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January 23, 2017




Dave (in MA)

The Democrats mainly liked it because it has "Trans" in the name.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Dave (in MA) is the thread winner right off the bat!!

Account Deleted

Fourth. :)

Captain Hate

Major kick in the balls to Tom Donahue and the crony capitalists. MOAR PLEEZ.


Probs just me but reading this:

"Speaker Paul D. Ryan worked closely with Mr. [redacted] to pass legislation..."

Sets my teeth on edge.


I dunno, Dave, progs aren't too cool with trans-fats. Just sayin'...

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The Associated Press ‏@AP 9m9 minutes ago

BREAKING: Senate panel votes along party lines to approve President Donald Trump's nominee for secretary of state.

Clarice Feldman

I'm loving this:http://freebeacon.com/culture/white-cis-women-march/


I like your answers to those reporters 'questions
Jimmyk for Press Secretary!


Good Lord. The Apocalypse is surely nigh with that link, clarice.

Account Deleted

"But I have a super idea for these delusional dames. Pack up your sideshow and head to Riyadh. Unbelievably, these intellectual pygmies were reading the Koran with reverence at a P---- March. Has a disconnect ever been more huge? And not one journalist has the backbone to highlight this jaw-dropping idiocy?

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/01/delusional_dames.html#ixzz4Wd1wURMM
Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

buccaneer morgan

In other news, apparently the administration. Was as chummy with Iranian agents of influence like cair, as they were with creamer and gruber.

Frau Lehrerin a.D.

There's trouble in paradise, Clarice!

The article explained that transwomen are weary of “trans-exclusionary radical feminists.” “TERFs” are people who “equate womanhood with having a vagina” or feminists who “argue trans women are actually men in disguise trying to infiltrate their spaces.”

Account Deleted

Posted by: Clarice Feldman | January 23, 2017 at 05:53 PM

As the director of "multicultural affairs" for four years on a major university campus in Vermont (LOL! Guess who?) I was constantly approached by these bat shitake nutbags who were insisting on inclusivity.

"Sure. No prawb. Come to meeting tonite of the New Black Leaders. Take it up with them."

[crickets] Six weeks would go by. Same tools would approach.

"Sure. No prawb. Come to meeting tonite with the Native Rights Alliance. We'll be talking about FBI covert activities to infiltrate the tribal offices."

[crickets] Yawn.

No one took them seriously unless they saw the value in using the transcootery issue as a roundabout way of calling raaaaaacissm by another name--- oppression.

Disgusting crowd.

Clarice Feldman


(Isn't that great, Frau--they're going to knock each other out.)


Apparently the Army is off the hook to pay for Manning's sniphisdicktomy now that his sentence has been commuted, per Hotair.

buccaneer morgan

Apparently they are tying that last minute missile strike in Libya to the Berlin attack, right?

Clarice Feldman

First day in office--Al-Baghdadi critically wounded--some reports he was captured.


Thank God for that.
I would rather that money be donated to a homeless shelter.
I want that Palestinian money back or cessation of all money sent to them.

buccaneer morgan

Olivia nuzzi, is not a happy camper, good!

Frau Lehrerin a.D.

Today I saw my first "I'm with the Resistance" bumper sticker.

All I could think was Resistance is futile. Perhaps a Trump 2020 sign is needed. I'm disgusted.

Jim Eagle

Did you note that Donahue wasn't invited to the meeting with the CEO's? Because he represents a sliver of business in America that basically sells or delivers or repairs things. Not make things.

Those CEO's are part of The Business Roundtable or The Conference Board. Those are the two associatiions to watch as well as the National Constructors Association and Associated Builders Coference (ABC) along with their respective unions. Reminds me of my times with Reagan and Bush 41 in DC as a rep with them.

Captain Hate

This is the downside to letting mentally ill freaks like Bradley Manning declare himself a woman because of something that got lodged in his otherwise empty head. Assuming that some of the marching harridans hadn't completely lost their minds, why should they be forced to identify with other weirdos who are demonstrably physically different than they?

That doesn't seem very sciencey from a gaggle who like to pretend to believe in it.

Clarice Feldman


buccaneer morgan

Guess what angle they came up fir the fort Lauderdale shooter?

Jim Eagle

Actually the resistance was known as the maquis and the leaders were the résitant an honor of leadership. They even had their own newspaper " Musee L'Homme" much like the resitance here has the WaPo, NYT, CNN, NBCABCCBSMSNBC propaganda machine.

Waiting for DuDa to change his handle to Paul Rivet.


