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February 15, 2017



If you imagine it, does that make it "fake news"?

Free James D!

From the last thread:

Besides, having a fast food exec as labor secretary is bad optics.

Why? How is having a labor secretary who actually employed people, and dealt firsthand with the challenges created by intrusive federal regulations, a bad thing?

Clarice Feldman

from zero hedge:Not to overstate the obvious, but considering China's ban on the New York Times, one might conclude that this massive increase which now accounts for nearly half of all website traffic is some type of high volume traffic generating bot server unimpeded by China's restrictive firewall, synthetically inflating visitor counts for affected sites.

All three news outlets spent much of 2016 trying to influence the election in favor of Hillary Clinton with biased coverage and regular hit pieces against Donald Trump. Since winning the election, President Trump has declared war on much of the mainstream media - branding it the "opposition party," while remaining under heavily biased attack. China is no fan of the US President either; between the threat of tariffs and Trump's disregard for the long held "One China" policy over Taiwanese recognition, China has both economic and political reasons to try and mitigate the US President's tough talk.

In fact, Chinese state-owned JAC Motor and Mexican auto manufacturer Giant Motors, co-owned by NYT owner Carlos Slim, are jointly investing over $200 Million USD to build SUV's in Hidalgo, Mexico after President Trump's continued spats with Mexico over the proposed border wall, as well as the demand-killing tariffs he claims will pay for it. Amazon, which shares an owner with the Washington Post, was recently granted permission by China to begin forwarding freight from Chinese merchants selling on its site, and they have also been allowed to operate Amazon Web Ser?vices (AWS) in the highly restrictive country.

While not much else is known at this point, the list of entities with the capability of pushing half the traffic to several major websites from Chinese domains seems rather short.


Oh goody,I just read the Portland paper again and Collins says she will not vote to confirm Pruitt because "he doesn't share the same vision for the environment" that she does. Please don't tell Susan about all the rip rap we put on our stream bank,she'll sic the EPA on us!


If I advertised with them Clarice, I would be unleashing lawyers set to kill. That is fraud, across several firms (including the big ad servers i.e. Google), and triple damage plus punitive would be the minimum.

buccaneer morgan

Hey Glenda how have you been,


moved here


Just learning on Fox of a Pentagon spy ring during the Nixon era, involving a navy stenographer who went through burn bags and Kissinger and Nixon's briefcases and fed information to (I believe) the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, alerting him of their back channel dealings w foreign countries.

Overshadowed by Watergate. Nixon wanted to prosecute the yeoman; Mitchell talked him out of it.

Geez Louise, who is in charge around here???


TM--how long did that deer hit delay you today?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Saw some discussion at Reddit that it's not as important for ad buys as it is for making them look more heavily trafficked in order to prop up the stock price.

Either one is fraud and should be prosecuted.

Clarice Feldman

Well, henry--I expect some sharks might just agree with you.

buccaneer morgan

Yes James Hougan who thought hag was deep throat, because of the Woodward connection apprised us of that as did len colodny a decade later, recently James dalton a pseudonym for James grady I recall, wrote a novel about it.


New York Fashion Week - I'm sure we'll all rush out and buy one of these ~

Pamela Geller: "Fascist fashion. It’s just plain ugly. Anti-fashion, anti-woman, anti-beauty.
The idea that the fashion world would embrace a misogynistic garment of shame speaks to the success of the cultural jihad."


Miss M, many online ads are paid by clicks (which the bots would not do? Trivial programming to fake ad clicks), but some are by impressions. The other thing would need a new SEC chief to be confirmed. At this rate, that confirmation should happen by year 5 of Trump's first term.


News? Suave understatement following the last post.

Methinks you protest too little.

Can we all agree Pence woild make an excellent Jerry Ford?

matt, deplore me if you must

When the Leftists are targeting the fast food industry and you are running one of the most visible targets not only because it runs like most other fast food franchisers, but also offends a lot of people in the Red States with its advertising, perhaps it might be better not to have a lightning rod trying to run the Labor Department. Just my opinion.

