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January 05, 2017



hmmm. Hate crimes charged. (to be dropped when we look away).


Hope one of the first BOzo edicts Trump jettisons is the "I'll cut off federal funds to any school whose required to be turned into me stats show discipline rates for black students are proportionately higher than those of whites".

Captain Hate



matt, deplore me if you must

Interesting that Minitrue keeps on creating new cubbies for their own. Carlson gets a $20 payout from Fox and is now the Millenial outreach for some no name Time Warner front outfit. We are witnessing the birth of the Obamintern.


Sean Davis ‏@seanmdav
This is the lede @callumborchers wrote in the WaPo story about a mentally disabled man who was kidnapped and brutally tortured on FB Live. pic.twitter.com/GdGHThKzMZ


Why Trump got elected!

ErikWemple – Verified account ‏@ErikWemple

Fox News chooses sexist to replace woman who faced sexism: https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/erik-wemple/wp/2017/01/05/fox-news-chooses-sexist-to-replace-woman-who-faced-sexism/?utm_term=.c2e8d7439be8


For the 4 misguided yutes. Drop them in South Chicago without cellphones or money. If they get home it was meant to be. Could be the basis for a new reality TV show, Chicago DOA. I'd watch.


Link for my 1:57 post

Callum Borchers
Callum Borchers – ‏@callumborchers

Pro-Trump narratives converge in one awful attack streamed on Facebook http://wpo.st/zorP2

Dave (in MA)

Callum Borchers is a hack,



Katherine Heritage: ...The witnesses also testified that throughout their Intelligence Report they found no hard evidence that the Voter Tallies were effected in any way, and that's extremely significant, but they said there was no way for the Intelligence Community to really calibrate assess what the impact of this disinformation and the leaking of E-Mails was on Public Opinion, Melissa...There is a Classified Report that was delivered to the President today, and there is going to be an Unclassified Report available to the Public, we believe according to our reporting, as early as next week.


House Republicans this week reinstated a procedural rule created in 1876 that allows lawmakers to cut the pay of individual federal workers down to $1, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

The Holman Rule allows members of Congress to propose amendments to appropriations bills that target specific government employees or programs in an effort to cut spending.

... perhaps it has something to do with ...

Mia Karvonides, the University’s Title IX Officer, will leave Harvard on Jan. 17 to accept a position in the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, the University announced Wednesday.

Trump could just fire her as part of his Presidential removal power, or he could reduce her pay. She could fight him in court if she wants.

Captain Hate

Wemple considers Shemp a "newsy type". Well done, Bezos; no wonder nobody returns your asshole employees's calls.


Chicago 4 - names, ages, and charges filed.


Hate crimes charged.

Probably only because the guy is special needs, not because he's white. From Deb's 2:15:

Earlier Thursday, Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said that the four black suspects made “terrible racist statements” during the assault but that police believe the victim was targeted because he has “special needs,” not because of his race.

Obviously that would never be said if the races were reversed.


Katherine Herridge continues:

Katherine Herridge: As soon as the Hearing wrapped up on Capitol Hill, we had the 14 Members of the US Intelligence Community, including the Director of National Intelligence, The FBI Director, as well as Homeland Security and others, go to the White House to brief the President. We also expect that on Friday President Elect Donald Trump will also be briefed on the Classified findings. One of the questions that I think needs to be answered is that if the Report was not finalized until this week, on what basis did the Obama Administration decide to level sanctions against Russia, and also expel those 35 Russian Diplomats?

Melissa Francis: That's a terrific point, a great question. I hope that we get to that. Also I think that that phrase, "Act of War." I mean it's loaded with meaning, it's nuanced as well, right?

Katherine: Well that's right. Look, the bottom line is that the US Government, like every other Government, they've got people who get up everyday, and their singular focus is to get inside the networks of other governments so that they can understand their plan, and understand their Foreign Policy initiatives. That's kind of what I would call "Gentleman's Espionage." Everybody does it, that is not an "Act of War." What's on the table here today is whether this crossed a threshold, because the Electoral Process is not technically a Government System, but it's not technically a Civilian System either.


