

And by all means it is a war. Mexico is approaching failed-state status in my opinion. And that rot is spreading into border states, and even into our "breadbasket" states like Nebraska, Illinois, Ohio....

One man's opinion. POTUS is not pussyfooting around with Mexico. Prepare to be amazed.


Should make the voting age 27... same age they buy their own health insurance

Captain Hate

McRINO must have received a new shipment of Soros Bucks along with instructions that he represents Australia and not Arizona. The addled codger is embarrassingly confused.

Pent up Mustang.  Oops, that's 'bent up'.

How about can't vote for President until you're eligible for the office?

Old Lurker

well, they both start with "A"

buccaneer morgan

That was the way they tackled escobar, from killing Pablo, its like they followed present danger, they used special forces, electronic intercepts and local militias, the last
Wastoblematic because they in part were cali cartel.


I didn't know McCain spoke Australian.

Captain Hate

And have four syllables, like America. That's a lot for the poor bastard to process before nappy time.

buccaneer morgan

Its like everyone is on crazy pills, henninger also didn't get the memo about the pertinent law.

Account Deleted

"In that case, who were they?"

Re Berkeley:

Anarchist black flaggers.

They are in every astroturfed "peaceful protest".

There will be much handwringing over the "first amendment rights" of protestors with precious little being done about the Left establishment's default reliance on outsiders who ratchet up violence that supports the narrative.

Until Cal is sued over this kind of first amendment suppression and criminal assault complicity, it will continue.

What Cal and other institutions rely on is the adage "What happens at Cal stays at Cal."

Cal is notorious for their overhyped separate "judicial" system for crimes and misdemeanors.

In the late 90s, a student was shot in cold blood by an unknown assailant (code for another student) on a the Oakland-Berkeley border.

Cal dragged their feet over jurisdiction. Lucky for us, the shooting happened just over the city's border with Oakland.

OPD detectives took it out of the campus "judicial system" to close a slam dunk case.

My view is that the radical Left will overreach and POTUS will crush them using terrorism laws. Even though the EmoCrats didn't frame those laws per se, they voted for their passage. Until they wanted to crucify Bush 43.

And like the nuke option, these laws will be used to further atomize their "resistance." The anarchist wing of the Left has been operating with impunity.

Those days are over.


Right On KK! Judicial Watch claims the cartels have smuggled terrorists across as well.


Beasts of England

Watching one of the FLW pros fishing the center of my slough, instead of the reeds. Dedicated driver and cameraman on each boat. Very interesting. He's pulled two nice fish out so far, but neither of them keepers, so he must have a good creel working...


Another fun read from Kurt

Savor their pain; crush their dreams. Play time is over. Win. || Hey Democrats: Confirm This! https://t.co/pmEwtnA8VP


Miss Marple

If Kelly MeAgain had supported Candidate Trump, or jusr been intelligently objective and fair, her career would be soaring now.

She believed that asking Trump the unfair, out of context question about fat pigs would immortalize her as the woman who ended his candidacy. Instead it was the start of her own career's downward spiral.

Captain Hate

Let Cal's endowment start paying out to the victims of the "peaceful protests" they so readily encourage.

buccaneer morgan

Rosa brooks was a happy dippy columnist at the la times and Georgetown professor, so they put her in the pentagon


Thanks everyone for the thoughts.

I wasn't well prepared for my kids reactions.

That was almost more heartbreaking.


One man's opinion. POTUS is not pussyfooting around with Mexico. Prepare to be amazed.

Made lots of friends in Mexico, mostly educated engineers. Stay in touch with a couple of them. They are spooked Bigly.

Account Deleted

"And why wasn't the National Guard sent in? I suppose Jerry Brown was probably on board with the rioters?"

That's easily answered. The Moonbat can't be caught dead doing *anything* that Ronald Reagan and Edwin Meese did when they were faced with the bomb-throwing anarchists in the 60s.

The streets in Berkeley were redesigned for riot control to prevent "bomb n' dash" actions by the communist infiltrators.

