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January 05, 2017



TM made a new thread. A new Florida shooting thread, for those who can survive the faux pas of being on topic.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here are some questions about t his icident:

1. Why was he flying to Ft. Lauderdale? What was his business?
2. Wno is the mother of his baby?
3. What is the status and background of his mother and brother who are currently in Puerto Rico?
4. Is there a connection between the dropped charges of child porn and his claim to being forced to fight for ISIS?
5. What was the diagnosis at the mental health facility where he spent 2 weeks after he went to see the FBI? Was that a government facility? Was he put on medication? What kind?

Captain Hate

lyle, it was written like a straight narrative with no obvious disclaimer, but almost everybody sounded like an idiot. Good job either way...::shrug::

Account Deleted

As an aside---the "wah wah" pedal has a vocal twin: the "talk box" pioneered by Alvino Rey in 1939, to make what amounts to a talking guitar when attached to the human singer and routed through the axe.

Peter Frampton glamourized the talk box with his "faux concert" album "Frampton Comes Alive" including the hit "Show Me The Way."

Joe Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way" features the talk box.


Account Deleted


Parody or not? I had to read it three times before giving the author the benefit of my doubt. First time through I took it literally.

A fellow JOMer suggested it was tongue in cheek. I was headlong into some scathing rebukes but thought better of it once I read it assuming it was tongue in cheek.

At any rate, Chappaqua chicas sound alot like Berkeley chicas and their "coaches." That shitake is real guaranteed.


I don't hear any enthusiasm. Did you expend yourselves on foreplay?

Thank god I don't have a dog in this hunt.

It's all yours baby.

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