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February 27, 2017


Clarice Feldman


JimNoCal--what can I say? That I am a very focused person???
(Obviously--I never looked!)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Why has that scandal been buried? The Times and Post I understand, but it sure seems like some of the Fox people ought to be covering it.

Maybe they have been asked to be quiet because of investigating people like my Congressman Andre Carson, who has ties to Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR and other nefarious groups.

The Infamous Ignatz

Not a demand; not even a request. Probably not even a mild suggestion. Just an observation.

If you give a brief synopsis of a link I know whether to follow it.
If you just post the link it's often impossible to tell what it's about so I skip it after having chased a bunch that weren't in an area of my interest.


Catching up from last night:

"jimmyk bragging about his cholesterol levels is what killed the old thread"

I was not bragging, I was merely defending the honor of red meat against maryrose's scurrilous innuendo :)

Nonetheless, for a while there I thought I might have the last word here, which I never get at home.

Jack is Back!

Is jimmyk, Mr. X? Hard to believe that there are two conservatives living on the UWS. One is just a little less to believe, but two?



Thanks for the music links, Frau!

My parents learned on their most recent continental trip that The Third Man is still shown every single day in Vienna. The Viennese are obsessed with it.


Trump to cut EPA spending by 24%?

It's a start!


Heh, JiB, there are a few of us. We have a secret handshake.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I dislike all of this diversity talk, but I do like Silicon Valley hoist on their own petard after lecturing us on inclusiveness for the last 5years.


In context, the GWB interview is not so bad. Lauer spent the whole time trying to maneuver him into bashing Trump. The strongest criticism Bush offered was smacking Obama for allowing the rise of ISIS.

I would have liked to see stronger support of Trump, but it really wasn't what the fake news media played it up to be (surprise).

I recommend watching the whole interview if you haven't already.

Jack is Back!


I have Mr. X's problem here in Southampton and in Belgium with my in-Laws. In fact, in Southampton (which has 2 people in the Cabinet and NSC), I feel like Pauline Kael.

I am like Diogenes looking for an honest voter not one hiding behind the CW of their neighbors and friends. So far, no one wants to admit they voted for Trump.

Clarice Feldman

Sorry, Ig--you're right. Usually, if the title makes it clear, I don't explain--but I notice the AT link above doesn't--it's about how the govt and NYT covered up the shoot down of the passenger jet to help BJClinton.

James D

Please pray for my Mom. She fell yesterday and we took her to the ER. She's stable now and being admitted this morning, but I think we almost lost her yesterday.

Clarice Feldman

MM, I hope there is an investigation ongoing because I suspect the results will shatter a number of careers. If there is no one is talking or leaking about it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Maybe you should set up a web site and promote it in the local paper. "If you're a Trump supporter here in Southampton, sign up for this anonymous support group..."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

James D.,

I surely will pray for her. Please let us know how she's doing.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am wondering if she really has a chance to win this. I don't read French and don't really know the mood of the country; maybe Jack has a better feel for it.

Jack is Back!

Prayers for JamesD's mom. Know the angst and sinking feeling, James. Hold steady.


Friends (our broker and his wife the OB/Gyn who delivered Frederick) are another odd couple. He is a conservative Trump guy and she is a pussy-hat marcher. I love her to death hoping she will see the way. But no chance. Its in the Princeton/Georgetown education.

Clarice Feldman

James D, best wishes--when she's released be sure she gets a medic alert type device, Also check carefully her medications and make sure they test her for UTI--those are often related to falls in the elderly..and get rid of any obstacles and floor rugs in her living quarters.
Prince william County in Va mandated local law enforcement cooperate with the feds to deport criminal aliens and saw criminal assaults drop by 27%


Good Morning! JamesD,your mom is in my thoughts.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

President Trump's schedule for today:

10:30 AM - Receive the daily intelligence briefing – Oval Office

11:00 AM - Meet with the National Association of Attorneys General – East Room

12:30 PM - Lunch with members of "the press" – State Dining Room

1:30 PM - Sign H.R. 321 and H.R. 255 – Oval Office

1:50 PM - Sign the Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) Executive Order – Roosevelt Room

2:10 PM - Sign the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Executive Order – Oval Office

2:45 PM - Visit with guests attending the president’s first address to the Joint Session of Congress – Oval Office

8:30 PM - Depart the White House en route to the U.S. Capitol – South Portico

9:10 PM - Address a Joint Session of Congress – U.S. Capitol

10:30 PM - Depart the U.S. Capitol, returning to the White House.


I like how this says lunch with members of "the press".



I will, James.

Clarice Feldman

Contains a nice review of the lack of education of hollywood advocates for everything--mostly they have nothing to warrant listening to them:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Fox and Friends interview with the President.