Back during those days, the offenders and their proteges would head down to Hayward and congregate at a large park across from my home. It was a who' who... Panthers, Brown Berets, Savio's crowd, bombers, dopers and Yippies, Angela Davis... acres of them. They liked arguing with me and my little sisters--- "the Catholic kids"--- about why we believed in God.

They came to cool out from "the heat" in Berkeley. It was a weird scene.

Our buddy was the park caretaker. After one of the Left's "sit-ins" at the park, he'd be stuck cleaning up their trash for a week.


Can you explicate a bit on why they're spooked, Buckeye?


Bass fishing can be a lot of fun and tournaments are a blast but man, those guys sure do spend a lot of money on boats they can only fish for bass with. And these pro's have spare boats if needed. I have a good friend who came in 2nd place in the Bass Masters Classic, the Super Bowl of bass fishing, quite a few years back. It caused quite a stir at the time since all serious bass fisherman were from the south where the big bass live. He never did anything after that but spent quite a few years on the pro circuit and had a blast.

Old Lurker

True, Cheerleader, but MeAgain was not operating in a vacuum. It was right about then that Bret started slanting his show more and more against the rising Trump, both by featuring negative Trump news and not mentioning the positive; guests were selected more and more to do the same; then the NeverTrumpers on the rotating panels all went off the cliff in their disgust with the man.

Sadly, all of that continues to this day. Or so I am told by reliable sources who still watch Fox News from time to time.

The image of that monk in Viet Nam lighting himself on fire back in the 60s comes to mind.


But the Fox men do all have teeth as white as the womens' hair is blond, so there is that...


When Australia wants the skinny on something, they ask the Washington Post, so WAPO's Phil Rucker informs the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) that Trump "doesn’t really care so much that Australia is an ally over many, many years”. Nice.



Dog priviledge?

Westminster Dog Show to include cats


buccaneer morgan

Pens nieto is am odd duck, he fancies himself a tony Blair but quintana roo is nothing like where Blair arose, there are reports how friendly he was with the cartels and they returned the favor, El chap is a distraction compared to the new predators on scene.


Thx all for the suggestions re AssemblyMember Low


"When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say." ― George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings.

buccaneer morgan

Australian broadcast well as the Sydney herald is as useless as organs on a porcine


Per the increasingly unreadable WSJ, Matt Ryan at Super Bowl media night couldn't name a favorite Lady Gaga song. Welp, that seals it for me. Go Falcons! FTR, I not only couldn't name a favorite, I couldn't name a single song by her.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

cheerleader, Old Lurker,

OL is right. It wasn't just Kelly, although she was the most prominent face.

Go back to the much-anticipated first primary debate. Brett baier siad they had been REHEARSING THEIR QUESTIONS for several days. That first question to Trump (about swearing to support the eventual nominee) followed by Megyn's question about his comments about women was PLANNED. They fully thought they would take Trump down, I imagine on behalf of Bush or Rubio.

Those on camera do not control the direction of the questioning. They are to toe whatever the Fox company line is. If they do not, they will disappear like Andrea Tanteros or Greta VanSustern. The few who do go against the "Trump is incompetent/dangerous/crazy" line are tolerated as controlled opposition.

Now that Tucker Carlson is getting huge ratings I expect the pressure will be on him to curb in some of his pro-Trump tendencies.

I do not feel a bit bad about dropping cable in its entirety. I am just as informed and my blood pressure is down.

Beasts of England

They held that event here two years ago, Rocco. Winner's cut was $300k. That'll buy you a few spare boat parts. :)


I saw it Glenda, thank you. The boys are both in HS.

How are you doing?

Jim, Send him some of the project veritas videos of Creamer.

Old Lurker

Oh I get it.

NOW they care about security.

Nice to know:


Off the top of my head, I think a good counter offensive by the Trumpsters should be to offer a bounty of, say, one month of a fired employee's salary to any other employee who rats out any employee who works to undermine the goals of the leadership of each agency and is fired because of that acyivity.

OK, three months salary if that gets the program going faster.


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