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January 30, 2017


Dave (in MA)

Is it possible the person yelling allahu akbar was among the people being shot at?


What about the people who benefited from the status quo ante? Why was it ok to harm them?

Exactly jimmyk,and how many more of these people were harmed? 5 times as many?

Stephanie despicable me

Anytime KK!!!

I saw that on FB and couldn't stop giggling.


If gov't sent out squads to kick people in the butt each morning, the MSM and left would require a plan to replace the butt kicking squad with some other big government way to kick people's butts.

benefits don't enter into it.

Captain Hate

The sooner the commiecrats eject trash like Brock, Durbin and Schooomer the better off we'll all be. The GOP wing of the Uniparty is already torpedoing Trump as if they can count on my vote no matter what. I would be so glad to vote for any reasonable alternative that it would rival the glee I had voting for Trump and Reagan.

Tick Tock.



Click for full explanation.


lyle... I'm tempted to say yes... I'm safer now as is my entire family and neighborhood... but i don't have a thowaway email addy.

Old Lurker

Seems simple to me:

The condition that existed Status Quo Ante was the cumulative result of years of political sausage making and everyone had a hand in it.

The ACA was forced on us one side alone without a single vote from the other half of Congress.

If now the other half of Congress restores us to the Status Quo Ante, then we are back to the condition developed by both parties over many years.

As I said. Seems simple to me.


henry - thats exactly what i told them.

Captain Hate

Looks like Kim is really really back on our side:


buccaneer morgan

And pinnette has gone whole hog on the butter,

Jim Eagle


Rush is over that right now.

Captain Hate

Pinnette is a 10 percenter max.


The WH press were noticeably less confrontational today imo. Spicer called out BOzo and "the last eight years" a number of times.


My answer to the Post:

I am affected, as is everyone in this country: We are safer. I might also be affected should I travel, in a negative way, by the crowds of protesters who don't understand what they are protesting and are just getting in everyone's way and being nuisances.

James D

Good answer, PD.

Captain Hate

Yeeaargghh versus Everybody:



Quebec shooter sounds like the Charleston AME prayer group killer - a loner nutjob wanting attention and no chance of injury to himself.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter


They couldn't be sure they would vote Democrat



Right now the official statistics only break down energy and electricity use by four broad sectors: residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation. But wireless technology—and all the energy-hungry internet server farms, cell towers, and end-use devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops, data-processing computers, etc.—that are plugged into the grid may amount to as much as 10 percent of total electricity use today by some private estimates. In other words, all of the energy savings we have achieved though strenuous mandates to increase the energy efficiency of appliances has been more than overtaken by our new internet-based gadgets.

One early controversial estimate is that every single Google search had a carbon footprint that could be measured in ounces, and that a smart phone has the equivalent energy footprint of a small refrigerator. Which would mean, by conventional green analysis, that social media activity is killing the planet! Yet another reason “social media” could be considered profoundly anti-social.

Curiously, environmental groups with the notable exception of Greenpeace seem little interested in finding out how much energy use our wireless world uses, probably because they don’t want to get crossways with many of their powerful patrons in Silicon Valley.

Hayward adds:

And just wait till you get to streaming video and gaming! I have on one or two occasions suggested to audiences of hip millennials who want to save the planet that they should start by giving up their smart phones, offering to take custody of them and make sure they’re properly recycled. I’ve never gotten any takers.

I'll bet not.


This is worth linking again:



Posted by: lyle | January 30, 2017 at 03:08 PM

Interesting. My new home has "water saving" dishwasher and clothes washer. They take about twice as long for a cycle as older ones, so assume use more electricity. Not sure why we are trying to save water in Florida as the stuff oozes out of the ground and they keep giving permits to bottling companies for millions of gallons per day



Said Murphy:

If folks get to this country and we suspect them having connections to terrorism, that they shouldn't be able to get an assault weapon.

But wait, there's more:

I’d argue that we should go towards the discussion about the pathway in which there’s absolutely no screening.