KK...UVM? Back in the early 1990s we took the daughter on a New England college tour. We went to UVM and she said,no! Several years later one of our nieces attended UVM (pre-med) and because she is a sensible young woman,the environment didn't affect her.

buccaneer morgan

Facts not in evidence, captain, its like the cult of rd Laing has taken over.

Clarice Feldman

ISIS killers being picked off one by one..what a coincidence.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

It gets worse.


Beasts of England

I saw a post on FB regarding the resistance earlier today, Frau. I actually clicked on it. Unsurprisingly, it was the usual prog stew of stupidity about evil corporations, money in politics, and the need for lots of free stuff. :)

Jim Eagle

The SOC has been waiting for Mattis. Half hour briefing. Delta and SEAL and Army staged, trained and mockedup for this. All they need is the word. And they got it. Easy Peasy.

That's the way I see it since Mad Dawg has been chopping at the bit to deal with the menance right away. We have been acting as if the JV team is the second coming of the NE Pats. They are not and with the correct command structure, operational intelligence and readiness plus the men and arms to commit, they should be yesterday's news soon.

Frau Lehrerin a.D.

Obama will likely claim that he initiated the attack on Al=Baghdadi and other ISIS murderers before he left office.

Account Deleted

Posted by: Marlene | January 23, 2017 at 06:27 PM

Yes. Aug 91 to June 95. Hard time. lol

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

If I handled propaganda, I would suggest naming a top aide to Al-baghdadi as having been very helpful and just a little more help would put him in line for those millions. That should clear out the top aide's space.

Account Deleted

Posted by: Jack is Back! | January 23, 2017 at 06:37 PM

We may also see some progress in killing the enemy by full scale revision of the rules of engagement.

Shoot first and let El Hombre sort em out.

Jim Eagle

Pompeo vote at 7pm.

Thank you Harry Reid for making all of this possible.


CBS news just reported, "He posted a video he took on Facebook of the tornado touching down." Did anyone else see tornadoes "touching down on Facebook?"

Grrrrr - who are they hiring to write their copy over there?


He first called on the New York Post. Then, the Christian Broadcasting Network. That was followed by Univision and Fox Business. Spicer then took a question from Urban Radio Network, and then finally the Associated Press, which up until now has usually gotten the first question."

Too bad Helen isn't around, so he could put her in the front row and then ignore her.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Baghdad Bob resists the Resistance with 'alternative facts' and Maguire resists another cheap shot...lol.


We should leak Obama bribed the Palis for locations to bomb, paid on his way out.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Josh Eidelson ‏@josheidelson 45m45 minutes ago

.@BldgTrdsUnions Prez on meeting Trump today: "been working in Washington since 1999, it was by far the best meeting I ever participated in"

Jim Eagle

I see more revisions to the narciscolator are underway.


Ha ha! Good one Ann!

Ann Coulter ‏@AnnCoulter 36m36 minutes ago

Media doubling down after the MLK bust lie. Now claim Trump removed Lincoln from Mt Rushmore.

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Captain Hate

We have been acting as if the JV team is the second coming of the NE Pats.

"The Looming Tower" is rife with vignettes of what an inept clown OBL was in Afghanistan and how a significant number of jihadis considered him not worth the cash he supported them with. It serves as a good example of what ignoring pest eradication can lead to.

Account Deleted

Why the Islamic jihad, in all of its manifestations under the sharia code, must be exterminated: from Comment in http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2017/01/23/alternative-facts-left-finds-meme-resistance/

PDS The Christian View • 9 hours ago
.When I see the evil that has come out of these protests and the foul mouthed comments from its leaders, I feel all the more blessed that Donald Trump is now our President. The alternative to Trump's populism is globalism that has a Islamic caliphate attached to it. The battle between populism and globalism is being fought in Europe today. America had better understand what Islam is going to do to our free nation just as it is doing in Europe. This is Islam's 10 commandments.
Koran 2:191 "slay the unbelievers wherever you find them"
Koran 3:21 "Muslims must not take the infidels as friends"
Koran 5:33 "Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam"
Koran 8:12 "Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Koran"
Koran 8:60 " Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels"
Koran 8:65 "The unbelievers are stupid, urge all Muslims to fight them"
Koran 9:5 "When the opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you find them"
Koran 9:123 "Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood"
Koran 22:19 "Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water, melt their skin and bellies"
Koran 47:4 "Do not hanker for peace with the infidels, behead them when you catch them".
53 • Reply•Share ›

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter


"Logically, Sarsour should be there to criticize Islam, which treats girls and women as non-human slaves with absolutely no rights."

Account Deleted

First, the attendance squabbling is a distraction; but, I'm glad the truth will out.