Mia Karvonides, the University’s Title IX Officer, will leave Harvard on Jan. 17 to accept a position in the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, the University announced Wednesday.

If I'm not mistaken, she probably steps in the opening created by putting that Title IX wacko Catherine Lhamon on the Civil Rights Commission for 6 years. I believe Lhamon and Mumia's lawyer are there for 6 years unless the CRC is somehow reconstituted or abolished.

Frau Fragezeichen

The Knock Out "Game" did not get adequate coverage, did it?

Captain Hate

At least we're getting some honesty from public officials that "hate crimes" really mean "white on black crimes"as we near the conclusion of Zippy's post racial America.

James D

lurkersusie @ 2:03

It isn't just that writer. There's also the editor who thought his article was just peachy-keen to publish exactly as it was. And the person who hired him in the first place. And the headline writer. And the editors above them who saw no problems with it.

Everyone employed there deserves to end up broke, homeless and eating out of MM's garbage cans. And after a couple of years of that, THEN they can be herded into a rickety old house to die in a fire.


IL legal definition of a hate crime ... Anyone watch the video in its entirety and note how often the miscreants referenced his special needs status compared to their uttering the words "white people"?


Remember the howls of outrage several years ago when a white couple offered an app to help travelers avoid high crime areas?

buccaneer morgan

Yes its a good hedge, but there is no definitive proof the phishing came from Russia, just conjecture.


So I'm waiting in the doctor's office for an x-ray (lower back) and pick up a magazine, Food Idaho. I'm completely unfamiliar with this slim but glossy publication so I skim a few pages and read the editor/publisher remarks usually found near the front of the mag. Never heard of the guy, either, but here's how it starts:

With the election of Donald Trump...

Are you curious about where he goes with this? Neither was I. Sheesh.

Stephanie despicable me

It's official. Greta to 6pm at MSnbc.


I'm with working mom's comment. I already cannot stand watching Tucker Carlson. Far too abrasive for me. He's already turned me off. Too bad we cannot find another rare someone like Brian Lamb who started C-Span, a guy who for the 20 years I watched I still came away with no idea what his political preference was.

I am not interested in another partisan. Too bad we can't just get one of those Japanese News readers who bow to the audience at the beginning and at the end of every broadcast. But that's just me.


3rd video of Chicago torture victim - Appears to be early on before he was knifed/scalped - He's forced repeatedly to drink from a dirty toilet.


Oh, and very glad to hear you got Chester back, Ig. My wife would inconsolable if Biscuit never came home one night. Probably more so than if I never came home one night... ;)


It's a 9 pm opinion show, not a 6 pm news broadcast. The entire Fox evening lineup is partisan, as are all the other MSM evening news lineups.

Old Lurker

I'm with Working Mom and Daddy re Tucker.

Not for me.

Jim Eagle

BREAKING: Live from KTVB, channel 4 Boise:

"With the election of Donald Trump, the iconic Idaho potato will be more white than before, according to the Bill Scales, the Executive Director of the Idaho Potato Commission. In fact, preparations are already underway in Boise to convert the Idaho Potato traveling exhibition (A crazy car that looks like a spud) with a more pale patina.

Protestors have started to assemble at the Council's headquarters on Rivershore Lane in Eagle. Most are peaceful but several are holding king sized Swiss peelers in a threatening manner.

Back to you Ed."

Old Lurker

I agree, Porch. But with every other network, you know the whole slant will be Prog. One keeps hoping Fox will be different.

FoxNews just galls me and I am unable to take more than five minutes of Bret's show before his NeverTrump Snideness grabs him and the stooges he gets to join him. Tucker is not going to make it any better.



Not bad, JiB. Too bad parody is dead...


I don't mind intelligent partisanship for that type of show, but not yelling and interrupting.

Even so I'm willing to give Tucker a chance. Maybe he'll grow into the role, even as MeAgain grew out of it, so to speak.


Fox Business is much better, OL.


I knew Greta was a Dem when she came to FOX, but I always found her fair. She was very kind in her interviews with Sarah Palin.


and anyway...what is this male & female idea that they are talking about???

I thought we had progressed beyond gender roles.

Posted by: Janet the expert

Janet, Can you say that in Austrian?