I'm down with this...as long as you put them up at your place, champ.


That's some of the same great thinking that also led to low-flow toilets, windansea.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Old Lurker

windansea, I have been making that water argument ever since my kids came home from elementary school and convinced their mother that Dad wastes water. I counter with two points:

1. All the water we drink comes from the Potomac River just upstream from the Great Falls which are a short dog walk from our house. I invite them to go see how much water still flows over the falls even as I am wasting the water. I them show them a map that proves that any water in the Potomac River I do not waste ends up in the Bay then the Ocean in about ten minutes.

2. Now I know that the company which takes the water I waste from the river, cleans it and pipes it to my house so I can waste it, and they charge me for each gallon I accept from them. I pay that bill with my own money and I never ask for help from anyone.

So why is it their business if I let the water run while I brush my teeth. Huh? Huh?


This needs to be linked again as well:


McCain and others see counterterrorism as coalition warfare in partnership with "good guy" Muslims. To make it work America must stay in the good graces of its Islamic allies. This stands in contrast to the view which regards Islam itself as the triumphalist ideology: a threat to be contained, if not combated; to be accomodated very cautiously, warily and after much checking.

One difference between the two approaches is the desired outcome. The coalition approach does not envision a victory by one intractable side over the other but dreams rather of a stable modus vivendi between Islam and the West. It does not seek harmony nor cultural absorption but what used to be called peaceful coexistence.

Leave it to McRINO to continue fighting the last war...

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Whine, whine, whine.

You guys are the ones who bet on Hillary and actually helped her while trashing Trump

No, you don't get a place of prominence, nor any place at all. You are welcome to sit in the corner and take notes, however.


CNN Lies & Is Hitler
CNN Lies & Is Hitler – ‏@NolteNC


Between 2001 and 2014...

380 foreign-born terrorists convicted in America.

40 were REFUGEES!



Clearly, the protestors only have a concept they objectify in Trump, not fully vetted by time.

Nor does anyone else have any idea what his vision entails, especially Trump.

I wait and watch.

Account Deleted

===SOB Warning==== SOB Warning ===== SOB Warning

Kevlar Kid here to trivialize the momentous and complicate the obvious by overstating the ridiculous.

But, cain't hep muhseff. I've always been a fan of General George Pickett. Anyways, here are a few scattered musings re---

"I think I need to ask in an editorial, for anyone who wishes to understand government and how it is reported to listen occasionally to a Sean Spicer press conference and then look at what the media reports through their lens."

These corksoakers fail to realize their moment of ex-stink-shun is upon them.

The volcanic upheavals theorized to have destroyed Dino-land way backa when took EONS to "assert" their, shall we say, influence- mass killing power, to be frank.

The corksoaker American Left me-diddled-ya media whores have yet to grasp what some call the slow curve of history.

They prefer to use their fairy tale "transecendant arc of history", like the one that got The Bath House Rat elected. Their red marxist rash compels them to apply that "model" as the great Utopianizer in every conceivable political discussion.

To this citizen, their "transcendant" history model makes Media Left shitake sound like: "We don't want to live in a world where [insert proclivity, human perversion, or atheistic obsession here] is not allowed."

To this citizen, that makes no sense because it seeks to legislate out of existence, the very yin and yang of human nature.

And in my not so humble opinion, life--- like human nature--- does not conform to altitude predictions of intellectuals and dilletantes that the worst of our nature is behind us because so many of us have sat in classrooms and drank wine in Paris.

The slow curve of history is that slow re-turning of a planet that spins under the feet of human beings who have offspring, and who measure progress against the metering standard normal people accept as a "lifetime."

We do the best we can. We do the best we can to leave the woodpile higher than we found it. And we make it a little easier to get the water up the hill than it was for us. That's it.

The Left Media has taken up a lot of oxygen over the last 16 years. And they've done so over their obsession with "legacy."

And they've done so with nary a forethought about the impact of their messages to regular people like me and my kids, for over 25% of our respective lifetimes.