The Karchers always treated their people well and were/are incredibly generous.

buccaneer morgan

This is the story behind the novel


At the time they were complaining about info re Pakistan and the deals with communist china


It is gracious of the ' christian' Bund to accept the rejection of the 'women are meat' candidate.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  Let the rain come another day.

There's a new Oroville thread @ Watts Up. Moisture not headed north of it, and with the snowpack, this ongoing disaster won't be over until May.

Well, unless there is catastrophic failure sooner.

Captain Hate


This [redacted] needs to STFU and start representing more Ahians than his mincemeat son if he doesn't want his name to be a 21st century version of Seinfeld's Newman.


Sounded like they have until,Saturday to get things sorted out before the next deluge.


Ed Rollins to Lou Dobbs on the Leaker:

Lou Dobbs: These "criminal leaks" as the President described them, and they are. Now comes word from a number of sources that the NSA may actually be surveilling, recording, conversations emanating from the White House...

Rollins: There is too much spying going on on our own side...I'd task that National Security Advisor, go find out who is doing these leaks and get them out of here.

Lou: Well where is the FBI and why isn't there more outrage, and why isn't the Chief of Staff, why isn't the entire Administration, his strategists, his Chief of Staff, his Senior councilors, his advisors, this is there not an immediate response to this?

Rollins: If I was the Chief of Staff to this White House... "I'd ask the President if I could bring the FBI Director in here today, along with Attorney General Sessions,and find out where this leak went from. If you're as good as we think you are, go find it. Was it one of your people? Was it one of the Top Intelligence people? There's only about 5 or 6 people who have it. Someone leaked this information before it to get to the Media.

Lou: If the FBI does not know who leaked that information, if the CIA does not have some roll in terms of these discussions with overseas Foreign leaders...I would be stunned. But for the FBI not to be able to produce the names of the people with that access right now, is stunning.

Rollins: There are only 5 or 6 people who have that access. And most of them are professionals still in the Obama Administration, the top level people, and I would demand who has the copy of the document with the phone calls....

...How quickly can he (Trump) turn this around?

Rollins:I think he is going to make this a top priority right now. I would use as an example I would say "Listen, in 48 hours I want you in here and I want this thing, I want to know who was there, where, and bring these people in here, and don't make it a Congressional thing, make it a White House hearing."

Lou and Rollins are both big time pissed at Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. McConnell for taking his sweet time and for letting dips hits like Murkowski off the plantation to vote any way she wants about anything at anytime.

Captain Hate

Kim, does that mean that the drought will *officially* be over?


Oh goody,I just read the Portland paper again and Collins says she will not vote to confirm Pruitt because "he doesn't share the same vision for the environment"


Our Senator Lisa Murkowski is just a press conference behind her.

No wonder Lou Dobbs and Ed Rollins are so damn mad at Mitch McConnell. They see the left making real headway in unraveling this Presidency and our 2 shithead Senators are assisting that destructive effort while Mitch sits on his ass. Everyone of them A-holes richly warrants a blanket party. A little fear of the angered electorate would do them some good.

Captain Hate

Our watchdog press:


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Here ya go! I am telling you guys, Trump knows EVERYTHING!


Mulvaney vote to be held at 10:30 tomorrow morning.
Then vote to advance Scott Pruitt.


What happened to keeping the Senators up all night until they voted? I liked that pace!


How many McCain's against Mulcaney? Will this require Pence again?

buccaneer morgan

The other story that fell out of the memory whole, having occasioned the requisite two minute hate, now ignored like corporal ogilvy in the lun


I don't think so because they had the vote to advance today with the confirmation vote scheduled for tomorrow morning.


MM, you do get around!

Anybody talking about the rear view of Mrs. Trump as she escorted her guests into the White House today? She gives the famous Pippa Middleton as maid of honor a run for her money--at 20 years older!