Gay traffic lights scrapped by Austria's right-wing Freedom Party

The signs, depicting same-sex couples holding hands, were first introduced in Vienna in May to celebrate the Eurovision Song Contest in May, and to demonstrate the Austrian capital's tolerance and openness.
City authorities said at the time they also hoped the distinctive new lights would attract more pedestrians' attention and improve road safety.




S. Green at Insty adds:

Those “young people” partially scalped a special-needs teen. If that isn’t evil, we need a new word.

Melanin sure is one magical pigment...



Why Brexit won?

Jim Eagle


Yes, it is dead and that is why you must attack without remorse these idiots on the left that want u to make food political or even someone's dress (Melania) or someone's culture, success, history or even their choice of cars. I think all of those have been politicized but I am too much under the vine to look them up.

In fact, parody, is a good way to attack them. JamesD has the easiest way with DIAF but I want to embarrass the intellect and common sense first. You need to have something to think about when you are dying. It takes the pain away.

buccaneer morgan

Well I don't get fox anymore, but I'm willing to
Let tucker ginzu the willing victim.

Old Lurker

Jimmy, well he did grow out of that bow tie finally but raised voices and interruption never work with me. I can read and appreciate Mark Levin's books, but I sure can't stand his radio show.

Beasts of England

You missed your calling, JiB!!


The WP on Megan Kelly: "She also suffered a mountain of sexist abuse from Trump after she posed a tough question to him at the first GOP primary debate in August 2015."

I wonder if Kelly will pose tough questions to Democrats she faces on NBC?

Beasts of England

'...well he did grow out of that bow tie...'


Jim Eagle

Don Lemon should next have his upper lip stapled to his lower lip while his tongue is stuck out.

What a moron.

But then he proved that for everyone on New Year's Eve.

Funny how alcohol makes the man and then undresses him.

buccaneer morgan

Well he was in the proximity of Kathy Griffiths, and that's stupid pills on steroid.

Jim Eagle

Off to bed. Tomorrow we finish up here move on to Zaventem and the hotel at the airport for our flight back home via Zurich.

Tonight we spent our time at the Ice rink in Brasschaat drinking wine and eating smoetebolle while Frederick and his French cousin went skating.

Life is good. Slaap lekker, tots morgen.


OL, at least Tucker wasn't dumb enough to go NeverTrump.

I think he's funny and I like the way he doesn't take any guff off his guests. I don't even watch TV but I might tune in to see how he does.


note for Neo from Chicago:

And thank Neo for me. That's his single best post since I got on in '07.


To answer your question.
Billy Boy lusts in his heart for Melanie and Ivan's.
I mean look what he is married to- the cackler.


"Fox Business is much better, OL."

Yes, would rather listen to Cavuto than almost anyone on FNS. More subtle but still doesn't tolerate BS.



Yeah, you rubes!

But let's play "Switch The Races" and then predict the responses from the MFM and this repellent WH.

Clarice Feldman

Ben Rhodes was apparently denied top level security clearance by FBIhttp://freebeacon.com/national-security/congress-probes-fbi-ben-rhodes-security-clearance/


Don't forget Lou Dobbs, OL.


Should be Ivanka I spelled it right but the phone changed it.
Totally agree with Cecil wrt reducing the 20 t debt.
Ryan's plan is the one that can work.
Saw him explain it 9 years ago.
We better get a handle on this like yesterday.
Obama was incapable of doing anything about this because of his innate stupidity and because he never made deals we are where we are today in a big fat hole.


Ben Rhoades was responsible for the video lie about Benghazi and changed the talking points.
How could he do that without a top secret clearance?
No rules apply to the Hussein holy ones.


Has anyone linked this:


The fact that The Beeb put it out is even more astonishing. Don't miss.

Beasts of England

That's a big red flag, clarice. Being frozen out of an interim clearance - especially with that kind of exposure and political backing - means that he had significant background exceptions.

Beasts of England

Very true, maryrose!


What's the big deal, Beasts? Slick got security clearance.


(DebinNC discussing internal American alternatives to this resettlement mess; this turned into something much longer than I anticipated; need to go get me a big meal now!)

