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January 30, 2017


Texas Liberty Gal

Amen maryrose!!!!


Kristin Powers is bemoaning the fact that a Christian family from Syria that was turned away proving that the "Muslim ban" is not a Muslim ban.


My advice to protesters, get a job and get out of my face.

They do have jobs maryrose. Working for NGOs that are cash siphons on the US treasury.


AP notes both mosque killer suspects have been in custody since last evening, one arrested at the scene and one calling from his car for police to pick him up at his location. AP provides no names/info of suspects, but quotes Pope Francis, Merkel, Hollande, and I have no doubt AP tried to get a quote from BOzo too.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

". "It's really the media that communicates with more of us."

IMO, with the exception of reporters like Sharyl Attkisson and a few bloggers, the so called media simply posts the leftist propaganda 24/7.


Deb, Canada Radio posted the attacker names... one was "Mohamed".


The Quebec massacre was certainly an illustrative slap in the face for Trudeau, coming within hours of his self-righteous "We won't turn anyone away" show-boating.


My goodness, the MFM is holding on to those names, isn't it -- along with the Canadian prime minister, the local mayor, and every a**hole on CNN, etc., (and I realize they're part of the MFM, I just wanted to get to type what they actually are, a**holes, and not journalists.) Actually, I have no problem with the word, I'm just trying to be polite for people like Maryrose and Sandy, I know they don't like curse words, and I respect that. It's just that sometimes vile, vicious people need to be tagged by what they are, and our media has earned the name a**holes.


from the prior page...The two men arrested following the deadly shooting at a Quebec City mosque Sunday night are Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir, Radio-Canada has learned.


I saw that, henry, which makes AP's failure to mention the names, one sounding Arabic and one French, if they turn out to be true, another nail in AP's credibility coffin.


The shooters' motives are unclear... but the MSM motives in not publishing those names is transparent.

buccaneer morgan

Its probably khader, since khadir is usually Afghan, I thought they went by roman law overthere.

Sandy Daze


The shooters' motives are unclear... but the MSM motives in not publishing those names is transparent.

Posted by: henry | January 30, 2017 at 10:56 AM

henry - no longer drunk on prog tears?

but, but, but, schumer sez this ain't who we are...

Captain Hate

She commented she is seeing the same with 50 somethings on FB as if they want to be hip with their kids.

Ugh, don't get me started on this.

matt, deplore me if you must

Iraq had more terrorist incidents last year than any other country, I believe. The rest, with the exception of Iran, are failed states where Obama's administration set the legal framework for Trump's action.

Iran falls out of those categories but is our declared enemy.

So what is the problem? It's a 120 day limit to allow for better background checks.

Trump is sucking all of the oxygen from the coasts.

This morning he was on the news ripping Schumer a new one and promising small businesses relief.

This is perhaps the most entertaining meltdown in history. The assault on logic by the Left is going to eventually have them in a massive drum circle wearing p***y hats chanting "I hate you" as the rest of us laugh.

Imagine the reaction of any traveler trying to move through one of the airports at which the idiots are protesting. "a**holes" probably sums up the reaction across the spectrum. Travel is stressful enough without a bunch of jerks blocking the entrance when you are running late, regardless of party.


I'm imagining printed sheets of The Romans Road written in ME languages being widely distributed to U.S. asylum seekers. I hope claiming to be a Christian isn't enough without a history or bona fides of some kind.


Woke up and came across this from MEDIAite: Quebec Mosque Shooting Suspects Identified as Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir

Another guy named Mohamed murdering innocents.

Captain Hate

I hope claiming to be a Christian isn't enough without a history or bona fides of some kind.

See if they like bacon.


On Facebook, the mosque, known as the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec, issued a statement on Monday morning. 

It read, in part: “We were attacked because we are Muslim. Shot at point blank range because we are Muslims. Dead because we are Muslim.

Apparently shot by muslims too. Aloha snackbar


Airport travelers/greeters, already spooked by the recent FL airport jihadi massacre, won't look kindly on wingnuts adding more drama and fear to the mix.


BBC is back to reporting the pigs head. 2 talking heads and the moderator on the show now hammering Trump. No mention of Muhamed the murderer. It's all anti-Trump.

Over at CNN the News Ticker reads "World leaders condemn US Travel Ban," and talking head says this is a recruiting tool for ISIS. No mention of who killed the Muslims in Quebec.

Off to work. Bye.


Well, now I read that Alexandre Bissonnette is probably a Moroccan Jew.



CH: "See if they like bacon." Oh, CH, you steal my heart. :)

buccaneer morgan

Its possible after cadablanca bombings of 2002, but I'm skeptical. Where ate you reading this, Joan.


Alexandre Bissonette info from a site called "Heavy" which may or may not be sketchy and unreliable.


New thread. Our cup runneth and runneth.

buccaneer morgan

Yet they've been somewhat reliable in the past, the same can not be said of the times or the post


Watching this Trump-ten-car pile up is a thing of fucking beauty. Witnessing the intelligent Republicans being dragged kicking and screaming into the light by the not-so-intelligent ones it's....it's like Mozart.

It's truly,truly fucking beautiful.

And here's the awesome thing; the more the MSM busts trump for his wacko behavior the more his followers surround and support and urge him to go even further down the path of destruction.....just to piss off their imaginary enemies! Who don't exist! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

It's like with dealing with someone who has a mental illness. It's so funny and entertaining (in this context) and popcorn munchingly horrific..............sigh.

This has been the worst best two weeks of my life.


I read it on a link to a facebook page, it was actually from a comment, I think on NY Post. ? I was following a link on Instapundit, and then to another link. Some commenter said, 'hold on, don't get excited about Moroccan Muslims, there are Moroccan Jews.' Probably shouldn't have posted it here, but guess I was disappointed. :) I sure don't want them (media) (Leftists) (Trudeau) blaming it on some poor confused Jew.

Really I think I'm as locked into my mindset as the left, which wants to destroy us. :)

A joke, a joke.

buccaneer morgan

To shoot up a church, a synagogue or a mosque, there's usually something wrong with you, except its acceptable in Germany to the latter, and attempt the former

Tom Maguire

The Moroccan origin suspect is now being described as a witness. UPDATE at top of post.

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