Second, whether the POTUSe Inaugural Address was conservative or not, I leave that to the more erudite to parry and thrust over. It is a worthwhile discussion *always*.

Finally, what matters most to me--- in a close second to destroying the Jihad of Islam against us--- can best be summed:

"Yet President Trump never even mentioned the Constitution, his critics whine, so why accept a campaign rally speech on this solemn occasion as a defense of the Constitution?

The short answer is that since Reagan, 16 years of Democratic presidents plus 12 years of Bush Republican presidents have solidified the hold of the administrative state over America. This coup against republican government is the subject of Trump’s ire and the popular anger that propelled his unlikely election."

More here: http://amgreatness.com/2017/01/22/trump-defends-constitution/

matt, deplore me if you must

Pravda on the Potomac is calling it the "Liberal Tea Party", and their icon is Princess Leia, a cartoon character.

It just keeps on descending into a parody of a caricature of a cartoon.

They swear they are going to harness the power of the period next.

Note to Madonna and Ashley: Aristophanes wrote Lysistrata 2,400 years ago. Spike Lee did it 2 years ago. The train left the station 15 minutes ago.

"I'm a little snowflake with a agina on m'head"


ISIS killers being picked off one by one..what a coincidence.

Hmmmm, maybe Trump has filled the Mitch Rapp slot:)

Account Deleted

Posted by: pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter | January 23, 2017 at 07:16 PM

Hollow points dipped in bacon fat anyone?

Beasts of England

Your 7:22 is spot-on, KevlarKid.

buccaneer morgan

She has defended all aspects of the islamist, including the kingdom's welfare system.

buccaneer morgan

There was another such outfit (doc brown supporters) that were calling themselves the 13th district, a hunger games reference.

Jim Eagle

Is there a more irritating place on the face of the earth to play a BB game than Duke:)

Every clanger, every missed shot, every loose ball - they all go their way and to add insult to injury the student section act they are in the Women's March.

Account Deleted

Posted by: matt, deplore me if you must | January 23, 2017 at 07:26 PM

Poor little lezzie snowflakes.... in competition with men over everything.

I'd be disgustingly wealthier today if I had a buck for every "hard core vagina warrior" I knew back in 95, who has since put away her Snap On Tools and married a wealthy rural landowner.

There she has used her bald taco to squeeze out a couple of "offspring". And, as is her "right" used her brain to collect 20% off of hubby's brain.

Ah. "The Movement" has been re-started because of President Trump. Methinks fear is the reason. The gravy train is about to derail. The coming evaporation of NGO and non-prof non-jobs are going to thin the ranks of the vagina warriors.

And the new niche of formerly leisure class spiraling into "poverty" will become the new cause of advocacy "professionals".

But whoops. Those IRS regs restricting the activities of 501 c 3's that have grown flabby over compliance and have been lobbying their asses off (they call it advocacy), are going to take a bite out of their crimes.


Who changed their vote from yea to nay on the Pompeo vote?
He is confirmed. 66 to 31.


From Clarice's 6.22:

"It comes a day after it emerged that a British sniper in Iraq killed three ISIS terrorists with one bullet in what has been described as a shot in a million.

The SAS marksman fired one bullet that killed two men instantly before it ricocheted into a third during a November mission in a remote northern Iraqi village."


buccaneer morgan

The artowverse is back, supergirl today, flash and legends tomorrow.

Account Deleted

War clouds forming in AssaChewsetts for Chieftess Cool Arrow Warren:

" poll by WBUR in Boston finds that 51 percent of Massachusetts voters view her favorably. That’s not bad. At the same time, though, only 44 percent believe that Warren deserves reelection and 46 percent believe “it’s time to give someone else a chance.”

Steve Koczela, president of the polling group that conducts surveys for WBUR says:

No one’s going to look at a 44 percent reelect number and think that that’s a good number. No one’s going to look at it being close to even between ‘reelect’ and ‘give someone else a chance’ and think that that’s reassuring.

Charlie Baker, the Republican governor of Massachusetts, fared much better in the WBUR survey. His favorability rating is 59 percent, and only 29 percent think someone else should get a chance at being the Commonwealth’s governor."

Read mo: http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2017/01/elizabeth-warren-isnt-wowing-them-in-massachusetts.php


Somehow I can’t see myself getting a .338 Lapua Magnum sniper rifle in my future. Not too many 1,800 meter rifle ranges around here.

Dave (in MA)

Has the Secret Service paid a visit to the Material Hag yet?


Remember that scene in Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" when Woody is standing in line at the theater and finally he trots out Marshall McLuhan to confront the pompous Professor?