Importing foreign Muslims with a holy mandate to kill infidels of any race is madness, especially with millions of helpless, fatherless, hopeless urban children left adrift to drown.

Posted by: DebinNC | January 05, 2017 at 09:51 AM

Good thought, Deb, but the internal American problem (or, at least, one of them) is this: the black community has unthinkingly accepted not only an approach that correctly sees "us" as a community but has a hard time seeing beyond that in any sort of meaningful or proper way. Thus, they will tend to have a very hard time knowing how to embrace an opportunity in a more rural community.

Our collective dilemma these days? Rather than my racial heritage being merely one component of what makes me "me" -- it, instead, is "the" component. Any right-thinking American knows this is not only warped, but incredibly stupid, and we need much more public dialogue calling out this foolishness.

I'm a:

* male

* from Northeast Florida

* and a Black American

* who is an Army man

* with a Florida-Georgia background

* who is a proud Southerner

* and an alumnus of the University of Florida

* who married into a Carolina family

These are all important components of what makes up who I am. In a myriad of different ways, these components are replicated by all Americans in one fashion or another. Impactful groups, institutions, regions, etc., define all of us in some way or another.

All of my component pieces, however, are dwarfed by my faith as a Christian and my status as an individual citizen of the United States of America.

So, we don't need conversations on race in this country; quite the opposite. We perhaps need internal conversations within our faith groups but we most definitely need some national conversations on citizenship. And responsibility.

Our nation, in my estimation, has always embraced a tension between two dominant approaches toward our embrace of liberty: melting pot vs. mosaic. I think of one approach as dominant (melting pot) and the other as an essential, individual approach (mosaic) that informs our equal protection of discrete and insular minorities.

Liberal identity politics crossed the slippery slope and bastardized the mosaic approach into a dominant position, in their mind this was done to correct a national wrong that also arose from bastardizing the mosaic approach in a blatantly discriminatory and racial way.

Sandra Day O'Connor said the day would soon come when such would not be necessary. I believe that day has come.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good afternoon.

Two rooms totally emptied at the old house. Maybe I will get done before spring!

Cold and snowy here. Roads were worse coming home than going.


from our Chitown friend:

Interrupt the cash flow that's due them and this place blows up.

Yeah? Well then let it blow up

Clarice Feldman


R's revive rule allowing them to slash salaries of individual federal workers to $1.


I appreciate your thoughtful reply, RG. I can't relate to your description of what "community" means for black folks and how that holds them in place, but I'm sure you're right. Sadly, that seems to greatly limit realistic paths of escape.

Another Bob

lyle, Beasts would probably know better, but I don't think elected officials need to pass an actual security clearance investigation.

I believe that by virtue of their office, every member of Congress gets a Secret clearance by default.

Whether the members of the select committees on intelligence (for example) actually have investigations done, I do not know.

I'm almost positive POTUS would not require any investigation.

Tom Bowler

We perhaps need internal conversations within our faith groups but we most definitely need some national conversations on citizenship. And responsibility.

Well said, RG.


That article notes that Benny was the only person out of 187 put forward who was denied clearance.

Scandal free administration (MSM) at work.


Wow, RG. Pretty dang eloquent.

Clarice Feldman

Yes, RG's post it eloquent.


My idea of a "mosaic approach" by people of faith is exemplified in this video [fast forward to ~17:00 mark]. From the annual concert featuring the combined choirs of the nation's largest mainline Presbyterian Church and the largest historically black Episcopal Church, both in Atlanta.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That was not a hate crime because the term is an abomination.
In fact the term is a perfect example of how they win and we lose.
They come up with a PC term to make it appear racism is why black people are underachieving.
At first sane people pointed out that what were we supposed to call a severe beating for mere personal or pecuniary reasons; a crime of affection?
Instead we acquiesce and now get upset if white guys getting whooped on isn't labeled the same stupid PC term.

Clarice Feldman


Captain Hate

I think AB is correct. Frankly I'd be surprised if a lot of team Zippy could attain even a low level security clearance.


Iggy, I think most of us agree that the "hate crime" concept is an abomination. Nonetheless, if it is part of the law, it should be applied equitably.


