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February 02, 2017



Looking at jor, duda and the rest


Texas Liberty Gal

Thx exdemocrat. It does defy logic that they would choose Seattle over Boston. They were aiming to get the EO overturned-disgusting,

Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

JimNorCal @ 11:20


Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

Trump Executive Order generator - http://hepwori.github.io/execorder/

Create your own Executive Order.



The math here is above my pay grade, but what I take from it is this: the left is a cultish faith that dresses itself up in a phoney veneer of intellectualism that regular working stiffs dont have the time or inclination to effectively challenge. Here, the veneer is applied in the realm of social sciences to 'prove' that racial and ethnic diversity is betterer. However, the same basic approach is loudly on display in the utterly bankrupt legal (and propaganda) challenge to the EO.


Yikes, exdemocrat, that such a paper ever saw the light of day is an embarrassment. It makes Michael Mann's work look positively Nobel-worthy by comparison.

Another Bob

It's worse than "intellectualism". They attempt to claim their sociopolitical view is just as true as gravity.

Hong and Page’s paper has been used to give a scientific veneer to the diversity field, as it is one of the few research papers that appears to rely on more than qualitative information for its conclusions. Page comments on Theorem 1 in his book The Difference [3] (p. 162),

"This theorem is no mere metaphor or cute empirical anecdote that may or may not be true ten years from now. It is a mathematical truth."

This is just wrong. The claim that diversity trumps ability has been given no foundation by Hong and Page’s paper.


(("This theorem is no mere metaphor or cute empirical anecdote that may or may not be true ten years from now. It is a mathematical truth."}}


Another Bob

Request for emergency stay of WA judge's order has been filed

Captain Hate

"This theorem is no mere metaphor or cute empirical anecdote that may or may not be true ten years from now. It is a mathematical truth."

This is so hilarious and perhaps an unfortunate side effect of giving those social science chimps even a veneer of respectability instead of calling them social guessers or social dart throwers; although it's hard to grant tenure in the old folks' home with those titles. That's why you had that lunatic crone getting tossed off the plane who thinks that global warming is as real as gravity; something she believes as much as that wheezing fool, Garrison Keeler, is funny. It's also illustrated by Herr Krugman, who has never been right about anything, developing his "multipliers" to the 80th decimal place instead of just saying "something's gonna happen".

And on that note, Nytol.


absolutely agree. "Page’s work on diversity has
been cited by NASA [4], the US Geological Survey
[5], and Lawrence Berkeley Labs [6], among many
it's little wonder that everything seems to be so fubar, isn't it?

Their days are nightmares of illusion.

Heh, I haven't got past the first page, and may not, but that paper, instead of 1 + 1 = 2, is more like 1 is 1 is 1 is 1 is 1.

I was amused a few years ago when it was found that decreasing diversity within a community was associated with greater community trust.

Like this one, completely opposite from the politically correct, leftist, version of reality.


Diversity is a buzz word for anything these clowns want it to be.

Howzbout this. Warmer Climate creates more DIVERSITY of flora and fauna!!!

This SHIT is beyond CLOWNISH. How any TARD could say this TRIPE with a straight face is astounding. How do you argue with a NUT???

Account Deleted


Account Deleted

"How do you argue with a NUT???"

One solution: crack them.


Hey Kev! I see no purpose whatsoever with debating someone who is dishonest, mentally ill or unwilling to engage in a meaningful exchange. The LEFT is WAY WAY WAY out of control. The END-GAME will not be pretty. The LIBTARDS are unhinged, and the DEMOCRAT PARTY and MEDIA are egging them on.
I will not chat amiably with a troll, whose goal is to f(redacted) our country, because THEY LOST.


As usual, Clarice's Pieces is Spot on.
Clarice, the MFM are quite simply FECES FLINGING Monkeys. The MFM is/are, lying hacks, who have been BIASED from cradle. These losers have had free reign to lie and to frame the NEWS from their LYING/HACK/BIASED viewpoint. The PARTICIPATION TROPHY losers CANNOT ACCEPT, what has happened.


This is most definitely Clarice's BEST TITLE EVER!


The participation cups runneth over.

Heh, sloppy drunks. If they're rattling their cups are they spilling the beans?

Karl's jewels slop out of the canvas bucket.

Have I grumbled here before about Thomas Karl's infamous global warming pause busting paper? It's in the news, with an NOAA whistleblower, of high status, now retired, of course. It's in the Daily Mail, at wattsupwiththat.com and at judithcurry.com

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Remember this guy from yesterday?


Great Pieces as always, Clarice!


And to compliment Calrice's Piece, more of the same:


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Apparently the Wheaton College president is willing to risk student safety for virtue signaling.

Is he paying for this scholarship with his own money, or is he taking it from funds that would normally go to a deserving prospective American student?


Excellent Clarice!

Keep hammering.


The nut job judge lefties claim was chosen by Bush.
To cover up the embarrassing weakness of Judge Robart’s temporary restraining order, reporters at the Washington Post and elsewhere have trumpeted the fact that Robart was nominally appointed by President George W. Bush. They have done this to suggest that his ruling must have merit, because otherwise he would not have ruled against a President of the same party as the man who appointed him.