Account Deleted

Lou Dobbs is asking questions.

"Lou: Well where is the FBI and why isn't there more outrage, and why isn't the Chief of Staff, why isn't the entire Administration, his strategists, his Chief of Staff, his Senior councilors, his advisors, why is there not an immediate response to this?"

Ed Rollins takes it a step further:

"Rollins: If I was the Chief of Staff to this White House... "I'd ask the President if I could bring the FBI Director in here today, along with Attorney General Sessions,and find out where this leak went from. "

We will see what happens.

Meantime, the EmoCrats, the Uniparty (McConnell), and the Deep State continue to tear up track in front of the Trump Train.

God Bless (and help) President Trump.


Account Deleted

McStain is now jumping ship over the OMB appointment. Nice work, Juanito.

Beasts of England

No link, anonamom? :)


Dems vote in lockstep.
Repubs not so much. .

Captain Hate

McTurtle needs to crack the whip on McRINO, literally if possible.

All committee assignments - Boom
Put his office in some basement closet.
Any perqs that can be removed - Gone

Just do it.

Account Deleted

Melania has better posture than the Pippa. ;)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I hope this guy is the first one arrested.

I despise this guy, with every fiber of my being. He is hooked up with Bill Kristol, the CIA, and the UN.

He's been hanging around with McCain in Syria.

HE is the "domestic enemy."

Captain Hate

Yemen as a success story; good one, narc.

Jeez, I'm gonna have to watch it after recommending it twice.

Scott Cahill's Oroville podcast is recommended @ the Bish's too.


Link on last page of Discussion thread about the moral and intellectual poverty of climate alarm.

buccaneer morgan

Heh captain, its striking how quickly they forget, custom neutralizer

The mail does the job Americans won't do anymore, third picture down


Account Deleted

MM- I agree. Looking into his sock drawer would be a good place to start.

Free James D!

I think we could all use a little laugh. Here's some football humor:


Account Deleted


This Agenda 2030 SDGs stuff is kickin my butt.

MASSIVE Communist initiative.... for the cheeeeldrin and Gaiiiiiiiiiiia.

Metastasizing in plain sight.

UNICEF is saying there has to be an "opening up of national" financial systems for more transparency to "facilitate" funding initiatives going forward.

I wonder where POTUS/Mnuchin stands on this?

Captain Hate

Kristol went full retard after he hitched his wagon to Eggs McMuffin. We might have a new Needledick Rasputin.

buccaneer morgan

Mcguffin has a serious case of Marvin the martian, 'he's very angry indeed,' but that's about it

Beasts of England

Not to be outdone, some former spook named John Schindler tweeted this:

Now we go nuclear. IC war going to new levels. Just got an EM fm [from] senior IC friend, it began: "He [Trump] will die in jail."

Talk about dropping your mask.

buccaneer morgan

Compare that with puffington illustrated, which needs a pair of spectacles


Just for refresher:

The Senate confirmed President Barack Obama’s nomination of Sen. John Kerry, D- Mass, to be secretary of state Tuesday. The vote was 94 to 3, with three Republicans – Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla. – voting against him.
“The Senate confirmed Hillary Rodham...94-2, with Republican Sens. David Vitter of Louisiana and Jim DeMint of South Carolina opposing.’

So more Repubs said they would vote against Puzder than voted against John Kerry or Hillary Clinton. Does that make any sense at all? Why the hell are we more likely to vote for those 2 evil DEM traitors to America than to vote for a Republican nominee? I don't get it.

buccaneer morgan

Yes he's the puzzle palace man with a wiener incident that kicked out of the naval war collge


Melania has better posture than the Pippa. ;)

Melania has pretty much better everything than the Pippa :)

buccaneer morgan

Envy is a nasty creature indeed;


Captain Hate

Schindler thinks the majority of the military hates Trump and would rise up against him. Pauline Kael meets George Costanza.

Captain Hate

I don't get it.