Well Dennis Prager did some close equivalent to that in Hour 1 today. After some preparation and ordering his boys to dig up some audio and video clips Dennis played this:

Prager: Here is Chris Matthews and I have the direct refutation of the idiocy that he spoke..This is Chris Matthews on the "Hitlerian" nature of "America First:"

Plays audio clip of Chris Matthews: "When he said today "America First," it was not just the "Racial," I mean the uhhh, I shouldn't say "Racial," the "Hitlerian" background to it, but it was the message. I kept thinking, "What does Teresa May think of this, this morning when she picks up the papers. "My God, what did he just say? He said 'America First!' What happened to the special relationship?"

Prager: All right, so you got that? So what will Teresa May say?...Well guess what, Teresa May was asked about that on the BBC, and here is her response:

Plays BBC clip of Teresa May: "Well I think his Inauguration Speech had a very clear message to it, which is the message that he gave during his campaign, about "putting America First." But if you think about it, any Leader, any Government, as we do here in the United Kingdom when we look at any issue, we ensure that we're putting UK's interests and the interests of the British People First."

Prager: (Laughing.) He's a fool. The man's a fool...I pray that someone from CNN and certainly someone from FOX is listening. Please. These are both videos. It would be one of the clarifying moments in the life of the American Media in explaining how they live in a bubble, where they only talk to each other, and what they say is reinforced no matter nonsensical it is. "Gee, What will Teresa May say when she hears Donald Trump saying "America First?" She'll say "Well what do you expect, do you think we do anything different? We put the British People First."

A few minutes later after playing the 2 clips again, Dennis concludes with this comment:

Prager: ...They have gotten away, The Left, with saying anything they wish at any moment, because there's nobody to call them on it. But that's not so now.


I must say, apart from all my quibbles over this and that, I'm immensely enjoying these first few days of MAGA. As just one example:


"Roomful of men screws women." Love it.


Somehow I can’t see myself getting a .338 Lapua Magnum sniper rifle in my future. Not too many 1,800 meter rifle ranges around here.

Come camping with us in West Virginny sbw, 1800 meters should be no problem.

Account Deleted

Posted by: Dave (in MA) | January 23, 2017 at 07:51 PM

El Rushbo reported this morning that the Gap Toothed Diva has since retracted her words about the White House caper.

He said the Secret Service is "looking into it."

Tie her dumper up in court for a few years and drain her wealth. Consequences of the real world, Doll.

"Live it or live with it." -Leah X. Losana, 1981.

buccaneer morgan

Time for a quiz, the motivations of the ft Lauderdale shooter have been attributed to all but this reason

A) personal cutbacks at the airport

B) Alaskan gun culture.

C) incompetence of local and national law enforcement.

D) long held islamist sympathies.


One of the responses to that abortion policy reinstatement notes "may prove lethal to women worldwide. That isn’t an overstatement."

Abortion, of course, is not lethal.

Dave (in MA)

Thanks for the update, K2.

Account Deleted

Posted by: daddy | January 23, 2017 at 07:56 PM

buccaneer morgan

None of those people can be considered journolists

Clarice Feldman


Jim Eagle


D. Of course. Why are you making us guess?

Account Deleted

Here's CNN stirring the pot and, from the looks of this hastily written piece, they've contradicted themselves:

"The policy has been enforced off and on since it first took effect in 1985. Democratic administrations have traditionally rescinded the policy, while Republican administrations have reinstated it.
Reaction from Democrats and abortion rights activists was swift.

In a statement issued shortly after the action was signed, NARAL Pro-Choice America slammed the move.
"Donald Trump has turned his anti-women rhetoric into policy, and made it more difficult for women and families all over the world to access vital reproductive care. He really is living up to the lowest of expectations," NARAL's president, Ilyse Hogue, wrote.

So, please help me understand this. If Democrat admins usually rescinded the policy, why is POTUS being chided for doing what seems to have been SOP for Clinton and Obinkee two-term presidencies.

Something smells.

Account Deleted

8:16 references this: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/01/23/politics/trump-mexico-city-policy/

buccaneer morgan

Well c and d, but you get the gest.

Captain Hate

He really is living up to the lowest of expectations," NARAL's president, Ilyse Hogue, wrote.

Mixed metaphor alert. Sorry to laugh, Ilyse, but it must suck to be you.

Account Deleted

Posted by: Captain Hate | January 23, 2017 at 08:28 PM

Thought you might like that CH. ;)

Janet the expert

I'm glad Trump's team pushed back on the inauguration numbers also.