But this is misleading, since Robart is a staunchly liberal judge whose appointment was effectively forced on Bush by liberal Senator Patty Murray in 2004, when Washington State had two liberal Senators.
Judge Robart. . .is the same guy who issued [a] bizarre college sexual assault ruling. . .He ruled a falsely-accused male student could not depose or obtain relevant documents from the female student who got him expelled because that would traumatize her (never mind that it was SHE who performed a sex act on him when he was blacked out, meaning that if anyone was guilty of sexual assault it was HER). Reason’s article about it can be found here.

Robart also bellowed “Black Lives Matter” in open court, as the Daily Caller noted (in a context in which it made little sense).

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

"Apparently the Wheaton College president is willing to risk student safety for virtue signaling."

If the leftists can find judges in Washington State that don't care about the safety of American citizens and their appeals court are willing to stand up and say they don't care anything about the safety of American citizens;the President of some college is probably not in much danger of being called out for being against America, IMO.


What oversight exists for Federal Judges?



Legal abomination is what Jacobsen calls this. It reminds me of how much now I see references to the law as a human social sciences that, like education, can be used to force people to believe what someone wants them to believe.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, there's hardly any news on my Twitter feed. Mostly virtue-signaling by reporters and Hollywood.

Maybe the Super Bowl will distract them.

Sandy --First 100-- Daze

Flynn’s plan to beat radical Islam starts with schools and social media

Good morning.

Free James D!

Fantastic Pieces, Clarice!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Maybe Flynn should also include the news media:


Synopsis: CBS tweeted a story that the Statue of Liberty was originally a Muslim woman. This is an actual tweet from them.

The sculptor had planned to do a large statue at the Suez Canal. When that fell through, he moved on to the Statue of Liberty. In no way is the statue a Muslim woman nor was it intended to be one.

But this is what they tweeted. More lies and fake news.

Sandy --First 100-- Daze

Victor Davis HAnson--Private Papers:

From an Angry Reader
interesting exchange.

Sandy --First 100-- Daze

Also, VDH:

When Normalcy Is Revolution


Request for emergency stay denied overnight by 9th circuit. Robart's order will remain in effect until tomorrow at the least.


Of course the the judge's ruling is crazy. But although the storm and fury of the prog foot soldiers is random and crazy, perhaps the choice of this as an issue is not.

I think the likely intention of this travel ban is to get started on immigration control by going after low hanging fruit.
I bet this was supposed to be a nothing burger.
Trump didn't start with DREAMers.
He didn't start with millions of illegal hotel maids and landscapers.
That would be divisive and controversial.
He started with a pause in travel for NON citizens. From a handful of countries. Off a list created by former President Obama. For a limited time.

Yet Dems went ape siht. Alarms went out to the media. Twitter and Facebook storms were launched. Silicon Valley tech employers mobilized. Taxi strike and airport demonstrations materialized out of thin air.

Several conservative writers say the biggest fight in Cabinet confirmations is for Education. Because it affects teacher unions, a core Dem constituency.
The virulent reaction over this minor travel ban suggests another core Dem voting group has been impacted. Perhaps Dems (correctly) identified this as an opening salvo in the fight over illegals and immediately dialed it up to eleven.


I think Rick Moran is wrong and obtuse on this. https://pjmedia.com/trending/2017/02/04/trump-vows-to-overturn-order-lifting-ban-on-muslim-travelers-by-so-called-judge/

The 'so-called' does not really refer to the judge as a noun. It refers to judge as a verb, applying the law and showing how it is being applied as the Boston judge did. He is so-called because when judges disregard the law they may be a judge factually while failing to act as a judge.

This is the law. These are the facts. "This is not who we are" is not judging. It's empty rhetoric which is what the order was.


The VDH angry reader is concise and on point, thanks for posting. I'm glad I clicked.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That seems a reasonable theory.

However, an alternative is that the protests are being funded by someone who wants to bring the country down. I offer as evidence that sharia-supporting Muslim woman who was one of the featured speakers at the women's march, the 3 Pakistani's who were reading the House intelligence committee files, the story from CBS this morning that the Statue of Liberty was originally a Muslim woman, and Obama's insistence that we bring in more Muslim refugees.

There seems to be a pattern here of undermining American values, compromising national security, and flooding the zone with likely troublemakers, all while being told that we are bigots if we don't go along with this.

You are right that this should have been a nothing-burger. It wasn't, and the question is why. I would suggest that the hysteria overthis is being pushed by those who want no pause in brining in people from these countries, and one has to wonder why. I also am alarmed by the increase in Muslims arrested along the southern border, by the way.


The first 3 paragraphs summarize the story. You can read more if you want to drill down for the details.


The globalists are retrograde and want to return to the pattern that the Founders broke, America being ruled absolutely by non-elected officials in Europe.

And I'm sure the very last thing they would have envisioned was the U.S.A as a Muslim nation.

President Trump's election is really bringing out into the open how far the U.S.A has been taken over.

It's amazing how many people who have zero right to enter the U.S.A. take the privilege to do so for granted.


JimNorCal, I think he started with the vetting issue because as is proper, national security is his top priority.