Clarice: "Yes, RG's post it eloquent."

Clarice, if you are doing dialect, shouldn't it be "Yes, RG's post. It eloquent."
Yeah, I know, typo should be "is". :)

Seriously, though, I am satisfied even eager to live in that country. Diversity has become a loaded concept that I for one tends to sneer at, but it can be and should be a strength. I read a story of Ron Reagan watching the Olympic parade and expressing his pride that the US contained elements of all the other countries. Couldn't find it in a quick search...would love to have that link if anyone else knows the story and can find it.


I think it is possible to agree that classifying any crime as a hate crime is basically oxymornonic (new word!) but still think that it's vital that the Chicago atrocity be classified as a HATE CRIME if anything ever is.

As I hear that every time there's coverage about Dylan Roof murdering those precious people in Charleston, so I want to hear hate used in connection with this vile act as well.

(But I am happy to never hear it again.)


Did you mean, Ronald Reagan, Jim. I'd search for a Ronald quote, but not for a Ron Jr.


Clarice, if you are doing dialect, shouldn't it be "Yes, RG's post. It eloquent."
Yeah, I know, typo should be "is".

How about "It be eloquent"?


Jim, here's Ronald Reagan lauding the Olympians ~5:50 ...

Account Deleted

I'm just jumping in today. Forgive the repost. From the "Well, lookie heea" file.



"It be eloquent"...you guys... :)

Yes, diversity can be strength but only if you have underlying unity.
"All of my component pieces, however, are dwarfed by my faith as a Christian and my status as an individual citizen of the United States of America."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 4h4 hours ago

Toyota Motor said will build a new plant in Baja, Mexico, to build Corolla cars for U.S. NO WAY! Build plant in U.S. or pay big border tax.


Kev, you could say Walker's Act 10 saved here that money. (Gov't costs less than it might have w/o the union dues / union owned insurance scam / zero contribution health and pension).


Amen, anonamom.

Dylan Roof offered the jury no excuses or regrets today iirc. I hope the jury heard lots of victim impact statements from family members and will return a verdict that represents what the loved ones indicated they wanted it to be.

Account Deleted


I do so love it when you go on. From your lips to the ears of The Most High:

"So, we don't need conversations on race in this country; quite the opposite. We perhaps need internal conversations within our faith groups but we most definitely need some national conversations on citizenship. And responsibility."

Hope your meal was rewarding. Mine was. :)



"All of my component pieces, however, are dwarfed by my faith as a Christian and my status as an individual citizen of the United States of America."

That's how I was raised.


Kev's link is only a headline, but the story should be that Stein's WI recount up front fee was $3.5 million, but the recount actual cost came in at $1.5 million, so she gets a $2 million refund.

James D.

I'll chime in and praise RG's post, too. Absolutely brilliant, and vital.

THAT is the sort of thing that ought to be on a major national editorial page, instead of the lunatic rantings we generally see on them.


Read a piece on the Chicago 4 - 3 are 18 and 1 female is 24 with the same last name as the 18 yo female. The writer emphasized that only the 24 yo had an adult arrest record. Well, duh. The three 18 yos have been "adults" for less than a year. Their juvie records and school suspensions might be a mile long.

Account Deleted

Well he was in the proximity of Kathy Griffiths, and that's stupid pills on steroid.

buccr---> there is a new reigning queen for that title, a Canadian "immigrant" to the USA, one Samantha Bee. She is in cahoots with the hysterical Gren Beck who's busily repositioning himself to lead some kind of crusade against the "alt-right".

Bee stands staunchly in the Lefty soup with a serious case of the ass for Trump. (I love how Trump is causing careers to skyrocket and/or be revived-- certainly in the case of Beckstein.)

Account Deleted

henry, thanks for that insight.

When it was announced Steinschmutz raised that much cash following her absurd campaign loss it occurs to me this may open gates for the Left to build war chests if done properly. Her recount case was ridiculous. But the moneyraising was serious.

This gate needs to close--- quickly. Worse than any kind of Russian hack if you ask me.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Agree about that war chest thing.