That was the MFM trying to shame Trump supporters & their candidate.
'Your team is pathetic'

So Trump's team once again stood up for us....HIS VOTERS.

It really bothered my daughter that the media was trying to trash Trump's inauguration. We political junkies might think it is a little thing but for newer voters & people voting Republican for the first time, it is important to see if YOUR GUY will stand up for you.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Senator Bernie Sanders statement on the end of TPP. (Hint, dems are going to be suicidal.)

Janet the expert

My daughter (26 yrs) was saying all her friends LOVE Melania.

Also, that her liberal friends are embarrassed by the rioters & the over-the-top hatred for Trump & Trump voters.


I mentioned that I interviewed three fresh graduates for an open position I have open. I made an offer to the one I liked best, and today he accepted.

He grew up on a farm, and is used to fixing things (including welding fences after 600 pound sows lean against them). He loves to tear things apart to see how they work. He also happens to have a degree in cell biology after first completing three years of bioengineering (so he knows calculus!). He still graduated in 4.3 years.

Very impressive young man! He starts this coming Monday.

Captain Hate

Also, that her liberal friends are embarrassed by the rioters & the over-the-top hatred for Trump & Trump voters.

Time for the young libs to cull the herd.


Market reading is something like astrology, but I found this amusing.

Today the market was down a little, so we're seeing synopses like this:

Markets closer lower in face of uncertainty over Trump economic policies

Jim Cramer looked at today's TPP announcement, pointed out that Trump's been saying he'll do this for a long time and concludes:

Trump is doing exactly what he said.

So, what's the "uncertainty," O sages of the headline?

Maybe people can't believe someone in DC would do what he says he'll do?

(Note: I'm not saying anything about Cramer's stock-picking acumen. I just think he looked at the facts and made a reasonable conclusion.)

Captain Hate

The market is unused to Repubs honoring their campaign promises. Uncharted territory.

Beasts of England

Congrats, DrJ!!

buccaneer morgan

Well ge missed their last quarter estimate by 500 million, unexpectedly


I am listening to Brit Hume on O'Reilly somewhat criticize Sean Spicer's aggression at the Presser's.

It seems to me that already, as a consequence of what Spicer did in the first Press meeting where he went on the attack, the Press has today shown themselves to be better behaved than their previous behavior would have us expect. Perhaps they actually can learn new tricks.

So for the reason that I think that we are already seeing positive results as a consequence of Spicer's combative aggressiveness, then I am OK with it, and I dismiss criticisms from Hume or anyone else who think it's self-defeating or unseemly or whatever modes of polite decorum they pine for in some imagined utopian former universe of a responsible Press which has never actually existed in my lifetime.

DrK as I recall criticized Trump's Inaugural Address for "not enough nuance." Well there may be time in the future when nuance is called for, but at the present time, I simply say to DrK whom I actually do like as a person "Nuance this! "

Jim Eagle


A serious question, why is calculus important in biogeneering or even cell biology research outside of dynamic modeling. Asking for a friend (who happens to be my son:)

Account Deleted

Posted by: DrJ | January 23, 2017 at 08:40 PM

Dr J---> helping to grow the economy one hire at a time. Your new hire is beginning a successful track that might carry him the rest of his days....and you were the plank in his bridge that helped him to begin.

Nice work. Kudos. I been there on both sides of the table!


Thanks beasts!

One irony is that I am starting him at a training rate (with few benefits) with the promise that if he does well, he will see a big bump in his pay and access to my company's standard benefits in three months.

His starting wage? About $15 per hour, the same as what the left wants us to pay fast-food workers. Yes, I fully expect him to grow past that soon. But $15 per hour for a fast-food worker? Really?


What did you guys think about ABC's Jon Karl's questioning Spicer's integrity?

Account Deleted

"Today the market was down a little"

Yes it was. And our Dow Jones mini trades did us proud.

The media remind me of people who've never stood in surf.

The surf recedes then comes back in, each time a little further up when the tide is in--- and a little further back until the tide reaches its temporary bottom.

Life is funny. Bees make hunny. The media sucks.


Remake of Hillary's ad

Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller – Verified account ‏@redsteeze

Our Children are Watching. My latest @heatstreet

Jim Eagle


Did he ever question Earnest's integrity?

buccaneer morgan

That's like the piano player in a certain establishment yelling at police, no?

Beasts of England

Fifteen bucks an hour - with any benefits at all - is certainly appropriate. Call me old fashioned, but I always viewed a low entry wage as ample motivation to bust one's rear...


daddy, I agree--Dr K can go nuance himself, as far as I am concerned.
Brit Hume too! Nuance you, Brit.

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