The past 16 years since Bush 43 got elected and succeeded by The Bath House Rat---- in that time, how much guff and shitake have people (ages 30 and older during 9-11) eaten against our will?

All in the name of an aging generation that wants to prophetically "change the world." Shitake like "ending war", "ending disease", "ending ignorance", "ending .... ending.... ending...."

For people who are 18, who went to government schools-- and worse went to pricey liberal private schools--- were they swallowing that dreck without even reading the label?

(Example: Science training for the non-geeky kid was packaged as "environmental science" and "climate change footprints.")

Sixteen years of "ending everything"; sixteen years of the Left agenda being rammed down our gullet, the only agenda with worth, value and dignity worth pursuing.

The slow arc... it takes a while to form year after year. But form it does.

And many from the ages of 18-92 voted to carpet bomb the Left's command and control center in the last presidential election.

And alternative media was indispensable, so much so that the Left Media had to call it "fake news."

Why didn't the Left Media just invoke the memory of Flip Wilson and "the devil made me do it?"

Great googli moogli!

Calling Galileo?

The political Left and their government/Left Media complex have built a nifty sand castle. The sand castle spins atop a GAIA bullshitake environmental model.

But it's developing deep fissures. The excentrifugal force of human nature, the nature of the unwashed deplorables for example, is too intense for the Left Media's imaginary offering.

The Left and their Media not have been offering "lifetime" to their "base" predicated on *REALITY*---- beginning with gravity and followed by the basic transpirational, carbon dioxide eating and oxygen producing, lifetimes of plants and trees.

And their extinction will be the price they pay.

In this day of miraculous lense producing technologies, the Media Left is using what amounts to a 15th century bottle.

President Trump has a 21st century lense. And he's causing upheaval and disruption to the social and political "order."

The Media Left's intent is to obfuscate and manipulate the populace. Seeing anything clearly requires intentional distortion, no?

Galileo changed the social order of his day. Clearly, he did so by leveraging a properly manufactured lense.

Galileo changed the social order of his day by transforming the actual *vision* of physical reality. He wielded a proper calculus to measure "big and scary things" (one of the Left's favorite warnings about anybody who isn't them).

Does the Left Media realize it's behaving like the "college of cardinals" from papal antiquity?

Does the Left Media realize that everything they try to engineer resembles that mythic horse designed by committee?

Why does the Left Media proclaim authoritarian rigorous understanding of what is just and proper when it comes to living my life?

The Pharisees and their money changers come to mind.

But I won't go there. ;)

Account Deleted

In case you've not seen this yet.

Account Deleted

Circular firing squad at State.



I am so stoked by that last screed. I don't want to hear any more crap about cut and paste or waste of bandwidth.

How many drafts became that final Frankenstein?

Old Lurker

Funny Kev. "Several hundred career State Department officers have signed a document protesting President Trump’s travel ban — arguing that the policy makes America less safe and more vulnerable to terror attacks."

Trump can thank them for starting the list for him. I guess those "several hundred" missed the stories about all those GOP Never-Trumpers who signed those open letters in the NYT but then discovered there would be no jobs for them in Trump's administration.


It's theatre..honest but incompetent. Being stubbornly resisted can be good..can be bad, if reckless merges with ignorance..

Mechanic on Osprey.."I work on these babies and I'm takin' it up riiiight now"


So Starbucks plans to hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years.


I wish I bought coffee from Starbucks so I could stop buying coffee from Starbucks.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Hey, is Starbucks halal?

Stephanie despicable me

The Starbucks thing is a bit overblown

10k over the next five years in 75 countries.

10K/60 months/75 countries = virtue signalling.


Not sure why we are trying to save water in Florida as the stuff oozes out of the ground and they keep giving permits to bottling companies for millions of gallons per day

There's also the fact that the amount of water on planet earth is essentially constant, and the same as it was a billion years ago, irrespective of whether you leave it running when you brush your teeth. I'd guess that the ratio of fresh to salt water doesn't vary much either. So what does it mean exactly to "save water"?