I still would like to see non-profits have to list donors and amounts. Seems to me that any non-profit agitating for any sort of legislation should have to do that, same as the political parties.

For example, how do we know that the Sierra Club doesn't get a lot of donations from the Saudis?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I am also a Christian so I don't say this lightly and know it is not what I should say but, god damn that bastard Obama.
What possible justification is there for releasing jihadi scum who are ruthless AQ operatives who will certainly murder more people?
How is he not a traitor when he places releasing unrepentant fanatical enemies of the US before defending the US itself?

Stephanie despicable me


Watters World to get a weekly show on Fox. BO hardest hit???

buccaneer morgan

Yes, she's a protege of Jon Stewart, like an evil wood sprite, whereas griffin is a basilisk medusa or other ancient horror

Account Deleted

" THAT is the sort of thing that ought to be on a major national editorial page, instead of the lunatic rantings we generally see on them."

I know that's so, JamesD.

JOM has so many fine minds with not only gifts for gab, taking the all-important sideways look at authority, and fine-tuning each other's bs detectors--- we have some sterling editorialists.

A sincere hope of mine going forward-- that this outpost is a spot that *SOMEBODY* on Team Trump reads in order to keep DJT's ears close to the ground.

We are in a war of ideas. JOM is a key outpost in this Long War. Our Commander-in-Chief needs ammo and the din, the white noise and chatter, and MSM bile can pinch his supply lines.

Ya, I get like this on the eve of historic shifts in the life of the Republic.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Iggy, I think most of us agree that the "hate crime" concept is an abomination. Nonetheless, if it is part of the law, it should be applied equitably.--

But that's my point. We should not seek an equitable application of an unjust, disingenuous law. That guarantees its perpetuation.

The rule of law is undermined not enhanced by seeking to make bad, politically motivated laws as equitable as they can be rather than seeking to make them as unequitable as can be so that they are repealed.

At some point we have to commit to the notion that you cannot win a football game by playing basketball. If we insist on playing their game the best we can hope for is to not lose at their game...until we do.
When they are fighting to repeal laws and rulings banning the very concept of a hate crime then we'll know America is finally, once again, playing a game not invented by some 19th or 20th century european psychopath but the one invented by the Founders.

James D.

On a much, much lighter note, I just got some files back from the narrator who's recording the audiobook for my next book, so I have a sample:


Account Deleted


You're spot on once again re releasing donor lists. Transparency in matters affecting "the public good" no?

Someone needs to bring this matter to the Supreme Court and win it.

It almost can go without saying that the environmental lobby is as well-funded as it is organized.

I did a stint with a phone bank company which raised money for five major enviro funds 24/7 since 1994.

Three floors of cubicles, 50 per floor in a downtown Oakland high-rise, dialed for dollars by time zone everyday except Christmas and New Years. Private small donors.

This kind of organization was one of 84 that operate in the United States to keep the money flowing from small donors. It's a billion dollar cash business--- tax free, all non-profit.

Hold on, I have a point relating to the Saudis.

The propaganda scripts were all around drilling for oil. The clincher pitch said "Opening drilling sites in the [name your no-go zone here] would require quarrying enough gravel that would form a tower 20 miles wide at its base and long tp reach the moon and back to earth."

That line of hooey would always result in the mark on the other end of the phone line coughing up a $25 donation minimum.

While gathering my information re these thieves for my client, I went through the training, manned a phone and solicited for 8 days. It took three showers a day for a few days to get the scum off my soul.

So it was no surprise when the resistance to fracking and energy exploration began to peak again during The Reign of Bush and the Bath House Rat. (I can still see the Rat bowing to the King).

The environmental movement is a jihadi foil.

The Saudi government and the vermin royals are breeding Wahabbi cells, building social infrastructures (mosque-centered) and funding jihadi-lite in America, while encouraging debt and denying our Treasury oil revenues that would offset the current dangerous course.

But all of that REQUIRES SECRECY while promoting the faux moralistic high road of "doing good work to save the environment."

I'm keeping my eye on the impacts of the new SOS, EPA Chief, DOE, and DOI.... these are the main organs that are submerging us into bankruptcy.....

The preceding was one man's humble opinion.


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