The Republican Party is ideologically fractured.

buccaneer morgan

Here is a subsequent account of the pentagon ring


buccaneer morgan

Yes its Emily litella


Only three quarters of an hour.

Heh, Scott Cahill's Oroville podcast is @ Zerohedge, too.


BOE: I was curious about Schindler, so I checked his twitter, a site called sputnik .com, and then got more curious about what he looks like, and I think the guy is crazy. :) See the bit below:

"Remember John Schindler, the conservative talking head, retired NSA spook, and Naval War College professor who briefly went incognito after screenshots of (what appear to be) his penis leaked onto the Internet? While he has since reappeared on Twitter—where he first drew attention for defending domestic spying and criticizing Edward Snowden—he has refused to comment on the mysterious emails, sent to the Naval War College by an unnamed blogger, that prompted the school to place him on leave, and his penis under official investigation."

If anyone's curious. :)



Uniparty voting in lockstep being blown up by Reaction to the interloper in the WH.

buccaneer morgan

I used shorthand, Joan, because 'goggles do nothing,' despite this until the rage virus set in he was a good aggregator of foreign intelligence bews


Here's schindler's twitter feed.
All I can say is wow!

John Schindler –
#Natsec columnist @observer, security consultant, author, provocateur, bon vivant, polyglot, counterintelligencer, cat guardian. Formerly NSA, NAVSECGRU, NWC.

Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

daddy @ 8:25

It is unbelievable to me. Sickening.


Here it is,


Beasts of England

'Consider the source' is very much in play for his tweet, joan. :)

buccaneer morgan

What's the worse that could happen?



Colllins voted for Gina McCarthy but will
not vote Pruitt.
Heard somewhere she runs as a Republican but
votes as a democrat.

buccaneer morgan

Gee officer krupke its all a terrible mistake:

Captain Hate

For some reason Levin is pissed off at F Chuck. Like hunting a gnat with a 12 gauge.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Old Lurker

Drudge has a WSJ link to a story about key intelligence being kept from Trump because they don't trust him...

Time for some arrests, seems to me.

Trump needs a show of control or this is going to end badly.


Why now?

FBI Randomly Releases Trump Real Estate Investigation Records From The 1970s

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/15/fbi-randomly-releases-trump-real-estate-investigation-records-from-the-1970s/#ixzz4YoKXrAyp




Clarice Feldman

Greg Gutfeld re: those saying Trump is "done" or finished because of the Flynn affair:
"Trump's been done more times than a porn star."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

OK, why weren't those records released prior to the election?

How do we know those notes are accurate?

I believe nothing coing from the government. That's what these people have done to MY thinking.

By the way, this is about his dad. How about the awards Trump got from the NAACP and Jesse Jackson? How about him sticking up for Mike Tyson? How about Muhammed Ali attending his wedding, along with Oprah?


Riddle me this Batman??? Marxist America aka the Demotard Party and Media, SHYTE THEIR COLLECTIVE PANT...SUIT.....because DNC and RODHAM allegedly have their E-MAILS EXPOSED....again SUPPOSEDLY BY RUSSIA.

I've told y'all for years. They've gone the full COMMIE. Their masks are off, and it's time for them to be DESTROYED for TREASON.
Capn' Hate has a better idea for them.


I would call it the basenghi comgress,,your mileage may vary.

On the local Spanish cable outlet, the designated too men was taking Carlos slims at face value, they didn't actually read the piece entirely either.

David, Infamous Deplorable

This is something that I put up on my Facebook wall, starting a firestorm. Thought I would post it here.

Donald J Trump, newly elected President of the United States, has had one of his cabinet picks sabotaged by a shadowy group of bureaucrats who seem to feel that they are the true keepers of America, rather than America's elected representatives.