So what does it mean exactly to "save water"?

Not bathe? ;)

Stephanie despicable me

People are water... 72% IIRC.


Breaking911 ‏@Breaking911

Nigel Farage: I'm not hearing criticisms of the 16 countries that ban anyone from Israel from visiting on holiday.

Old Lurker

"So what does it mean exactly to "save water"?"

Silly Jimmy...it means "do what I say when I say it."

Jim Eagle

To all you Steeler fans: Some extreme anger management issues and its in front of kids.



And this too:


While Democrats screech about "Muslim bans," Democrats ban state-government travel to the Christian States.


And from Althouse, #NeverTrumper Ana Navarro is out of breath trying to keep with all th terrible things Trump is doing: "I can't survive politically if I am confronting the man every day."

She says that like it's a bad thing....



Are you broadcasting from Comet Ping Pong?

Jim Eagle


If you have good line pressure (say between 50-75psi) then remove the restrictor orifice in the shower head and let it flow. You will have the greatest shower ever.



I have good water pressure, just wondering why I gotta run the dishwasher for 2 hours to save a gallon.


Trump could ensure his reelection by undoing the regulation requiring restrictors in shower heads.

Kramer gets the Commando 450 on the black market

Account Deleted

The jihad-lite has tied the Left government/media complex in knots. Thank the ACLU and the Sharia Supremist CAIR for that. The fifth branch of American government.

Account Deleted

Even the local commie rag paid for by prostitution services ads knows the problems that come with "saving water."


Miss Marple the Deplorable


The house I am in now has a shower set up for invalids in the main bath. NO pressure! I have got to do something about this as it takes me forever to rinse my hair.

(Yes, it was set up for invalids. It has an extra-large shower stall to accommodate a shower seat and hand rails.)

I dislike it intensely.

Jim Eagle


I remember that. Well in Southampton I have the Commando 450 on steroids. In Florida the line pressure is so bad you need to stand in the shower an extra 10 minutes just to rinse off.

There we use desal water from our local development district which makes millions for the bottled water companies.

Account Deleted

Seinfeld's Elaine went full Costanza at the SAG awards last nite.


Ashton Kutcher did his best to "love them all." (Is that a Pokemon thing?)

UPI Link: http://www.upi.com/Entertainment_News/2017/01/30/Ashton-Kutcher-speaks-out-against-travel-ban-at-SAG-Awards/8521485775154/

Beasts of England

One of the best features of a house I bought fifteen years ago was two (2) vintage solid brass, non-restricted, six-nozzle Speakman Anystreams. Baby!! I added a dedicated Rinnai tankless, cause that's the way I roll...


Speaking of shower heads, bought this one recently and it is awesome, puts out a lot of water without removing restrictor. Something about combining air with the water to make bigger droplets, thought it was hype but it works.



MM check out my link above, this is windansea recommended, chrome version only $35

Old Lurker

Beasts, you can take but one shower at a time.

Please send me the one from the guest room.

Thank you.

Stephanie despicable me

windansea... you can send an email to me at stephaniegaatl @yahoo . com and I can forward to beasts so y'all can converse.

If y'all do have a meetup, you need to do it in ATL so RSE and I can join in before y'all head to AL.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thanks windandsea! I bookmarked it for purchase later this year.

I am waiting to see if daughter replaces this shower with a tub. Right now we have two showers. The one in the main bathroom (the one I use) takes up the space of a tub and was designed for the people who used to live here, who were invalids.

She wants TUB as she is used to that (says she needs it for mental health - lol). She is going to get a fairly big tax refund and wants to see if she can afford to have a replacement tub put in. if so, the pipes and showerhead will be replaced at that time.



I sent you two already, maybe check spam folder?

Account Deleted

"Trump could ensure his reelection by undoing the regulation requiring restrictors in shower heads."

EPA regulations governing "green building materials and procedures" that local municipalities impose on remodels and renovations of residential properties.
(We were faced with a $12,000 set of permits to get our architectural plans approved, an 18% increase in material costs, an 8% increase in "inspection fees" ---green compliance inspections).