Prayers for your mother, JamesD!


Happy Shrove Tuesday.


Greta Van Susteren‏Verified account @greta 2h2 hours ago

Per NBC: Trump announces guests for tonight- people whose kids were killed by illegal immigrants, Maureen Scalia


what's a shrove?


The Democrat Senators and Congressmen are going to disrupt the speech tonight. The Maine CD-1 Congresswoman, Chellie Pingree has announced that her guest will be a 20 year old Iraqi woman who was stranded during the travel ban. The young woman returned to Portland on Feb.3 with the assistance of the Congresswoman's office. If every Democrat Congressperson pulls this stunt,the gallery will be full.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I just don't think this is going to evoke much sympathy with Americans. Last I saw support for the travel ban was like 2 to 1 for it.


be funny if ICE was there for the ID showing / sign in line for the gallery.

Old Lurker

You got it, James.

Old Lurker

MM "The Times and Post I understand, but it sure seems like some of the Fox people ought to be covering it."

While there are one or two decent reporters at FoxNews still, they are now all big-footed into oblivion by the Brets and Sheps. At least that's my take but I am very thin skinned these days as I detect Trump Hate at every turn.

James D

Thanks, everyone!

She's in a grumpy mood now, which I am taking as a good sign - she's still good sign. If she's complaining and grumbling then she has spirit and energy.

She's got advanced kidney disease and we were looking at dialysis in 2-3 months but this is probably going to push up the schedule. And it's clear she will need more supervision. I know now i can't trust her to eat lunch or drink her water the way she's supposed to on her own.

Clarice, they did test her for UTI last night.



The expression "Shrove Tuesday" comes from the word shrive, meaning "absolve".[1]

Pancake supper at church tonight.


JamesD, will do. Does she live alone?

But It will be "Thy will be done." I've given up on telling God what to do, pretty much.
And just so you can prepare. a la clarice above: those falls are a marker of decline. 30% cannot go back to whatever their living situation was.
BUT--60% can! IF you get rid of the throw rugs. ;-)

Porch, I agree w you re: the GWB interview. Innocuous. And maybe his attempt to squelch the hair-on-fire peeps??

Jimmy k, if you are Mr. X---well written.


Thanks porch!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

My link to the Fox News interview with the President gives you the entire program (the interview is broken up into several segments).

What I have discovered is that I can use this link each day to watch the program when I want to. I didn't know that it was available so soon after the live broadcast.

Jack is Back!

Isn't in Dole's hometown of Russel, Kansas where they have the pancake race?


Your mom is in my prayers.
I am sure she appreciates her wonderful son.
Agree about the Awan brothers.
When it hits the fan look out!
Today my husband and I celebrate 36 years of marriage!
God has truly blessed us!


The Congress will be in session for the next six weeks before the next recess,according to my source. She just sighed and said,six weeks of a sh*t show.

The Infamous Ignatz

What about the other 10%, or should I not ask?


Just worried about your health but your plan sounds like a good one.
Cut off some of the fat off of the steaks though just to be on the safe side.

Now I better check.

Nope, Liberal, KS.



anonamom,our worst fear is if my mother or hubby's mother has a fall. They are both still driving,which scares the bejesus out of me. One (my mom) has limited mobility and the other (mom-in-law) is losing vision in one eye.

British tradition.

Hmmm, it's Olney, in the Buckinghamshire portion of Kansas.


No maryrose--the stuff about fat was TOTAL BS. Made up by a guy named Ancell Keys, more or less, to further his academic career in the late 50s and 60, furthered by George McGovern, and responsible for the obesity epidemic.


(Though fat may store bad chemicals, if you are looking for something to keep you up at night.)

Read Gary Taubes, from a decade and half ago, and never trust The Government or Medical Science again:


Frau: Google Third Man Theme. Chet Atkins!

Not sure why; wasn't otherwise an aficionado.

The Olney women were running for 505 years before the Liberal ladies caught the fever.

PeterUK was a fan of Chet Atkins and so was my Mom.

daddy on iPad Namaste'

New Thread!!!


Prayers for your mom, Jimmy.

Beasts of England

Laissez les bons temps rouler, y'all!


Cut off some of the fat off of the steaks though just to be on the safe side.

Nevah!! :)

Texas Liberty Gal

James D - prayers for your mom!!!!

Glenn Gary

When will Trump commence bringing America together?

Any day now?

The Infamous Ignatz

You can lead an ass to water but you can't make him drink.

Goebbels would be proud

Trump is the greatest General and they don't know nuthin' 'bout diplomats and stuff.

He gives himself A+ on diplomacy.

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