This is stuff right out of a Tom Clancy conspiracy novel, but it is happening in real-life. What have these people accomplished? They have taken out one of Trump's picks (although, maybe not, since the administration itself said that Trump asked him to resign a week or more ago. If that is the case, this is an own-goal on the part of the deep state, and the following discussion applies even more to their actions), although not a critical one. There were people who were unhappy with Flynn who, although he was an early supporter of Donald Trump, was also an Obama holdover, with all the baggage that brings with it.

So, the deep state has knocked one man out of the running, but another will be found. However, in winning the battle, they have lost the war. They have now revealed themselves in a fashion that is going to draw the attention of even the most inattentive low-information-voter. And I guarantee that the vast majority of this country is NOT going to take to the idea of unelected bureaucrats dictating policy and actions to our elected representatives, I don't care what their political affiliation is.

By revealing themselves so forthrightly, the deep state has sacrificed their biggest advantage in this fight. The thing that they always had going for them was the power to move in the shadows, to be the power behind the throne, to quietly and inobtrusively shape the narrative, despite the declared preferences of the people supposedly running the government.

But, like most of the other left-wing institutions in this country, the mask has slipped and they have become impatient and have decided to reveal themselves so they can take their proper place as masters of the country. And that is their fatal mistake. Now they are out in the open, and they can be destroyed. Remember, to even have had this conversation one month ago would have made you seem like a paranoid schizophrenic to normal people. Now, it is the talk of the day.

I think President Trump knew all along that he would have to deal with these people, but that first, he needed them to reveal themselves. They have done so, now expect him to move on taking them out.



Lurkersusie, you know the answer to your own question. Look around you, look at the "news" Media. See the out of control non-stop desperation. Remember back to the Trump campaign, and the organized paid for agitation, and violence. Look at this blog and the higher level of trolling. Look at the Washington "so-called" Judge who was also video-recorded blubbering about "Black lives mattering". Look at the MarxParty in the U.S. Senate, then look at the GOPe WEAK KNEED squishes in the GOPe U.S. Senate. The Libtard/Marxist Party is VERY VERY VERY scared. Lies, race baiting, identity, gender and sexual politics and non-stop HATE, has left these BASTARDS in a CESSPOOL of their own creation. I've always said that the Commmies eventual downfall would not be pretty. It isn't.
The disgusting rancid leftist MEDIA is in full SUICIDE MODE. It will not end well for them. THIS IS WHAT......TAKING OUR NATION BACK, and M.A.G.A looks like.
The LEFT has been relegated to hatefilled, abortion loving, feces throwing VIOLENT imbeciles. STAY THE COURSE and keep your GOP Senators and Congressmen WELL INFORMED of your expectations. We will NEVER have this CHANCE again.

buccaneer morgan

And coulter's researcher didn't get the memo, that Obama signed the law as part of the omnibus
Bill of 2015, but that's more than the daily allotment of truth allowed as opposed to the belief in Blue striped unicorns which is perquisite now.


David, I hear you. It won't help Trump's enemies that they are proving Alex Jones more and more correct every day.

Old Lurker

Wonderful Ann Coulter, TK.

Agree with every word of it.



We will NEVER have this CHANCE again.

It's now or never.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I was just talking to a friend about how the left (when I was in college many years ago) ranted about the CIA and how thy were doing stuff like overthrowing governments and importing drugs into the ghetto. Now, all of a sudden, they love the CIA.

Meanwhile, I find that Dennis Kucinich makes more sense than John McCain.

The political landscape has changed due to the masks coming off. People are going to have to decide if they want to support President Trump and the Constitution, or deal with these unelected bureaucrats who apparently have been operating outside of the law for years.

It's an unsettling time for a lot of people. I applaud your essay and find it quite brave you put it up for friends to see.


David - a comment over on The_Donald:

[–]MuntbergCAN 160 points 3 hours ago

In a single day, the deep state went from tinfoil hat conspiracy to common public knowledge. Amazing.



Looks like Trump is fighting back.


Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

That Huffpo link of the Dems showing their butts has been shared 90 times from my FB post.
All with a line about how disgusting Democrats are.
That is a lot of shares for one of my posts.