All regs in place locally to comply with Agenda 21 regional controls that launder EPA "grants."

Looking forward to EOs that pull the plug on this ProgEmocrat racketeering.

Beasts of England

We left one in the house when we moved and I lost the other one in the divorce, OL. I have no idea what I was thinking when I moved out... Oh, wait!! :)

Old Lurker

:-) Beasts


KK, my concern about Trump's "two for one" rule is that the toads at the EPA will find some defunct regulations on VCRs or manual typewriters to get rid of in order to add more regulations on light bulbs, shower heads, toilets, home appliances, etc.

Old Lurker

Jimmy, quoting myself from way up above, we are thinking the same way. "I hope the "two repealed" are each of comparable value to the new one, and that the benefits fall on the same target."

Beasts of England

If we set up a GoShowerheadMe site for Miss Marple, I'll chip in! ;)

Captain Hate

To all you Steeler fans: Some extreme anger management issues and its in front of kids.

That confirms what I suspected about both Porter and Tomlin.

Account Deleted



Incidentally, it seems that the Commando 450 is a real thing, though perhaps not the same as the one on Seinfeld:



Trump could ensure his reelection by undoing the regulation requiring restrictors in shower heads.

jimmyk - Bring back our light bulbs! What else? I'm sure we could compile a list. How about toilets that flush the first time?

Another Bob

Jack is Back! | January 30, 2017 at 04:21 PM

I'm somewhat familiar with the writer of that piece. He's a bit of a curmudgeon and I can imagine he might be exaggerating it a tad. But no reason to believe he made it up out of whole cloth. I can easily see Porter behaving that way, Tomlin a touch of a surprise but not a shock.


Comet ping pong,shower heads and urinary Ukrainians.

It's a three-fer.

Stephanie despicable me

KK, my concern about Trump's "two for one" rule is that the toads at the EPA will find some defunct regulations on VCRs or manual typewriters to get rid of in order to add more regulations on light bulbs, shower heads, toilets, home appliances, etc.

The EO has a scoring system that scores the new reg against the 'value' of the old regs going bye. Can't pull some BS out and toss em.

WNS... neither in my spam folder either. try this one bmeuppls @ aol.com really old throw away...

Account Deleted

"KK, my concern about Trump's "two for one" rule is that the toads at the EPA"

If the toadies are concerned about job security then the pressure to get serious and take direction from POTUS' appointee, then it may be less of a concern over time.

Also on our side in this war is POTUS himself. I'm certain he got an earful from small business owners about EPA compliance regulations.

The Gipper Lives

Their self-congratulating awards ceremonies have devolved into tribal virtue-signaling mating rituals and hermetically-sealed hate-fests. The SAG Awards Show was like a Klan Rally with tuxedos, swag bags and better plastic surgery.

Okay--*any* plastic surgery.

Account Deleted

"Incidentally, it seems that the Commando 450 is a real thing, though perhaps not the same as the one on Seinfeld:"

Didn't that one have an "anti-shrinkage" valve? ;)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

One of the things I hate about liberals is how they make everyone's everyday lives miserable in their efforts to "improve" us.

Crappy shower heads. Low-flow toilets. Squiggle light bulbs. Crummy school lunches. On and on and on.

Why can't they just leave us alone? I am all for trimming the EPA by half. Then they can move om to the Labor department and then Energy.

Account Deleted

"Okay--*any* plastic surgery."

I call it "affordable beauty." ;)

Account Deleted

As a building industry mogul and professional, is it too much of a stretch to believe POTUS will eliminate a significant percentage of building, materials, and supplies regulations?

Sandy Daze

One of the four-times per year Center for Constructive Alternatives series of seminars is being held this week at the College up on the hill.

This CCA topic:

The American West
Just finished listening to a comparison between Remington and Russell's paintings by Peter Hassrick of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West which was very enlightening. The Q& A was also very good.