Captain Hate

Rick Moran is the Bret Stephens of PJ Media.

Clarice Feldman

Good morning JOM--Thanks.


In light of Clarice's great "Pieces," it's interesting to see how the climate stuff in the 8:26am link was covered in the MSM. The dubious claim of 'no pause' was of course reported in the WaPo. There's a rather cautious piece by the WSJ suggesting that the margin of error in the statistics is often ignored, and now only the Daily Mail seems to be reporting on the manipulation:


Any bets on whether this makes it to the WaPo or the NYT?


Awesome pieces, Clarice.

At the LUN, NY Post curmudgeon Phil Mushnick anticipates a half time show that will disgust.

buccaneer morgan

Confidence is high, peter


Buckeye, Craig's "One Faith, One Hope, One Lord" was the choral anthem this morning. Thanks for bringing his name to our attention.


Great "Pieces" clarice.
It will be overturned tomorrow and security will reign.
Keep track of every name and every immigrant who has entered in the last 72 hours.
Monday DeVos and Sessions will be put in place.
Call out Dems by name as obstructionist and keep count of which ones voted against President Trump's cabinet choices.
Start running ads depicting their pro Muslim anti -American stances.
I want all visas checked for expiration dates.
If expired, set court date after detention of visa violated.
Enquire as to why he/ she overstayed their rightful time and who do they think they are to flaunt our laws.

Sandy --First 100-- Daze

Many of us here and elsewhere cheered the publication of

The Flight 93 Election
by the pseudonymous Publius Decius Mus. "Who is this "Mus who roars?"" many asked.

Turns out that Mus is in actuality a gent named Michael Anton, who has recently been appointed as the senior director of strategic communications at the National Security Council (a post originally offered to Monica Crowley).

In searching for information about Anton, I came across this this piece from the CRB, from 20 June 2012, entitled:

Paradise Lost and Regained
It begins:
The release last fall, after 44 years, of the Beach Boys' abandoned masterpiece Smile is a milestone of American popular culture. Rolling Stone has called it "the most famous unfinished album in rock & roll history." But Smile is also something much bigger. It is the pinnacle artistic achievement of a lost civilization, the middle-class, baby-boom, sun-soaked, clean-cut, work-hard-play-hard, bungalow-and-car culture of post-war Southern California. It was a paradise for the common man, one that produced legions of loyal and productive citizens, developed the modern aerospace industry, helped the West win the Cold War, and exported an attractive and fundamentally decent (if often vapid) vision of American life to every corner of the globe.

Steven Hayward has a 9 Dec 16 interview with Anton, available here:
Power Line Show No. 44: Back to the Beach (Boys) With Michael Anton
Great reading and listening on a Sunday morning. Enjoy !



violater is correct here.

Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter

Jim's 7:24 link is very good.


Need a new Super Bowl thread please?


So kickoff is at 6:30. What time do I get assaulted for my white privilege?

It's going to be awesome.

Old Lurker

New Thread

Captain Hate

Great Pieces, Clarice.

That dimwit that VDH responds to gets the Swiftboat story 100% wrong; the fake news was the MFM saying the Swiftboaters were "debunked" when in fact that never happened. They were there and knew what happened; the MFM just put their fingers in their ears and said "don't say bad things about our lanterned jaw hero".

Sandy --First 100-- Daze

That dimwit that VDH responds to gets the Swiftboat story 100% wrong;


(I appreciate that you did not use one or more of the many more-accurate and descriptive terms that had come to my mind, and no doubt, Cap'n, yours as well. HA !)

Captain Hate

It's not been easy, Sandy.



Craig is a wonderful person who had a big impact on my faith.

The funeral for his son left me nearly speechless. Our church which seats 600 or so was SRO.

The chorale groups that sang numbered more than 150 and this was not something they had to, it was something they wanted to do.

Other than they 2 hymns we sang, the 7 other pieces were Craig's music.


Words fail, Buckeye. It's reassuring to know that Craig is well-acquainted with the God of all comfort. Prayers for Craig, his wife, and all who love them.

Heh, broken, and nobody buying it anymore.

Thanks for the 8:26 link, JiNC; here's Pielke Pere deep in the comment thread at that Bates article:

'The objective assessment of climate is broken. This should concern all scientists regardless of your political views.'

No need for the corner or the cap.

er, 'flout', maryrose. Caught the teacher did I? I particularly love the very few moments when both 'flout' and 'flaunt' can be used interchangeably without changing the meaning, and the more common ones where either can be used but with different meanings.


"Thanks for the 8:26 link, JiNC"
Pleasure. Got it from you if this the mystery Kim. You posted the story earlier but without explicit links.

Deplorable Kell

Since our Special Forces have never really worked very well with indigenous muslim populations, HOW this raid went south is almost a "gimme"!
Their loyalties are to the ummah and other muslims, their stupid rule book states that as clearly the shit stains up their left sleeves and the stampeding of donkeys and goats every time a muslim male drops his zipper within 500 yards of a herd! That's why they wear dresses, goats and donkeys can hear a zipper drop miles out...in the future, EXCLUDE the locals!

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