There are certain stories & pics that I think bring a lot of shame to Democrats.
Hillary's Deplorable comment & this "pull your pants down" event are 2 of them.
Showing Trump supporters getting beaten up & showing all the Mexican flags at the immigration protests a few years ago.

I would amplify, Amplify, AMPLIFY those Democrat LOSERS.
I know it isn't the biggest story out there...but it surely demoralizes some Dems.

buccaneer morgan

Maybe they should switch out the tin foil


buccaneer morgan

The correction, will lag the allegation by a light year


Miss Marple the Deplorable


I agree wholeheartedly. Seriously, there is something wrong with a lot of their base. Not only the mooning (and WOMEN doing it!) but those women in the disgusting vagina costumes with Madonna and the rest screeching vulgarities.

Let THAT be the face of the democrats.

Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

Some of the lines added when they shared the post. These are people I do not know -

"My dad always told me that democrats talk through their arses. I guess it's true."

"Ahh the class of people.."

"Democreat Feminists making Asses of themselves."


"Utterly depraved!"

"Showing their brains!!!!!!!"

"Pathetic and sad"

"The Fresh New Faces of the Democratic Party"

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump Verified account

Venezuela should allow Leopoldo Lopez, a political prisoner & husband of @liliantintori (just met w/ @marcorubio) out of prison immediately.

Attached is this picture:


Note that President Trump, the wife, and VP Pence look stern. And there is Rubio, the typical politician, grinning like it's a photo op.


I'm sure it is my loss, but I figure I may as well tell you, narciso.

If the link address doesn't describe where I am going and the cryptic teaser is too "inside baseball" for me to sort out in the time it takes me to read it, I don't click the link.

Thought you may want to know. Either way, I felt I needed to say it because I am mostly faithful to your links.

Captain Hate

Meanwhile, I find that Dennis Kucinich makes more sense than John McCain.

I won't even bother typing what I want for McRINO because how offensive it is, but the senile menace would never irritate us again.

Kucinich will always be a lib, and a nutty one, but I think he feels sold out by the commiecrats after being a loyal foot soldier for them and figures he doesn't owe them a [redacted] thing. I first noticed that when he defended conservative groups from IRS attacks. I wouldn't be surprised if he kind of likes Trump despite his insane aversion to business people.

Beasts of England

Per our ChiTown Lurker:


Beasts of England

David@9:54 - Nicely said.

buccaneer morgan

Stipulated but the natural born citizen link with references to justices who signed off on Jim crow are a little unpalatable.


Clarice's NYT hit-manipulation has this going for it: when Dems accuse Repubs of ... oh, I don't know...maybe like 'Trump colludes with our enemy' (Russia) it generally means that Dems in fact *are* colluding with an enemy (China) and are offended others could get in on the act.


Wonderful Ann Coulter, TK.

Agree with every word of it.

Me too, except maybe for this part:

I am not presently calling for these useless, narcissistic, Trump-bashing Republicans to be defeated in their re-election bids, but they're on my Watch List.

That's too much patience for me. They can go the way of Eric Cantor. In the meantime, would it be too much to ask that they wake up with a horse's head next to them?


MM - your photo at 10:21 was posted on Twitter and some Trump-hating-nincompoop starting posting all sorts of snarky remarks. Said it was Rubio's wife, asked why she was "dressed like a pirate", asked by they weren't smiling, etc. etc.

Finally, someone with a clue informed him she was the wife of a political prisoner. He immediately deleted it and blocked everyone who was trying to explain.

This genius:

Ian MillhiserVerified account
Justice Editor, ThinkProgress. Tweets are my own. Author of Injustices: The Supreme Court's History of Comforting the Comfortable and Afflicting the Afflicted.

Captain Hate

Somebody from StinkProgress making a complete fool of himself; a day ending in Y.

Love the Coulter too. They never learn that we don't like being lied to.

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