Tonight a "concert: of sorts at 8:00 pm:

"Western Music: A Performance"
Sourdough Slim
Last of the Vaudeville Cowboys

All of this, per usual, is both live-streamed (go to the link, and is available after the fact.

The two remaining topics, tomorrow:

Tuesday, January 31
4:00 p.m.

"Rise and Fall of the Comanches"
S.C. Gwynne
Author, Empire of the Summer Moon
Tuesday, January 31

8:00 p.m.
"Custer and Sitting Bull: Parallel Lives"
Nathaniel Philbrick
Author, The Last Stand: Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of Little Bighorn

This is all part of the College's continuing education in areas beside the traditional and important "liberal arts" -- the study of all that is good, true, and beautiful.

There is no charge.

As my Brit friends might say, "fill your boots!"


As a building industry mogul and professional, is it too much of a stretch to believe POTUS will eliminate a significant percentage of building, materials, and supplies regulations

He would want to do this if only to watch the NYT and WaPo get heart palpitations over the "conflict of interest."

Jim Eagle

Science nerds, you can now add Vanadium dioxide to mettalic hydrogen as competing left coast v. right coast discoveries.

As Frederick would say, we are in The Jetson's territory.

Jim Eagle

Koch Bros have a problem with Trump's Authoritarianism..lol

Clarice Feldman

windansea, I guess the water saving appliances are for the California market which is so big, restrictions there seem to persuade appliance makers they ought to make them nationwide rather than making different models.


The last dishwasher I bought was a Bosch. The sales guy went to great lengths to make sure I was aware of the fact (so he said, but maybe it was an "alternate fact") that only American dishwashers have heating coils.

He said lots of people complain when the get their first German or Korean dishwasher and it doesn't get things dry. But they clearly use less energy than one with a heating coil.

I wanted quiet, and the Bosch fit the bill, but it does leave some water on certain items.


Bring back our light bulbs!

Actually no, forget incandescents and cfls, I go LED all the way. LED bulbs are now a no brainer if you do the math and are now affordable and you get two benefits, lower electric bills and no pulling out the ladder to change the suckers.

Last two homes I change out every bulb to LED, outside LED bug light, overhead PAR 20s and 30s, regular lamp bulbs, even the microwave bulb over the stove. Find them all here also check Homedepot they have some good deals


Miss Marple the Deplorable

One of the great things about Trump is how he gives no cares (you can insert a 4-letter word here) about what anyone thinks other than his voters. Donors? Pffft. Party leaders? Meh. Pundits and columnists? Nope.

I will throw stuff back in their faces, including today when as an aside he said he saw Chuck Schumer's fake tears and wanted to know who his acting coach was.

I am a shallow person so I love the heck out of it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

He will throw stuff back in their faces....


Class and intelligence are in the house. President Obama weighs on cheto dust's anti-muslim(soon to be Jew) bill.

When one of the greatest President's ever to walk the face of the earth speaks you better darn well listen. When the man who saved the U.S economy, the American auto-industry, killed bin laden and created 15 million jobs speaks you need to hush and focus on what he says.


Watching Obama walk back onto the scene is like watching a gunslinger enter a saloon. Everything turns from noisy to a hush in an instant.

Obama is so cool.So classy....anyway, has Trump had anyone urinate on his chest today? It's still early.


Clarice Feldman | January 30, 2017 at 05:29 PM

Yep, great argument for states rights, I am forced to buy energy inefficient dishwasher cuz some EPA dweeb wants to save a gallon of water in California

Try as I do to lower my carbon footprint, the clueless FED dorks foil me. :)


Dave. Wrong. Trump did all that shite.

EO#z 100 through 1000.

Remove Obama's name from every stele, obelisk and pyramid in the land.

Genuine History.


Dubby, your lotion bill doubles every time you fantasize about jugears


Yeah windandsea. Save the lube for your ocean trysts with Beasts, you devil you.


It's the Stadivarius of toilets, Ferguson...the King of Bowls!



Spicer today (~38 min mark) : "He's a 100 percent sure he's the pick..."

I guess Sykes is out.

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